Best Gifts for 6 Year Old Girls

this is an image of a cupcake with a 6th birthday candle on it

In so many ways, 6 is such a special age for girls that only special gifts for 6 year old girls would be good enough to mark that milestone. It is impossible to discount the fact they are just starting grade school. That alone confers a special status on them.

Whether you like it or not, your six-year-old lady expects to be treated differently now. In her heart, she is officially no longer a kid and starting proper school proves that.

So what are your options when it comes to choosing gifts or toys for 6 year old girls? Fortunately, your options are as wide and varied as gifts for younger kids. The only challenge is in the quality of your choice or choices and making sure she doesn’t have the gift/gifts already.

Not to worry though. We have compiled a comprehensive list of the perfect gifts and toys with ‘quality’ as the common theme. The items are from a variety of categories so that no matter her interests you are sure to find a gift she’d adore.

And importantly too, the huge list ensures choosing a gift she never had won’t be an issue.


50 Best Gifts for 6 Year Old Girls

It’s time to look at the 50 gift ideas for 6 year old girl that made the cut. If you are in a hurry, you could just scroll down and have a look at the gifts we selected in the ‘Best Buy’ and ‘Best Budget’ categories; but we think you’d have more fun considering all the gifts in the list before making a choice.

1. Dollhouse Castle

Our first gift for 6 year old girl is this lovely wooden princess castle. Just shy of 2 feet tall, this castle would make your girl feel like true royalty. Or at least, her dolls would be made to feel really special with all the furniture and accessories any royal castle is expected to have.

Made from high-quality composite wood materials, the dollhouse comes with 14 beautifully designed accessories including two thrones, and two cute horses. It is big enough to comfortably fit in 5″ tall dolls.

And with the included doll figures of a queen, king, princess, and prince, your girl has all she needs for hours of imaginative role play either alone or with her best friends.This is an image of girl's princess castle dollhouse with furniture


2. Sweets & Snacks Cart

Next in our guide to toys for 6 year old girl we have this adorable snack cart. With her winning smile, your girl is all primed to show the adults how to operate a successful food craft. She’d enjoy making and serving a variety of snacks, sweets, and other delights to hungry and tasty folks at the fairground in creative imaginative play.

Made from durable wood, the food cart is easy to assemble and is a cool replica of real food carts complete with a handle and wheels to push or pull it conveniently. The design also includes a see-through door, pull out storage drawers, a working bell to attract folks, reusable signs to instantly turn the cart into a hot dog or ice cream stand, and a reversible awning to protect her from the sun.

She ‘d also be kept busy with the numerous play food pieces that include buns, pretzels, drinks, different types of ice cream with toppings, and much more.This is an image of girl's wooden snacks food cart


3. iPad Learning Games by Osmo

When it comes to gifts for 6 year olds, you can’t go wrong with technology. This award-winning learning game for use with an iPad and hand-held pieces would make a perfect Birthday, Christmas, or holiday gift for your little princess. It is guaranteed to keep her engaged for many hours at a time having fun while also helping to develop her creativity, drawing skills, spelling ability, vocabulary, and problem-solving skills.

Designed with beginner to expert level gameplay, the hand-held pieces interact with an iPad without WiFi. And with the parent app, you could easily monitor and track her progress. This is surely one of the coolest and most fun educational toys for 6 year olds.This is an image of girl's osmo starter kit with tablet in white color


4. Bouncing House

Lasting entertainment awaits your girl and her friends with this beautiful bouncing house designed to look like a castle colored with two shades of pink. Bouncers like this are very popular with kids and help to encourage social interaction while allowing them to exercise their bodies. Kids never get tired of playing with them. Your little process won’t too.

It takes about a minute to fully inflate and set it up. The four sides are covered with strong mesh material to keep kids safe. It also includes a slide to add another dimension to the entertainment.

The bouncing castle is made from fire-resistant, puncture-proof, heavy-duty nylon. It is big enough to accommodate 3 kids at once making it a great gift for birthday parties.This is an image of girl's bounce house castle with blower in pink color


5. Tracing Pad by Crayola

With 100 traceable images in 10 tracing sheets and 10 blank sheets, your girl has enough to nurture her creative drawing skills using the included graphite pencil. And with the 12 colored pencils, her designing and coloring skills would get all the training needed to make better at drawing and coloring images.

