Best Gifts for 4 Year Old Girls

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So, that special girl in your life just turned 4 and you are wondering what gifts or toys to get for her to celebrate the auspicious occasion? Or perhaps, you are even wondering how to choose the best gifts or toys for girls 4 year old? We got you covered here.

The best toys for 4 year old girls must be chosen to match their current level of development. They are now at a stage where they have more friends and invariable, are able to socialize better. And the fact that, all things being equal, she is now a preschooler means more activities outside the home.

However, with so many 4 year old girl toys and gifts in shops, the major problem facing adults boils down to the quality of the gifts. How can one know for sure if that awesome-looking toy is going to live up to its promises? That is the question most folks don’t have an answer to and that is the major reason we are here.

To get the best, we put in several hours of research evaluating hundreds of products in different categories. Though we understand that money shouldn’t be an issue when thinking of the best gift ideas for 4 year old girl, we also considered and included several outstanding budget items to cover all bases.


50 Best Gifts for 4 Year Old Girl

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This selection of the best presents for a girl of 4 allows you to have plenty of options for a unique gift that should be memorable in many ways. Hopefully, you’ll find one from the different categories she’d adopt as her favorite.

1. Barbie Dreamhouse

This utterly gorgeous 3-floor house is just the thing your little girl needs to show she’s now old enough to manage a big house. Maybe mum would learn a few housekeeping tips from her.

Perfect as a birthday or Christmas gift or any special occasion, it comes with over 70 accessories. Nothing was left out to make this the house every little girl dreams of.

With seven bedrooms, an elevator, furniture piece for lights, fully-fitted bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, garage, and every conceivable modern gadget and home appliances, she doesn’t have to dream anymore. The dream house just became real.This is an image of girl's barbie dream house building set in pink color


2. Disney Princess Dolls Set

This gift set would have your daughter cooing in delight. Her own beautiful and gorgeous Disney Princesses to play with? Trust us, she might need a bit of time to take in the magic of having 7 Disney dolls to call her own. And when she starts creating her own fantasy stories, there would be no stopping her.

Each of the 7 dolls was carefully crafted with attention paid to even the tiniest detail. The Magiclip dress on each doll would simply take her breath away. Better yet, she could easily swap the dresses on the dolls. All she has to do is press down on the base of any dress and tiny hinges are activated to open the dress at the shoulder.

What are the chances she’d come up with a better dress combination to put Disney to shame?This is an image of girl's doll gift set pack by disney


3. LEGO Sofia Royal Castle Building Kit

This LEGO playset would inspire lots of fun adventures in a royal castle. Whether your little girl chooses to be Princess Sofia or the stepsister, Princess Amber, she’d be engaged in hours of exciting pretend play, exploring the royal castle that is full of magical surprises.

She’d love Clover, the adorable rabbit that loves playing in the throne room. She could even dance with it on the revolving dance floor or go treasure hunting with Amber in the basement. The fantasy gets exciting by the minute as her imagination gets better.

First, though, she has 87 pieces to build the royal castle to her own specifications. All the pieces she needs, like magic wands, blankets, treasure chest, chandelier and much more, are included in the pack.This is an image of girl's LEGO duplo disney royal castle building set


4. Jeep Wrangler

For a girl of 4, it doesn’t matter that this Jeep Wrangler isn’t as big as the real thing; this is even better because she gets to ride it any time she wants and it is completely hers. And the gorgeous Toy Story colors and design makes it even more beautiful and exciting than the boring Jeeps adults seem to like.

Your girl would be zooming around the backyard alone or with her favorite person riding shotgun while listening to her car radio. Life is indeed beautiful!

The power ride comes with a maximum forward speed of 5 mph and 2.5mph reverse speed. It also comes with power brakes; and with the high-speed lockout feature, parents can limit the speed to keep her and others safe.This is an image of girl's Power wheels jeep car in blue color


5. Scribble Pets and Tub Playset

Some cute little girl is going to have the time of her life making some equally cute little animals even cuter. Animals and girl would have a great time bonding while their furs are made to look absolutely gorgeous with cool designs her imagination can think of. And if they all agree she could do better, she’d simply give them a nice bath in the tub to wash off the ink and have another shot.

