Best Gifts for 2 Year Old Girls

This is an image of a Moana doll by Disney.

At age two, little girls are in that age range where they are absolutely adorable. It is only natural that folks gravitate towards gifts that pay homage to that feeling of, ‘Only perfectly adorable gifts would do.’ Fortunately, when it comes to choosing gifts for two-year-old girls, their ‘pickiness’ is not a very big consideration. The fact is, girls of this age would accept just about any gift.

The variety in toys for 2 year old girls are breathtaking both in design and sheer number. However, because of the almost limitless choosing options, you could encounter problems picking toys or gifts of the right quality.

That is why we have taken the time to compile this huge list of age-appropriate gifts for 2 yr old girl. The list has to be this big to make sure all the important categories are covered. So whether you are looking for activity toys, musical toys, drawing gifts, books gifts, stuffed toys, or games for kids, this guide’s got you covered.

The common denominator found in all the gifts is simply this: they are all high-quality gifts. Your investment in time and money would be worth it immediately and in the long run.


50 Best Gifts for 2 Year Old Girls

Below is our selection of the best toys for 2 year old girls that would deliver everything you’d expect from a toy. They are fun to play with and in one way or the other, contribute to her physical, mental, psychological development.

1. Romper, Ruffle Skirt, Sequined Headband, Leg Warmers Set

It is easy to picture how these outfit would look: absolutely adorable. The colors are spot on and complement each other perfectly. The romper, skirt, headband and legwarmers are all made from soft, breathable, high-quality fabrics making them comfortable to wear and very durable.

And if anybody needs reminding, blazoned across the front of the romper in gold and purple letter are the words ‘It’s my 2nd birthday’. She’ll surely steal the show in her ballet classes. But it is so cool she could wear to birthdays, beach trips, carnivals, etc.This is an image of a purple birthday dress set for 2 year old girls.


2. House Cleaning Set

We know little girls love imitating their moms and would grab at the chance to play grownup anytime. This house cleaning set gives them to the chance to indulge in some playful role playing.

The broom, duster, mop, brush, dustpan, and organizing stand set is made from wood and non-toxic plastic. The safety of your little girl won’t be compromised as she studiously helps to clean the apartment which in turn develops her motor skills. Melissa & Doug make some of the top toys for 2 year old girls – this set certainly won’t disappoint! This is an image of a wooden cleaning toys by Melissa and Doug.


3. Vtech Learning Carrier

A colorful carrier that can sing over 100 songs, melodies, make sounds and phrases is the sort of gift that could easily become her favorite. Add a soft, plush puppy with accessories such as comb, bowl, bottle, and ball to play with and take care of the dog and you have a winning combination. She’ll never get bored with a gift with so many activities.

Expect her to take the pet dog along to cuddle when she needs  break from playing with the carrier or it’s time to sleep.This is an image of a pink pet carrier toy by VTech.


4. Plush Doll and Bathing Set

Make bath time considerable more interesting with this bath set. She’ll fall in love with Stella, the  12” plush doll with a cute smile on her face and soft hair. Your little princess would love playing mum bathing Stella, wearing her robe, and giving her the pacifier to sooth her. Other items in the set include a pretend shampoo to wash baby Stella’s hair, a ducky made of soft fabric, and soft bathing sponge. For her efforts, she’d get the sweet scent of baby powder when she hugs Stella.This is an image of a doll and bathing set.


5. Purple Talk & Trace Clipboard

This clipboard is a great gift to teach your little girl her first letters and numbers. It is also a wonderful writing, and speech development aid. With over 30 melodies and sounds, she’d have lots of fun doodling on the stencil sheets.

The stencils (there are 3) come with unique letter recognition technology able to recognize and speak out loud what is written on it. The kit comes with a perfectly-sized colorful stylus for writing on the stencil. Her littler hands will hold it easily.This is an image of a Doc McStuffins electronic clipboard by VTech.


6. Light Up Bath Toy by MorganProducts

Who says bath time can’t be one big party complete with flashing lights for your girl? Okay, there won’t be throbbing music but the multi-colored lights from the toy deliver the party ambiance while the sound of her laughter is all the music she needs.