To make tracing easy and fun, the surface is evenly lit with LED light. This also ensures that even at night, she can still have fun tracing the hours away. This is one of the coolest Christmas gifts for 6 year olds girls, and it will keep her entertained for hours. This is an image of boy's Light up tracing pad by Arayola


6. Smartwatch by VTech

Smartwatches come in all shapes, sizes, and colors with different features and functions. This purple smartwatch, though, packs all the best features in one little device. In other words, if you want to get your girl all excited this Christmas, this gift would do the trick. It would also make an awesome birthday gift or her ‘first-day-at-grade-school’ gift.

With her smartwatch, she’d be able to take pictures and customize them with photo effects, capture events in videos, record audio and make it fun with the voice-changing feature, etc. Alternatively, she could take advantage of 3 fun activities, 3 action challenges, and 5 games to entertain herself via the touchscreen.

The fun and entertainment options are limitless. She won’t be discarding this watch any time soon.This is an image of girl's smart watch by VTech in purple color


7. Pink Couch with Pillows

This absolutely delightful couch might pose a difficult problem for everybody including the recipient of the gift: where to install it. Would it be best in her bedroom or the living room? You bet she’d want it everywhere in the house!

Made with a durable wooden frame, the pink couch comes with 2 strawberry-themed pillows that are sure to instantly capture her attention and stimulate her imagination. Both pillow and couch are soft ensuring she’d be spending a lot of time sitting or lying on the couch while hugging her pillows tight.This is an image of girl's couch chair double seats with strawberry pillows in pink color


8. DIY Fashion Headband Set

How about allowing her to explore her creative side and let her imagination run wild with this DIY headband set. With little prompting, she’d create 10 unique headbands using the accessories in the pack. Her friends, family members, and neighbors would marvel and wonder at her creations. They’d want some too!

This fashion kit is perfect for birthdays, group activities, craft clubs, sleepovers, and much more.

The kid-friendly craft set is easy to use with pieces that are perfectly-sized for small hands. Everything she needs to make the best and most unique headbands are included in the kit.This is an image of girl's headbands craft kit in colorful colors


9. Coloring Book for Girls by Hopscotch Girls

In 22 pages, your girl would be taken on a journey to strengthen her confidence, free spirit, and imagination. This book is carefully designed to encourage her ability to think out of the box and inspire conversations about how to be a well-rounded, growing up girl.

And she’ll be getting all those impressive benefits while simply designing and coloring hundreds of images carefully chosen from all aspects of life.

This would be a wonderful gift if she has artistic tendencies. The pages are heavier than most coloring books to ensure durability and compatibility with art supplies like crayons, pencils, markers, glitter glue, stickers, etc.This is an image of girl's coloring book i am confident; brave and beautiful


10. Big Wheel Frozen Trike

Young girls love their trikes and ride-on toys. Give them something to ride and they would out of your hair in a flash, haring around the yard, apartment or even on the sidewalk outside.

Your girl has even more reasons to fall in love with this trike especially if she is a fan of Frozen. The design and color scheme are beautiful reminders of the story with pictures of Elsa and Anna on the backrest and large front wheel.

Made from tough plastic and metal, it has a low center of gravity to ensure her safety and comfort. And with the 3-position adjustable seat, she isn’t likely to outgrow the trike any time soon.This is an image of girl's big wheel bike with disney frozen theme in blue and purple colors


11. Bluetooth Wireless Microphone

Take her karaoke skills several notches up with this awesome wireless microphone. If she loves signing, she must have fantasized about being the life of several parties entertaining guests with her amazing vocals.

That dream would certainly come through with this multifunctional microphone that is essentially a complete entertainment center.

With the Bluetooth function and speakers, she can connect compatible music players and devices and listen to her favorite music. She can also do the same by with music stored in a microSD card.

