Best Gifts for 4 Year Old Boys

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For parents and adults, finding great toys for 4 year old boy can be a huge and frustrating challenge. It is not so much the lack of options than the far too many toys or gifts to pick from. Then, there is the kid to consider which could prove to be a bigger challenge as far as pleasing him is concerned.

Boys aged 4, apart from being more active, now have an opinion about everything. And their curiosity is boundless. This can be endearing (that is why we love them so much); at other times, it’ll drive you nuts. So to avoid that side of him, you’d want your options restricted to only the best toys for 4 year old boys.

Which begs the question of how to determine what 4 year old boy toys or gifts are suitable for the little dude who expects nothing but the best.

Considering that all boys are not the same, we’ve rounded up some awesome gifts for a 4 year old boy in different categories. You’ll find educational toys, ride-on gifts, scooters, tech-based games and toys, robots, etc.

With such a huge list from a host of categories and price range, it is safe to say you’ll definitely find a gift (or a couple) that will make him instantly happy.


50 Best Gifts for 4 Year Old Boys

Below are 50 super cool gift ideas for 4 year old boy. The items in this guide are a product of several hours of careful research to ensure only gifts and toys of very high standards made it through.

1. Take Apart RC Construction Truck

If you want to see what real engagement with a toy is, give a boy an electric drill to couple together 44 pieces that ultimately creates 3 realistic construction trucks. With a gift like this, your kid would stay glued to the task no matter how long it takes him to complete it.

After all, the rewards are great. He gets to play with the trucks with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Besides, he can easily convert the drill to a remote control that controls the trucks up to a range of 100 feet.

The pack also comes with an easy guide to get him started.This is an image of a yellow electric drill and remote control construction trucks.


2. Mini Trampoline

Little Tikes’ mini trampoline is a great gift if you want your son to get all the exercise he needs while having so much fun at the same time. A gift like this is perfect for developing leg muscles, balance and coordination.

Because it is small, it would fit into a decent-sized room making it perfect for apartments or homes without a backyard to install the larger ones.

It is made from high-quality metal and plastic material and comes with a large jumping surface and handle to ensure the stability and safety of your kid while he is busy burning off those calories.This is an image of a blue trampoline by Little Tikes.


3. 3-Wheeled Scooter

Your boy would definitely love this 3-Wheeled scooter by Micro Kickboard. As a very active kid, a scooter like this delivers lots of fun and excitement scooting around the house or neighborhood.

Featuring an adjustable T-handle to accommodate his current and future height, it comes with an anodized stem to ensure durability; and anti-slip footplate for steady scooting. It can comfortably take a weight of up to 77 lbs.This is an image of a green 3 wheeled scooter by Micro Kickboard.


4. Magnetic Building Blocks Kit

This gift would be perfect for developing a kid’s color recognition and motors skills, creativity, and cognitive skills. With 133 magnetic pieces of different shapes and colors, he’d be engaged for hours constructing all kinds of shapes and objects including those he only imagined. With this building kit, impossible is nothing; only his imagination can limit the things he can do.

The pack comes with an ideas booklet to get him rolling and a storage bag to store all the pieces when he is done playing for the day.

The pieces are made from high-quality ABS plastic to ensure durability while the stability of the shapes and structures are guaranteed by the strong magnets.This is an image of a colorful 133 piece magnetic tiles by Jasonwell.


5. Motorcycle for Kids

Kids ride-on toys are always a great hit with children no matter their age; and this Red Hawk 3-wheeled motorcycle is one of the best for kids age 4. With wide wheels and sturdy construction, it is designed for safety while having tons of fun.

It comes with everything you’d expect from a real motorcycle: this includes real sounds, headlights, handgrip throttle, and easy braking system. Your kid would be zooming happily around the block at its maximum speed of 5 mph getting admiring glances from the neighbors.This is an image of a red motorcycle by Big Toys.


6. Talking Buzz Robot

If the little man can’t get enough of ‘Toy Story’ movie, this toy allows him to continue the fun in real life with one of the famous characters of the movie, Buzz.

