Best Gifts for 2 Year Old Boys

This is an image of a railway train set by Brio.

When thinking about gift ideas for 2 year old boy, the problem isn’t whether they are going to like a particular toy or not. Actually, kids this age don’t discriminate as long as the toy is not too complicated to use. The major problem would be choosing between so many competing toys. A secondary problem for you could be some confusion on the category of gift to buy and perhaps if the toy is right for his age range.

To avoid choosing mediocre toys for him, we have compiled what we consider the best toys for 2 year old boys.  In the guide are a wide variety of items from different categories so that your options are not limited.

Whatever your budget or the kid’s personal preferences, there is an awesome gift or toy that would be perfect for him in this guide.


50 Best Gifts for 2 Year Old Boys

Table of Contents

Below are the 50 toys we have chosen from a pool of several dozen products. All the toys in this guide passed through a rigorous evaluation process to ensure they met the standards expected of the very best toys for a 2 year old boy.

1. Wooden Train Playset

He might be just two, but we think he is old enough to be the youngest train driver on the block! At least, with creative role-playing, that is his job with this wooden train playset. The train ride on the wooden track is full of fun and comprises a train car and a train connected by a reversible magnet.

He’d love the rattling sound the train makes as it ascends and descends the wooden tracks, crosses the beautiful rainbow bridge, and goes through the tunnel. The set also gives him the chance to develop his creativity building various layouts.This is an image of a railway train set by Brio.


2. Mixer Truck with Shape Sorter

The combination of plastic concrete mixer truck and shape sorter is unbeatable for unlimited role-playing and learning about shapes and colors. Choosing the right bricks (shapes) to pass through the relevant holes on the mixer helps to develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and more.

With the rope, he can pull the car to a new location and continue his day job of mixing concrete at a construction site. And since the mixer spins, he could spend time rolling it around just to hear the sound the 7 wooden shapes make as they tumble non-stop inside the mixing bucket.This is an image of a wooden shape sorter car by TOP BRIGHT.


3. Mini Basketball Set

Shooting hoops just got more interesting for your little boy with this basketball set. Soon enough, he’d be convinced he is the next big star in the NBA. All he needs to do is to get the adults convinced of the facts. Basically, though, it’d be hard to get him to stop playing with this set either indoors or outdoors.

The set comes with 3 junior-sized basketballs making it easy for him to handle and oversized rims to make scoring feel like a walk in the park. It has 6 height adjustment settings of between 2.5 and 4 feet to match his current and future height. He is sure to play with it for a couple of years, so it’s one of the best toys for 2 year old boy – it gives excellent value for money. This is an image of a basketball loop set by Little Tikes.


4. Drum Set

Basic drum sets for kids are great fun gifts for kids to and a cool way to exercise the muscles of the hands and wrist. Add some engaging features to it like lights, music, and different modes of play; you get a toy kids will play with endlessly. You might have to build a music hall to escape from the constant racket.

This drum set comes with small drum sticks perfectly-sized for his small hands. It is equipped with an alphabet and number teaching aid and 9 melodies he can play along with. Pop, rock, and dance music are the options he has. It would be fascinating to see which music genre he prefers.This is an image of a drum set toy by VTech.


5. 7″ Sensory Ball

If you want to get your little boy to exercise more, this ball is a fantastic idea as a gift. He’d be kicking, bouncing, and throwing the ball all over the house. The bright glow-in-the-dark feature ensures play can go on even at night.

You better be ready to join him too. After all, a ball is much more fun when two or more people play with it.

Made from non-toxic, BPA and phthalate-free plastic, it is designed with a nubby surface to enable tactile development and engage the senses.This is an image of a glow in the dark ball for kids by Edushape.


6. 14 Sets Superhero Capes and Masks

Kids love their Superheroes to bits and would do anything to be like them. Here is a chance for him to be a different Superhero hero everyday day of the week with a differently-colored costume for each day of the week.

The 7 Capes come in pairs so he could invite friends over for a costume party. The plain capes are made of soft satin so they are comfortable to wear. The masks fit snugly with elastics that are not too tight to cause any discomfort.This is an image of a 14 set superhero masks and capes by ADJOY.


7. Count and Learn Alphabet Bus

This yellow bus is a cool learning toy packed with several interesting features. It is basically an interactive toy your son will find engaging and fun as he inadvertently learns letters and numbers.

It doesn’t end there, the bus can be made to recognize your son’s age and the first letter of his name. A toy doesn’t get more personal than that. He is going to love playing with it all day and perhaps return the favor by giving the bus a name too.

It comes with all the letters of the alphabets, more than 20 melodies to keep him entertained and uses just 2 AA batteries.This is an image of an alphabet bus by VTech.


8. Harley-Davidson Trike

A trike to ride around would never fail to excite any young dude – they make really cool toys for 2 year old boy. Your kid will be riding all day and even begging to run errands so he could flaunt his new trike. Who would want to show off their ruggedly-designed Harley-Davidson trike that looks like an ATV?

