Best Gifts for 3 Year Old Boys

This is an image of boy's LEGO duplo train building set in colorful colors

Are you looking to get something special for a precocious boy who is about to turn 3? A son? Nephew? Colleague’s or friend’s kid? Well, you are in the right place as we have compiled a great shopping guide for you.

We understand you ended up here due to the complexities of getting the perfect gifts for 3 year old boys. They are at an age where they can’t seem to stop and take a break; constantly jumping from one activity to the next.

‘What could you get that could possibly hold their interest long enough to make it worthwhile?’ You might have asked yourself several times. They have outgrown the toys of their younger years, and with their new-found confidence, they won’t hesitate to let you know if a gift is not up to their high standards.

With that in mind, we dedicated several days to round up a list of awesome gifts and toys for 3 year old boys. The range and variety of the items in this guide are wide enough to accommodate all types of interests and budgets. We guarantee you’d surely find one or a couple that would be perfect for the little man.


50 Best Gifts for 3 Year Old Boys

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Now let’s look at the 50 gifts that scaled the careful scrutiny we subjected hundreds of gift items to. You would find gifts suitable for all occasions including several amazing birthday and Christmas gifts for 3 year old boys. So if you’re wondering what to get a three year old for his birthday, be sure to read on below!

1. Interactive E-book Set

This super cool gift is just what he needs to develop a love for reading. There are 8 hardcover books in the set with each containing 20 pages. That is 160 pages to provide hours of fun for the little man.

Instead of actually reading, he is going to be doing a lot of touching, listening, and learning. All he has to do is press buttons or shapes in the pages and the E-reader would read out the color and shapes on the pages.

He is going to be absolutely bowled over with this especially if he loves Paw Patrol TV show. All the characters in the show make an appearance in the books. This should keep him glued to his new books.This is an image of girl's paw patrol reader in red color


2. LEGO Dump Truck and Excavator Building Kit

Give your kid the chance to build his own dump truck and excavator with this building kit by Lego. With the 26 pieces in the pack, he’d engage in pretend play directing excavating activities for hours at a time. First, though, he has to use the pieces to build the dump truck and excavator. That is a puzzle he would spend several hours resolving.

Building kits are great for developing early building and organizational skills in kids. They are also awesome in developing creativity when they indulge in pretend play.This is an image of boy's LEGO duplo truck building kit in colorful colors


3. Pogo Jumper

Your kid would never have enough of hopping around the house or yard with this exciting pogo jumper. In the first few weeks, you’ll have to be firm to make him stop playing so he can eat or rest. This gift is perfect if you want him to get off the sofa, watch his favorite TV show less, and generally get the exercise that kids need.

The incredibly bouncy jumper features a durable foam that can hold up to 250 lbs; soft and comfortable grips; adjustable bungee cord; and built-in squeaker making jumping fun.

The materials used are of high quality to survive the wear and tear of bouncing. And if you have hard floors, you don’t have to worry as it won’t leave any scratch on them.This is an image of boy's pogo jumper in green and blue colors


4. Engineering Building Blocks Kit

This gift is one of the best building block kits that support STEM education. Exposing him to STEM-related play and activities at such a young age is perfect to get him grounded in engineering and science. But, since it is a building kit, you bet he is going to get all the fun and excitement expected from a great toy.

The kit comes with 4 kid-safe building tools and pieces he needs to create cars, animals, robots, trucks, or anything he can imagine. With 100 pieces, he has enough materials to bring to life even some of the craziest ideas he can think of.

The pack includes a full-color guide with 42 designs to get him started.This is an image of boy's Educational construction building blocks in colorful colors


5. Superhero Capes and Masks

If you want to see the ultimate in action pretend play, get these capes and masks for your kid. His ability to create compelling storylines involving superheroes and supervillains would be unleashed full blast. You just gave him the key to transform into the hero he had always wanted to be watching while watching his favorite heroes in movies.

