Best Gifts for 5 Year Old Girls

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In theory, choosing gifts for 5 year old girls should be a non-fussy, simple task that only requires picking your choice off the shelf in the gift shop. That is until you are faced with hundreds of colorful, perhaps mostly pink, gifts and toys on the shelves of the nearest gift shop for kids.

In this situation, your gut instinct would be to reach for the nearest toy that catches your fancy to escape the tedium of choosing from so many. You could also decide to grab the most expensive product inspired by the wrong notion that ‘expensive’ means quality.

Both cases are clear examples of taking the path of least resistance in searching for the best toys for 5 year old girls. It is a well-trodden route that leads to disappointment for folks who’d been down it.

That said, picking a suitable birthday or Christmas gift a 5 year old girl doesn’t have to be hard or end in disappointment. We have made sure of that with this list of awesome presents.

So, whether she is an aspiring artist, scientist, programmer, singer, etc., we are sure you’ll find a super cool gift for her here. And trust us, she’s going to love any choice you make.


Best Gifts for 5 Year Old Girls

Table of Contents

Now sit back and go through this huge list of toys and gifts we compiled. And since you want the best for your little girl, do take your time; we guarantee you’ll find something that would make her very happy.

1. Interactive RC Robot Puppy

First on our list of 5 year old birthday gift ideas is a cool RC toy dog. This remote control puppy is 13 inches of pure fun. It would do things your girl would find so amazing she’d want to take it everywhere as her new best friend.

With the remote control, it can be made to sing up to four different songs, dance, crawl, and made to speak different sounds corresponding to different emotions. She’d laugh non-stop when it farts. But since it is so adorable, the fart won’t stink the air.

It is not all about play with this puppy. In the study mode, it is an interactive learning puppy with alphabets and numbers appearing on its eyes.This is an image of a white interaction dog puppy for kids.


2. Animal Stacking Game

Board games make some of the best toys for 5 year old girl. This a fun family game to get for your girl if you want her to spend more time with the family. Perfect for family game nights or with friends, it is a race to see the first to successfully stack their wooden animals without the pile collapsing.

Suitable for 2-4 players, it helps in fostering hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills,  and strategic thinking.  And of course, she gets to learn the names of the different animals in the pack.

The pack comes with 29 different animals made from non-toxic sturdy material, a wooden die with cute symbols, and the game instructions.This is an image of a wooden animal stacking game for kids by HABA.


3. Magnetic Building Blocks Playset

This is an awesome gift to get her to spend more time away from her gadgets and the television. She’d be engaged for hours building all types of astonishing structures while also promoting her STEM knowledge, critical thinking skills, coordination, and hand-eye coordination.

The pack contains 103 pieces of high-quality magnetic prices made from non-toxic plastic. She’ll love the color schemes of the different shapes that’d allow her to build breathtaking castles, palaces, towers, and whatever else she fancies; it is all about her creativity.

Because the magnets are strong, the structures would be stable no matter how high or how weird the angles are. All the pieces come in a cute storage box with a handle making it easy to carry along to keep on designing and building amazing structures at a new location.This is an image of a 103 piece colorful magnetic tiles for kids by Magblock.


4. Light Board Drawing Tablet

This is one super cool gift for your little girl if she loves drawing. You just might have handed her the one gift that would hone her talents and set her on the path to exhibiting in art galleries around the world.

The board, with the included gel markers, allows her to create and draw whatever she wants and see them come to life with the bright LEDs built into frame; turning the lights on makes the art glow!

With the easy-to-remove back panel, tracing images instead of drawing directly on the tablet is like a walk in the park.  And if she is not satisfied or wants to start a new project, she can simply wipe the screen clean.This is an image of a drawing tablet for kids by Crayola.


5. Adorbrite Figure by Mattel

Your little girl would love the legend of this adorable figure known as Lil’ Gleemerz. When she finds out they were discovered in a secret cave by some kids, she’d have lots of questions to ask the little cutie about living in caves and stuff.

Or maybe she’ll rather play with it first because that is so much fun. Gleemerz responds to sound and touch in many delightful ways. For instance, it would put out a dazzling colorful light display in response to singing or clapping.

Your girl can also get different types of reactions, sounds, and game modes by pressing the light-up tail, nose, or petting its head.This is an image of a pink little Gleemerz for little girls by Mattel.


