47 Best Gifts for 7 Year Old Boys

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Are you looking to buy a gift for a young boy aged 7 and wondering what types of gifts are available? There are many different types for presents to choose from and in this review we will look at some of the best gifts to make his birthday special.

It is normal to be uncertain about what to get for a seven year old boy as a present to mark a special occasion. With their boundless energy, unceasing questions, and non-stop opinion about everything, folks easily get intimidated by them and naturally want to avoid being at the wrong end of the kid’s sharp wits.

Because he is special, you equally want the tag of the coolest aunt, uncle, grandparent, or parent with the present you get for him. And that is why you simply have to get a gift that resonates especially with him.

Fortunately, most children shops are packed to the hilt with toys and gifts for 7 year old boys. But the huge number of items can present the problem of selecting the best and most appropriate gift for the little boy.

Perhaps it is the frustration of choosing great gifts that led here. Whatever your reason though, you are in the right place. This guide contains a list of the best toys for 7 year old boys that are suitable for any occasion. So, if you are looking for birthday, Christmas, New Year, or holiday gifts for him, we’ve got you covered here.


47 Best Toys & Gifts for 7 Year Old Boys

In the next section, you’ll find 47 gift items in various categories we believe are the best for boys aged 7. It is a long read so you should make sure you have enough time to carefully go through it. After all, you can’t be too careful when looking for the best.

1. Space Rocket & Launch Site Playset

First in our list of gifts for a 7 year old boy we have a cool rocket from Playmobil. This realistic space rocket and launch site toy brings home the excitement of space explorations to kids. With the engaging lights, sound effects, and mini-figures of technicians, some lucky boy gets to play a major role in preparing a space rocket for liftoff.

The kit will inspire kids to take an interest in the exciting world of rocket science, computer science, and space exploration. The galaxies are his playground just waiting for him and his crew to discover in creative pretend play.

As well as the space rocket, the kit comes with the launch site, a repair robot, mechanic tools, a computer, two figurines, and lots of other accessories.This is an image of boy's Space rocket with launch site in white color

2. Freestyle Bicycle

Next up in our guide to the best gifts for 7 year old boy is this cool bike. If you want your kid out of your hair, get him a bike and see how fast you get your wish. And a bike without training wheels is a direct acknowledgment you think he is big and confident enough to ride like adults. He is unlikely to disappoint with his riding skills or how quickly he becomes an expert rider.

The bike is a strong, sturdy device packed with premium features to ensure a comfortable and safe ride at all times. These include a non-slip pedal, soft rubber grips, 2.4-inch wide knobby rubber tires with unique treading, and much more.

The TIG-welded steel frame bike is also equipped with a cage and a water bottle in it to conveniently keep his drinks to rehydrate during long rides.This is an image of boy's Freestyle bike in green color


3. LEGO Pull Back Stunt Car Building Kit

With just a little creativity and imagination, a kid can discover different ways of playing with this Lego building kit. And in all these, he is guaranteed lots of fun and exposure to basic STEM Concepts.

His first level of fun engagement involves putting the car together with the 135 pieces in the kit. It is an exciting race car-building puzzle that is sure to keep him fascinated for hours. Then he gets to play with his creation. It is a sure bet he’ll keep crashing the get just to see the engine pop out.

That will give him the chance to rebuild the car again and again. This leads to another level of play: finding out how fast he can build the car in subsequent sessions.This is an image of boy's LEGO technic car building kit in black and green color


4. LEGO Indominus Rex Building Kit

For your boy, the exciting world of Jurassic Park continues with the 1155-piece Indominus Rex building kit. The folks at Jurassic World just might learn a thing or two about how to tame the fierce beast From him.

As well as Indominus Rex, the kit allows him to build a sturdy impound to secure the dinosaur, a buildable helicopter in case he needs to rescue someone and make a quick escape, a pallet, and many more.

