Best Gifts for 6 Year Old Boys

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Ideally, getting cool gifts and the best toys for 6 year old boys should be a walk in the park. You could simply walk into the nearest mall, look for the section dealing with these items and make your choice from the selection on display. Better still, you could order them online from reputable online stores and have them delivered if you don’t have the time for offline shopping.

But nothing is straightforward when it comes to choosing gifts or toys for boys 6 year old. First of all, not all toys on shelves, no matter the design, come with the requisite quality. And you need quality so the toys can take the expected rough handling from boys with so much energy to burn.

Besides the quality, one could easily be confused by the array of toys on display. In such a scenario, it is common for impatient folks to reach for the nearest toy based on aesthetics or price tag.

In any event, they end up with 6 year old boy toys or gifts that are either unsuitable for kids of that age or are mediocre and poorly made, or both.

And that is why we made this guide for you. It is a collection of some of the best toys for 6 year old boys you can find anywhere. The gift items cut across different categories so that no matter his interest, you’d surely find one or more gift items to make his day.


47 Best Gifts for 6 Year Old Boys

Below are gifts and toys for 6 year old boy we selected to ensure that your task of choosing a suitable gift is stress-free. You will find items that would make awesome birthday, Christmas, Halloween, and New Year gifts for your kid or nephew.

1. LEGO Cargo Train Kit

First on our list of gift ideas for boy 6 years old is this large LEGO train set. With over 800 pieces including a locomotive engine, a couple of flatcars, livestock carriage, cargo terminal, a tractor trailer, boys are guaranteed several hours of engaging fun over several days just to set up this cargo train station. You can be sure your kid would feel a sense of pride and achievement after putting the pieces together.

Then comes the really fun part. Using the 8-channel remote control, he can start transporting different types of cargoes on the rail track he constructed

This is the ultimate building and playing kit for fans of train stations. The included mini-figures such as the forklift driver, train driver, farmer truck driver as well as building and offices adds a realistic atmosphere to the setup.This is an image of boy's LEGO city cargo train building kit


2. Magnetic Dart Board

Next in our compilation of toys for a 6 year old boy is a fun magnetic darts game. This sleek dart board would be a perfect gift to promote hand-eye coordination while having fun with family and friends. This is a game for him to hang in his room and play whenever he is bored or when his buddies are around. You bet he’d never stop playing until he can hit the bullseye consistently with the aerodynamic darts that fly straight and true.

The kit comes with 6 darts designed with durable magnetic tips. The magnets and darts are practically indestructible so you never have to look for a replacement.This is an image of boy's magnetic dart board


3. Kids Smartwatch

The next best gift for 6 year old boy is the KidiZoom Smartwatch from VTech. It requires little imagination to know he would love this royal blue smartwatch because kids adore tech gadgets. He is going to have lots of fun with the rugged watch that features several activities including games, camera to take pictures and record videos, calculator to do his homework, calendar to organize his schedule, and much more

The splash-proof watch comes with a bright, colorful touchscreen that is very intuitive. He’d enjoy changing the screen’s wallpaper to match his mood. He has 50 templates to choose from.

This watch is a great birthday gift or for any occasion. It is sure to put a smile on his face and he’ll be using it for a long time.This is an image of boy's Smart watch by Vtech in blue color


4. Remote Controlled Stunt Car

Racing cars are some of the best gifts to give a kid of 6. Kids love racing toys and it gets even better for them if the racer can execute the most amazing stunts.

With this remote-controlled car, your boy would spend many hours repeatedly taking it for a spin as if to discover what new, undiscovered stunt the green stunt car can pull. He can make the car execute 360° spins, flip, and move at breathtaking speed in all directions using the remote.

Made from high-quality materials, this stunt car is made to last and would comfortably handle crashes against obstacles. And with the unique rubber tires, no terrain will prevent your kid from having a blast.This is an image of boy's Stunt car with remote control in green color


5. LEGO Technic Stunt Car Building Kit

A completely buildable car that goes to pieces on impact with a stationary object is bound to attract all the right attention from a 6-year-old boy. With this stunt car, the engine pops out on impact: your kid would be looking forward to crashing it again and again just to experience the fun of a flying engine.