The bath toy is made from BPA-free, durable plastic and is completely waterproof. It comes with three different lights and she could also use it in the swimming pool.This is an image of a waterproof floating toy by MorganProducts.


7. Pink Play Tent

Toddlers too need their own private space to be alone to think serious stuff like adults. This cute play tent shaped like a castle is the perfect hideout to take a rest from tiresome activities and annoying adults that won’t leave her alone.

Decorated with glow-in-the-dark stars to make things more interesting especially at night, it takes just a couple of minutes to set it so she can start playing immediately. The tent is made from durable material and comes with strong support rods and zipper carrying bag for storage when it is not in use.

When the inevitable mess happens, cleaning it is easy. You just need damp cloth and soap to get it looking like new again.This is an image of a pink castle play tent by FoxPrint.


8. Chef’s Kitchen Playset 

With a realistic-looking kitchen playset like this, there is no limit to the variety of role-playing she can get up to. She could be a lady in her modern kitchen or a renowned chef with all the gadgets needed to make the best meals.

Mostly made from non-toxic plastic, the 25-piece set includes a coffee maker station, frying pan, electric stove with burner, boiling pot, and other appliances you expect to find in a chef’s kitchen.

She’d be engaged for hours opening and closing cabinets and drawers while she whips up a gourmet meal for the patient guests. The sound of water boiling and the sizzling noise of frying would remind everyone she is hard at it.This is an image of a kitchen playset by Step2.


9. 68 Pieces Toddler Learning Set

This is an awesome gift for your girl that also lets you spend quality time bonding with and teaching and guiding her. This is a perfect gift to introduce her to letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. Besides the fun and learning she gets in each 20-minute session, it also aids in the development of her motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial reasoning.

The 60 pieces include 4 board books, 4 posters, 7 puzzles, and 56 flashcards. There is also an easy teaching guide to ensure you get the fundamentals of teaching toddlers right.

This is an image of an educational learning kit for toddlers.



10. Kids Shopping Cart

Next on our list of top toys for 2 year old girl is this cute shopping cart. You bet she must have looked in envy the countless time you pushed the cart while she rode in the basket even if she enjoyed the ride. A gift like this is her dream come true. Her imagination and creativity would be in full swing as she plays the adult shopping for stuff in a huge mall.

The cart is sturdy so it is unlikely to collapse under her weight and the groceries in the deep basket. It comes with storage space underneath to carry her favorite things along. And do remember to get her a doll to ride on the fold-down seat.This is an image of a red and yellow shopping cart for kids by Little Tikes.


11. Button Art Set

This button art set is a great gift to help kids home their creative skills, hand-eye coordination, logical thinking and also a perfect way to teach them about animals and shapes.

The art set comes with 46 colorful buttons to match and snap on the picture boards to create the complete picture of the animal or shape. There are ten different pictures to go through so she’ll be engaged for a while as she figures out where to place the buttons.

And when she’s done for the day, the two storage trays provide the perfect places to store the pieces. You won’t have to look all over the house for missing pieces next time she wants to play.This is an image of a button art toy set by ALEX Toys.


12. Learning Walker by VTech

Your little girl would likely spend so much time with this walker you’d think she was addicted to it. It is packed with so many fun features and activities she might not have time for her other toys. This is perfect for developing motors skills and giving her the needed exercise.

It comes with an interactive play panel that includes 5 piano keys that produce real sounds; colorful spinning rollers, shape sorters, and light-up buttons. It also has a toy phone attached to the panel she could pretend to make and receive calls with.

Made of plastic, the wheels are large so she can push it easily on all types of floors. The walker needs 2 AA batteries to power the 70+ songs, music, sound and fun phrases that’d thrill her non-stop.This is an image of an educational toy walker for kids by VTech.


13. Double-sided Art Easel

This double-sided art easel would be excellent if you are looking to get a gift for twin girls or you want her to socialize more with kids her age in the neighborhood. She could also have fun with it alone though.

