Best Gifts for 9 Year Old Boys

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Do you know that sinking feeling that comes when you are deciding which gift to get for somebody special? For some folks, that feeling is pronounced when picking gifts or toys for 9 year old boys or other kids.

The fear that you might get it wrong can immobilize you into indecision. Or you could simply follow your gut instinct and pick any gift when push comes to shove.

Many folks have followed the same path and have had to endure the look of indifference from the recipient of the gift. The gift you thought was adequate didn’t cut it and it was all a waste of time and money.

You are one of the lucky ones if you ended up because you needed help picking the best gifts for 9 year old boys. We have compiled a list of some of the coolest gifts and toys for 9 year old boys to make your task a whole lot easier.


50 Best Gifts for 9 Year Old Boys

Below are all the gifts and toys guaranteed to thrill your boy. There are 50 of them from different categories so that no matter his interest and how much you are prepared to spend, there is a gift(s) with his name written on it.

1. LEGO Millennium Falcon Building Kit

The Millennium Falcon building kit is the first item in our list of presents for nine year old boys. If he is a fan of the movie franchise, he now gets the thrilling experience of playing with the buildable version of the famous spaceship using 1329 pieces.

The pieces include mini-figures of famous heroes and villains of Han Solo, Chewbacca, Finn, Rey, Tasu Leech, Kanjiklub gang member, and BB-8 droid.

The design of the starship features a detailed interior, detachable cockpit, a ramp and entrance hatch, spring-loaded shooter, and lots more.This is an image of boy's LEGO star wars millinnuum falcon building kit


2. Hardcover Boys-only Book

Next up is this hardcover book that is essentially about all the vital stuff every 9-year-old kid should know in 160 pages. The page-turner would teach your kid tasks from the simplest to the almost improbable. If he has been wondering how to fly, this book takes it a step further showing him how to land a plane in an emergency.

Sound far-fetched? The authors think otherwise and make a good job of making you and the kid believe it is doable.

This is just the tip of some of the mind-boggling information your kid would have access to. There are also wildly intriguing puzzles to solve in random pages.  It is not for nothing the book is titled, ‘The biggest, Baddest Book Ever.’ At the least, it’s an excellent gift to get him reading more.This is an image of for only boys book


3. Bike

What your kid is unlikely to know about this bike is this: it is not a small version of regular bikes. This was designed from scratch with every function and feature aligned to suit kids.

What he’ll notice is this: the 12-inch bike makes riding easy, comfortable and safe.

Made with steel-frame for durability, the bike comes with kid-friendly features including a rear coaster and front caliper brakes, narrow pedal position to match your kid’s hips, lightweight to improve control, and lots more.This is an image of boy's bike 20 inch wheels in blue color


4. Sports Wristwatch

Looking for a sports watch that is also perfect for regular, everyday use as a present for your kid? Your search should end with this camouflage-colored piece by Cakcity. The very fashionable watch is easy to use and is packed with essential features such as alarm clock, calendar, stopwatch, backlight for easy use at night, and much more.

The watch is resistant to water for up to 50 meters making it possible to have it on while swimming or taking a quick shower after an afternoon of sporting activities. And with the soft, adjustable strap, comfort is guaranteed no matter how long it stays on the wrist.This is an image of kid's digital electronic military watch in camoflage green color


5. Nerf Battle Blaster

If your son is a keen Nerf battler, it’d be hard getting a worthy opponent to challenge his improved shooting skills thanks to this Nerf gun.

Known as Strongarm, the Blaster features an ergonomic handle and trigger making it easy to use during battles. He’d also get a big boost with features such as the slam fire slide that allows him to rapid-fire his darts and rotating barrel that flips open for easy loading.

It can darts up to 90 feet without a dip in accuracy or speed. He also gets 6 elite darts in the pack.This is an image of boy's Nerf stike blaster gun in colorful colors


6. Programmable Robot Toy

Basic robot toys are usually great at keeping kids engaged and entertained for hours at a time. But with a programmable function, basic code-learning is also added to the whole experience.

This beautifully-designed robot comes with multi-joints in all the limbs enhancing its ability to move on all surfaces and execute other realistic motions.

