Best Gifts for 20 Year Old Girls

this is an image of a 20th birthday cake

Are you finding it rather hard thinking up special gifts for 20 year old girls so you could choose one or a couple for that special young lady in your life? If it would make you feel better, know that you are not alone in this deceptively challenging task.

The problem has more to do with that desire to get a very unique present for her especially if it’s for her birthday. After all, twenty is such a special milestone in so many respects. And the gift or gifts need to reflect that.

The good news is, you are here now. This guide was created to give you as many awesome possible gifts for young women. Whether she is a friend, girlfriend, daughter, niece, granddaughter, etc., we promise you’ll definitely find one or more that would impress her.


48 Best Gifts For 20 Year Old Girls

You want to make sure you’ve created enough time in your schedule before jumping into reviews below so you don’t miss anything. There are 48 gifts across various categories making it very easy to find a suitable gift no matter the occasion, the size of your budget, or her interests.

1. LED Selfie Ring

This Selfie Ringlight that allows her to easily record videos or take pictures of herself kicks off this review of gifts for 19 year old girls. This would be an excellent gift if she’s interested in becoming not just another vlogger on YouTube, but an exceptional one with millions of fans.

The pack includes a 50″ height-adjustable tripod to support the ring and a flexible smartphone holder to secure the phone. And with the included Bluetooth remote, she doesn’t have to touch her smartphone’s screen to take photos or record videos.This is an image of a ring light, tripod and smartphone holder with bluetooth remote control.


2. Women Running Shoes

Up next is this amazing running shoes by ASICS that are perfect for her daily jogging, walking, or other exercises. She now has a pair of shoes that ensure she does all that in the utmost comfort no matter the distance or the length of time.

She’ll love the cute, seashell pink upper design with orange rubber soles for impact protection. The design also includes a removable sock liner; specially designed reversed lugs that provide uphill and downhill traction on all types of terrain; and rear/forefoot gel technology for excellent impact cushioning.This is an image of a mid grey and seashell fish colored running shoe for women.


3. Liquid Eyeliner

Make-up is one of the most popular gift ideas for young women. Think of the best features an eyeliner must possess; then think this eyeliner by Lady Gaga’s Haus Laboratories designed like a felt pen complete with a tip for applying it. And with Lady Gaga’s imprimatur on it, your girl would be absolutely bowled over.

The superfine and flexible tip makes application easy. It smoothly glides across a surface without tugging with a precision that simulates pro makeup artists.

Excellent as a Christmas, birthday, or vacation gift, the quick-drying, long-lasting liquid eyeliner comes with a whiskey twist that can effortlessly create any outcome ranging from the very bold to the subtle. Even Lady Gaga would be proud of your girl.This is an image of a demi matte brown eyeliner for women.


4. Black Cardigan

This V-neck, button-down cardinal is a must-have addition to her by now considerable wardrobe. With the classic V-neck, long-sleeve design, wearing it over any outfit adds the kind of easy style most young ladies aspire for. It would be cool for any occasion such as going to school, the shipping mall, trips, or even for a casual stroll around the block.

Soft and comfortable to wear with bronze polished buttons, the blend of cotton and polyester material is stretchy ensuring durability and a high chance it is going to be a perfect fit with or without the buttons.This is an image of a women wearing a black cardigan.


5. ‘The 4-Hour Chef’  Hardcover

This book by Timothy Ferris would make a great gift if she struggles with cooking. The book breaks down all aspects of cooking into easily understandable components. With the skills learned in the book, dazzling her dates, friends, or family would become the norm.

But this is not just a book about cooking though. It is also about ‘Learning Anything, and Living the Good Life.’ The book makes good on that promise in over 600 pages divided into five categories covering domestic, science, outdoors, general learning, and professional aspects of life.

With Ferris’  beguiling and engaging style, this book is a great page-turner any day. It’s likely to be a constant companion during long trips or while lounging at home.This is an image of a cooking method book.


6. Instant Camera

For the young lady with a busy and active social life, this purple camera by Fujifilm’s would be a great plaything to capture some of the best moments of her life in vivid, vibrant photos. It’s hard to ignore the sleek purple design that transforms the camera into a cool fashion accessory for social events and parties.

Powered by 2 AA batteries, the camera uses Fiji’s Instax instant film to instantly capture, print, and share credit-sized photos wherever she goes. And with the awesome selfie lens and selfie frame, taking perfect selfies has never been this easy.