Perfect as a Christmas, birthday, Halloween, or New Year gift, the pink microphone cone with a strong battery allowing her to play, listen, and sing along for several hours at a time.This is an image of girl's wireless karoake microphone with bluetooth in light pink color


12. Amelia Bedelia Book Set

We’ve seen some of the top toys for 6 yr old girls, but what if you don’t want to give her a toy? Generations of children around the world have been thrilled by the adventures of Amelia Bedelia Rogers whose ability to put a new spin to common English idioms and phrases is legendary for their comical effects.

Aside from the fun aspect, the book is a wonderful language learning tool with several important life lessons your little girl would find handy now and in the future.

The book set contains four books in the series with each one beautifully-illustrated in black and white images.This is an image of girl's book box of amelia bedelia


13. Mini Digital Camera by Omzer

Everything around your girl would take on new and interesting meanings with a great camcorder like this. Invariably, life for her would become a series of never-ending interesting events that need to be captured either as photos or videos.

The compactly built camera comes in an attractive pink color. It features everything she’d need to have a great time either indoors or outdoors taking shots or recording videos.

Picnics, family events, birthdays parties, beach trips, school events, and much more would not escape her lens.This is an image of girl's digital camera in pink color


14. Window Art Playset

This is another DIY art and craft gift to promote creativity and originality in children. With this gift, your girl would soon enough start designing and painting arts to hang on the window so the sunlight can illuminate it in its full glory.

The kit comes with over 20 suncatcher shapes and a design booklet to set her on the right track. You bet that in no time at all, she’ll be creating unique designs using the included acetate sheets. Her sense of pride will get a huge boost when friends and family are demanding she makes one for them.This is an image of girl's Window art craft painting


15. Flower Growing & Painting Playset

Arts and crafts kits are usually fun and engaging for kids. But this playset takes the fun and excitement to new levels. Your little girl would be fascinated by this gift as soon as she takes it out of the pack.

The pack allows her to create her own garden with 3 real flowers and to customize the planter the way she wants with the art supplies in the kit. This is a fabulous first exposure to the science of botany; it should encourage her to appreciate nature more.

You would be impressed with the detailed and highly-illustrated instructions booklet that is included in the kit. It is easy to understand and leaves nothing to chance in ensuring her garden is exactly the way she wanted it.This is an image of girl's flower growing kit with painting in colorful colors


16. 6 Pairs Cartoon Animal Socks

With this pack of 6 pairs of socks, your little girl will never run out of clean socks for school; and the best part is, she’d even be wearing different socks each day.

The knee-high socks, made of 85% cotton and 15% spandex, are breathable and comfortable on the skin. Each differently-colored sock is designed with a cute cartoon animal making them instantly attractive to kids.This is an image of girl's cartoon knee high socks pack


17. Pair of Walkie Talkies

Chances are, your little girl must be driving you nuts demanding for her own smartphone and you are tired of explaining how she is not yet ready for one. This pair of pink walkie talkie should put an end to that drama for some time. Now she can communicate with you or a friend and indulge in hours of fun and exciting pretend play.

Each walkie talkie is a fully-featured device capable of exchanging messages with other compatible devices. They are easy to use and come with handy features designed to enhance audio reception no matter the level of active radioactivity in the area.

With the decent range, you should be able to keep in contact with her easily when she is out of sight. Just makes sure you keep one unit for yourself if you intend to go down that route.This is an image of girl's walkie talkies in pink color


18. Unicorn Jewelry Set

Awesome Unicorn gifts are always perfect for Christmas and birthdays. But she’d love this gift no matter the occasion for its utility and design. Now, she has a jewelry box not just to keep her growing jewelry collection, but also a beautifully-designed box perfectly suited for a lady of her taste and class that is an awesome decorative piece for her room.

She’ll also get a unicorn bracelet and necklace to mark this auspicious occasion. The spinning unicorn that pops up when the box is opened to sing a melodious song is the icing on an adorable gift item.

The box itself is designed with a large bottom drawer, a large main compartment, and several slots to keep stuff like rings and small bangles.



19. Dancing Unicorn

Again, another cool unicorn gift idea for a special girl at Christmas or on her birthday. Painted pink with cool designs and color choices in the mane, horn, and tail, the Unicorn is made to be loved. And it would give back in equal measure or even more.

Known as Sparkles, it would dance, play music, trot on the spot, feed on cupcakes, nuzzle up to your girl, and light up the horn in multiple colors, in response to touches to various parts of her body.

