Best Gifts for 5 Year Old Boys

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You might have ended up here because you are searching for the best gifts for 5 year old boys. You are not alone. This boat is crowded with many folks looking for similar gifts for a son, nephew, a friend’s kid, or a colleague’s son as birthday or Christmas gift. Or simply to mark some auspicious occasion like Halloween.

One reason adults can’t seem to make up their minds about suitable gifts for boys aged 5 could be down to the kid’s current level of development. Ideally, they are about to start kindergarten and so are effectively exiting the toddler stage. And in about a year, they would be heading to first grade.

So the gift has to be perfectly situated to prepare them for this phase while not ignoring the fact they still have some toddler habits.

That said, we have taken the time to make this the last stop in your search for the best toys for 5 year old boys. No matter his interests and the size of your budget, we guarantee you’ll find a toy or gift to get him all excited.


50 Best Gifts for 5 Year Old Boys

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Below are 50 top toys for 5 year old boys we picked from a wide range of gift items. The gift items in this guide are the result of several hours of research to ensure that only the best made it here.

1. Remote Control Steam Locomotive

First on our list of 5 year old boy toys is this Thomas the Train toy. This Fisher-Price locomotive is a wonderful gift for a boy that loves playing with trains. The colorful, all-plastic locomotive can love forward, backward, and even execute spins. Your kid would be super excited controlling all these movements with the easy-to-use remote.

As well as being super excited with realistic whistles and chugging sounds, he’d be thrilled by the fun phrases produced by the locomotive while in motion. And with water added to it, it emits steam like a real locomotive. But this a cool steam though and it is completely harmless.This is an image of boy's thomas and friends train with remote control in colorful colors


2. Learning Tablet by Osmo

Our next best gift for 5 year old boy is this cool tablet game from Osmo. With kid’s predilection for electronic gadgets these days, a learning tablet is a great way to teach kids concepts that would aid them in school. This tablet by Osmo is packed with features and activities geared towards giving your kid a good time via interesting games while also providing important educational benefits.

The tablet has everything kids need for interactive leaving and fun in 5 different ways. The parent gives parents the chance to monitor what he is up in the game mode and their progress in the learning mode.

Specifically, the over 500 visual puzzles allow him to learn about shapes using the wooden pieces; discover over 60 levels of creative engineering; learn how to spell an unlimited number of new words; discover new ways to tackle math problems; and much more.This is an image of boy's osmo kit that has a table with board game in colorful colors


3. 300 Piece Construction Set by Goobi

That boys love open-ended construction toys is not in doubt. The chance to use the imagination and construct varieties of shapes and structures usually keeps them engaged for hours at a time.

Goobi’s construction set delivers everything expected from the best construction kits. With 140 bars of different colors, 90 iron balls, and 70 tripods, expect him to dedicate most of his free time each day thinking and constructing unique structures.

The possibilities are endless. It just needs him to unleash his creativity. This is a great gift for any occasion to let him develop his creative skills while also having fun.This is an image of boy's construction STEM set in multi colors by Goobi


4. Rocket Stunt Planes

Any chance to get him outdoors away from his electronic gadgets and the TV should be explored. With this playset, he’d be out of the house in a flash to the nearest open field. Who wouldn’t want to launch three stunts into the air?

As well as the stunt planes, the pack comes with an adjustable launch pad and launch stomp pad with an attached air hose.

Alone or with friends, he’ll be running, jumping and stomping on the launch pad repeatedly to see how far the planes can soar and what stunts they’d execute.This is an image of boy's rocket toy for outdoor playing set


5. Outdoor Exploration Kit

This is another great outdoor gift that delivers lots of benefits. As well as the pure fun of doing exciting outdoor stuff, he’d be exposed to some STEM concepts, explore nature, and get tons of exercise. Your naturally energetic and extremely curious boy would take to this like he was born for it.

The kit has everything he needs to explore the great outdoors, even if that outdoors is the backyard or playground. He’d have access to a pair of binoculars for watching and viewing distant objects; compact, crank-powered flashlight for nighttime exploration; a compass to learn how to locate places on the map and understanding directions; magnifying glass to view small insects and other tiny objects clearly; and much more.

