Best Gifts for 21 Year Old Boys

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For many folks, life would be a lot easier if all it takes to choose gifts for 21 year old boys is to ask them. From experience, generally, they haven’t the foggiest idea when asked what they want as a present.

So you must have ended up here because, like the boys themselves, you are having a hard time deciding on gifts to mark his birthday or some event you deem auspicious enough. That is why we have compiled this list of gift ideas for 21 year old boys.

The gifts items in this guide cut across different categories to give you better and wider selection options. And we included several budget items to ensure you’d definitely find something interesting no matter how much you are prepared to spend.


50 Best Gifts For 21 Year Old Boys

Table of Contents

We now take a look at the fantastic gifts we have in store for you. There are 50 such gifts; so whether you are looking for 21st birthday gift ideas, Christmas gift ideas, Valentine Day gifts for a boyfriend, etc., we’ve got you covered.

1. Messenger Bag

This bag, a perfect marriage of functionality and cool laid back design, kicks off this guide of gifts for 21 year old man. Messenger bags have been around for a long time and men are not in a hurry to stop using them anytime soon.

There is so much to like about this bag that helps him to keep all his work or school stuff organized easily. It comes with plenty of pockets (including an external pocket with vertical zip closure) for arranging smaller items and the main compartment for his tablet and a 14″ laptop.

Made from high-quality canvass and leather material, the waterproof and scratch-resistant bag features an adjustable shoulder strap, cotton lining, and 2 drop-case for cards and phones.This is an image of a coffee brown messenger bag for boys by Egoelife.


2. 4 Pairs of Pizza Socks

Next up is a gift that would make him chuckle happily if he works in a pizzeria or loves pizzas. The 4 pairs of socks packed in a box designed to look like a pizza box is a cool take on novelty gifts.

The socks are designed and arranged in the box to look like tasty pizzas begging you to dive in a grab a piece. A pair of high-quality cotton socks, with a blend of polyamide and elastane materials, is what he’d get for his grabbing efforts though.

You just have to give it up for a gift that is at once funny, crazy, colorful, and would almost certainly make him happy. The socks would match most of his casual outfits if he doesn’t mind colorful socks.This is an image of a 4 pair pizza socks by Rainbow Socks.


3. Leather-Wrapped Flask

This luxurious, stainless steel flask would feel at home in any list of 21st birthday gift ideas for men. Perhaps, the message behind the gift is very obvious like, ‘Here, you can now legally buy alcohol.’ But it’s more about acknowledging he is now an adult. Besides, who says you can only keep alcohol in it?

The flask is wrapped in high-quality faux leather branded with an American flag. This makes it perfect as an Independence Day gift for the young man. Wouldn’t it be awesome if his birthday is also on the 4th of July?

The 8 oz flask is perfect for taking his favorite beverage to parties and other social events. The food-grade stainless steel material makes it a healthy option for keeping all types of beverages. It features an integrated swing arm lanyard cap and a funnel as a bonus gift to help him fill the flask.This is an image of a brown leather american flag flask for men by Future Hydrate.


4. CoolCats & AssHats Party Game

Dubbed the, ‘Funnest adult game ever made’ this is one of the best gifts for a guy who loves having a laugh at any social event. He could use it to turn parties, family gatherings, couples date nights, etc, into hilarious and unforgettable experiences.

Depending on his group’s preferences, the game can be as dirty as they want it to be; or so squeaky clean it would make a nun proud; or even somewhere in between the two extremes. It is whatever you want it to be. In all instances, the fun never stops.

Easy to play, the game pack comes with 425 different cards. Between 4-20 people can play at once making it a great game for large parties.This is an image of an interactive drinking game by CoolCats & AssHats.


5. Classic Nintendo Game Console

For the modern video game-loving dude, this classic NES console might not look like much. But he’d definitely love finding out how video game consoles looked and felt like in the 80s.

This console is a sleeker, miniature version of the original product. It comes pre-loaded with popular games such as Super Mario, Donkey Kong, Pac Man, Final Fantasy, and lots more.

Compatible with all versions of Classic NES Controllers, the pack also includes a retro-designed NES controller, an AC adapter, and a standard HDMI cable.This is an image of a classic edition of Nintendo.


6. Duffel Bag

This multipurpose duffel bag is a beloved travel staple for men of all ages. If, like most young men, he doesn’t like waiting for his luggage at airports, this would be an ideal travel bag as it meets airlines’ carryon on luggage restrictions. But it is big and flexible enough to pack in as many things as he needs for his trip.