First, though, he has to build the car with the 135 pieces in the kit. That should be fun too.

His completed car will have a pullback motor engineered for speed, sturdy front bumper, large rear spoiler, and low-profile tires with black rims.This is an image of boy's LEGO technic race car in colorful colors


6. Bow & Arrow Playset

If he is a fan of Avengers’ Hawkeye, this bow and arrow set would make perfect sense to him. He’d spent hours practicing his shots to emulate his hero and perhaps show the world he is faster and better at hitting distant targets up to 100 feet.

Made from non-toxic, durable, high-quality material, the playset comes with 6 lightweight arrows with foam tip to ensure nobody gets hurt. The bow itself features a removable launch tube to keep the arrows close by for faster loading.This is an image of boy's Faux bow arrow pack in colorful colors


7. Jokes Book

This an awesome gift for your kid if you want to improve the way he interacts with family and friends. With so many jokes to tell and get listeners laughing, staying in his room alone when there are people to entertain won’t be an option for him anymore.

Titled ‘Awesome Jokes That Every 6 Year Old Should Know!’, this paperback book is 69 pages of amazing jokes with punch lines that’d get people begging for more.

The jokes include classics, new twists on old jokes, and new jokes never heard before. The pages are beautifully-illustrated making them a fun and easy read for boys.This is an image of boy's Awesome jokes book


8. Starlight Lamp for kids

If your kid is having trouble sleeping or hates sleeping in the dark, this awesome starlight projector should put an end to his worries. The dome-shaped lamp projects a soothing image of the night sky on the walls and ceiling of his room.

The multimode lamp features three buttons for changing the colors of the projected light, project the night sky on the walls and ceiling, and make the projected light rotate slowly. The lucky kid can also use the projector as a decorating light at birthday parties, family events, and other social occasions.

The dual-powered device uses rechargeable batteries and electricity from the mains to power the lamp. This is an image of boy's light night in blue color


9. LEGO Monster Truck Building Kit

A monster toy truck with huge wheels is exactly the sort of gift your boy needs for hours of fun driving across different types of terrains, over obstacles, climbing hills, etc. After all, what is the point of a monster truck if you can dominate everything with it.

The kit comes with everything he needs to build the monster truck. The 192 pieces include 2 fire barrels with flame elements, giant wheels, a big engine with working suspension and air scoop, a buildable ramp, etc.

His finished truck is a detailed, scaled-down model of a realistic-looking truck. This is a collector’s item he is likely to keep on a shelf or table in his room to admire when he is not playing with it.This is an image of boy's LEGO monster truck building kit


10. Remote Control Robot Dinosaur

Remote controlled toys always make great 6 year old birthday gift ideas. Your kid would be glad he is the one controlling this Indominus Rex dinosaur. Using either the attack mode or patrol mode, he’d enjoy watching the untamable beast stomping around the house looking for intruders or take a stance ready to pounce on a perceived threat. You bet the thunderous roars and growls at it stalks around the house would impress him endlessly especially if he is a fan of Jurassic Park movies.

This realistic representation of the beast also responds to hand movements using IR sensors. It will spin or whip its tail in response to hand waves or simply follow the hand in the auto mode.This is an image of boy's Jurassic world dinosaur Robot with remote control


11. Hover Soccer Playset

The hover soccer set is a great choice as a gift if your boy is a soccer or sports fan. Whatever the case, he is guaranteed tons of exercise and fun playing with a friend, sibling or even you.

The kit comes with 2 lightweight goalposts and an air-powered hover ball. The ball features a foam bumper ensuring it won’t do any damage to walls or furniture when playing indoors. Built-in  LED lights are also included in the design so the fun can go on even when it is dark.

Also included in the kit to add variety to your kid’s play are an inflatable soccer ball and basketball.This is an image of boy's hover soccer ball set in red color


12. Pair of Frisbees

Frisbees are great at delivering unmatched fun for individuals and whole families. Your boy would be madly in love with this gift if he goes to the beach or park with friends often.