The set features 4 high-quality and durable capes of different colors with matching masks. He can get to be four different Superheroes at once. Or he could invite friends over to do what kids know how to do best when given superhuman powers.This is an image of boy's superhero capes in colorful colors


6. Play Tent

A place to call his own where he can invite his friends to have a private chat and play as much as he wants without the prying eyes of an adult? That is several levels of awesome especially if it is a tent designed like a rocketship.

The blue tent is large enough to fit him and two friends and comes with a toy projector shaped like a flashlight. With it, they can project space exploration images on the 24 slides on the wall of the tent. Best of all, he could organize and play his favorite games in there or just take a nap.

The tent is easy to setup and dismantle. It also comes with a tote bag for storage; this also makes it easy to carry to a new location or for traveling.This is an image of boy's rocketship tent in blue color


7. Toy Rocket Launcher

That your kid would derive lots of leisure from this rocket launcher kit is an understatement considering all he has to do is step on the red launcher to send rockets soaring into the air a warp speed; or in any direction he w

This would be a massive gift during the Christmas season. You bet he’d turn heads in the neighborhood and other kids would gather round admiring him. Everybody will be begging to have a go.

The rockets go as high as 100 feet. All he has to do to launch them is jump and stomp on the red launcher. There are 6 rockets in the pack: they are all padded with foam material making them soft and safe to play with.This is an image of boy's rocket launcher pack in multi colors


8. Gray T-shirt

‘Young, Wild, & Three’ sounds like a line from a hit pop song. But these are the words printed on this super-cool T-shirt. That he is 3 and young and that you are proud of him is obvious. Wild? That is debatable but he can be all that and more when he wears the T-shirt.

The machine-washable shirt is made from soft, breathable,100% cotton material. This makes it very comfortable to wear no matter the This is an image of boy's 3 year with camping design in gray color


9. Take-apart Racing Car Kit

Racing cars and building kits are some of the best toys for 3 year old boys. Your kid is getting both these in this gift pack. With 30 parts including batteries, engine, drill, etc., he would build his own racing car from scratch and hear it make realistic car sounds and flash off lights. He’d be totally wowed!

A great toy for improving cognitive and fine motor skills, it also delivers crucial STEM skills to him at a tender age. To get him started, the pack comes with a detailed guide. And to test his creativity, several pieces are included so he can alter the basic design the way he wants.This is an image of boy's construction racing car in colorful colors


10. Whack A Frog Interactive Game

Whack A Frog is an awesome interactive game your kid will enjoy playing with you, his siblings, or friends. Whoever he chooses to play with, it is going to be great fun with the attendant benefit of developing motor skills, hand-eye coordination, concentration, etc.

The game involves using the child-safe, soft hammer to whack the frogs and see who gets a better score. Two different game modes and 38 different speed changing levels add lots of variety to keep players whacking for hours non-stop.

This is an image of boy's interactive Whack frog game with hammer in green color


11. Portable Toy Golf Kit

If someday in the future, your kid wins the prestigious Masters Golf tournament, you could rightly say it all started with this portable golf set. The lightweight set can be easily taken anywhere to play with. He could even invite friends and organize a mini-tournament.

The golf set is beautifully designed and durable with a tower holding the balls. It comes with a dozen balls and two golf club heads. This is an outstanding game that not only encourages physical activity but also gets them interested in one of the world’s most famous individual sports.This is an image of boy's educational golf set in orange and grey colors


12. Cartoon Race Car

Next on our list of 3rd birthday gift ideas for boys is this cool RC car. There are several things to love about this cute race car. You know your kid would instantly fall in love with it for being a race car toy. Kids just love their racing cars.

But when you add music, honking sounds, flashing headlights, and sound effects, and the fact he can make the car move in all directions with the remote control, you have a truly impressive gift for him.

The car also comes with 3 removable figures so he can swap drivers. And with the tough ABS plastic body, he can crash it many times against walls without damaging itThis is an image of boy's remote control cartoon race car in red and green colors


13. Kids Water Drawing Mat

Without prompting, a kid would look for a pen and doodle whatever catches their fancy. Cue the frustrating job of cleaning ink from walls, clothes and other surfaces. You can say bye-bye to all that with this amazing drawing mat.