Carrying the bag is easy with the rounded stitched grip handles and adjustable shoulder strap. The removable strap is padded for comfort. It features plastic cushions at the bottom to ensure resistance to dirt and tear.

Made of high-quality cotton canvass, it also features soft nylon lining and several internal and external pockets to help him organize small travel items. The large zip closures are all designed for longevity and ease of use.This is an image of a coffee brown duffle bag for men by Plambag.


7. Sanuk Men’s Flip Flop

It’s always delightful when a popular brand consistently directs all its creative energies into designing awesome flip flops for men. ‘Fun’ is not a word usually associated with flip flops. And that is what Sanuk set out to change. Clearly, they succeeded beyond everybody’s wildest expectations.

Perfect for walks on the beach, around the neighborhood, or just to stay at home, the slippers are designed with wide padded strap and a cushy footbed to ensure comfort no matter how long he wears it. It also features rubber soles with large groves for great traction even on slippery floors.This is an image of a brown flip flop for men by Sanuk.


8. ‘The Intelligent Investor’ Paperback by Benjamin Graham

If he is majoring in a finance-related course, or has aspirations of working on Wall Street, he simply can’t ignore this book by Benjamin Graham. The author is considered one of the greatest investment adviser of modern times.

To be successful in his chosen career, a book like this should be a constant companion. The book is packed with everything he needs to know about setting personal financial goals, modern corporate financing, and managing investment portfolios.

It is an excellent present for any occasion especially if he is going back to school. It’s a vital and indispensable tool on the road to becoming a great modern financial strategist.This is an image of a book from a greater investment advisor.


9. Donald Trump Funny Mug

This customized mug is a cool gift to inspire interesting political conversations when his friends or family are around. No matter what side of the political divide they are, the conversation is always going to be lighthearted when a mug like this is the inspiration. This makes it one of the most ideal 21st birthday gifts for guys who love politics and don’t mind talking about it all day.

Capable of holding up to 11 oz of coffee or tea if that is his favorite beverage, the ceramic cup is UV protected and dishwasher/microwave compliant.This is an image of a cup with funny Donald Trump texts by Andaz Press.


10. Men’s Valet Tray

This gift is an awesome organizer for the busy young man with so many things to do daily and not enough time to do them all. With this tray, his time won’t be wasted looking for his work or study tools all over the place. Everything would be where he wants them and within arm’s length.

Though it’s, basically, an organizer, it is so cute that a fancy name like ‘Valet tray’ seems perfect. The tray comes with several 5 large compartments to keep his smartphone, watch, credit cards, pens, keys, pods, and anything else he might need to keep close for daily use.

It is made from high-quality PU leather and comes with notches so he can easily insert charging cables. This transforms it into a charging station for his smartphone.This is an image of a luxury valet tray for men by Oliver Legato.


11. Drink-A-Palooza: Party Game

How about a party game gift for him to enjoy with his friends or family during his coming of age party. When a game combines all the best party drinking games for adults, it’s easy to see why the tag ‘Ultimate party game’ is a fitting description.

Perfect for any social gathering, camping, and game nights, it features popular drinking and adult games such as Quarters, Flip Cup, Pong, Kings Cup, and more. Between 2 – 12 people can play at once making it suitable for large parties.

The game pieces include ping pong balls, a deck of playing cards, mini bottles, spinner, die, and more.This is an image of a party game called DRINK-A-PALOOZA.


12. Portable Cocktail Kit

Still sticking with the ‘legally-allowed-to-drink’ theme is this present that allows him to explore his freedom to make his favorite cocktail anywhere he wants including on flight shuttles around the country. It would also be great to carry to parties he isn’t sure he’d get his preferred cocktail.

The kit comes with enough ingredients to make 2 margaritas and 2 Moscow Mules while in transit. The ingredients are neatly organized in two travel tins and include everything he’ll need to make his cocktails. These include travel spoons, ½ oz jigger, linen coaster, and recipe cards in each tin.This is an image of a cocktail travel kit for men by W&P.


13. Complete Drink Box Set with Cigar Cutter

Up next is what we consider one of the coolest 21st birthday presents for guys. You would think so too after seeing the items packed in the exquisitely crafted pinewood box lined with soft velvet. For a guy exploring his new-found freedom to drink, it doesn’t get grander than this gift.