It features a magnetic metal dry-erase board on one side and chalkboard on the other giving kids two options. The kit comes with 77 foam magnets for the magnetic board while beneath the chalkboard is a tray to keep all her art supplies. And attached to the top of each side is a paper clip for holding art paper.

The non-toxic plastic easel folds flat so you can store it easily.This is an image of two little kids using the magnetic easel board by Step2.


14. 80-Piece Building Blocks 

With 80 pieces of building blocks of different colors, sizes, and shapes, one lucky sweetheart is about to go on a ride of creativity, imagination and lots of fun play.  What she builds is all on her. You’d be surprised at the shapes her imagination would let her design and bring to life.

The plastic blocks are big so there is little risk of choking hazard. However, they are perfect for little hands to grasp. When she is done building amazing towers and shapes, storing the pieces is easy with the included storage bag.

This is a wonderful gift to aid the development of fine and gross motor skills, problem-solving skills, and concentration.This is an image of a pink building bag with 80 pieces of blocks.


15. Haba Peg Game

This vibrantly-colored wooden game set would make a perfect gift for her to learn colors, shapes, and numbers while developing skills such as logical thinking and the ability to solve problems.

The game looks simple enough for kids of her age. But the possible variations while piling or pegging the pieces adds layers of excitement and multiple levels of challenge to kids. For instance, she can put the rings and pegs randomly, color match the pieces, or even stack them vertically in multiple ways. It is a great game to keep her busy for hours.This is an image of a colorful pegs and rings toy by HABA.


16. Pretend Makeup Set

If your daughter keeps pestering you to use your makeup set, this gift will surely satisfy her need to look as beautiful and quit using your cosmetics when you are not around to stop her. The set contains everything to make her happy including blush, brushes, powder puff, eyeshadow palette, and compact with shatterproof mirror.

Don’t worry though, none of it is real. But at least it would make her very happy as she applies the makeup just like mommy. You bet your little princess would even wonder what she saw in your own kit in the first place now she got hers.This is an image of a makeup toy set for little girls by Little Cosmetics.


17. Set of Finger Crayons

The softness of a crayon tip moving across a surface with bold colors must be one reason kids love their crayons. They never seem to get enough of them. If your girl loves drawing, this crayon kit is the perfect gift to get her happy indulging in her passion all day.

The 12 pieces are easy to grasp and would not leave color marks on hands. The drawing surface though would show the full evidence in bold lines and bright colors. If she gets tired of drawing, she could have a different kind of fun stacking them in a variety of color combinations.

The pieces are uniquely designed so she doesn’t swallow them. They are also easily washable so you can remove the stains on clothes easily.This is an image of a colorful finger crayons by LECAMEBOR .


18. Baby Learning Tablet

This gift proves one thing: 2 years is not too early to introduce kids to smart devices like this tablet. This is strictly a learning tablet, but it is also fun to play with as well as being very easy to use.

Equipped with a very responsive touchscreen display, it is filled with games and learning aids to help her master letters, words, spelling, and numbers. There is also a simple ‘Where is?’ quiz for you to play with her.

It is made from high-quality material ensuring it can withstand frequent falls and the expected stress of daily use. It is definitely going to be a part of her life for a long time.

This is an image of a touch and learn educational tablet for kids.


19. Touch and Teach Word Book by VTech

This touch and teach word book is another incredible toddler gift by VTech that is excellent as an education aid. She would have so much fun playing with the touch-sensitive pages. And there 12 of these pages to help teach her over 100 words in six different categories and including ABCs

Each page responds to her touch with sounds, music, and words. She won’t get enough of it. There are four different playing modes to add variety to the play. The interactive learning book is powered by 2 AAA batteries.This is an image of a touch and teach word book by VTech.


20. Dollhouse Playset

Get this adorable dollhouse and see what your girl makes of a two-story house with five rooms she is completely in charge of. There is great leeway for imaginative role-playing with this set that comes with mini-figures of mom, dad, and kids. The colorful stories she’d spin can only come from her fertile imagination.