This Buzz figure comes with movable arms and legs for added fun. And even more exciting is the fact that it can say over 15 phrases from the movies. If you doubt that, the ‘Try Me’ pack the figure comes in allows you to hear the famous phrases before paying for them.This is an image of a talking Buzz Lightyear figure.


7. Superman Costume

Did you ever doubt your kid would look good as Superman? This costume would put all lingering doubts to rest. He is going to look so amazing he’d be the best cast for an origin movie of Superman as a 4-year-old.

Made of 100% polyester, the costume would be perfect for Halloween and costume parties. It comes with an ‘S’ insignia, muscle chest attachment, red boots, red cape, and red and yellow belt for the complete Superman look.This is an image of a boy wearing a superman costume.


8. 3-Piece Drum Set

If your kid has notions of being part of a band, this drum set would be the best birthday or Christmas gift for him. It would be better, though, if you have a garage to install the set or he would drive you nuts constantly beating the drums.

On the other hand, you and the rest of the family might even enjoy seeing him so happy even with all the racket. Simply brace yourselves though, because he is really going to let it rip. Don’t worry, the drums are durable and sturdy enough to take whatever he dishes out.

The set comes with padded drum throne to make him comfortable; bass drum, cymbal, bass drum foot pedal, mounted tom,  mounted snare, and a pair of wooden drum sticks.This is an image of a blue drum set for kids by Mendini by Cecilio.


9. Cars Gift Pack

With 20 different scaled-down mini cars, one lucky kid is going to have the time of his life racing the cars against each other. With his creative energies turbo-charged, he’d be organizing exciting car racing tournaments in different race tracks and venues.

Also perfect as decorative pieces in the room, the cars come packaged in a gift box with one side open so you can see all the cars neatly arranged on their shelves.This is an image of a 20 piece Hot Wheels cars gift set.


10. App-Based Augmented Reality Globe

This hi-tech globe by Shifu Orbot is a cool and fun way for your kid to learn interesting stuff about the world. The interactive globe is packed with attractive colors to make the learning experience memorable. Your kid though would need a smartphone or tablet to get the full, immersive, interactivity of the globe.

With the app installed, all he has to do is scan a part of the globe to get information about the area including the animals found there, the name of the country, weather, flag, etc.

Apart from the globe, the pack contains a passport, stamps, country flag stickers, and a comprehensive illustrated guide. This gift is a fun way to develop an interest in the wider world. and cognitive skills.This is an image of a child using an educational interactive globe by Shifu.


11. Batmobile

For a kid of 4, it doesn’t get better than just to lean back in a comfortable Batmobile taking a breather while waiting for the next villain to make an appearance to hunt them down. Your kid would feel super cool and in charge especially if he is a fan of Batman.

The foot pedal ride comes with an adjustable seat to accommodate any height and an ergonomic 3-point wheel for responsive and quick steering. It is also equipped with rubber wheels for a better grip on types of surfaces ensuring a smooth ride.

He would also love the responsive brakes for both rear and front wheels that are capable of instantly bringing the ride to a stop no matter the speed.This is an image of a black Batmobile pedal kart by Hauck.


12. LeapStart Interactive Book with Stylus

This interactive book and stylus is a great gift to get him ready for the rigors of grade school. The educational toy engages kids with exciting audio and video teaching maths, reading, problem-solving, and much more.

The fun is all in the stylus that can be used to activate videos and audios by tapping the 1.44″ display on the book. He can also use the stylus to zoom pictures and unlock other activities giving him additional fun ways to interact with the set.

Powered by a Lithium battery, the pack also includes a 12-page book and USB cable to transfer data and charge the battery.This is an image of a charcoal and green stylus and book activity set by LeapFrog.


13. Write & Learn Creative Center by VTech

This VTech toy is a great way to expose your kid to basic and advance writing techniques. The interactive magnetic stencils with the pen will show him the best ways to pen down letters.

It would be a fun learning experience for him as he gets steadily better learning how to write letters and draw shapes and 26 other objects. All these learning is accompanied by child-friendly music from the toy.This is an image of a magnetic board for kids by VTech,


14. Basketball Set

This height-adjustable basketball set packs everything needed for kids to have fun shooting hoops either indoors or outdoors. The deliberately over-sized rim makes scoring easy from any distance ensuring players don’t get frustrated easily. It is a great way to improve his social skills playing with friends and family members.

