Best Gifts for 3 Year Old Girls

This is an image of girl's espresso kitchen in grey and black colors

Folks who’ve been down this route would tell you buying gifts or toys for 3 year old girls can be tricky. Yes, like most kids, they are likely to accept any gift you get for them; but unlike younger kids, they are now able to articulate their words and would tell you if they don’t like something.

The tricky part is, they are still at an age they can’t tell what exactly they want.

So it is normal if you came here looking for a bit of guidance. We get that a lot from parents and adults who’d attempted and failed several times to impress the little cuties with gifts.

To help desperate folks out, we have compiled this list of some of the best toys for 3 year old girls you can find anywhere. The plan is to make this one-stop-shop for the different types of gifts girls at that age would adore.

So if you are looking for an activity toy, Christmas gifts for 3 year old girls, educational gifts, exercise gifts, etc., we are sure you’d get one here that is the perfect fit for your little princess. And the size of your budget doesn’t matter; you’ll discover pretty soon that budget isn’t a huge factor in determining the quality of gift if you are bent on getting only the best.


50 Best Gifts for 3 Year Old Girls

Table of Contents

Now sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and get ready to enjoy this huge and exciting list of gifts and toys. We have done all the heavy lifting in researching and coming up with the best; so anyone you choose is guaranteed to make everyone happy.

1. Complete Kitchen Playset

First in our list of top toys for 3 year old girl is this adorable toy kitchen. With this kitchen playset, your girl is going to feel all grown-up being the master of her kitchen that has all the appliances and accessories of a modern kitchen. Exciting kitchen pretend-play would be non-stop as she explores the numerous devices in this playset either with her friends or family.

Made of solid wood, medium-density fireboard, and plastic materials, the playset is sturdy and meant to last for years. It comes with a plastic sink, fridge, freezer, oven, dishwasher, a microwave with a turntable that rotates, etc. She even has additional storage space above the sink for her groceries.This is an image of girl's espresso kitchen in grey and black colors


2. 3-in-1 Activity House

Activity toys are always great gifts for toddlers for promoting mobility and social and artistic skills, and much more. Your girl would have lots of fun exploring all the playing options. And she’ll do that a lot because there are so many things to go through here.

The climbing wall on side of the house provides a good place to exercise her limbs and improve dexterity; on the opposite wall is a plain canvas board to hone her creative and artistic talent; and of course, the house itself provides her with a private space to take a nap, play games with friends, and indulge in lots of pretend play.

The house is easy to install either indoors or outdoors. And you can simply fold it when play is over making storage easy and convenient.This is an image of girl's tent activity house in colorful colors


3. Water Drawing Mat

A large drawing mat that allows kids to use drawing pens that leave no messes or ink stains anywhere is a fantastic idea any way you look at it. Kids can draw as much as they want without fear of being scolded for messing up the walls while parents won’t have the extra job of cleaning ink stains all over the house.

The drawing surface is big providing enough space for doodling as much as she wants. And because the drawings disappear after a while, she’d always have a blank space to draw something new.

The gift comes with a simple line booklet to teach kids about shapes and animals; one brush; 2 magic pens that use water as ink; and 4 stencils with shapes. All these can be stored in the included carrying case for easy portability.This is an image of girl's Educational doodle painting in multi colors


4. Ice Cream Cart

This ice cream cart by VTech would be an exciting gift for any little girl. Now, she can be the ice cream vendor making people happy with different flavors of delicious ice cream. The music and songs coming from the cart as she pushes it are sure to put huge smiles on the faces of her customers.

This is a fun ice cream cart with interactive features. By pushing some buttons and turning knobs, she gets to learn about colors, numbers, and different flavors while the magic scooper creates delicious-looking ice cream combinations with toppings.This is an image of girl's cream cart in colorful colors


5. Set of Magnetic Building Blocks

With 103 pieces of magnetic building blocks, your girl’s creativity would be unleashed as she finds new ways to arrange the blocks to create fantastic structures and shapes. This STEM educational toy is designed to sharpen concentration, imagination, and logical thinking while improving hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

With such an unlimited possibility to create colorful, breathtaking castles and other structures, she is guaranteed hours of fun engagement with the set. This is also a brilliant set for collaborative work with friends and family members.This is an image of girl's Educational Magnetic building blocks in colorful colors


6. DIY Jewelry Kit

Girls love pieces of jewelry and shiny things to adorn themselves with and look extra pretty. She’ll grab at the chance to make her own jewelry with this kit, which is why this is one of the coolest gifts for 3 year old baby girl. With the 180 pieces of pop beads of different colors and shapes, she’d be very busy making colorful bracelets and necklaces for herself, friends and family members.