With the remote, through hand gestures, or via the programmable function on the remote, it can be made to move in all directions, dance, sing, and lots more.This is an image of boy's smart robot with remote control in white and blue colors


7. Action Camera

This action camera would be perfect as a birthday or holiday gift if your kid loves outdoor activities like biking, skateboarding, skiing, etc. Now, you don’t have to listen in amazement or disbelief while he’s telling the family about his awesome day. You can watch the video he made in HD quality either on the LCD screen or on a computer via a USB cord or microSD card.

With the mounting accessories, small size, lightweight, and water-resistant design, he can go anywhere with it. You’ll love that he can take and customize all types of photos and videos including stop-motion videos, time-lapse photos, etc.This is an image of boy's digital action camera video in green color


8. Mini Notes Art kit with Wooden Stylus

You can give him a taste of the simple joys of dropping sweet notes with this gift pack. The pack also allows him to include cute drawings and designs on the note. It is all about inspiring creativity and encouraging him to engage with people more.

The gift is useful for labeling items, creating art to hang anywhere, writing messages to friends and loved ones, etc. Anything nice he needs to say, he can simply and thoughtfully write it down.

The pack comes with 125 scratch pads and a wooden stylus in a colorful box. Below the black matte coating of each mini note are different bright colors. The anticipation of what color lies beneath would have him thinking of the most ingenious notes to write or designs to create.This is an image of boy's scraftch art box of rainbow in black color


9. Djubi Catch Game

The classic game of ‘Catch’ has been tweaked with many features in this version known as Djubi to make it even more exciting especially for kids. With the unique racket that comes with a net, launch hook attached to the racket and ball, launching the ball as high and as far as possible for somebody to catch is just one of the things he’d love doing with it.

This is a great game if you want him to go out more and have fun with friends or random people. In no time at all, he’ll be having the time of his life at the local park, swimming pool or the beach.This is an image of boy's djubi classic catch game in white color


10. Gravitrax Marble Run Kit

Gravitrax is a modern and exciting modern marble run game that would inspire your son to build the most unique tracks ever with the over 100 building pieces. He even has the option of designing and building virtual tracks and saving his designs using the app so he can build each one using the kit.

The kit is an awesome STEM-learning toy that uses the power of kinetics and gravity to propel the marbles from the start to the finish. With the illustrated instructions, your kid can start building and playing almost immediately. He is guaranteed hours of excitement and fun with it.This is an image of boy's Marble run and STEM game in white color


11. 8″ Fire Tablet

Kids these days like nothing better than spending all their free time fiddling with their electronic gadgets. That is why a tablet would always make a big impression on them. Instantly, they now have a complete entertainment and education center to hang out with.

With this tablet, you could easily regulate what he does and the content he interacts it. It comes with a FreeTime package with access to over 20,000 apps, games, videos, ebooks, audiobooks, and popular educational content from Nickelodeon, Disney, PBS, etc., for a year. He also has the chance to learn or perfect his Spanish language skills on the FreeTime package.

The least one can say about a fully-featured tablet in the hands of an excited 9-year-old is, he would never be bored again.This is an image of boy's HD tablet in blue color


12. Crystal Growing Kit

Quick question, how long does it take to grow a crystal at home? We guess your first instinct is to ask if it’s even possible. This crystal growing kit says your son needs just six days to grow three differently colored crystals. He can literally watch rocks grow! Amazing right.

Better yet, he’ll love using his crystals as a piece of art by placing them on the LED light-up display included in the kit. The lights bursting through the crystals to form amazing patterns around the room would provide unlimited excitement and fascination.

Perfect for igniting interest in science, the kit comes with everything needed to carry out his experiments including a micro USB cable to power the light-up display.This is an image of boy's crystal growning kit in blue, white and red colors


13. Mother and Son Journal

In most cases, the relationship between a mother and son doesn’t need a catalyst to grow stronger. That bond, though, can be made stronger with this journal. With thoughtful prompts, this book will encourage both of them to find nuggets of gold in expected places.

As well as enhancing the son-mother bond, the book is perfect for developing penmanship, self-confidence, thoughtfulness, and literary skills.This is an image of boy's between mom and me book


14. Kids Camcorder by CamKing

If your son loves the outdoors, this camcorder would add several layers of fun to his outdoor life. Nothing would escape his lens as he tries to find something interesting to capture with his camera.

