Best Gifts for 8 Year Old Girls 2020

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‘How time flies’ must be one of the phrases that pop into your head when thinking of a suitable gift for the little princess that is about to celebrate her 8th birthday. Wasn’t it just yesterday she was struggling to take her first baby steps? Now, she is in third grade and certainly not a toddler.

So what gifts should you get to thrill and make her very excited? The good news is, suitable toys or gifts for 8 year old girl can easily be found in malls and several online stores retailing gifts or toys for kids. But it’s also easy to get confused when faced with shelves of pink and colorful items urging you to take a bet on them.

How do you know this brightly-colored pack that promises al things good would interest her or even turn out to be of good quality? What about that item two shelves away that looks like a bargain due to the low price?

These are just some of the question that can drive you nuts with indecision.

Like many folks before you, this guide of the best gifts for 8 year old girls will proved very useful in resolving the stress of picking a cool gift for her. This list is deliberately huge so that no matter her interests and your budget, you’ll surely find one or a few to make her day.


50 Best Gifts For Girls Age 8

Below are the list of gifts and toys for 8 year old girls that are guaranteed to make her delirious with joy. Quality is the common theme found in all the products. Each item delivers more than enough value for the money spent on them.

1. Kick Scooter

The first item on our list of best gifts for 8 year old girls is this cool kick scooter by Razor. What is there not to like about a pink scooter with cute sparkling handlebar streamers? Your little princess will instantly fall in love with this ride on toy that is perfect as a birthday or holiday gift.

Though it won’t achieve speeds that’d leave her hair flying behind her, it is fast enough for an exciting trip to the corner shop or even school. The presence of 98 mm urethane wheels with ABEC 5 bearings will ensure a smooth, comfortable ride always.

Made with a strong durable frame, it is sturdy enough to accommodate weights of up to 143 lbs. And with the unique, rear fender brakes, she could easily make quick stops enhancing her safety while riding.This is an image of girl's kick scooter by razor in pink color


2. LEGO Tree House Building Kit

Known as Mia’s Tree House, this Lego building kit allows your girl to develop her creativity and role-playing skills building an exquisitely beautiful structure with the 351 colorful and quality pieces.

The result of hours of fun engagement attaching the pieces is a cute house atop a tree. The playset comes with a folding ladder, a terrace, an attic, scramble net, water gum, skateboard, zip wire to access or exit the second floor, and much more.

It also includes mini-figures of Mia, Daniel, Mimi the bunny, and a bird figure known as Cinnamon.This is an image of girl's LEGO mia's tree house building kit

3. Samsung Galaxy 8″ Tablet for kids

Excellent tablets are the ultimate in entertainment and educational gifts for kids. And this Samsung Kids tablet goes all the way in delivering amazing content with over 10,000 kid-friendly activities. So, it makes one of the best gifts for 8 year old girl.

With the WiFi feature, your little girl also has access to millions more content online including games, books, movies, music, and much more.  You don’t even have to worry about inappropriate content as the parental control feature allows you to monitors and restrict her activities directly from your smartphone.

It comes with an amazing battery that can power the device for 13 hours non-stop. And with the bumper case, protection from damages due to bumps and falls is assured.This is an image of girl's samsung galaxy in silver color with durable bumper case


4. Diary

Next in our list of gifts for 8 yr old girl is this lovely journal. Strengthening the bond between a daughter and mother doesn’t have to involve elaborate and expensive trips. A simple journal or diary outlining memorable events in the lives of both mother and daughter since the little process was born might be all that is required.

This journal comes with helpful prompts in the form of simple questions or suggestions. There are also quizzes and other entertaining subjects that ladies enjoy talking about on any given day.

Such a simple gift could turn out to be her most memorable gift item. It is the sort of book gift she could open down the years to fondly reread all the lovely things she shared with mum.This is an image of girl's just between us book


5. DIY Magnetic Tile Art kit

With this art kit, your girl can explore the limits of her creativity by turning ordinary-looking tiles into artistic masterpieces. With 12 two-square inch tiles, rubber magnets, adhesive tapes, a paint strip, brush, etc., she can make different works of art, attach them to the tiles, and use the magnets to attach then to any metal surface.

