Best Gifts for 7 Year Old Girls

young girl holding up a present and smiling

What to buy a 7 year old for her birthday is a question that bugs lots of folks. Selecting age-appropriate toys or gifts can turn one into a confused wreck especially if you are dealing with a kid that thinks she is an adult.

By 7, girls are already in the second year of grade school. It is not unusual they have  a mindset of, ‘Being there, done that, seen it all.’ But don’t be taken in by all that attitude though. The gifts for 7 year old girls shouldn’t be hard to get if you have the right information and know where to look.

The right information is what this guide is all about. You will find several awesome birthday gifts and toys for seven year old girls that are sure to meet up to her new standards. You would also find cool gifts for other occasions like Halloween, New Year, Holiday, and going-back-to school gifts to excite the little princess.


49 Best Gifts for 7 Year Old Girls

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Below are the 49 awesome presents for 7 yr old girls we chose from several dozens after hours of research and evaluation. The gifts cut across several categories and budget range to accommodate all interests, hobbies, and preferences. So, read on to find out what we’ve picked as the best gifts for 7 yr old girl.

1. Ride On Toy by Ezyroller

Our first gift for 7 year old girl is this cool ride on toy. Give her the best ride she ever had with a ride-on toy that combines the easy control of a bike with the fun of a scooter with this unique ride from Ezyroller.

Easy to assemble with a low center of gravity, it moves without chains, pedals or batteries. All she needs to do to get it moving is to push the foot-bar with her one foot and then the next. In no time at all, she’d be sweeping across the sidewalk or playground with a level of control that will amaze people watching.

The ride-on toy is sturdy enough to support up to 150 lbs; so even adults could have a taste of it. And with the adjustable length, she’s going to enjoy turning heads as she whizzes pass for several years.This is an image of girl's drifter bike in pink color


2. Hot Wheels Game Kit for iPad

Tech gifts for 7 year olds are always popular, and this one is sure to go down a treat. Hot Wheels is an exciting, fun and learning game kit comprising handheld pieces that interact with an iPad. You would love that that it doesn’t need a WiFi connection to play so you don’t have to waste money on data charges.

Designed for beginners with expert levels also included, it involves racing Hot Wheel cars on the iPad’s screen. To progress, she has to make quick decisions about jumping or spinning or both while racing against an opponent.

The kit comes with all the pieces including a base for the iPad, the game tokens, 6 Hot Wheel cars, game app, and much more.This is an image of girl's osmo tablet with racer wheel in white color


3. Cleverkeet Interactive Bird

Your girl must have seen how naughty parrots can be on TV shows and wondered about having one before. What she doesn’t know is the stress that comes with taking care of a live animal. But with this toy, she gets all the excitement and naughtiness of having her own parrot minus all the stress of feeding and cleaning the mess.

Known as Cleverkeet, the bird can dance, sing, swing from its perch, chat and even ride on the included cart. Cleverkeet would thrill her by responding to her voice while learning new words from her.This is an image of girl's birds toys set with sounds in colorful colors


4. LEGO Pop Star House Building Kit

LEGO is one of the best gifts for 7 year old girl, and the Friends range is always a popular choice. At what age do kids put an end to pretend play or imaginative role-playing? With the right toys, it’s unlikely they’ll ever stop. This Lego building kit would bring out the best in her as far as creative role-playing is concerned.

With 597 pieces, she is going to build a dazzling house even superstars would envy. The  2 story house she’d build features steps to the top floor, swimming pool, sun lounges, movable surveillance camera, dog bed, an ensuite bathroom with walk-in shower, TV, modern kitchen with a fridge that opens and closes, and much more on both floors.

And since this is her pop star house, the pieces all include a guitar and platinum reward disc. This is the house stars dream of having but never really get one this perfect.This is an image of girl's LEGO firends star house building kit


5. Inflatable Water Slide

If you want to really blow her mind, a water slide like this would do it for her. This is a perfect gift for her birthday party to get all her friends excited. The gift would surely make a positive impact on her social standing among her peers while encouraging her to have more outdoor fun, especially in the summer months.