6. Pink Smartwatch

A smart wristwatch like this one satisfies so many needs that getting it for your girl could be one of the smartest things you’ve done in a while. The pink color instantly makes it a great fashion accessory for social events, formal occasions, school, etc.

As well as the basic function of keeping accurate time, the touch screen display watch is equipped with several features making it the perfect multifunctional device. She could use it to take pictures and videos, as a voice recorder with voice-changing functions, timer, stopwatch, alarm, and a calculator to aid her maths skills.

This would make a perfect gift for all occasions including birthdays and Christmas.This is an image of a pink Kidizoom smartwatch by VTech.


7. Pulley Building Kit by Brackitz

This building kit is designed specifically to get children interested in science and engineering concepts. Your girl would be engaged for hours constricting scaled-down replicas of machines used in the real world.

She’d be able to build a crane, drawbridge, a 4-foot tall flying zip line, etc., using the instructions guide. Who says she won’t think out of the box to design and build something new and different.

The pack contains 77 well-made pieces of different sizes, colors, and shapes. The pieces are uniquely designed so they can easily connect together in whatever configuration. With these pieces, the possibilities are endless.This is an image of a little girl playing with the pulley set by Brackitz.


8. Ice Cream Cart

Say hello to the world’s favorite ice cream vendor. Your girl will be all over the neighborhood distributing the best ice cream to little kids and adults. At least, that is what she would be doing in hours of pretend-play inspired by the gift.

The cart is also designed to develop her memory sequencing, counting skills, color recognition, and much more.

The beautiful and colorful plastic cart is equipped with two large wheels making it convenient to pull or push the cart with the handle that is perfectly-sized for small hands. Upbeat songs and music would keep her entertained while she is hard at work pushing the cart.

She’ll have everything to make some of the most amazing ice cream combinations like an ice cream scooper, flavors, toppings, ice cream cones and much more.This is an image of a ice cream cart for kids by VTech.


9. Doodle Pillowcase with Markers

With this gift, the pillowcase of her dreams would turn into a reality in terms of the design. She can use the included markers to design it to fit her personality; no more uninspired, generic designs for her. Her pillowcase would be the only of its kind in the world!

Made from high-quality 100% cotton, the smooth-to-touch pillowcase comes with double printable surfaces so she has twice the area to make her designs. And if she gets inspired with a better design, machine washing and drying it would give her a blank canvas for her new design.This is an image of a coloring pillowcase with washable markers for kids.


10. DIY Bracelet Kit

Crafting kits can be fun gifts for 5 yr old girl. This adorable kit would give her the chance to make unique bracelets and necklaces using cute tiny animal figures and a charm. She can vary the combination of animals to get different types of bracelets or necklaces.

The animal pieces are easy to connect together and attach to the bracelet. She’d love how easy it is to transform the beautiful necklace to an equally beautiful pet with just two twists of the bracelet.

All the pieces come in a beautiful jewelry box with a lush interior shaped like a gem. This makes it easy to take the kit everywhere and make the bracelets when she needs them.This is an image of a panda and puppy bracelet with jewelry case by Twisty Petz.


11.Rain Slicker and Umbrella

This rainwear set makes it clear little girls don’t have to look drab just because it is raining. They could still look stylish and chic with the right rainwear set. Your little girl would be hoping feverishly for the rains just so she could flaunt this gear. To put it simply, she’ll absolutely love this gift.

The Frozen-themed dark purple rain slicker and matching umbrella with pictures of both princesses printed on it would obviously thrill little girls who are fans. But the set is so cute any girl of 5 would love it.

The umbrella is made from high-quality, lightweight polyester material. It comes with a clamshell handle, nylon cord and Velcro strap for easy carrying. While the bottom-down slicker is made from durable, water-repellent material with an adjustable, elastic hood.This is an image of a dark purple Frozen rainwear and umbrella for little girls.


12. Interactive Talking Map of the US

This would be an amazing learning gift if you want your girl to have a deeper appreciation of the various cultures, places, history, and people that make up the United States.

The colorful map would be ideal in her room and can be mounted on the wall. Its colorful and fun design will fire her curiosity and encourage her to learn. It comes with a power button, volume control, and an auto-shutoff off timer to save battery life.