The scope for pretend play is limitless. The kit will inspire several breathtaking adventures to rival even the best Jurassic Park movies.This is an image of boy's LEGO jurassic world rex building kit


5. Battlefield V Xbox Game Console

When you and the family are snowed in or have to stay indoors for several hours every day, a game console like the Xbox One S with 1 terabyte of storage space is a life-saver. If your boy loves his games, this game console will keep him and the family entertained for many hours.

Over 1300 games are available to him including full game download of the deluxe version of Battle V that suppers HR graphics, more than 200 exclusive games, over 400 classic games, and much more.

The multi-player console is not just about gaming though. When he gets tired of playing, he could watch 4K movies or even stream gameplay directly from the console.This is an image of boy's Xbox one 1tb console in white color


6. Rocket Launcher Kit

Sometimes, all that is needed for a kid to have an amazing time outdoors is a bit of space and the right toy to get him running or jumping with excitement. With this rocket launch pad kit, jumping and stomping non-stop is something he’d embrace with the enthusiasm of a novice astronaut on his first mission.

Family and friends can join in the fun too and even create a mini tournament to discover who can send the rockets soaring the highest. Of course, that also means who can jump and the highest and stomp the hardest. Imagine the exercise he will get from all that!This is an image of boy's rocket lancher shoots pack


7. Dangerous Book for Boys

If you think the title of this book is catchy, wait until your boy is through reading and learning the vital boys’ skills in the book. He is likely to become the most confident and self-assured seven year old you’ll ever meet. The main danger is, he might turn out a lot smarter than you were at the same age, but certainly smarter than his peers.

The hardcover book brings back all the memories of a time when smartphones and smart devices where the stuff of science fiction only. It is a great book that encourages kids to have more interest in life outside gadgets. And the skills they learn would prove very useful throughout their lives.This is an image of boy's book the dangerous


8. Hand Controlled Drone

It is such a shame it takes about 60 minutes to get a full charge. That is 1 hour too long for a boy to resume having fun with this exciting drone that is designed like a flying ball or an alien ship.

Fully hand-operated with LED infrared sensors that respond to hand movements, it comes with a gyroscope to control accuracy and stability during flight.

The easy simplicity of flying the ball appeals to kids and increases the entertainment value. With just the wave of the hand and other hand gestures, the drone can be made to hover, spin full cycle, and move in all directions. And the presence of colorful light while flying makes it awesome for nighttime play.This is an image of kid's hand controlled flying ball in blue color


9. Amphibious RC Monster Truck

This rugged off-road remote control vehicle would immediately attract the attention with its huge wheels, body built low to the ground, and bright black and green color. For your son, that translates into hours of exciting play taking the vehicle through its paces on different types of surfaces using the gun-shaped remote.

The design integrates several unique structures and functions that make it possible for the car to move effortlessly on water. Your kid is going to love making the 4-wheel vehicle execute stunts like flipping and spinning in circles.

Made from non-toxic, ABS plastic, the car is completely safe for children to play with. The tough frame ensures it can survive crashes or any rough handling it’s likely to get from your boy.This is an image of boy's stunt car with remote control in black and green colors


10. Indoor Soccer Set with Hover Ball

This set is marketed as, ‘Time killer for kids in Bad Weather.’ For your kid, time will become an abstract concept considering how much fun is possible with this set. If he is not kicking and bouncing the hover ball off walls and furniture in the house, he is likely playing a game of soccer either alone, with a family member, or his buddy with the two-goal posts and included soccer ball.

The hover ball is equipped with built-in LED flashing lights that are attractive to kids. The ball itself is padded with quality foam material ensuring it bounces off surfaces easily and doesn’t damage walls or furniture.

Though this gift would be nice for special occasions like birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, etc., it just seems like a pretty cool gift for any occasion. At the least, those limbs of his will not be deprived of exercise.This is an image of boy's hover soccer ball set with 2 goals in blue color


11. 3D Dinosaur Night Light

Boys can’t help but be impressed with this device get by Easentec. This would make a very practical gift if your boy is scared of sleeping in the dark. It provides a soft, harmless light that baths the room in his preferred color. He has the option of choosing up to 16 colors using either the remote or touch buttons on the lamp. The controls also include the ability to regulate how bright the light is.

