Best Gifts for 8 Year Old Boys

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Shopping can be incredibly difficult especially when you are looking for unique gifts for 8 year old boys to mark a special occasion. Sometimes it takes a whole day to go through the options available without any guarantee you’ll come out with one.

That could be down to several reasons one of which could be simply down to ignorance about what kids, especially third grade boys, love doing or playing with.

Now you are here, it’s time to stop sweating it. We’ve got you fully covered with a list of suitable gifts across different categories. Whether you are looking for age-appropriate birthday gifts for 8 year old boy, books gifts, games, or trending gift items, you are sure to find one or more to match your budget.

The gifts and toys for 8 year old boys featured in this guide are the product of several hours of research. So much time and effort was invested in the evaluation process so that only gifts of proven quality made the cut.

One thing you can be sure of is this: all the gifts in this guide deliver on their promises.


49 Best Gifts for 8 Year Old Boys

It is now time to look at the best 8 year old boy gifts and toys. This is a huge list so if you are in a bit of a rush, you could simply scroll down to the end and have a look at our choices in the ‘best buy’ and ‘best budget’ categories.

1. Pair of Nerf Guns

First on our list of best gifts for 8 year old boy are these awesome Nerf guns that are sure to bring out the competitive spirit in kids using them. Instead of foam darts, discs or foam balls, these shoot real-life lasers for tagging. Each unit is equipped with a system that registers a successful hit with vibrations, lights, and sounds.

The excitement during battle never lets up with a rumble pack that lets players know when they have been hit. It is also equipped with a force field-like shield to protect players for incoming fire. This gives them an edge in a few previous seconds to aim with precision.

Kids would also love the recoil feature in the guns that easily engages with every shot.This is an image of kid's nerf lazer tag pack in blue and yellow colors


2. Inflatable Bouncing House

Next on the list is this huge bouncing house by Blast Zone. Getting a bouncing house like this might seem like splurging but considering the fun your kid would have with his friends, it is worth every single dollar.

This would make an awesome gift if you planned to organize a birthday party for him. Kids would be lining up for their turn to jump and tumble in the house. And to keep them safe, the house is fully enclosed with safety netting.

The bounce house comes with a blower, storage straps, and illustrated instructions on how to set it up or dismantle. Both tasks are very easy.This is an image of kid's bouncer inflatable in blue and green colors


3. LEGO Super Heroes Building Kit

Stand back and observe your boy go full blast in varieties of creative role-playing adventures with this Lego building kit. This kit is simply one of the best when it comes to inspiring exciting pretend-adventures in kids. That is the least to expect when you have a combustible mix of The Joker, Batman, The Penguin, Harley Quinn, Robin and an assortment of vehicles and accessories in the pack.

The stories he comes up with would match the creativity needed to construct Gotham City’s amusement park with some of the 1037 pieces.

Is your kid going to allow The Joker and his cohorts get away with their evil schemes? Again, simply stand back, watch, and enjoy your boy weave his magic.This is an image of kid's lego super heroes jokerland building kit


4. Animals Drawing Tracing Book

The simplest way to know if a kid is a budding artist is the lengths they are prepared to go just to doodle or draw. Every blank surface and object is fair game to them. If he shows these traits, you could help develop that talent in him with this colorfully-illustrated book that allows kids to draw 48 different animals.

Each page comes with red dotted lines he has to join to draw a complete animal. It is a cool and easy way to learn drawing. And when he is confident enough, there is room on opposing pages to practice what he learned.This is an image of kid's book learn to draw


5. Lego Gadgets Kit by Klutz

If you want to stimulate your kid’s interest in science and engineering with a building kit, you wouldn’t go wrong with this Lego set by Klutz.

Using the easy-to-follow instructions, he should be able to build 11 machines he’d spend long hours playing with. These include a boxing robot, movie maker, gravity-powered car, etc.

It gets better. The kit doesn’t restrict him to just 11 structures. There are many open-ended suggestions and projects to stimulate his curiosity and encourage him to make unique machines using the 58 pieces.This is an image of kid's gadgets science activity kit in colorful colors


6. Hand-Operated Drone

Toys for boys age 8 don’t come any better than objects that can fly. Like most kids, 8-year-old boys love the exhilaration that comes with making their toys soar as high and as fast as possible. This drone would deliver all the joys of flying and much more to your kid.

