Best Gifts for 21 Year Old Girls

this is an image of a Happy 21st birthday celebration message on a lightbox with balloons and confetti

Are you looking for cool gift ideas for a 21-year-old girl? Then you are in the right place. Because we understand that 21 is an important milestone for any young lady, we have compiled some amazing gifts for 21 year old girls you’d find intriguing.

Whether it’s a birthday present to celebrate her new age, or perhaps you want to get her something for Christmas, New Year, or any other auspicious occasion, there are lots of pretty awesome suggestions here to choose from.

And if you are shopping on a budget, we’ve got you covered. You’ll find several outstanding budget items in different categories guaranteed to make her happy.


50 Best Gifts For 21 Year Old Girls

The next section looks at the 50 gifts we selected from several dozen after hours of rigorous evaluation. Each gift chosen is the result of a deliberate effort to include only gifts befitting girls 21 years old.

1. 21st Birthday Bead Necklace

Kicking off this guide of awesome gifts for 21 year old female is this age-appropriate bracelet that’s a golden way to announce to the world she has now come of age. Yes, 21 golden beads are threaded through the simple cord for every single year she’s lived.

Perfect as a 21st birthday gift, the whole ensemble is an excellent fashion accessory for any of her outfits for casual or formal outings. It features a sliding gold toggle closure that allows her to adjust the size of the bracelet for a perfect fit no matter the size of her wrist.This is an image of a 14K bead bracelet for 21 years old ladies by Lucky Feather.


2. Pullover Wrap Sweater

Up next is a sweater that is so stylish and beautiful it is an obvious contender for the best 21st birthday ideas for girls that care about how they turn out no matter the season or time of the year.

Everything about the sweater from the large brown buttons, chic asymmetrical crossover wrap design, plain pattern, etc., are all about enhancing her style.

The beige-colored sweater is made from 100% soft acrylic material for durability. It would be perfect for keeping her warm in the fall or winter. Her wardrobe would be a lot richer with this gift.This is an image of a biege turtle neck sweater for ladies by Asvivid


3. 21st Birthday T-shirt

This brilliant pink t-shirt is a great gift for a girl of 21 to flaunt her new age. If there is going to be a party for her, she’ll definitely stand out not simply for the bright color, but also the ‘Made In 1999: All Original Parts’  printed across the tee’s front. Nobody would be left in doubt she is the proud birthday girl.

The 100% cotton material is cured with a heat treatment process to ensure it doesn’t fade. This is a good thing because she might be wearing it for many years. After all, it is pretty and some people might need reminding she is now an adult.This is an image of a pink t-shirt for 21 years old girls by This Wear.


4. Stainless Steel Flask Bracelet

For the wine lover, this exquisitely-crafted bracelet allows her to secretly take her favorite wine to places where she isn’t allowed to. It doesn’t require too much thinking to come up with a dozen such places. She could use it to surprise her friends when she opens the crystal stone lid cap to pour the drink into everybody’s glass. With a capacity of 3.5 oz, you bet everybody at the table would get something.

Carefully designed to conceal the round Flask within the bracelet, what people would notice is how beautifully the rather chunky bracelet is. The food-grade stainless steel material of the bracelet studded with rhinestones to enhance the picture of a shiny and cute piece of jewelry.

Perfect as a birthday, Christmas, and holiday gift, she could also use it to hold her beverage when going swimming, hiking, road trip, and much more.This is an image of a silver with rose gold stones flask bracelets by Hillside-Kit.


5. Portable Power Bank

This compact but powerful power bank is a very useful item to have in her purse or bag for charging her devices on the to go. If she has a backpack with a USB port, this would make a useful accessory to turn the bag into her mobile charger for school, travel, hiking, etc.

With a capacity of 5000 mAh, it can charge an iPhone 8 more than 3 times. Essentially, she doesn’t have to worry about her smartphones and tablets becoming useless due to completely discharged batteries no matter where she is.

Featuring a fast-charging function, it comes with a travel pouch and a micro-USB cable.This is an image of a blank power bank battery charger by Anker.


6. Cashmere Poncho

This Fincati Cashmere Poncho would be perfect as a Christmas gift for your girl. But it is easy to see how it would make a perfect Valentine Day and birthday gift too for a girl who loves doing things differently. This is a must-have fashion item that is perfect for every season.

Made from 90% goat cashmere and a blend of other high-quality materials, the yarn-knitted Poncho easily provides superior insulation in cold weather; and in the Spring, it can be used as a stylish shawl. Over her shoulders, it would pair perfectly with her favorite jacket, suit, sweater, coat, etc.This is an image of a lady wearing a black luxurious cashmere by Fincati.