The beautiful multi-colored design is one of the first things he’ll notice about the device. Later, he’d come to appreciate the quality of the videos and photos.

The camera features built-in photo frames to customize photos, 5MP lens, a lanyard for easy portability, support for up to 32GB microSD card, and other exciting features.This is an image of boy's camcorder in colorful colors


15. Digital Target & Scoreboard

No nerf gun battle-loving kid would fail to be excited by this target and scoreboard. Alone, he could use it to improve his shooting accuracy at home. Before you know it, he is the talk of the town among his peers for being a great shot. The excitement of using the kit is enhanced by flashing lights and sounds of gunshots and broken glass.

For more fun, the set also comes with a multi-player mode to easily organize a mini-tournament with his friends. Knowing the best shot or winner in each round is easy as the board displays and tracks shots.This is an image of boy's electric digital target for gun toys in multi colors


16. Pair of Headphones

This pair of headphones adequately answers the question of what to buy a 9 year old boy for his birthday if he loves listening to music. With adjustable headband to ensure a perfect fit, padded soft ear cushions for comfort, and 40mm drivers that deliver superb audio, it’s primed to take his listening experience several notches up.

Easily foldable for convenient portability,  it also comes with a noise-reduction feature to block out external noise, and 5 feet long braided nylon cord to prevent tangling while enhancing durability.This is an image of boy's headphone in blue color


17. Nerf Battle Tactical Vest

If the plan is to win nerf battles consistently, it’s logical to use anything that gives one an edge. With this vest, your son is not just going to be several steps ahead of his opponents, he’d look like a winner even before the battle begins.

The tactical vest would make a perfect holiday gift if he loves Nerf battles. Designed with tough fabric for durability, the vest comes with 2 clips, 12 official darts, holders for 4 dart clips, and loops to hold a dozen elite darts. He also has access to a storage pocket to keep an extra blaster and accessory pocket to keep vital stuff for the battle ahead.

And with the fabric fasteners, it is easy to get a good fit no matter his body size.This is an image of boy's nerf tactival vest for nerf guns in black and blue colors


18. Fitness Tracker Watch

The increasing number of obese or overweight kids has made fitness trackers one of the best gifts for 9 year old boys. This black and green watch, like many such devices, is designed to help kids get healthier and fitter.

By giving him this watch and teaching him about various aspects of his activity levels, keeping fit through exercises would become a habit instead of a chore for him. This increases the chances of him staying fit into his adult lives.

This watch would be with him every step of the way monitoring his vitals such as heart rate, blood pressure, sleep time, etc. And of course, the device is a functional wristwatch able to tell the time and perform many other functions expected from a smartwatch.This is an image of boy's smart watch with tracker for heart rate in green and black colors


19. RC Racing Stunt Car

Remote control cars are traditionally some of the best gifts for 9 year old boy and other kids too. For a boy who loves running around, the idea of controlling a car using a remote is nothing short of exhilarating. This is just one reason he’d absolutely love this Blexy off-road racing car as his birthday, holiday, Christmas, or New Year gift.

If he is not used to playing with RC cars, this one would be perfect since it is easy to control. The low-slung car has sturdy tires with deep threads for superb traction on all types of surfaces including wet ones.

Able to reach a maximum speed of 16mph, he’d be thrilled that even from a distance of over 164 feet, he can make the car execute difficult moves.This is an image of boy's racing cars with remote control in black color


20. Scooter

At 9, boys love doing crazy stuff. This scooter delivers a unique riding experience compared to normal scooters taking it comfortably into the region of crazy riding. If he doesn’t have a helmet and protective pads for elbows and knees, better get him one because nothing is going to stop him from doing really hairy and exciting things with this scooter.

The premium design includes features like durable frame, strong handle, hand brake and so on for safe riding experience. But unlike other scooters, it features a large 16″ front wheel and 2 considerably smaller 125mm back wheels. This makes it easy to pull awesome stunts like spinning, drifting, and other crazy riding stunts that are actually quite easy to learn. That’s why this is one of the best toys for 9 year old boys. This is an image of boy's delta wing scooter by razor in black and blue colors


21. Hand Operated Drone

Flying objects are outrightly some of the best toys for 9 year old kids. This hand-operated drone would fulfill every flying fantasy or dream your kid ever had.