Equipped with 3 flashing LED lights to enhance night time flying, the drone has in-built sensors that allow it to respond to various hand gestures. This makes it easy for your boy control it’s movements in all directions

It also comes with a handy remote pad to start or power down the drone. This is especially handy if the drone is hovering too high and is out of reach. He could simply press the off button and wait for the drone to gently come down.This is an image of kid's hand operated drone in black color


7. Jokes Book

Next up is this jokes book packed with some of the most hilarious, kid-friendly, and clean jokes ever. Perfect as a gift for any occasion, the jokes would go down well during family events, birthday parties and leave listeners in stitches. The collection includes original jokes you’ve never heard before and new twists on classic jokes.

The 108 pages are not all about pure jokes though. They are also packed with interesting and funny riddles, tongue twisters, puns, silly gags, and many other fun activities. With this book, you once reserved kid is set to become the life of the party or any social gathering.This is an image of kid's book funny jokes


8. Electronic Target

If your kid has a bunch of Nerf guns and loves battle games, this electronic target is the perfect accessory to take his shooting accuracy to the next level. In no time at all, he is going to be the most feared opponent on any tag battleground.

That said, the playset is super fun to play with. With his friends, they could organize a mini tournament and have hours of fun finding out who the best shot is.

The 4-target affair comes with LCD to display the scores, countdown, and round of the game.  It also comes with a dual-mode playing feature that enables him to play alone or with friends and family in the multimode setting.This is an image of kid's electronic shooting target toy in blue colors


9. Djubi: New ‘Catch’ Game

Djubi is a great outdoor game that is a new twist on the classic game of ‘Catch’. This one uses a special racket that has a deep net pocket, a ball with an elastic loop attached to it. The elastic loop acts as the launcher. This is used to launch the ball with the aid of the launch hook attached to the racket.

All the players have to do is catch the flying ball with the rocket’s net as it hurtles towards them. And because the ball floats in water, your kid and his friends can also have some fun with the game in the swimming pool.This is an image of kid's sling ball classic game


10. Wall Climbing RC Car

RC racing and stunt cars are simply some of the best toys for 8 year old boy. Your kid would be amazed by this gravity-defying car that makes ceilings and walls look like a flat playground. Essentially, every inch of the apartment is now a race track when the car is on the move!

The design is based on the vacuum principle enabling it to stick to smooth surfaces easily. As well as being able to climb walls and race across the ceiling, your kid can make it spin full circle in any direction, reverse at top speed, and turn either left or right using the remote control.

The stylish design features headlights that switch on automatically when it is moving forward, taillights that come on when it is reversing, rechargeable batteries with 8 minutes of run time, and tough plastic frame making it resistant to impact.This is an image of kid's clambing dual mode stunt car with remote control in black and white colors


11. Riddles Book

Don’t you just love that sudden deadpan expression that appears when folks come face to face with a new riddle? Until they get the answer, it is an itch that needs to be scratched all the time. Kids also react in the same way with riddles.  Your boy would feel like the smartest cookie around when he is the one making friends and family search furiously for answers.

Books like these also enhance kids’ ability to think laterally while also making them curious about stuff in general. The paperback book contains 300 riddles that would keep him fascinated for hours. What are the odds he’d think 300 isn’t enough? Very high. That’s how much fun he’d get reading it.This is an image of kid's difficult riddles for smart kids book


12. Tactical Vest

If your son loves nerf wars, this vest is going to transform him into the coolest and baddest dude on the battlefield. That is even before firing a shot.

The lightweight vest is made from tough, durable materials and comes with several uniquely-designed pockets and pouches to give him quick access to his war arsenal.

As well as the vest, the gift pack comes with vital battle accessories such as 30 refill darts, a protective glass, one tactical mask, and a reload clip.This is an image of kid's tactical vest kit for nerf guns in black color


13. I8 Pair Socks Gift Pack

8 year olds run through clean clothes like a hot knife through butter. One of the easiest solutions is to get as many clothes as possible to avoid doing the laundry every other day.