She could use it to decorate the fridge or make her locker door unique. Either way, she is going to be engaged in hours of fun activities as she thinks up interesting design with the aid of the instructions guide.This is an image of girl'ss magnetic mini tile art


6. Drawstring Backpack with Fashion Accessories

A drawstring backpack with a printed unicorn design by itself would make a great gift that is perfect for picnics, going to the beach, and ballet classes. But when the gift pack also comes with a six-piece, matching fashion accessory, she is going to go wild with joy and excitement.

Her reaction should be standard for any girl that recognizes trendy and unique fashion items like the included pink makeup bag, 2 Unicorn bracelets, a set of hair ties with 5 different patterns, and a cool keychain.This is an image of girl's drawstring bag with accessories and unicorn design in colorful colors


7. Mermaid Night Light by Easuntec

How about a gift of this cool and unique night light to celebrate her special day? Now, she doesn’t have to sleep in the dark and has the option of choosing from 16 different colors for a room ambiance that matches her mood.

You bet she’d adore the 3D image of a mermaid that is the basis of the nightlight. With the remote controls or using touch buttons on the device, she could have fun checking out how her mermaid looks in 7 different colors.

Powered by 3 AA batteries or USB cord, it also features an auto 7 color cycle mode to switch between seven cool colors and buttons to adjust the brightness, or set it to strobe, flash, fade or smooth modes.This is an image of girl's mermaid night light with 16 different colors and remote control


8. DIY Bracelets Kit

This art and craft gift would deliver fashion, creativity and lots of excitement to any girl lucky to have it. Girls will grab at the chance to make customized bracelets with all the enthusiasm expected from an eight years old girl that loves looking fashionable.

The kit comes with everything she needs to design two unique bracelets. Expect her to spend hours making sure her bracelets come out just the way she wants them.This is an image of girl's diy wear heart charm bracelet by ALEX


9. DIY Fleece Quilt Blanket

With 48 differently-colored pieces of square fleece material, your daughter has the opportunity to make a super cool, soft, fleece quilt the way she wants it. Because she made it herself, it is a no brainer guessing it would be her favorite blanket for a long time.

Each piece comes with slotted fringes; together with the detailed instructions that include lots of ideas, designing and making the blanket would be fun and quite easy.

Her finished blanket is going to be 5 feet long and 4 foot wide; big enough to provide adequate cover for many years.This is an image of girl's Flower fleece quilt in colorful colors


10. Minnie Mouse Wristwatch

If your daughter is a fan of Minnie Mouse, she would definitely adore this wristwatch featuring her favorite Disney character on the face. But the picture of Minnie is not the only thing watch has going for it. The overall design is something to drool over even if she isn’t a fan.

As well as the numbers indicating hours under the glass, she can learn to tell the minutes with the printed numbers on the glass on a purple background. The credentials of the watch as a stylish fashioned accessory is underlined by the bright pink strap. The strap itself is adjustable, easy to buckle, and soft on the skin.This is an image of girl's analog watch with minnie mouse graphics in pink color


11. Makeup & Hair Fashion Sketching Book

This gift is a delicious combination of several activities little girls love engaging in. It combines fashion, arts, drawing, and coloring in a package that comes with a spiral-bound sketchbook, 115 stickers, 4 plastic stencils, 12  artist-grade pencils, and over 100 shapes to trace.

The kit also includes a colorful instructions guide that allows her to draw a variety of makeup looks, hairstyles, and nails on the pre-printed ‘models’ in the sketchbook.

The versatility of the book and instructions guide means the design possibilities are endless for your girl. She is in for several exciting hours learning how to make ladies look more beautiful. And when she is done for the day, a pouch on the back cover provides adequate storage for her stencils, stickers, and pencils.This is an image of girl's design sketch portfolio


12. 3D Pen Art Kit

Next in our list of 8 year old girl gifts is this amazing 3D printing pen. If your little girl loves drawing, she’d be bowled over by this gift that allows her drawings to literally come alive. She’ll have a blast using the 3D pen, doodling whatever she wants and watching the drawings come to life.

As well as the battery-operated 3D pen, the kit also comes with 3 different colors of filament and a charging cable. There is also a detailed instructions manual explaining various aspects of using the kit including safety. Other colors of filament can be bought separately to further expand your child’s creative horizons.

this is an image of a 3D printing pen


13. Jokes Book

Titled ‘Awesome Jokes That Every 8 Year Old Should Know!’, this paperback book is great for developing your girl’s self-confidence, social and language skills, and would definitely get her to dedicate more time to off-screen activities.