This would make a perfect gift if your kid is a Boy Scout. It is also great for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities.This is an image of boy's exploration kit in orange color


6. Dinosaur Toys and Race Tracks Building Kit

If your kid loves dinosaurs, he’ll instantly appreciate the exciting adventures that await him with this kit. For hours on end, he will be spinning adventure tales featuring ferocious dinosaurs, race cars trying to escape the beasts, and endless epic battles between the two species of dinosaurs in the pack.

Before all that though, he’d have to design and construct his own Jurassic Park with the 142 pieces in the kit.

Then he can direct the action watching the battery-operated race car running around the track, over the lifter, barging through the double doors, and over and down the bridge while the dinosaurs look on ready to pounce.This is an image of boy's race car with dinosaur toys in green color


7. ‘Walter The Farting Dog’ Book

Books are excellent 5 year old birthday gift ideas, espeically if he has loads of toys already. This hardcover book would have your boy reeling with laughter. Heroic dogs are common in stories and on TV shows, but none comes close to Walter whose signature weapon is farting!

The witty and engaging language of the story would hold your boy’s attention from the first page. Like Billy and Betty, the two kids in the book, he would be rooting for Walter as he tries to save the day when burglars come calling in the night. Would that be enough to save him from a fate worse than death?

That is what your kid would find out between the covers of this 32-paged book.This is an image of boy's book walter the farting dog


8. Hand-controlled Drone

Drones are cool toys for a 5 year old boy, and this one is easy to use and not too expensive. Make your boy’s Christmas the best so far with a gift of this drone. Also perfect for birthdays, the drone would have him running around the house in excitement making it move and execute exciting stunts. You and other members of the family could also join in the fun too.

A drone like this is awesome for kids to get all the exercise they need while indoors.

The easy-to-operate drone is controlled by hand gestures using the infrared induction sensors to detect a waving hand and move in the opposite direction. The drone can be made to hoover, spin 360°, as well as move in all directions.This is an image of boy's hand controlled flying ball in blue color


9. Electronic Writing Tablet

This 8.5″ tablet provides a suitably large surface for your boy to indulge in one of kids’ favorite activities: doodling. Now though, you don’t have to worry about cleaning ink stains from every conceivable surface in the house.

Easy to use and with eye-protection features, the tablet comes with a plastic pen he can use to draw, scribble, learn to spell, and more. And with the one-touch erase button, he gets a pristine surface to start afresh any time he wants.

Perfect as a Christmas or birthday present, the portable and durable tablet uses replaceable batteries that last a long time.This is an image of boy's electronic writing tablet in black color


10. Indoor Soccer Playset

Some lucky boy would have all the fun of playing soccer indoors with this playset. Add the floating soccer ball equipped with flashing LED lights, this could even be more fun.

The playset comes with two goal posts small enough to be installed in a decent-sized room, a small inflatable ball, and a pump to inflate the ball. This is a complete soccer set he could play with family members or friends no matter the time of day or weather conditions.

The pick of the pack is the floating or hoover ball. Alone, or with a friend or beloved puppy, your kid will get several hours of fun kicking the floating ball around the house.This is an image of boy's soccer ball set with 2 goals in blue color


11. Marvel Super Heroes Electronic Reader

This is a super awesome gift for fans of Marvel Super Heroes. He gets the chance to relive the adventures of his favorite superheroes in these interactive books that are packed with lots of other features.

Each book in the 8-book set features a module to choose a page where the e-reader can read from. The reading style is designed to engage the minds of young boys with fun phrases and surprising sounds.

Heroes like Spider-man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk Iron Man and Guardian of the Galaxy characters feature prominently in the stories. While notorious villains like Thanos, Mysterio, Loki, Ultron and more are also part of this amazing e-reader.This is an image of boy's Electronic Reader with marvel super heroes in red color


12. Royal Blue Smartwatch by VTech

This brightly colored smartwatch is designed to make him stand apart from the crowd. The bright royal blue color and the sharp touchscreen combine seamlessly to produce a wearable that is both fashionable and very useful.