That is the basic scenario that awaits your little girl with this gift. You bet she’ll have lots of fun designing the pets in different colors over and over again with the 6 washable markers.This is an image of girl's tub animal toy set in colorful colors


6. Bouncing House with Basketball Rim

Basketball doesn’t have to be your girl’s favorite sport to love this bouncing house. With her friends or alone, she is going have fun seeing how high she can bounce. There are 4 sports balls and basketball rim to add variety, so she and her friends would be soaring in the air dunking shots all day like elite WNBA and NBA stars.

With the included power pump, it should take you a couple of minutes to get this ready for her and taking it down simply involves turning off the blower. So you don’t have to put in too much effort blowing up and deflating this high-quality bouncing house made from non-toxic materials.This is an image of girl's bouncer jumping in colorful colors


7. White Kids Mini Camera

Giving her a camera is an invitation to have fun, socialize more, and take more interest in her surroundings. But this camera shows her you simply get it, even if you are from a different, far older generation.

Designed like a rabbit with a pair of cute rabbit ears sticking up, she’d give you a thousand hugs before zooming off to start showing it off and taking shots of anything in sight.

This digital camera comes with an LCD making focusing easier while the soft buttons are easy to operate and understand. And with the lanyard combine with the lightweight, carrying it around for hours won’t be a problem.This is an image of girl's camera with bunny design and memorry card in white and pink colors


8. Pogo Jumper

Just wait until she gets really good at using this to bless the day your gut told you to get this Pogo Jumper for her. It is never going to get boring as long as she has it. She’d likely make up stories about adventures with her favorite kangaroo. Her imagination would surely come up with the wildest and the most exciting adventures to match the fun of jumping all over the place.

This Pogo Jumper is made from sturdy, high-quality material to keep her safe and to ensure durability.

If you want your kid to exercise more and have endless fun, she’d get all that and much more with this gift.This is an image of girl's pogo jumper in pink and purple colors


9. Princess Elsa Wristwatch

This would make a perfect Christmas gift for your girl especially if Elsa is her favorite character in Frozen, the story of the princess with magical powers. With the snow falling at Christmas and the watch on her wrist, she’d be singing happy songs and willing more snow to fall to make it a perfect White Christmas.

The water-resistant watch comes with a purple hook and loop nylon strap. At the least, she’d learn how to tell the time while the scratch-resistant mineral crystal would seriously enhance its credibility as a classy fashion accessory.This is an image of girl's watch with frozen design in purple color


10. Interactive Riding Horse

Is your girl fascinated by horses? This horse, known as Freckles, would fulfill every burning horse desire she ever had if owning and riding a horse is what she loves talking about. In any case, any girl of 4 would love playing with it no matter her obsessions.

The horse is realistically designed to look like a real horse. It even has a plush body she’d love to hug, a mane she can groom with the included plastic comb, and it even makes a crunching sounds when fed with the included carrot.

Additionally, the horse makes realistic riding sounds to match how she is riding: whether it is a walk, trot or a full gallop.This is an image of girl's riding horse by Radio flyer in black and white color


11. Tutu Skirt with Unicorn Headband

Christmas is a season with many opportunities to dress up as fantasy characters. A layered Tutu skirt is always a favorite among girls for costume parties and other cosplay events.

With the rainbow-colored design, she would be the standout cutie on the block. And if she loves Unicorn, the headband with rainbow horns and purple Unicorn ears would absolutely nail it for her as the most outstanding costume.

So whether it is a costume party, Christmas events, ballet class or even as daily wear, she’d definitely rock in it.This is an image of girl's rainbow skirts with unicorn horn headband in colorful colors


12. ‘How to Babysit a Grandma’ Book

Who knew hanging out with grandma and taking care of her needs can be such fun? Apparently, the author of this book, Jean Reagan, knows all the secrets and she shares them with little kids in this story about a girl who enjoys spending quality time with her grandmother.