In over 100 pages, the book is packed with jokes that come with unusually powerful punch lines that would make her listeners beg for more. The collection includes classic jokes with new twists and brand new jokes never heard before.

Written in an easy to read and engaging style, the illustrated pages provide extra fun while making it a delight to scan the pages.This is an image of girl's awesome jokes book


14. LEGO Emma’s Art Cafe Building Kit

This is a classic Lego building kit that provides hours of fun, exciting and engaging pretend-play kids love. With the 378 pieces, your little girl can build a stunning cafe that can only be described as a masterpiece.

Her completed structure will include a huge panini on the roof, a panini machine, a coffee machine, a seating area, and a cash register.

The kit also comes with accessories to design and build an outside area dedicated to the arts. And of course, she also gets a mini-figure of the artistic and caring Emma and the Prankzy figure; two famous people she’ll spend hours chatting with.This is an image of girl's LEGO friends Emma's art café building kit


15. 10 Pairs of No Show Socks

A simple item like a pair of socks can turn out to be an inspiring gifts for 8 year girls with the right timing, design selection, quality, and quantity. With 10 pairs of different colors in this set, your girl can wear a different, clean pair everyday single day of the week.

Perfect for ballet classes and to keep her feet warm, the machine-washable socks are made mainly with polyester with just enough spandex and rubber material making them very comfortable no matter her feet size.This is an image of girl's 10 pack socks


16. Slime Kit

If your little girl loves trying out new things, this slime kit provides a great avenue to feed that part of her personality. The kit allows her to learn new and exciting stuff in her home-based lab. This is a great gift if you want to expose her to some basic science concepts that would come in handy in school.

With the easy-to-understand illustrated guide, she’d be able to learn how to make glow-in-the-dark slime, glitter slime, color-changing slime, clear slime, cloud, and much more.

The pack includes everything she’d need to perform the experiments including over 10 recipes. And you don’t have to worry about her safety because the ingredient and tools come with the proper labeling and have been certified safe for kids to use.This is an image of girl's ultimate slime kit


17. Hand-Operated Drone by OMWay

Mini drones like this red quadcopter provide some of the best and safest ways for little girls, and kids in general, to have fun indoors. They are easy to use, safe and the rest of the families can even join in the fun flying the quadcopter all over the apartment.

With the interactive infrared induction, the drone responds to hand gestures making it easy for her to control. She doesn’t need a remote to make it move in any direction, spin in a circle, or hover at a particular spot.

The drone comes with dual speed modes, LED lights making it visible in the dark and is made from high-quality ABS plastic material ensuring it doesn’t get damaged easily when it collides with objects.This is an image of girl's hand controlled drone in red color


18. Schwinn Bike

A bike is perhaps one of the top birthday present ideas for 8 year girl. There is a reason Schwinn, the makers, call this kid’s bike SmarStart. Every design feature and concept in the bike aims for a safer and more enjoyable riding experience for kids. This includes a lighter frame for better control and stability, smaller grip for small hands, narrow pedal position to match smaller hips and feet, and much more.

Your girl, though, would immediately love the attractive teal and purple color of the bike.  And the presence of a saddlebag means she can run errands easily or can conveniently keep her stuff in it while on the move.

The bike comes with seats that can be adjusted d to grow with her. And for her safety, it also comes with rear coaster and front caliber breaks. Exactly what is needed until she is big enough to use bigger hand breaks.this is an image of a schwinn bike


19. Hardcover Diary with Lock

Little girls eight years old have a lot to say about lots of things. Like little secrets they wouldn’t want even their best buddies to know about. Instead of keeping it bottled in, you could encourage her to let it out with this diary that is specifically made to keep all her cherished secrets safe.

Several pages of the 128-paged diary are beautifully illustrated and packed with activities she’ll have fun with. But the best part still remains the chance to fill the pages with thoughts and musings that make her unique. In years to come, she’ll read this and marvel at the things her precocious 8-year-old self thought and did.This is an image of girl's your diary book for writing diaries in pink color


20. Smartwatch

It is common to hear folks who have bought this watch for their girls describe it as the best gift they ever gave her. Considering all the features and functions, it is easy to understand why.