And it isn’t hard figuring your little princess would spend hours every day grooming and brushing the mane and tail with the included mini brush.This is an image of girl's dancing unicorn Toy in pink color


20.Action Camera by Prograce

With about 1.5 hours battery life, sharp display, and HD lens among other wonderful features, your daughter would love taking pictures and m aking videos of her daily life with this action camera.

This is a great gift to promote her creativity and ability to take more interest in her environment and express herself through the medium of a camera lens.

Durable and waterproof, the pink action camera comes with awesome accessories like the mounting kit, hand strap, bike handle mounting kit, USB cable for charging and data exchange, and an instruction manual among others.

The whole lot comes in a cool waterproof case for storage and convenient portability. Remember to buy a MicroSD card though; she can only start having amazing fun after the card is inserted.

This is an image of girl's digital action camera with waterproof in pink color


21. Beads DIY Jewelry Kit by Morwant

Starting a career as a jewelry designer and maker at age 6 wouldn’t be such a bad idea. And since girls love fashionable things that are colorful and enhance their beauty, she’ll happily take to this career path like she was born on it.

With 630 beads pieces of different shapes, sizes, and colors, her hands and time will be full making unique bracelets, headbands, and rings. The beads pieces can snap together easily and are just as easily taken apart. That allows her, with a little bit of creativity, to create different unique fashion pieces in a snap.This is an image of girl's jewelry making kit


22. 6th Birthday Pendant

You can be sure of several things occurring when you give her this present: she’ll be super excited; she’ll want to ‘test’ the necklace immediately; she won’t take it off after trying it out; and it’s going to be around her neck most days of the week for the next one year.

Considering how cute the pendant is, her reaction shouldn’t be unexpected. Any girl with an eye for truly unique gifts would react the same way.

The heart-shaped pendant with a gold plated ‘6’ comes in a beautiful box with a sweet ‘May your wishes come true’  under the kid. She might stop wearing the pedant after a year, but the box would be useful for storing other cherished jewelry for many years.This is an image girl's necklace 6th birthday gift


23. Pink T-shirt

One of the simplest and best ways to show the world you are proud of your little princess and the lady she is turning out to be is splashing that message across a t-shirt. This pink t-shirt says it all for both of you.

The ‘This is what an awesome 6 year old looks like’ message is aimed at making her feel good about herself anytime she wears it. She’d also feel good about the soft fabric and the length that allows comfortable movement all day long.This is an image of girl's 6th t-shirt in pink color


24. Kick Scooter by Razor

With urethane wheels, rear fender brake, and adjustable handlebars with foam grips all combining for one of the smoothest and safest rides ever, there is no chance your girl won’t be excited by this gift.

This would be an awesome birthday gift if she loves running errands or generally enjoys the outdoors. The scooter is so cool she’d likely make this her means of going to school in style. And with the patented folder mechanism, she can easily fold and carry it inside her bag or under her arms when she has to get into her classroom.

This is an image of girl's razor kick scooter with 2 wheels in pink colors


25. DIY Snack Pack Kit

Everybody at the beach, or any event that requires a snack pack, would be wondering where she got this snack pack. Of course, her little secret is a combination of an amazing DIY kit and her creativity.

As well as the water bottle and fabric bag, the pack contains 8 bright coloring markers. She’ll spend several fun hours customizing the water bottle and bag with the markers because she wants a truly unique design for her snack pack.

Beyond the beautiful design, the water bottle and fabric bag can keep food and drinks fresh and at the desired temperature for many hours.This is an image of girl's water bottle kit in Multi colors


26. LEGO Art Cafe Building Set

Unleash the barista in her with this Lego building kit. She now has the chance to show that her coffee is the best and managing a striving cafe is like a walk in the park for her. That is just one of the creative pretend-plays she’d indulge in after building the cafe.

Talking about building cafés, she has 378 pieces to work with. The pieces include a cash register, coffee machine, panini machine, and much more. Emma and Prankzy mini-figures are also included to add layers of variety to her role-playing.This is an image of girl's LEGO friends building set


27. Mermaid Sequin Backpack

If you want a unique gift for carrying books, clothes, toys, and other important stuff, this backpack would be perfect. She would find it useful for camping, hiking, riding, yoga classes, and many more. This makes it an excellent multifunctional bag.