Powered by either 3 AAA batteries or via USB with a suitable adaptor or attached to a computer, the device projects an impressive 3D holographic image of T-Rex, the dinosaur that is every little boys’ favorite.

With the remote control and light effects, your boy could have fun with it seeing what T-Rex looks like in different colors and brightness levels.This is an image of boy's Dinosaur night light with remote control and 16 changing colors in blue color


12. Cartoon Wristwatch

Basic wristwatches are not going out of fashion any time soon even if smart devices make them seem unnecessary. For a boy of seven, a fashion accessory doesn’t come any better than a beautifully-crafted timepiece with vibrant colors.

As well as a cool fashion piece, the shock-resistant piece allows him to form a healthy habit of keeping appointments and managing his day efficiently.

The watch comes with an attractive strap that is comfortable to wear. The combination of soft comfortable strap and the water-resistant feature ensures the watch is likely to remain on his wrists for several consecutive days at a time. This could be his favorite timepiece for years to come.This is an image of kid's waterproof watch with graphic cartoons in black color


13. DIY Race Track Playset by KKones

A playset that allows a kid to design and build an intricate race track or a simple road is one that will keep boys engaged for hours; and when it comes with four vehicles, the room for hours of imaginative pretend-play is unlimited making it one of the best toys for 7 year old boys. That is essentially what this 161 piece playset has in store for your kid.

Packaged in a colorful box for storing the pieces and for easy portability, the gift is great for developing creativity and hand-eye coordination.  With individual pieces allowing for flexible designs, he’d spend many productive hours constructing and then dismantling his creations to make new and different ones.This is an image of boy's road race tracks playset in gray and orange colors


14. Action Camcorder

At seven, boys are exposed to so many activities at school and during the holiday it would be a shame if they can’t capture some of the amazing moments with a camera. That is what this waterproof action camera delivers in spades: the chance to capture, in photos and video, memorable sporting moments. And best of all, it is so easy and convenient to use he can take the shots alone.

The awesome lens, capable of HD videos and 5MP photos, ensures he’d have amazing shots to show family and friends later. And with the high storage capability and 1.5 hours recording time, he can take as many photos and videos as he wants without running out of space or power.

If your boy is in love with outdoor sports like skating, skiing, skateboarding, swimming, riding, etc., this would be an excellent gift to complete his gear.This is an image of boy's Action digital camera video in waterproof and blue color


15. Take Apart Racing Car Kit

At seven, he is at that age where taking apart gadgets, electronics, and other appliances is second nature. He’d be thrilled with this cool gift for 7 year old boy that allows him to take apart a racing car and see how the various parts sync.

The gift is not just about taking a car apart though. The 27 pieces also allow him to build the car. This is a great gift for developing creativity, feeding his curiosity, and exposing him to some science and engineering concepts.

The kit includes tools such as a plastic drill, screws, and other accessories needed to build or take apart the car. As a cool bonus, the fully-built car comes with lights and sounds for immersive playing experience.This is an image of boy's STEM racing car in blue color


16. Magnetic Dart Board

Darts is a game enjoyed by everybody no matter their age. One reason this is such a wonderful game around the world is the almost flat learning curve and excitement that comes from organizing tournaments easily.

This beautifully designed and detailed dartboard is made specifically for young players. It comes with kid-friendly darts equipped with magnetic tips that stick easily to the board. The magnets don’t lose their strength so they are guaranteed to entertain your kid, friends, and family for a long time.This is an image of boy's Magnetic dart board set in black color


17. Paper Airplanes kit

If you played with paper planes as a kid, then you have a pretty good idea how much fun kids can get with them. Making the planes from pieces of paper is an art that kids are always proud to flaunt.

The art of making paper planes and the attendant fun playing with them is what this kit is all about. The specially-designed papers allow him to make 18 types of paper planes and design them with the included stickers.