The lead and BPA-free beads don’t need strings to attach them together. She simply needs to pop them together or click apart some of the beads to create exciting new combinations. The possibility of creating endless shapes with different color combinations is one of the best things that would ever happen to her.

And she can store all her beads in the included storage bag after each session of jewelry making.This is an image of girl's DIY jewelry kit in multi colors


7. LCD Doodle Board

If you want the convenience of a doodle board for your girl without the inconvenience of papers littering everywhere, this drawing board is exactly what you are looking for. Your girl will instantly fall in love with this pink compact board with 2 handles to easily carry it anywhere with her.

The board is equipped with a one-button clear feature that allows kids to wipe the board clean for a new drawing. Essentially, there is no limit to the number of objects or shapes to draw all day. It comes with an extra pen ad backup for those days she can’t seem to find one pen.This is an image of girl's board rawing in pink color


8. Night Sky Projector

Everybody needs a perfect ambiance to have a peaceful night’s rest. This gift would deliver that as well as getting her interested in stars and what makes them tick.

The beautiful, simple-to-use globe projects a glorious picture of a clear night sky on her ceiling. It is a great gift to make her look forward to lying down to contemplate the wonders of the galaxy, before drifting off to sleep. The stars certainly pique her curiosity, so be ready with answers to questions about astrology.

And because the projector rotates, it would be awesome as decoration for birthday parties, family events, and other occasions.This is an image of girl's starlight in pink color


9. Pink Kids Camera

A camera is a great gift to get her running excitedly all over the place capturing fun images of friends and family members. She’ll be looking forward to parties, picnics, and family outings to the beach or holiday resort so she can test her skills as a budding photographer.

The lightweight kid-friendly camera is easy to use and comes with a front lens for great selfies; 8MP primary camera capacity; and USB cable for charging and transferring files to a computer; etc. A 32 GB memory card is also included giving her enough storage for her photos and videos.this is an image of girl's camera with memory card in pink color


10. Shoes and Jewelry Boutique Set

What favorite storybook princess do you want your cute daughter to look like? Snow White? Cinderella? With this kit, you don’t have to limit her to just one princess. She can be all of them any time she wants.

The kit is basically a beautiful pink box with six compartments. Neatly arranged in the compartments are 4 pairs of adorable princess shoes, 3 bangles, 3 rings, 2 pairs of earrings, and one process tiara. In other words, everything she needs to be the most stunning princess that ever lived.This is an image of girl's princess dress up pack in colorful colors


11. Large Castle Tent Playhouse

A tent for kids provides a private place where they can play and do whatever they want away from meddling adults. This is just one reason a tent gift remains one of kids’ favorite gifts.

This tent, designed like a castle, would inspire creative role-playing with enchanting stories of princesses in magical castles. With a diameter of 55 inches and a height of 53 inches, she has more than enough space to play and decorate the tent with her favorite toys and tiny furniture. You can easily picture her with her friends (it can comfortably take up to three kids) playing inside and having the time of their lives.This is an image of girl's larg tent for princess in pink color


12. ‘The Wonderful Things You Will Be’ Hardcover Book

Chances are, your daughter has a pretty good idea of the great things she’d be in the future courtesy of you, of course. But letting her know these things from a different person can only be a good thing. This is a positive reaffirmation of positive messages to prepare her for the future. No pressure though; it’s all about the fun.

The 36-pafe book is written in a simple and elegant style. The pages are filled with inspiring messages, beautiful illustrations, easy-to-learn songs, and tips that are designed to make her smarter and cleverer.This is an image of girl's the wonderful things you will be Book


13. Wireless Karaoke Microphone

This is easily one of the best gifts you could give her on her birthday or any auspicious occasion such as Christmas. If you noticed a predilection for singing in her, this gift would absolutely blow her away.