The frisbees are very light ensuring nobody would get hurt by them. That notwithstanding, they are heavy enough to fly easily without veering off course due to winds. And the large hole in the middle ensures that catching them is quite easy.

Beautifully-designed, each frisbee glows in the dark making it possible to continue having fun even when it is dark.This is an image of boy's Flying ring set in white color


13. Pair of Walkie Talkies

This pair of walkie talkies by Joyfun would have your kid communicating excitedly with a friend like real emergency workers, security agencies or even special forces on some super-secret mission.

Both units are sturdy and durable and are fully capable of delivering the full wireless communication functionalities in a kid-friendly camouflage design. Each unit features a decent range of about 2 miles, 22 channels, crystal clear sound quality, and much more.

This gift is perfect to encourage him to play outdoors. You could also get it for camping, hiking, and other group events. Now, you have a means of keeping in touch with him during family trips when he is out of sight.This is an image of boy's walkie talkies with flashlight in green camoflage color


14. Dinosaur Egg Dig Kit

Chances are your son already has considerable knowledge about dinosaurs from watching movies and TV shows. This dinosaur dig kit provides him with an opportunity to further explore these enigmatic and fascinating prehistoric animals.

The dig kit contains 12 dinosaur eggs he has to chisel away carefully to expose the baby dinosaurs inside. First, though, the eggs must be soaked in water for at least 15 minutes to soften them to ensure an easy dig.

Digging and exposing cute dinosaurs is just the first part. Using the information on the included 12 colorful learning cards, a deeper understanding of each dinosaur awaits him.This is an image of boy's unique dinosaur eggs in colorful colors


15. Hardcover Book of Facts

When National Geographic takes on a project, the least you get is the absolute best in terms of quality. Boys (and we dare say everybody) would find this book an interesting and unputdownable collection of some of the most amazing facts about almost everything.

The 223 beautiful-designed and colorful pages are filled to the brim with vital trivia about stuff like 50 facts about bears, 15 facts about peanut butter, 100 facts about the ocean, and much more.

He would never get enough of this book; he would be inspired to take interest in the world and explore nature more.This is an image of boy's 5000 awesome facts book


16. DIY Wooden Car Construction Kit

You won’t be able to decide if your boy had more fun building and designing the cars using this kit, or playing with the completed cars.

What you’d know for sure is the level of intensity he dedicated to building the cars and the wild fun he is having racing the cars against each other.

The art and craft gift pack is perfect for promoting problem-solving skills, creativity, imaginative pretend-play, and concentration.

The kit comes with everything he needs to build 3 wooden race cars including 12 pots of paint and 2 brushes to design his cars just the way he wants them.This is an image of boy's Build and paint your own wooden cars


17. Dinosaur Slime kit

A combination of dinosaurs and a slime kit will be irresistible to any kid. This cool and very amusing kit stars lots of challenging and exciting activities to keep him happily engage in productive play.

The kit comes with all the best slime-making ingredients to experiment as much as they want. These include the 12 slime and containers, 4 foam bags, 4 glitter bottles, 3 fishbowl beads, 2 slime eggs, and plastic slime tools.

And when he feels like taking a break from slime-making, he can turn to his 12 dinosaurs and have a chat about the latest happenings in Jurassic World and other important stuff.This is an image of boy's dinosaur slime kit pack in colorful colors


18. LEGO Chain Reaction Science Building Kit

The ultimate multifunctional machines are just waiting to show your kid the important things they are capable of after being built by your boy.  With the over 53 pieces in the kit that includes 33 Lego elements, 6 Lego balls, etc, he is going to build 10 amazing machines using the easy-to-understand instructions.

He’d be amazed by how one simple machine can turn into a very complex machine with the addition of a few pieces in the right places. It is a chain reaction that leads to exciting discoveries and increasingly complex objects.