Talk about having your own fleet of planes!This is an image of boy's paper airplanes kit in colorful colors


18. LEGO Shrimp Boat AR Building Kit

For a boy fascinated by boats, haunted waters, and sea adventures, building his own boat and hunting shrimps in haunted waters is an experience he’d do anything to have. With this building kit, the full spectrum of that adventure can be experienced in imaginative role-play inspired by the boat and accessories.

He has 310 pieces to get all that. Building the boat and customizing it with the accessories delivers different levels of excitement. The kit also features augmented reality functionality that delivers a more immersive experience. The AR app is compatible with selected mobile iOS and Android devices.

You can go wrong with a tech gift combined with a building and adventure kit.This is an image of boy's LEGO shrimp boat building kit


19. Light up Tracing Board

This tracing board would be an excellent gift if the little man loves drawing. The board allows him to hone his skills tracing as many images as he likes on the surface. The drawing tracing surface is easily erasable ensuring he can start new projects without fuss.

What makes this a unique gift is the combination of the washable gel FX markers and the in-built LED light on the board’s frame. His drawings glow when the LED light is switched on after drawing with the markers making the drawings more attractive.This is an image of boy's Ultimate light board set by Crayola in Black and white colors


20. Talking Robot

Are you planning a long road or plane trip and wondering how to keep boredom away from your kid? Perhaps something small, portable, and easy to use like this talking robot by Tisy is the solution.

With this toy robot, your boy isn’t likely to ask if you guys are there yet. He would be entertained by the interactive robot he won’t notice time flying by. The robot lights up when it is spoken to and repeats everything said to it.

Perfect as a gift idea for holidays and birthdays, it’s one of the best ways for little kids to improve their speech.This is an image of boy's Talking robot in blue and white colors


21. Basketball Hoop & Hamper Set

Boys are notorious for throwing dirty clothes, socks, and underwear all over the place. Wham-O’s hoop and hamper set known as Hamper Hoops is the best gift to encourage kids to keep the dirty clothes littering their room to a minimum. The pleasure of shooting hoops with dirty clothes and the gratification of having a tidy room is the catalyst they need to keep on having fun with the set.

Easy to set up, it comes with a basketball backboard, basketball hoop, a net, and a zippered removable laundry. The simple over-the-door design ensures it can be attached easily to any door.This is an image of boy's basketball hoop with detachable laundry bag set in colorful colors


22. Squash Board Game

Squash is an exciting game that brings a new meaning to board games for kids. It is a game of strategy that develops problem-solving skills while providing hours of endless entertainment.

The game is simple to play and comprises of 16 colored pawns, a king, one die, a Squash pad, and the Squash cube where all the action takes place.

Suitable for 2 – 4 players, the aim is to be the last player with a pawn on the Squash cube. There are two ways to get there: either strategically removing the opponents’ pawns or squashing the pawns. There are several hoops to jump that require being several steps ahead of your opponent to get there.This is an image of boy's 3D strategy board game in colorful colors


23. The Boy Who Never Gave Up Book

The ‘Boy’ in the story is Stephen Curry, one of the best known NBA superstars of recent times. Your kid would empathize with the story even if he is not a fan of basketball. But he would immediately take to the book if he is a fan.

It is an inspiring story all boys should read. Written in an easy, engaging style, the book is illustrated with pictures making it easy for kids to keep on reading.

The 24-page book delivers one of the most enduring messages of all time: you can do anything if you set your mind to it and never give up.This is an image of book named bpy who never gave up


24. Dinosaur Fossil Dig Kit

If the little man is interested in dinosaurs, this dig kit is an excellent way to educate him on a different aspect of prehistoric animals and add to his growing knowledge of all things dinosaurs. This could be light that fires a latent paleontology career.

Backed by National Geographic’s pedigree, the kit comes with three ancient and real dinosaur fossils – bone, tooth, and poop – in a digging brick. The kit also includes digging tools, a magnifying glass, and a full-color learning guide.This is an image of boy's National geographic dino fossil dig kit


25. Multi-colored Scratch Paper

Looking for the perfect outlet for your son’s artistic talents? This scratch paper should be a great start for him. We dare say the scratch papers are so cool you’d want to keep a few to create your own art.