Mostly controlled by hand gestures due to the built-in sensors, it comes with a remote to power and shut it down. This can be handy when the drone has flown too high for his hands to reach.

He would have tons of fun using his hands to control the drone’s movements. But it would be more fun playing with other members of the family and friends making it a great gift to develop his social skills.This is an image of boy's hand operated drone in blue color


22. Magnetic Penny Building Kit

If your kid is a budding numismatist, this gift pack would be right up his alley. Coin collection aside, this is an awesome STEM-learning gift that would expose him to basic geometry, math, symmetry, planes and more. It is also a great gift for developing creativity and inspiring his artistic talents.

With the included 2 stainless steel magnets and 32 newly-minted pennies, hours of fun engagement building amazing structures and shapes await him. The combinations and possibilities are endless ensuring this is going to be a big hit with him and among his friends.This is an image of boy's magic penny magnet kit


23. Awesome Facts Book

You don’t go buying a hardcover book for your son unless you think it’s the type of book that would be read over and over again by him and almost anybody that comes to the house. This book would be read so many times by your kid and others not least because of the colorful illustrations and pictures in it.

Aptly named ‘5000 Awesome Facts’ it is over 200 pages of facts and myth busters. The subjects and categories are extensive; touching almost anything you can think of from the commonplace to complicated subjects in science, history, geography, sports, etc.This is an image of boy's 5000 awesome facts book by National Geographic Kid


24. Squashed Board Game

This’ new and exciting game of strategy that would entertain your kid and friends for hours. Played by between 2 – 4 players, it should aid the development of his problem-solving skills, concentration, patience, and strategic-thinking skills.

Easy to play, it involves trying to outwit the opponent by carefully moving either horizontally or vertically in any direction around the cube. Opponents’ pieces are squashed or removed from play if they get passed over or landed on. Landing on a King piece results in flipping the cube to another side and all pierces there are squashed. The player with the last pawn standing on the board wins.

The pack comes with all the pieces including 16 pawns, one king piece, one die, the Squashed Cube, and an instructions booklet.This is an image of boy's Squashed board game in colorful colors


25. Pair of Walkie Talkies

If like most experts, you think 9 is too young for a smartphone, this pair of walkie talkies would be a good substitute. At least, that should teach him the etiquette of wireless communication and stop him from constantly pestering you about getting him a smartphone.

This would also be a perfect gift for camping, family trips to a theme park, concerts and other events where you’ll need to stay in touch with him due to the number of people present. In that case, you’d have to keep one unit for yourself.

The walkie talkies are easy to use and come with clear audio, a decent range for distance communications, VOX function for hands-free use and much more.This is an image of boy's walkie talkies with large radio range in camoflage blue color


26. Soccer Playset with Hover Ball

Fancy a game of soccer with the little man at home? You and your son could have all of that and more with this social playset. With the two goal posts, he could display his soccer skills while you show him you are not bad either with the accuracy of your shots.

But he is more likely going to have the most fun with the hover ball that is capable of floating above any surface and bounce off walls and furniture when given a good kick. Cue running around the house chasing and kicking the hover ball that also has colorful, flashing LED lights for convenient nighttime play.

The set also comes with a basketball to add variety to the play. You’re essentially gifting him 3 possible ways to have fun indoors. What gift could be better for good, old fashioned exercise when he is forced to stay indoors by inclement weather?This is an ilmage of boy's hover soccer ball set with 2 goals in red color


27. Remote Control Skateboard Kit

After watching so many video clips featuring kids gliding smoothly on skateboards, your son could secretly be imagining himself riding on one and doing those impressive stunts.

Before that time though, you could get him this battery-powered skateboard that can be remotely controlled up to a distance of 260 feet to practice his moves at home. The kit also comes with four rampant that can be stacked around a central deck so he can learn to pull off amazing stunts while developing body coordination and getting some exercise.

By the time he is done with this set, his peers would wonder how he got so good when he goes to ride with them outdoors.This is an image of boy's skateboard toy with remote control and 4 sided pyramid in colorful colors


28. Toy Rocket Launcher

This rocket launcher is one of the best toys for nine year old boy that loves playing outdoors. It is also a cool gift idea if you want the little man to spend a bit more time outdoors instead of watching TV or playing video games all day.