7. Pair of Plush Funny Socks

If you are looking for a super fun gift for her, this pair of socks would be cool especially if she is a wine lover. Anytime she feels like having a bit of fun, she can wear them, lie back on her bed or couch in the  living room, and see who takes a cue from the word words pirated words under the socks: ‘If you can read this, Bring me some wine.’

Only a sport with a super awesome sense of humor can pull that off on her friends and family. They would love her for making them chuckle at least. She might even strike gold from time to time and get her wine.

Fun and humor aside, she’ll love the pink color and the quality of the socks. They are so comfortable she’ll hate taking them off.This is an image of a pink wine socks in cupcake packaging by Cinch!


8. 21st Birthday Tumbler

A customized 21st birthday tumbler is the sort of thoughtful birthday gift she’ll cherish for a long time. With the words, ‘Finally 21’ printed on the tumbler, it would always feel like she is now ready to hit the heights expected of her. Inspiration can come from unexpected places after all.

The double-wall, vacuum-insulated stainless steel tumbler is optimized to keep her drinks at her desired temperature. Combined with the BPA-free lid that slides open and close easily, it’s a great tumbler for outdoor activities like pool party, beach outing, picnic, camping, and more. The 12 oz tumbler also comes with a reusable and bendable straw for easy sipping.This is an image of a mint green wine tumbler with lid and straw by Sips and Gifts.


9. Pair of 3D Sleep Masks

If she prefers sleeping in complete darkness but hardly gets that for some reason, she’ll definitely love these sleep masks. Made with opaque, high-density memory foam material, all external light would be completely blocked to ensure a wonderful night for her.

The masks are also perfect for camping, a day at the beach, and other outdoor activities when she needs to block out the daylight so she can rest for a bit.

Though made of foam material, the masks are super slim with large eye cavities for ultimate comfort. Each one comes with a loop design that can be adjusted between 3.5 and 7.9 inches. It’d fit perfectly well and won’t tug at her hair.This is an image of a 2 pack purple, blue and black sleep mask by PrettyCare.


10. Necklace

Ladies love their jewelry gift no matter their age or status. That is why any 21st birthday gift ideas for daughter must include a bunch of jewelry pieces like this necklace. The elegance of this necklace is enhanced by the minimalistic design making it suitable for formal and casual use.

Made of sterling silver, the necklace features a bright, champagne-colored crystal and two thick round pendants hanging from it. Each pendant represents a decade of her life while the crystal adds the finishing touch to celebrate the first year of her third decade. The whole ensemble is packed with abstract significance making it a timeless piece to wear for as long as she wants.

And with the beautiful gift bag, tissue paper, and note card included, the pack has everything to make it instantly giftable!This is an image of a sterling silver for 21 year old girls by EFYTAL.


11. Apple AirPods

AirPods are now the wireless earphones of choice for iPhone owners. These AirPods are specifically designed to enhance ease of use while simultaneously prioritizing sound quality.

Easy to use with the ability the make and receive calls, the earphones are intuitive with automatic pairing to the smartphones when inserted into the ears. It disconnects automatically when it’s removed.

This set includes a charging case so she can recharge the batteries easily. On a single full charge, the pods deliver up to 18 hours of talk time and 24 hours of listening time. These and many more awesome features make them perfect birthday, Christmas, Valentine Day gift for her.This is an image of a white AirPods by Apple.


12. Portable Grooming Kit

This grooming set comprising 18 pieces of grooming tools in a pink PU leather case is the perfect gift for a young woman who loves traveling. While on the road, the kit ensures her nails and facial hair are always in excellent condition: exactly the way she’d want them if she were a model preparing to step onto the runway.

As well as manicure and pedicure tools, the kit also includes tools to take care of stubborn acne, spiral ear spoon to keep her ear clean, tweezers, and more. All the tools are made from stainless steel with a non-slip rubber coating making them easy to grip.This is an image of an 18 piece manicure set for ladies by Keiby Citom.


13. Wine Glass

Simple items like wine glasses can be transformed instantly into one of the most awesome gifts for 21st birthday when it’s customized with the right words.

The customization of this wine glass would hit all the right cords to make her very happy. The fun design in the gals includes the words ‘Vintage’, ‘1998’, ‘Aged To Perfection’, and ‘Cheers To 21 Years’. This is clearly a homage to her coming of age and a subtle message that, like vintage wine, she’s coming along perfectly as she goes older.