The dollhouse contains a living room, bathroom, room for the adults, a nursery for the kids, and Kitchen. Furniture and other appropriate accessories are also part of the set to convey a complete picture of the perfect family house.This is an image of a 3 storey dollhouse playset by Fisher Price.


21. Foam Sensory Puzzle Blocks

This brightly-colored puzzle blocks set made from soft foam would be an excellent gift for a girl with special needs. The bright colors and protruding pyramid-shaped nubs on each piece will stimulate her visual sensory development and tactile sensory awareness respectively. Also, as she maneuvers the pieces into different patterns, shapes and puzzles, her logic, reasoning, and spatial skills will improve.

The 18 pieces in the set come in different right-angle variations and zigzag shapes. She could play with them flat on the table or build them up into either 3D structures or 2D patterns. It is a cool gift to keep her engaged for several hours and the simple act of moving the pieces aids in developing her fine and gross motor skills too.This is an image of a foam puzzle blocks by Edushape.


22. Classic Tic Tac Toe Game

Let your kid enjoy Tic Tac the way you once did with this giant version of the game that can be played indoors or outdoors. The game is a fun way to get her acquainted with colors, shapes, and patterns while having fun with the whole family.

At about 8″ wide, the letters would be easy to hold while the 9 sturdy tiles each come with four interlocking edges that transform into a 37.5″ square playing mat when joined together. The durable mat and letters are made from high-quality, non-toxic EVA foam material ensuring you can easily clean spills and messes with a damp cloth or with sponge-warm soapy water combo.This is an image of a tic tac toe foam square by Hey! Play!


23. Moana Doll

This Moana Doll by Disney is a detailed model of the irrepressible Moana from Disney’s animation movie. Your girl will instantly fall in love with the doll if she is a fan of the movie. This is such a cool doll with long hair and flower clip on it and the unique outfit she’d adore it even if she hasn’t watched the movie. Little girls do love their dolls after all.

Maybe the doll will inspire your girl to go on exciting adventures too. One thing is sure, this is her chance to create her own exciting  Moana sea adventures.This is an image of a Moana doll by Disney.


24. Cottage Playhouse

This plastic playhouse is big and spacious enough for your little girl to move in and out freely. This is a space she can call her own to do anything she wants. She can indulge in some creative and fun role-playing as the lady of the house doing all the important lady stuff. She could also use it as a private clubhouse for her and her friends to retire to after a hard day. It can be anything she wants it to be depending on her mindset or the type of play she planned.

The playhouse is equipped with an electronic play phone and doorbell with realistic sounds. It requires adult assembly but you won’t need technical skills to set it up.This is an image of a cottage playhouse for kids.


25. Pink Toddlers’ Bike

You’d think a bike without training wheels is not safe for toddlers especially as a first bike. But this pink toddlers’ bike by Banana Bike is anything but unsafe and your girl will completely fall in love with it. And not just because it is pink! She won’t get enough of it as she rides tirelessly indoors or outdoors and around the neighborhood.

The bike is just the right height and size so she can use her legs to balance and push it forward because it has no pedals. It comes with an easy-to-adjust seat height so it can be adjusted to suit her current size and while she is growing up. This is a great first bike to use until she transitions to pedals bikes in a few years.This is an image of a blue, green and pink balance bikes by Banana Bike.


26. Kids’ Slide

This red and blue slide is the ideal size, weight and height for kids to enjoy this exciting playground activity indoors. The beginner slide would be a perfect gift for her birthday and get her sliding down as many times as she wants.

The plastic slide can be folded easily without using tools for storage. The slide is about 3 feet long with a gentle incline and handrails that snap into place ensuring that setup is easy.This is an image of an indoor and outdoor slides for kids by Little Tikes.


27. Shape Sorter House

Simply on the strength of the variety of activities and discoveries in this toy, it could be called magical. It is primarily a shape sorter with 12 shapes for her to slide through corresponding holes around the plastic house.