The pink microphone is designed with a smiling fun face near the round base that also serves as support to keep it upright if she is tired of holding it. It is easy to use and comes with volume control and a simple power button.

It is also equipped with USB port for charging the battery; Bluetooth speaker to pair it with a smartphone or to other the Bluetooth devices; and headphone jack to listen to music privately. She’ll be testing her singing skills non-stop for as long as 3 hours before the battery dies.

This is an image of girl's wireless karoake microphone in pink color


14. Flower Garden Building Playset

You wouldn’t believe these are plastic flowers by the time she’s done building a customized garden right in her room or any suitable place at home. The flowers and other pieces that make up the set look very realistic in terms of design and clever color choice, making this one of the coolest toys for a 3 year old girl.

With 120 pieces in the kit, she’d be in her garden for hours creating countless floral arrangements. You bet she won’t be satisfied until her garden is perfect. This is the sort of fun gift to help the development of her creative skills while also enhancing her knowledge of colors.

The pieces are strong, easy to clean and can be stored conveniently in the included plastic box when she’s tired.This is an image of girl's flower garden building kit toy in colorful colors


15. Tub and Scribble Pets Toy Set by Crayola

You can only imagine all the stuff your little girl will get up to when you give her  4 pet animal figures and 6 markers of different colors and ask her to decorate the furs of the animals. She’d design like mad because kids simply love painting with pens or crayons.

Then add a little tub to wash off the colors from the pets so she can have a go at different designs and colors on each of the pet: she’ll spend long hours concentrating on creating awesome coats for her new pets.

And what makes this extra cool, at least for the parent, is that the colors are easily washable from any surface including walls, skin, and clothes.This is an image of girl's scrub tub animal set in colorful colors


16. Pink Music Player

Here is a great way to satisfy two of your girl’s heart desires with one toy: she gets to have her own personal music player to listen to her favorite songs and a phone to make pretend calls to friends and family. Your smartphone can now take a breather.

The gadget comes with buttons that allow her to listen to different music modes like Xylophone, saxophone, violin, or guitar and remix and play different melodies. She’d be able to hear all the songs and melodies on the kid-safe headphones.

She would love the display for interaction with fun characters on the screen. She’ll learn letters, numbers, instruments, how to tell time, and much more.This is an image of girl's music player by Vtech in pink color


17. Cooking and Baking Set for Kids

The excitement when she gets this gift should be an indication that being a master baker is one of her best-kept secrets! The pink and white polka dot apron, oven mitts, and chef hat would instantly transform her into a professional-looking chef. And with the wooden spoon and whisk and cookie cutters, she has the basic implements to start making delicious treats for everybody.

The kit comes with a nice cookbook to get her rolling with some simple recipes. While the machine-washable apron comes with a 12″ strap so it could be adjusted to her height. And the white and pink hat should fit perfectly on her head due to the adjustable elastic band. The outfit would sure look like it was specially made for your cute little chef!This is an image of girl's cooking and baking set in white and pink colors


18. 3-Piece Unicorn Gift Set

If your little girl loves Unicorn, this would make the perfect Christmas gift set to satisfy her unicorn obsession. The Unicorn gift set will keep on giving her ideas for imaginative play.

The gift set comes with a soft, plush Unicorn with luxurious fur, a fluffy pink mane, ribbon bangs, and a horn of gold foil. This 8′ Unicorn would be by her side all the time. Also in the set is a gold foil Unicorn headband to match her new buddy’s horn. They could go on adventures together as the perfect soul mates.

And there is an illustrated book in the gift set with a delightful story about a girl and a Unicorn going on an adventure, just like she and her Unicorn buddy.This is an image of girl's unicorn plush and book included in colorful colors


19. 100 Words Book by LeapFrog

Introduce your daughter to Scout and Violet: the two fun characters that would teach her 100 new words in a fun and interactive style. She’ll have fun touching the letters and pictures on each colorful page just to hear either Scout or Violet say them out loud. There are also fun facts, music, and sounds to learn from the book.