The kit is all about improving his core developmental skills. The machines start from the easiest to build to the more advanced. The 80-page instruction book is an awesome guide that contains important tips, facts, and the physics or explanation behind each machine.This is an image of boy's LEGO chain reaction science and building kit


19. LED Light Up Gloves by Luwint

Let your kid light up the room with these gloves that are designed to fit your kid’s hands perfectly. He would get the best reaction during birthday parties, school events, dance halls, etc. The LED colors from the gloves can be combined to create amazing effects, especially at night.

The gloves come with four easily replaceable batteries that can power the lights for long. Both gloves feature three colors and 6 modes giving the user several different light combinations and settings. The control button/switch for exploring all the available light combinations is located on the wrist

Made with high-quality electronic components, the glove itself is made from breathable cotton fabric with good elasticity ensuring they are very comfortable to wear.This is an image of boy's LED finger light up gloves in black color


20. Compact Binoculars

A pair of kids binoculars is the ideal gift for boys who love exploring their immediate environment. In any case, you should consider getting it if you want your kid to get out more and have fun. With the superb magnification and crystal clear view, you’d have a hard time getting him to come back indoors.

Everything about the design is geared towards making it easy and comfortable for a kid

to use. For instance, the eyepieces are surrounded by soft rubber to protect the eyes and face while the ergonomic design makes it easy for him to hold.

The durability of the device is enhanced by the rubber coating; bumping objects with it or falls won’t impair its functionality.This is an image of boy's binoculars in blue color


21. Kids Boxing Set

With so much energy looking for an outlet, this punching bag is what your kid needs especially in all those cold winter days when he forced to be indoors. He’ll get the much-needed exercise, develop his balance and hand-eye coordination among other benefits while punching furiously away. It won’t be a surprise if he imagines himself the next big boxing sensation with the enthusiasm he goes about it.

Easy to set up and dismantle, it comes with a pair of boxing gloves, a pump to inflate the punching bag, and a standing boxing bag that is height-adjustable accommodate his growth.

This is such an incredible gift even the whole family can have fun with. And the punching bag is so durable we imagine it is going to be a fixture in the home for years to come.This is an image of boy's pushing bag with gloves in white and red colors


22. Wooden Tetris Puzzle

How about this amazing Tetris puzzle to promote his concentration,  hand-eye coordination, logical thinking, and color and shape recognition skills. If you’ve ever played it before, you’d also know it is a great game for promoting social interaction with whole families taking turns to have fun with it.

The puzzle pieces and board are made from high-quality beech wood. And along with the fact they are water-resistant, the durability is not in doubt.

You’ll be impressed by the variety of shapes and colors used. These alone are reasons enough to find the game attractive for your kid. He is going to spend a lot of time asking questions about the shapes when he is not putting the pieces together.This is an image of boy's wooden tetris puzzle in colorful colors


23. Mini Talking Robot Toy

A robot that repeats anything said to it would surely fire the imagination to think up different ways to interact and play with it. Your kid could use it to record himself while singing, practice his speech, or even learn how to talk funny.

All he has to do is tap the button on the robot’s twice and it is ready to record whatever comes out of his mouth. This would make a cool birthday or Christmas gift for the little man.

The robot is made from very tough material so there is no chance of breaking or falling apart after a fall any time soon. It is equipped with LED eyes that flash and change color when it is spoken to. And with the 360° rotatable joints, he can also have fun twisting and turning the limbs in different directions.This is an image of boy's talking robot toy in blue color


24. Electronic Writing Tablet

Are you tired of picking papers of his writings and drawings all over the house? This tablet provides the easiest solution to that problem. It is a win-win situation for both you and your son. He gets to continue drawing as much as he wants, and you don’t have to worry about cleaning up the mess after him.

With a writing surface of 8.5″, he’s got enough space to do whatever he wants. And with just a press of a button, he could erase everything if he needs a blank surface to start afresh.