With six height adjustment levels between 2.5 and 4 feet, the sturdy toy is designed to be a part of his life for several years.

This is an image of a basketball loop set by Little Tikes.


15. Little Kids First Big Book of Why

One of the best ways to encourage reading in kids is to hand them a colorfully-illustrated book packed with all sorts of fun facts that are instantly useful to them. They would never get tired of flipping the pages to learn new things or recall previously learned stuff.

That is what this hardcover version of National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Why delivers to kids. In 128 colorful pages, your kid would learn amazing stuff like what makes a car go? What doctors see when they look down his throat, simple games, interesting recipes, and much more.

If you want your child to become comfortable with big ideas, this book is the best place to start.This is an image of a kid's big book of why by National Geographic.


16. 3-in-1 Racing Toy

This is a fun and educational toy that allows kids to race in three ways while exploring and learning about letters, counting, phonics, numbers, spelling and much more.

The driving console features 3 racing modes: car, jet, or motorcycle. With the controls, he can switch easily between any of the three modes while the included vibration effects give him the sensation of real racing. And with nine different courses to race on, the scope for role-playing adventures is limitless.

Powered by 3 AA batteries, the toy is equipped with a steering, shifting joystick, and LCD screen to get him fully engaged in his role as a multi-talented racer.This is an image of a 3 in 1 race and learn toy by VTech.


17. Paw Patrol Chase RC Racer

If your kid is a fan of Paw Patrol, this toy is going to blow his mind. With the remote, this is his chance to show the world he is better at going to the rescue with Chase’s cruiser.

The remote is perfect for small hands. He can easily make the racer move forward, reverse, turn in both directions, and even spin! The cruiser is sturdy ensuring it doesn’t get damaged when it crashes into obstacles.

And of course, he is going to love the brilliant reproduction of the cruiser with mini Chase in the driving seat.This is an image of a blue rc rescue toy car by Paw Patrol.


18. Wooden Marble Run by Hape

This wooden marble run is so much fun even you would want to play with it as often as your kid. It comes with 7 different colors block each with a different function and 3 fast spiral twists to get the marbles speeding like racing cars to the bottom.

Made from solid wood, the toy is designed to give kids the chance to construct different types of layouts to develop creativity and problem-solving skills.

The fun, though, is all about watching the marbles travel down the maze and wondering how long it will take them to come out.This is an image of a colorful wooden marble run toy by Hape.


19. Sand & Water Table Activity Center

This activity center delivers two of kids’ favorite activities in one activity table: playing with sand and water. The play area is large enough to invite his best friends to come and join in the fun. It doesn’t matter how hot the day is as the attached umbrella would protect them from the sun’s rays.

The table comes with a cover to protect the box from rain and keep the sand dry while the water section can hold up to 1.5 gallons of water.

Made from durable plastic, the pack comes with accessories such as 2 bridges, a pair of boats, 2 buckets, and 1 shovel. The table is easy to assemble so your impatient kid wouldn’t have long to wait before he starts playing with it.This is an image of kids playing using the sand and water activity table with umbrella by Step2.


20. Wooden Arts Easel

The sturdy, strong wooden construction of this art easel for kids easily makes it one of the best. Your son, though, would be more interested in the features and functionalities that adds a new meaning to making arts and having fun.

The double-sided easel has a magnetic board on one side that allows him to attach fridge magnets or paper if he wants to draw or paint. The other side is an easily erasable chalkboard that is great for role-playing as a teacher.

The height-adjustable easel comes with a storage area at the bottom with holes to hold the included 3 paint cups securely. A replaceable paper roll is also included providing enough blank sheets for the budding artist to doodle on.This is an image of an all in one art easel for kids by Hape.


21. Espresso Bar & Kitchen Playset

With a built-in coffee station and interchangeable coffee pods, your kid has the chance to show he’s got the barista vibes like the best of them with this playset.

As well as the espresso set, the playset is a complete kitchen set with a refrigerator, electronic stovetop, oven, molded plate rack, a pair of storage bins and many other accessories found in a modern kitchen.