The 161″ long slide is big enough to accommodate 4 kids at a time. It comes with a climbing wall for kids to race to the top before zooming down the slider. it also features two slides on both sides of the climbing wall, a splash pool at the bottom for kids to simply lounge in, and a water dump bucket at the top.

Easy to install, it comes with all the accessories needed to set it up and 4 repair patches in case of a puncture.

This is an image of girl's river race slide with blower in blue and pink colors


6. Action Sports Camera by Prograce

This action camera is our next 7 year old birthday gift, and it is going to be perfect if she loves outdoor sports like swimming, skating, biking, etc. Using the mounting gear on her helmet, bike’s handlebars, skateboard, skiing shoe, or other equipment, she could make videos and take memorable photos of herself in action to show family members unfortunate to miss the live action.

The camera is easy to use and comes with interesting features such as face recognition; burst shooting for continuous shots; time-lapse of up to 10 seconds perfect for group photographs; 7 video effects; and 40 funny frames and filters.

This 2.3 x 2.3 x 1 inch is packed with several premium features making it perfect for almost any occasion.This is an image of girl's Waterproof action camera in pink color


7. DIY Headbands Kit

For a girl of seven, the only thing better than a fashion accessory is a customized fashion accessory she made herself. This headband kit gives her that chance to make 10 cute, colorful headbands right in her room. The art and craft kit would be a perfect gift for playdates and/or sleepovers for her and her friends to explore the limits of their creativity.

The kit comes in a beautiful box and contains everything needed to make unique headbands that that should reflect her personality and mood. The pieces in the lot include satin headbands of different colors, flowers, feathers, yards of ribbon, one butterfly and more. So if you want toys for 7 year old girls they can use at their party with friends, this kit is a great pick. This is an image of girl's headbands craft kit in colorful colors


8. LED Tracing Board

If your girl loves tracing, this tracing board with an easily-removable back panel is the perfect gift to get her tracing non-stop to her heart’s desire. Her drawing skills would most certainly show remarkable improvement in no time at all.

But drawing is not all she’d be doing with this board. You bet she would also love admiring her artistic creation under the blazing lights of the in-built LED lights. The lights make the ink take on a magical glow making the drawings look and feel like a true masterpiece.

The board is easy to wipe so she can start a different project on a blank space. It also features built-in storage in the back for keeping for her markers and pens on the back when she is not using them.This is an image of girl's light board drawing tablet by Crayola


9. The Never Girls Book Set

This set of books is a great way to improve her reading skills and language comprehension. She would look forward to coming back day after day to follow the colorful adventure of the beautiful fairies.

The set comes with the four books of the Never Girls series. The texts are large enough making the stories easy to read. There are also illustrations on some of the pages so she could easily paint pictures of each story in her mind as it unfolds.

This is an image of girl's the never girls book


10. 6 Piece Dolls Set

Monster High best friend forever dolls have being thrilling fans around the world for a long time. For the first time ever, the iconic dolls are packed together as a single gift and your little girl would be thrilled to bits to get the pack especially if she is a fan.

All six girls are dressed in their original outfits. That means the ultimate in freaky, crazy, eye-catching fashion on display. This is a cool collector’s item she could display in her room to add spice to the decor. Friends would be lining up to admire her dolls all the time.

This is your girl’s time to re-enact the adventures of the BFFs and spice it up with imaginative pretend-play.

This is an image of girl's dolls toys collection pack


11. Glitter Tattoo Making Kit

That girls love making themselves look better is not in doubt. That is why make up and fashions kits like this tattoo making kit are usually found in most little girls’ all-time favorite gifts list.

With the included 24 stencils, 6 cosmetic glitter pots, and 2 soft bristle brushes, she could explore her artistic talents creating amazing art designed on her body. The tattoo she draws on any part of her body depends on her creativity and imagination.

The stencils are reusable so there is no limit to the number of times to make amazing body art. And you don’t have to worry, the tattoos are not permanent while the glitter won’t rub off on her clothes.This is an image of girl's Glitter tattoo studio without toxic material in colorful colors


12. Sewing Kit

Crafty toys for girls age 7 are always a good pick, to help them explore their creativity. It is a rare girl who doesn’t like playing with needles, threads, pieces of clothes, etc, trying to make fashionable and trendy clothes for their dolls. Sometimes, they dedicate hours to designing and making things they could use too.