He would love the feel of the durable, soft strap on their wrist. Like the best smartwatches, it comes with several fun games and activities. For instance, as well as play games, he can take photographs with it, record videos, and much more.

Besides the primary function of being a timepiece, it is equipped with useful features such as alarm, timer, stopwatch, calculator, etc. He could also customize the screen to match his personality from more than 50 3D analog or digital options.This is an image of boy's Smart watch by Vtech in blue color


13. 3D Dinosaur Night Light

Wouldn’t it be awesome if he had T-Rex watching over him while he is sleeping? No evil monster dare scare him awake at night again! That is what this nightlight provides: a digitally enhanced 3D holographic image of T-Rex.

The night light comes with a remote and touch control to adjust the light to comfortable levels. It could also be used to give T-Rex different colors to match your boy’s mood. This is a cool gift that is perfect for decorating his room even when he is not sleeping.

Powered by either 3 AAA batteries or USB cable, the light is soft, uniform, and non-flicker ensuring your kid’s health is not endangered while encouraging a blissful night rest.This is an image of boy's dinosaur 3D night light in blue color


14. Tennis and Baseball Practice Kit

This kit is a great way to promote an active lifestyle in your kid. With this pitching set, he could choose to hone either his tennis or batting skills. But who says he can’t be great at both games? This auto or remote-controlled pitcher is emphatic he can be an awesome baseball and tennis player even at a young age.

The kit comes with a tennis racket, baseball bat, six softballs made of quality foam rubber for safety, and the pitching machine. To add variety to his skill set, the angle of the pitching machine can easily be adjusted.This is an image of boy's baseball and tennis pitching machine


15. LEGO Heavy Cargo Construction Set

How are heavy cargoes transported across on land from one point to the other? That is what he is going to discover with this construction kid by Lego.

With 310 pieces, he would embark on cross country trips on his flatbed truck hauling a massive helicopter with the help of the helicopter pilot. Great as a basic engineering learning kit, your son would spend several hours of pretend-play creating various stories and scenarios.

The helicopter comes with rotating blades and a cockpit that can open or close adding a touch of realism to the fun.This is an image of boy's LEGO transport truck toy building kit


16. Go Kart by Hauck

Encourage physical activity with this amazing Go Kart that delivers a truly authentic driving experience using foot pedals to control the speed. Your kid would be hooked to it after seeing how awesome and safe it is to ride on it no matter the speed.

Go Kart features 3-point steering for responsive and quick turning; wide rubber wheels for better grip and a smooth ride on all types of surfaces; 8-ball styled handbrake to regulate the speed efficiently; ergonomic pedal push-sprocket for easy movement; and many more.

Made with durable materials, it is also equipped with a comfortable, adjustable seat with high backrest ensuring his safety throughout the years the Kart would be a part of his life.This is an image of boy's pedal go kart in green color


17. Multifunctional Remote Control Robot

With foam missiles, and the ability to walk, slide, dance, and LED fishing lights, your boy would enjoy every single minute of playing with this robot. This would be a great gift for the holiday season, birthday or special occasions such as Christmas.

The Robot toy comes with 9 missiles that are easily loaded into canisters on the chest. The little man would get loads of fun firing the missiles using the remote control. The durable robot is powered by 5 AAA batteries ensuring longer playing time.This is an image of boy's Remote control robot with lights in gray and back color


18. ‘I Can Do That’ Marvel Game

A marvel game featuring some of the greatest superheroes known to man would always deliver the sort of entertainment little kids love. This is a game of wit and strategy that your kid and other players would enjoy playing again and again.

The randomness of the game means no two games are similar. However, the game is easy to play and takes about 15 minutes of fast-paced action to complete each game.

It comes with 45 activity cards, a foam portal, one green goblin, and the signature weapons of some of Marvel’s favorite Super Heroes like Spider-man, Thor, Captain America, and Captain Marvel. There is also an instructions booklet explaining the rules.this is an image of boy's i can do that card game with marvel super heroes theme


19. 3D Cartoon Wristwatch

If you want a wristwatch for your boy that does the basics excellently (as opposed to the smartwatch above), this blue waterproof unit is one of the best options out there. Not only does it tell the time accurately (developing your kid’s ability to tell the time), the awesome construction and design would complement his outfits making him feel more confident and in control.