After reading this fun book, your daughter would be impatient for her next trip to see her granny. Now is her time to reciprocate all the love and care granny had shown her over the years with her newly-acquired granny-babysitting skills.

The 32-paged hardcover book is illustrated with cool Polaroid-like pictures to make reading easy and fun.This is an image of girl's book how to babysit a grandma


13. DIY Decorative Wooden Princess Wand

Nothing says a little girl can’t have her own customized wand and cast all the good magic spells she can think of to make other people happier. The scope for role-playing, weaving fantasy tales and saving the day with her magic wand, is enormous.

The wooden wand though is mostly about creativity. It gives her the chance to decorate the plain wand just the way she imagines the most awesome wand has to look like. With the wooden star, dowel, a pair of ribbons, gem stickers, satin ribbons, 4 paint pots, glitter glues, and white glue, she has everything to create the best wand the world has ever seen.This is an image of girl's wooden princess wand in colorful colors


14. Pink Karaoke Microphone

Gather the whole family and the neighbors around, your baby is finally about to unleash the singing talent that was bubbling under the surface waiting for an inspiring gift like this microphone.

Perfectly sized for her small hands, the mic is compatible with all Bluetooth devices and with the high-quality speaker, it can be used to listen to her favorite songs while holding it and giving the karaoke performance of life.

Made from durable aluminum alloy and easy to use, it also comes with a player, a recorder, 3-layer high-density noise reduction, a volume knob, and support for TF card up to 8GB so she could play her favorite songs directly from the mic.This is an image of girl's karoake microphone with sounds in pink color


15. LEGO Minnie’s Birthday Party Kit

It is the season of celebrations and it is right your girl is allowed to organize a birthday party for her favorite cartoon character Minnie Mouse. She is going to have a blast being the consummate event planner.

She would love that part of the organizing process that allows her to use the 22 pieces in the kit to build the event center, cake, a car to take Minnie to the venue, gift package, and much more. And with Figaro the cat included, what else could make the day so perfect?This is an image of girl's minnies party building blocks in pink and other colors


16. Hooded Bathroom

This bathrobe is so adorable you shouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t to take it off. No worries though, it can easily double as pajamas or even a casual house gown. She’ll love prancing around the house with the hood up to show the world how cute she looks as a Unicorn.

The Unicorn hood comes with a yellow horn sticking off the top. This complements the soft color of the robe perfectly.

Made from premium polyester, the bathrobe is soft, comfortable and safe for her sensitive skin.This is an image of girl's unicorn hooded bathrobe in colorful colors


17. Unicorn Home Slippers

If you made up your mind to get the Unicorn bathrobe above, consider adding these cool unicorn slippers. Both items would complement one another perfectly. The slippers, though, would rock her world even as a standalone gift for any occasion including Christmas and birthday.

It is easy to love them. They are ultra-soft and would make her feet feel very special. To the watching world, it is the sleeping unicorn design with a glittering horn that makes the pair of slippers special. If only they knew what she knows, they’d begin to have an idea why it’s her favorite home slippers.This is an image of girl's unicorn girls shoes in ponk color


18. Pink Mermaid Tail Blanket

Along with Unicorns, mermaids are some of girls’ favorite fantasy characters. Everything about mermaids appeals to young girls and this blanket is her mermaid fantasy coming true. Now, she gets to sleep feeling like one of nature’s special creatures.

The cuddly, knitted blanket is made from high-quality skin-friendly material that would keep her warm and cozy. Expect her to use it while watching TV in the living room on cold winter days. The blanket is also perfect for traveling, camping, sleepovers, etc.This is an image of girl's mermaid blacket in pink color


19. Unicorn Doctor Kit by Barbie

How many times has your little darling told you she wanted to be a doctor when she grows up so she can save lives? You stopped counting right? Well, she can start practicing by keeping her pet unicorn healthy with this medical kit. Saving Unicorns should be more exciting!