The camera also features a detachable macro lens with a focus of up to 35cm for taking sharp closeup photos; three color filters; a high-key mode to take brighter pictures; and much more.This is an image of a mini instant purple camera by Fujifilm.


7. 12 Piece Bath Bomb Set

Bath bombs are one of the most popular Christmas gifts for 20 year olds, and what young lady won’t be overjoyed by not one, but 12 bath bombs set that comes packaged in a cool box. In some quarters, some folks claim the way to a young lady’s heart is a bath bomb especially if she is hot on the idea of having awesome, smooth skin. That is the sort of skin all young ladies desire.

And when the pack comes with 12 different fruity fragrances, it is almost like giving her the key to a fantasy Caribbean paradise Island. This bath bomb set would make an excellent Christmas or birthday gift.

She’ll always look forward to the end of the hard week so she can take her time and luxuriate in a soothing spa bath.This is an image of a 12 piece bath bombs gift set for women.


8. 20th Birthday Necklace

A necklace to help her mark this milestone of the first year of exiting her teen years has to be special. This simple but elegant 925 silver sterling hits all the right spots with 20 beads to remind her how far are has come in life. The simplicity of the necklace could also be a subtle reminder that life is very amazing when it is simple and uncomplicated.

This birthday necklace is carefully handcrafted and comes with all you’d need to make a great gift of it instantly. These include a gift bag, tissue paper, and a note card to write something truly heartfelt.This is an image of a sterling silver necklace of 20 beads for women.


9. Horoscope Crystals Set

For a young woman interested in how the stars shape destinies, this set of Capricorn horoscope stone crystals would make a great birthday and Christmas/New Year gift if her birth month falls in December or January respectively. She could carry them with her to sleep or keep them nearby while meditating to get the full dose of positive energy, good vibes, and fortune the stones bring.

The box comes with 6 different carefully curated stones. These include Fluorite, Tigers-eye, Smoky Quartz, Amethyst, Crystal, and Citrine. All these are packaged in a box with six compartments for storing each stone separately.This is an image of a capricorn stone box set.


10. 5-in-1 AirPods Case

This AirPods case would definitely get her jumping with joy. It would make a cool and excellent storage case for her AirPods so you have to make sure she has AirPods already.

She’ll adore the cute bejeweled designed on the case that also includes colorful plants and fruits on a white background. Her AirPods charging case would fit perfectly into it so she can charge the buds without removing them from the case. As well as charging and offering protection for buds, it is also compatible with wireless QI charging.

The case also comes with a magnetic strap to prevent it from getting lost during outdoor activities, a watch band holder for attaching to all types of watch bands; and ear hooks to attach to the buds to keep them from falling off her ears.This is an image of a 5 in 1 AirPods Accessories in flamingo design.


11. Pair Of Compression Tights

For an athlete or sports-loving girl, a pair of compression tights to help the post-training recovery period would be an awesome gift. These versatile tights would promote the flow of blood in her body, minimize muscle soreness and muscle fatigue in her lower limbs. She could also wear to improve performance during workouts or while jogging.

The black-colored tights come with a drawstring closure and are made from polyester and 20% spandex to provide the required tight fit. She’d love how the unique Coolmax fabric helps to keep her body dry easily pulling moisture away from the skin.This is an image of a women's compression tights with purple lava prints.


12. Pair of Skinny Jeans

This pair of jeans is from a well-known brand noted for uncompromising adherence to quality, style, and comfort. This Signature by Levi Strauss jeans was designed to prioritize fashion and function in equal measures.

This makes it perfect as everyday casual wear or for more formal outings.

She is going to either fit right in or stand out if that is what she wants when she complements the jeans with her preferred top and shoes for the occasion.

Made from ultra-comfortable denim that stretches easily to hug and enhance her figure, it comes with a pull-on waistband with a built-in tummy-slimming panel, 29″ inseam, and skinny through hip and thigh. And with the worn-in design, projecting a vintage look is going to be quite easy.This is an image of a women's skinny jeans by Levi.


13. 20-Piece Headband Set

If she loves using headbands for a myriad of activities, she’ll adore this gift pack that contains 20 headbands of different colors and designs. From this point on, she’s unlikely to ever lack a headband to match her any of her outfits or even run out if headbands any time soon.