The high-quality silicone strap is light and very soft so boys would feel comfortable wearing it for as long as they want; while the cartoon image on the strap promotes a feeling of fun and liveliness.

It is a shock-resistant timepiece making it very durable. Rest assured, he would be using it for a long time.This is an image of boy's classic watch with cartoon theme in blue color


20. AR Interactive Globe by Shifu

The combination of a school globe with technology makes this one of the best learning gifts for kids. Your kid would spend hours using the gadget (Android or iOS devices) to scan the globe to see what the free app informs him about a particular location on the map.

This gift would expand your kid’s knowledge about the world he lives in. There are over 400 highlights and over 1000 facts about the world across 6 categories. This is an exciting and fun way to learn about cultures, animals, history, geography, weather, inventions and much more at the global level.

If he is curious like most kids his age, he would never get enough of this globe. Just make sure you have a compatible device with a good screen handy for him to use.This is an image of boy's STEM interactive world map with app


21. Finger Slingshot by US Sense

Dads, and we dare say some mums too, must remember all the fun they had all those years ago hunting little animals and playing with slingshots. This gift is a far more exciting and safer version that everybody will have fun playing with especially young boys.

The design and how to use it are simple enough. Each of the 9 foam slingshot comes with a rubber band at the top that is pulled back using the index and then releasing it to send the foam missile soaring into the air.

Great for improving hand-eye coordination and social interaction, friends or family can play games seeing who can launch the rockets furthest. And with the flashing LED lights activated by a button, it is also an awesome game to play at night.This is an image of boy's LED foam Finger rocket 6 pack in colorful colors


22. Magician Costume

David Copperfield or any famous magician won’t come close to looking this good when your kid puts on this complete magician costume. Pulling rabbits out of a hat or making coins appear out of thin air would all be secondary by the time he steps out. He’ll be dashing like that!

This would make a great gift if your son loves magic or magic shows. The costume features a vest with a secret pocket, a top hat with a hidden compartment, a wand, bow tie, and a cape.

Important magician’s props like a coin, a rabbit, and card tricks are also included. That he would have a great time in fun pretend-play is never in doubt.This is an image of boy's Magician Role play costume set


23. Flipside Game

This puzzle game of strategy and planning is the sort of entertaining and absorbing game you want to give the little man to develop his cognitive skills, fine motor skills, and concentration. The game is easy to play, exciting and very, very addictive.

With 4 different game modes to choose, he has more than enough variety to keep him engaged for hours flipping the colored blocks to match the flashing lights.

The pack also contains the batteries and instructions booklet to get him started.This is an image of boy's flipslide game


24. Mini Scratch Art Box

Calling this awesome gift a scratch art box hides the fact this is several gifts in one. Sure, he’d be doing a lot of scratching to reveal what lies beneath the matte coating. Beyond that though, the gift features several items for arts and craft projects, for creating super cool illustrations, mini notes to jot down notes or doodle, etc.

The pack comes with 125 rainbow mini notes, a wooden stylus to scratch designs and notes, and a very useful box to help keep all the items organized.

Perfect for developing creativity, writing skills, and social skills, your kid would be able to use this for a variety of activities. For instance, he could use it in the classroom for jotting down lesson notes, as reminders, to write cool notes to others, and much more.This is an image of boy's scratch art box in black color


25. Crazy Fort Construction Kit

This award-winning construction kit will provide endless and exciting construction activities play for your little boy. Like most kids, he would love the simple but engaging act of building different types of structures from scratch over and over again.

As well as providing hours of engaging fun for your boy, the kit would expose him to important STEM concepts in the building and engineering niche.

The pack contains 44 green sticks and 69 geometrically precise balls with holes drilled into them to serve as the connectors. There is also an illustrated guide for creating 5 structures. You bet that in no time at all, the little architect would constructing even more complex structures.This is an image of boy's STEM building kit


26. Nerf Gun Tactical Vest

This tactical vest is the stuff awesome dreams are made of; at least, the dreams of fans of Nerf battles. If your kid is a fan, you’d take his battle credibility to the next level by getting this vest for him.