This device is not just a watch for telling the time. To be clear, it does that accurately providing a great way for her to learn about time and such.

What makes this a perfect gift for all occasions is its multi-functionality. She can use it to listen to her favorite music and FM radio via earphones, take pictures including selfies with the rotating camera, track her fitness with a pedometer, play games on the touchscreen, and much more.

And with the bright pink, soft adjustable rubber strap, it is clearly a trendy device that should underline her love for fashionable items.This is an image of girl's smart watch with dual cameras in pink color


21. Floor Lounger

Though it doesn’t come with the pillows, you and the little princess would adore this hot, pink-colored lounger once you put suitable pillows inside. If you can buy up to 5 pillows to fit into it, you instantly have a cute alternative to the bed or couch.

This would be perfect for her to simply lie on to read books, watch movies, take a nap, or as an extra place for her friends to sleep during sleepovers.

It is made from durable, soft, luxurious, plush fabric and can easily be washed with cold water in a machine.This is an image of girl's soft pillow cover in pink and white colors


22. DIY Paper Flower Kit

Random acts of kindness don’t have to be elaborate. Even a simple paper flower can make somebody’s day a whole lot brighter and bring a smile to their lips. This art and craft gift, as well as letting your kid’s ability to show kindness shine brightly, would develop her creativity and imaginative skills.

The set comes with everything she needs to make a dozen paper flowers. 12 different people are in for a demonstration of love from her in the form of the flowers she took time to make. And to add a bit more fun to the randomness, a mask, perfect for pretend play as an anonymous bestower of love to random strangers, is also part of the kit,This is an image of girl's DIY flowers kit


23. Hooded Pullover Sweatshirt

If you fancy a change from buying the top toys for 8 year old girls, how about this awesome hoodie instead? Made from high-quality fleece fabric, this soft and comfortable pullover sweatshirt is the perfect gift to keep her warm on cold winter days or when the weather is a bit chilly after rainfall. The galaxy-themed design comes with an adorable 3D cat and planet Earth printed across the front. You bet she’ll feel like the coolest cat on the block whenever she wears it.

The Sweatshirt comes with two welt pockets on the sides to keep her hands warm and a pull-on hood to protect her ears and head from inclement weather.This is an image of girl's sweatshirts with cat and space graphics in black and yellow colors


24. Necklace with Mermaid Pendant

If you know a bit about what 8-year-old girls love, you’d know she is going to fall instantly in love with this jewelry piece. It makes a good showing as a necklace, but what nails it as a great gift for birthdays and other occasions is the mermaid pendant hanging from the necklace.

Girls simply love identifying with mermaids especially if they come with colorful tails like this one.

The 1.5-inch long necklace and 0.5-inch long pendant are both made from non-toxic, fade-free material. That ensures this gift is going to be around for a long time adding class, uniqueness, and elegance to her outfit.This is an image of girl's mermaid necklace jewlery in pink and silver colors


25. Knitting Loom

Art and craft gifts are some of the best when it comes to delivering fun, hours of productive learning, and development of creativity. This kit is the perfect introduction to the classic art of knitting stuff using a simple knitting loom.

Learning how to knit is one hobby girls of all ages love so they can make stuff for their dolls, friends, family members, and themselves.

With this loom and the included 90 yards of rainbow-colored yarn, she can learn how to knit a colorful hat. The kit also includes 2 colorful pom poms to attach to the hat.This is an image of girl's craft Pom hat and other accessories in colorful colors


26. Mini Camera

What could be better than a gift of a digital camera for your girl for that long-anticipated family trip? If she wasn’t looking forward to it, this cute pink camera changes everything for her. With the ability to capture clear shots and videos, no part of the trip would escape her lens. From this point on, being bored outdoors is not an option.

The camera is easy to use and comes with a shockproof casing to protect it against falls and bumps. It also comes with a lanyard; this combined with the lightweight, makes it very easy to carry with her anywhere and for long periods without getting tired.This is an image of girl's Digital camera with 32GB memory card in pink color


27. Makeup Kit & Bag Playset

You know without being told your little girl is itching to try her hands on looking good like mum. This makeup kit is the perfect gift to give her some practice and indulge in hours of engaging role play.