And what are the things she is likely to learn? For a start, there are over 500 cool facts to go through; and to make sure she is on board, the quiz mode has several interesting questions for her.This is an image of a interactive world map for kids by Think Gizmos.


13. Hooded Bathrobe

Made with premium polyester, this bathrobe is so soft you shouldn’t be surprised if she converts it to an all-purpose house robe. She’d never want to end that soft, comfortable, warm feeling she gets from wearing it.

But don’t discount the design as a reason to love this robe. Designed with very soft colors, it comes with a Unicorn hood complete with a pointy horn, ears, eyes, and fluffy pink mane running down the bark of the hood.

Even if she isn’t a fan of Unicorns, which is unlikely, she can’t help loving the look and feel of this robe.This is an image of a little girl wearing a rainbow unicorn sleepwear by Doctor Unicorn.


14. DIY Magical Garden Playset

This fairy garden is a fun way to expose your girl to the art of growing plants especially flowers and get her interested in the environment. Growing her own garden from scratch is a great way to promote her self esteem and confidence while having fun.

The pack includes soil; different varieties of seeds she could plant and nurture; a fairy house with soil-holders attached to it; mini-figure of Calla the fairy to play with; and a small bunny. For added fun and variety, the house comes with doors that open and close, and a chandelier to give it that magical and enchanting feel.

The garden, though, is the real deal. Planting, watering and nurturing the seeds until they bloom is an experience to cherish for a long time.This is an image of a tree hallow fairy garden by PlayMonster.


15. Coding Robot

Tech-themed toys offer an exciting and fun means for promoting and learning basic STEM concepts. This pocket-sized robot provides all that and much more.

Known as Ozobot Bit (she’ll likely give it a cuter name!), it will inspire programming and coding skills when used together with the included color code markers, stickers, a couple of DIY skins, a dice game, and 25 fun activities.

This is a wonderful gift for any occasion if you want your girl to become interested in programming that could lead to a career in engineering, the arts, and even as a businesswoman.This is an image of a coding robot for kids by Ozobot.


16. WillieWishers Ashlyn Doll

Brunette Ashlyn just needs a caring and wonderful groom as she prepares for life as a princess.  We are sure your daughter would be delighted to take on that role; more so if she is a fan of the WillieWishers series.

The cute 14.5” doll has long hair that your girl would spend hours combing while giving the doll important tips on how to be a lady. The Peter Pan collar on the doll, as well as the gold satin ribbon, pink skirt with gold ribbon trim, pink tiara, pink booths, and pink underwear, would all combine to inspire imaginative play.

This gift would be perfect if she’s got the other WillieWishers dolls already; or you could make this her first doll in the series before getting the other ones later. Either way, she is going to have a blast with this one.This is an image of a pink Ashlyn doll for little girls by American Girl.


17. Musical Jewelry Box

By 5, your girl must have several pieces of jewelry and she just needs a place to keep them all neatly. The perfect box would be something like this: it is pretty with its pink colors and pictures of dancing ballerinas all over it; it has three drawers and the main compartment to keep different types of pieces of jewelry and other items; and a child-safe mirror under the lid.

To crown it all, the lid opens to a revolving ballerina accompanied by a melodious ‘Swan Lake’ song to keep her entertained.

The 6″ high, 4″ wide, and 6″ long box is all shades of pink awesomeness. Perfect as a birthday and Christmas gift, it would make her feel like a classy lady with like mum.This is an image of a pink ballerina storage box by Enchantmints.


18. Disney Princess Dresses

Four outfits specially designed for an enchanting evening at the royal ball is the least your princess deserves. Whether she is a fan of Disney Princesses or not, these gowns and the accessories would be perfect for formal occasions and without the skirts, as casual wears.

As well as the dresses and skirts combo in the pack, she also gets marching accessories including 3 bracelets, 3 rings, 3 headbands, one necklace, and much more. There are 24 pieces in all to dress as either Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, or Snow White. She could also use her creativity and imagination to mix-match the pieces for a look befitting her personality and style.This is an image of 4 little girls wearing Disney costumes.


19. Freestyle Bike with Training Wheels

A bike gift is one of the best ways to get kids outdoors and enjoy the invigorating freshness of the air. You would have to lay down the law about responsible use or she’ll just keep riding and riding and riding. That is how much she’ll love this bike.