Your kid now has a large surface draw whatever they feel like. After 10 minutes max, the drawing disappears so they always have space for more drawings. This is thanks to the magic pen that uses water as ink.

That means no more ink drawings appearing in the worst places. Your kid, though, would have the time of his life anytime he feels like drawing.This is an image of boy's educational water painting doodle in colorful colors


14. LEGO Airport Building Set

Let your kid play out a real-life scenario involving a busy town airport he built from the ground up. With the 29 pieces in this Lego building kit, he is going to construct an airport with a control tower that revolves an airplane, a luggage ramp, a boarding gate, and suitcases. Essentially, he has all the pieces to create a bustling airport and start weaving stories around the characters.

This Lego set, like most building kits, provide several hours of engaging fun play helping the kid develop his motor skills, creative centers, and hand-eye coordination.This is an image of boy's LEGO duplo town airport building blocks


15. Carrier Truck with Construction Vehicles

With 10 construction vehicles and 1 helicopter that can be fitted on the carrier truck, the opportunity for pretend play featuring multiple scenarios is endless. It is easy to imagine hours of play with the trucks individually or with the trucks in the carrier moving the thriving construction business to a different location.

No battery is required to play with the kit so there is no limit to the number of hours he could engage with this kit at a time. Perfect for developing hand-eye coordination, creative role-playing, and motor skills, the pieces are made with durable material and are small enough for his little hand to hold comfortably.

This is an image of boy's truck car pack in yellow color


16. Take Apart Construction Truck Kit

This 3-in-1 kit allows kids to build 3 different trucks and remote control using the step by step guide that comes with the pack. This is a great fun and learning toy that should expose the kid to some simple STEM and engineering concepts. He’d get a huge sense of satisfaction after completing a project. That would give his self-esteem and confidence a significant boost.

With the 44 pieces and battery-operated drill, he has everything to build a dump truck, cement truck, and crane that make realistic trucks when powered on. And in just a few steps, the drill can be converted to a remote control with a range of over 100 feet. This is an image of boy's Construction truck toy in yellow color


17. Jurassic World Playing Set

If your kid loves the Jurassic film franchise, he is going to be thrilled with this gift. The kit allows him to create his own customized Jurassic theme park complete with tracks, bridges, trees, military cars, and of course dinosaurs.

This is an amazing playset that invites kids to push their creative skills to the limit. With 4 different dinosaurs, it should be easy to spin exciting tales of epic battles between the beasts. How about the military trucks rushing to rescue somebody or zooming off to safety along the tracks and over bridges while being chased by an angry dinosaur? Lots of thrills await him.

He could even change the configuration of the tracks and other pieces for variety. With 192 pieces, he is looking at several enjoyable hours of building theme parks and telling riveting stories.This is an image of boy's dinosaur racing car in green colors


18. Play Tent with Kids Camping Tools

The combination of tent and camping tools is the perfect way to expose your kid to the rudiments of camp life before he is old enough to start camping. He would be all over the kit immediately it is set up and ready for him.

The kit comes with vital camping tools such as binoculars for kids, a whistle, cooking pan, utility knife, lamp with lamp oil, a gas stove that glows, and much more.

The tent is made from quality materials and has enough space to keep his things, take a nap or play games with a lucky friend.This is an image of boy's outdoor camping tools set


19. Dinosaur Sound Book with Dinosaur Pieces

12 pieces of realistic-looking, scaled-down models of different species of dinosaurs are enough for an imaginative kid of 3 to engage exciting pretend play featuring different battle scenarios.

Add a sound book that makes the rumbling sounds of each dinosaur to the mix, you get a play and learning set the little man would never get tired of.

The book would also take him on a captivating journey of two vital periods in the history of dinosaurs through pages that are filled with colorful landscapes and the habitats of these beasts. The narrative style of the dragonfly is simple, making it easy for him to grasp everything. Educating kids about dinosaurs doesn’t get any better.