The headbands are made from a variety of soft breathable materials that absorb sweat easily. Also included in the design is an elastic band that is perfectly tailored for all head types.

Perfect as a gift for any occasion, the bands can be used for hunting dating, work, party, etc. They are all packed in a drawstring bag for convenient storage.This is an image of a 20 styles boho headbands for women.


14. Plush Oversized Jacket

There is something very cool and laid-back about wearing boyfriend-style clothes like this plush shaggy jacket. That sophisticated and trendy look women love so much comes easily with the beige jacket. The jacket wouldn’t look out of place on any type of shirt or pants. Her wardrobe is definitely going to look richer and better with this gift.

Perfect for keeping warm during cold weather, the long-sleeved jacket comes with full zipper closure, two side pockets, elastic fur and hem, and double-sided faux fur.

This would make a great Christmas gifts for 20 year old female. She’ll also appreciate it as a Valentine Day, Birthday, and holiday present.This is an image of a lady wearing a khaki winter jacket by Prettygarden.


15. Onesie

You want to see what a truly delightful smile looks like on your girl’s face? Then get her this cool onesie that is a perfect blend of utility, style, and trendy. With such an awesome design and color choice, it would be great as regular wear when she wants to simply lounge at home. And they would also make excellent pajamas, especially in cold weather.

The loose-fitting, non-footed onesie is made from high-quality polyester material that is so soft on the skin she won’t mind wearing it all day long. It comes with ribbed knit trim and cuffs, front half zip closure, and double kangaroo-styled pockets. And the loose-fitting design means she can move around easily in it without feeling any restriction.This is an image of a lady wearing a black with zipper onesie pajama.


16. Eyeshadow Makeup Palette

With 39 different colors, she might find this makeup kit intimidating. But that is what makes it so much fun. With so many colors to chose from, there is a huge leeway for experimenting with the endless colors at her disposal to arrive at the perfect blend.

This gift would put her hidden creativity to good use to make her eyes stand out from the crowd. it also helps that the colors blend easily so getting really creative is up to her.This is an image of an eye shadow palette kit.


17. All-in-one Makeup Kit

If you want a more elaborate makeup kit for her, this set by Shany has exactly you want in a really special makeup kit for young women. This is a complete kit that comes with 168 eyeshadows, different types of lip glosses, 7 sponge brushes, a variety of blushes for different parts of the face, and much more. Achieving a full-face look with this versatile kit would come naturally to her after using it for a while.

The kit comes packaged in a sleekly-designed but sturdy case designed with an in-built handle making it the ultimate on-to-go makeup kit.This is an image of an all in one makeup set by Shany Cosmetics.


18. Vanity Mirror

Perfection, when it comes to makeup, can sometimes depend on something as ordinary as a mirror. With a deluxe mirror that shows every detail on her face, getting the perfect look is going to be a regular occurrence. And the touch-controlled 21 LED lights on the surface of the mirror ensure she gets it right even in rooms with poor lightening.

The beautiful pink mirror features 3 foldable magnifying panels so all parts and angles of her face are revealed even to the tiniest detail. The lights are powered by USB cable or 4 AAA batteries. The power options, along with the fact that it is detachable from the stand, also makes it a great traveling companion. This is one of the best gifts for 20 something women who love taking care of their appearance. This is an image of a rose gold vanity mirror for women.


19. Makeup Brushes

The saying that a girl’s makeup is only as good as her tools is spot on. These makeup brushes only serve to emphasize the point that makeup tools don’t have to be expensive to get perfect results.

Each brush in the 14-piece set is made of soft but firm synthetic bristles attached to durable wooden handles. They come in different shapes and sizes to cover all her making up needs for the different parts of her face. These include 5 basic makeup brushes for the face and 9 pieces of eye brushes.This is an image of a rose gold brush set for women.


20. Leather Writing Journal

Writing with a pen on paper still carries an air of magic around it. For a girl who loves writing, a 20th birthday gift ideas list must surely include some sort of notebook to indulge in her passion.

This leather notebook is the inspiration she needs to explore her writing passion more. She could use it as a travel journal to write down interesting bits of info. She could also use it in class to take notes; if she is a working young lady, wouldn’t it be just classy to use it for writing down bullets points during office meetings when everybody else is likely using a gadget?