To make it clear the house belongs to her, there are six keys to use and unlock the house to retrieve her shapes. She needs to figure the right key that’d open the house. And the pull up handle ensures she can take her house anywhere to continue playing after locking the shapes securely inside of course.This is an image of a 14 piece shape sorting house by Battat.


28. Pink Bilibo

If you want an alternative place she can seat and have fun, this cute pink Bilibo is exactly what she needs. Made of strong, non-toxic polyethylene material to ensure durability. You might have to lay down the rule to stop her from rocking, spinning, or balancing on it while seating or standing on it non-stop.

She could also use it as storage for some of her stuff or to move things from one location to the next. Clearly, there is so much she can do with it including taking it to the beach or even riding it as a sled.

A Bilibo is a great gift to help develop motors skills and balance while also stimulating creativity as she discovers new ways to use it.This is an image of a pink Bilibo for little kids.


29. Number Lovin’ Oven by LeapFrog

With 4 pizza slices, three pieces of bread, a couple of cupcakes, and one each of fried egg, skillet, spatula, and baking tray plus 2 plates,  she would have all she needs to make delicious treats in her oven. This kit is perfect as it allows her to be the chef she always wanted to be and be the queen of her kitchen just like mum.

Though mostly about cooking, the toy would aid her counting, numbers, and shape-appreciation skills.

There are several fun features too. She could learn songs, or listen to and learn fun phrases when she presses the chef’s hat. The stove also makes real sizzling sounds as well as ticking sounds when the dial on the clock is turned.This is an image of a teal oven toy by LeapFrog.


30. Ride On Push Car

With a spacious interior and ability to hold up to 50 pounds of weight, this car will make a great first car gift for your girl. She would be all smiles as you push her along in her pink, sleek, new car.

Realistic car features include the two cup holders on the dashboard, seat belt, and kid-powered horn. The large, quiet wheels ensure her cruise around the house is always smooth. The handle of the push car can be folded for easy storage. Talking about storage, she has enough space under the hood to stow important stuff.This is an image of a pink ride on push car for little girls.


31. Musical Rhymes Book

Your girl deserves the benefits of classic nursery rhymes this colorful book by VTech can deliver. The book is not just about listening and learning nursery rhymes though; it comes with 5 big and colorful piano keys that produce sounds when pressed as well as introduce the colors and instruments on the keys. Other interesting features of the book include over 40 songs, sounds, phrases and melodies.

The fact that the pages of the hook are big and easy to turn indirectly aids the development of her fine motor skills. While the colorful cover and pages are visually stimulating making it a great sensory aid.This is an image of a kids musical rhyme book by VTech.



32. Activity Play Table by Step2

Kids love playing with water and this activity table allows her to have the time of her life with a portable water table. Made for outdoor fun, the table features two separate sections that could function as lakes, canals or moats. She can make the included boats float around the lake she created when she poured water through the funnel with the plastic cup.

The table can hold up to four gallons of water so she’ll have plenty of fun pouring water without fear of spills. This is would be perfect for play dates with other kids.

The plastic table has no sharp edges that could harm kids and the legs are evenly spaced and wide so the table doesn’t topple over easily.This is an image of a Waterwheel water table by Step2.


33. Farm Animals Puzzle Board Game

The 8-piece wooden puzzle featuring farm animals is a great way for kids to a thing or two about 8 farm animals and some farm-related words. The wooden pieces are large and easy to grasp and lift. And lifting the pieces to expose the matching full-color pictures of farm animals underneath is the primary purpose of the puzzle. This encourages logical thinking, imaginative play and the development of hand-eye coordination.

The game is a great way to expose her to different types of domestic animals for the first timeThis is an image of a 8 piece animal farm puzzle for little kids.


34. Musical Tea Set

Little girls love playing house and acting out adult roles of hosting family and friends. She would adore this tea set that allows her to play the role of the perfect hostess just to the hilt. It would be interesting to hear the small talk she imagines with her imaginary guests or family. It is a great way to improve her vocabulary, social skills, and get acquainted with colors.