The kit comes with a plush Unicorn featuring a light-up horn, a stethoscope to check heartbeat, an ice cream to reward the unicorn for being a model patient, bottle, syringe, and a treat for the patient.

With this pack, be rest assured she is going to have the healthiest Unicorn in the universe.This is an image of girl's unicorn pet doctor in pink color


20. Ten Magic Butterflies Book

If you want your little cutis to learn a bit of math and have more interest in reading, you have the perfect ally in this book written specifically for kids in her age range.

The book is a mix of enchanting stories to delight any young girl and a little math. She would gleefully follow the adventures of ten flowers that can turn into butterflies while describing different ways items can be grouped to create the number 10. And how about the little caterpillar in the stories that wishes it could fly? Well, wishes do come true when magic is involved.

She’ll love each of the 48 pages of this book illustrated with colorful images to keep her coming back to read it again and again.This is an image of girl's book ten magic butterflies


21. Smart Watch

This kid’s smartwatch is an excellent way to introduce her to the gadgets of the future. But she’ll also be excited by the brilliant pink color that makes it a great wearable for a little girl who understands the value of looking good, classy and staying in touch with the times.

The multifunctional device comes with 1.5″ HD touch screen delivering sharp crystal clear images of the icons.

The amazing stuff she can do with it? she can take pictures, record sounds, use it as a stopwatch, pedometer, play games, and much more by simply touching the relevant icon on the screen. And to conserve battery, it automatically enters sleep mode if the screen is not touched for about 60 seconds.This is an image of girl's digital smart watch in pink color


22. Toy Cash Register with Mic

We are sure the little princess has seen enough cashiers at the mall to know she can do a better job of checking out shoppers at the checkout counter. That is what she would gladly show everybody when she gets this set.

Of course, her winning smile and pleasant small chat would get her glowing reviews and tips from customers. And With the mic, she can call the attention of some lazy staff to make them focus on their job.

This is a great learning toy that would expose her to money, numbers, simple calculations and much more.

The whole set also includes a food basket, credit cards, hand and scanner. etc.This is an image of girl's electronic toy cash register in pink color


23. Frozen 8 Book Library and Electronic Reader

What is better than having 8 books of Frozen to immerse yourself in the adventures of the two princesses and the naughty Olaf? Nothing comes to mind except if the books are interactive and very colorful. Interactivity and colorful illustrations are what she gets with this gift that would make a great Christmas gift.

The pack is a combination of 8 books and an electronic reader. Your daughter can get the modules to read to her by pressing the corresponding book module and page buttons. She would also hear surprising fun phrases and sounds that capture the essence of the whole story.

This book and e-reader combo are great for teaching little girls how to read, building their self-confidence and ability to express themselves eloquently.This is an image of girl's disney frozen electronic reader with sounds in blue color


24. Drawstring Backpack with Bracelet & Headband

For a  little girl, nothing beats being adorned with a perfectly matching outfit and accessories. It is even amazing if the pieces are very colorful like this drawstring backpack, bracelet and headband combination.

The purple, pink, and blue color-combination is the classic mermaid tail color combo to make her shine anywhere she goes.

The headband would fit her perfectly due to the elastic cord while the bracelet is the slap-on variety perfect for all wrist sizes. With this set, she’ll feel really special during family outings, dance class, and other occasions.This is an image of girl's mermaid back pack with bracelet and headband set in blue and purple colors


25. Princess Castle Tent

Sometimes little girls need a private place away from pestering adults to do their own thing either alone or with their best buddies. A play tent like this awesome pink princess castle tent ticks all the boxes for private space and much more.

With the cool design, she’ll feel more like the princess of a fairytale castle. Pretend play involving princes, knights, and evil people would be turned on full blast as her creativity, inspired by the castle, goes into overdrive.

The tent is very easy to set up. In just a few seconds, it will be ready for her to start doing her thing. It is big enough to accommodate her best friend so they spend quality time together and have fun in ways only adorable little girls know.This is an image of girl's princess castle play tent in pink color


26. DIY Arts and Crafts Kit

This arts and craft kit for girls delivers an unbeatable fun and learning experience for girls. There are so many exciting things she’d be able to create you should wait until school is out for the holidays to get it for her. Or else, she won’t have time for anything else including school work.