The brown notebook comes with a retro tree design on the cover to give it that rustic feel associated with serious writers. She’ll love that new blank sheets can easily be added to replace used ones. Running out of blanks pages is never an option making this a perfect going-back-to-school she can use for as long as she wants.This is an image of a brown vintage journal for women by Valery.


21. Ballpoint Pen

You might also consider adding this beautiful pen that glides smoothly across surfaces to go with the leather notebook above. A classically-designed notebook with a cute pen is a marriage made in heaven.

The pen can equally stand as a gift on its own. Made by Kate Spade New York, it comes with a twist to open/close stylus at the other end. This stylus is compatible with all touchscreen electronics giving her another option of engaging with her gadgets.

7.5 inches long, it comes with a gold dot design with a clip on one side for securing to notepads. She also gets a matching, cute pen pouch made from vegan leather for storage.This is an image of a ballpoint pen with gold dots pen for women.


22. DIY Tree Diamond Embroidery Painting Kit

DIY craft kits rank among the best unique birthday gifts for 20 year old female with a passion for hands-on activities. With this gift, she can get her artistic groove on designing the tree on the pre-printed canvass to her taste. Hanging it on the wall in her room would add something special and unique to her private space.

She might find the activity challenging at first, but it is a relaxing activity and she’ll definitely get that sweet buzz that comes with accomplishment by the time she is done. The pack contains everything she needs for the project including the pre-printed oil canvass, rhinestone diamonds, applicator pen, and other tools.This is an image of a tree diamond painting kit.


23. Self-Balancing Hoverboard

Forget the notoriety attached to hoverboards some years ago due to the fires. Hoverboards are making a great comeback as a fun way to commute or having a fun ride in style. This is due to the improved design that includes several safety features.

This hoverboard is self-balancing so even a novice wouldn’t have a hard time mastering it. It can hold up to 260 lbs making it perfect for a fully grown adult male or female.

Powered by dual 300W motors, it is capable of a maximum speed of up to 9 mph on the 2.0 Ah battery. It also comes with flashing LED lights on the durable rubber tires so people can spot her easily in poor light conditions or when it is dark.This is an image of a pink hoverboard with speaker and lights.


24. Fitness Tracker

A fitness tracker like this purple piece by Letscom would be a perfect gift for any occasion for any girl that cares about her health. If she loves jogging, going to the gym, or is involved in a variety of daily physical and sporting activities, she’d find this smart wearable really useful.

It is capable of monitoring and tracking important health indices such as heart rate, sleep pattern, calories used, and so much more. It also comes with 14 exercise modes to help her understand specific activity data better.

As well as being a fitness tracker, it is also a smartwatch she could use to check the time, date, listen to music, receive/end calls and see/read messages from her social media accounts.This is an image of a purple activity tracker watch for women.


25. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

A Bluetooth speaker is one of the coolest gifts for 20 year old girl who loves listening to music all the time. It gives her another option of enjoying music if she is tired of using earbuds or headsets. This would be perfect to entertain her friends during hangouts, camping, beach parties, etc.

The cute speaker is completely waterproof and connects easily via Bluetooth to compatible devices. It also comes with dual external bass radiators for powerful sound output, 12 hours of playtime, speakerphone, seamless Voice Assistant integration, and much more.This is an image of a red portable bluetooth speaker.


26. Bluetooth Headphones

When it comes to picking 20th birthday gifts, tech is always a great option. There is so much to like about these Mkay wireless headphones in terms of design and quality sound output she might even think this is a proprietary Beats product under a different name. The music headset will make an excellent birthday gift for a music-loving girl.

With the adjustable bands for a snug fit, she can comfortably listen to her favorite songs (via TF card or connected to compatible devices via Bluetooth) or her favorite FM station while carrying out her daily activities without fear of it slipping off.

The rose-gold colored headphones are easily foldable making them very portable. With a battery life of up to 18 hours, she can use it for days on a single full charge. She also has the option of using a 3.5mm cable if she wants to listen to her TV or files on the laptop discretely.This is an image of a rose gold wireless headset for women.


27. Backpack

A multifunctional backpack is a must-have item for a modern lady. Whether going to school, work, shopping, camping, trips, etc., a backpack with the right features allows her to pack the important items she’d need.