The pretend makeup kit is the complete set with everything a little girl needs to look good. This includes items like brushes, mirror, powder, different types of lipstick, eye shadows, and much more.

She also gets a trendy makeup bag to pack all her stuff when is done making herself prettier. The bag also makes it convenient to take the kit with her on trips, sleepovers, etc., so she can keep practicing her makeup skills.This is an image of girl's pretend cosmetic mekeup kit with no toxic material


28. Art Kit

Little girls seriously interested in drawing would be thrilled with this art kit by Darice. This is the ideal gift you want your girl to have if you noticed traits in her that points to a career as an artist. With over 80 pieces of art supplies including varieties of brushes, pens, pencils, watercolor cakes, oil pastels, etc., she has everything to hone her artistic skills.

The art supplies are neatly arranged in a compact wooden carrying case. The case is designed with various compartments making it easy to organize the supplies when she’s done for the day. Naturally, with everything in the box, it is also convenient to take it along with her for trips or to practice outdoors in parks or at the beach.This is an image of girl's deluxe art 80 piece set


29. Jewelry Set & Box

You can get 3 gifts for the price of 1 for her birthday with this adorable jewelry box-unicorn bracelet-unicorn bracelet combination. This could be your own special way of letting her know her new age comes with some responsibilities like neatly arranging her jewelry pieces in one box.

With soft, pink-lined drawers and compartments to keep all kinds of stuff, she won’t need much encouragement. Besides, who wouldn’t love the spinning unicorn that pops up with gentle music any time the box is opened? This gift is going to be around for many years.This is an image of girl's unicorn music box with neckless as a gift in colorful colors


30. Ramona Book Set

4 books, 848 pages; that sounds like a lot for an eight year old girl in third grade; but trust us, she’ll get to the end before you say Klickitat Street Gang. The exciting adventures of the kids of Klickitat street would hold her spellbound for hours at a time. Of course, the breezy, fun and witty narrative style plays a huge role in making the books awesome page-turners.

This gift would be perfect as a holiday book or for long family trips and she needs something to occupy her time.  Best of all though, the books would help develop her sense of adventure and reading skills.

This is an image of girl's book collection Set the ramona


31. Mermaid Blanket

Along with Unicorns, mermaids are little girls’ favorite fantasy creatures. Mermaid-themed gifts always hit the right spot allowing girls to go on a fantasy trip creating lovely adventures in exciting pretend-play.

With this lovely Mermaid blanket, you bet she’d drift off to a warm sleep with a smile on her face while dreaming of beautiful mermaids in magical underwater worlds.

Made from high-quality material that is soft on the skin, the blanket is long enough to cover her completely. It is the ideal gift to keep warm on winter days while watching TV in the sitting room. Other places she can use it include camping, sleepovers, or during long road trips.This is an image of girl's mermaid blanket in pink color


32. RC Robot Building Kit

Foster your little girl’s interest in technology with this STEM-themed gift that allows her to build a robot she can control up to a distance of about 66 feet with the ergonomically-designed remote. Putting the different parts of the robot together will encourage the development of important traits such as patience, focus, creativity, hand-eye coordination, and imaginative thinking among others.

In the short run though, she is going to have a blast watching her structure take shape using the 351 pieces of different colors and sizes. Her robot, with the aid of the built-in battery, can move in all directions and even spin full circle on its tracks.This is an image of girl's Robot building blocks with remote control in Multi color


33. Origami Paper Flower Art Kit

Origami art using papers is a classic art and craft skill millions of people around the world employ in making all sorts of amazing, fun objects. This kit will show her how to make beautiful paper flowers of different colors to decorate her room or as gifts to friends and family members.

With 100 pieces of paper and other materials included in the pack, there would be enough flowers to go round.

Perfect for girls who love making things with their hands, the gift pack also comes with 30 easy-to-follow flower projects in a 40-page, illustrated instructions booklet to get her grounded in the basics of origami art.This is an image of girl's paper origami flower folding kit


34. Unicorn Hooded Bathroom

If you are having a tough time getting the little lady to remove her day clothes and using pajamas before going to sleep, a gift of this bathrobe/pajamas is the solution you have been looking for. Perhaps, it just needed something as cute and soft like this to get her to willingly change into the proper sleeping clothes every day.