And if you want her to learn the words in Spanish, simply flip the appropriate switch. This learning toy is also a great device for you to learn a few words in Spanish. You never know when that’d come in handy.This is an image of girl's words book with sounds in pink and purple colors


20. 24 Rings in a Box by PinkSheep

With this jewelry set, your daughter might never need a ring set for a long time. The 24 rings come in various designs, shapes, and colors. This gives her a wide range of options for picking rings for different occasions and outfits. Don’t be surprised if she insists on sharing some of them with her best friends. She’ll definitely want them to have pretty fingers like hers.

Because the rings are adjustable, you don’t have to worry they won’t fit your girl. And best of all, the pack comes with a glue stick to glue back any piece that accidentally breaks off from any ring.This is an image of girl's jewel rings in multi colors


21. Stencil Art Kit by CreativeELF

If you want to promote your little girl’s creativity and spark her imagination, an art lit like this would do the trick without the pressures of a formal classroom environment.

All she needs to start tracing, drawing and coloring come in the brightly-colored carrying case. The set includes 16 stencils, 10 colored pencils, 25 sheets of paper, 3 color pens, and 1 pencil. Additionally, she gets over 300 reusable plastic templates of all types of animals, plants, people and places to get her started. With so many templates, she is guaranteed hours of artistic fun.This is an image of girl's drawing stencils set


22. Deluxe Activity Desk

This amazing VTech activity desk is several toys packed into one toy in the best traditions of awesome activities toys. Your girl can use it as an art center by raising the desktop to create a mini art easel. She can also interact with the numerous buttons, sounds, music, and lights for non-stop entertainment.

It doesn’t have to be about play all the time with this desk. By touching some of the buttons, she can learn over 100 new words, numbers, letters and how to draw simple shapes. She gets to see all these and much more on the LED display.

It would be hard to come up with something capable of pulling her away from this toy.This is an image of girl's activity desk in pink and purple colors


23. Pink Castle Play Tent by Kiddey

Little girls can never get enough of fairy tales; and this cute, pink castle would allow her to live the dream in her own private castle to the hilt.

Perfect for little girls, the tent is easy to set up and comes with strong fiberglass rods for the stability of the structure. Whether installed outdoors or indoors, she and up to 2 friends can comfortably play inside without feeling cramped. The tent is large enough to take them all in and the mesh-covered windows and door with roll-up flap provide adequate ventilation.

And the fact that the whole tent glows in the night makes it even more adorable and reminds everyone to be at their best behavior; after all, a princess is in the house.This is an image of girl's castle play tent in pink color


24. Jewelry Storage Box

This isn’t just another mundane jewelry storage box. The makers, Jewelkeeper, went to great lengths to ensure all little girls would be thrilled with the design of this box. It is called a jewelry box, but it could just be their favorite storage for anything they consider valuable and small enough to fit in.

The box has a pink lining and opens up to an oval-shaped mirror under the cover and an adorable spinning Unicorn accompanied by delightful musical sound. Externally, the box is decorated with a super cool rainbow-cloud-unicorn painting. Her pieces of jewelry would feel the love too!This is an image of girl's musical jewelry box with music in colorful colors


25. Disney Princess Picture Marching Game

This memory and fun picture game features all little girls’ favorite Disney Princesses like Belle, Ariel, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Aurora, Jasmine, and much more.

As usual with picture matching games, it is fun, easy to play and very fast. Whoever collects the most matched pairs wins. This is a great game for the family or with her friend during playdates, picnics, parties, etc.

The pack comes with 72 tiles with pictures of famous Disney princesses and other characters and an instructions guide.This is an image of girl's disney matching card game


26. Minnie Mouse Hoodie Sweatshirt

This Minnie sweatshirt would make a perfect gift if you are planning a trip to Disneyland. You bet she would love it so much you’d have to be at your diplomatic best to get her to take it off even for a second: after all, it isn’t every day a girl goes on a trip to meet Minnie wearing a replica shirt.