The tablet comes with a stylus with 3 different pens tips to accommodate different styles of writings and drawings. But even without the stylus, he can use any hard object including his fingernails thanks to the unique pressure-sensitive technology of the screen.This is an image of boy's Electronic writing tablet with LCD screen in black color


25. Outdoor Adventure Kit

This is one of the best gifts you could give your boy if he loves outdoor adventures. It is also a great gift if he is a Boy Scout or for camping. Or you could get it if you want him to spend more time outdoors and take an interest in nature. Trust us when we say, with this kit, coming back home would be to take a rest before his next exploration.

The kit comes packaged with a drawstring backpack for storing all the equipment. These include a pair of Binoculars with awesome magnification, a magnifying glass, whistle, and an LED flashlight that is powered by a crank. There is also a handy compass to learn the basic concepts of navigation.This is an image of boy's Explorer camping kit in orange color


26. Engineering Building Kit by Panlos

Your kid would never get tired of playing with this building kid if he allowances imagination to run wild. The STEM-learning kit comes with 570 pieces he can use to build 24 trucks and one robot. Ultimately, he’d have an amazing 24 cars and one robot toy to play with individually or together at once. The possible scenarios for creative and engaging pretend-play are without limit.

Designed to be both educational and fun for adults as well, you would be impressed by the detailed construction thanks to the inclusion of many small pieces in the kit.This is an image of boy's STEM Robot toy in yellow color


27. Cartoon RC Police and Race Cars

If he has never played with toy race cars before, these RC cars for kids is the best way to introduce him to the joys of racing toy cars. With the ergonomic remote, it is going to be non-stop racing all day long as long as the batteries hold up. Talking about batteries, both remotes and cars use easily replaceable AA batteries.

The toy cars each come with their respective drivers: a racing driver for the race car and a policeman mini figure for the police car. And because they are each removable, he could play with them individually when he is tired of racing or even switch the drivers and cars for variety.

With two cars in the pack, you, a sibling or his best buddy could race against him. No matter who he’s racing against, the realistic siren, honking,  music, and flashing headlights would keep the entertainment levels at a high all the time.This is an image of boy's police and race cars with remote control in colorful colors


28. Socks Set Gift Box

The first thing to say about this gift box is that your kid would never run out of a clean pair of socks again. Considering how much 7 year olds love to play in the dirt and getting into scrapes, this is a very thoughtful gift for his birthday, Christmas, or even as a ‘going-back-to-school’ present.

The box contains 18 pairs of high-quality socks made from cotton. Each pair is designed differently with amazing color combinations. It is going to be hard for him to pick a favorite. That is a good thing as none would get worn out faster.This is an image of boy's cotton pair pack in multi colors


29. Action Sports Camcorder by Prograce

This should be the missing piece if he loves outdoor games. With an action camera, all his exploits on the skateboard, bicycle, or while skating can be captured so he can share the exciting moments with friends and family for long after the event.

The durable and versatile action camera comes with 1.77′ LCD ensuring that taking photos or making videos are easy. It also features automatic face recognition; 4X zooming function, up to 10 seconds time-lapse photography, burst shooting, and tons of funny frames and filters to make the photographs more interesting.

This is a very cool starter camera with just 5 functions making the learning curve gentle on kids. And because the camera is waterproof, he can also use it while swimming or when it is rainingThis is an image of boy's action camera waterproof digital video in camoflage green colors


30. Traffic Jam Puzzle Game

Your kid must be puzzled how adults conspire to get themselves in traffic jams they can’t seem to unravel. Now is his chance to show you how not to get into one, and how to get out of it if you find yourself in one,

This interesting game is easy to learn but gets tougher as you move from one level to the next. It has 40 levels that become increasingly tougher. Kids are guaranteed several hours of intense play as they try to unravel one level so they can move quickly to the next.

The pack contains 15 blocking vehicles, an ice cream truck, the traffic grid, and 40 challenge cards. He’d also get a simple instructions guide to him going.This is an image of boy's logic game rush hour in colorful colors


31. Just Joking Book by National Geographic

A book of jokes, puns, silly riddles, and more invariably means cool nuggets of the right kind of information, education, entertainment, and most importantly, lots of laughter.