You bet she’ll love this as a keepsake to decorate her room when she can’t use it any longer. Before then though, it would be her favorite wine glass during family dinners or when friends come around for a little party.This is an image of a vintage 1998 wine glass for 21 year old ladies by Spotted Dog Company.


14. Teddy Bear

Do teddy bears make good 21 birthday gifts? Absolutely! Especially when it’s a 5-foot tall teddy made with materials so soft she might never want to stop hugging it. For those lonesome nights or days, hugging the adorable teddy would provide all the comfort she needs. It would be perfect as a sleeping companion or while watching TV alone.

The giant teddy comes with an equally soft white fluffy pillow. The stitched symbols on the pillow signifying your enduring love for her is a nice and powerful touch for a very cool gift.This is an image of a lady besides the 5 foot brown teddy bear by Yesbears.


15. ‘101 Secrets for Your Twenties’ Paperback

At 21, many young ladies look so confident you’d think they got it all figured out. No matter how far she’s gone in understanding life, she could do with a little extra help. That is what this book by Paul Angone is all about.

Over a million girls in their twenties in almost 200 countries have read and benefited immensely from this book. Written in a witty and engaging style, the book would inspire and encourage her in ways she never thought possible. For a 21 year old girl, the book could easily qualify as one of her best secret weapons on how to navigate adulthood successfully.This is an image of a black book of secrets for 20s.


16. Birthday Charms Bangle

This really sweet bangle made from stainless steel is mostly about the charms hanging from it. She’ll love the detailed craftsmanship of the four, stainless-steel, birthday-themed charms with one being the figure ’21’ to leave no one in doubt she is proud of her new age.

The other three charms are a birthday cake, a wine glass, and a round pendant engraved with the words ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ – a simple but effective signpost on how to live a happy life.

The bracelet can be expanded easily to fit any wrist. It comes with a gift pouch for instant gift-giving.This is an image of a stainless steel bangle for 21 year old girls by Miss Pink.


17. Makeup Kit by Shany

Shany’s Makeup Kit is a very popular makeup kit for beginners. However, with close to 200 different makeup pieces, even a professional would love this gift.

This is a complete makeup kit comprising 98 square-pan shimmer eyeshadows, 70 circle-pan shimmer eyeshadows, 10 mini applicators for the eyes and lips, 6 creamy lip colors, and 3 powder blushes.

With so much variety and options, she can go dull blast experimenting on different looks. You bet she’ll have lots of fun before settling on the combination of eyeshadows and blushes that best fits her style.This is an image of an all in 1 makeup kit by SHANY Cosmetics.


18. Cabin Crew Socks

How about a pair of cabin socks to shroud her lower limbs in soft and stretchy wool material providing the ultimate comfort for her feet and legs? The unique natural and festive design make them excellent for outdoor adventures such as hiking, biking, running, etc.

Each sock comes with supportive and textured knitting for durability and comfort. It also features medium cushioning perfect for long runs, and seamless toes for an almost frictionless wearing experience. This is another simple but awesome gift that could easily morph into her favorite pair of socks.This is an image of a cabin crew socks for women by Smartwool.


19. Bath Bombs

Fun 21st birthday gifts for daughter don’t get any better than bath bombs if you are a dad wondering what to get for your girl. As well as making bathtime fun, they are also very useful for their therapeutic and moisturizing benefits.

The pack comes with 12 handcrafted and individually wrapped bath boys each made from natural ingredients with different fragrances. The fragrances include papaya, Victorian rose, black raspberry vanilla, and lavender.

No matter which fragrance she prefers, she’ll always look forward to the spa-like luxury of taking a bath with them after a hard day or at weekends. She can just close her eyes and let the combination of oils, fragrances, and other ingredients soothe and pamper her body. bathing would never be the same again.This is an image of a 12 handcrafted bath bombs for ladies by LifeAround2Angels.


20. Leather Duffel Bag

For young ladies, there is nothing like having too many bags. Even nondescript bags have their uses. But nondescript is not a word you’d ever associate with this zebra stripe and brown duffel bag by S-Zone. It is a multifunctional bag she can use in a variety of ways. For instance, it comes with a backslide sleeve that allows her to slide it over the handle of a standard rolling suitcase for easy portability when traveling with extra luggage.

It can also be used as a sports bag with a bottom compartment to keep her sports shoes. The main compartment is roomy enough to pack everything she’d need for a short trip, inner pockets to keep small items, and an outside side pocket with zip closure.