The bike is well-made with all the vital features combining to ensure the riding experience is smooth and safe. With the welded steel frame and other high-quality materials used in making it, the bike would be around for some years. The heavy-duty training wheels are simply perfect to keep her safe until she is confident enough to transition to two-wheels-only bikes.This is an image of a fuchsia training bike for kids by Royalbaby.


20. Cooking and Baking Set

Perhaps, the overriding reason she’ll love this gift is that girls love being in the kitchen. Besides that though, the set is perfect as it allows her to show the adults that all the time watching mummy in the kitchen wasn’t wasted chatting idly.

The pack comes with an apron, chef hat, an oven mitt, glove, rolling pin, wooden spoon, illustrated children cookbook, and 4 cookie cutters. In other words, everything she needs to hone her cooking and baking skills and inspire hours of entertaining pretend-play as a master chef.This is an image of a pink chef clothes set for kids by JaxoJoy.


21. Kids Music Orchestra

Composing music had never been easier with this toy orchestra. With 14 musical instruments like sitar, guitar, accordion, etc., she’ll be composing music like a maestro.

All she has to do is pick any six instruments and place them in the orchestra pit to hear them play together. The 14 musical instruments allow her to mix up the instruments to get different types of musical combinations. The possible combinations are limitless providing hours of fun and entertainment.

The gift is also great as a learning tool. she gets to learn the names of the musical instruments and how to read basic music sheets. This would be a perfect gift to expose her to the world of classical music especially if she already has an interest in the subject.This is an image of a Musical Orchestra toy set for kids by B. Toys.


22. Personalized Unicorn Pillow

Personalized gifts, no matter how mundane, have a way of making the recipient feel very special. This pillow, though, is not mundane. With the soft microfiber polyester material, it is a special gift for a special little lady.

Your little girl would be over the moon when she gets this pillow with the picture of a cute pink Unicorn and a personalized text.  Customized with a ‘Happy Birthday Dianne’ or ‘Merry Christmas Anne’ across the case says it all. She’d go to sleep each night on the soft pillow with a smile on her face.This is an image of a personalize unicorn pillow case for little girls by Pillows2.



23. Riding Center Playset

If your girl keeps pestering you to get her a horse, and you are tired of explaining why you can’t get one, simply get this awesome riding center playset for her. You’ve heard the last of that ‘horse gift’ issue. This playset, with accessories specially designed for little girls, is all she needs to fill her imagination with the wonders of owning and riding her own horse.

The playset will provide hours of engaging pretend-play every day taking care of her two horses, cleaning the barn, riding the horses, moving bales of hay with pitchforks and much more. Your ranch worker would have time for nothing else after a hard day’s work.This is an image of a riding horse club playset by Schleich.


24. Wooden Bead Set

Put a creative 5-year-old girl in front of 220 wooden beads of different colors, shapes, and sizes, and 8 colorful cords; then watch how everything else becomes unimportant as she focuses on making different types of colorful bracelets, necklaces, and other fashion accessories.

This art and craft gift would be awesome if she loves doing things with her hands. The kit comes in a beautifully-designed wooden storage box that is easy to carry around. The hours spend working with it will promote her creative skills, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and cognitive skills.This is an image of a deluxe wooden bead set for kids by Melissa & Doug.


25. Bath Bombs Set by Excalla

Turn her bath time from a routine drudgery into a fun and exciting experience with lots of laughter with these bath bombs. She won’t need reminding it’s bath time after using it the first time.

There are a dozen bombs in the box each carrying a mystery toy inside as a bonus surprise gift. The thought of getting a new pet each day is even enough to get her scampering to the tub in excitement.

And what is a bath bomb without the aroma? She’ll get 12 different, sweet-smelling aromas made from natural ingredients to leave her feeling on top of the world after each bath.This is an image of a bath bombs for kids with surprise toys inside by Excalla.


26. Microscope Lab

This cool hands-on learning science gift explores the workings of a real microscope and all the amazing things a girl can do with it. The gift is a comprehensive science journey covering the history of microscopes, the parts of the microscope, and how to use one.

Your young scientists would also learn other stuff like how to make different types of slides using water droplets, textile fibers, plants, paper, crystals and much more.

The bus-shaped kit contains everything she’d need for this scientific journey including 20 colorfully-illustrated experiment cards, a data notebook for recording observations, prepared slides,  and much more.This is an image of a school bus lab science kit by The Young Scientists Club.