To keep things really interesting, the teapot comes with a heart-shaped window to see the gurgling tea slosh around. The teapot can also light up in six colors, as well as produce fun sounds and play 7 songs that are perfect for tea time. It would be fun watching her sing along while playing the role of a charming hostess.This is an image of a colorful sweet treat musical tea set for kids.


35. Touch and Learn Activity Desk

Activity toys are famous for packing a variety of features, delivering tons of fun while aiding the physical, emotional, psychological development of kids. The activity desk by VTech delivers all of that and much more. Your little girl would be engaged in a variety of run activities for many hours.

The desk is equipped with over 100 words, and over 20 songs, melodies and activities respectively. It also comes with a sturdy stool she could sit on while playing with the desk. The chair is sturdy and well-built so she doesn’t fall.

The desk itself is an interactive toy featuring 5 activity pages packed full of engaging content she would love. And if she loves drawing, the desk easily converts to an easel and chalkboard with space to store her supplies.This is an image of a pink activity desk for little girls.


36. Cutting Set

It is going to be fun all the way with this 45-piece toy cutting set featuring a variety of fruits, vegetables, snacks and kitchen accessories. The food-themed toy with brightly-colored pieces easily makes it the perfect Christmas gift for your girl.

The imaginative role-playing she’d be engaged in will be enhanced by the realistic cutting sounds made when cutting the pieces. All the pieces are made of durable, non-toxic plastic material. It is going to be one of her favorite toys and the durability ensures it is going to be a part of her life for a long time.This is an image of some fruits and vegetables cutting toys.


37. ‘Potty’ Book by Leslie Patricelli

Written humorously and engagingly, this book strikes the right notes in the important business of using the potty instead of letting go in the diaper. In just 28, excellently illustrated pages, she’d fully empathize with the book’s main character navigating the treacherous landscape of learning how to go in a toddler potty.

The pacing of the book is perfect, the imaginary inner dialogue is spot on, and the final scene would surely produce the right reaction in your baby: laugher and ‘I can do it too’. You would love that the book doesn’t beat around the bush with distracting scenes or dialogue and there is room for parents to improvise.This is an image of a Potty children's ebook.


38. Monster Bowling Game

If you love bowling, then you know how much fun one can have playing the game. This 6-pin bowling set is the ideal gift to introduce her to the joys of bowling. The pins and bowling ball are designed to look like friendly monsters with their bright colors and teasing grin. Chances are, if she is not knocking them down with a ball, she’d be having some serious conversation with them about why they are not so scary and stuff.

The monsters are soft to hold effectively eliminating the risk of injury. They could also become her favorite plush toys to cuddle when she is not toppling them over.This is an image of a plush monster bowling game set.


39. Lovey Blanket Toy

If she is afraid of the dark and needs soothing, this lovey blanket is the ideal gift to comfort her and make her feel safe. it is hard to think of something more comforting than this cute bunny. Cuddling it at night is literally her ticket to a night of sweet, blissful sleep.

The machine-washable bunny blanket is made from textured white fabric and comes with a stuffed head and floppy unstuffed body. Your bet she would love playing with the long floppy hair.This is an image of a soft oatmeal bunny blanket.


40. Purse by Kidoozie

This purse by Kidoozie is another great gift item that allows little girls to indulge in one of their favorite pastimes: imitating mum. With items such as kid-safe mirror, lipstick, cell phone, debit card, wallet, cute purple bag, and keys inside her purse, she has everything she needs to look beautiful and efficiently handle the numerous chores and tasks that need taken care of by a confident lady like her. This a gift she’d take everywhere with her.

The purse is easy to open or close and is designed to withstand falls and the inevitable dragging on the floor. Just as important is the fact that the outer fabric is easy to clean.This is an image of a purple purse toy set.


41. Piano Playmat

The combination of a playmat and a keyboard that produces actual sounds will be too irresistible to her. She would be walking all day on it stomping hard on the mat to make music. This is a great way for her to get the needed exercise. And if she is tired of walking on the mat, she can always use her hands to get the same results.