Made from high-quality PU leather and durable canvass materials, it also comes with a strong tote handle and adjustable shoulder straps giving her another carrying option.This is an image of a weekender bag with black strips for women by S-ZONE.


21. Cat Pendant Necklace

For the cat-loving girl, anything that reminds her of her favorite animal would make an excellent gift. This doesn’t come much better than a necklace with a cat pendant hanging around her neck. Whatever connection she has with cats, that bond would remain strong when one is hanging just above her heart.

The necklace and the cute cat are both made of sterling silver. This ensures both the cat pendant and necklace would retain their mirror polish for a long time. The necklace comes in an elegant box for instant gifting and storage.This is an image of a sterling silver cat pendant for women by S.Leaf.


22. Handmade Rattan Bag

A handmade bag made from rattan is a great gift to add to her, by now, considerable collection of bags. This gives her a unique option for packing the important things she’d need for the day. The bag stands out for its careful craftsmanship using high-quality natural materials. She can use it for a date, to work, trip to the beach, and more.

She’ll love the cool fabric color and patterns inside the bag as well as the shoulder strap made of premium leather.This is an image of a brown Ivy Ata Grass rattan bag for ladies by Novum Crafts.


23. Cable Knit Beanie

When it comes to gifts for 21 year old daughter, parents can’t go wrong with a cute beanie to keep the head warm in winter. It comes with a fluffy faux fur pom at the top that further accentuates the cuteness of the hat.

She could also use the hat on windy days to keep her hair in place. No matter the occasion though, it is not going to look out of place on her head with any outfit.

Designed with a ribbed cuff with full cover for the ears, the 100% acrylic hat features an inner fleece lining to provide complete warmth. The material is also stretchable for comfort and a snug fit no matter the size of her head.This is an image of a black beanie hat with fur pom by C.C.


24. LED 3D Wall Decor

For that time of the year (think Christmas, New Year) when she needs her room to have a new look, a gift if this LED neon-blue light would be perfect. Wait until she sees the brilliant 3D art spelling the word ‘Dream’ in beautiful cursive letters on her wall to get a sense of how much she appreciates the gift.

Powered by USB cable, the gift would also be very appropriate if she is planning a birthday party to celebrate her new age. It would definitely enliven the room or space where it is located.This is an image of a neon blue 'Dream' LED sign by Isaac Jacobs.


25. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Though staying hydrated is important for physical activity people, drinking plain water can be a drag. But she doesn’t have to drink unhealthy, sugary beverages with this gift. This water bottle makes drinking water so much fun.

Perfect for a sports-loving girl, she can easily infuse plain water with the flavors of her favorite fruit or fruits. The fruit-flavored water is very easy to make and can hold up to 32 oz of beverage. That should be enough for a whole day.

Featuring a lanyard handle for convenient carrying, one-click push-button lid, and ergonomic leak-proof design, she could also use it as a stand-alone water bottle without the infuser.This is an image of a 32 ounce water bottle by Brimma.


26. Leather Writing Journal

With so much writing done digitally, actual writing with pen on paper has a magical ring to it. Writing with paper is not a dying art by any means, but she’ll attract glances when she whips out this notebook out to take down notes during classes, at work, or during a conference. It is also a perfect gift for a blogger and travel writer. That said, she can simply use it as her diary to record the interesting thoughts and stuff happening around her in her adult years.

The brown leather cover with a three design harkens back to the days of intense scholarly research in wood-paneled rooms. This gives it that unique, vintage classic look associated with rigorous intellectual pursuits.

Designed so she can refill it with new blank pages, it comes with a pen holder; 2 inside pockets to keep tickets and small notes; 8 easy tear-out pages for emergencies; 3 dividers;  and a cord tie the journal close when not in use.This is an image of a brown leather journal for women By Valery.


27. Wristwatch

The first word that’ll come to her mind on seeing this wristwatch by Nine West is, ‘Enchanting’. And why not when the exotic design includes rose gold-tone dial, hands, and markers. The design also includes 3D floral prints on the dial.

The watch comes with a blush pink strap with buckle closure, 38mm case diameter, and Japanese quartz movement.

A watch like this would be perfect as a Christmas, birthday, or holiday gift. She can wear it to a variety of social and formal engagements. But she’s more likely to reserve it for very special occasions.This is an image of a pink floral watch for women by Nine West.


28. Instant Mini Camera

Cameras make great 21 year old birthday gifts especially if photography is her hobby. With Fujifilm’s Instax Mini camera though, photography doesn’t have to be her passion to enjoy the gift. A socially-active girl would love how it allows how her to instantly print her shots and share them with close friends and family.