This backpack comes with a compartment that is large enough to accommodate a 15.6″ laptop. It also has a built-in USB port that needs only a portable power bank to turn the backpack into a mobile charger for her devices. There are also several smaller pockets both inside and outside for convenient organization of her stuff.

The backpack is made with quality material for durability. And with the soft paddings on the adjustable shoulder straps and back panel, her comfort is also assured no matter how long she carries it.This is an image of a grey travel laptop backpack.


28. Lenovo Laptop

Laptops are very essential as a work or study tool. This 11.6″ HD Lenovo laptop shows you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get a sleek, powerful computer as a gift.

As one of the best productivity tools, it is perfect for any occasion whether it is a birthday, Valentine Day, Christmas, New Year, or holiday. Any list of gift ideas for 20 year old female college student has to include something like this as an excellent going-back-to-school present.

The laptop comes with all the latest and premium features to expect from a premium product. This includes the latest operating system and softwares, ITB of cloud storage space, 4GB RAM and 64GB SSD for smooth operations, etc. It also comes with a 12-month subscription of Office 365 Personal.This is an image of a 16 inch laptop by Lenovo.


29. Crossbody Bag

For ladies, a crossbody bag is one of the most essential on-to-go fashion accessories. As well as making her look really stylish and chick, it saves her the stress of having to carry regular-sized bags when she isn’t in the mood. And the best part is, with this one, she has ample room for her smartphone, compact, keys, cash, cards, etc.

Made of durable leather with polyurethane trim, it comes with a zipper closure, adjustable strap, detachable wristlet strap, 16 interior credit card slots, and zipped exterior front pocket.This is an image of a tobacco staples smartphone crossbody bag for women.


30. Shoulder Bag

A shoulder bag is one of those gifts for 20 yr old girl that would work for any occasion. It is also perfect if you are a bit confused about what to get for her. This faux leather black bag is the quintessential lady’s everyday bag she could use for work, school, shopping, camping, etc.

It comes with detachable 9″ shoulder strap, 2 inside open pockets, 2 external zippered pockets, and a main compartment with enough room for her purse, smartphone, tablet, compact, extra clothes, and even a medium-sized laptop.This is an image of a black shoulder bag for women by Alyssa.


31. Zip Around Wallet

Many young ladies consider a zip wallet an indispensable item in bigger handbags where they can conveniently organize stuff such as their cash, various types of cards including bank cards, IDs, etc.

But with such a beautifully-designed wallet made of real leather, it would be a shame to always keep it hidden inside her handbag. To rectify that, it comes with a wristlet strap so she could carry it comfortably. And the design is so functional she has enough space for 17 credit cards, a separate window slot for an ID, 3 currency pockets, a main compartment large enough for hold a 6.5″ smartphone and much more.

As well as the zippers to keep items secure in their various pockets, it comes with an in-built RFID signal-blocking feature to protect important information on RFID chips (embedded in her devices and cards) from unauthorized scanning.This is an image of a dark pink leather wallet for women by Lavemi.


32. Pair of Teardrop Earrings

If you are still stuck on the best 20 year old gift ideas, jewelry is usually a great choice. You bet, like any other young lady, she’ll love to have this pair of beauties dangling from her ears effectively adding an eye-catching accessory to any of her outfits.

These earrings look like so much fun featuring resin-preserved real dried flowers surrounded by sterling silver with teardrop design. The earrings are built to last a long time, so don’t be surprised to see her still rocking them sometime in the distant future.This is an image of a teardrop shaped earrings with pressed flower earrings .


33. Pendant Necklace

When deciding what gifts for 20 year old woman to purchase, necklaces have to feature at the top of the list. As well as being one of the subtlest ways to show off a graceful neckline, they are the perfect complement for all types of outfits making even the mundane look exceptional.

Made of sterling silver with a twist zirconia-encrusted pendant, this gift packs everything she’d ever want in a necklace. It comes in a unique jewelry box making it instantly giftable as a birthday, Christmas, or Valentine Day gift.This is an image of a sterling silver necklace with cubic zirconia stone pendant.


34. Charm Bracelet

Describing this bracelet by Alex and Ani as beautiful would seem rather dull and unimaginative. But these are the first words that’d pop into her mind when she gets it. Then she’d imagine whether she’ll ever have to take them off because it looks like what a fun-loving girl would wear around her wrist all the time.