The playset makes realistic cooking sounds and fun flashing lights; two cool features to enhance his experience during pretend play as the master chef whipping up a fast meal for impatient guests.This is an image of an Expresson Bar Station for kids by Step2.


22. Roller State

Skating is an exciting way for kids to exercise their bodies and limbs; this roller skate would bring the best in your favorite young skater. Everything about it reeks of perfection he’d instantly take to skating as his favorite hobby.

The lightweight skaters are made from high-quality components with a push button to easily adjust the size to fit your kid. With an adjustable size of up to 6, he’d likely use it for many years.

Among other awesome features, the black and red roller skater comes with 54mm urethane wheels with the right grip and bounce for the rink, pavement or any other surface. This makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor fun.This is an image of a red roller skates for kids by Roller Derby.


23. Pogo Jumper

Are you ready for hours of healthy, bouncy fun? At least that is what your kid would be doing around the house while you watch enviously wishing you could also take this Pogo Jumper for a little bounce.  However, if you are not more than 250 lbs, you could be part of the excitement with your kid.

Pogo jumpers are great for the outdoors helping to develop and hone balance and coordination in kids.

To make it even more fun, it comes with a built-in squeaker that is activated while jumping around. It also comes with an adjustable bungee cord and soft comfortable grips. And because the strong, durable foam doesn’t scratch floors, he can play with it as much as he wants indoors.This is an image of a blue foam pogo jumper for kids by Flybar.


24. Smart Stationary Cycle by Fisher-Price

With this smart cycle, your kid would pedal his way to becoming the smartest kid you ever met! That is what this combination of stationary bike and tablet delivers. And of course, by the time he is through, he’d be one of the fittest and healthiest 4-year-old you ever met!

The smart cycle encourages kids to pedal because they learn more that way. With the downloaded app installed, kids can have super fun in three exciting ways. And the faster they pedal, the more exciting the action on the screen gets.

Compatible with TV and tablets, the games can be projected on the larger screens via Bluetooth for a more immersive experience. This gift would blow his mind no matter what his interests are.This is an image of a 3 way smart cycle for kids by Fisher Price.


25. Coding Caterpillar

Fisher-Price designed a cute and fun way to introduce kids to coding with the hi-tech caterpillar. Your kid would love it that he is able to use simple programming skills to make the caterpillar behave in certain ways. The thrill he’d get being in total control cannot only be imagined.

First, though, he has to build the full caterpillar by joining the 8 segments to each other with one end attached to the motorized head.

Then he can proceed to make it move forward, right, left, etc. He’d be delighted by the flashing lights, fun character sounds and blinking eyes of the caterpillar as it moves.This is an image of a colorful code a pillar toy for kids by Fisher Price.


26. Think & Learn Robot by Fisher-Price

This robot by Fisher-Price is a super fun way to engage kids in beneficial activities while indoors. The little man would be happy to tag along while the robot rolls along on the floor doing amazing and exciting stuff.

Capable of 360° spins, it comes with six thrilling games in three game modes. Your kid’s critical thinking skills would be developed trying to answer the robot’s questions. But it is mostly fun all the way with the fun games, dozens of fun facial expressions, light-up buttons, and the awesome dance moves on display.This is an image of a teach and learn robot for kids by Fisher Price.


27. Wooden Construction Set

This is an excellent gift for kids who love making things or hanging out in the basement or garage watching daddy using his tools. With his tool kit, your kid can show the full range of his DIY skills. There are 43 pieces in the tool kit all made of wood to ensure nobody gets hurt.

A tool kit like this is a cool way to learn the names and functions of common tools. And with you teaching him how to use the tools, the bond between you two can only become stronger.

The pieces all come in a wooden fold and go toolbox. With the handle that is perfectly-sized for small hands, your boy can easily pack his tools in the box and take it along with him.This is an image of a 43 piece wooden tool box set by Fun Little Toys.


28. Five Little Fish Game

See if your little man can be a great angler with a good memory with this simple but fun ‘catch-the-fish’ game. With his fishing rod, he has to catch one fish from the five in the pack. It all looks easy at this point until he finds out it has to be a specific fish. Meanwhile, all the fish look alike!