This is an image of boy's realistic dinosaurs pack toys in colorful colors


20. LEGO Train Building Set

This is another building kit any kid of 3 would love. It is an educational building kit that would expose your boy to different colors and numbers while offering him a chance for amusing pretend play involving trains and impatient commuters.

The 23 pieces in the set include 2 child Lego figures, one cat, a locomotive, and three colorful wagons with numbers printed on the sides. He would have fun building and rebuilding the train set as often as he wishes.This is an image of boy's LEGO duplo train set in colorful colors


21. Have You Seen My Dinosaur? Book

With a dinosaur that is huge, green, and loves to roar, how hard can it be to find it? But according to this 48-paged hardcover book, it is harder than you think. The beautifully illustrated book is filled with fun rhymes after rhymes of a dinosaur that proves that one is not too big to play hide-and-seek and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

The book is very entertaining and would get kids laughing their heads off at the naughtiness of the huge, green dinosaur.This is an image of boy's book have you seen my dinosaur


22. Wood Building Pieces by Lincoln Logs

If you’ve ever played the classic Lincoln Logs, you’ll want your son to pass through a similar experience. Like others before him, he is to be busy for several hours building different types of structure with these simple logs.

There are 111 logs made from 100% maple wood in the tin that doubles as a convenient storage container when he is done for the day. You would love the exquisitely designed woods, stained to look like the finish of a real cabin.

To get him started, there is a manual with 3 building ideas. But you just know he’d be surprising everybody with his own designs in no time at all.This is an image of boy's wooden construction toy in brown and green colors


23. Construction Worker Costume Set

If he already has an engineering, construction or other building kits, this construction worker costume would be a perfect complement for those toys. Now he can dress up and look the part of a professional in his work outfit.

Great for creative role-playing, the kit comes with a saw, hammer, a pair of pliers, screwdriver, hat, tools belt, and yellow nylon vest. No technician this young has ever looked so awesome. Soon enough, he’d start fixing broken things or building new structures to give you an idea of how capable he is.This is an image of boy's Costume construction worker set in yellow color


24. Dinosaur Hooded Sweatshirt

There is no mistaking what this is: a sweatshirt to declare his enduring love and fascination for dinosaurs. It is an all-weather sweatshirt that is comfortable to wear and durable due partly to the 100% cotton fabric.

But it is the design that catches the eye. It is all dinosaur-themed with a hoodie that comes with dinosaur ears at the top and 3D saw tooth design running from the head right down the back of the jacket.

The fearsome T-Rex printed across the front would surely send jitters down the spine of the unwary. Your kid, though, would love every inch of the front-zippered jacket. This could be his best jacket until he outgrows it.This is an image of boy's hoddie with dinosaur design in blue and and gray color


25. Interactive Robot Toy by Gilobaby

The odds are, even before he is halfway through checking this robot’s features, your little boy would declare it his new best buddy. That isn’t surprising when you have a robot that can obey your voice commands, move in all directions and even execute 360° turns, sing, repeat your words, and display some nifty dance moves to that’d delight anybody.

All that and much more comes with this robot toy. The interactive robot would provide hours of fun on the 3 AAA batteries. Fully touch and voice-controlled, it would switch itself off when it is told ‘Goodnight’ or ‘Sleep’.This is an image of boy's robot toy in green color


26. 2-in-1 Scooter/Ride On Combo

What is better than a scooter or a ride-on bike for kids? The short answer is a scooter that easily converts to ride-on like this four-wheeled ride by Radio Flyer. He would be thrilled with this gift that allows him to ride in two ways. With just one gift, he gets to enjoy the benefit of two delightful riding toys.

The design concept makes it easy to convert the ride-on to a scooter without the use of tools. It is just a matter of flipping the base to create either ride.