When set and ready to launch, his friends and other kids at the park or beach would be queuing up to have a go. An exciting game of who can send the rockets furthest is on before you know it!

The kit is easy to set up and comes with 6 rockets that can soar up to a height of 600 feet!This is an image of boy's stomp rocket pack in black, yellow and red flame colors


29. Cookbook

If your kid loves hanging around the kitchen watching mum cook, this would make a  great present for him. Maybe it won’t teach him how to make exotic meals, but he’d become so good at making treats, dinners, desserts that exotic dishes won’t matter a jot to his friends and family.

The 208-page book contains over 100 recipes, tips, techniques, and step-by-step guides with photos on how to feel and act like a pro chef in the kitchen.

As well as teaching your kid how to make amazing treats and meals, it would encourage him to experiment and create his own unique recipes.This is an image of boy's cookbook for young chefs


30. Trike by Razor

This unique trike by Razor is designed to provide lots of thrill for the little man. With its low-riding position, small back wheels, and MX-style handlebar with rubber grips, he is guaranteed a stable and thrilling riding experience.

360° Spinning and drifting is so much easier with this trike thanks to dual inclined caster wheels. And with the rugged welded steel frame, the trike can take whatever stress is thrown at it.

You would love the flat-free front tire, double-crown design, and ergonomic anti-slip pedals. While you are anticipating all the fun he is going to have, remember to get him a good helmet.This is an image of boy's riprader bike with 3 wheels by Razor in blue and silver colors


31. LEGO Zombie Cave Building Kit

Building kits like this Lego set are great for hours of imaginative role-play, honing kids’ creative talents, concentration, and hand-eye coordination. And if he is a fan of Minecraft video game, he has extra motivation to have fun building his own Zombie Cave and relieve all the adventures of the video game with this playset.

He’d relish the presence of mini-figures of Steve, bat, baby zombie, and zombie figures in the kit. The kit also includes other accessories like coal, Redstone, diamond ore, gold, ladder and much more to give the completed structure a realistic feel.This is an image of boy's LEGO minecraft building kit


32. Smack It! Card Game

There are several reasons we’d recommend Smack It! as an option if you are looking for a cool game he could play with family or friends and have a wonderful time. The game is easy to learn, it is fast-paced, exciting and most importantly, it is hilarious.  One thing is sure though, with this game, he’ll always come back for more because he’d never be tired of having a laugh even if he’s at the receiving end.

2 – 7 people can play the game simultaneously with each round lasting about 15 minutes. Obviously, the more people involved, the greater the fun. As well as the instructions booklet, the pack also comes with 57 game cards printed on quality cardstock that can withstand repeated use.This is an image of boy's card game smack it


33. Writing and Drawing LCD Tab

Imagine a world you don’t have to clean the mess left behind by your kid as he doodles and draws on any surface or piece of paper he finds. There would be no more cleaning of ink stains in unusual places, picking up discarded papers, or constantly washing ink-stained fabrics including his clothes!

That world is just an order away with this LCD drawing and writing pad. He can now draw, doodle, and scribble as much as he wants with the pad. He’d love how his drawings come out in bright colors. There is no learning curve with the tablet; simply use the stylus to write and draw on the surface. And with the easy erase button, he can have a fresh surface any time he wants.This is an image of boy's LCD electronic board drawing tablet in black color


34. Electronics Exploration Kit

This electronics kit is a great birthday gift if you want to introduce him to the world of electronics, electrical parts, and how they all work together in gadgets. With the included instructions, he’d be able to build over 100 projects using over 30 snap modules. There is no need for tools or soldering; simply snapping the modules onto to board to create simple to complicated circuits is all that is required.

The practice projects in the booklet he can make include a sound-activated switch, musical doorbell, voice-activated lamp, flying saucer and much more. Soon enough, he should be creating unique projects from the simple concepts he’d mastered.This is an image of boy's electronics exploration kit


35. LEGO Ferrari 488 GT3 Building Kit

A Lego building kit like this would be awesome if he is a fan of automotive racing. With 176 pieces, he can own a mini version of the Ferrari 488 GT3 that is part of the Scuderia Corsa championship racing team.