The Unicorn design, changing colors, and shiny, funny sequins would appeal to her fun and creative side. It is a sure bet she would be the focus of attention when carrying the bag.

Made from high-quality sequin and soft polyester material, the fashionable bag comes with an adjustable drawstring while the inside is designed with double lining to enhance its durability.This is an image of girl's mermaid bag in white color


28. Electronic Piggy Bank

This purple and white piggy bank would be perfect as a birthday or Christmas gift when she’ll likely be getting money gifts from her uncles and aunties. It is a great gift for nurturing the difficult art of saving money and planning for important future projects.

Designed to look like a bank vault, it is made from high-quality plastic material to ensure durability and to make sure it doesn’t get broken into. It also comes with a password feature and a number pad for dialing the password.

Other features include a voice prompt to enter the password, beeping sound every 20 seconds if the door is left open, and a 10-second green indicator light on opening the door.This is an image of girl's Electronic piggy bank in pink color


29. Pajama Set

If you want to encourage her to wear pajamas when it’s bedtime, cute and stylish jammies would do the trick. When it comes to cute and stylish, it doesn’t get any better than this set by Simple Joys.

It is a 4-piece pajama set comprising two long-sleeved cotton tops paired with two lightweight fleece pajama pants. As well as being snug (pants are loose-fitting) and comfortable to wear, the cotton tops and pants are flame resistant. She’ll love the cute animal designs on the tops and pants.This is an image of girl's 4 pieces pajama set in colorful colors


30. Frozen Stainless Steel Wristwatch

This pink, cute wristwatch would make a powerful fashion statement on your girl’s wrist. Aside from the fact it shows she is a fan of Frozen, it carries an aura of taste, class, and adventure. For a girl starting grade school, these are all very important in defining her standards and what she is about.

The stainless steel watch comes with a beautiful drawing of Anna and Elsa on the face. It is a scratch-resistant piece that tells the time accurately. The pink hook and loop nylon strap with Velcro latch is strong and durable ensuring she’ll be using this piece for many years.This is an image of girl's classic watch with frozen diseny theme in pink color


31. Dinosaur Egg Dig Kit

Paleontology won’t be the first thing on her mind with this gift. The thought of discovering what is inside each egg would spur her to excitedly grab the chisel and brush to start chipping away.

Ultimately, she’d be very interested in the subject by the time she is through. With the colorfully-illustrated learning cards containing simple, but fascinating facts about each of her ‘find’, becoming a paleontologist would be a serious option for her at this tender age.

The pack comes with 12 dinosaur eggs with different tiny species of the prehistory beasts inside each one, and instructions guide, 12 learning cards, and the digging tools.This is an image of girl's dinosaur egg kit pack


32. Unicorn-themed Baking Set

Girls don’t need that much encouragement to start whipping up treats or even dinner in the kitchen. It is the moment to show their culinary skills are up to par with mum’s, or even better.

It’s a no-brainer that she’ll instantly fall in love with this unicorn-themed baking set. After all, unicorns are one of girls’ favorite fantasy creatures. The set would surely inspire her to be at her best while baking so the unicorns would be proud of her.

The 14-piece set includes a Unicorn-themed apron with quilted pockets, a roller designed to roll dough to just the right size and thickness, 5 Unicorn-themed cookie cutters, a couple of stainless steel frosting tips, a recipe book to get her going, and much more.This is an image of girl's Baking costume with unicorn theme in white color


33. Frozen Rain boots

With all her ‘Frozen’ gifts and toys, a pair of Frozen rain boots makes perfect sense. Perfect as a birthday gift, the 100% rubber boots do what is expected of them excellently. It would keep her feet dry when it is raining, snowing, or if she is playing on a wet surface.

With an amazing, cool Frozen-themed design including pictures of Elsa and Anna, the purple boots are so lightweight and flexible she could use them for all activities at school or at the playground without feeling stiff, uncomfortable, or constrained.