With 18 pairs of socks, you could sit back and take a breath for over 2 weeks without worrying if he has a clean pair of socks for school. These socks also are perfect for trips to the mall, church, sporting activities, etc.

Each pair of cotton socks comes with a different design so he can pick anyone to wear depending on his mood. The socks are comfortable and are thick enough to keep his feet warm in chilly weather.This is an image of kid's fashion cotton crew pair pack in colorful colors


14. Snap Together Race Car Playset

The combined fun of putting things together and taking them apart is captured beautifully in this race car by Gamzoo. Putting and taking apart the car is not the only fun provided by this awesome hands-on toy though. With the remote, your kid is also going to have the satisfaction of racing the car he built.

The kit comes with 335 pieces that slot together easily. With these, he can easily put together two types of race cars. Everything he needs to construct the cars are available in the pack.

If your kid loves racing cars, he now gets to explore his passion while also developing his creativity. He also gets to learn how individual car components sync to create a perfect racing machine.This is an image of kid's STEM car with remote control in green color


15. Battle Bow Building Set by K’nex

This amazing gift comes in a pack your son is going to tear open the instant he gets it. Naturally, all he wants to do is blast away at distant targets. Gifts like these that allow boys to shoot or simulate battle scenarios are always a hit with them.

First, though, he has to build his blaster with the 165 pieces. He’d be delirious with joy knowing he can build 4 different blasters and even customize them the way he wants. The durable plastic parts include rods and connectors that can be attached in different ways enhancing the customization potential of the kit. At this level, it is all about your kid’s creativity.

And at the second level of fun engagement,  he has access to five soft foam darts he can shoot up to 75 feet. He will surely enjoy the hours of target shooting.This is an image of kid's battle bow build and blast set in colorful colors


16. Buildings & Bridges Construction Playset

This STEM-themed kit is a great way for your kid to learn basic engineering and building concepts. As usual with all building or construction sets, he is going to be occupied for hours figuring out how to create new structures from the pieces.

Talking about structures, the kit allows him, with the aid of the guide, to build 9 structures including different types of bridges, houses, moving vehicles, etc.

You would love that the instruction booklet contains simple explanations underlining the building and engineering concepts behind each structure.  With enough practice and using his creativity, he can come with his own unique creations.This is an image of kid's structures building and bridges in colorful colors


17. National Geographic Jokes Book

This 208-paged, paperback book by National Geographic provides a different way for kids to have fun. Your boy would love silly jokes, riddles, classic questions and answers challenges, etc. These are specifically designed to stimulate curiosity, exercise his brain, and develop his language and social skills.

The 208 pages are also beautifully illustrated with laughing animals, funny people, and other colorful photos. He is going to enjoy flipping the pages just to see what comes next.this is an image of kid's just joking book by national geographic


18. Outdoor Rocket Launcher

If your boy thinks focusing on the TV or some gadgets is all there is to life outside school, this rocket launcher would have him rethinking his free time priorities.

Like most boys his age, running and jumping are fun especially if you can send something hurtling in any direction. He’d be doing a lot of that with his friends or family members with this gift that allows him to launch foam rockets up to 100 feet in the air.

The kit comes with a plastic stomp launcher and four rockets. Nighttime fun is even possible since they are glow-in-the-dark rockets.This is an image of kid's stomp rocket pack


19. Gravitrax Marble Run Starter Kit

With this building kit, your son is guaranteed hours of fun designing and building his win race tracks and using the power of gravity, magnetism, and kinetics to get the ball to the end zone.

This is one of the best marble run sets when it comes to variety and flexibility. The 100 pieces and 18 construction elements allow him to introduce varieties to the tracks by adding different tiles, levels, and unique features to regulate the speed of each ball.

Also included as part of the kit is the Gravitrax app that allows him to virtually build and save all his track designs on a smart device. He can then replicate them easily in the real world.This is an image of kid's gravitrax starter pack


20. Minecraft Card Game

The crazy excitement of racing to get rid of cards is beautifully-captured in this Minecraft game that comes with a new twist: an action card, known as Creeper, that sets other players back by three cards! The target is the see who gets to 500 points first

Suitable for 2 to 10 players and easy to play, this game is perfect if you want your boy to hang out more with his family and friends. It is just not possible to enjoy this game alone. Hours of fun and laughter for everybody is just one of the rewards of playing this game.