You could encourage that innate desire to create fashionable items with this sewing kit. Though she is unlikely to make that cute dress she saw at the mall, this is a perfect kit to make little things that matter. It is a good prep kit to set the foundation for more complex designs in the future.

The kit contains 14 vital sewing items said as fabric cloth, polyester stuffing, a pair of needles, 4 sleight pins, 8 colors of embroidery, child-safe scissors, and much more. It also comes with an instructions booklet to get her started.This is an image of girl's DIY craft sewing kit


13. Water Bottle Decorating Kit

Beyond making themselves look absolutely gorgeous with clothes, makeup and other fashion accessories, little girls also want all the stuff they carry and use to be in sync with their fashion theme of the day.

Take this water bottle decorating kit for instance. The kit turns a bland, ordinary water bottle to an item that is trendy and beautiful. She’d be proud to display it anywhere she goes.

By the time she’s done customizing the container, it’d look like something out of a magical fairyland: dazzling is just one word to describe it. The art and craft kit would be perfect as a gift for any occasion.This is an image of girl's decorate water bottles


14. Book of Jokes

This is going to make an excellent gift if your little princess has a problem holding court even among her friends. And the fact she can personalize the front cover makes it even impressive. With the right choice of texts and pictures, she can make the book cover uniquely hers while reminding her how awesome she is.

The 52-page paperback book is packed with many laughter-inducing, easy-to-read and memorize jokes she could use to hold her audience captive. Watch her be the life of any party or crowd she is in with the silly jokes that will leave everybody in stitches.This is an image of girl's Awesome jokes book


15. Pink Go Kart Trike

If nothing else, she’d simply fall in love with this trike based on the cool pink color. But since it provides a unique and fun way to ride around the block, this could be her go-to ride to run errands or for taking leisurely rides.

This is simply perfect if you are thinking of a unique ride-on for her as a surprise gift so she can get as much exercise and fun outdoors.  And she can ride it for many years since it is adjustable to accommodate even a 5’2″ tall person.

The frame is made from a hi-tensile steel frame for durability. It is equipped with caliper brakes, a safety flag and wheels without hubs. The low center of gravity and dual joystick steering provide stability and smooth control respectively.This is an image of girl's pedal go kart with 3 wheels in pink color


16. Mini Notes Pack with Wooden Stylus

Your seven year old girl is definitely going to have lots of things to say to an increasing number of friends and acquaintances. Sometimes, a simple message on a cute card is the best way to stand out.

This Melissa & Doug gift pack comes with 125 such cards. The beautifully designed cards feature bright coloring beneath the matte coating. She could simply write a note on the card,  add drawing of something cute if she wants, and scratch the matte coating to reveal the bright color before sending the note.

This wonderful gift would promote her creativity, writing and communication skills with friends and even teachers at school.This is an image of girl's scratch art box of rainbow colors in black color


17. Tumbler Customizing Kit

This Tumbler customizing kit is another cool art and craft gift option designed to help promote a girl’s self-esteem, fine motor skills, and creativity. She is going to have so much fun designing the tumbler just the way she wants it. That it is going to attract admiring glances from people when she is done is not up for debate.

Perfect as a Christmas or birthday gift, the pack contains a tumbler with a lid and straw, 3 printed liners, a sheet of glitter gem stickers, ten markers, and a pencil case to store her markers.

With the 3 liners, colored markers and stickers, she is going to spend several fun hours creating designs that are unique to her personality. It is just one tumbler, but the rest of the world would think she has multiple tumblers with amazing designs when she swaps the liners or redesigns them.This is an image of girl's DIY design and coloring cup in colorful colors


18. JoJo Doll with Pet Puppy

Even if she already has a bunch of dolls, a JoJo doll would make a fantastic addition to her collection. Like most girls her age, the thought of playing with and grooming the long, soft hair is just one of the attractions of the doll.