27. Vet Doctor Playset

If she loves pets, and chances are she has lots of them already, she’ll eagerly grab at this chance to add another dimension to her relationship with the pets. This time, she’ll be the vet doctor when they get sick. And getting sick is something her pets would be doing a lot, or how else would she get to practice her new skills?

This complete vet set comes in a beautifully-designed tote bag. Inside is everything she needs to be the best vet doctor her pets ever had. These include a stethoscope, thermometer, syringe, pretend ointment, and much more.

She also gets two extra pets, a puppy and a baby bear, to add to her list. of grateful patients.This is an image of a pet vet playset for kids by Melissa & Doug.


28. Light Up Tracing Pad

This tracing pad improves on one of the best ways of encouraging kids to draw. Though it must be said kids don’t need much encouraging to doodle on any surface, this pad just makes it so much more fun.

With the included blank sheets, 100 images to trace, and evenly lighted pad to see clearly, your girl would have fun tracing out her favorite images. She can then use the colored pencils to design the tracings just the way she wants helping to sharpen her creative and design skills.

Perfect as a birthday or holiday gift, the set also includes 1 graphite pencil and ten tracing sheets.This is an image of a tracing pad for kids by Crayola.


29. Rocking Chair

With minimal assembly required, this rocking chair with a seat that is about 12″ off the floor would bring a sweet smile of gratitude to her face when she gets it. Now, she has something to rock her gently while she thinks about the things that bother her. But you suspect she’ll love it because of the soothing effect of the chair on her. Maybe, she’ll no longer need bedtime stories to drift off to sleep at night. After all, she can simply rock herself gently to sleep.

The cute chair is made from sturdy rubber wood to ensure durability. The white painting is adorned with pink, purple, and lavender colors; the types of colors that appeal to young girls.This is an image of a customize butterfly rocking chair for kid by MyBambino


30. Clay Charms Craft Kit by Klutz

This craft kit would provide a fantastic opportunity for your girl to pick up interest in the art of making fun stuff with clay. This could well turn out to be a new favorite hobby considering all the fun she is going to get.

The kit comes with an instructions booklet that would teach her how to use the included 9 colors of clay to make different types of bracelets and clay charms. All she needs to acquire this knowledge are included in the kit. These include a charm bracelet, clay shaping tool, charm loops, drying and display stand, and much more.This is an image of a clay craft kit for kids by Klutz.


31. 54-Piece Drawing Stencils Set

Unleash your girl’s creativity with this huge drawing stencils kit that comes with reusable plastic templates with lovely designs she’d love to trace with over and over again.

The set comes in a beautiful handy carrying case making it instantly presentable as a gift. With the case, she is ready to go on any trip with the art set.

Everything she needs to draw as much as he wants is included in the case. This includes 16 large stencils that can be easily washed to be used again; 25 sheets of paper; one sharpener; 10 colored pencils; and a pen.This is an image of a 54 piece drawing set for kids by CreativeELF.


32. Pink Digital Camera by Omzer

Cameras, especially multifunctional digital ones, have a way of making everything seem interesting. That would be the overriding emotion on the little lady’s mind when she gets this camera that is specially made for kids: everything instantly becomes more interesting that she’d want to capture either as a photo or video.

The pink lightweight camera comes with a 2-inch crystal clear display to make focusing easy. And with support for up to 32GB SD card, she doesn’t have to worry about enough storage space for her files.

Other useful features include voice recording, protective shockproof shell, selfie camera, 8 scene selections, and much more.This is an image of a pink mini camera for kids by Omzer.


33. Butterfly Garden Playset

This gift will provide your kid an experience she’ll never forget; witnessing real insect metamorphosis in action. In this case, the transformation of caterpillars into beautiful butterflies.

If she’d ever wondered how those insects with delicate, beautiful wings came to be, this gift would satisfy that curiosity. What are the odds the experience will stimulate her curiosity to know about other insects and life in general?

The pack contains a large mesh habitat with a Velcro carry handle; five live caterpillars; and a little booklet explaining the various stages of the love cycle of a butterfly.This is an image of a butterfly garden playset by Insect Lore.