With a sturdy frame and 4 large wheels, the safety of the ride is not a problem. It also comes with adjustable handles for a comfortable ride in both modes and a storage compartment under the seat in the ride-on mode.This is an image of boy's Scooter ride on in red color


27. Construction Vehicle Playset

This construction vehicle playset is a cool early introduction to the different types of construction vehicles. He also gets to learn a thing or two about how physics works in the real world, mechanical interactions, and spatial relationships between objects via imaginative and creative role play. And he is definitely going to have fun while pushing the realistic-looking trucks.

Apart from playing with the five construction trucks, he is going to get valuable lessons about road signs and their functions. You would love it that the handy storage box easily converts into a playmate.

No doubt this is a cool gift for him during this festive period or any auspicious occasion.This is an image of boy's construction vehicle play set


28. 3D Magnetic Building Blocks

With 34 pieces of colorful building blocks of different shapes and sizes, the possibilities for creating shapes in various configurations are endless. And with the magnets that make everything so easy, he’d be constructing, dismantling structures, and building new ones as fast as he can think of them.

While having fun with the blocks, his creative skills, shape recognition ability, motor skills, are getting the needed development.

Perfect for schools and home, the pieces are made from durable, non-toxic plastic materials.This is an image of boy's magnetic building blocks


29. Kids Camera

If there is going to be a learning curve, we are sure your boy would stick to it no matter how long it takes to master it. He’ll absolutely adore the chance to unleash his talents for photography with this cute, lightweight camera that is perfect for kids.

It comes with a display making focusing easy; while the high-quality lens and easy buttons would ensure that, in a jiffy, he is running around taking shots of everything he finds interesting. This is a great toy to build his social skills, confidence, and get him to take notice of his surroundings more.

The strong and durable camera is made from environmentally friendly materials. It comes with a lanyard so he can carry it around conformably; a 32 GB memory card; and a USB cable for charging and connecting to a computer; and a card reader.This is an image of boy's camera with memory card in blue color


30. Chair Desk

If you are tired of cleaning messes on your chairs, beds, and other furniture, this colorful chair/desk combo is the perfect antidote. However, you must be ready to constantly move it from one location to the next because he isn’t going to fancy sitting anywhere else when he gets this.

The gorgeous design is enough to have him cooing with delight. But it is the utility of the piece that makes this a perfect gift for a kid to sit, snack, do some homework, or whatever he feels like doing.

Designed low to the ground to prevent injury via nasty falls, it comes with a cup holder to hold his writing pens and a pull drawer under the seat to store important stuff. The chair is sturdy enough to hold up to 50 lbs and very resistant to scratch. So you are not going to need a replacement anytime soon due to damage or scratches on the body making it look old and worn out.This is an image of boy's chair desk with stockage and paw patrol design in colorful colors


31. Dinosaurs Book by National Geographic

Kids and adults have an enduring fascination with prehistoric animals especially dinosaurs that, apart from a few, look like giant stuffed animals you just want to hug all day. And nobody does dinosaurs better than National Geographic.

If National Geographic decides to make a dinosaur book for kids, the least you’d get is stunning illustrations of different types of dinosaurs. The book also contains several fun facts. Each page features a different animal with a little fact about the beast written in large bold texts that are perfect for kids.

The hardcover book contains 128 pages; that means over a hundred dinosaur species for your kid to discover. Even if he doesn’t love dinosaurs, this book would make him.This is an image of boy's national geographic dinosaur book


32. Golf Club Set

This is another golf club set option if you want something different from the previous one above. But you could always add this as they complement each other perfectly.

The colorful golf set is ideal for aspiring golfers and a fun way to play outdoors and get some needed exercise. He would love the golf cart that comes with wheels he can easily wheel it around the golf course. Also included are 3 perfectly-weighted golf clubs at just the right height; 3 golf balls of different colors; and 2 practice halls.

The best way to have an exciting time with this is to invite friends over for a good tournament. They would be hitting balls all day long.This is an image of boy's golf toy set in colorful colors


33. Drum Set by VTech

VTech toys, apart from the high quality, are usually packed with features beyond the basic functions. The set is also a learning toy that will teach the budding drummer letters, numbers, and several sing-along songs and music.