The bracelet is designed with four charms including a blue zircon crystal charm known for its uplifting and inspirational qualities. This is an image of a Rafaelian Gold bangle bracelet.


35. Pro Manicure & Pedicure Set

How about this grooming set that allows her to keep her nails in perfect condition any time she wishes. If you’re looking for gifts for girls in their 20s who love traveling a lot, this is the sort of gift item that enables her to enjoy the trip without worrying about mundane but vital things like where to get her nails done or carry out basic facial grooming.

And if you’ve done it before, you’d know giving your nails the attention they deserve at home is one of the few times you get to spent quality alone time with your thoughts.

There are 18 stainless steel pieces in the beautifully-designed portable kit. It is, essentially, the complete grooming kit that’d be a part of her life for a long time.This is an image of a pink pedicure and manicure set for women.


36. Portable Toiletry Bag

This compact toiletry bag by Boacay is a sweet traveling companion that allows her to store and organize all her important toiletries and makeup she’d need while on the road. Better yet, each item is held upright in the bag to prevent messy spills.

Made of high-quality 600D polyester material, it comes with waterproof interior linings in the 21 compartments, metal zippers that glide smoothly even when the bag is full, double-sided handles and seams for extra durability and security, and much more.This is an image of a coffee with milk brown hygiene bag for women.



37. 6-Piece Bath Spa Set

A spa sets are easily some of the most desirous gifts for girls age 20. Girls this age love gifts that would make them smell better, feel refresh, and energized after a hard day or week at school or work.

The spa set comes with 6 different body lotions, soaps, and gels made from natural ingredients designed to leave her skin feeling moisturized and as good as new. It comes in a beautiful decorative box making it easily and instantly giftable. She’ll show tons of appreciation it whether it’s gifted as a Christmas, birthday, Valentine Day, Holiday, etc., gift.This is an image of a bath spa set for women by body and earth.


38. Hair Comb & Brush Set

A hairbrush and comb set gift idea for a female age 20 seem like something you should take a pass on because she must have various combs and brushes already. But apart from the cool, sturdy design, this bamboo-crafted set that comes in a gift bag has several unique qualities making it very special.

For instance, the brush is designed using distinct, thick sections of boar’s hair ensuring it reaches straight through to hair roots with ease. This effectively stimulates and easily distributes the scalp’s natural hair for a stronger and more supple hair for a noticeably improved sheen.

The comb, on the other hand, is a perfect hair detangler for all types of hair. specifically designed to glide through the hair without scratching, pulling, or damaging her hair.This is an image of a wooden hair brush set for women.


39. 4-Piece Skinny Belts

Skinny belts have been around for as long as anybody can remember. Women still adore using them to add a bit more pizzazz to their dresses. She’ll instantly fall in love with this gift that comes with 4 skinny belts in black, white, beige, and gray colors. This ensures she’d always have a different belt to match any dress in her wardrobe.

Each belt is made from a blend of high-quality materials for durability and elasticity that stretches easily to fit any body size. They also come with a uniquely-designed metal buckle for a more attractive look.This is an image of a retro stretch waist belt for women.


40. Scented Candles

Candles are always popular 20th birthday gift ideas for her. Not many girls can resist the combination of the sweet fragrance of a scented candle and the soft soothing light from the flame. This is an awesome combination for girls who just want to lie down, relax, close their eyes, and meditate.

Made by Yinuo Mirror, the pack comes with 4 candles in reusable tin cans so exquisitely designed they would make awesome decorative pieces for her room too. Made from natural 100% soy wax, each one burns evenly; this eliminates black smoke making them safe and healthy to use.

So are you thinking of an occasion to gift her this? No matter the occasion, she’d cherish the sensual and calming rose, lavender, lemon, and Mediterranean fig fragrances.This is an image of a pack scented candles gift set for women.


41. Herbal Neck Wrap Pillow

For the ultimate in the relief of neck pain, stress, and migraine, think no further than this neck wrap pillow for her. The pillow is filled with a blend of 12 natural herbs that are excellent for hot or cold therapy after heating or freezing it in a microwave or freezer respectively.

For a working or busy girl,  it’s a super cool gift to melt away the stiffness and tension from her neck, shoulder, and back after a hard day. It would leave her feeling relaxed, renewed, and ready to take on the world.