The bathrobe comes with a hood made of the same soft premium polyester. She’ll love putting up the hood to flaunt the yellow Unicorn horn and pink ears that instantly turn her into the cutest Unicorn ever.

Perhaps, your new problem would be getting her to remove it.This is an image of girl's unicorn hooded bathrobe sleepwear


35. Customizable Wooden Jewelry Box

What she is going to like most about this gift, after she’s done with it, is the idea that it is a jewelry box like no other in the world. After all, she designed and decorated the box to look exactly the way she wants it.

This impressive art and craft gift pack comes with a plain wooden jewelry box, 5 different colors of spreadable clay, a sculpting tool, and 4 sticks of glitter gem stickers – enough tools to push her creativity into overdrive to conceive the most uniquely designed jewelry box.This is an image of girl's craft your jewelry box in colorful colors


36. Bluetooth Wireless Microphone

The diva in the little princess would roar into life with this beautifully-designed wireless microphone that is more a complete entertainment center. With the Bluetooth connectivity to compatible devices and quality speakers with acoustic stereo output, she’d have a blast singing along to her favorite songs.

The device also comes with 30 songs including classic hit songs from popular artists you would love hearing her sing during family events. The older uncles and aunties present would be on their feet dancing all through. With the long battery life, she could be doing this for as long as 8 hours non-stop.

Other interesting features include the voice changing function, recording function, 6W speaker, and much more.This is an image of girl's magic bluetooth karoake


37. Pair of Thong Sandals

Flip flops don’t come any better or comfortable that this pair by Under Armour.  As well as been ideal to wear around the house on any given day,  she could also use them for fun outings to the beach, the local park or just to take a stroll with her buddies around the block. Whatever she does with it, walking on foam is what she’d feel like no matter the distance and terrain.

The lightweight sandals feature synthetic soles, synthetic strap with foam lining, a footbed comprising two layers of high-performance 4D foam, and sculptured EVA outsole for the ultimate in comfort and traction.This is an image of girl's Sneaker in white, Black and pink colors


38. Unicorn Art & Craft Kit

This unicorn art kit is an excellent holiday gift to keep her occupied for hours creating unicorn-themed pieces. You can be assured she is going to have a blast allowing her creativity lead her places that are pleasurable and exciting.

The kit contains 6 simple but exciting projects. She’d direct all her energies into making a headband, sew a cute stuffed animal, create a magical necklace, rainbow garland, and even a colorful unicorn tail with unlimited enthusiasm.

All these are items she’d be very proud to show her family and friends. Their reactions would do a world of good to her self-esteem, confidence, and creative skills.This is an image of girl's unicorn craft kit in Multi Colors material


39. 2-Piece Bunny Pajamas Set

This bunny outfit is so light and comfortable it would make perfect sense to include them as part of her spring and autumn wears. She’ll look so cute in them you won’t mind having her wear them to school, at home, or for trips to the beach and other outdoor activities.

The gift features a stylish long sleeve top with matching leggings. She’ll love the cute bunnies printed on the shirt with two front pockets to keep her candies.

Made from quality cotton material, it comes in different sizes making it easy to find the right fit for her. But it’s best you get one that is slightly bigger so she’ll grow into them. You don’t want her to outgrow such a beautiful outfit so soon after getting it.This is an image of girl's leggings pajamas set in white and black colors


40. Book of Amazing Animal Stories

Give your daughter a different perspective about animals and a better appreciation of their intelligence with this National Geographic book featuring 125 animal stories. The stories are all true and would most certainly inspire her to give her best wherever she finds herself.

The stories in the  112-paged, colorfully-illustrated book were sourced from various countries making it a good source of information on different cultures and people.

This would make a wonderful gift to help develop her reading and comprehension skills. One thing is for sure though, she’d find it hard to stop reading once she gets into the world of a hippo that opens doors with its lips, a bike-riding Owl, elephants in an orchestra, and much more.This is an image of girl's Book of Amazing animals by National geographic kids


41. Lego Gadgets Building Kit by Klutz

With 58 pieces and 78 pages of easy-to-follow, colorfully-illustrated instructions, the lucky lady should get ready for a blast. She’d learn and become adept at building at least 11 machines she’ll enjoy doing practical as well as fun things with. And to encourage her to think outside the box, there are several open-ended tips and projects in the instructions booklet.