Made of cotton and polyester (60:40% ratio), the soft and comfortable zip-up shirt has a black and white print of Minnie across the front and a cute red bow on top of the hood. And she’ll love it that the stiffed ears on the hoodie stay up all the time!This is an image of girl's minnie mouse hoddie by disney in colorful colors


27. DIY Disney Princess Necklace Kit

There are 150 beads, 5 rubber character charms and 4 silicone necklaces in this gift set. That there is the doorway to different necklace designs for your girl. The pieces are enough to make five necklaces; but because all she has to do is slide the beads and characters charms on the silicone necklaces, she has unlimited combinations at her disposal.

This would be excellent in developing her creative skills. And of course, it would also do her self-esteem a lot of good when she observes the admiring glances from friends and family.This is an image of girl's disney princess necklace activity


28. Pair of Pink Walkie Talkie

The color, size and design concept of these pair of walkie talkies screams, ‘Perfect girl gift for camping, hiking or to simply fool around and have fun like the security and emergency services.’

The walkie talkies are easy to use and should provide a good introduction to wireless communication for your girl. It features crystal clear audio, adjustable volume, easy-to-read display, and 22 channels to choose from.

This is an image of girl's walkie talkies in pink color


29. Magnetic Doodle Drawing Board

Devices like this are awesome for letting girls with artistic inclinations practice and hone their talents. Your baby girl would be able to draw anything she wants all day long with the magnetic pen. And she can simply wipe off any drawing with the easy slide eraser to start a new one.

The lightweight board is designed with an ergonomic handle making it easy for her to carry around. Most importantly for you, no more frustrating cleaning of drawings that showed up in the wrong places again.This is an image of girl's drawing doodle board present in pink color


30. LEGO Minnie’s Birthday Party Building Kit

With just 21 pieces, your little girl would bring to live Minnie having the time of her life at her birthday party. This exciting and fun kit also includes pieces to build Minnie’s pink car; everybody’s favorite cat, Figaro; buildable birthday cake; and 2 bricks decorated as presents.

There are several scenarios for pretend play with this kit. The kit also helps her social and creative skills as well as aiding cognitive development and fine motor skills.This is an image of girl's Lego duple minnie mouse party building kit


31. Dr. Seuss’ Me, Myself Happy Birthday Book

This classic Dr. Seuss book would make a great birthday present if you want her to spend more time writing and reading instead of playing with computer games and watching TV shows. It is a semi-interactive book that encourages her to answer questions about how her birthday went. She gets to full the book with her answers.

There is no correct answer as everything is subjective making it a fun and easy way to read and write.

The 64-page book also contains simple writing activities, partially-finished images for her to complete, fun quotes, and even space for friends and family to write down happy birthday wishes.This is an image of girl's Happy birthday Book


32. Pink T-shirt by Tstars

Your little darling is going to fall head over heels in love with this pink T-shirt. 3 year old birthday gift ideas for a girl can never be cooler than this adorable 3rd birthday T-shirt. It declares you are proud of her new age and this is just the beginning of the great things expected of her.

The cake and ‘I can’t Keep Calm I’m Only 3’ printed on it implies she is handling her exciting new age with the required panache. But the bold ‘Keep Calm’ can be read in a variety of ways: like, ‘My age gives me the right to be silly like this!’

The crew-neck shirt is made from outstanding fabric quality that would last a long time. It would be her favorite shirt over the next one year.This is an image girl's 3 yeaar old birthday t shirt in pink color


33. Kids Laptop by Leapfrog

A laptop that allows her to learn her ABCs and interact with it is an awesome way to prepare her for elementary school. It comes with a large display where she can view the 26 fun animations integrated into the device.

With 4 learning modes that include messages, games, and music, she is assured of hours of fun learning how to spell her name, sing and dance to 16 songs and melodies; and indulge in pretend-play using the laptop like the grownups.

The laptop is lightweight, and with the child-friendly handle, she won’t have any problem carrying it to continue interacting and having fun with it.This is an image of girl's leaptop in pink color


34. Girls’ Purse with Accessories

She needs a purse like this to complete the picture of a classy lady when she is all dressed up and ready to go out for any social or formal occasion, or to the mall for her regular shopping.

The bag comes with all the accessories to take her role-playing to the next level. With the smartphone, she can make pretend calls; make up her face with the compact, brush, and lipstick; car keys to start her car; and credit card to withdraw money to shop and get groceries for the family dinner.