The pillow is made of 100% soft cotton material and comes in a 1-size-fits all design. The pack also includes a soft sleep mask so she can enjoy a relaxing sleep at any time of the day.This is an image of a purple hot and cold pad with sleep mask for women.


42. Jade Stone Full Body Massager

Unique birthday gifts for girls in their twenties don’t come any ‘uniquer’ than this body massager designed like a dumbbell made from natural jade stones. She can now get a full-body, DIY massage at home without booking an appointment with an expensive masseuse.

The set also comes with a Gua Sha scraper that is perfect for making the skin firmer and address any loss of elasticity. Used properly and consistently, it should aid the disappearance of fine lines and wrinkles.This is an image of a facial jade roller set for women.


43. Jewelry Box

There is no prize for guessing that by the age of 20, her collection of jewelry would need a storage box that makes it easy to organize the various pieces. With the right box, accessing and retrieving any jewelry won’t have to involve digging through a jumbled pile of jewelry.

The right storage, like this one by Kloud City, should have compartments and slots of various sizes. This elegant box goes a step further by including two layers one on top of the other. In total, she has access to a total of 27 compartments, slots, display cases, etc, to separately keep her watches, bracelets, rings, etc.

The design of the blue storage box also inside a safety lock that comes with a key to keep her valuables safe making it perfect for traveling. If you are buying gifts for 20 year old women who like to travel and have a large collection of accessories, this is just what they need. This is an image of a blue storage case for women.


44. Power Bank

This red, tubular-shaped Anker power bank is just 4.2 inches long but comes with an amazing 5000 mAh capacity making it one of the best portable chargers. Equipped with a quick charging function, it is capable of charging the iPhone 8 twice!

An outdoorsy girl would love this gift. When doing her thing outdoors, she won’t have to worry about where or when to recharge her Android or iOS devices.

As well as the poser bank, the pack includes a travel pouch, one micro USB cable, and a welcome guide.This is an image of a red portable charger for women.


45. Mini Cake Pop Maker

How about this cake pop maker she could use to quickly rustle up small cakes and donuts at parties, family events, when friends come over, or any time she feels like giving herself a treat? Christmas, holiday, birthdays are great occasions to surprise her with this gift.

Able to make 9 cake pops at once, the product is easy to use and comes with a light indicator to let you know when it is in use. The non-skid feet is another built-in safety design to prevent it from slipping when it’s in use.

Also included in the pack is an instructions booklet with some tips and recipes to try out.This is an image of a mini purple cake pop maker.


46. Pair of Skechers Wedges

She’ll be hopping with excitement when she gets this gift. And this’ not just because Skechers is a big brand known for making quality footwear. With wedges like these, she doesn’t have to wear excruciating high heels to give her outfits a more polished and sophisticated look. As well as being very comfortable, their flexibility makes them excellent for casual outings and formal occasions.

The shoes feel very light on the feet thanks to a design that includes synthetic flexible soles and memory foam for consistent comfort. With about 2″ high heels and platforms measuring about 0.75 inches, she can rock the shoes however she wants for as long as she wants without a care in the world.This is an image of a black rumblers rock sandals for women.


47. Plush Slip-on Slippers

These slippers are what we have in mind when we think of the best ways to pamper our feet with shoes. With the pink color, they are perfect for women of all ages and would make a great gift for any occasion.

It comes with a high-quality, man-made plush fleece lining that easily envelopes the feet for the ultimate in soothing comfort. The feeling of comfort is enhanced by the high-density memory foam that molds to the feet and retains the shape.

Available in all sizes, they would be perfect as indoor slippers, to go fetch the mail, or to walk the dog around the house if she has one.This is an image of a pink fuzzy plush slippers for women.


48. Stainless Steel Vacuum Tumbler

What is the one thing you always look forward to after a long walk on a hot summer day? Right, a cup of your favorite beverage at the right temperature; which, in this case, should be cold.

With this Yeti Rambler tumbler, though, she can take her drink along with her for long walks, hiking, and other outdoor activities. She’d be guaranteed immediate refreshment at her preferred whenever she needs it.

Capable of holding 30 oz of liquid, the stainless steel tumbler is insulated with double walls and a magnetic lid to maintain the temperature of the drink for long. She could also use it to keep her dinner drinks cold for as long as possible or her coffee hot until she is ready to drink.This is an image of a stainless steel pink tumbler for women.