The set comes with three electronic drums and one cymbal for your child to drum freely on. He can also drum along to the 9 melodies built into the set in different musical styles. Another way to have fun is to follow the flashing lights on the set and learn numbers and letters in the process.

The set is small and lightweight. He won’t have problems taking it along to a different location. The beats must go on.This is an image of boy's drum beats set in colorful colors


34. Farm Sounds Book

With 30 different sounds buttons and 24 pages, this book delivers an exciting tour of the sounds made by different farm animals. It is a practical and fun way to teach your kid the different kinds of sounds animals make. Before you know it, he would be able to identify animals by their sounds at a tender age.

The interactive book is great for parent-child bonding; it also helps that the illustrations are very colorful ensuring that he gets easily attracted to it.This is an image of boy's book arround the farm With Sounds


35. Batcopter

This rugged-looking helicopter is an excellent gift for kids who consider Batman the greatest superhero. Your 3 year old would certainly love the idea that instead of a Batmobile, he has what looks like a better way to hunt down villains.

The Batcopter comes equipped with a spinning rotor and landing hears that also double as claws to execute daring rescues or catch the baddies with. And he also gets a Batman figurine to help him act out his exciting fantasies.This is an image of boy's batcopter with batman in black and blue colors


36. DIY Take Apart Bulldozer Kit by Vatos

Any boy of three would love the idea of being able to construct their own bulldozer and make it more exciting than those boring ones adults seem to like. With his skills and ingenuity, his bulldozer would produce music so the driver never gets bored.

This cool take apart kit comes with both manual and electric power drills. He can decide to use anyone to put together the pieces that make up the bulldozer. All the pieces needed are present in the kit including the cab that doubles as the driver.

He would get immense satisfaction from hearing the actual sound of a power drill when he presses the switch. With the batteries installed, the truck can be made to move. He is going to love taking it out for a spin.This is an image of boy's STEM truck witn sounds in colorful colors


37. Sesame Street Board Book

Sesame Street comes to your rescue if your little kid is still having trouble using the potty. Elmo, surely one of his favorite characters, takes him by the hand and guides him on how to use the potty. All your kid has to do is lift the flaps of the book and the surprises waiting for him will delight him.

Each flap of the 28-page book is sturdy, able to hold up to the constant lifting that is likely to occur with getting frayed.This is an image of boy's book P is for potty


38. Railway Books Box Set

This book set is the complete collection of the immensely popular Bright & Early books by Reverend W. Awdry. This book has delighted generations of children since 1945. Your son deserves to be part of that illustrious group.

The book set contains all the four books in the series. Your kid would be flipping the pages even if it’s just to admire the amazing illustrations by Tommy Stubbs.This is an image of boy's thomas and friends book box


39. Flashing LED Gloves

This flashing LED gloves would be perfect as Christmas gifts to keep their fingers warm during the winter. But it’s the flashing lights that make them really special.

With three bright colors and six flashing light modes on each finger, kids would have fun using them in a variety of ways. He could use them to create cool light effects during birthday parties and other occasions. In large gatherings, the lights can act as a beacon so you can spot your son easily.

Made from high-quality, soft cotton and polyester with nylon lining, each glove comes with two pre-installed batteries that could easily be replaced when the old ones are out of juice.This is an image of boy's led light gloves in Black and white colors


40. Kids Outdoor Adventure Kit

This adventure kit is one of the best gifts to get for a boy of 3 if you want him to explore nature; even if that involves playing with them in the backyard, he is going to learn so much while having fun.

The kit comes with everything he needs to have an exciting time like a magnifying glass, butterfly net, compass to find his way around his private wilderness, flashlight, explorer hat, and more.

The kit also features a pair of binoculars. The comfortable, kid-safe binoculars are made of high-quality shockproof rubber. Expect it to hang constantly around his neck so he can easily use it to view distant objects.This is an image of boy's outdoor explorer kit


41. Kids Writing Tablet

This cute writing tablet provides a good alternative to other writing surfaces with a touch of modernity. The little man would now have his own tablet to doodle on as much as he wants with the equally cute and adorable stylus.