With the beads and other pieces in the set, she’d learn how to make little princess figures, a cool castle, a purse that looks like a shoe, key chains, keys, a necklace, and earrings.

Unlike other arts and crafts kits, she won’t need a hot iron to set the pieces. Best of all, when the beads accidentally crack, they can be reconnected with just water!This is an image of girl's water fuse with super beads building set in colorful colors


27. Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks

This is one of the best gifts for little girls if you want them to learn engineering and building basics. They would have fun creating different types of shapes with the pieces. The kit would encourage them to use their imagination and creativity to come up with whatever design they can think of.

With the 90 pieces of different shapes and sizes, they can create 2D and 3D shapes or objects like buildings, cars, castles, pushcarts, plants, and much more. All she has to do is think of it, and then bring it to life.

As well as making it easy to put together the structures, the magnets are very strong ensuring that no matter how complicated or high the structures, they won’t collapse.This is an image of girl's castle magnetic building blocks in colorful colors


28. Disney’s Frozen Hat and Gloves

Your girl would be so thrilled with this gift set she’d be very impatient to put them on and run out to show them off. The hat and two pairs of gloves perfectly capture the color scheme of ‘Frozen’, the movie every girl wants to watch a dozen times in a week! And if anybody is in doubt if this is a real frozen set, the picture of Elsa and Anna on the hat clinches it.

The bonus for you is, she will always be warm because she is unlikely to ever take them off. After all, apart from being really cute, they are soft and cuddly on the skin.This is an image of girl's disney frozen hat and 2 pair gloves in colorful colors


29. Pink Shoulder Purse

This pastel pink shoulder purse is so charming and lovable your girl would likely hang it in her room as a decorative piece when it is not hanging from her shoulder. It tells a simple message, ‘This cat-loving princess is trendy and fashionable in a unique way.’

She can’t help but love the sleeping cat design of the purse. Besides the beauty though, it is really useful for putting some of the little things girls need when they want to go visit friends and family or go on social and formal occasions.This is an image of girl's cat pursse in pink color


30. 140 Pieces Art Coloring Kit

One of the smartest things about this art set is the inclusion of 15 large pieces of plain paper. Because with this kit, your little would be drawing and coloring all day long and she needs all the paper she can get.

This is a great gift for a girl who likes drawing and coloring. Or you could simply get if you want her to develop an interest in coloring stuff.

All the 140 pieces that include crayons, markers, and colored pencils are neatly packed in a colorful carrying case. This case makes it instantly perfect as a gift. You don’t have to wrap it.This is an image of girl's larg art case in pink color


31. Reading Game by Thinkfun

This award-winning game is one of Thinkfun’s most popular games for kids designed to teach kids simple word-recognition skills while having a blast. Her language and cognitive skills would also improve by playing this game.

She will be able to start playing almost immediately; besides, the pack comes with a high-quality instruction manual to help her get started.This is an image of girl's words reading game


32. Beads Arts & Crafts Set by Melissa & Dough

Arts and crafts sets are always a hit with little girls especially if they can use it to make items that make them look prettier. They also get a huge confidence boost knowing they created something useful to others.

The 120 pieces in this set, that includes 120 butterfly wooden beads of different colors and 5 colored cords, will allow her to create string necklaces, bracelets, etc., in as many combinations as she wants. Her friend would wonder if she has a chest full of these cute pieces at home!This is an image of girl's buttlerfly friends bead set


33. Complete Medical Kit

This medical kit is an awesome gift item for girls who love the idea of becoming doctors. This is their chance to show the world that as well as being great doctors, their bedside doctor-patient routine is premium quality.

The kit comes with everything to make her feel like a real doctor. These include a doctor’s coat, stethoscope, ID badge, eyeglasses, and 6 boo boo aids and boo boo aid boxes.