Compact, portable, and very easy to use, the soft pink camera comes with premium features for crystal clear photos in vivid colors. It also comes with a selfie lens to take as many selfies as she wants either alone or with her favorite people. The fun never stops with this amazing camera.This is an image of a pink mini 9+ camera by Fujifilm.


29. Body Massage Pillow

With two massage settings (heat or no-heat massage) this massager is the ultimate relaxation gift to soothe sore muscles and help eliminate aches and pains all over the body. Powered by either the included AC charger or car adapter, it is so easy to use she’ll be getting pro-level massage in no time at all

Using the adjustable straps, she can affix it to any chair including car seats, school seats, office chairs, etc., and be getting amazing deep-kneading shiatsu massage that imitates the real deal while going about her day job or driving!This is an image of a massage pillow for women by Viktor Jurgen,


30. Compact Mirror

A girl, especially if she bothers about her looks, would feel lost without her little mirror to touch up her face from time to time. The cool thing about compact mirrors is she can take them anywhere with her making them a great hit with the ladies.

There are a couple of significant features to love about this mirror. The first is the PU leather back cover that gives it an elegant look. And the second is the double mirrors giving her two magnification options. She can look at her face the way it is with one mirror and if she wants a more detailed image of her face, the second mirror provides a 3X magnification for that.This is an image of a black compact purse mirror for women by Omiro.


31. Card ID Wallet

21st bday gifts like this wallet are the sort she knows she needs but never got round to getting. The stress of rummaging through her bag or room looking for a particular card is over now she had a place to organize all her cards.

The 4-inch wide by 3-inch high case is made from a blend of quilted cotton and polyester with a fun design she’ll definitely love. It features an exterior ID window,  a key ring, and a lined interior.This is an image of an ID case with falling flower print by Vera Bradley.


32. Hobo Bucket Bag

With bags like this hobo bag, it’s mostly about enhancing the casual style she wants to project. The bag is perfect for daily use to school, work, parties, dates, and other events.

At over 12″ in length, 11″ in height and a width of 4.7″, she has enough space in the main compartment for items such as a 9″ tablet, books, small umbrella, water bottle, compact, etc. For her keys, cards, pens, and other smaller items, there are 3 inner pockets and one back zipper pocket to keep them.

The bag is made from high-quality PU leather and features a removable shoulder strap, zip closure of high quality, and a tote handle made of the similar faux leather.This is an image of a brown gold hobo bag for women by Realer..


33. Evening Dress

It’d be hard not to make a huge impression on her with an evening dress. Fact is, evening dresses are easily some of the best 21st birthday gifts you can get for any female. But the design and size have to be spot on though as this one

This dress is available several sizes so the size aspect is taken care of. And we can wager something valuable that she’ll adore the floral red and black patchwork design.

Suitable for dinners, first dates, shopping, and even as daily wear, the midi knee length polyester dress features a round neck, back hidden zipper closure, and three-quarter sleeves.This is an image of a red floral vintage dress by Simple Flavor.


34. Plush Robe

How about a gift to enhance her downtime with the refined style and softness of a lovely robe? With the robe, lounging at home at night, in the morning, or during the weekends brings a new meaning to luxurious relaxation. With her coffee or favorite beverage beside her, the feeling of being in an exclusive spa would be overwhelming

Made of 100% polyester, the mid-length plush robe features two front pockets and tie closure with a navy star design she’ll fall in love with instantly.  And being machine washable, she won’t have a hard time keeping it clean all the time.This is an image of a lady wearing a plush robe with navy star print by Amazon Essentials.


35. Scarf

For a woman, few things can match that warmth they get from a soft scarf around the neck while walking in winter. Made of a blend of cotton and viscose material to give it a feel of cashmere, it’s also perfect for air-conditioned offices, cold theaters, churches, etc. The best part is, it would match any outfit adding a subtle elegance to her overall look.

The 2-tone scarf with a reversible design is so lightweight she can fold it and keep in her purse. It comes well packaged in a professional-looking bag making it ready for gifting immediately.This is an image of a 2 tone scarf for women by FORTREE.


36. Key Ring

With the right customization, simple items like key rings could be transformed into unique 21st birthday gifts for her. First, the ’21’ pendant made of shiny stainless steel makes the point this a 21st birthday gift. Then the round stainless steel pendant with the words ‘You are Braver than you believe, Stronger than you seem, and Smarter than you think.’ adds the final touch. If you don’t want to see her teary-eyed, look away quickly after giving it to her.