It is a building kit though, and that is where all the fun is at with the completed project a faithfully reproduced and detailed mini version of the team’s Ferrari car. The kit also includes a mini-figure of a Ferrari driver, cockpit, removable windshield, and other accessories needed to build the car.This is an image of boy's LEGO speed champions ferrari building kit in red color


36. Black Luminous Backpack

9-year-old boys are still young enough to prefer colorful and attractive gift items instead of utilitarian items older boys and men desire. This backpack is a perfect blend between very practical and attractive. He is going to feel really grownup with it without losing that vibrant, attractiveness kids love.

The backpack is equipped with a combination lock and dual zipper access to keep his things safe. While the glow-in-the-dark anime design gives it that stamp of uniqueness everybody craves.

It’s roomy with enough pockets and compartments to keep his school stuff or for emergency traveling, trips to the beach, shopping, etc. This would make a perfect gift for any occasion.This is an image of boy's backpack with charging ports in black and blue colors


37. 9th Birthday T-shirt

A perfectly sewn, trendy black t-shirt screams all shades of ‘cool’ when worn at the right time. With this t-shirt, the right time is all the time. This makes it excellent for school, beach parties, family outings, or simply as casual wear to stay at home or hang out with friends in the neighborhood.

With all the maths equations and symbols printed across the front, it looks like a perfect gift for a math-loving kid. Regardless of his interest in maths, he is going to love a design that is bound to make people stop and wonder what the figures mean or stand for? You bet he’d smugly inform people with an air of superiority that the square root of 81 is 9.This is an image of boy's 9 year old t shirt with mathematic square root in black color


38. 10 Pairs of Socks

Cool gifts for 9 year old boy don’t come any better than 10 pairs of socks of different colors. Here is the deal: he could decide to wear a different pair of socks every school day for two weeks without running out of clean socks!  And apart from school, they would also be ideal for all kinds of formal and informal occasions.

The socks are made with a perfect blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex to keep his feet warm in chilly weather, fit him perfectly no matter his size, and expand to match his growing feet without losing shape. To put it simply, they are made to last and you won’t have a problem keeping them clean either manually or with a washing machine.This is an image of boy's 10 pairs socks in different colors


39. Magic Starter Kit

With the magic starter kit, what you get isn’t what you’ll see. It is a magic kit after all and don’t boys love performing these tricks to enthralled friends and families? With the detailed instructions, your boy would quickly learn over 75 simple tricks and start astounding folks with his new skills.

The kit comes with numerous accessories and props for him to start practicing and feeling like a pro immediately. With the numerous tips in the guide, he would start performing unique tricks in no time at all. All that remains is to get him a top hat, a cape, and a magician’s tux.

Magic kits are awesome for bolstering self-confidence, building language and communication skills, developing creativity, and improving social skills.This is an image of boy's magic tricks kit


40. Hologram Dinosaur Night Lamp

If your boy hates sleeping in the dark, having a Velociraptor standing guard over him while providing his preferred night light would definitely guarantee a sweet night’s rest. And if he doesn’t know about Velociraptors, he would be glad to know one of the deadliest and most ferocious dinosaurs is now his night guard.

With the remote or touch buttons on the lamp, he has the option of choosing 23 colors as his night light. He could have fun with it by setting it to alternate among 7 different colors,  dim or increase the brightness, and set it to go off after a while.

Made from durable plastic, the lamp is powered by 3 AAA batteries or via a USB cord attached to a compatible power adaptor.This is an image of boy's Night light lamp with dinosaur design and remote control in blue color


41. RC Drone

Kids love playing with flying objects. For a cool kid, a drone gift as a birthday, Christmas, or holiday present would simply blow his mind. With a one-button takeoff/landing feature, this drone would be excellent as his first experience.

The remote control is easy to use and combined with the powerful motor, stabilizing it during flights comes with little fuss. At full charge, the quadcopter can fly for up to 12 minutes non-stop and can be made to move in any direction as well as hover at a particular spot.This is an image of boy's racing drone with remote control and quadcopter in black color


42. Kids Dart Board by Yesmarks

This dartboard is specifically made for kids to have fun either indoors or outdoors. Instead of the usual darts found in adult boards, this version uses strapped balls that attach easily to the board. The kit comes with 8 red and blue balls.