As a bonus, she gets to read the read inspiring story of Little Doctor Benny in the colorfully-illustrated book included in the set.This is an image of girl's costum doctor kit


34. Pink kids Bag by Dress Up America

Though she is only 4, a pink bag like this is one of the ways she can show the world that her ‘adult game’ is so tight even real adults can learn a few things from her.

Apart from the bag, the collection also comes with all the accessories a lady of class needs on a regular day. These include a credit card, pretend lipstick, and keys on a car key chain attached to a car remote.

And to call friends and families, there is a light-up cell phone with rainbow buttons. The buttons make sounds when pressed and she can use the screen as her vanity mirror.This is an image of girl's purse set in pink color


35. Kids Night Lights Projector

This spherical projector, with its stars and moon on a clear night sky, is evocative of the Christmas season. This makes it a great gift to give her at Christmas.

The concept is simple but breathtaking. When switched on, it would project the image of the night sky on the ceiling and walls of the room. To get the full effect, do this in a darkened room. The soothing light makes it a perfect night light for sleeping.

Other amazing features include a function to select preset color combinations and auto shut off.This is an image of girl's night lights in white color


36. Magnetic Wooden Up Doll Playset

You could get your girl interested in designing fashionable clothes and dressing up runway models with this magnetic doll set. She’ll have fun dressing the doll with the 27 dresses and accessories in the kit. This would encourage her creativity as she combines different dresses and accessories to achieve different effects.

The magnetic wooden toy comes with a wooden stand to prop up the doll. For variety or if she is tired of dressing the doll, she could stick the pieces on the fridge’s door to make it prettier. The same thing can be done to other magnetic surfaces too. This would surely provide her with hours of pretend play.This is an image of girl's magnetic wooden dress up in purple color


37. ‘Today I’ll Be a Princess’ Book

It is not every day a girl gets to read a book about beautiful princesses living in grand castles with a dose of reality to keep them grounded. The book will do her self-esteem a world of good by reminding her not all that glitters is gold and she is awesome just the way she is.

The beautifully-illustrated book is a joy to flip through and read. Every time she opens the board book for another read, she’s likely to find something new and interesting.This is an image of girl's book today i'll be a princess


38. Jewelry Storage Case

This is going to be a delightful present for a girl that has several jewelry pieces. Now, she has a pretty case to keep them. It would also be a cool gift to encourage the habit of neatly storing her pieces of jewelry instead of flinging them every which way.

That said, the pink box is going to look good in her room. It would make her feel grown-up too. It’s beautifully-designed with different types of compartments and a large drawer to keep her rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.

She’ll also love the revolving ballerina that pops up anytime she opens it, the melodious song, and the mirror attached to the underside of the cover.This is an image of girl's ballerina mysic jewlery box in pink color


39. Pink Plush Unicorn

Cute plush toys always make little girls delirious with joy. Give them one and they simply can stop holding, hugging, and cuddling it. And when it is a Unicorn plush toy, the ‘delight’ levels would be simply off the charts.

Girls simply adore their fantasy characters especially Unicorns. The Unicorn is 18″ inch of furry softness with velvet hooves and a glittery pink horn: an excellent gift for all occasions.This is an image of girl's unicorn plush in pink color


40. Mermaid Backpack

If it wasn’t hanging over your girl’s shoulders, folks can’t tell this is a backpack. The 3D mermaid design is utterly amazing. You just gifted her a backpack for all occasions, or she might decide it’s so cute she’d use it only on very special occasions to wow everybody.

That said, it is a very functional backpack. It comes with all features you’d expect like the high-quality neoprene it’s made from, padded adjustable shoulder straps, padded back panel, a main compartment, several pockets to keep the little things that matter, etc.This is an image of girl's Mermaid 3D backpack in colorful colors


41. Butterfly Outdoor Chair

How about a cute chair that is just the right size to make her super comfortable during outings to places like the beach. But it is the pink and green butterfly design of the chair that would really make her day.

The cup holder on one of the arms makes it a really practical outdoor chair providing a safe place within reach for her drink.