Perfect as a birthday gift, both the ring and the charms are made from stainless steel material making it a sure bet to retain its shine for a long time.This is an image of a stainless steel keychain for 21 year old ladies by Melix Home.


37. 6 Piece Ceramic Bonsai Pots

These ceramic pots designed to look like cute owls would be perfect for a plant lover. The pots allow her to pursue her passion for growing plants right inside her room. And because the pots are so cute and attractive, they would also make excellent decorative pieces at home or the office.

She could use one or a couple to store office supplies, or for displaying other decorative items. It needs just a little imagination to discover the many uses she can put them to. And trust us, she’d discover lots of them.This is an image of a 6 piece ceramic owl pots by ROSE CREATE.


38. Passport Holder with Luggage Tags

This passport holder and luggage tags gift would be excellent if international travel is a normal part of her schedule.

The luggage tags help mitigate one of the most irritating aspects of using airports – luggage identification. She can simply clip the tags to her luggage and from even a mile away, she’d quickly spot her luggage. The tags feature a paper insert to add her personal information.

The piece she’ll love most though is the slathouse-colored passport holder. At just  4 x 5 inches, the leatherette-made passport holder covers a standard passport completely and can easily fit into purses and bags. The interior features 3 card slots to hold other cards such as ID, driver’s license, bank cards, etc.This is an image of a leatherette luggage tags and passport cover by Lilly Pulitzer,


39. Smartphone Clutch Wallet

Clutch wallets also make great 21st birthday gifts for their flexibility. In the right circumstances, they are awesome fashion accessories and cool substitute for the days she doesn’t want to go out with bigger bags. And the size ensures they can fit into handbags helping her to organize smaller items.

You can’t ignore the rose gold color that feels perfect for a girl taking her first tentative steps into her golden years.

Made with a leather outer shell, the 9×3.5×1.9″ purse is large enough to hold a 7″ smartphone or 8″ tablet respectively. It comes with 5 additional slots to carry IDs, business cards, bank cards, and more. It also features a strong, removable wristlet for convenient carrying and security.This is an image of a rose gold cellphone wallet by Hawee.


40. Scented Candles

This beautiful 4-piece candle can be used at home to create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and meditation. With the natural soy wax that promotes even burning with no smoke, she’ll get excellent aromatherapeutic experiences each time she lights them. That feeling of health and well being is enhanced by the sweet rose, lavender, lemon, and Mediterranean fig fragrances of the candles.

Each candle comes in a cute and attractive container with a lid. The containers would make awesome decorative pieces in her room once she’s used up the candles.This is an image of a 4 pack scented candles for women by Yinou Mirror.


41. Polarized Sunglasses by Woodies

With sunglasses becoming more than a simple way to protect the eyes from the sun,  it is natural that gift ideas for 21st birthday female include polarized glasses that appeal to her fashion sense.

Made with zebra wood arms attached to the plastic frame, the glasses make a great summer holiday gift if especially if she lives in a place like Miami or Los Angeles. The wooden arms are lightweight for a comfortable fit and are simultaneously durable and sturdy.

The lenses are uniquely designed to look dark and polarized; they also feature double-spring hinges that help to keep the shape for as long as possible. The gift pack also includes a black carrying case, microfiber lens for cleaning, and a wood guitar pick she could use if she loves playing guitar.This is an image of a sunglasses with wood frame for women by Woodies.


42. Fitness Tracker by Letscom

If all your  21st birthday gift ideas for her seemed not good enough for one reason or the other, this fitness tracker could just the item you are looking for. If she loves sports, she’ll find it useful in monitoring her fitness via the app that tracks up to 14 different exercises with real-time stats. It can also inspire her to take an active interest in her health by monitoring her heart rate, sleep patterns, calorie intake, and much more.

The smart wearable is also a regular wristwatch she could use to tell the time, date, set the alarm to organize her schedule, etc. And when paired with her smartphone, she could use it to receive text messages, emails, and notifications from various social media accounts.

It comes in a beautiful red color making it a striking fashion accessory for all social and formal occasions. And at 7 days of battery life, she has a device she could use for a weekend trip.This is an image of a red smart fitness tracker by LETSCOM.


43. Laptop Messenger Bag

This bag is another beautiful and fashionable option to organize her school or work stuff. With the beautiful floral pattern design, it is your way of telling her laptop bags don’t have to be drab.