The vest comes with everything he needs to ensure he’s several steps ahead of his opponents. Don’t be surprised if teammates pick him to lead them into battle.

The cool and stylish vest is designed with a dart pouch that can hold up to 30 darts. Other cool design features include space for small blasters, magazines, and other important equipment. Additionally, he gets 30 refill darts, one tactical mask, a reload clip, a protective glass, and a wrist band.This is an image of boy's Nerf guns tactical vest kit


27. Monkey Balance Math Game

By purchasing this game for your kid, you have enabled several positive things in his life: his maths skills and memory is going to get better; his social interaction and bonding with the family will improve; and he gets one more thing that makes him very happy for hours at a time.

The game is played with the 69 pieces in the pack that includes 19 monkeys, 30 double-sided cards, a monkey scale, scale pans, numbers 1-10, and an easy-to-read and understand instructions booklet.This is an image of boy's balance coool math card game in colorful colors


28. Remote Control Car by Aockis

This remote control has everything you want in a race car for kids. It is flashy, well-designed, and with a ruggedness that belies its status as a very durable toy. The hours of endless and exciting pretend-play as a champion racer he’ll indulge in, either indoors or outdoors, can only be imagined.

Featuring bright, colorful, and flashing LED lights when in motion, the car can be made to spin in both directions, do amazing flips, and race in all directions with the easy-to-use remote control. He would be thrilled by the resilience of the car that never stops moving no matter what happens to it.This is an image of boy's double sided remote control car with lights in multi colors


29. Dinosaur Eggs Dig Kit

Chances are your kid is very familiar with dinosaurs. What about baby dinosaurs? Finding that those huge beasts come from eggs could be one of the most exciting discoveries of the year for him.

The dig kit comes with 10 dinosaur eggs, 2 hammers, and one magnifying glass. That is everything he needs to carefully dig out the different dinosaur species from the eggs.

The pack also contains an instruction guide for each egg and 10 learning cards filled with useful information related to the origin, diet, lifestyle, etc., of each dinosaur.This is an image of boy's dinosaurs eggs toys pack


30. LEGO Ambulance Helicopter Building Kit

With 90 pieces to build a powerful mountain rescue helicopter, your son is likely to shut out the rest of the world while he concentrates on getting this right. After all, helping people in distress requires that level of commitment. And with his fully functional rescue helicopter ready, his pretend-play skills would be on overdrive to different stories of daring rescue missions.

The kit also contains mini-figures of a doctor, helicopter pilot, and snowboarder; just the things he needs to make his mountain adventures complete.This is an image of boy's LEGO helicopter building kit


31. Terrarium Arts & Crafts Kit

This Playset is essentially a gardening kit in a bottle. Instead of your boy to play around in the dirt digging up plants and worms and getting dirty, this is a cooler way to satisfy his natural curiosity indoors; no more having to look out for scruff marks or worry about torn clothes.

The kit comes with everything he needs to grow his own garden right inside a bottle. And with the included light-up star and lid, the jar also doubles as a night light.

As well as the soil and seeds for plants, the kit also contains mini-figures of a fox, hedgehog, mushroom house, river rocks, etc., allowing him to replicate a complete ecosystem right inside the bottle.This is an image of boy's Light up terrarium kit


32. Hopping Ball with Handle

Hopping balls are some of the best indoor and outdoor gifts for kids that encourages them to exercise their body while having a bit of fun too. The balls are usually easy to use, durable, and provide endless options for pretend play.

The blue hopping ball is made from non-toxic material while the handle is perfectly-sized for small hands. He can hop around as much and as high as he wants, hanging on tight won’t be a problem for him.This is an image of boy's hopping ball toy in blue color


33. Rush Hour Traffic Jam Game

If your kid has ever being cough up in a traffic jam, he must have wondered how the adults get themselves in these situations and why it takes them so long to resolve. Now is his chance to test his theories on this traffic jam game of logic and strategy.