Inside the box are two premium whiskey glasses and  8 cooling cubes to help chill his favorite drink in lieu of ice cubes that ultimately turn drinks watery. The best part is, he can easily wash and reuse the stones as many times as he wants.

The pack also comes with a stainless steel cigar cutter; can you think of a better drinking set birthday present for a 21st birthday?This is an image of a whiskey glass set for men by Eyozka.


14. Rain Jacket

When it comes to protection against rain and wind, nothing does it better than a stylish jacket that is also quite lightweight. This is a versatile coat he can simply wear over any of his outfits without feeling any less fashionable.

Also perfect for everyday activities, the long sleeve 100% nylon jacket features mesh lining made of high-quality polyester material, adjustable drawcord hem, dual hand pockets with zip closure, standing collar, stowaway hood, and more.This is an image of a black rain jacket for men by Columbia.


15. That’s What She Said Party Game

The best party games are all about delivering the most fun very easily and in an exciting, fast pace. ‘That’s What She Said’ ticks all those boxes and what more, it was designed as an adult game. He and his best buddies can stretch the limits of adult jokes as much as they want with it.

The game is easy to play and comes with 458 cards (400 White Phrase Cards and 58 Red Setup Cards). That is enough cards for more than four players jostling hilarious innuendos simultaneously. The first player to collect five setup cards wins.This is an image of a party game called That's What She Said.


16. Remington Hair Grooming Kit

This hair and beard grooming kit by Remington is the complete all-in-one kit that allows him to personally take charge of his hair needs. Powered by a Lithium battery with a run time of over 70 minutes, this is a great gift he could take camping and for trips.

The kit includes everything he’d need for his grooming needs such as full-sized hair trimmer, foil shaver, hair clipper comb with 8 length settings, beards and stubble combs, and trimmer for the hairs in his nose and ears. And with the efficient, surgical steel, self-sharpening blades on the trimmer, he has a gift that would be with him for as long as he wants.This is an image of a men;s grooming kit by Remington .


17. Smartphone Sanitizer & Charging Station

If he knew how much germs and bacteria accumulate on smartphones in a day, his joy would be limitless with this present. It allows him to easily kill all the harmful microorganisms on his device. The device uses germicidal UV-C bulbs to do the job cleanly and effectively.

As well as eliminating bacteria and germs, the device is also a portable charging station with regular USB and USB-C ports at the back. Combined with the main compartment that can accommodate any phone size, this makes it an excellent cross-platform charging station for smartphones.This is an image of a white smartphone sanitizer and charger for men by PhoneSoap.


18. Electric Bottle Opener

You know how opening a bottle of wine can sometimes lead to embarrassing situations with you inadvertently spilling the content after lots of huffing and puffing? This gift ensures the young man never has to be in such a tricky situation.

With just one charge, the electric opener can easily remove the corks of up to 30 bottles of wine. All he has to do is press a button. And he would love the thoughtful foil cutter to help him remove seals that are sometimes also difficult to get off.This is an image of a cordless wine opener by Oster.


19. Cooler

A cooler screams ‘outdoors’ most times. With tough armored construction, this virtually indestructible cooler is specifically designed for the rigors of all types of outdoor activities like road trips, camping, boating, and more.

It features with up to 2 inches of PermaFrost insulation and extra-thick FatWall design certified to be bear-resistant. That ensures keeping foods and drinks at his preferred temperature for hours at a time won’t be a problem

As well as being an excellent gift for outdoor activities, he could also use it to keep his drinks cool while hanging out with friends in the backyard.This is an image of an A1 white cooler by YETI.


20. Money Clip Card Case

With this meticulously-made case, he’s rest-assured that his digital information saved on cards are safe. This is thanks to the patented Tumi ID Lock technology protecting the encoded data on the cards.

Made of high-quality leather with ballistic nylon spine and interior stitching, it would be perfect for those days he doesn’t feel like using a regular, bulkier, wallet. For some guys, this is the best alternative to a wallet for carrying only the important things such as ID, credit/debit cards, and some cash.

The clip case features a money clip at the back, front 3 card slots as well as a center holder that can hold up to 3 more cards. The design makes it easy to get access to or replace his cardsl.This is an image of a black Delta wallet with money clip and card case by TUMI.


21. Watermelon Keg Tapping Kit

If you are looking for a fun gift for the summer holiday for him, this Keg-tapping kit would be one of our top recommendations. This a very unique gift that allows him to turn any Watermelon into a drink dispenser. He could use it during small parties, picnics, and barbecues to easily create a watermelon paunch with his favorite alcoholic drink.