Made with a PVC surface that is easy to clean, the doll features eyes that open and close with long lashes and soft torso she’d enjoy holding.

Together with the fluffy puppy, the doll would provide hours of fun playtime.This is an image of gril's jojo siwa doll in multi colors


19. Magnetic Building Blocks Playset

This is an awesome building kit if you want your girl to experience the joy of building castles and palaces using magnetic tiles of different shapes, colors, and sizes. With the 103 pieces included, only her imagination would stand between her and the most amazing, magical structures she can think of.

The tiles and the magnets are strong and durable making it possible to attach them at impossible angles and create very tall structures. The possibilities for her are endless, she just has to let her imagination run wild and explore it.This is an image of girl's Magnetic building blocks STEM in colorful colors


20. Frozen Wristwatch

Even little girls who are not fans of Frozen or don’t know the story of the two princesses would instantly fall in love with this wristwatch. It is a fashionable and trendy wristwatch that can be used for any occasion as a fashion accessory to complement her outfit.

The pink-colored, quart watch is scratch-resistant, waterproof, and comes with a strong hook and loop nylon strap that is comfortable on the wrist. The pictures of Elsa and Anna on the watch’s face rounds up what is clearly a timepiece for discerning ladies.This is an image of girl's Steel classic watch with disney frozen graphics in pink color


21. Pink Wireless Microphone

This wireless microphone is a sweet gift to get her belting her favorite songs and entertaining family or friends at birthday parties and other social events. With the integrated Bluetooth speaker, her Karaoke game would move up several levels singing along confidently to her favorite songs coming from paired compatible devices.

The metallic color is vibrant and would not fade anytime soon. it features buttons to adjust music, echo, volume,  to switch between songs easily, and much more

Perfect for birthdays and beach parties, she could, with a little imagination, create her own special karaoke nights at sleepovers.

this is an image of a pink karaoke microphone


22. LEGO Rescue Mission Vehicle Building Kit

Let her be in control of saving lives around town in creative and imaginative pretend-play with this rescue vehicle. As is usual with building kits by Lego, this one is guaranteed to deliver several hours of fun adventures with Olivia even while using the pieces to build the vehicle.

The 223 pieces are the building blocks of a  rescue vehicle featuring a rooftop control center, removable roof, enough room for 5 mini-dolls, and mini-figures of Olivia, a buildable robot and Vega the cat.This is an image of girl's LEGO friends olivia's mission vehicle building kit


23. 7th Birthday Bracelet

A shiny bracelet is usually a wonderful gift idea for girls. With the right combination of colors and charms, it serves as a great fashion accessory for formal and informal occasions. This bracelet delivers on all that with addition benefits: it is a 7th birthday-themed present making it excellent as a gift on her special day.

The rust-resistant, silver-plated bracelet features a pink sparkle butterfly, a pink candy heart, a pink Diamante clip, and a number 7 drop charm to leave no one in doubt the piece is all about her new milestone.

The bracelet comes wrapped in tissue paper, velvet pouch and pillow box making it instantly presentable as a gift; there is no need for extra wrapping.This is an image of girl's charm bracelet with 7 years old number in silver and pink color


24. Reversible Sequin Pillow

It is going to be dicey for her deciding whether to use this soft pillow as a decorative piece for her room, something to hold at night for comfort, or as a pillow to rest her head while sleeping. But she could decide to have the best of all worlds by using it in all the ways possible.

What is there not to love about this pillow? Designed with brightly-colored, color-changing sequin Unicorn and rainbow, the 16×16″ pillow features a soft, white, plush back, hidden zipper enclosure, and removable cover.

She’d enjoy brushing her hands over the front to magically change the Unicorn and rainbow picture to a dazzling purple sequin design and vice versa.This is an image of girl's Unicorn pillow in colorful colors


25. Girls Journal with Invisible Ink Pen

At 7, your girl is old enough to start keeping a journal like this one. What she pens in her journal is her private stuff for her eyes only and those she deems worthy of reading them.

This unique journal is specially designed for young girls to protect their privacy. She can write anything using the included pen with the invisible ink. As the holder of the black light, she’s the only person that can read her secret thoughts.