The pack comes with 112 cards and a booklet explaining the rules.This is an image of kid's minecraft card game


21. Action Camera

Now you don’t have to wonder if all those hair-raising stories your kid comes back with after every outdoor activity are true. You can watch them unfold in the high-quality videos captured by this action camera.

Perfect for outdoor activities like biking, skiing, skateboarding, swimming, etc, the waterproof camera can capture 1080P HD videos and clear 5MP photos including fun selfies with friends. It is simple to use with just five basic functions to master. And it can easily be mounted on gears such as helmets, skis, skateboards, handlebars, etc.This is an image of kid's digital action camera for videos in camoflage green color


22. Smartwatch

The variety of features, designs, and functionalities packed in this Smartwatch by VTech makes it one of the coolest toys for 8 year olds. Your boy would have access to several cool activities and functions like games, fun challenges, listening to music, voice recorder, camera, voice changer, alarm, calculator, and much more.

It is, essentially, the perfect wearable digital assistance that would make his daily routine a lot easier and much more fun.

The easy-to-use watch is equipped with an intuitive touchscreen that is very responsive to touch. And with the attractive blue and comfortable strap combined with the awesome design and features, it is quite easy guessing this is going to be his most cherished wearable for a long time.This is an image of kid's smart watch by V tech in blue color


23. Crab Mini Robot Kit by 4M

How about challenging the little dude’s imagination and exposing him to the basics of robotic engineering with this robot building kit. Looking at the features and what it delivers in terms of pure fun and learnig, you’d get why this unassuming robot is one of the best toys for 8 year old boy.

The hands-on gift allows him to build a moving robot designed like a crab. With the batteries inserted, the robot can move and can even change direction when an obstacle blocks its path.

As well as the required parts, the kit comes with detailed instructions on how to set it up. He won’t need extra tools.This is an image of kid's 4M table top robot


24. LEGO Heavy Cargo Transport Building Kit

Kids never get enough of building kits especially Lego sets that apart from guaranteeing quality, provide lots of inspiration for stimulating pretend play. This Lego kit is another compelling option for your kid to try his hands on something different. This time around, it is about huge trucks, heavy cargoes, and how they are moved from one location to the next.

With 310 pieces, he could design a world where he is the manager of a haulage operation directing his workers on the best way to transport a helicopter on the trailer. The pieces include mini-figures of the truck driver and helicopter pilot, truck, flatbed trailer, and much more.This is an image of kid's LEGO heavy cargo transport building kit


25. LED Wheels Lights for Bike

Make his bike much more interesting with these LED lights specially designed to be draped around the bicycle wheels. This is an excellent gift if he already has a bike but seems to be losing interest in it. The lights would make it look like a new gift.

The lights make it easy for other vehicles and pedestrians to see him especially in poor light conditions and at night. At least, you’ll rest easy knowing another layer of safety has been added to his riding activities lessening the possibility of accidents.

Easy to install, the lights can fit wheels from 12″ right up to 29″. ANd because they are very durable, he’d use them when he starts riding bigger bikes for older kids .This is an image of kid's LED bike wheel lights in colorful colors


26. LEGO Pull Back Racing Car Kit

The anticipation of building this car and making it zoom along the floor would keep him engaged for hours. The completed car is so cute he is likely to stand back and admire the intricate design first before racing it. With the large tires, black rims, sturdy front bumper, and all round ruggedness, it looks like a car that can give and take a lot of hammering without buckling.

A surprise in the form of the engine popping out when it crashes against an obstacle awaits him! That is something he’d love to see over and over again.This is an image of kid's LEGO technic car building kit in black and red colors


27. 3D Night Lamp

What could be more awesome for a third grader than T-Rex supplying a cool night light and watching over him while he sleeps? All the scary creatures planning on slinking out the closet or under the bed would have a rethink. If he is afraid of sleeping in the dark, the calm look on his face while sleeping should tell you everything you need to know.