The kit comes with everything he needs to create his paunch dispenser. This includes the keg tap, coring tool, as well as an instructions booklet.This is an image of a black watermelon keg kit by Final Touch.


22. Catch Phrase: Uncensored

The popular game Catch Phrase comes in a wildly exciting electronic version. With the tag ‘uncensored’, it makes this version a strictly adult-themed game that is not suitable for a place like an office. With his close buddies, he gets a chance to completely let loose and tap into that naughty side of his personality.

The game is played by 2 teams and involves teams trying to say the displayed phrase or word using the given clues. There are tons of categories to choose from making it endlessly fun with no limit to the variety. The game device features a display area and a buzzer powered by 3 AAA batteries.This is an image of a red catch phrase game by Hasbro Gaming.


23. Fleece Bathrobe

A plush bathrobe is the perfect stay-at-home wear for those cold weekends he doesn’t feel like going anywhere. It is also excellent for weekdays to wrap himself in the soft luxurious robe if he wants to watch TV or do a bit of work at night before calling it a day.

Made from 100% polyester, the soft, full-length bathrobe comes with a classic design making it the ideal everyday robe. It features an adjustable waist best belt for a comfortable fit, and large dual front pockets to keep frequently used items like a smartphone.This is an image of a guy wearing the grey fleece robe by NY Threads.


24. VR Headset

This high-performance VR headset delivers unmatchable virtual reality gaming experiences. If he has a gaming pc already, he is in for an experience of a lifetime.

Easy to setup, the headset offers 6° of interactive freedom devoid of external sensors. It features very intuitive touch motion controllers with cutting-edge accuracy and responsiveness to deliver high-end experience no matter the game he is playing. And he’s got lots of pre-loaded games and apps to choose from.

For parents, gifts for 21 year old son don’t come any better than this if the plan is to sweep him off his feet.This is an image of a black VR gaming headset by Oculus.


25. Pass The Deck Party Game

Next up is another party game that is just as awesome as the previous party games reviewed here. The drinking-themed game is also another fun and exciting way to usher him into adulthood.

Like all party games, Pass The Deck is easy to play. It involves 3-8 players competing in various fun activities like ‘Name Disney movies’ and ‘Having a strip off’. The consequence of failing to complete an activity is to drink a glass of the available beer! You get a sneaking suspicion some players would rather lose just to get a drink.

Perfect for all kinds of social events and parties, he can still enjoy the game even if he doesn’t like alcohol. His preferred beverage would do just fine.This is an image of a drinking card game called Pass The Deck by Tinker LLC.


26. Smart Yoga Mat

If he loves yoga, it’s a no-brainer he’d love this mat. This mat offers more than just a place to do his yoga exercises. The included features would certainly get him excited and inspire him to take his routine to the next level.

At 24×74 inches, the charcoal-colored mat is very roomy with more than enough space for him. He’ll love the feel of the soft material that is designed to improve his grip as he sweats. It’s also designed to reduce or eliminate sliding and slipping. And with the self-rolling feature, all he has to do is flip one end when he is done for the mat to fold completely for storage.

The icing on the cake is the Alexa integration that allows the mat to be paired with an online health site for more yoga routines.This is an image of a charcoal colored yoga mat by Backlash.


27. 7-in-1 Multi-tool Pen

Imagine a Swiss army knife that is smaller and designed like a pen. It gets even better with this pen that is made for a man who is crazy about his gadgets as well as being a decent DIYer. A 21 yr old guy who loves the outdoors would find it a compact alternative to carrying bulky tools if he wants to travel light.

Like similar tools, it’s not just about the basic stuff it can do; with a bit of creativity, the functions are almost limitless. As well as the basic function of a writing pen, he could use it as a stylus to operate his touchscreen gadgets or configure it easily into a phone stand.

The pen also comes with a built-in bottle opener, mini flat head, Philips screwdriver, and metric and inch ruler.This is an image of a hand holding a black by ATECH.


28. Laptop Backpack

It would be a serious oversight for a parent not to include a backpack in any list of 21st birthday gift ideas for son. This backpack is the right size and comes with just the right features to make it a great place to keep his laptop while going to school or work.

The waterproof bag comes with a concealed, anti-theft feature to keep his stuff safe. It comes with 2 heavily-cushioned compartments to protect laptops and other devices from scratches and hits.

It also features an external USB charging port so he can charge his smartphone on to go, breathable and cushioned back panel, and comfortable S-curve shoulder straps.This is an image of a grey anti theft laptop backpack by OUTJOY.