And with the 100 pages, she has more than enough space to keep writing for a long time. This could be the start of her memoirs and the seed of an amazing career as a writer.

The diary’s cover is printed with several fun emojis designed to give it a 3D appearance.This is an image of girl's Emoji journal book set in colorful colors


26. Soap Making Kit

With 20 molds of different shapes and 20 color tablets and glitter, this art and craft set will have her making her own beautiful and scented soaps just the way she wants them.

Though it comes with an instructions booklet to guide her through the process with some samples, she has enough ingredients to make hundreds of different soap combinations with just the 20 soap bases and stickers.

This is a great gift that exposes her to the basic science of soap-making and the explanation behind each stage of the process. She is going to learn practical science lessons that should prove invaluable during chemistry lessons at school.This is an image of girl's soap craft and science kit in colorful colors


27. Rhinestone Ring Making Kit

Perhaps, in the future, when she is making a living selling beautiful rings and other accessories to eager ladies, you might look back at this gift and wonder if this was when it all started for your girl. The creativity-honing gift allows her to design rings with rhinestones, glitter, and acetate and clipboard flourishes.

The finished items are12  beautiful flower and butterfly rings she could share with friends and family making it a great social skills building kit.

Basically, though, she would have tons of fun experimenting with different designs until she gets really unique rings to wow everybody when she wears them.This is an image of girl's Rhinestone rigns in colorful colors


28. 7th Birthday Pendant

A gift of a necklace with a silver-tone heart pendant and gold-plated number ‘7’ in the middle of the heart would be exciting to any trendy girl proud of her new age. This would go perfectly with other accessories like bracelets and rings to complement her beautiful outfit for the day.

The necklace is 16 inches long with a 2-inch extender so it can be adjusted to her preferred length. She would love the pink flocked keepsake box with the yellow lid it comes in. And the cute message under the lid would leave a warm feeling in her heart anytime she lifts it.This is an image of girl's 7th birthday neckless in silver color


29. Unicorn Drawstring Backpack

Sometimes, what makes a gift awesome, no matter how mundane it is, can come down to just the design. The same can be said about this backpack. Apart from the design though, the additional items that include a Unicorn makeup bag, Unicorn charmed bracelet, Unicorn pendant necklace and 5 pieces of Unicorn hair ribbons makes it a truly remarkable gift to appreciate with all her heart.

The bag is made from 100% high-quality polyester with an adjustable drawstring. What she carries in the bag is her business, but the combination of unicorn-themed bag and matching bracelet, necklace, and hair ribbon would have heads turning in admiration. This is a bold fashion statement in a very simple gift.This is an image of girl's unicorn package with backpack and accessories in white color


30. 6 Pair of Cartoon Animal Socks

The great thing about having so many pairs of socks is she’ll never run out of clean socks. And with six differently-colored and designed socks, she can choose to be a different personality every single school day of the week depending on her mood. She could even name the socks depending on the days of the week she prefers putting them on or according to the cartoon characters on them.

Perfect as Christmas, Halloween, birthday or going-back-to-school present, they are made from soft, high-quality, breathable material that expand easily according to the size of her feet. They would be around for many years to keep her toes warm.This is an image of girl's knee Cotton socks pack in colorful colors


31. Sequined Drawstring Backpack by MHJY

Surprise your little girl with this lovely sequined backpack. It is impossible not to love a shiny backpack that twinkles with many colors in the light and changes colors and design when you run your hand over it. This head-turning gift is suitable for hiking, dance classes, camping, and other outer activities.

This is another great backpack option without the extras unlike the one above. The Unicorn-themed bag comes with an adjustable drawstring covered with a soft canvass material to protect the shoulders, an inside pocket to keep small items like keys, coins, etc., and a main compartment big enough for tablets, books, cosmetic boxes, etc.This is an image of girl's unicorn drawstring bag in colorful colrs


32. Pair of Kids Walkie Talkies

Since 7 is rather young to get her a smartphone (bet she’s given you an earful about getting one for her!), she’ll love these pair of walkie talkies as an acceptable substitute. With the decent range, she could give one to her best friend so they can keep in touch without bothering about call charges.