The 208-page book is packed with ridiculous jokes and other fun stuff your kid would love. The jokes and riddles and easy to learn and memorize so he could easily thrill any crowd with them.

Each page is colorfully-illustrated with photos making it the perfect book to share with friends at school or at family events.This is an image of boy's just koking book


32. Engineering Construction Kit by ETI Toys

With 101 pieces of colorful building kits of different shapes and sizes, an idea sheet containing 19 pictures, and enough time, your son’s creativity is going to thrive with this present. He is going to dedicate hours of his free time each day thinking and creating unique structures.

And you can be sure his creations are going to get more complex as he gets better and more experienced. This is an open-ended construction kit designed to grow with him.

The delightful building kit that would provide endless opportunities for collaborative play with his friends and family.This is an image of boy's STEM learning building kit in colorful colors


33. Robotics Starter Construction Set

With 5 different styles of pieces that can be joined together in 20 different ways, this construction playset allows your son to build his own robot with motorized wheels.

The set has everything he needs to create four different types of robots. But he can also go off script and create other types of motorized robots. It is all about letting his imagination and creativity take the lead; nudging him to build toys he can admire and play with.This is an image of boy's robot building kit by BuilderZ in blue color


34. Kids Piano Keyboard

If your kid loves music, this piano is the perfect gift to nurture the talent in him. Who knows, this could be the first baby step to a career in music and ultimately, a world-famous performer.

The beautifully-designed 37 key piano comes with a built-in record and playback function so he can record his musical composition for friends and family to listen to later.

It is also a multifunctional entertainment console with interesting and unique sound effects that kids would never get tired of playing and experimenting with.This is an image of boy's Keyboard piano with graphics in black color


35. Car Construction Kit

Little boys love their cars flashy and unique. It is even better if they have a say in how the car is built. That is what this car kit offers: the chance to build a car from scratch using 149 pieces and have fun with it.

The pack has everything he needs for hours of challenging and fun car-making venture. The end product is an authentic open-wheeled car with huge wheels.

His strong sense of accomplishment and pride after completing the project will match the rugged and strong metal alloy of the various pieces used to build the car. This is an image of boy's STEM car building kit in yellow color


36. Operation: Electronic Board Game

‘Operation’ is a challenging and fun board game for kids. The game allows your son and the other players to show they know a thing or two about making sick people better after all those visits to the hospital with mum.

The players take turns to treat the patient, Cavity Sam, of fun ailments like headphone headache, gamer’s thumb, cranky knee, frostbite, etc., using a pair of tweezers. The player who removes the most ailments without getting the buzzer sound wins.

The pack comes with the game board, tweezers, light bulb, buzzer, and instructions guide in English and Spanish. 2 ‘D’ batteries are needed to power the board.This is an image of boy's Operation electronic board game


37. Dinosaur Theme Park Playset

This playset is designed with a clear goal: getting kids to come up with the most imaginative adventures possible. And with 9 species of dinosaurs allowed to room wild and free on the playmat, the adventures can be as exciting as he wants them to be.

The playmat is designed to replicate the world of dinosaurs with beautiful green landscaping and trees to look like prehistoric plains where dinosaurs roamed and dominated their world.This is an image of boy's dinosaur figure board game


38. Smack It! Card Game

This easy-to-learn-and-play game is outrageously funny, fast-paced, and exciting. It is the game to get for your kid if you want him to spend more time with his family or friends.

Each game lasts a maximum of about 15 minutes and can be played by 2 – 7 players simultaneously.

The pack comes with the game rules that can be learned in less than one minute. It also contains 57 game cards made of quality material that is sure to withstand repeated use.This is an image of boy's card game smack it


39. Take Apart Construction Trucks

For young, avid truck enthusiasts, this ToyVelt collection of take-apart construction trucks is a unique hands-on gift that delivers everything from fun to exposure to basic STEM concepts.

The DIY playset allows him to put together three types of construction trucks using tools that include a child-friendly drill operated by a battery. He has 40 pieces including screws and other truck parts to construct a dump truck, concrete mixer, and forklift.