Perfect for two to five players, the pack also comes with a pair of fishing rods, 36 cards, as well an instructions guide outlining the rules of the game. The game is fast and easy to play bringing lots of laughter as players try to remember the fish they have to hook.This is an image of a fishing game for kids by Ravensburger.


29. Kick Scooter

Scooters provide an easy, safe and fun way for kids to ride either indoors or outdoors. Apart from the fun of riding, they get to develop leg muscles, balance, and coordination.

The 3-wheeled scooter is equipped with a wide, anti-slip deck and wide rear wheelbase to enhance the stability and safety of your kid. The scooter can support up to 45 lbs thanks to the sturdy steel frame construction. And with the padded T-bar handle and large wheels, you bet he is going to be scooting smoothly on most surfaces.This is an image of a blue kick scooter by kids by Razor.


30. Kids Toy Workbench

Everything about this workbench is so cool your kid would fall instantly in love with it. The tools and pieces are all enclosed in a tool bag making it easy to carry to new locations like the beach if he wants to play outdoors.

This tool bag easily unfolds into a complete workbench with each tool neatly stacked in a convenient place. Talking about the tools, there are 12 of them with about 68 parts identical to real tools. With them, he has all he needs to become the perfect handyman to repair, build, or even construct anything he feels like. He just needs his creativity to lead the way.

You would be impressed by the realistic electric drill that uses 2 AA batteries. It would surely make repairing and constructing stuff feel like a walkie in the park. The other tools include realistic-looking nuts and screws, hammer, and saw.This is an image of a 68 piece construction tool kit by ToyVelt.


31. Pet Vet Doctor Kit

If the little man loves pets, he’d be thrilled by this vet doctor kit that allows him to show the full range of his compassion for animals and the ability to get them back in top shape again. The kit will definitely provide lots of inspiration for pretend play invariably developing his imaginative skills.

The pieces all come in a carrying case that doubles as a mini-vet clinic. With the handle at the top, your kid can go visit pets in their homes and perform his magic on them.

Apart from the carrying case/mobile clinic, the pack includes a key ring with 5 keys to open the doors to his clinic, 4 different types of doctor’s tools, and 2 small plush animals he could also play with independently.This is an image of a pet vet toy for kids by B. toys by Battat.


32. Stuffed Pet Tiger

This stuffed tiger, known as Roarin’ Tyler, is guaranteed to be your kid’s best buddy. And why not, when the immensely huggable cutie can respond to sound and touch in so many playful ways. Simply petting its head would make him move his eyes, head, mouth, ears, and tail. He is going to enjoy watching the tiger chasing after the play toy that comes with the pack.

And he can roar like a full-grown real tiger announcing its presence to other animals in the jungle. If your kid is great with creative role-playing, he is going to love going on imaginative jungle adventures with his pet tiger.This is an image of an interactive tiger toy for kids by FurReal.


33. Dominoes

This classic game is now rejigged by Melissa & Dough so kids can experience the fun and excitement of playing it too. Basically, the game is still the same (no need reinventing the wheel here) but has a modern feel to it with the beautifully crafted wooden storage case. The case is so cute he could use it to improve the decor of his room.

Great for between two and five players, the gift set comes with 128 colorful domino tiles and a detailed instructions booklet on how to play. The instructions also include some new challenging variations.This is an image of a dominoes tabletop game set for kids by Melissa and Doug.


34. Complete Spider Costume

If Spiderman is his favorite superhero, this gift would have him jumping all over the house and climbing walls with joy even before donning the costume.

Perfect as a Christmas and birthday gift, you could also get it for him for costume parties or Halloween.

As well as the famous red cape that has an adjustable Velcro to fit any neck size and face mask, the pack comes with two Spiderman launchers making it a complete Spiderman costume. He’d be impressed by the glowing mask he could use to frighten villains.This is an image of a superman gift set for kids by Fun Factorys.


35. Baseball Practice Set

Chances are, after watching a game of baseball with him, you get an endless stream of commentary from him about how some players could do better. This gift would let him show you he knows what he is talking about. That said, it is a great practice set for any kid that loves baseball to hone his skills before joining his teammates at the local park. They’d be wondering how he got so good.