Each pair comes with two handles making them easy to put on. And she’ll love doing that all the time because they are so cute and fashionable.This is an image girl's Rain boots with frozen theme in blue and purple colors


34. DIY Fairy Lantern Kit

This DIY kit is a very thoughtful birthday gift idea for your little girl. The art and craft gift allows her to make her own night light invariably promoting her self confidence and creativity. She’ll unquestionably feel a sense of pride knowing she created something that is very useful.

Ultimately, she’d create a cool lantern that adds an enchanting ambiance to her room or any other bedroom in the house at night.

This kit comes with everything she needs to make the beautiful fairy lantern including the jar, tissue paper, fairy glitter, decorative flowers, ribbons, glue, and much more. It also includes a simple step-by-step guide to help her get started.This is an image of girl's fairy craft kit


35. Soap Making Kit

This would be an awesome gift for any occasion for the little lady. The chance to make her own soap so she doesn’t have to use those boring ones from the shop cannot be sniffed at. And besides, she gets to make them in as many designs as she wants.

The kit, which includes a 36-page guide, allows her to make 10 types of soaps with different colors and fragrances. She’d also get to learn the science and chemistry behind the process including several simple soap-related experiments.This is an image of girl's soap craft in colorful colors


36. Pretend Make Up Kit with Bag

At 6, your little girl is not old enough to start applying makeup (she’d need some convincing on that), but smart enough to know she needs to put in the hours of practice so she’d be ready when the time is right.

This makeup kit is the perfect gift to give her all the practice she needs before she is old enough. It comes with every imaginable makeup piece and accessory a girl needs. They are all fake though and do not apply to the skin.

As well the makeup, the kit comes with a PU leather handbag that is perfect as a cosmetic bag, a pair of sunglasses, and a unicorn bracelet.This is an image of girl's makeup girls cosmetic toys


37. Fairy Garden Kit

This fairy garden kit comes with a beautiful fairy known as Freya. With Freya whispering magical tips in her ears, your daughter would be able to plant and grow her own enchanting garden right inside her bedroom.

And with the planter designed like a cute cottage with green doors, she has everything needed to indulge in hours of playtime and watching nature do its magic. The set includes gardening tools, seeds, and soil.This is an image of girl's fairy garden toy


38. Mom and Me Cookbook

Annabel Karmel is a best-selling author that invested all her writing skills in making a cookbook any girl would be delighted to have. With her distinctive fun and breezy narrative style, she succeeded in making learning how to cook very exciting.

This family-oriented book promotes the bonds between parents and their girls while also teaching kids healthy eating habits.

The 48-page book is beautifully illustrated and comes with several interesting recipes and step by step guide on how to make cupcakes, pancakes, pizzas, etc.This is an image of girl's book mom and me cook


39. DIY Tie & Knot Fleece Quilt

With 48 fleece squares of different colored with slotted fringes, this gift pack would see your girl creating fleece blankets of different sizes and designs. Or she could create a single, colorful blanket 5 free wide and 4 feet long with all the pieces.

And the best part is, she can easily redesign the blanket to create a new look with the same pieces! It is all about her creativity with this art and craft gift.

Each piece is made of high-quality, thick, soft material featuring flower patterns and coordinating colors.This is an image of girl's flower fleece guilt in colorful colors


40. Coding Robot

This blue pocket-sized robot delivers fun and basic programming skills in equal measures. The complete kit comes with DIY stickers, a couple of DIY skins, color markers, a dice game, and offline 25 activities. For more options, she could go online for more code-learning activities and serious STEM-building skills.

The most fun she’d get is with the tiny robot. With her color markers. She can make it do all sorts of things depending on the lines and colors drawn on the piece of paper. She could even make it execute funny dance moves!

And to take her coding and programming skills several notches up, she can take full control of the robot’s behavior using the programming editor app. Transferring the completed program to the robot is by simply holding it up against the computer or tabletThis is an image of girl's bit coding robot


41. Rainwear Set

Your girl’s high fashion taste doesn’t have to be compromised due to the rains. With this rainwear set, comprising a rain slicker and matching umbrella, she’d look like a budding fashion icon.