Made of high-quality canvass, this gift for 21 year old features thick metal zippers, metal buckle, adjustable shoulder strap, and a strong tote handle for carrying. The bag has adequate room for a 16-inch laptop and side pockets to keep her mouse, power pack, mobile phones, writing materials, and more.This is an image of a 15 inch white rose laptop bag by Canvaslife .


44. 9-Piece Spa Set

One thing is constant in life: girls just want to be pampered especially as they grow older and the pressure of adulthood takes a toll on them. With this spa set, she can pamper her body with a luxurious bath any time she feels like it.

She could schedule her home spa session for the weekend when she has the whole time to deliver optimal TLC to her skin. Few feelings in the world can beat the rich, vibrant vanilla fragrance awaiting her!

Beautifully packaged in a gift basket, the set contains a shower gel, bubble bath, body scrub, body oil, a couple of large bath bombs, bath salt, and one luxurious bath towel. She’ll love the stunning handmade gift basket that can be employed for other uses when she is done with the spa set.This is an image of a spa gift set for women by Lovery.


45. Jewelry Box

With 28 sections of varying sizes across two layers, this is one jewelry box that could be part of her life for a long time. It is not just that it is sturdy and strong, the design is the ultimate marriage of utility and stylish.

When closed, it is just a simple 10. 25″ wide x 10.25″ long x 3.5″ high black box made of PU leather. But the inside is breathtaking. Lined with soft velvets, there is an amazing variety of compartments, slots, niches, etc, to keep all types and designs of jewelry pieces.

It also features a mirror under the lid and comes with a buckle snap and magnet closure.This is an image of a black jewelry box with 28 compartments by Glenor.


46. Drink-A-Palooza: Party Drinking Board Game

If she loves partying from time to time, how about a party drinking game to amp up the buzz at any party she attends or is organizing. The exciting game is a combination of several popular drinking games packed into one exciting board game. Everybody at the party would love to have a go.

And they would have long to wait to have their turn since it is designed so up to 12 people can be involved at once. Easy to play on a monopoly-styled board, she and her buddies would love playing the game no matter their drinking preferences.

The party drinking games integrated into the game include beer pong, flip cup, King’s cup, and quarters.This is an image of a party game called DRINK-A-PALOOZA.


47. Jade Stone Body Massager

Unique 21st birthday gifts don’t come any better than this body massager with an unusual design. Constructed like a dumbbell with handcrafted natural jade stones at the weighted ends, it can deliver excellent massage to all parts of the body to rival a pro masseuse.

The pack also comes with a stand-alone guasha scraper. Used the right way, it helps to eliminate or slow the progress of fine lines and wrinkles. It is also great for making the skin firmer and mitigating loss of elasticity.This is an image of a face roller with natural jade stone by roselynboutique.


48. Pair of Huggie Earrings

For some reason, huggies are now a favorite of the Hollywood crowd. In all that glitz and glamour, these earrings can be found making a case for simplicity. You simply can’t go wrong with these 14k gold plated pieces whether as a Christmas, birthday, holiday, or back-to-school gift.

The cubic Zirconia design would stand out in any crowd. She can use them for any occasion whether in the day time or at night. Both earrings come in a beautiful ready-for-gifting package.This is an image of a 14k gold plated earrings by Pavoi.


49. LED Makeup Trifold Mirror

This mirror is a brilliant gift item for when she does her makeup – it’s one of the most useful gifts for 21 yr old girl. Though basically a mirror, it is so beautifully-designed and crafted in milky white color it would make her vanity desk look better.

But what makes this a unique gift are the 72 in-built LED lights around the surface so she can see her face clearly if the room isn’t bright enough. The lights are not so dazzling that they can hurt eyes and can be adjusted using the touch button on the surface.

Perfect as a gift for any occasion, it features 3-color lightening modes, 3 panels of varying magnification for wide-angle viewing, 90° base rotation capability, and more.This is an image of a white vanity mirror with lights by AirExpect,


50. Pocket Bluetooth Speaker

For the ultimate in speaker portability, nothing beats a device that can fit perfectly into a normal pocket. From the excellent design, gold color, compact size, and intuitive controls, this Bluetooth speaker is all about making the point that sometimes size doesn’t matter.

The sound output would be a pleasant surprise to her. Also delightful is the easy pairing with compatible devices that can display the power level of the speaker.  But with up to 15 hours of music time, low battery would hardly be a concern.

This speaker would be a perfect Christmas gift for a music lover. She could use it to entertain her friends, listen to her favorite songs while doing her chores, use it as an external speaker when watching movies with friends on her laptop, and much more.This is an image of a gold bluetooth speaker by XLeader.