The affordable gift is easy to use with bright LCD and intuitive buttons making it a great wireless communication device for kids. While having fun with it, she gets to learn how to use a walkie talkie. That is one skill that might prove very handy in the future.This is an image of girl's walkie talkies in camoflage pink and black colors


33.DIY Enchanted Fairy Garden

An indoor gardening kit is something she’ll cherish immensely. As well as  beautifying her room, the gift promotes her nurturing skills, builds confidence and teaches her how to be very responsible. Expect her to spend several fun hours each day tending to her fairy garden.

The kit comes with everything she needs to grow the garden. This includes a beautiful potting dish shaped like a flower, potting mix, and seeds that sprout within four days.

She also gets a pot of paint to design her flower pot, gemstones, butterflies, a flower fairy mini-figure, fairy house, purple gravel, etc., to help her create and customize a beautiful world even fairies would be envious of.This is an image of girl's Fairy garden craft kit


34. LEGO Art Stand Building Kit

If your little girl is an art enthusiast, a playset that allows her to create an idyllic artists’ world should provide endless hours of fun and pretend play. With this kit, she is the ultimate art impresario, using her art truck to deliver supplies. And best of all, in this Lego world, she can give eager learners the ideal atmosphere to practice their craft in a peaceful garden environment containing a tree, art easel, lush green grass, etc.

The kit contains 210 pieces to build an art stand trailer that opens in three ways, a postcard stand, and a garden. It also comes with a cute mini figure of a girl, a scooter, and Chico the pet cat.This is an image of girl's LEFO friends emmas art stand building kit


35. Interactive Educational Globe

This combination of a world map and smart device (iOS or Android devices) is a great and fun way to expose the little princess to the world beyond her comfort zone. What makes this an awesome learning gift is the interactivity using a tech device kids love fiddling with.

With the app in a compatible device, she gets to learn about the basic history, animals, culture, etc., of any part of the globe she scans. The app also includes several fun games and activities to keep her entertained. This is the best geography lesson she’d ever get outside of the classroom!This is an image of girl's augmented reality interactive glove with app


36. Interactive Joke Book by Crazy Corey

Titled, ‘Try Not to Laugh Challenge’, this paperback is 62 pages jokes collection designed to turn your girl into the consummate comedian.

Your girl would enjoy the book and jokes better with a friend. Since it is a challenge, the two friends compete in a back and forth joke-telling contest. The first to smile concedes a point to the other person. The target is who gets 5 five points first.

This book would be awesome for sleepovers, beach parties, campfires. At the least, it would develop her sense of humor, social skills, and self-confidence.

This is an image of girl's try not laugh challenge book


37. Digital Camera

A digital camera is an excellent gift if she loves taking photos. Now you get to see the stuff that interests her in the photographs and videos she takes. Brace yourself for the many surprises in store for you.

That said, this is a fun gift that is easy to use. It comes with a crystal clear 2″ display and autofocus function making capturing of images easy. It is also equipped with a lanyard so she could carry it around easily and reduce the risk of falling. Even if it falls, the shockproof casing will protect it from damage.

This is a fully-featured digital camera that would be awesome for outdoor activities and parties.This is an image of girl's digital camera with memory card in blue color


38. Mermaid Tail Blanket

Mermaids are some of little girls’ most beloved fantasy creatures. Any gift item that reminds her of cute mermaids is up there with the best things that make life really fun. With this blanket, she is transformed to a little Mermaid and can go to sleep with a smile thinking nice thoughts about mermaids and beautiful undersea worlds.

Made from 70% cotton and 10% acrylic, the hand-knitted purple blanket is soft and comfortable. Once inside during cold winter days, she’d never want to come out.

Lovely as a birthday or Christmas present, the gift pack also includes a mermaid pendant.This is an image of girl's mermaid tail blanket with a neckless in blue color


39. Water Drawing Mat

By the age of 7, your princess is old enough to know there are surfaces you simply shouldn’t doodle on. But a drawing mat like this would be excellent so her artistic talents don’t go to waste.