She would surely love the colorful artwork on the rain slicker and umbrella that features images of Princesses Elsa and Anna of Frozen. The moisture and humidity-resistant slicker is made from thin but durable vinyl material ensuring it fits comfortably over her clothes while keeping her protected from the rain. It also designed with an elastic hood to snugly fit all head sizes.

The 8-panel umbrella, on the other hand, is lightweight and easy to hold. It is made from durable material with all the vital safety features included to prevent injury.This is an image of girl's umbrella rainwear set with disney frozen theme


42. Art Sketching Kit by Alex Toys

If your girl loves sketching and artwork, this would make a fine birthday gift to develop that talent. The unique sketch pad comes with a special black paper that reveals the exciting and colorful rainbow colors underneath when it is scratched carefully with the included wooden stylus.

The kit also comes with a pattern guide she could use to match different scratching techniques to produce amazing results. The images she has to work with in the 19-page book include a mermaid, owl, butterfly, house, and much more. She’ll surely love sketching each one.This is an image of girl's scratch pad in multicolor


43. Ponies and Horses Sticker Activity Book

A colorful sticker book by National Geographic is guaranteed to provide lots of fun activities and learning opportunities for kids. As well as over 1000 stickers, the book is packed with activities such as mazes, spelling and pattern games, drawing, etc., making it one of the best interactive activity books for girls.

The 53-page book is very colorful and attractive. If she is a horse lover, she is going to love all the fun facts about horses packed into this book. And with so many stickers, she’ll be happily entertained for hours at a time.This is an image of girl'book of ponnies and horses by national geographic


44. Mermaid Tail Blanket

There are several ways you could think of keeping your little girl warm during cold winter months. But it doesn’t get any better than a gift of this mermaid tail blanket by JR. White.

Perfect as a birthday or Christmas gift, the hand-knitted blanket would make her feel like a pretty mermaid with its pastel purple color. It is designed like a sleeping bag so she could easily slip in to feel cozy and warm. It is also perfect for traveling, camping, sleepovers, or for keeping warm while watching TV from the couch.

This gift also comes with a mermaid pendant necklace she could wear any time as an accessory to her clothes for formal and informal occasions.This is an image of girl's mermaid tail blanket in pink color


45. Markers and Pencil Case with Marker Pens

Girls would instantly fall in love with this cute and colorful marker case. With the zippered, transparent plastic compartments, she has more than enough space to organize her pens, markers, pencils, and other writing materials conveniently.

But she is not getting only a carrying case for writing materials. The case comes with 38 scented markers arranged in the pockets. The case will unfold to reveal the markers in all their colorful glory.

She could start exploring her artistic talent immediately. The fruity scent of each pen would make each artwork unique.This is an image of girl's markes and pencils with case in purple and pink colors


46. Cat Night Lamp

This adorable lamp would make the little lady very excited if she loves cats. Designed like a cat, the lamp would make a wonderful birthday, Christmas, New Year, and Halloween gift she could use as a night lamp in her room.

Made from BPA-free silicone, it comes with a power button to switch it on or off. But what would make her purr with pleasure are the different light colors and the tap control function to switch between colors. Softly tapping the surface of the lamp is all she needs to change the color of the light to match her mood. She has 7 cool colors to choose from.

The lamp is powered by an in-built 1200mAH rechargeable lithium battery. At full charge, it powers the lamp for more than 15 hours.This is an image of girl's night light with cat theme in white color


47. Flower Tiara

It is easy to imagine her walking into a room to the admiring glances of friends and family at her birthday party. The beautiful tiara is a fitting crown for the occasion where she is the center of attraction. Nobody would be left in doubt your girl is a bona fide princess.

The crown is made from premium polyester with pink felt lining and floral design on the outside. And with the soft elastic band, getting the tiara to fit snugly won’t be an issue.This is an image of girl's 6th golden crown with flowers in colorful colors


48. Baby Unicorn Backpack

Your little girl is going to feel very special with this backpack across her shoulders especially if she is a unicorn lover. The beige-colored bag is designed with a soft fluffy material making it a delight to hold or carry. The design also includes a unicorn horn, two ears flanking the horn and an adorable cartoon face of a peacefully sleeping unicorn.