With a traffic grid, 15 blocking vehicles including an ice cream truck, he has all he needs to show the adults how to manage traffic gridlocks.

The game is easy to learn and play. But, with 40 beginners to expert level challenges, he has to be at his best to move on from one challenge to the nextThis is an image of boy's rush hour junior traffic jam


34. Interactive Map

Whether on the floor as a colorful playmat or hung on the wall, this interactive map serves as an important learning tool for kids. It’s an awesome gift to prepare your kid for grade school while having fun too. Most importantly though, it is a great way to expose him to the cultural, environmental, and social diversity of the US.

The high-quality durable map is easy to use. All he has to do is touch any portion of the map to get a variety of information related to that location. Also included are features such as basic and advanced quizzes, fun facts, and a volume control knob.This is an image of boy's interactive world map with sounds


35. 3 Pack Walkie Talkies

Give him this for his birthday and that desire to play with your expensive smartphone would be gone for good. This is a great gift as a communication device until he is old enough to start using a smartphone.

As an alternative to a smartphone aside, he is going to have fun with friends or family members exchanging messages. The scope for pretend play is vast. With his friends, they can go on adventures in the wild; act as first responders in emergencies; be the smart security operatives on the trail of criminals; and much more.

Each lightweight, easy-to-use unit is capable of hands-free operation and comes with squelch control for crystal clear audio. You can even keep a unit for yourself to stay in contact with him during family outings.This is an image of boy's walkie talkies pack in colorful colors


36. Metal Spring Walking Toy by Slinky

For generations, this simple spring has brought joy to people of all ages. You’d want your son to get a dose of the simple pleasure of watching Slinky stretching, wiggling, jiggling or even walking while making the signature sound unique to it.

This gift would be awesome for any occasion or event. Also awesome is the fact that Slinky is going to be a part of his life for as long as he wants.This is an image of boy's metal walking spring toy


37. Solar System Floor Puzzle

At 5, this could be your son’s first exposure to the subject of astronomy. Making it fun and engaging while learning is the underlying aim of this game. You bet his interest in the subject would be enhanced by the time he has mastered how to put pieces of the puzzle in record time.

The floor puzzle comes with 48 extra-thick cardboard pieces designed to withstand repeated handling. The finished puzzle, featuring a dazzling, colorful vista of the solar system, is simply captivating.This is an image of boy's Solar system floor puzzle board


38. Batman V Superman Game

Boys love spinning imaginary, creative scenes where their favorite superhero proves he is stronger, better, and faster than all the others. With this exciting and fun game, he has the chance to show the world that he was right all along that either of Batman or Superman is the greatest.

Designed for two, the game comes with two thumb-operated controls for each player to direct the moves of their chosen superhero. It’s a winner-takes-all boxing match to the finish. The superhero that falls off the platform first loses that round.This is an image of boy's robots batman vs superman toys


39. Farm Puffy Stickers Playset by Melissa & Dough

If you want a first-hand experience of your son’s creative capabilities, this playset containing 52 farm-themed stickers is one of the best toys for it. There are endless fun opportunities for him to express his creativity while also improving his communication and fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination.

On the included double-sided background board, he can arrange the stickers in a variety of ways to match the different, fascinating, farm-related storylines he is using his imagination to create.

And because the stickers can be removed easily, lifting a piece to change the narrative would be a breeze. The narrative on the board can be as dynamic as he wants it.This is an image of boy's Farm sticker play set


40. Vet Doctor Playset

This is another Melissa & Dough playset your boy would love hanging out with. You bet he won’t miss the chance to be the doctor that ensures the pets are in tip-top shape all the time.

The 24-piece playset comes with all the medical equipment a competent vet doctor that knows his job needs. These include a syringe, stethoscope, tweezers, bandages, thermometer, and much more. At the least, he would learn the names of the various equipment and their uses.

The kit comes in a tote bag for easy storage and contains a plush dog and cat he could use as his patients and also play with separately.This is an image of boy's treat pet vet play set


41. John Deere Tractor

This officially-licensed John Deere tractor combines the best of two exciting worlds for kids: monster truck and cool vehicle styling. With the large tires with deep treads, boys would not be restricted by the terrain anywhere they want to play with it.