34. Beanbag Toss Game by Melissa & Doug

This fun and exciting game is one of the best ways to develop children’s hand-eye coordination, number recognition, and counting skills. Your girl, though, would love it because it is a simple, fast and exciting game to play with her buddies or alone.

Made of high-quality material to withstand constant use, the double-sided game with color-coded beanbags, featuring Verdie Chameleon, can be played in multiple ways. The basic play involves quickly matching the 8-numbered beanbags with numbers on any of the panels. The flexibility of the rules means she can even make up her own way of scoring.

The attached handle on the game makes it easy for kids to take it outdoors to play. The pack comes with a mesh bag for convenient storage.This is an image of a double sided beanbag game for kids by Melissa & Doug.


35. Sport Helmet with Rear Light

Fully adjustable, lightweight, and comfortable, this cool helmet would be perfect if she already has a bike, scooter, skateboard, etc. Though it is primary to protect your girl against serious head injuries, the stylish design would complement and add color and variety to her outfit.

It’s equipped with a rear safety light designed to alert distracted drivers, other riders and pedestrians. Red in color, the LED light has 3 modes with a battery life of about 20 hours.This is an image of a multi sport helmet with pug prints designed for kids by Hornit.


36. Headband Hair Accessories DIY Kit

Do it yourself kits, especially craft sets, always strike the right cords with children. And for ladies interested in fashion, they would be all over this kit creating different types of colorful headbands. Your girl would be purring with delight anticipating how she’d transform her hair with her amazing creations.

The set contains ten different headbands with several accessories to decorate them anyway her creativity demands. Her products would definitely be a bold fashion statement friends won’t be able to ignore.This is an image of a headband craft set for little girls by Creativity for Kids.


37. Story Maker Playset

This is an absolutely delightful kit delivering several fun and learning benefits to a kid lucky to get one as a present. The potential for enhancing creativity while providing important English grammar lessons are immense.

With over 150 red, yellow and blue magnetic word tiles, the lucky girl would be guided to weave storylines that are at once weird and exciting.

The color of the tiles match the different parts of the English language. For instance, nouns and phrases are represented by the blue tiles, proposition by yellow tiles, while the red riles represent all verbs and verb phrases.

With enough practice, she just might produce an epic poem or the greatest work of fiction by a 5-year-old.This is an image of a magnet story maker kit for kids by Magnetic Poetry.


38. DIY Decorative Wooden Wand

If she is a fan of fairy tales, we are sure she’d take to the idea of being a fairy princess with loads of good spells that would instantly change some somebody’s fortunes. Of course, she needs a magic wand to do that; and that is where this kit comes in.

This is even better though. With the accessories and other items like ribbons, paint, glitters and glue, she can make the wand the best there ever was. It needs only her creativity to achieve that awesome feat.This is an image of a princess wand craft kit by Melissa & Doug.


39. Pair of Kids Walkie Talkies

The educational value and utility of a walkie talkie are huge. And this red and black pair of walkie talkies by Retevis packs everything needed to deliver all the benefits to your girl.

Since she is still too young for a smartphone, this is a great way to stay in contact with her if she is within range. The walkie talkie is easy to use with responsive buttons and backlighted LCD.

Each unit is lightweight and comes with 22 channels, VOX and belt clip for hands-free operations, lock button to prevent accidental change of settings, and much more.This is an image of a 2 pack red walk talkie for kids by Retevis.


40. Dollhouse by Kidcraft

Kidcraft didn’t pull any punches in designing and making a truly remarkable dollhouse for kids. Your daughter would be delirious with pleasure with this huge 3½’ tall 3-level house. It would provide hours of engaging and creative imaginative pretend-play.

Painted with soft pink and other pastel colors, the wooden house comes with 13 pieces of furniture, a molded plastic staircase, and an outdoor patio area. She has four bedrooms at her disposal to arrange the furniture the way she wants. Guess where she’ll install the canopy bed and what section to designate as the living room for her dolls?This is an image of a little girl playing with the Savannah dollhouse by KidKraft.


41. Art Case Coloring Set

Anything from Crayola could be one of the best gifts for 5 yr old girl. If this art case doesn’t fuel her imagination to design, draw. and color anything she can think of, it’d be a surprise if anything else does. With 64 crayons, 20 colored pencils, 40 easily washable markers, and 15 large pieces of paper, she has everything she needs to feed her creative juices.