This is a complete practice set that comes with 6 balls, a yellow bat, and an adjustable ‘T’ stand to adapt to his developing skills.

The set is made from high-quality plastic and features a wall-hanging design making it easy to keep in storage when he is tired of playing.This is an image of a Tee ball set for kids by ToyVelt.


36. Mountain Train Set

Get ready for some really hairy train ride! The exciting adventure would take him through mountains, forests, and a raging waterfall on scary winding train tracks.

Designing the layout for the train adventure alone is very engaging. With 61 pieces that include 3 magnetic trains, he’d enjoy using his creativity and imagination to design different landscapes for the adventure.

That is not all though, the pieces also include a helicopter and an airplane to inspire creative stories about helicopter going on drain missions in the jungle and planes taking off to distant locations for more adventures.This is an image of a mountain train set for kids by KidKraft.


37. Toy Orchestra

With 6 instruments to play and a choice of 15 songs and symphonies, thousands of musical combinations are available to your kid in this uniquely designed orchestra playset for kids. With kids’ natural preference for musical toys, your boy will spend hours at a time creating all kinds of music with it.

All he has to do is place any 6 musical instruments (there are 13 toy musical instruments) in the orchestra pit to hear them play. The possible combinations are so many he’d never get tired.

The Orchestra pit is also a shape sorter as all the instruments must be placed in the shape carved out for each one. This is a cool toy for kids to learn how to compose music, think creatively, develop social skills, and enhance hand-eye coordination.This is an image of a Musical Orchestra toy set for kids by B. Toys.


38. Plush Magical Bear by Teddy Ruxpin

It turns out that Teddy Ruxpin never really went away; he simply took a timeout to do a modern makeover so he can meet the demands and expectations of today’s hi-tech kids.

The bear is just as plush, soft and immensely huggable. This new version though comes with several features that would appeal to kids of all ages. Your kid would love it.

The amazing new features include LCD eyes capable of over 40 animations, a motorized mouth that syncs perfectly with its speech; and sensors that allow kids to control stories and songs;

This time around, your kid can choose to play with Ruxpin via a free app or without it depending on your kid’s mood.This is an image of a Teddy Ruxpin bear for kids.


39. DIY Slime Kit

Educational fun science gifts don’t get any better than slime kits. They are some of the best gifts for 4 year old boy to learn and understand the practical side of basic chemistry and have a blast while at it.

The kit comes with everything he needs to make different types of slime, dough, and putty. He gets to learn simple basic techniques of color mixing, science measurements, and the science behind the experiments.

There are lots of safe activities here to keep a kid busy for hours at a time. And when he is done, he can store his best inventions in the included storages dishes so others can see what the genius was up to all this time.This is an image of a slime science kit by Learning Resources.


40. Kids Explorer Kit

There is so much to like about this exploration kit. Take the case for instance, it is perfect as a traveling case so kids can take the kit anywhere they want and continue discovering what nature has in store for them.

A super cool gift for 4 year old boy doesn’t come any better than this if you want him to take an active interest in the environment and nature. Besides, it is an exciting way to get him to take a break from his gadgets and the TV.

With tools like the compass to learn basic directions; thermometer to learn how to read temperature; magnifying glass to see tiny objects; binoculars to view distant objects; and much more, everything is in place for amazing outdoor adventures.This is an image of a 9 in 1 kid's explorer kit by Mini Explorer.


41. Police Car

Wouldn’t it be nice for the little man to act out some of his most cherished fantasies chasing bank robbers along the freeway? Boys always dream of being the hero police officer that saves the day which is why this gift would excite him to bits.

The friction-powered car (it doesn’t need batteries to zoom off!) is a faithful reproduction of real cop cars. The design is detailed with two doors that open and close, flashing roof lights, and 4 realistic sounds. He would love the blaring sirens as the car speeds forward to his crime scene or to answer a distress call.

Perfectly sized for small hands, it comes with the batteries that power the sounds and lights.This is an image of a police toy car for kids by Liberty Imports.



42. Design & Drill Activity Center

Get your kid to start designing and creating patterns with a drill and toy screwdriver using this STEM-themed toy. This is a great way to develop his fine motor skills, creativity, and hand-eye coordination while having a blast.