The device comes with dual controls using a remote or touch buttons on the base. With it, he can change T-Rex’s light to any one of seven colors, dim the brightness of the light, and set the timer to auto-off the light after an elapsed time.This is an image of kid's LED dinosaur night light with remote control in blue color


28. Camera

Kids who love the outdoors are always thrilled with gifts that enhance their activities outside. A camera he can use to make videos and take photographs is one of such gifts.

With the camo design, the little man is going to feel like famous outdoorsmen stalking wildlife so they can take exclusive photos or videos of animals doing exciting stuff.

The camera is easy to use and comes with a carrying case and 32 GB TF card to store his files while in the field before transferring them to a computer.This is an image of kid's digital camera with memory card in camoflage green and black colors


29. Kick Scooter

kids, especially boys with excess energy to burn, love the freedom, fun, and independence they get from riding toys like this Razor’s scooter. Scooters are also awesome gifts because they help develop balance and the overall body coordination of the kid.

The exceptional deck design, 200mm urethane wheels, and rear fender brakes make for a comfortable and safe riding experience all the time.

The durability of the scooter is guaranteed by the aerospace-grade aluminum frame. Combined this with the adjustable handlebars and you have a ride that would be a part of your kid’s life for many years.This is an image of kid's kick scooter in blue color


30. Golf Practice Set

The way he whacks the golf balls non-stop with so much enthusiasm is just the tip of how he is so into this gift. Who knows, given enough time and practice, your kid might become the latest kid golfing prodigy to take the world by storm. The playset is great for developing motor skills, arm muscles, and hand-eye coordination,

This height-adjustable, mainly plastic set is sturdy and stable on a flat surface. It is easy to install and comes with 12 golf balls and two golf club heads. Your boy could just as easily invite his best buddy for a day out at the golf course!This is an image of kid's gold ball game set in gray and orange colors


31. Dinosaur Fossil Dig Kit

Dinosaurs inspire a special kind of fascination in people. Kids are always enthralled by all that power and seeming invincibility of the prehistoric beasts. The chance to dig up and own real dinosaur fossils with this kit is an opportunity he’d grab with all the enthusiasm he can muster.

As well as the fossils and a set of archaeological digging tools, the hands-on gift also comes with a full-color learning guide. The guide is a collection of fascinating information about dinosaurs that are sure to excite his curious mind.This is an image of kid's dino fossil dig kit by national geographic


32. LEGO Minecraft Zombie Cave Building Kit

This would be a great gift for your kid if he loves playing the Minecraft video game. That he gets to engage with one of his favorite video games in the real world is just one reason to get excited. Most importantly, he gets to build and customize the Zombie Cave with the 241 pieces before spending hours weaving fascinating adventures to rival the video game.

The pack comes with the instructions guide and also includes mini-figures of Stevie, two zombies, a block of TNT to blast out of the cave, a trap door, and many other features to make it a deeply worthwhile experience for all lovers of Minecraft.This is an image of kid's LEGO minecraft the zombie cave building kit


33. Pair of Walkie Talkies

If you want to know who your boy’s best friend is, get him this pair of walkie talkies. Whoever he gives a unit is definitely the one he loves hanging out with all the time. Walkie talkie gifts are also great for getting kids to embrace the outdoors more while also improving their communication skills.

With the compact size, clear audio, great battery life, and decent range, he is assured if several hours of fun outdoors imagining themselves in a variety of scenarios expertly using the gadgets to solve real-life problems. Also, he and his buddy could simply use it to communicate at any time of the day without bothering about call charges.

This gift is perfect for any occasion and would make a great transitory device before he starts using a smartphone.This is an image of kid's walkie talkies in camoflage blue color


34. Encyclopedia Brown 4-Book Set

Encyclopedia Brown makes Sherlock Holmes look ordinary with his ability to solve cases no matter how complicated or seemingly impossible. Your kid would enjoy working with Master Brown because that is what Brown does best – allowing readers to crack cases along with him.