The carrying case is also as impressive as the art supplies packed into it. Designed with blazing colors on the outside, it features slots for every single item making it easy to organize the supplies. And with the handle and sturdy clasp to keep the case securely closed, she can carry. it anywhere she wants.This is an image of an art coloring set for kids by Crayola.


42. Chicken Farmer Doll Playset by Barbie

Glamorous Barbie as a chicken farmer brings a whole new meaning to career options for girls. Your girl will really love the idea of nurturing chickens and collecting eggs for the family in exciting and unique pretend-play. At the least, she’ll get to learn a thing or two about chicken farming.

The playset comes with a cute Barbie doll wearing a pink T-shirt, blue shorts, and cute red boots. She’ll most likely play with her Barbie alone when she is not at the farm. Their chat about chicken farming would be interesting.

Other items in the playset include a henhouse with nests, ramp for the chickens to access the henhouse, basket and tray for collecting eggs, and several pretend chicks and hens, etc.This is an image of a Barbie farmer doll for little girls.


43. A Pair of Colorful Octopus Kites

This is a cool gift to encourage her to play outdoors. The octopus-shaped, brightly-colored Kites would have her scampering outside to see if octopuses can fly. And girl, do they fly!

The 31″ wide kite with long tails was designed using a computer software to ensure it flies better than any other kite. It is easy to assemble and all she has to do is point it to the wind and watch it soar away. Your girl would definitely draw admiring glances from other people at the park, beach or wherever she chooses to fly it.This is an image of a 2 pack octopus kite for kids by Hengda Kite.


44. Foam Stunt Planes

Exciting outdoor toys for 5 year old girl don’t come any better than a pack of three stunt planes. She’ll be running, jumping and stomping on the launchers for hours to see the latest exciting stunts by the planes. This’ an excellent game to improve her social skills with friends eager to join in.

The three stunt planes are designed to fly in different ways: Looper plane performs giant loops, the Glider plane soars up to 100 feet, while the plane known as Wildcat executes the craziest stunts.

Apart from the stunt planes, the pack contains an adjustable launch stand and launch stomp with an air hose.This is an image of a stomp rocket with 3 plane toys for kids.


45. Interactive Animal Toy by WowWee

The first things she’ll notice and love about this toy are the adorable eyes, fluffy tail she’d want to caress all day, and the sweet color combinations of the toy.

Know as Aurora, it is not just a decorative piece though. The toy can get up to all sorts of naughty and fun tricks with spinning around being her favorite pastime. Just give the tail a shake to experience it.

With the magnetic pods, she could easily attach Aurora to her clothing to keep her close. She’ll even give your girl a cute sweet kiss if she is treated nice. This is a sweet, fun toy that is perfect as a Christmas or birthday gift.This is an image of an Aurora interactive animal toy for little girls by WowWee.


46. Spherical Starlight Projector

Your girl would love this projector not only because it can decorate a room with the beautiful nighttime sky, but also because it would provide a soothing ambient to her room enabling her to sleep peacefully.

It is equipped with three buttons to switch the projected light between steady warm white, to changing the projected nighttime sky to one with changing multiple colors, to the rotation mode that spins the projected light around the walls and ceiling.

She can use this toy as additional decor during weddings, birthday parties, family events, etc. You bet she’d be thrilled that people are happy with her substantial contribution to the event.This is an image of a light pink night light for kids.


47. Vanity Playset

Any self-respecting lady of class must have a vanity set. She’ll forgive you for not getting this earlier because this one compensates fully for your error in judgment.

Expect her to spend several hours of imaginative pretend-play as she puts finishing touches before going out for that important occasion.

The set comes with working lights, hand mirror, brush, and comb. It’s also equipped with molded-in compartments and pull out drawers to store her makeup and other important stuff like pieces of jewelry.

The pink and white playset is made from high-quality materials ensuring it would be a part of her life until she outgrows it.This is an image of a pink vanity set for little girls.


48. 2-in-1 Kick Scooter

You better watch out and get out of the way! This pink scooter moves so smoothly you’ll barely hear it coming when she is riding it around the house. But the blinking lights on the wheels should make her presence known long before she gets to you.

The awesome thing about this scooter is that it can be ridden in two ways: either standing or sitting. It comes with a removable seat attached to the handlebar. The handlebar itself is height-adjustable making it possible to use whatever her height.