This excellent gift will expose him to basic engineering concepts as well as promote his problem-solving skills, hand-eye coordination, and concentration.This is an image of boy's STEM learning truck in orange color


40. Interactive Basketball

Who knew that playing basketball alone can be this fun and exciting? This basketball by Move2Play has taken the fun of playing solo to a whole different level. Your kid would never want to use any other ball or stop playing after playing with this talking ball.

The ball comes with integrated sensors that can recognize and say the different moves and shots made by the player. It also responds to taps and shakes with realistic game sounds and sing-along songs respectively.

The ball is made from machine-washable plush material so he can play with it even indoors.This is an image of boy's basketball interactive toy with sounds in orange color


41. ‘Why?’ Hardcover Book

National Geographic have a fine reputation of taking on projects with high educational value. This hardcover book doesn’t disappoint with answers to questions on various topics kids would find interesting. Not all the questions or subjects are serious though. There are lots of fun questions to make them laugh.

The 192-page contain would give answers to puzzles like why the earth doesn’t drift away, the content of a turtle’s shell, various human and animal questions, and much more.

Written in a lively style, it would expand your kid’s mind and nudge him into wanting to learn more about everything in the world.This is an image of boy's national geographic book why?


42. Magic Kit

Gather the family around, a handsome 6-year-old magician is about to demonstrate the most amazing magical feats. If you’ve never believed in magic, be ready to believe. This kid magician will blow your minds with his performance.

Several performances are what your kid would be aiming for after a gift of this magi kit though. With 75 easy-to-learn tricks, a simple family gathering is simply not a big enough stage for him.

Magic kits like this are awesome for boosting a kid’s self-confidence and social skills, This would be a perfect gift for the Christmas season to wow visiting family and friends.This is an image boy's Magic kit set


43. Guess in 10 Card Game

‘Guess in 10’ is a fast and exciting game of smart questions and answers your kid would adore playing with friends, family, and school mates. As well as the fun aspect, he would be exposed to several interesting facts about sports.

The pack contains 52 game cards and 6 clue cards. The first player to win 7 game cards wins. Because the game requires him to be smart and ask intelligent questions, it would help develop his ability to think fast and be strategic in decision-making.This is an image of boy's sport card game named guess in 10


44. Off Road RC Racing Car

This racing car leaves no one in doubt about what it’s about. With the huge tires designed and colored to look like it had spent a better part of the day on muddy trails, it is immediately clear this is a rugged monster ATV truck that can take whatever is thrown at it.

The buggy comes with a detailed designed that includes shock absorbers, anti-slip tires, powerful motor, collision-resistant rugged body, and much more.

With the 2.4 GHz remote, your kid would have a blast making it zoom off at the maximum speed of up to 15 mph. The 4WD vehicle can also move in reverse and make left or right turns easily.This is an image of boy's trucks racing car with remote control in gray color


45. Green and Purple Building Kit by Crazy Fort

Crazy Fort’s building kit comes with instructions for 5 basic structures. However, your kid’s creativity and imagination would be in full force creating hundreds of structures using 69 purple connecting balls and 44 green rods.

His structures are going to get more complex the more he plays with them. And playing with them is something he’ll be doing a lot once he gets his hands on the kit.

This is a great gift to encourage social interactions as friends would love to be a part of his crew.This is an image of boy's crazy forts in purple and green color


46. Dinosaur Night Light

This is an amazing gift to create the perfect ambiance at night. If he hates sleeping in the dark, he would adore this night light. Now he has a ferocious-looking 3D dinosaur to stand guard over him while supplying a soothing light to help him sleep blissfully.

He has the option of choosing from seven soft colors depending on his mood. With the dual controls, he doesn’t have to get out of bed to change the color or adjust the brightness of the light: he could do that with the remote, or If he is close enough, by using the responsive touch button on the device.