With the instructions guide, he can simply snap the drill bits onto his drill or screwdriver to create patterns and specific pictures with the colored bolts. The kit allows him to use his creativity to create as many patterns or shapes he can think of. It is simple to use and would provide hours of endless fun either alone or with friends.This is an image of a 146 piece build and learn drill toy for kids by Educational Insights.


43. Disney Roadster Racers with Garage

Disney toys are always are a hit with kids especially if one of their favorite characters is included in the playset. If your boy loves Mickey, he’ll definitely love this toy.

It’s a three 3-level garage that comes with a vehicle that easily transforms into a car. He would enjoy operating the lift to raise the car to any levels of the garage and the slide that can be used for a quick descend to ground level.

And he has the Mickey figure to play with. Mickey won’t mind letting him play with the roaster in the diagnostics center while he chills out in the cafe. Other levels of exciting activities include taking apart Mickey’s car or building it back into a bigger vehicle and vice versa.This is an image of a red Mickey Mouse and Roadster garage playset for kids by Fisher-Price.


44. Lincoln Logs Construction Kit

An open-ended building set that allows kids complete freedom to design and build whatever they can think of is one of the best ways to develop a child’s creative skills.

The exquisitely designed logs, made of high-quality maple wood, are stained bright brown evocative of real cabins. There are 111 pieces in the pack he can use to construct different types of structures. To get him rolling, there is a guide with building ideas for a tall tower, two small houses, and a large cabin.

From that point on with and with the roof, chimney fences, bonfire, seats, and roof facade pieces in the kit, he’ll be engaged for hours designing and building structures.This is an image of an anniversary edition construction kit by LINCOLN LOGS.


45. Ride On Toy by PlasmaCar

This is a unique type of ride on toy that uses no batteries, pedals or gears to move. With only the wheels as moving parts, it is an efficient toy that can attain speeds of 6 mph.

Your kid just has to seat on the ride, prop his feet on the footrests and turn the ergonomically-designed steering to start moving. And he’d be pleasantly surprised that with a little practice, he can move in reverse.

The sturdily build toy can take up to 220 lbs. You can enjoy the exciting ride too if you can find a way to squeeze into it. Trust us, it can handle your weight comfortably if you are under 200 lbs.This is an image of a blue ride on toy by PlasmaCar.


46. Car Carrier Transport Truck

Though the car carrier comes with 6 racing cars of different colors, it has enough slots for 14 more cars making it the ideal gift to get him if he has other toy racing cars already. Now, he has the perfect place to keep all his cars.

Beyond that though, this looks like the sort of gift that would inspire exciting pretend play involving transporting race cars to racing circuits around the country.

The kit also includes accessories like construction cones, construction signs, and construction roadblocks; a great way to learn about the ethics of the highway and road signs.This is an image of a toy truck that carries 6 toy cars designed for kids by Play22.


47. Inflatable Bouncing House

This Little Tikes’ bouncing house is one of the best of its kind in the market today due to the combination of high safety standards, exciting features, and high-quality material to ensure durability.

It is large enough to hold 3 kids simultaneously, and with the sturdy mesh protecting three sides, they can bounce as much as they want without fear of falling off and getting injured. That is not all, the slider adds a fun way to get out of the house when they get tired.

You also get a heavy-duty blower to inflate the house, 4 blower stakes, 6 bouncer stakes, 4 repair patches, and storage bag when you purchase the pack.This is an image of a bounce house for kids by Little Tikes.


48. Batbot Xtreme Robot Toy

This is an awesome playset gift if your kid loves Batman. He now has the chance to show Batman there are better ways of fighting super villains or moving swiftly to where everything is going down in this Batbot.

The 2 feet tall Batbot is fitted with all kinds of weapons, devices and a lift to take the Batman figure into the cockpit. Villains don’t stand a chance in battle or even trying to escape the battle by making a run for it.

He’d love how he can change his voice during battles with the voice-changing feature; his fantasy world can now accommodate a bot with multiple personalities.This is an image of a blue batman robot by Fisher Price.


49. Zingo! Board Game

You want to get this gift for your kid just so you can watch him laugh and having a great time with his friends. It is also a great game for family game nights, family outings, and other occasions with up to 6 people.