The scratch papers are simple to use and don’t leave much mess. With the wooden stylus, all he has to do to create unique art is scratch away the black surface. Each scratch reveals a different color. This ensures anything he draws appears with a colorful design.

The cards would be perfect as a decoration for gifts, or he could simply use them to write beautifully-colored notes to friends and family.This is an image of boy's rainbow scratch paper in black color


26. Magic Tricks Book & Accessories Kit 

When it comes to pure fun for kids, only a few things can top magical tricks. Kids are completely fascinated with magic that it is a no brainer your kid would fall in love with this kit.

The kit is comprised of a magic book and the required accessories. In the book are over 70 magic tricks for the little man to learn. In no time at all, family and friends will be amazed at his performances. It’d seem like he was born to it.

A gift like this is very important in developing self-esteem and social skills.  Best of all though, he is going to have a blast learning and then confounding family and friends.This is an image of boy's deluxe magic kit set in colorful colors


27. Explorer Kit for kids

With a magnifying glass, a pair of binoculars, compass, crank flashlight, whistle, etc., sitting at home isn’t going to be a viable option for a kid with this gift. The outdoors is now the most interesting subject when there is so much to learn, discover, catch, and explore with this kit.

And with the drawstring backpack to conveniently store everything, taking the gear to new places to continue the exploration of other ecosystems won’t be an issue.

This gift is a really cool idea to get little boys to give their gadgets and TV a break. It is a great present for any occasion especially holidays and birthdays.This is an image of boy's outdoor camping pack in green color


28. LEGO Heavy Cargo Transport Building Kit

The fun of discovering new things continue in a fun way with this Lego building kit. This cool building kit exposes him to how heavy cargoes are transported from point A to point B. You can only imagine the hours of endless, exciting role-playing featuring road trips and construction site adventures with this kit.

The kit comes with 310 pieces that he needs to build a heavy-duty truck, a flatbed trailer attached to the truck, a buildable helicopter with rotating blades, mini-figures of a truck driver and pilot, and other constriction site accessories.This is an image of LEGO heavy cargo transport building set


29. Pair of Walkie Talkies

Seven is not yet old enough (no matter what they claim) for boys to have their own smartphones. But a pair of walkie talkies with a great range like this pair should be enough to quell that budding rebellion for a long time.

He could give one to his best buddy so they can engage in a variety of fun and exciting pretend-play both indoors and outdoors. With the decent range, communication with his friend can continue when they apart at night.

The camouflage designed walkie talkies are easy to use with very intuitive buttons. They also come with functions that eliminate interference for clear audio reception.This is an image of boy's walkie talkies in camoflage green and black colors


30. Digital Sports Watch

An outdoors kid would consider this stylish sports watch a perfect accessory to match his current lifestyle. The rugged-looking, waterproof digital watched is equipped with buttons and features making it a multifunctional item that does much more than just tell the time accurately.

Easy to use with just 4 buttons, it can be used as a stopwatch, to set the alarm, tell the date, and much more.

He can wear it all day, all night long; the PU rubber strap ensuring his skin won’t get irritated no matter the temperature. And with the premium materials the watch is made from, expect this to be around and functional for many years.This is an image of boy's waterproof digital sport watch in black and yellow colors


31. LEGO Minecraft the Zombie Cave Building Kit

If your kid is a fan of the Minecraft video game, he is sure to adore this building kit that allows him to recreate a detailed version of the Zombie cave using 241 pieces. The Cave comes complete coal, Redstone, diamond ore, gold, furnace, and ladder to give a replica of the video game.

Also included are mini-figures of Steve, a bat, a baby zombie, zombie figures, and accessories like toy TNT.

Building and rebuilding the cave will inspire countless adventures in imaginative role-play and also aid the development of his creative talents.This is an image of boy's LEGO minecraft the zombie cave building kit


32. 7th Birthday T-shirt

Wearing new clothes to attend one’s birthday party is usually the norm. But you don’t have to break the bank to get cool clothes; this round neck tee, for instance, ticks all the right boxes in its simple awesomeness.