This book set would make an excellent holiday and travel gift for your kid. The compelling stories would keep him glued to the pages and ensure his reading skills get better. There are four books in the set, each with a different, exciting Encyclopedia Brown adventure.This is an image of kid's encyclopedia brown book set


35. Waterproof RC Amphibious Monster Truck

A racing car gift for 8 year old boy is an awesome way of satisfying his need for speed. This stunt car delivers everything he expects to get from a racing car and much more. First off, he would be impressed by the rugged build that effectively makes this a monster truck. And with the built-in motor, it packs the required power to drive on all terrains including water.

Using the simple remote, the vehicle can be made to reach a speed of over 7 mph in a very short time. And thanks to the strong, aviation-grade plastic body, it is going to survive all kinds of impact and crashes.

The intricate design, huge tires, low-slung body, etc., all combine to make it a cool collector’s item.This is an image of kid's amphibious remote control car in blue color


36. Pair Glowing Skeleton Gloves

This pair of black gloves would make a perfect gift for those cold winter months. With the bulky, waterproof-design with soft inner lining, they will keep his hands warm, comfortable, and protected even when he is playing in the snow for a long time.

The gloves come in different sizes making easy to find his right size. They fit in snugly so you don’t have to worry about them slipping off like most poor-quality gloves.

Your kid though is going to be more impressed by the glow-in-the-dark feature that shows the skeletal structure of the fingers. To get the full effect of this feature, get him to place the glove under a light fixture first. The light charges it up.This is an image of kid's dark skeleton waterproof gloves in black and green colors


37. Construction Engineering Kit by Gili

This is an excellent construction kit that will keep your boy occupied for hours. The STEM-theme gift allows him to build a dump truck featuring two knobs to manipulate the wheels and tip the cargo bay up or down respectively.

For additional fun, the kit allows him to take apart his truck and build a plane that comes with a rotating propeller. There is an instruction booklet to guide him so he doesn’t get stumped for too long while building the structures.

The cope for learning basic engineering concepts is wide. He will be fascinated by how the various gears and body parts mesh together to work as a single unit. This is a great gift for developing hand-eye coordination, creativity, imagination, and his ability to concentrate on a task.This is an image of kid's STEM truck building kit in yellow color


38. Bicycle

Riding a real bike is hands down one of the most fun things to do while growing up. This bike by JoyStar is a cool beginner’s bike for him if he has never ridden one before.

Made with a high-tensile frame to ensure durability, the ride comes with training wheels to help him get his balance and keep him safe while learning. Other built-in features that combine to ensure a comfortable and safe riding experience include the coaster brake operated by turning the pedals backward, full-cover chain guard, adjustable handlebars, and anti-slip resistance rubber tires.

The easy-to-assemble bike is about 85% already assembled. It comes with a pump for the tires.  Pumping the tires takes about 20 minutes.This is an image of kid's bike with training wheels in black and blue colors


39. Mini iPad

If you think he is ready for a tablet, how about this iPad with an 8″ display. The size of the screen combined with the weight of just 0.7 oz makes it perfect for a boy of 10.

Tablets are great as holiday and birthday gifts. This would make an awesome companion when he has to be indoors due to the weather. He can use it to download and read books, watch movies and shows, play games, and even learn some basic coding with it. With a gift like this, there is never going to be a dull moment for him.

The device comes with a 16 GB flash memory, 10 hours of battery life, and 1 GB RAM for smooth operations.This is an image of kid's ipad mini with retina in silver color


40. AR-based Math Game

Known as Plugo Count and designed by Shifu, this augmented reality game is one of the best ways to get your son to learn math while having fun. Perfect for any occasion, this is the gift for him if he has little interest in math and you want to change that.

So while he thinks he’s having more exciting screen time with the game, he is really engaged in something educational that is mentally stimulating.

The game is very easy to set up. It connects to a compatible device via the Plugo app and comes with 5 different games and over 250 levels that can be customized to match his age and mental development. The gift is guaranteed to provide endless hours of educational fun.This is an image of boy's math game with stories and puzzles for kids


41. Exploration Kit with Drawstring Backpack

You best make sure he has a good pair of outdoor sneakers that can cope adequately with the hours he’d be staying outdoors when he gets this gift. This would gift would make a lot of sense if you live close to the woods or are planning a countryside holiday to your favorite cabin. The days would whizz past for him in a blurry of outdoor activities as he goes about exploring nature with his kit.