For several hours a day every day, your little girl is the boss lady, so don’t go standing in her path.This is an image of girl's 8 pieces pretend purse in pink color


35. Barbie Trike

With big foot pedals, ergonomic handles, and wide wheelbase, she is going to be speeding around the apartment and neighborhood tirelessly on this beautiful trike. The huge tires and comfortable seat means she isn’t likely to be hampered by terrain or get tired sitting on the trike respectively.

The sturdy bike is made from durable materials making it likely to be around until she is old enough for bigger bikes. And she’ll love the storage area below the seat to hide her stuff when she is going on a secret adventure.This is an image of girl's barbie tough trike in colorful colors


36. Handmade Cotton Mini Purse

If you are looking for a thoughtful gift that carries lots of meaning and value without necessarily having to break the bank, you got it in this handmade purse. The pink and grey purse is the perfect size for her; it’s so unique and exquisitely made it would definitely make her stand out in a crowd of the common plastic and synthetic purses.

The carefully-crocheted purse is made from 100% cotton yarn making it lightweight and soft to touch. There are no zippers so putting or retrieving things is very easy. The uniqueness will surely make this her favorite accessory until she outgrows it.This is an image of girl's owl mini purse in colorful colors


37. Piano Book for Toddlers

It is easy to understand why this item has won several awards including the 2019 Creative Play of the Year Award. The awesomeness goes beyond the fact that it is an interactive learning book for little kids who love music.

Your girl would be merrily composing music with this book in no time at all once she gets hold of it. That is down to how easy it is to get used to the keyboard and understand the colorfully-illustrated music sheet that comes with it. You too could seize this chance to learn music with your girl.This is an image of girl's educational piano book in colorful colors


38. Plush Cartoon Backpack

Loving this toddler backpack is one of the easiest things to do no matter your age. For your kid though, this is the sort of bag she’d always wanted but was never able to convey it clearly in words before now.

The mainly white backpack is designed with a sweet animal face and soft red ears jutting out of the top of the bag. It also has an external compartment with a zipper that is specially designed for small hands.

The material is plush and soft to touch. Carrying it would almost feel like taking a stroll with her favorite plush doll strapped on her shoulders. And talking about straps, these are padded for comfort and are adjustable to fit her current size and to accommodate future growth.This is an image of girl's backpack animal plush in white color


39. Minnie Mouse Chair Desk

If you are thinking of something to improve the decor of her room while being highly functional, this chair and desk combo is that item. It is an excellent gift for any occasion and its lightweight means you can move it to any part of the house easily. You would be doing that a lot because she isn’t likely to sit anywhere else once she gets it.

You just gave the little darling the ultimate place to play, do her homework, read, draw, munch some snacks and even take a short nap.

The Minnie-themed desk/chair comes with a large storage bin under the chair to keep her writing materials, books and everything else she might need. There is also a cup holder on the desk to temporarily keep pens and art supplies when she is busy with them.This is an image of girl's desk with storage and minnie mouse design in white and purple


40. Read with Minnie Book

This Minnie book would be the perfect accessory to complement the Minnie desk/chair above. It is still a great standalone book for teaching little girls to read with Minnie’s voice to guide them gently along. She’d be excited as she listens and reads along with Minnie after pressing the 10 sound buttons on each page respectively.

The sentences are simple and the texts large making it very easy for kids to engage with Minnie and the book.This is an image of girl's minnie mouse book with sounds


41. Magical Unicorn & Fairy

The combined antics of Twinkle the Unicorn and Prisma, the cute fairy are bound to leave a permanent grin on your little girl’s face even when she is sleeping. Both figures are intricately carved and s cute she’ll love them even before making them do fun things.

The Unicorn can walk, flap its wings and light up her multicolor horn when the heart-shaped button on her chest is pressed. That is not all though. Your daughter can get more fun sounds and phrases from it when she inserts the included carrot in its mouth.

More fun awaits her with the fairy. Like the Unicorn, the fairy can make fun phrases, sounds and even introduce herself. Both toys are compatible with MagicPoint locations on GoGo playsets. For a start, there is a MagicPoint location on the back of the Unicorn. Let her put the Prisma there and see what happens.This is an image of girl's Electric magical unicorn toy in colorful colors


42. Waterproof Wristwatch

A wristwatch gift is a great way for the little lady to learn how to tell the time. This purple, butterfly-themed timepiece has an additional value in being a great fashion accessory for all types of outings including school, picnics, social occasions, etc.