Designed to stimulate her creativity and develop her interest in science and engineering, the kit includes everything needed to build machines such as a gravity-powered car, a boxing robot, a movie maker, and much more.This is an image of girl's LEGO gadgets science activity kit


42. DIY Jewelry Kit

The unlimited possibilities for creating unique jewelry pieces would make this kit one of your girl’s best art and craft gifts. With 3 silver-plated bracelets, 20 metal beads, 15 charm beads, and 10 rainbow glass beads, she can imagine, design and create different bracelets that match her unique personality.

And because the beads could easily be interchanged, her designs could change to match her mood and specific occasions. It is simply all about her creativity.

As well as the bracelets and beads, the pack comes with other cool items she’d love such as a pair of Cinderella’s glass shoes, a castle, a Peter Pan fairy, Mermaid and much more. All these are packaged in a cute colorful bamboo box making it instantly gift-ready.This is an image of girl's charm Bracelet kit


43. Unicorn Bracelet

If your little girl loves unicorn, this adorable bracelet is going to make her day in ways you can’t imagine. She won’t miss any chance to show it off to family and friends.

The multicolored bracelet is completely handmade which accounts for the unique design and beauty. It is a multi-layered affair with a cute unicorn charm hanging from the bottom layer. A metal ‘Love’ and ‘Unicorn’ signs are attached to the top and middle layers respectively.

And because the bracelet is adjustable, she’d gladly keep wearing it up to her teens.This is an image of girl's unicorn bracelet with rainbow jewelry in colorful colors


44. 3 Pack Walkie Talkies

A 3-pack walkie talkie gift is the ideal gift if she had two best buddies. She could give one to each friend so they can stay in contact as long as the units are within range. The scope for imaginative pretend-play is broad as they could be emergency services responding to an SOS, security personnel thwarting nefarious characters, elite military unit on sensitive missions, etc.

The easy-to-use units also make a great substitute until she is old enough to start using a smartphone. With the decent range, you could even keep one unit so you could stay in contact with her during family trips at the beach, camping, or when she is playing somewhere in the neighborhood.

Each unit comes with crystal clear audio and a hands-free function that enables users to communicate without using their hands. This leaves the hands free to attend to other tasks.This is an image of girl's walkie talkies pack in camoflage green, blue and pink colors


45. Talking Robot

If she is a fan of Star Wars, this talking robot by Soky would be her own R2D2. The interactive toy is likely to become her new best buddy taking it everywhere including to bed when she is about to sleep.

That is easy to understand considering the robot can repeat anything she says in a cute voice and flashes out 5 colorful light when the forehead is tapped.

Uniquely designed with flexible arms and legs with movable joints, the 4.5-inch tall robot is made from metal and anti-scratch plastic ensuring it is going to retain its glossy, pristine look for a long time.This is an image of girl's talking robot in white and red colors


46. Unicorn Night Dress

Though this is primarily a nightdress, it is unlikely your girl would restrict it to night time use only. With the rainbow colors across the dress and white unicorns, it’s also an excellent dress for casual outings, family events, beach parties, costume parties, etc. She’d grab at any chance to wear it.

The dress is made from safe, breathable and skin-friendly material. The absence of a zipper and piling makes it easy to wear/remove and comfortable on the body respectively.This is an image of girl's ranbow princess pajamas sleepwear in colorful colors


47. Black T-shirt

How about this tee to remind her of a few things in case she is a little out of sorts with the demands of school and life. The printed  ‘Awesome since 2011’ drives home a vital message with a lot of punch.

It should put a permanent smile on her face anytime she wears it. Even the multicolored letter with a huge pink 8 and the dazzling unicorn on the front would always improve her mood and make her feel special.

The lightweight, 100% cotton tee comes in several sizes making it easy to find the right fit for your girl.This is an image of girl's unicorn dabbing 8th birthday t-shirt in black color


48. DIY Body Tattoo Kit

This art kit gives her a different way to make herself look unique. This time around, it is all about using her creativity to design her body the way she sees fit. It is a simple but exciting art form that involves coloring the images left behind after removing the stick-on stencils.