It comes with an attractive space-themed design that is colorful and bright. But it is the 40 x 28 inches drawing surface that holds most of the attraction. She can now draw whatever she wants and as many times as she wants with the included water magic pen. Each drawing disappears after about 4 minutes to leave a blank space for a new drawing.

Apart from the magic mat and pens, she also gets 4 drawing templates, 4 pattern makers, a drawing booklet, 4 suction cups, and a box to store her art supplies.This is an image of girl's large water doodle mat with colorful pencils


40. Birthday T-shirt

A comfortable T-shirt made from 100% cotton material for comfort and durability with a trendy design is surely one she’d love. But when it comes with two thumbs up and a ‘This is What an Awesome 7 Year Old Looks Like’  printed across the front, you just handed her what would likely be her best T-shirt for the next one year.

The round-neck shirt is machine washable. It would be perfect for outdoor events, shopping, traveling, school, etc. Essentially, she has a cute t-shirt that is perfect for any occasion.This is an image of girl's 7 year old t shirt in pink color


41. Fairy Garden & Magical Cottage Playset

If the previous fairy garden was truly magical, this one takes it a notch up with the addition of a cute cottage. The removable roof of the courage doubles as the planter where she can grow her flowers and other plants.

As well as growing flowers and plants with the included seeds, she can also have fun with beautiful Freya, the fairy that lives in the cottage. Other accessories to promote imaginative pretend play include the doors that open and close, mini garden chairs, a table with an attached umbrella and much more.

This kit would provide important botany lessons about growing flowers and plants while also improving her nurturing skills and self-confidence.This is an image of girl's Fairy garden toy


42. Pair of Kids Binoculars

Gifts like this pair of binoculars are important in getting kids to leave their gadgets and take an interest in the outside world and nature. You’d be surprised by how excited she’ll be on receiving this. Everything around her would now become objects of interest as she trains the device on them to get a closer look.

The compact device comes with a shockproof casing making it immune to damage if it falls. It features soft rubber around the eyepieces to protect her eyes, ergonomic non-slip design, and an amazing magnification.

If she never liked the outdoors, this gift would make her enthusiastic about hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities.This is an image of girl's binoculars proof in pink color


43. Musical Jewelry Box

As your little girl gets older, she’ll likely become more interested in jewelry and other fashion accessories. Where to keep her increasing number of jewelry pieces might start to pose problems especially for her.

This box is an excellent place to keep and organize all her pieces. With the pink color, two side drawers, another drawer below the main compartment, it makes perfect sense that she should get this on her birthday or as a Christmas present.

She’ll love the cute ballerina that pops up and spins around to that classic Swan Lake song. The box also features a small mirror under the lid. The sturdy construction makes this a gift that would be around to decorate her dressing table for many years.This is an image of girl's Musical jewelry box in pink color


44. Kick Scooter by Razor

A scooter is a wonderful gift that serves many purposes and delivers tons of benefits and fun. She could use it as her primary means of mobility for short distances or simply to have fun riding with her friends. Whatever use she puts it to, she’s sure to get most of the exercise she needs with a smile on her face.

The lightweight, two-wheeled scooter is built for durability and smooth, comfortable ride with the urethane wheels, aluminum grade frame, height-adjustable handlebars. and foam grips. And she could easily fold it to carry under her arm in places where riding is not possible.This is an image of girl's kick scooter in pink color


45. Crossbody Purse

A cross-body purse is now one of the trendiest accessories among girls of all ages. This purse is designed to add layers of class to an already classy little lady. With a purse like this, the world is on notice that your little girl has a fine nose for the best.

Made of lightweight canvass material, the vividly painted purse features several inside and outside pockets with zippers and a main compartment making it possible to easily organize all her essential stuff.

This would make an amazing gift for light traveling, overnight trips, social events, etc.This is an image of girl's crossbody bag and purse in colorful colors


46. Unicorn Hooded Blanket

This soft, wearable, hooded blanket with unicorn horn is a super cute gift for a girl that loves unicorns. While the mermaid blanket above turns her into a charming mermaid, this one transforms her into one of her favorite fantasy animals.

She will also love it because it is soft and comfortable on the skin. And at about 50 inches long and 37 inches wide, the fluffy fabric material would cover her completely.