Attached to the top of the board is a hook so you can hang the board anywhere including on trees during family picnics. Your son, either alone or with his friends and family members, would enjoy hours of game time with it.

This is a nice gift sharpen his competitive spirit, hand-eye coordination, and social skills.This is an image of boy's dart board with 8 sticky balls


43. Bow and Arrow Playset

Popular movies like Hunger Games and Marvel’s The Avengers have made bow and arrow playsets really cool for solo play, cosplay,  and faux battles and hunting among kids. This Marky Spark’s Faux Box 3 captures everything kids want in this type of weapon: it is well built and easy to handle; the design allows for fast loading of the arrows; the bow comes with a clip to attach the arrows (there are 6 foam-tipped arrows in the pack) for easy loading; and it is designed with attractive colors.

The budding archer would snatch this out of your hand and be out of the house before you can blink to start aiming and shooting at distant targets as hard and fast as his heroes.This is an image of boy's arrow archery set in colorful colors


44. Outdoor Exploration Kit

If you are planning a summer trip to your favorite cabin, you could make this a very memorable holiday with this exploration Kit as a gift to your kid. With this gift, you won’t have to think of fun things for him to do. The kit is all he needs to make the outdoors his favorite place for the duration of the trip.

The kit comes with a pair of binoculars for bird watching among other things; magnifying glass to peer at small insects and tiny things; a compass to learn how to pinpoint locations; a crank flashlight to peer into dark crevices or illuminate the path ahead at night; and much more.

All the pieces can be conveniently packed in the included drawstring backpack. That makes it easy to take his kit along with him anywhere.This is an image of boy's Camping and exploration outdoor kit containing Backpack, Binoculars, Flashlight, Compass and Whistle in orange color


45. Book of Survival for Boys

If you opted to get the exploration Kit above, this survival book for boys would be an awesome addition to his gear in the drawstring backpack. It contains useful tips like how to track animals, treat snakebites, send SOS messages, create and read a map, etc.: useful skills tailored for the outdoors.

But the book is not all about the rough and tumble of the outdoors though. It is also packed with tips about how to come out smelling of roses from embarrassing situations, and how to anticipate and head off pitfalls boys face daily.

The book is funny and witty. The 128 pages would seem like nothing by the time he gets into it. This is an excellent gift to get him interested in reading while turning him into one smart dude.This is an image of boy's book of suvival


46. Polarized Sunglasses

If your boy constantly finds himself in places or situations where glare from all types of shiny surfaces prevents him from seeing as well as he should, this pair of sunglasses would help correct the situation. These could be useful at the swimming pool, beach, and during skiing.

Made with tough plastic frame and composite lens, the glasses are beautifully designed. The cool glasses would make him look like a perfect gentleman with exquisite taste. You just gave him that last, crucial accessory to complete his outfit on any given day.This is an image of boy's sports sunglacess in blue color


47. NFL Electric Football Board Game

This official NFL board game is simply one of the best toys for 9 year old boy. Your son can learn all the rules, strategies, gameplays, and much more about NFL football playing this board game. Right at home, he could become an expert in one of America’s favorite sports even without getting on a real pitch.

Cards and dice are used during the action-packed game to move up and down the field towards the end zones.

The box comes with stickers for 32 NFL teams, magnetic end zones, instructions booklet explaining the rules and setup guide, and other accessories to create a full-fledged game on the metal board. And when the game is over, all the pieces can be stored easily in the sturdy box until the next time.This is an image of boy's NFL board game


48. DIY Electronic Circuits

Expose your kid to several amazing ways of creating working electronic games and gadgets with this simple-to-use electronic circuit kit. With the included pieces like baseboards, light and sound modules, a microprocessor, jumper wires, and the 48-page step-by-step guide, he’d be able to complete over 50 exciting projects.

You would love how the instructions are divided into sections. These include lessons and projects on basic electronics right up to complex lessons on how to create gadgets like motion-sensing alarm, doorbell, pong game, magic messaging wand, and much more.