The bright bold blue color would appeal to his senses while the soft material ensures the tee is comfortable to wear and would not irritate his skin.

What steals the show, though, is the bold, ‘This is what an awesome 7 year old looks like’  with two thumps flanking then number ‘7’ printed on the front. Though it is unlikely his friends and family need reminding that he is an awesome kid.

This is an image of boy's T shirt with 7 year old writing on it in blue color


33. Rush Hour Traffic Jam Game

Unlocking a gridlock is a task only a few can undertake with hopes of succeeding. Your kid could be one of the few with the intelligence to manage one and get traffic flowing smoothly. At least, that is what this game by ThinkFun aims to show.

An entertaining and easy-to-learn game, it comes with the multi-level challenges from beginner to expert levels. Several exciting hours of critical thinking and strategic planning awaits him while moving the 15 blocking vehicles around the traffic grid.This is an image of boy's traffic jam logic game in colorful colors


34. The Hardy Boys Book Set

The adventures of the Hardy Boys have inspired and captivated millions of people all over the world. The classic mystery stories are filled with several essential life lessons vital to the development of children and people in general.

This book set contains the first five books of the series. This makes it a great starter set for your boy. It is a cool gift to encourage him to take more interest in reading. The books also help to develop creativity while exposing kids to a world outside their immediate environment.This is an image of boy's The hardy boys start set books


35. Construction Trucks Playset

This is a massive construction and building kit; it’s going to be hard for any kid to take it all in at once. With a little patience though, they’d get the hang of the limitless possibilities of the playset.

Essentially, it is a collection of different types of construction trucks, road signs, construction tools, and many other related accessories. The vehicles would encourage his creativity to thrive as they can be taken apart to create other trucks. With the right imagination and creativity, he can create unique, functional trucks never seen before.

All the pieces come in the special storage box that can be easily converted into a playmat. He’d be thrilled for hours each time he plays with it. And he would keep coming back for more.This is an image of boy's Construction site with vehicles set in yellow color


36. 5 Pair Dino Socks

Socks are some of the most practical gifts for children of all ages. Depending on the design and material used in making them, kids would either be indifferent about them or can’t imagine life without them.

These 5 pairs by Tiny Captain are a perfect combination of comfort and awesome design. They’d make perfect going-back-to school present for him.

Each pair comes in a different color and different dinosaur pictures. Basically, he gets to use a different, clean pair of socks each school day. It would be hard to pick a favorite because all of them are so awesome.This is an image of boy's socks with dinosaur graphics pack in colorful colors


37. Pair of Binoculars

Impressive binoculars like this one are useful for a variety of healthy outdoor activities. Kids can use them during hiking, camping, and other activities to view distant objects. With the right motivation, they could even develop an interest in interesting hobbies like birdwatching.

Built to withstand rough treatment, the compact unit is easy to use and comes with amazing magnifications, shock-proof rubber casing, and is foldable to match different eye-to-eye distance.This is an image of kid's binoculars in green color


38. Crystal Growing Kit

This kit provides two levels of exciting engagement to kids: fun and education. First, it allows them to grow colored crystals in a few easy steps. Together with the instructions manual and guide, kids learn important STEM concepts about how crystals are formed.

Secondly, with the included LED lights-up display, they can turn their crystals into cool night lights.

The kit includes all the ingredients needed to create the crystals. And watching the crystals grow to maturity in six days would be one of the most amazing and exciting things he has ever witnessed.This is an image of boy's Crystal growing kit in colorful colors


39. Math Dice Game for kids

This award-winning game is an excellent gift to reinforce your boy’s early math and critical thinking skills. The game is fun and fast and would keep kids occupied for hours at a time

Recommended for at least 2 players, it’s easy to play and basically involves the addition and subtraction of numbers to get a target number with the help of two dice.