The chair comes in a matching carrying case for easy portability. As well as being easy to clean up, it is made from high-quality durable material ensuring it is going to be a part of her life until she outgrows it.This is an image of girl's chair with butterfly design in green and pink colors


42. Compact Polly Pocket World

If you remember the wonderful time you had with Polly Pockets, you can easily imagine all the fun possible with a compact version of it made specifically for kids.

Small enough the carry anywhere, these toys for a 4 year old girl have several small compartments and cool features like the flamingo float that she might never want to stop playing with them. There are so many places where the little included dolls can hide, sit, or stand depending on your child’s mood.

Did we mention that the colors are very vivid and very attractive? The set also comes with cool stickers, fun floating rings, and many more accessories.This is an image of girl's big pocket world toys in colorful colors


43. Pink Trike by Radio Flyer

A trike is outrightly one of the best rides to get for a girl of 4. Showing off her riding skills to whoever is around is bound to become one of her favorite activities. As well as all the pleasure she’ll have, she gets all the exercise she needs and necessary confidence boost preparatory to riding two-wheeled bikes.

With the adjustable seat and steel construction, the bike is designed to grow with her. It is equipped with comfortable grip handles and ergonomic seat so she doesn’t feel any cramps while on it no matter how long.

We are sure your girl would find a very good use for the covered storage compartment behind the seat!This is an image of girl's rider trike in pink color


44. Magnetic Drawing Board

Next on our list of 4 year old birthday gift ideas is one for little artists. This all-plastic magnetic drawing board will be a perfect gift for a girl that loves drawing. This would also be a great complement to the coloring and drawing set above when she runs out of paper. The best part is, she can doodle as much as she likes: the board can be erased quite easily and used again.

The detachable legs and handle make it very flexible as far as portability and usability are concerned. Without the legs, it can be moved easily and laid flat a raised surface (bed, table, couch, etc) or on the floor depending on her mood.

For a different type of play, she could use the included magnetic stamps to create cartoon figures and shapes on the board.This is an image of girl's magnetic board drawing in green and red colors


45. 3D Pen Set

Allow her to express her creativity in a new, fun, tech-centric way with this 3D pen designed for kids like her. She’ll be amazed at how simple doodling can literally bring to life adorable cats, bears, piglets, etc., that she can hold and play with. It is almost like magic!

Because the pen is battery operated, the risk of electric shock is eliminated. At the same time, it means she can take the pen anywhere with her and continue creating fun figures out of nothing.This is an image of girl's 3D pen set in pink color


46. Interactive Puppy Robot

Just looking at this adorable dog is enough for her to fall head over heels in love with it. But what would surely get her hooked to it are the fun things it is capable of doing once the included batteries are inserted.

As well as being responsive to her touch, the puppy can bark, talk, walk, and even dance. All her free time would most likely be spent hanging out with her new best friend.This is an image of girl's robot pet doy harry in white and black color


47. Minnie Mouse Dress Up Playset

Disney toys for 4 year old girl are always popular, and the chance to give Minnie Mouse a makeover cannot be sniffed at! Your girl must have had this thought countless times while watching Minnie on TV. Now, she can really put all that creativity bubbling in her to good use by using the 18 pieces to create hundreds of cute outfits for the wooden toy.

Minnie would have to be patient until the fashion designer gets the best combination of clothes for her. Even Minnie would be proud of the final outcome.This is an image of girl's wooden play set with desney minnie mouse design in colorful colors


48. 5 Pairs of ‘Frozen’ Socks

These socks would make perfect Christmas or birthday gifts for the little darling especially if she loves watching or reading ‘Frozen’. The beautifully-designed socks feature awesome graphics of Elsa, Anna, and the hilarious Olaf. And since there are five of them, that is one pair for each day of the week.