Buying Considerations

For most folks, it can be frustrating choosing a gift for a girl this age. After all, we are talking about a newly-minted independent adult. She is now allowed by law to enjoy the all adult privileges hitherto denied her. So are her expectations different? Is she a new person with a different personality because of her new age?

All these and more are questions that can bug the mind into indecision. What the world knows for sure is that, generally, girls this age are very aware of their new status and the need to be more responsible citizens.

So their thoughts are dominated by stuff like how to make a headway in their careers, relationships, and what to do after graduating if they are still in college.

The tips below outline some of the best ways to choose a gift for your girl even if she doesn’t know what she wants.

Consider her interests or hobbies

If you know what she enjoys doing in her spare time, you are almost done getting her something she’ll appreciate very much. Obviously, getting to know her hobbies or interests would be a bit difficult if you at not close to her. With a bit of thought though, you could get that information. Asking her is one way of finding out in case you are wondering.

With that information, simply pick a gift in any category that matches her hobby. For instance, a typical gift for a music-loving girl includes a pair of Apple AirPods or Bluetooth speakers. While a girl who loves jogging would appreciate the fitness tracker smart wearable.

Social consideration

Getting ahead as an adult is mostly about interacting with peers and making connections with the right people. Gifts that help project her as a great individual and team player would be awesome.

Gifts in the category include party games, cameras, Bluetooth speakers to share music with friends and colleagues, etc. The Drink-A-Palooza board game comes highly recommended here.

Quality of gifts

It’s unlikely a young woman of 21 would openly scoff at any gift. But one way to ensure her smile and ‘Thank you!’ comes from a place of deep appreciation, is to only pick gifts of real quality.

You want to stick to the popular brands to get the quality spot it. For instance, an Apple or a Samsung gadget, Adidas or Nike shoes, etc, are items you should be looking out for.

But if you can’t afford the popular brands, simply ensure your choice has a comparable or even better quality.

Educational consideration

With so many tough years ahead of her, she’ll need all the help she can get in her journey. Book gifts for young adults containing tips and life hacks are some of the best tools here.

But you need to make sure the book doesn’t read like a typically boring textbook if you want her to benefit from it. Books in this category should be awesome page-turners packed with stuff schools or parents don’t teach. The gift can become a constant companion on long road trips, during camping, or while lounging on the back porch.


Best Gift Overall

This complete body massager ticks almost every vital box if the aim is to get a great gift for a girl no matter her interests. At 21, she’ll be spending a lot of her time outdoors either at school or at work. Either ways, a tired body, sore muscles, and body aches are things she’d have to deal with at the end of the day.

What we find impressive is a design concept that makes it easy to attach the device to any chair or seat. Essentially, she doesn’t have to wait to get home before getting a comprehensive massage. She can even get one while driving!This is an image of a massage pillow for women by Viktor Jurgen,                                            



Best Budget Gift

If you are looking for cheaper gift ideas for 21 year old female, we have another excellent pick lined up. Aromatherapy is not a word commonly used in everyday conversation. It sounds like one of those exotic things you have to pay dearly to get. This gift shows one can go down the exotic route without breaking the bank.

That said, it is an amazing gift that allows her to relax and mediate peacefully while breathing in the sweet fragrances coming from the candles. It is also great for adding a romantic ambiance to her room. And the containers are so beautiful they work well as decorative pieces even without the candles.This is an image of a 4 pack scented candles for women by Yinou Mirror.


Great Gifts for 21 Year Old Girls Who Likes Girly Gifts

Choosing gifts for girls who like girly gifts shouldn’t be hard. The sticking point is ensuring you don’t get something she has already. There are many gifts in different categories to choose from.

Some of these include:

  • High-heel shoes;
  • Trendy Dresses with soft colors
  • Handbags for ladies
  • Different types of female jewelry
  • Fluffy Teddy bears
  • etc

The list isn’t exhaustive though. Just make sure to avoid gifts that require some form of physical activity to enjoy.


Gifts For 21 Year Old Girls Who Are Hard To Buy For

It can be very frustrating trying to get a gift for an adult who is hard to please. The time and money expended could be better invested elsewhere. But with a little patient, one can easily nail a gift that’d please her.

We recommend accessories to the stuff she has already. So take the time and find out the things she has and cherish; then get her any accessory that offers her new ways to enjoy them.

For instance, if she doesn’t have AirPods for her iPhone, you can’t go wrong with that. Always bear in mind that anything item you pick must be of the highest quality.