29. Ping Pong Set

Presents that encourage physical activity tend to be awesome birthday gifts for 21 year old male especially if they like sports. That is why this ping pong set would generate the right buzz in him. Now, he can turn any table, no matter the size, into a ping pong table and get on with games or mini-tournaments depending on how many friends are around.

Perfect as a birthday gift for a sports-loving man, it a good recreational sport for weekends or holidays. The set comes with everything he needs to start playing immediately as long as there is a table. This includes two standard bats or racquets, an easy-to-setup retractable net, and 3 standard table tennis balls.This is an image of an all in one ping pong set by Pro Spin.


30. Drink Chiller

Now he is a man, he’ll quickly realize that to really enjoy his beer, he needs to drink it cold or chilled. He’d also realize that once removed from the fridge and opened, beers tend to get warm pretty fast giving them a flat, uninteresting taste. These chiller sticks are exactly what he needs to keep his beer chilled for longer so he can drink at a leisurely pace. All he needs to do is keep them in the freezer for 45 minutes, insert it into an open bottle, and enjoy!

Perfect as a birthday gift to celebrate his coming of age, it comes with two sticks made of high-quality stainless steel. The gift also includes one bottle opener organized in a cute box making it instantly giftable.This is an image of a pair of beer chiller stick by Let it. Beer.


31. Sleep Tracker

If he isn’t happy with his sleep pattern, this would be a good gift to easily gather some hard data. He could use the data to improve the quality of his sleep and, invariably, overall health status.

The sleep tracker is simply a pad installed under the mattress, and with the app installed in his smartphone, he’d wake up each morning with all the vital stats waiting on the app. It transmits relevant information related to heart rate, whether or not he snores, how long he slept, how deeply, and the time it took to fall asleep, and much more.

The pad connects easily to compatible smartphones via WiFi. And with the range of smart home capabilities supported by the app, he can easily create a better sleep environment for himself.This is an image of a grey sleep tracking pad by Withings.


32. Toiletries Bag

For a dude that loves traveling, this would be a thoughtful addition to the 21st birthday presents if you have a gift in mind. The toiletry bag is designed for the rigors and uncertainties of travel. It is well made, durable, and features waterproof linings to protect items from accidental messy spills and other liquids.

The sturdy bag comes with 16 vertical pockets, 2 zipped pockets, and a tall mesh section. That makes it easy to organize all the toiletries he’d need. The bag also comes with a metal hook to hang it while the sturdy metal zippers are durable and easy to open and close.This is an image of a quartz gray hanging toiletry bag for men by BOACAY.


33. Mini Projector

If he loves watching movies and TV shows, you bet there are times he wished he had to bigger screen especially when he has to huddle over a laptop with his friends. This projector is the answer to that prayer. It allows him to protect his movies or TV shows to a whopping 32″ by 172″ screen! And with an adjustable projection distance of between 5 and 16.5 feet, he doesn’t need a large room to set up his private cinema.

Perfect as a birthday, Christmas, or holiday gift, he can easily connect his smartphone, PS4, TV, and other multimedia devices to it via the HDMI, VGA, AV, and USB ports. This makes the projector an excellent multi-platform device for everyday use.This is an image of a white Leisure 3 mini projector by Vankyo.


34. Throw Blanket

Ask a young man the one item he can’t do without while snowed in and binging on shows and movies on a cold winter day. He wouldn’t think hard before mentioning a soft, cozy throw blanket. Soft, cozy, large, awesome color…. this blanket has it all and more.

At 50″ by 60″, it is large enough to completely cover him and his best buddy without feeling cramped. The blanket would also be great for camping, picnics, road trips, and more.

The fleece blanket is made from 100% microfiber polyester making it more lightweight than cotton throws with a better breathability quotient. It is also easy to wash, dry, with guaranteed durability than your average blanket.This is an image of a blue throw blanket for men by Bedsure.


35. Book Flask Holder

You wouldn’t want to miss the look on his face when he gets this gift especially if he is not too keen about reading. The look of disappointment on his face instantly transforming to one of delight when he opens the book would be priceless.

This gag gift would be perfect for sneaking his favorite beverage into places where drinks are not allowed. If he’s just turned 21, he’s earned the right to be a bit naughty for a bit.

The flask holder is made from an authentic, classic, hardcover book with real pages to add a certain aura around them. The hollowed-out book could also be a secret place to hide other things that can fit into it.This is an image of a hidden flasks book by SneakyBooks.