The design aside, it is a fully-featured backpack with comfortable and adjustable shoulder straps and enough pockets and compartments to organize all her stuff including books, devices. Drinks, etc.

The bag can be used in a variety of ways including shopping, traveling, camping, beach parties, etc.This is an image of girl's backpack with unicorn theme in pink and purple colors


49. LED Gloves

The huge smile plastered across her face when she starts using this pair of gloves would even outdazzle the brilliant LED colors of the gloves. That smile is just a hint of her delight. You bet she is already figuring out the many ways she could have fun with the gloves. Whether at parties, carnivals, family events, etc., she’d dazzle and standout.

The gloves are very easy to use and come in different color settings. With a bit of creativity, she could mix the colors to produce different effects. The batteries can power the lights for up to 24 hours so she can dazzle folks all day and all night if she wants.

And with the easily replaceable batteries, she doesn’t have to worry about not having fun with her gloves on subsequent days.This is an image of girl's Flashing LED light gloves in colorful colors


50. Art and Drawing Kit

This is another awesome art and craft kit to hone her creative skills. You couldn’t have given her a better gift to occupy her free time with. She’ll have a swell time especially if she loves drawing.

With over 260 fun shapes comprising animals, outer space images, numbers, letters, and much more, her drawing skills would never be the same again.

The kit comes with everything she’d ever need to do her thing. Going out for extra supplies won’t be an option with this kit. At her disposal are 12 stencils she could use repeatedly; 13 high-quality pencils; a pencil sharpener; a 20-page drawing pad; a mechanical pencil; and a carrying case to store all the pieces. This also makes traveling with the kit convenient.This is an image of girl's Colored pencils with Drawing stencils


Considerations when Buying Gifts for Girls Aged 6

Now they are in grade school, 6-year old girls want to think and act in a way that makes it clear they are no longer kids. And they expect you to fall in line and treat them, at least, like young adults. But since old habits are not easy to shake off, some of her thoughts and actions would be aligned with her toddler and kindergarten years.

So, the gifts for 6 year old girl must seek to create a fine balance between those two phases without going overboard on either side of the divide.

For instance, avoid items that are decidedly for younger kids because of their simplicity. Also, give a wide berth to gifts that are clearly meant for older kids. The best way to get around this is to look at the pack. Most have the recommended age range written clearly on them.

Another vital consideration is her interests. If you want a gift that would really bowl her over, restrict your choices to things she loves doing. Girls who love singing would definitely love gifts like the Bluetooth wireless microphone. And if she loves the arts, make your selection from any of the art gifts in this guide.

However, you might decide you want to do things differently by getting a non-generic gift. Perhaps, you want her to go out more. Cameras, bikes, and walkie talkies are just a few of the gift ideas that encourage kids to spend more time outside.

You can’t discount educational books too. Now that she is starting proper school, gifts that promote learning and social interaction would be awesome.


Best Gift Overall

Choosing one of the best gifts for 6 year old girl from a huge list of amazing gifts and toys is never going to be easy. After hours of deliberations, we decided the Coding Robot deserved the ‘Best Buy’  tag.

Several things impressed us about this toy making it a cool gift for any occasion. For instance, it is an educational gift that promotes important STEM-concepts in kids. Your girl would be exposed to some basic coding and programming skills she’d find useful for many years. And the simple act of using markets and DIY skins would enhance her creativity.

Again, since it is a tech-based gift, she’ll easily take to it. Kids love their gadgets and electronic devices; a gift based on that usually ends up being their favorite.

Finally, like most of the best toys for kids, she’ll have tons of fun playing with the robot.This is an image of girl's bit coding robot


Best Budget Gift

If you want something really cool and awesome with a low price tag for your girl, the Unicorn Jewelry set is just the item you need. This cute jewelry box is all about the design and the fact that it would make her feel grown-up.

The set comes with a jewelry box and a one unicorn bracelet and necklace each.

She’ll be impressed with the drawer, main compartment, and slots in the box providing different options for neatly storing all types of jewelry and other stuff. And the icing on the cake is the spinning unicorn that pops up with a song when the lid is lifted.

This is one gift that would be a permanent fixture on her vanity table for years to come. It is the best gift for 6 year old girl if you don’t want to spend a small fortune on your gift.