Buying Considerations

Most times, having a great guide packed with amazing gift ideas for 20 somethings female is simply the first step to getting the perfect gift. Since there are no one-size-fits-all criteria for picking the right present, you’d have to take into consideration some factors before making a final decision.

Below are the important things to consider when getting gifts for 20 year old females:

Her interests

Generally, young ladies give vague answers when asked the gift they’d love. ‘Anything’ is the most popular answer which doesn’t help much in narrowing down your options when choosing 20th birthday ideas for her.

To solve that conundrum and nail down a gift that is guaranteed to make her happy, simply find out the things she loves doing either alone or with her friends. Then, get a gift that aligns with it. For instance, gifts like a digital camera would suit her if she loves the outdoors; while headsets, earbuds, or a Bluetooth speaker, etc., would be perfect if listening to music is one of her passions.


If you are dead set on picking gifts from fashion, shoes, and gadgets categories, you need to understand that it is best to go with popular brands if you can afford them.

For one thing, famous brands tend to be of high quality. But what is more important is that using these brands does is good for her self-esteem and confidence.

Social considerations

As she grows older, her social skills would play a huge role in her professional and personal life. The people she associates with can determine the trajectory of her life either negatively or positively.

That said, gifts she can enjoy with friends either at school or place of work would be wonderful. A Digital camera, for instance, is a great idea. It allows her to take videos and photos with friends and colleagues. Sharing photos or videos with them can create lasting memories that would be cherished.


Best Gift Overall

After looking at some of the best gifts for 20 year old woman, it’s time to determine which is the best of all. Fujifilm’s Mini 9 instant camera ticks all the important boxes when choosing a cool present for a young lady. The combination of sleek design and royal purple color makes it an item that can pass as a fashion accessory for all occasions.

It’s going to be fun all the way taking high-quality pictures she can view and share instantly. Friends, family, and colleagues would be crowding around her to capture memorable moments with it.

We were quite impressed by how the design and various functions sync seamlessly to create a sleek gadget that is durable, flexible, and easy to use.This is an image of a mini instant purple camera by Fujifilm.


Best Budget Gift

Girls love their shoes. This is why this pair of wedges is an excellent choice if you are looking for a budget item for her. Being a Skechers-branded item means she is assured of quality already.

Price and brand aside, she’ll surely love how comfortable the shoes are. She can wear them for practically any occasion to complement any outfit in her wardrobe.This is an image of a black rumblers rock sandals for women.


What To Gift My 20 Year Sister?

One of the first things you need to keep in mind is your sister is now a young woman. That fact can easily be lost on you because you grew up together.

From that point on, it should be pretty straightforward getting her a gift. As a sister, you’d know her hobby (or hobbies) and the gifts she has already. So simply tailor your gift options to sync with her interests and remember to avoid the gifts she has already.

If you want specifics, you can’t go wrong with a multifunctional lady’s handbag she can use for different occasions, a grooming set, crossbody bag, wristwatch, etc.


Christmas Gift For A 20 Year Old Who Has Everything

It might seem like an impossible task to get a Christmas gift for an adult who has everything. But it shouldn’t be so. The fact is, many gifts are suitable for different occasions. In other words, for a majority of gift items, the occasion determines the label we attach to them.

If you know what they have already, you could make life more interesting by getting accessories to those gifts. Then again, getting more of what they already have can be awesome in some instances. The latest model of a gadget or device would be awesome. So also are the latest clothes, shoes, smart wearables, and other fashion items.

The bottom line is, don’t over-think the task at hand. And if you are still at a loss, go over this guide again for some great gift ideas.


What Is A Great Gift For A 20 Year Employee?

Many bosses take the easy route and settle for gifts that are, at best, office productivity tools. The idea being to make them a better employee.

We think a happier employee is a whole lot better. A great gift should pay homage to the employee’s life outside work. Let the gift show clearly that your care about what they do with their friends, family, or alone.

So put on your investigative cap and find out their hobbies, things they get up to outside the office, and community activities they are a part of. Then surprise them with a gift or gifts related to those things. Your employee would surely find it touching that you took the time to discover things about their life beyond the office.

But if you don’t want to go down that route, give them a gift card. That is a fantastic gift that always works. With it, they can buy whatever they want. It’s usually fun shopping with a gift card as you can take your sweet time searching the online store for the perfect gift or combination of gifts.