Designed with a cartoon animal shape to make it attractive to kids, it’s equipped with a one-touch delete button to erase everything on the tablet. A lock button is also available to disable the delete button.

To protect your boy’s eyes, the screen relies on natural light for illumination with no residual radiation or flickering.This is an image of boy's LED writing tablet in blue color


42. Workshop Tools Workbench

This is a marvelous workbench to get for any kid. The workbench comes with more than 100 pieces of tools. Essentially, you are giving him almost every tool in existence. His hands are going to be constantly full playing with them and learning how to use each tool.

But it is the workbench that is full of surprises. It is not your ordinary kids’ workbench but a 3-in-1 device that can easily be converted into a suitcase to store the tools, a trolley case for easy movement, and of course, the standard workbench.

When you think of a gift that keeps on giving, have this workbench in mind.This is an image of boy's 100 pieces construction toy


43. Wooden Blocks Jigsaw Puzzle

If you want your child to have something fun and engaging to distract him for hours, a beautiful puzzle game like this would do the trick. He is going to spend hours concentrating on using the pieces of blocks to create the objects on the card.

36 wooden pieces form the Jigsaw puzzle while the 60 pattern cards set the challenge. Objects like cars, animals, houses, birds, etc., are drawn on the cards.

The gift is great for developing creativity, concentration, spatial awareness, shape, and color recognition while he is otherwise engaged.This is an image of boy's wooden stacking games in colorful colors


44. Kids Drone by OMWay

This Christmas, quietly keep this drone while he is asleep so he finds it under the Christmas tree in the morning. His squeal of joy would tell you all you need to know about his delight. Drones are everybody’s favorite, and this hand-operated quadcopter would have him racing around the house knowing he has the best Christmas gift.

The drone responds to hand gestures making it very easy to operate. Along with the basic movements, he can make it spin 360° in the air while the flashing LED lights ensure he can easily play with it even at night.

Made from high-quality, non-toxic, plastic, the lightweight craft is durable and resistant to collisions.This is an image of boy's drone with hand controling in blue color


45. Animal Jigsaw Puzzles by ToyPal

Like all the best puzzles, your kid’s intellect would be stretched as he tries to resolve these animal puzzles made of high-quality wooden pieces.

There are five delightful animals for him to piece together. Putting the cute dinosaur, elephant, lion, dolphin, and tortoise figures is a cool way to introduce him to these animals. And he also gets to learn colors through the bright paints used to design each piece.

Each animal puzzle is individually wrapped and packed in a cute box. This makes it ready to be gifted without hassles. The wood material used is sturdy and non-toxic while the paints are water-based making them safe for kids to play with.This is an image of boy's wooden animal puzzle in colorful colors


46. 111 Pieces Take Apart Toys by Aofmee

With 111 pieces to create different toys, this is easily one of the best take apart toys you can find anywhere for your boy. He is going to dedicate several hours dismantling them and trying to rebuild them with his hands again and again.

This STEM-themed toy is would expose him to basic technology, develop hand-eye coordination, and boost cognitive and motor skills.

The pieces come in a storage box making them easy to transport while making sure none gets missing.This is an image of boy's STEM dinosaur toys in colorful colors


47. 3-in-1 Stunt Tracks with Race Car

The wide scope for exciting pretend-play is just one of the things that make this an excellent gift for any kid lucky to be gifted one. And if he has SmartPoint vehicles, the 2 SmartPoint locations integrated into the track will add a different dimension to his play with fun phrases, music and sound effects.

There are three different ways he can configure the tracks (including a two-tier track) for his car to race down the incline. With the lift-up launchers at the end of two tracks, you bet he’d be sending the race car down the track as fast as he can to see how high the car can lift off!This is an image of boy's smart wheels raceway in colorful colors


48. Waterproof 3D Watch

After gearing up in his best clothes for a family outing, a kid’s wristwatch, like this one, is the perfect accessory to complement his outfit.