They’d love the glowing green lights that are automatically activated when the truck is pushed forward or backward. That alone would keep them engage for hours with various imaginative pretend play scenarios.This is an image of boy's monster tractor with light wheels by John deere in black and green color


42. Police Car-styled Tent

Basic tents are some of children’s favorite playthings. They love the privacy it affords to play with friends, take naps, and do whatever pleases them. It is a safe place they can decorate as much as they want to fit their personality.

This police cruiser-themed tent takes all of that several notches up. The tent will surely add several exciting varieties to the imaginative role play. ‘Cops and robbers’ is just one of the yarns he’d be spinning excitedly while in this tent.

The lightweight tent is made from very durable material and is big enough for two kids to play in comfortably. Setup is also quite easy since it is a pop-out tent that comes completely assembled; so is folding and packing it in the carrying bag when it is not in use.This is an image of boy's tent with police car design in blue and white colors


43. LEGO Construction Site Building Kit

The idea of being the supervisor of a huge construction site directing his crew and equipment would appeal to him greatly. Before that though, he would derive immense joy getting the site up and ready for operations with the 67 pieces in the kit.

Building kits like this are great for developing creative thinking and motor skills in kids. And with his bulldozer,  truck, crane, and various equipment, he’d be getting a lot of those benefits in addition to having a great time.This is an image of boy's LEGO duplo big construction building blocks


44. 9-Car Gift Pack by Matchbox

Cars are always awesome birthday gift ideas for 5 year old boy. Awaiting the little man are hours and hours of entertaining imaginative role play with this pack of 9 stunning vehicles. The die-cast vehicles can’t be found anywhere else making them awesome collector’s items; making them excellent decorative pieces for his room when he is not playing with them.

The scaled-down vehicles don’t require any special assembly or battery. He would be ready to play immediately they are out of the box.This is an image of boy's vehicles pack assortment in colorful colors


45. LEGO Fire Patrol Building Kit

Kids love role-playing involving firemen with them as the heroes putting out fires and rescuing people in all sorts of distress. That is just one reason he is going to love this Lego building kit. He now has the chance to rush to a fire emergency with his fire truck with a trailer and raised bucket attached to it; or even rush to get important supplies in his power motorcycle.

He’d also enjoy fitting the large pieces together to create the template for his daring pretend play. All the pieces come in a beautiful carrying case with an ergonomic handle making it a convenient traveling playset.This is an image of boy's LEGO junior fire patrol suitcase building kit


46. Kick Scooter

To build your son’s balance, coordination, and riding skills, a kick scooter like this one is simply one of the best toys to employ. Because little boys of 5 have so much energy to burn, he’ll be scooting around the house, yard or block with every chance he gets.

You would love the anti-slip handlebars that can be adjusted to 5 different height levels. Combine that with the durable materials, including wear-resistant wheels it is made from, you get a scooter that would be a with him a long time as he grows.

Other impressive design features include the flashing wheels when he is scooting making it easy to be spotted in poor light conditions and the easy-to-fold system that makes it convenient for storage and carrying.This is an image of boy's 3 wheels Scooter in red color


47. Matching Eggs Playset

You’ll be amazed at the variety of learning and play options kids can get with these plastic eggs designed to look like the real deal. It is an awesome educational and learning tool for parents and even teachers to expose kids to different colors and  shapes. It’s also a useful tool for enhancing their shape-recognition, counting, shape sorting, and basic maths skills.

Perfectly-sized for small hands to grasp easily, the 12 eggs are made from high-quality, non-toxic, tasteless materials. Each egg is designed with a smooth, round edge to ensure the safety of your kid.This is an image of boy's matching eggs game in multi colors


48. Wooden Train Decorating Kit

Ignite your boy’s creativity and innate capabilities as an engineer with this kit. The playset is a combination of building and painting kits making it a wonderful present if you want your boy to spend several hours away from tech gadgets and the TV.