And the waterproof design means she can take it along to bathe or swim. The battery-powered timepiece comes with a silicone strap that is comfortable to wear and resistant to wear and tear.This is an image of girl's waterproof watch with butterfly design in purple color


43. Light Up Picnic Basket

At 3, we think she is old enough to have her own picnic basket. And this mainly pink one with a cute face painted on it is just the perfect design and size for her to pack items like food, drinks, and treats for the picnic she’ll be organizing for her closest friends and family. The scope for role-playing and creative thinking is enormous.

The gift comes with all the pieces you expect to find in a regular picnic basket. These include forks, cups, one tablecloth, plates, and food.

It uses 3 AA batteries to power the various interactive activities and three play modes integrated into the basket.This is an image of girl's picnic basket toy in colorful colors


44. Kids Camera by VTech

The pink and purple color camera with flowery designs all over the front would immediately attract the attention of any girl. However, the awesome features of the camera are what make it such a brilliant gift idea for your daughter.

Even if she is not too keen on photography, she can’t help but start shooting away at family events, parties, school, and just about anywhere she finds herself.

It features a 2.0 lens, 4X digital zoom, static and animated photo effects, and a USB port to connect it to a computer to download and store the images.This is an image of girl's kidizoom camera in pink color


45. 24 keys Piano Keyboard by Conomus

This cute mini-piano would make a wonderful Christmas present. If you get it in time, she’d have had lots of time to practice and give you guys a performance to remember on Christmas Eve or any day during the celebrations. Maybe, she’ll even sing a special Christmas song she composed using the microphone to project her voice like a real diva.

The piano features 22 demo songs, 4 musical instruments, 8 percussion instruments and many other features ensuring nothing is left to chance as she takes the first baby steps in her musical journey.This is an image of girl's keyboard toy in pink color


46. Pink T-Ball Set

You simply have to give her the chance to show that her bat-swinging skills are as good as the next kid’s. With the T-stand that is adjustable to her skills and height, she’ll be swinging non-stop until her accuracy in striking the 5 balls is also as good as the next kid’s or even better.

This gift is awesome to get her exercising those arm muscles and learn how to coordinate the various parts of her body important for future athletic endeavors.This is an image of girl's tikes t ball set in colorful colors


47. Explorer & Bug Catcher kit

The great outdoors would take on a new meaning to her with this exploration and bug-catching kit. This is a great gift if you are planning on going camping and you want her to appreciate science and nature more. She could still use the kit in the backyard observing the wonders of nature. She might even develop an interest in bird watching, a hobby that is a good starting point for people interested in protecting the environment.

This complete exploration kit has everything she needs to fully enjoy her new hobby. These include a flashlight, butterfly net, whistle, bug containers, backyard exploration critter case, and much more. This is one of the best educational toys for 3 year old girl to get her learning about nature and the world around her. This is an image of girl's outdoor explorer kit pack


48. 4 Piece Purple Fairy Set

If you are at a loss how this would be a great gift, that is because you haven’t seen how little girls get very excited with fairy sets that instantly turns them into a beautiful fairy.

This would be a perfect gift for a costume party, Halloween, stage plays involving fairies, etc. But, being who she is, she might just easily indulge in creative role-playing featuring herself as the good fairy dispensing wisdom and magical gifts to unfortunate folks.

With dark purple wings, a glittery tutu, soft fabric halo, and butterfly wand, she’s got everything she needs to transform into a fairy princess.This is an image of girl's Fairy Custom with teal in dark purple color


49. Unicorn Hooded Rope

Give it some time, and you’ll start wondering why you bought this for her. Perhaps, the plan was to get a cute sleepwear for her. But she’ll turn it into her multipurpose robe constantly wearing no matter the time of day.