The beautiful, blue cartoon timepiece tells the time accurately, instantly making it a great learning gift that would teach him numbers and most importantly, how to tell the time. That said, he is going to stand out in a crowd.

The shock-resistant, battery-powered and water-resistant piece comes with a high-quality silicone strap that is comfortable and soft. He could wear it for several without any adverse effects on his skin.This is an image of boy's waterproof classic watch in blue color


49. Smart Robot

A smart robot can be anything you want it to be. For your kid, this small robot is likely to be his closest ally for the many exciting adventures he is going to spin once he gets it. That should be expected with a robot that can be made to walk all directions, roll forward or backward on wheels, sing several songs, dance, and much more.

The robot comes with dual controls: via hand gestures or through the included remote control which can also be used to program it. The 3 hours of non-stop fun he gets when the battery is fully charged would seem very inadequate.This is an image of boy's smart robot toys with remote control in white and blue color



50. Dinosaur Light Up Bubble Blower

Creating bubbles are some of the best ways for kids to play. Kids, and adults too, love chasing the floating bubbles just to see how many they can burst. This bubble maker adds something extra to all that fun!

First, the dinosaur design is outstanding. The flashing LED lights are dazzling. The trigger that shoots bubbles makes it a cool and easy to use shooter. And the bubbles? With the included bubble containers, he can shoot thousands of colored bubbles to make everybody’s day instantly better, fun and colorful.This is an image of boy's dinosaur bubble shooter gun in green color


What to Consider When Choosing 3 Year Old Gifts

At 3, a boy has developed some vital life skills. He is now able to confidently play with other kids; while his ability to express himself or communicate ideas clearly is improving by the day. When you combine that with a kid’s natural curiosity, you have a boy who loves asking questions non-stop.

Taking that into consideration, the appropriate toys or gifts must seek to address or help to develop his increasing social skills. Toys he can share with friends or siblings would be cool.

Puzzles toys are great to satisfy their hunger for learning how things work and to improve their self-confidence. That sense of satisfaction they would get from completing a seemingly difficult task is crucial to their growth and development.

At this age, they also love exploring. That is the product of curiosity, physical development, and boundless energy. Excellent gift ideas for 3 year old boy must therefore include items that encourage them to run, climb, jump, etc.

The Pogo Jumper, mini-drone and many more in this guide are top toys for 3 year old boys that satisfy that desire for exploration and exercise.

Finally, when thinking of appropriate toys for 3 year old boy, there is the issue of making sure he’d never had the gift before. It would be a shame, after hours of searching, to discover somebody had already bought it for him in the past.

This is mostly applicable if he isn’t your kid. The easiest way around this is to ask the parents. And while you are it, you could also ask them about his personal preferences and habits. Though, at his age, he is likely to accept any gift as long as it is interesting and fun.


Best Gift Overall

When you have a huge list of absolutely fantastic gifts and toys for a 3 year old boy, it’s always going to be difficult to isolate one and crown it ‘best’. But gifts like the Workshop Tools Workbench stand out.

It delivers everything a boy with curiosity and energy to burn needs in a gift. The range and number of tools to work with are really impressive. Kids would be all over this workbench for years learning and creating stuff.

Also impressive is the ‘bench’. The unique design concept resulted in a product that can be used in three inter-related ways. Apart from the basic workbench, it can be converted to a suitcase to act as convenient storage for all the pieces. While in the workbench mode, the wheels attached to the bench make it a suitable trolley, easily turning the workbench into a mobile workshop.

This is an image of boy's 100 pieces construction toy


Best Budget Gift

Again, a difficult choice to make because there are many low-priced items that could easily compete with the more expensive ones.

However, we had to settle for the Outdoor Adventure Kit for kids. We loved that it features several amazing items that he could play with individually. Collectively, the items make a complete exploration set.

Now, he has a great outlet for all the energy and curiosity bottled up inside. With this gift, he’d get all the exercise he needs, gets to know how some gadgets work, learn a lot about nature and the environment, and have fun while doing all that.

This is also a gift that would be useful for many years.

This is an image of boy's outdoor explorer kit