The 71″ mat comes with 24 piano keys, on/off switch, and automatic power off when it is left idle to conserve the power of the 4 AA batteries.

If she finally gets tired of playing with it, you could easily roll it up and keep it somewhere convenient until the next time.This is an image of a little kid playing with a keyboard playmat by Play22.


42. Wheelies Car Ramp

A colorful tower, twisting ramp, flashing lights, and a wheelies car to race down the ramp? That sounds exciting, adventurous, and open to lots of creative role-playing when a princess is added to the mix. That is what she’ll experience with this playset.

And your cute girl would be in charge of getting the exciting race started. She has to place the wheelie car at the top of the tower and send Princess Belle racing down the winding ramp. She will be thrilled by the waving white flags, and the sounds and music that are activated as the car zips down the track.

While playing with the colorful set, grasping the car will help develop her motors skills. Her creative and imaginative centers are also stimulated as she weaves different stories around Princess Belle.This is an image of a Disney Princess Belle Wheelies car set.


43. Kids Learning Laptop

Known as Leaptop, this pink kids’ learning laptop by LeapFrog makes learning alphabets, spelling, playing games and listening to music a delight for kids. It comes with a fairly large monochrome display she can view over 20 funny critter animations, and the letters and words she typed.

The keyboard features all the letters of the alphabet making it easy to master her ABCs. At about 1lbs, the laptop would not be too heavy to lift with the help of the ergonomic handle making it a very portable toy even for her.This is an image of a pink Leaptop toy by Leapfrog.


44. White Mini Piano

Perhaps, when she is thrilling audiences around the world years later as an acclaimed concert pianist, you’d look back with pride on the impulse that made you get her this beautiful mini piano. The 24-key electronic piano is great for kids to start learning how to make music.

The piano also comes with 8 percussion instruments, 4 musical instruments, and 22 demo songs, a microphone, a play and record feature, and different volumes and rhythms among others making it a complete entertainment center.  As the parent, you could even join in the fun.This is an image of a white keyboard toy by Amy and Benton.


45. Foldable Outdoor Chair

This pink and green chair would be an awesome birthday gift for the little one. Now she can sit back and relax on a chair specially made for her unlike how adult chairs that make her feel small. The butterfly design on the chair makes it very adorable and with the cup holder on the armrest, her drink will always be just a little stretch of the arm away.

Also suitable for the beach, the chair is made from very durable material so it is unlikely to ever collapse under her weight. You’ll like the fact you can fold it easily for storage; it’s also very easy to clean.This is an image of a Bella Butterfly outdoor chair.


46. Learning Potty

Growth and development are about taking one baby step at a time. This learning potty is a fun way to learn how to flush the toilet. After doing her thing, cranking the handle would produce actual flushing sounds and a congratulatory message accompanied by music and lights to make her feel really proud of herself.

Made from 100% recyclable and durable material, the potty features a removable ring that can be used on normal toilet seats and a handle on the potty ring she could hold to make her feel safe and secure. And removing the bowl is very easy when it’s time to clean it.This is an image of an interactive potty training toilet toy for little kids.


47. Grill Kit

By age 2, your little princess must have witnessed several parties where the grill seems to be the center of attraction. A chance to try her hands out can’t come at a better time. She’d get busy showing you guys she is quite the expert at preparing delicious hamburgers, hotdogs, buns and much more.

This is another brilliant toy set that encourages imaginative role-playing and creativity in kids. The set includes a roller, plastic knife, a couple of plates, a decorator tool with rail, and molds to make weird but cool onion rings and other toppings.This is an image of a burger barbecue maker doh playset.


48. Kids Backpack by Bingone

That only the best is good enough for your kid is stating the obvious. This backpack, apart from being one of the best from a brand with a pedigree for excellence, also has a cool design that would make her stand out in any crowd. The pink and green colors, combined with the beautiful 3D butterfly design would catch every eye. She’d absolutely love it.

All the features that make an excellent backpack make an appearance here. These include adjustable padded shoulder straps, two mesh side pockets, and a large main compartment to store her toys, fruits, books, etc.This is an image of a pink butterfly backpack for kids.