Don’t blame her though. The soft polyester material and Unicorn hood make this an easy robe to adore. She knows she looks absolutely adorable in it because the mirror doesn’t lie. In other words, a perfect gift for a cute girl.This is an image of girl's soft unicorn bathrobe in colorful colors


50. Mermaid Tail Blanket

In the realm of favorite fairy tale characters, mermaids rank up there along with princesses and Unicorns as little girls favorites. That is why this Mermaid tail blanket is a brilliant idea for those cold winter nights.

She would love and cherish her new blanket like her favorite plush toy. The blanket is super soft, no thanks to the extra thick flannel fleece material it was made from. She wouldn’t like to crawl out.

This will make a great blanket for traveling, watching TV on the couch, camping, and outdoor activities especially when a chilly wind is blowing.This is an image of girl's mermaid tail blanket in colorful colors


Buying Considerations When Choosing Gifts for 3 Yr Old Girl

When trying to come up with suitable gift ideas for 3 year old girl, arming yourself with a list of the best toys is just the first step. The point is, it isn’t smart to simply walk into any mall or toy shop and pick without taking some factors into considerations.

These factors are important because, ultimately, they determine how much pleasure kids get from the toys.

For instance, by the age of 3, girls are probably attending pre-school already. Schooling is a new experience for them at this stage, so you should consider toys and gifts that help further their educational goals. So, think about learning toys.

Sticking with the preschool theme, their social skills would need serious development because they have to interact with other kids at school. So toys or gifts designed for more than one person would be great.

Generally, kids love bright and flashy stuff because they are attractive. You want them to gravitate naturally towards the gifts without having to nudge them.

While bold colors attract them easily, toys that produce music, sounds, and flashing lights of different colors will hold their attention for long. Without these, they might lose interest and look elsewhere for something more exciting.

One of the most important considerations is how safe the gift is. Safety concerns should be a priority for every adult when buying a gift for kids of any age.

The various safety issues you must consider include the following:


Avoid toys with sharp edges. These might hurt the kid. Instead, look for toys with round, smooth edges.

Materials used

Most toys are made from plastic. Make sure the plastics are free from chemicals that are harmful to humans such as BPA, lead, phthalates, etc.

Also, make sure the paints used are water-based. These are safe for kids to play with.

If you are unsure, you could always check the packaging or ask the makers for more product information. That said, we made sure all the products in this guide are free of toxic materials.

Small parts

Avoid toys with small parts. Kids could swallow and choke on them. If you have to get a toy with small parts, make sure an adult is present to supervise before allowing your kid to play with the toys.


If you are not good with tools, don’t get toys that require complicated installation. Even if you get a neighbor to do it for you, what happens if you have to quickly dismantle the toy and there is nobody around to help?


Kids love toys that come with many features. Different features mean there are many activities to engage with. Kids can spend hours with toys like these.

But, while looking for these sorts of toys, you need to strike a balance between how easy it is to use the different features and the joy they can get from playing with the toy. Put simply, your kid would quickly discard a toy with multiple features if it is too complicated to operate.


Best Buy Overall

Now we’ve looked at 50 of the top toys for 3 year old girls, it’s time to pick which is the best overall. Choosing the best buy was never going to be easy when you have so many awesome products. It is almost like looking for a particular needle in a stack of similar needles. Finally, though, we settled on the Flower Garden Building Playset.

It satisfied most of the important variables we wanted in the best of the best without needing you to break the bank to get one.

We were impressed with how realistic the flowers look. The color combinations were simply amazing. This is an art and craft gift that also teaches girls about flowers, plants, and design, while also helping to develop their creative skills and ability to concentrate.

Kids will design and keep on redesigning in their search for the perfect garden. And they can do this anywhere to make a room look better.

This is an image of girl's flower garden building kit toy in colorful colors


Best Budget Gift

If you are a bit concerned about your budget but want something that is at once awesome and very functional, you wouldn’t go wrong with this plush backpack. It is simply one of the best toys for 3 year old girl with a budget price tag.

The backpack is designed with materials to feel like a soft, plush toy. It is so soft your little girl might rather she held it than hang it over her shoulders. The cartoon face design on the backpack also adds to the feeling of a cute plush toy.

That said, it is a backpack with padded, adjustable straps she can store her things and it is suitable for different occasions: think school, picnics, shopping, traveling, family outings at the beach, etc.

This is an image of girl's backpack animal plush in white color