For a kid of 9, this represents unlimited hours of fun every day putting together various all kinds of circuits, taking them apart, and starting a new project from scratch.This is an image of boy's smart circuits toy in colorful colors


49. Pendant Necklace

This pendant necklace is the penultimate gift item in this guide. This’ an apparently surprising choice since necklaces are the sort presents recommended for girls. Wait until he sees the inspirational message on the stainless steel pendant. Remember that cute t-shirt above? This would go perfectly with it.

Apart from the inspirational message, this gift will remind him and whoever is reading the message that your boy is one of the best things in your life. That would definitely boost his self-esteem and help him keep his head up no matter how dire he thinks a situation is.This is an image of boy's family neckless in silver color


50. Simon Game

There is no better gift item to round up this guide of awesome 9 year old boy gifts. Simon Game is a popular game that is excellent for developing memory and improving social skills.

The electronic game, involving exciting lights and sounds, is all about repeating random live sequences by hitting the colored pads in the order they appear. It is easy enough to play but gets tougher and more complicated the more it is played thereby building suspense and anticipation.

The longer the sequence a player gets correctly, the higher point tally they get. Your kid can play alone or with up to 8 or more friends at once.This is an image of boy's classic simon game


Buying Considerations When Choosing 9 Yr Old Gifts

With high school just a touching distance away, gift ideas for 9 year old boy must necessarily consider that fact. To them, they might as well be in high school; after all, they would hit double-digit figures in terms of age in a year.

So for kids, nine falls within that age range of many transitions in education, social interactions, responsibilities, and higher expectations from society. The ideal gifts should promote all these aspects of their lives without going overboard.

Below is an overview of some of the vital variables to have in mind when choosing gifts for them.


If you have to, pick gifts that would make them feel older. It would be a huge mistake thinking that some awesome fun toy younger kids love would have the same effect on him. Have it in mind he doesn’t want to be reminded that he is still a kid.


With high school a couple of years away, gifts that introduce him to basic high school subjects would be great. STEM-toys with different levels of difficulties are awesome gift ideas to have in mind. That allows him to explore his growing curiosity and get answers to questions he might not get in school.

Still on the education theme, promoting their reading habit is a great idea. With so many devices around and fun activities, books hardly feature in their list of ‘must-do’ projects.

You could change that mindset with books that teach them practical stuff and encourage hands-on activities. They won’t need much prompting before immersing themselves completely in such books.

Social Interaction

The social aspect of a kid’s development is as important as his physical and educational development. Gifts that encourage him to hang out more with his buddies or family members must be considered. This’ is even more critical if he seems like the type who likes spending time alone.

Hobbies and Interest

If a kid loves reading, it’s a no-brainer that interesting book gifts would resonate with him. However, make sure you are getting him books on subjects close to his heart.

But for an outdoors or sports-loving kid, a gift that promotes that lifestyle would be best. Items like the action camera, trike, outdoor exploration Kit, etc., would make a big impression on him.

That said, the best gifts and toys to give them must thrive to take away any pressure they feel about life. Whether they like it or not, they are still kids.


Best Gift Overall

After carefully considering all the options available, it’s now time to choose our overall best gift for 9 year old boy. Parents are acutely aware of the curiosity levels displayed by kids in this age range. Electronic gadgets and devices offer some of the best ways to satisfy their curious minds. This STEM electronics kit goes a long way in answering some of the questions they might have including some that are just skirting the edges of their minds.

We were impressed by how the instructions guide is divided into sections making it easy for kids to get what is going on in a jiffy and the quality of the pieces. Hopefully, by the time he is through with this, his need to take apart your expensive gadgets to see how they work won’t be so great anymore.This is an image of boy's smart circuits toy in colorful colors


Best Budget Gift

If you are looking for a fantastic budget gift for 9 year old boy, we think the soccer playset that comes with a hover ball ticks all vital boxes. With so much energy to burn, this kit delivers all he needs to have fun and exercise those restless limbs and body.

You would love that there are three primary ways to engage with the set; this delivers so much variety in secondary activities few other gifts can at that budget. The kit comes with a soccer ball with two mini goalposts, a hover ball with LED lights he could bounce off walls by kicking it, and a basketball he could use to play catch or improvise fun games with.This is an ilmage of boy's hover soccer ball set with 2 goals in red color