36. Cold Brew Coffee Making Jar

If he doesn’t like his coffee bitter and too acidic, this Mason Jar cold brew coffee-making kit would thrill him to bits. All he has to do is add his grounds to it and allow it to steep overnight. He’d wake up to his favorite brew with all the flavors intact – it’s one of the best 21st birthday present ideas!

The Mason jar is made of heavy-duty glass to ensure durability. While the other components such as the lid and filter mesh are made from stainless steel so he gets to enjoy making great morning brews for a long time. And if he prefers tea to coffee, no worries, he can also use it as a cold brew tea maker!This is an image of a stainless steel cold coffee brewer by County Line Kitchen.


37. Smart Mug

If you are getting the coffee maker above, how about adding this mug to your cart so he has a special mug to pour his brew. What makes this mug special? Try the unique function that can keep his beverage at his preferred temperature for up to an hour.

This is possible using the built-in battery and the smartphone app. From the app, he can customize the setting to his preferred temperature. Now he can take his sweet time drinking without bothering about it getting cold.

The mug is made of stainless steel and features an updated ceramic coating to prevent scratching. It comes with a charging coaster and is completely waterproof to protect the embedded circuit.This is an image of a black smart mug by Ember.


38. 15-Piece Tool Kit

For a DIY aficionado or handyman, a toolbox is indispensable. If he is any of those, he’d appreciate this gift of 15 different tools neatly organized in a portable toolbox. With it, he can use it to tackle most repair, maintenance, and assembly projects anywhere he is.

For a young man who is interested in stuff like this, any time is perfect for gifting him this toolbox. The set includes a hammer, wrench, pair of pliers, multi-bit screwdriver, 6 Philips head bits, 2 flat head bits, and 3 hex bits.This is an image of a household tool kit by Stalwart.


39. Customized Cufflinks And Tie & Money Clips Set

It doesn’t take much to announce yourself as a man of taste in the right crowd. Sometimes, all it takes are cufflinks, tie clip, and money clip all personalized so they match perfectly. Nobody would be in doubt the user knows his onions and what it takes to be the boss man.

This 3-in-1 gift set would be perfect for the boyfriend as a Valentine or Christmas gift. You could also gift it to him on his birthday or as a gift to inspire him to dress the part if he works in a place where formal dressing is encouraged.

The pieces are all engraved with matching letters of the alphabet. So you could pick one with an alphabet that matches the first letter of his name or surname.This is an image of a 4 piece cufflink set for men by BodyJ4You.


40. Human Hamster Ball

Is there an outdoor gift that promises freewheeling fun as much as a hamster ball for humans? You’ll have to think hard to come up with one. Also known as bumper ball, this gift is perfect if all you want is for him to have tons of fun without a care in the world. He can enjoy it solo or with friends with similar balls.

Easy to get into, it is made with ultra-thick and tough material so it can withstand all the rolling and stumbling that would surely occur. The bubble is also resistant to wear and tear and is easy to inflate with the electronic air pump. For safety purposes and balance,  the design also includes a hand-shaped handle for easy and comfortable grasping.This is an image of a half red bumper ball with carry bag by Baturu.


41. Swiss Army Knife

Swiss army pocket knives are popular tools that are handy for everyday use. With a gift of this tool, he is ready to tackle any task that needs taking care of.

The compact tool kit comes with 7 tools that are all simultaneously practical and functional. These include a blade, nail file, screwdriver, and a pair of tweezers. He’d also find the keyring, toothpick, and pair of scissors useful. All the tools are made from stainless steel so they would be around acting the role of a trustworthy sidekick for quite some time.This is an image of a classic red pocket knife by Victorinox.


42. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers make good 21st birthday gifts for young men who love listening to music no matter what they are doing. With the suction cup and IP4 waterproof rating, this Vtin’s portable speaker would even allow him to continue his ‘songsfest’ in the bathroom. That would surely make batting even more fun for him.

For someone who appreciates excellent sound, the rich bass from the speaker’s in-built 8W driver will impress him. The upgraded 4.0 Bluetooth delivers fast and stable connectivity and is compatible with all devices. It also features a built-in mic making it perfect for hands-free calls.

You bet he won’t be restricted to using it in the bathroom alone. He could also use it for outdoor activities like camping, biking, and beach outings.This is an image of a black mini Bluetooth speaker by Vtin.