Though it is a fun game, it would also help to develop his reading skills, competitive spirit, and language skills. The game is so easy to play he can start playing almost immediately. Nobody would be wasting much time with the instruction guide.This is an image of a Zingo board game for kids.


50. Play Tent with Projector

Designed like a space-bound rocket, this tent will inspire exciting adventures to the far reaches of outer space in your kid. At least, that is the premise with the amazing designs depicting the galaxy on the walls of the tent.

Easy to set up and dismantle, it comes with a door and double windows strategically located to depict the wings of a rocket. The door can easily be rolled up and tied or rolled down for privacy with the open door and mesh-covered window air would circulate in the tent.

The pack comes with a torch projector with three slide discs with 24 space-themed images to view on the walls of the tent or a flat surface. The lucky kid has more than enough to inspire exciting pretend play space adventures either alone or with friends.This is an image of a blue rocketship tent for kids by USA Toyz.


Buying Considerations

Parents of boys aged 4 would be very familiar with the new bossy and defiant attitude of their kid. Along with these are vastly improved language skills, ability to concentrate more and resolve puzzles, and better social skills. All these translate to more friends and a better relationship with more people.


And as their cognitive skill is also improving, they have a better understanding of what is real and what is fantasy. This makes their pretend-play more elaborate and detailed than a few years ago.

Therefore, gift ideas for boy 4 year old must try as much as possible to focus on how to nurture the above traits.

For instance, you’d want to pick gifts or toys that should help them navigate preschool better. Products that focus on learning and understanding shapes, numbers, alphabets, would be great for their development.

Also, toys with lots of pieces and features would be a good fit for their new personality. If you are the parent, discard the idea of getting the kind of toys you bought in previous years. Since he is now able to understand and resolve more complicated issues, the gifts must also be more complicated. Or else, he would find it too simple and lose interest faster than you think.

Sounds and Lights

Some of the best toys for 4 year old boys are those that make a lot of noise with flashing lights. However, if you hate loud noises or flashing lights triggers adverse reactions in you or some family number, avoid them by all means.

But you can go for them if you have a separate playroom for the kids. For example, that awesome drum set would be perfect in the basement or a garage where the noise won’t be an irritant to others.


Sometimes, in a bid to save a quid or two, you might want to go for cheap, plastic toys that look really amazing. Here is the thing: they are a waste of money because they break or fall apart easily.


And more often than not, the broken pieces can hurt your kid in so many ways. So it is important to look for solid and durable toys that would survive the rough handling from your boy.


If your boy still loves putting all sorts of things in his mouth at this age, you should avoid toys with small pieces. These are a choking hazard that could prove fatal. Only go for these toys if you are sure there would be constant supervision from an adult anytime he is playing with them.


Best Gift Overall

It was never going to be easy choosing one gift for 4 year old boy from such an awesome list and tagging it the ‘best’. After intense consultation though, we decided the Batbot Xtreme robot had a few extra things going for it.

This toy ticked several vital boxes given how much boys aged 4 love action toys. The fact that it represents a new and unique way for one of boys’ favorite superheroes to battle villains, it was easy to imagine kids drooling over it.

The toy comes with very impressive visuals with an array of weapons even the real Batman would be proud of. Even though the tiny Batman figure seems like an afterthought, having it in the ‘cockpit’ is a nice touch. Other features like the voice-changer, the lift that takes Batman to the cockpit, and Batman’s secret compartment all add to the awesomeness of this toy.

This is an image of a blue batman robot by Fisher Price.


Best Budget Gift

When choosing budget gifts for a 4 year old boy, the first consideration is usually a low price tag. Incidentally, the Kids Explorer kit, chosen as the best in this category, has one of the lowest price tags in this guide.

But the quality is top-notch. With this kit, every day would bring new discoveries for kids as they explore their surroundings. The pieces, like binoculars, thermometer, compass magnifying glass, etc., are the real deal.

It is immediately clear that the educational benefits as well as real-life experiences while using this kit are immense. And best of all, he is going to enjoy himself.This is an image of a 9 in 1 kid's explorer kit by Mini Explorer.