The game kit includes one 12-sided die, five 6-sided dice, scoring track, and the instructions guide. There is also a game bag for convenient cleanup and storage of the pieces.This is an image of boy's Math Dice junior set in colorful colors


40. 5-in-1 Engineering Construction Toy Set

Introduce your kid to amazing engineering concepts with this building kit. His self-esteem would get a real boost after constructing trucks, helicopters, robots, and much more with the 163 pieces. It is simply about using their creativity to build anything they want.

The kit comes with an instructions guide to get him started. Other items in the pack include a wrench, screwdriver, and storage box to neatly pack all the pieces when he is done playing for the day.This is an image of boy's Educational construction engineering building toys set


41. Scooter

Some claim a scooter is a good substitute for a bike especially if budget is a major issue. But we think a scooter like this one isn’t an alternative to anything. It’s a fun and exciting standalone ride-on toy for boys that comes with fewer safety concerns compared to bicycles.

It is a great gift for your kid to cruise around the neighborhood or even use it as his primary ride to school. He’ll be impressed with the patented folding system that allows him to fold and carry the lightweight scooter in places where riding is not allowed.

Build with a super-strong aluminum frame, it comes with height-adjustable handlebars to match his physical development, extra-large urethane wheels for a smooth and comfortable ride, and unique rear fender brake for safety.This is an image of boy's kick scooter by razor in blue color


42. Kids Piano Keyboard

Musical gifts and instruments are not only great for kids who love playing music. All kids, and people in general, love playing with them for various reasons. The bottom line is, we love our songs; and musical instruments like piano offer different levels of opportunities to learn, compose music, and play popular melodies.

Your seven year old boy would spend lots of productive hours with this piano. This is almost a professional level instrument integrated with fun features specifically for kids. There won’t be any boring moments with it.

The battery-powered, 34-key piano comes with a record and playback function, microphone function, 16 tones & rhythms, 8 percussion and animal sounds, and much more.This is an image of boy's keyboard piano with microphone in black color



43. Go Kart

Authentic, safe, and unique riding experiences for kids don’t get any better than a go-kart. Go-karts can be ridden both indoors and outdoors making them great, all-season ride-on toys for kids.

So at any time of the day or night, and in whatever season, he is going to have a blast. This can only be good for his body with all the exercise he’d be getting.

This go-kart comes with perfectly placed pedals to enhance his ability to regulate the speed and achieve stability. And the adjustable seat with high backrest, rubber wheels, 3-point sporty wheel, 8-ball style handbrake, etc., ensure a comfortable and safe riding experience always.This is an image of boy's pedol go kart in green color


44. LED Soccer Ball

If your kid loves soccer, this ball is a great gift option for him. He is going to be fascinated by the light-up feature that is activated when the ball is bounced or kicked. Expect him to be doing a lot of that just to see the lights flashing.

Made from durable, sturdy material, the ball can be used by his soccer team if he has one, or simply to have a kick around with his buddies in the yard or at the local playground. With the LED light, darkness won’t be an excuse to stop playing.

The gift pack also includes extra replacements batteries, a pump to inflate the ball, and a manual outlining how to replace the batteries and other troubleshooting tips.This is an image of boy's light up soccer ball in orange and black colors


45. Kanoodle Puzzle Game

Kanoodle is the new and exciting puzzle game millions of kids and adults are drooling over. With about 200 challenges with varying degrees of difficulty, expect your son to be totally engaged for hours at a time trying to resolve the hundreds of possible combinations.

A puzzle game like this one is great for aiding the developing of important skills such as critical and logical thinking, problem-solving, concentration, and strategic thinking among others.This is an image of boy's Educational insights kanoodle game in colorful colors


46. Kids’ Devotional Book

Known as ‘Indescribable’, this hardcover book is one of the coolest devotional books uniquely written for kids. If you want your kid to stay true to his religion with the right backing from science, this book is all he needs to stay on the right path.

The 208-page book is illustrated beautifully making it a fun read for kids.

There are 100 devotions in the book exploring the majesty of God through subjects such as space, galaxies, geology, prehistoric animals, mind, etc.This is an image of boy's 100 devotion book


47. A Pair of Frisbees

Last in our list of toys for seven year old boy are these fun frisbees from Activ Flyer. Frisbees provide one of the best and simplest way for kids, their friends and family to have fun anywhere there is enough space to throw and catch. If you want him to go out and socialize more, get him this pair and nudge him towards the beach or playground. It won’t be long before he is running all over the place having the time of his life with other kids.