Trust us, these will be her favorite socks due in large part to how comfortable and warm her feet feel when she has them on. But don’t discard the idea it could be mainly because she wants to flaunt her awesome ‘Frozen’ socks.This is an image of girl's frozen socks set in colorful colors


49. Smart Piggy Bank

A piggy bank shaped like a big shouldn’t be a big deal. But this one is! If this is her first piggy bank, she’ll relish the thought of showing you guys she is a responsible person that can save up for important projects.

Apart from the basic concept of keeping her money safe, she’ll love the over 40 sing-along songs, phrases, and sounds. It also comes with ten colorful coins that teach animals and numbers when dropped into the piggy via the slots on the back or belly. She could do this many times: the built-in open-and-close door makes retrieval of the coins easy.This is an image of girl's Educational smart piggy bank in pink color


50. Pair of Kids Walkie Talkies

Exposing her to the basics of wireless communications won’t be a bad idea at a young age. Who says it is too early to learn something new? This gift would be great for any occasion at any time of the year.

She’ll have fun engaging in pretend-play with friends and family members playing emergency services or security staff at work in high-pressure situations.

Though they are for kids and look like toys, each unit is a fully functional two-way radio with a decent range. So while having fun, she actually gets to learn how to use these gadgets. This is a good substitute for phones until she is old enough.This is an image of girl's talkie walkies with long range radio in blue color


Considerations When Choosing Gifts for 4 Year Old Girls

Like we stated earlier, girls of 4 are now able to make more friends and socialize better. The daily activities, including physical activities, are now more vigorous. Basically, they are more confident on their feet, ask more questions, and can make informed decisions about certain things that affect them.

So if you get a gift she doesn’t want, you are likely to hear about it immediately.


And that takes us nicely to the most important factor when considering gift ideas for girl 4 year old. It is vital that you make the gift about her. If you don’t know her interests, be sure to find out from people close to her. Her parents are the obvious people to ask except you want the gift to be a surprise for both kids and parents.

While inquiring about her interests, you could also find out if they already have a particular gift you are thinking of. Fact is, by the time a girl is 4, she has acquired several cool gifts making it more likely to purchase something she already has. Needless to say, she won’t be thrilled with that sort of gift.

Knowing the gifts she has can be a good starting point for you too. You could purchase accessories to complement what she has. For instance, a nice idea could be the Unicorn pair of slippers if she has a unicorn bathrobe already.

Fun Factor

Again, keep in mind that 4 year old girl toys must always be interesting. One way to nail this is to ensure the gift has a variety of interesting features. Interactive toys with sounds and music are really cool. So also are craft gifts that allow her to create interesting items such as bracelets and necklaces.

Age Appropriate

Finally, when looking for the best toys for 4 year old girls make sure they are age-appropriate and easy to use. Toys meant for far younger kids would be uninteresting to her while those meant for far older kids might be too complicated to play with.

In both cases, she’d lose interest in the gifts before you know it. To get round this problem, read the package. Most manufacturers indicate the age range there.


Best Gift Overall

With so many awesome gifts and toys for girls 4 year old in this guide, it wasn’t easy isolating one and crowning it the best. However, after several hours of head-scratching and hand-wringing, we picked the Magnetic Tiles Building blocks as the best gift for 4 year old girl. This gift would be perfect for any occasion.

This is a remarkable gift that packs so much excitement and fun as well as having top-notch educational benefits. With it, kids would be engaged for several hours at a time thinking of structures to build. That is the imagination and creativity being developed there.

One could easily imagine her taking an interest in engineering and architectural designs. Her curiosity would also be piqued by how the magnets ensure that no matter how high and precarious the structures are, they remain standing. The STEM-theme is also replicated in other areas as well.

This is an image of girl's castle magnetic building blocks in colorful colors


Best Budget Gift

If you want something that comes with a budget price tag to thrill the little princess, the Beads Arts and Crafts set by Melissa & Dough is exactly what you want.

Every little girl would love the chance to make cute, beautiful necklaces and bracelets without fuss. It would give them a sense of accomplishment.

The beautiful beads are made from non-toxic wood. And with 120 beads, she can make as many bracelets or necklaces as she wants in different color combinations.

This is an image of girl's buttlerfly friends bead set