The kit includes a drawstring backpack for convenient storage and portability. At the least, he gets to learn how to use devices like a compass, binoculars, and magnifying glass. The kit also includes a whistle for emergencies and an LED crank flashlight for night exploration.This is an image of kid's explorer outdoor kit in green color


42. Cookbook

A cooking book has to feature on the list of ‘unusual’ gift ideas for 8 year old boy. This is the kind of off-field gift that would surely fire his curiosity just to find out why you got it for him. Maybe there is more to it than just learning how to cook he’d think.

He’d happily discover this is more than just a cookbook. The colorfully illustrated book contains several tips and hands-on lessons on how to be the master of the modern kitchen.

The recipes showing how to whip up the sorts of treats everybody loves would keep him engaged for hours every day. Don’t be surprised if he volunteers to be the designated ‘pastries maker’ the next time there is a party.

Written in a witty, easy-to-understand, fun narrative, the skills he learns would be useful right up to adulthood.This is an image of kid's chef bakes book


43. Hover Soccer Ball

For an eight year old boy, few things in life beat chasing and kicking an object as hard as possible and having it come back begging for more.

He’ll surely oblige. That need to chase and kick is encapsulated by this hover ball. This makes it a great indoor gift he can play with his friend, family members or even his puppy. The built-in bright, colorful, flashing  LED lights, apart from making it attractive to kids, make for exciting nighttime play.

Your kid’s feet, furniture, and walls would be safe from brushing as the ball is padded with foam material. But it is also durable so it would be around for many winters.This is an image of kid's LED hover soccer ball in black and white colors


44. LCD Writing & Drawing Board

If you are tired of cleaning the paper mess around the apartment left behind by your son’s love for drawing, this LCD writing device would add a few more precious minutes to your rest period. For your son though, this is what he needs to satisfy that constant itch to draw anything whenever he wishes.

The pad comes with a stylus for convenient drawing and writing, He could also use it to do his schoolwork and much more. And with the convenient erase button, a fresh page is always available at the touch of a button.

Imagine all the sheets of paper you saved with this thoughtful gift!This is an image of kid's LCD electronic board toy in black and red colors


45. Magic Kit

It is hard to find a kid who has never imagined thrilling an appreciative crowd in a hall with his magic. Pulling a hat out of a rabbit is just a routine act in his own private world of magic. You can make all that a reality with this magic kit.

Even if the kit doesn’t teach him how to make hats appear from rabbits, he’d learn enough to make all his dreams come true at a tender age.

When it comes to confidence building, development of social and language skills, a magic kit gift is simply splendid. The pack includes instructions and accessories needed to learn and perform over 75 tricks. In no time at all, he’d be creating his own unique tricks.This is an image of kid's magic kit


46. LEGO Stormbringer Ninja Building Kit

With the Stormbringer Dragon, Dragonbone Blade ninja sword and several action mini-figures, it is hard to contemplate what could possibly make him stop playing with this Lego playset. Putting together the 493 pieces in the set is enough to engage in hours of productive and stimulating play.

He would be especially thrilled by the dragon that comes with a swiping tail and opening jaws that can shoot lightning bolts. No evil villain is going to stand a chance with Zane riding it. The possible role-play ninja action adventures are limitless with your son’s creativity getting a deserved sharpening.This is an image of kid's LEGO ninjago master of spinjitzu building kit


47. Hooded Bathrobe

What do we expect from a quintessential bathrobe for a boy? Soft, comfortable to wear, the right length, with bold color are just a few of the things that make this robe perfect.

We recommend you get a size that is slightly larger so he can snuggle comfortably in it when he is lying down on the couch watching TV or on his bed. Besides that, a larger size ensures he doesn’t outgrow it too soon.