This beautifully-designed, lightweight frisbees are painted with non-toxic glow-in-dark paint so that play doesn’t have to end in poor light conditions or in the dark.This is an image of boy's flying rings set in white color


Considerations When Picking a Present for 7 yr Old Boy

Several factors come into play when choosing the most appropriate toys and gifts for 7 year old boys. One of the most important is linked to the development of the kid.

At 7, they’ve already navigated the tricky phase of getting to terms with grade school. They are now in their second year and are no longer at the bottom rung of grade school; that should count for a lot in terms of maturity and responsibility as far as they are concerned.

Then add their increasing energy, restlessness, limitless curiosity and questions about everything, constant patter, and the need to prove a point, you have a kid who might be a tad hard to please.

So how can one come up with awesome gift ideas for 7 year old boy?


A good place to start is to think about the stuff that interests him the most. Is he interested in sports? Outdoor activities? Getting him gifts that allow him to explore those aspects of his life would excite him.

A different perspective to the above when searching for 7 year old boy toys is to decide that his interests are best served with something different from what he is used to.

You could decide you want him to read more and play less. Your best bet is to get books with interesting content. Only then would he be encouraged to read.

This guide includes several books that fit the bill perfectly. The Adventures of the Hardy Boys is one such book. Another is the book of magic tricks which also helps to improve his social skills and confidence.

Check what he has already

If you are a relative or a colleague to the boy’s parents, one challenge you could face is getting a unique gift, something he’d never had before. Let’s face it, even parents might find it hard to keep track of all the gifts he’s ever played with by age seven.

A simple way to get round this problem is to ask his parents or siblings. Better still, if you are not too hung up on making it a surprise gift, ask the boy. Don’t be surprised by the excitement he’ll likely show at being asked what he wants. Boys, and people in general, are always excited when they are involved in the process of choosing their own gifts.


The quality of the present you have in mind is also a vital variable to consider. At 7, boys tend to play long, hard, and rough. All that energy needs an outlet after all.

So you have to ensure the toys you get can survive the inevitable rough treatment without falling apart easily. This is even more crucial for toys or gifts like bicycles and ride-on boys. His safety, to a large extent, depends on the quality of materials used in making them.

If you are unsure about the quality, your best bet is to read the reviews from parents who’d bought them. These can easily be found on the online portal of shops selling the items. The reviews should give you a pretty good idea about the quality. We recommend you give items without no single review or too many negative reviews a wide berth.

That said, all the products in this guide were carefully vetted for quality. With any of them, you won’t be looking for a replacement gift any time soon.


Best Gift Overall

It was never going to be easy picking a single gift from so many and giving it the tag of ‘best buy’. After several hours of going back and forth and much hand wringing, we finally settled on Razor’s kick scooter as the best gift for 7 year old boy.

Considering how much boys love riding and speed, the gift seemed like the perfect item for 7 year olds. It allows them to get as much exercise as they need. With so much energy in them, the ride is a great avenue to expend it safely.

We were impressed with the combination of sturdy materials used in the construction, the height adjustability of the handlebars, and the tires that ensure a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

For your boy though, he gets to have fun riding it anytime he wants both indoors and outdoors. And the lightweight and unique foldable feature means he can simply fold it and take it with him to the classroom or places he can’t ride.This is an image of boy's kick scooter by razor in blue color


Best Budget Gift

Boys can’t fail to be excited by the Jumbo Book of Magic Tricks. They are always fascinated by magic. That is why magicians are hits at birthdays parties.

With a gift like this, you don’t have to look for a professional magician, since there is a potential in-house genius to thrill family and friends during events. Your boy would love it.

The gift also includes several accessories magicians employ. These are useful props to use while practicing the over 70 easy-to-learn tricks in the book.This is an image of boy's deluxe magic kit set in colorful colors