It is a versatile blanket that can be used for camping, traveling, to keep warm while reading or watching TV, and much more.This is an image of girl's hooded blanket gift in white color


47. 3D Night Lamp

A light lamp that provides the perfect ambience for a blissful night rest is the sort of gift to get for a girl who doesn’t like sleeping in the dark. This, though, is more than just a lamp. She is sure to drool with pleasure after setting it up.

The device can project a holographic 3D image of a lovely teddy bear in 7 different colors. With the remote, she can adjust the brightness of the light to suit her and select a color that matches her current mood. It also comes with a timer option that turns it off automatically according to her needs.This is an image of girl's bear night light 3D lamp in purple color

48. Nancy Drew Book Set

Aspiring female detectives get lots of inspiration from the adventures of Nancy Drew. Your daughter is sure to be captivated by the stories from the very first page to the last.

Book gifts with fascinating stories are a great way to develop a kid’s reading and language comprehension skills. The 5 books in this set would deliver all these benefits as well as excitement as follows Nancy Drew to successfully unravel one mystery after another.This is an image of girl's nancy drew starter set


49. Compact Polly Pocket Flamingo Playset

The flamingo-themed backdrop of this Polly Pocket World provides a great outlet for girls who love imaginative play. The compact playset opens up to a beautifully-designed playground for Polly and her friend Lila. Your daughter would have several hours of fun adventures with the girls while also exploring the clubhouse packed with several fun accessories.

And because the playset is small, she can take it with her anywhere and continue having fun.

This is an image of girl's pocket world toy in colorful colors


Considerations When Buying Toys for Girls Aged 7

When considering toys and gift ideas for 7 year old girl, the focus should be on items that serve several purposes aside from the fun and educational value.

At this age, her social skills are still budding, so also are her fine motor skills and body coordination. The ideal toys must actively promote the development of these and other vital skills.

Though her ability to know the difference between fantasy and the real world is more advanced, pretend-play is still a part of her make-up. But the plots tend to be more complex than in her younger years. It has to be so or she’ll get bored.

So toys and gifts that encourage imaginative play should also be considered. However, these items must come with features to aid the exploration of that vivid imagination.

Gifts that encourage social interaction should also feature at the top of the list when considering gift ideas for girls age 7. At this point in her life, it is important that she should be confident enough to interact with people. Engaging in intelligent conversation must also be a vital developmental milestone.

Gifts that develop her sense of humor or teach her how to make jokes would be awesome. Arts and crafts gifts she could share with friends and family and games that require the participation of several people are the sort of gift items that would serve her developmental needs.

You also can’t go wrong with gifts that encourage creativity. Her raging curiosity needs something to feed on. Giving her fun and engaging gifts to explore that growing creativity is one of the best ways of getting gifts she’ll love.


Best Gift Overall

Choosing the best gift for 7 years old girl from a list of awesome gifts is never an easy task. After several hours of intense deliberations, we settled on Shifu’s Interactive Educational Globe.

For a girl of 7, the need to learn new things outside of the school curriculum is important. Exposing her to different people and cultures around the world at a young age goes a long way in making her a rounded person.

We were impressed with how easy it is to use the gift. The app is easy to install on compatible smart devices. It features several interesting and fun activities providing a different way to interact with the gift.

Most importantly though, a gift like this would make any 7 year old look smarter than their peers.This is an image of girl's augmented reality interactive glove with app


Best Budget Gift

If your preference is for an item with a budget price tag, a fashion gift like the DIY Headband kit is the way to go. Because girls, generally, love items that make them look better and cuter, this gift would get her really excited.

To be fair, headbands are a dime a dozen. But what makes this one special is the fact that she gets to design the headbands just the way she wants them. The options for creative thinking are limitless considering the accessories at her disposal.

This gift will keep her engaged for several hours as she thinks up new and unique ways to customize the headbands. It’d boost her self-esteem when friends and family compliment her stylish headbands. Imagine the pleasure she’d feel at the look of amazement on their faces when they find out she created the headbands.This is an image of girl's headbands craft kit in colorful colors