And with the extra-wide deck, durable materials, and ergonomic handle, you needn’t worry about stability and her safety while she is having fun with it.This is an image of a pink kick scooter with removable seat and adjustable height designed for kids by Lascoota.


49. Super Hero Girls Action Figures

Female action figures are very popular toys for 5 year old girls. A collection of DC’s action female heroes to decorate her room and play with would be a super cool idea especially if she is a fan of these ladies. The scaled-down figures feature 9 fan favorites female superheroes including Wonder Woman, Katana, Batgirl, Hawkgirl, etc.

6 inches tall, each action figure is carefully designed to show their best poses to inspire creative storytelling involving breathtaking adventures. Each durable plastic figure comes with their favorite outfit with iconic superhero elements.This is an image of a 9 pack super hero girls action figure for little girls.


50. LEGO Frozen Building Set

Finally in our list of birthday gifts for 5 yr old girl is this awesome LEGO set featuring Disney’s Frozen. Let your little girl play in a magical winter playground with this Lego building set. First, though, She has to build her own Frozen palace with the 10736 pieces. For good effect, she can customize it to a version of the story she thinks is better for Princess Anna and Elsa.

As well as Elsa and Anna, the kit also includes a polar bear cub, a slide, treasure chest, snowball catapult, rotating fountain, and many other pieces needed to create her fantasy Frozen palace.

This ultimate in building kits would make a perfect Christmas gift for your girl. You would be entertained watching the places her creativity and imagination lead her.This is an image of a Frozen Ice castle building playset for little girls.



Buying Considerations When Choosing Gifts for 5yr Old Girls

At 5, girls are beginning to have a very good grip on their emotions and are better equipped to resolve conflicts and problems. Their language skills have also developed to a point they can articulate words and sentences clearly.

Invariably, their social skills are way better than they used to be. Therefore,  toys or gift ideas for 5 year old girl must include options that help to nurture her development and aid her in improving language and social skills.

Also, in getting gifts for them, you need to consider the fact of their increased physical activity that is matched by a raging curiosity. They want to do everything inside or outside the home. Everything, anywhere, is fair game to them simply to satisfy that itch to learn new things.

So gifts that improve motors skills, encourage physical activities, and aid body coordination would be awesome.

They would also grab at every chance to remind whoever is within earshot they are no longer babies. A year from now, they’ll start grade school, so desire that they are treated like the older kids.

So you must make an effort to get gifts that enhance their sense of self-worth and confidence. Fashion items like makeup kit, gowns, and metal jewelry are some items that would suit them perfectly. These gifts engender a feeling of being grownups; after all, adults use them too.

Finally, you need to consider that at this age, she must’ve had tons of gifts in her collection from previous years. How to avoid getting something she has already is one trick to nailing the perfect gift.

If you are not the parent, simply ask the parents or somebody living in the same house. If for some reason you can’t get the required answer, you could simply bite the bullet and ask her opinion about what she wants. There goes the surprise you planned out of the window; but, at least, you know you are on the right track to getting a gift she’ll adore.


Best Gift Overall

It’s now time to pick our best gift for 5 year old girl overall. A dollhouse almost 4 feet tall is simply too good to ignore. That is one reason we had to pick this dollhouse as the best buy. Though it might look a bit like splurging, the sheer delight plastered on her face when she gets it would be worth it.

The varieties of pretend-play options available to her with this item are awesome. She’d need all her creative skills to distribute the furniture, think up soap-opera level dramas involving the various dolls she’ll likely install in the house, and much more.This is an image of a little girl playing with the Savannah dollhouse by KidKraft.


Best Budget Gift

If your budget for a 5 year old girl toys or gifts limits you to a certain amount, why not take a chance on the Disney Princess dresses. We don’t think this is taking a chance though. Any girl aged 5 would instantly fall in love with the dress set even if she doesn’t know a thing about Disney princesses. Fashion items like these resonate particularly with little girls all the time.

We were impressed that with just one purchase, your girl has almost a complete wardrobe of dresses and gowns. One cool feature is the ability to combine skirts and tops to create different types of gowns. All she needs is a little creativity to get her peers thinking she has tons of dresses, gowns, and tops.

The set also comes with matching accessories such as bracelets, rings, headbands, and a necklace.This is an image of 4 little girls wearing Disney costumes.