43. Wireless Earphones by Beats

Everybody considers Beats the gold standard when it comes to earphones. This Powerbeats Pro version is packed with updated and extra features so he knows he’s got not just a popular brand, but one with premium sound production.

The earphones come with a battery life of up to 9 hours; Siri voice commands; and excellent ability to isolate ambient noise. With the competitive pricing and the awesome features, they are the perfect alternative if you can’t afford AirPods for him.This is an image of a black wireless earphones by Beats.


44. Mini Clip-on Watch

This extremely tough and durable clip-on watch by Dakota would be perfect for a boyfriend, son, nephew, or colleague working in construction. He could easily clip it on to his work harness and regardless of what he is wearing, it would always be easily available to check the time.

The watch is well-made and has an excellent finish. It features a carabiner closure and ultra-bright LED micro-light. The light can come in handy when he is looking for keyholes or other small stuff in poor light. And talking about dark places, he won’t have a problem checking time in the dark due to the luminescent hands and hour markers.This is an image of a black gunmetal mini clip watch by Dakota.


45. Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags are indispensable gear to have for people who love camping. So if your young man loves the great outdoors, this is one of the best 21st birthday gifts for him. This sleeping bag by Teton Sports with its poly-flannel lining would make him think he’s are back home on a cozy, warm bed.

Perfect as a holiday gift, it comes with a half-circle hood with drawstring to keep the head off the ground and warm. Other awesome features include the interior storage pocket to keep his stuff, paddings around the shoulder and zipper to keep out drafts, and a tapered anti-snap zipper that moves smoothly when getting in or out of the bag.This is an image of a gray sleeping bag for men by TETON Sports.


46. Memory Foam Slippers

You can’t go wrong with a Rockdove footwear especially when it is a pair of slippers made with memory foam. He’ll always look forward to coming back home after a hard day at work or school knowing his feet would get the pampering they deserve.

The slippers are also perfect as casual wear in the house on weekends or for short walks around the block.

Made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex material, each one comes with a rubber sole, waffle knit upper for optimal breathability, memory foam insole that molds to the contours of the foot for consistent comfort, and more.This is an image of a dark blue foam slipper for men by RockDove.


47. ‘Manual To Manhood’ Paperback

Your boy is about to start the next phase of his life. Wouldn’t it be nice to hand him all the tools he needs to make a good job of it? A tool that ensures he is adequately prepared to handle life’s challenges, big and small, like a man?

That and more is what this gift is all about. It is packed with over a hundred guides on how to handle almost anything from the mundane to the super-serious. The bottom line is, by the time he is through reading it, he should be a man who knows something about everything. And for good measure, he’d be really good at quite a number of them.

It is an inspiring book that teaches some of life’s most needed skills. These are the stuff school and parents don’t teach.This is an image of a guide book for men by Jonathan Catherman.


48. 40-Piece Collar Stays

By now, his wardrobe should be packed with shirts he loves wearing for formal and not-so-formal occasions. These shirts would definitely need collar stays to keep them stiff and straight just the way collars are meant to be.

With this gift of 40 pieces made of stainless steel, he is set for a long time and would never need to buy more as long as they don’t get missing. The set comes with a variety of sizes to cater for a range of collar sizes:  from very small to large ones.

And they all come in a sleek box making them perfect for gifting, storage and traveling. The case is divided into various sections making it easy to organize the pieces according to size.This is an image of a 40 piece stainless steel collar stays by Quality Stays.


49. Portable Photo Printer

When you are thinking of exciting and fun 21st birthday ideas for him, a photo printer like this should be in the mix. Wouldn’t it be cool to print out all those fun birthday pictures instead of just leaving them on a smartphone? With the printed copies, he can share it around or even make a collage of fun pictures in a book for friends and family to enjoy when they come visiting.

The printer is portable and easy to use. It features a printing technology that ensures the pictures that come out are stunning and vibrant in less than one minute. The printer pairs easily with both Android and iOS devices.

This would also make a great holiday gift and could be used at parties and other social events.This is an image of a white mini printer by Polaroid.


50. Under Armour T-shirt

You have to admit that a t-shirt has never looked this good. Perhaps, it could be because this tee is manufactured by Under Armour. Any young man’s wardrobe would definitely be richer for it with the addition of this slit-brown, light heather and black tee.

The streamlined fitted and machine washable shirt is made with polyester that feels soft very soft on the skin. The material wigs sweat real fast so he never feels uncomfortable on hot days. It also features an anti-odor technology that prevents the proliferation of microbes that cause odor.