49. Travel Doodling Kit

Satisfy her need to draw on any surface by giving her the perfect canvass to draw whatever she wants. The surface is soft and makes drawing on it a real pleasure. Simply add water to it and allow her creativity to run wild. No longer would you have to worry about the kid’s drawing on the walls. And since it is a portable unit, you could take it with you on a road trip to keep her busy while you concentrate on driving safely.

The portable toy is made of durable material and is compatible with pens and accessories from Aquadoodle products.This is an image of a blue travel doodle with pen by AquaDoodle.


50. Barbie Trike by Fisher-Price

Your girl would simply love cruising endlessly around on this Barbie-themed trike especially if this is her first introduction to a ride-on toy. This is an awesome way to exercise her leg muscles, develop important motors skills and building up her self-confidence for her first bicycle.

With a wide, stable wheelbase, easy to grip handlebars and big foot pedals, she is going to master the art of riding a trike in no time at all.

With those big, rugged tires, no surface is going to slow her down and spoil the excitement she’d get from riding as fast as she can. And if she decides to go on a secret adventure, the storage space under the seat will keep her stuff safe and hidden from view.This is an image of a pink ride on Barbie Trike.


Considerations When Choosing Gifts for Girls

Coming up with gift ideas for 2 year old girl should not necessarily be a tedious exercise. As stated earlier, kids this age are not very picky. They would accept most gifts.

That said, there are some important things to consider before deciding on the toys to buy.


First, brightly-colored toys are the preferred items for kids because they love bright colors. You want her to be attracted to the gift immediately she sees it. Besides, bright toys are easier to locate when you are looking for them; trust us, you’ll be doing a lot of that.


Another important consideration in your search for the best toys for 2 year old girl is the presence or absence of small parts. Toys with small parts are famous for being choking hazards. Unless there is going to be an adult present all the time when she is playing with the toys, the smart move is to avoid toys with pieces small enough to pass through her mouth.

Still on safety concerns, the material used in making your potential choice is important. Plastic toys must be non-toxic and safe to play with. Even the paints used should water-based. Check the manufacturer’s website or label on the items to make sure of these.

Also, the toys must come with no sharp edges. Smooth, round edges are the best. And if they are made from wood, the surface must be very smooth and free of splinters.


The durability of the toys is also an important factor in choosing toys for kids. Children are generally rough with toys. Toys not made with strong, high-quality material are headed for the garbage bin to be disposed of sooner than later.

Fortunately, all the toys in this guide are very durable and made to last several years in many cases.

Ease of Use

Finally, you must avoid toys that are not easy to play with. Kids don’t have the patience or time to learn how to use their toys before actually playing with them. Expect them to ignore such gifts after a few minutes.

The best gifts tend to be ones they can start playing with immediately. For this category of toys, adult assembly might not even be required.


Best Gift Overall

Veteran parents and child psychologists know for a fact that activity toys are simply the best. They deliver on all the important indices expected of toys for children. Though there are several activity toys in this guide, VTech’s Touch and Learn Activity Desk stood above the rest with an unbeatable combination of awesome price tag, amazing features, great design, and durability.

We love the interactive aspect of the toy and the fact that it is a great educational toy. Children love toys that sing and make sounds like this one. And the fact that the desk can be easily converted into an art easel and chalkboard with space underneath to store supplies earned it several more points.

This is an image of a pink activity desk for little girls.


Best Budget Gift

There are several excellent budget toys in this guide that made our task of picking the ‘Best budget’ difficult. Finally, we settled on the Talk and Trace Chalkboard. The amazing thing for us is how they managed to keep the cost so low. It is really an awesome budget gift buy.

Apart from the numerous melodies and sounds, the letter-recognition technology caught our attention. The toy can recognize and say the words written on the stencil using the cute stylus. Kids would be scribbling frenetically just to hear it speak.

Everything about it points to a great learning toy while also aiding the development of the writing and speaking skills of the child.

This is an image of a Doc McStuffins electronic clipboard by VTech.