Perfect for developing creativity and imagination, the kit comes with 6 tattoo pens of different colors and 6 stencil stickers. The colors are easy to wash off with soap and water.This is an image of girl's tattoo pens pack with no toxic material


49. Jewelry Tree Making Kit

A jewelry tree is a cool and unique way to keep pieces of jewelry organized. Because she designed it herself, she might even prefer this to a standard jewelry box.

First, though, she needs all her concentration and creativity to design the tree and make it uniquely hers. To kit comes with the wire tree and 73 yards of colorful yarn she needs to achieve that. An instructions booklet she isn’t likely to waste time on is also included in the pack; getting her jewelry tree ready is all that matters.This is an image Craft tree kit in colorful colors


50. Scrapbook by Alex Toys

This scrapbook is a cool way to get your little princess to start creating memories of her life using pictures from different occasions. She’ll have lots of fun decorating the 40 pages with colorful stickers, wooden buttons, twines, printed papers, etc, included in the kit.

The only thing missing from this memory book kit is the pictures needed to make it uniquely hers. Watch her spend hours excitedly looking for pictures that would get into her book. You could join in the fun of hunting down pictures around the apartment with her.This is an image of girl's crafts scrapbook kit



Buying Considerations when Choosing 8 yr Old Gifts for Girls

When thinking of gift ideas for 8 year old girls, serious consideration must be given to lot of factors mostly related to their current level of development.  Obviously, she is no longer the kid you used to know and she’ll always remind you and anybody within earshot of that.

But a fine balance needs to be struck between her age, interests, and your budget when considering gift options for her.

The following tips are pointers on how to decide what to get for her.

The Design

The toys or gifts for 8 year old girl you choose have to be age-appropriate in terms of design. 8 is an important developmental stage so any gift you pick must help to guide them through this stage.

Put another way, since she is more aware of preferences, gifts meant for younger kids wouldn’t cut it with her. And with her increasing ability to express herself properly, she is going to let you know how she feels about your choice.

To avoid this pitfall, make it duty to read the print on the gift’s pack. Most manufacturers usually include the recommended age range so that parents and adults can be guided properly.

Social value

By the third grade, all things being equal, her social skills are better developed to handle situations that should have been awkward for her a few years ago.

In school, with more junior students looking up to her, the chances that she has more friends than before are high. This makes it imperative that the gifts encourage fraternizing with her peers.

The Slime kit, joke book, and camera are some of the items in this guide that are awesome at developing that aspect of her personality.


Knowing the things she loves doing is one of the easiest routes to nailing the perfect gift for her. Simply get a gift that matches that interest; the huge smile of appreciation you get is just reward for your efforts!

Educational value

As the parent, you might want to consider gifts that aid her education. Books are some of the obvious options. In this case, any book won’t cut it. To get her to read the book with any enthusiasm, the content must he very interesting.

Educational gifts are not restricted to books though. Gadgets like tablets are also awesome especially if they are packed with educational apps, games and other contents like interesting ebooks.


Best Gift Overall

If you skipped the product reviews and came here directly to check out our ‘best buy’ gift, it’d be easy to see why we chose this smartwatch. But picking it was not that straightforward considering the awesome products in this guide.

This device ticks all the important boxes of what the best gift for 8 year old girl should look like.

Using it to tell the time and scheduling appointments is just one of the things she can do with it. With the rotating camera, she’d have lots of fun taking pictures including selfies with friends. She could also use it to play games using the bright touchscreen, listen to music, track her fitness, listen to her favorite FM station, and much more.

And of course, the soft, pink straps makes it a cool fashion accessory she’ll be using for a long time.This is an image of girl's smart watch with dual cameras in pink color


Best Budget Gift

We tend to have soft spots for arts and crafts gifts for 8 year olds. When it comes to girl gifts, it hardly gets any better than fashion accessories they personally designed.

Considering the surprisingly low price tag if this DIY bracket making kit, it was an easy choice to make in this category. Girls, after all, love their bracelets.

What gave this silver-plated bracelets the edge are the limitless design options available to her. For people who don’t know, they’d think she has hundreds of these bracelets at home.

And because the beads and charms are made from quality materials like the bracelets, this gift would be around for many years.This is an image of girl's charm Bracelet kit