Made from 100% plush fleece polyester, the robe comes with a hood to keep the head warm in chilly weather and a tie belt attached at the back. The robe is machine-washable making it easy to keep clean.This is an image of kid's solid hooded fleece sleep robe bathrobe in blue color


48. Math Learning Book

The penultimate item on this list of best gifts for boys age 8 is this book that seeks to redefine the notion that math cannot exist in the same niche with ‘fun’.

Known as ‘How to be a Math Genius’ the book is more about interesting facts about math than the tedium of doing math sums. The vivid imagery and fun facts presented in a kid-friendly style would get him hooked instantly.

The book also contains ideas for science projects and fun quizzes exposing him to the interesting relationship between math, science and other subjects.This is an image of boy's math genius book

49. T-shirt

Rounding up this guide on awesome toys and gifts for 8 year old boys is this trendy, black T-shirt. If he loves baseball (what young American kid doesn’t)  he is going to be bowled over by the printed number ‘8’ across the front designed to look like a baseball.

The lightweight tee would be perfect as a birthday, Christmas, holiday or New Year gift. It is a tee for any occasion including going to games, school, family events, camping, etc.This is an image of boy's 8th birthday t shirt with baseball theme in black color


Buying Considerations When Choosing Gifts for 8 Yr Old Boys

Eight is a particularly tricky age to choose gifts for boys. In a couple of years, they’d be into double digit years and might already start believing they are older than 8. One thing is for sure though, boys this age are no longer babies. They have started developing a distinct personality while friendship with peers is becoming more cliquish.

Physically, they are more active than in previous years due to the increasing energy at their disposal and physical development. And of course, they have been school in grade school now for three years with some basic STEM learning under their belts and better reading skills.

So choosing the best gifts or toys for 8 year old boys must take into consideration all the above factors.

Breaking it down for simplicity, the following are the variables to note if you want to get it right the first time when choosing 8 year old boy gifts.

Educational gifts

Your boy is at a stage when kindergarten years are a distant memory. School is becoming more involved with increasingly difficult subjects to learn. This can be overwhelming for him.

If he is having difficulties in school, you could get gifts that target certain problem subjects. Interesting educational gifts are famous for getting kids to learn while thinking they are just having fun.

Books also serve to develop reading and comprehension skills. The development of these skills makes the learning process, whatever the subject, easier.

Social considerations

As already stated, he is now beginning to form stronger bonds with a select group of friends. This is a good thing as it helps build his confidence and makes him a better at relating with the wider world.

Gifts or toys that help develop that part of personality would be awesome. Now, he has more reasons to interact socially with friends at school or in the neighborhood.

The gifts also help to promote the bond between him and. other members of the family. So if you want him to spend more time with the family, think of fun games that that requires multiple players.

His interests and hobbies

For some folks, these interrelated factors could be the most important variables when looking for gifts or toys for 8 year old boy.

You would absolutely nail it if your choice is an item that targets the stuff he loves doing.

This could be tricky if you are not close to the kid. The best way around this is to ask the parents, or his friends if you know them. You could simply ask him what he really wants or bounce some ideas off him and let him decide which one he prefers.


Best Gift Overall

A gift that combines the excitement of classic marble run game and a construction or building kit with all the fun of using a gadget can only be awesome in some many ways. These and others are what your boy would get with the Gravitrax Marble Run Starter Kit

With the pieces and elements in the kit, his can create different types of track for his marbles. How he wants the layout depends on his creativity and imagination. It is easy to picture some lucky kid spending hours building, tearing down, and rebuilding the tracks in the search for a truly unique structure. The possibilities are endless.

On the other hand, he could simply use the app installed in a compatible device to design his tracks. It is easy, fun and he gets to save as many virtual designs as he wants before building them with the pieces.This is an image of kid's gravitrax starter pack

Best Budget Gift

For an 8 year old boy with boundless energy, an exploration kit is one of the best ways to make use of that energy. This is a practical gift for the outdoors with so many items that allow him to study and appreciate his environment more.

This is a cool gift for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. As a holiday gift, it would be awesome if you are going on a trip with the family to the countryside or where there are lots of woods or other ecosystems to explore..

No matter what, he’d acquire cool skills like how to use a compass and binoculars. These are handy skills that could be put to good use in the future.This is an image of kid's explorer outdoor kit in green color