He would enjoy having to build the wooden train with the included pieces from scratch. The train is quite easy to build so he can quickly move on to the next stage: tapping into his creativity to design it however he sees fit using the paints, brush, and 32 stickers included in the pack.

It doesn’t need a stretch of the imagination to know he is going to indulge in a variety of imaginative role play with his beautiful truck.This is an image of boy's wooden train craft


49. Women Ice Cream Counter & Accessories

This cool gift allows kids to play several roles in one of their favorite places: the ice cream shop.

Using the playset, he can indulge in fun role play taking orders from people using the menu, making and serving ice cream to eager folks, and collecting money from satisfied people.

The beautifully-designed kit comes with 21 pieces including a sweet wooden ice cream counter, an ice cream scooper, different types of ice cream cones with ice cream toppings, etc.This is an image of boy's Wooden ice cream scoop in colorful colors


50. Kids Wooden Table and Chairs

Last on our list of christmas gift ideas for 5 year old boy is this little table and chairs set. You’d never know your boy needs something like this to complement the furniture in his room until you get it for him. You just delivered the only piece of furniture missing in his room. Now, he has a place, to put it simply, he’d call his work station.

In addition to the bed or floor, this is the place to do his schoolwork, arrange his playsets, play games with his buddies, and dozen other things that require a table and chair.

The table and chair, at 20″ tall and 11″ of seat height respectively, are the perfect height for kids. They are made from high-quality hardwood to easily withstand the stress of frequent useThis is an image of boy's Wooden furniture that has table and two chairs


What to Consider when Choosing Toys for 5 Year Old Boy

Five year old boys are famous for being full of energy and endless curiosity. Combined with the fact that they already have a good idea about what they want, it can become confounding to narrow down your options even from a list of the great gift ideas for 5 year old boy.

One simple way of nailing down the right gift or toy is to consider options that nurture some of their developing skills. For instance, he’d likely love jumping, running, and asking questions a lot. Toys or gifts that encourage him to do all that would be awesome any day.

Another vital consideration is the educational value of the gifts. You would want to get him a toy that prepares him for grade school. Interactive books, maps, and many other toys fall into this category. You’ll find several gifts in this guide with premium educational value.

Because boys in this age group are very energetic, the quality of material used in making the toys can’t be discounted. No matter the toys or gifts, expect boys to expose them to some rough handling.

Some kids will slam their toys on the floor for no reason at all. Toys made from high-quality materials can take whatever is dished out and still function as well as can be expected.

Truth is, nobody likes heading back to toy shops looking to purchase replacements so soon after getting one.

Finally, when searching for the best toys for 5 year old boys, his personal interests should be taken into consideration. This is mostly applicable if the boy isn’t your kid since parents are expected to have a pretty good idea.

The easiest way to find out about his interests is to ask the parents, older siblings or kindergarten teachers if you have access to them.

However, if you still want to surprise everybody with the gift, you’ll likely get it right betting on riding toys. It’d be hard to come across a kid who isn’t interested in riding a bike, go-kart, or scooter.


Best Gift Overall

If you are still confused about a gift to pick and you don’t have budgetary constraints, why not consider the Learning Tablet by Osmo.

This interactive tablet is specifically designed as a learning tool for kids. With hundreds of visual puzzles, engineering tasks, new words to learn, maths problems, etc., he is unlikely to ever get bored with it.

We were impressed by how easy it is to use and the variety of play options packed into it. There are five different play modes with a handy parental control feature to monitor the kid’s progress in the game and learning modes.This is an image of boy's osmo kit that has a table with board game in colorful colors


Best Budget Gift

For an awesome gift you can get with a modest budget but still packing lots of fun and other developmental benefits, the Batman vs Superman boxing game is perfect.

The game is fun, fast-paced and features two of children’s favorite Superheroes battling it out in a boxing match. Even if he is not a fan of Marvel’s heroes, he’d certainly love pitting his wits with an opponent in rounds after rounds of boxing duels.

Using the control is great for sharpening reflexes and hand-eye coordination. Expect a noticeable improvement in his social skills as well.This is an image of boy's robots batman vs superman toys