For the child’s safety, the light produced by the lamp is soft, non-dazzling, non-flicker, and uniform.This is an image of boy's 3D dinosaur LED night light in blue color


47. Black T-Shirt

How else do you tell your boy that the past 6 years have been some of the best days of your life because of his presence in it? A black t-shirt with a picture of a proud, roaring dinosaur with the words, ‘Awesome since 2013’  printed across it would be a good place to start.

The awe-inspiring dinosaur on the t-shirt and the message would do a lot of good to his confidence and self-esteem anytime he wears it. And you bet he would be doing that a lot for the next one year.

The shirt is made from 100% cotton and can be machine-washed cold making it easy to keep clean.This is an image of boy's Dinosaur 6 year old shirt in black color


Buying Considerations When Choosing 6yr Old Boy Gifts

Here are a few additional tips to help ensure you find the perfect gift for the birthday boy.


By the age of 6, boys are already in grade school and don’t consider themselves toddlers anymore. To them, this is an important milestone that folks will do well not to forget and not treat them as such anymore.

However, you know they are still kids so a major issue could be how to seek the right balance when choosing gifts for them. You can be sure they would turn their nose up at simple, basic gifts that are clearly for toddlers. On the other hand, giving them gifts meant for adults would be wasted on them because the gifts might be too complicated for them to use.

A simple way to get around this is to ensure the recommended age range is written clearly on the pack.

Educational Benefits

It would also be swell to look for gifts that promote the educational and social development of the kid. Now that he is in grade school, it is imperative that he is able to communicate confidently with his peers and teachers. Gifts that encourage him to play with others should be a priority; so also are book gifts that are fun to read.

There are a few awesome books in this guide that meet the above criteria. These are the sorts of books that should provide him with the right kind of knowledge that enables him to hold intelligent conversations with his friends.


Again, when considering gift ideas for 6 year old boy, his interests can’t be ignored. 6 year old boy toys or gifts that sync with activities he loves would thrill him to bits. You can’t go wrong taking that route.

For instance, a gift like the piano or any musical toy would be perfect if he loves music. The same thing applies to sports-themed gifts if he is a sports fan.

On the other hand, you could decide you want to get him interested in other aspects of life outside of his comfort zone. But to nail this, you need to make sure the gift is super awesome and can’t help but play with it.

An example is the exploration kit if you want a gadget-loving boy to take more interest in the outdoors and nature. That is a great kit that would get him engaged for hours learning how to use the pieces of equipment and gaining useful insights about his surroundings.


A common denominator when searching for toys for boys 6 year old is the quality. Quality must never be sacrificed for anything or you and the kid would be disappointed by the outcome.

So, never base your decision on low price tags. Many folks have come to grief due to that. On the other hand, a high price tag doesn’t always estate to high quality.

If you are going for a gift outside this guide, read the online reviews from people who have already bought them. You’d get a pretty good idea from people’s opinion whether the item you’ve set your sight on is worth the money.


Best Gift Overall

The smartwatch for kids has so many things going for it that it was hard to ignore as our choice for the best buy. This impressive wearable comes with tons of features that would appeal to grade school-age kids. And we love that kids can use it indoors, outdoors, and even in wet conditions.

The lucky kid would have access to numerous games he could play on the responsive touchscreen that comes with a bright interface. Talking about the interface, he could use any of the 50 templates to change it to suit his mood.

As well as games, the watch is capable of taking pictures and videos; play music; do simple maths calculations; organize his schedule with the calendar; and much more.

It is easy to picture this watch being a part of him for many years. The quality and durable materials used in making it would ensure that.This is an image of boy's Smart watch by Vtech in blue color


Best Budget Gift

If you are looking for something really awesome with a budget price tag, the Jumbo Book of Magic Tricks is exactly what you want. Kids of all ages are always excited by magic and magicians. Like everybody else, they wished they could pull similar tricks. Kids usually spend hours wondering how it was done.

With 75 magic tricks that are easy to learn, this gift would make his dreams come true.

With a little practice and given enough time, family and friends would be awed with his skills. Some people would even believe they are witnessing real magic.This is an image boy's Magic kit set