This is an image of a men wearing a light brown Under Armour t-shirt.


Buying Considerations

Choosing one or a couple of presents from a list of awesome gift ideas can be overwhelming. What is clear is that having a cool and awesome guide like this is one thing, deciding what to get from so many is a different ball game entirely.

So how do you go about selecting the right gifts for him? The following are some vital tips to help you make that final decision.

His interest and hobbies

While you are correct to think that twenty years old boys are usually preoccupied with stuff like relationships, graduation, cars, the latest fashion, etc, individual preferences make it almost impossible for all of them to like the same things.

The easiest way to nail down the perfect gift is to align that gift with his hobbies or interests. For instance, if he is a video game lover, it would be smart to go for gifts in that category.

First though, you need put in the required effort into finding out his hobbies especially if you are not a close family member or belong to inner his circle.


Sometimes, 21 birthday gift ideas can be made awesome with customization no matter your budget.

Take any common item that he’d give no more than a passing glance at. Once the item is personalized with a funny phrase, inspirational quote, or even just his name and a simple message, it transforms into something to cherish.

If you are not sure he’ll appreciate the gift like that awesome mug, leather wallet, tool kit etc., go the extra mile and engrave it with fancy words or symbols to make it uniquely his.

Quality of gifts

For a milestone birthday like this, you shouldn’t compromise on quality especially when getting items like shoes, clothes, and gadgets.

The rule of thumb is to stick with the popular brands. You can’t go wrong with them as far as quality is concerned. Besides, having them gives the young man some fun bragging rights among peers.

Educational considerations

Books gifts for 21-year-old boys can also hit the right spot if done right. ‘Right’ here means the book must be interesting, refreshing, and doesn’t read like a dull textbook.

Aiming for books packed with resources on how to acquire new skills, life hacks, and other useful tips would be spot on. These educational books are his pathway to becoming a better, all-round person with the right tools on how to navigate the adult landscape.



Best Gift Overall

The portable mini projector feels like the sort of gift any young man, no matter his interests, would find good uses for. Apart from the basic function of delivering the cinema experience, he could use it for school and work presentations.

The projector is easy to use and can easily be connected to a host of digital devices through various ports. He can even stream multimedia content via game consoles and MicroSD devices. There is simply no limit to the ways he can make use of this projector.This is an image of a white Leisure 3 mini projector by Vankyo.


Best Budget Gift

If you are looking for an awesome budget gift, the electric bottle opener is a perfect fit. This gift underlines the ‘legal-age-for-drinking’ theme that most 21st birthday ideas for guys are all about. As an adult, it is more than likely he’d be hosting lots of friends and opening wine bottles for them even if he doesn’t drink.

We are impressed by the futuristic, sleek design that won’t be out of place in a sci-fi movie. On its charging station, the opener would certainly attract curious and admiring glances from people. The included foil cutter is a very useful and thoughtful addition to what is already an excellent gift pack.This is an image of a cordless wine opener by Oster.


What To Put in a 21st Birthday Gift Basket

It’d be fantastic if you are planning a delivering a gift basket for this milestone birthday. Though it’s now possible to pick many awesome gifts for him, it’s smarter to be deliberate about it. You don’t want to pack in just about any gift hoping that he’ll love at least a few.

Choosing smart is the way to go. One helpful tip is to avoid items that take up too much space. These fill up the basket and you end up with not as many gifts as you wanted.

Now you can go ahead and start filling the basket with the little things you know adult males love. Think toiletries, grooming kits, accessories to stuff he has already, etc. You can even go ahead and chuck in a box of chocolate or a bottle of booze.


Fun 21st Birthday Gift For Someone Who Doesn’t Drink

There are lots of fun gifts to get for someone that doesn’t drink. You can bet on gifts in the sporting category like the ping pong set. Fun board games are also great.

That said, few gifts can beat the bumper ball for delivering the most fun outdoors.

Other games that would be awesome include the latest video games, VR headsets, the watermelon keg tapping kit, personalized mugs with fun catchphrases, etc. The fact is, you don’t have to burst a vein to come up with fun birthday gifts for a teetotaler.


What To Get A Guy On His 21st Birthday

Being a milestone birthday, the tendency to splurge is high. You can go ahead with that if your budget allows it.

However, what’s more important is that you mark the day by getting something he’ll appreciate. It doesn’t have to be expensive. You can start by knowing his hobbies or interests before settling for a gift in that category.