The pedal-powered trike comes with big pedals making it easy to get rolling on all types of surfaces. The wide, stable wheelbase with big tires ensures it moves easily on any surface while the easy-grip handlebars and comfortable seats make it unlikely he would get tired no matter how long he’d been riding.

This is an image of boy's tough bike harley davidson in black color


9. 80-Piece Building Blocks with Bag

Little boys take to building blocks easily the way ducks gravitate naturally to water. They love it and would spend several hours building different shapes, stacking them, and bringing it all down just to start all over again. With this 80-piece building set, you just handed him one of the best building kits any kid can possess.

The brightly-colored pieces come in different shapes and sizes giving him a wide variety of options in terms of what he can build. It would be all about his imagination and creativity to come up with shapes to construct.

And when he is done playing, all the pieces can be stored in the zippered storage bag. Next time he wants to play, you won’t be hunting all over the apartment for the pieces.This is an image of boy's building bag set in colorful colors


10. Ball-Pounding Toy

The is no arguing that toddlers love hitting anything if they can get away with it even if they have no idea what happens after. Give them a brightly-colored small hammer, a tower with 4 colorful balls at the top nestled inside a round receptacle, and slider that goes all the way to the bottom; they won’t need budging to start hitting the balls with the hammer. What happens next will keep them repeating it again and again.

Each hammered ball falls on the slider and rolls to the bottom. He would enjoy watching the balls and they twist and turn on the way down. This is an excellent fun toy for exercising his arms and appreciating cause and effect.This is an image of boy's pound ball in multi colors


11. Heather Grey T-shirt

There are loads of good toys for 2 year old boy, but how about something other than toys? What is the perfect T-shirt for a kid of two celebrating his birthday? The shirt must be cute, fit perfectly, made of quality material, comfortable, and very soft to be considered.

When you add a screen-printed trendy inscription with the words ‘two handsome’ you just might have a winner especially with the use of a pun that fits the occasion perfectly. Just like this shirt should fit the handsome little man.

The crewneck T-shirt is made from high-quality 100% cotton material.This is an image of boy's two years Tshirt in gray color


12. Toolbox by VTech

This blue and gray toolbox is much more than a box with tools your kid can play with. Basically, it is an interactive box that delivers great fun and excitement while also being a great learning aid. Your son will learn about the tools in the box, their functions and even how to use some of them.

The box comes with a hand-powered drill, hammer, wrench, electronic project tray, two nails and screws respectively, and 2 double-sided instructions/activity cards (to be inserted into a slot on the box to activate it) that’d teach him colors and numbers.

With the battery installed, your kid can transform into a pro handyman drilling screws, hitting nails with the hammer, and tightening or loosening stuff with the wrench. And since work doesn’t have to be boring, the light-up buttons would provide fun songs, and the sounds the tools make when they are pressed.This is an image of boy's toolbox toy in colorful colors


13. LEGO Train Building Kit

LEGO gifts are always perfect for kids of all ages and even adults. People find them fascinating as they offer a chance to build something substantial and fun from scratch.

With the 23 pieces in this kit, your kid can make his own colorful train that includes and the car and 3 carriages. And with the numbers on the side of the train, his numbers appreciation is only going to be enhanced.

The set also includes the boy and girl mini-figures and a cute cat.This is an image of boy's LEGO duplo train building set in colorful colors


14. Fishing Game Toy

If you want to introduce your kid to the basics of fishing without going to a nearby lake, this is a perfect gift for it. It is an engaging toy that allows kids to create a make-believe world where they are pro anglers going about their business.

The gift comes with 26 wooden fish and sea creatures, two magnetic fishing rods, and a fishing pool made of fabric. Catching the fish is easy. Simple touch any the fish with the pole to hook it. They can keep the fish if they read the words printed on the side of each fish.

This is a fun way to learn words and letters for the little man. With the two rods, he can play with a friend or sibling.This is an image of boy's fishing game in multi colors


15. Set of 4 Construction Trucks

With four different trucks to play with, kids would get all the fun they need from their playset. The four trucks offer variety in creative role-playing that helps to develop and hone their creativity.

The playset includes a cement truck, dump truck, bulldozer, and a farm tractor towing a wagon he could use to transport small items.

The trucks are just the right size to grasp. And he doesn’t need batteries to make them move. The built-in friction mechanism only requires that he pushed them forward slightly, release, and watch them move for quite some distance! He’d get all the exercise he needs chasing after trucks.This is an image of boy's constructions vehicles toys in colorful colors


16. T-Ball Set by Little Tikes

If you want your kid to have a head start in softball or baseball, this playset set ticks all the right boxes to get him started. With the perfectly-sized bat, he’d be whacking balls off the ‘T’ stand all day long.

With a height-height adjustable stand to match his height and developing skills, this gift could be a part of his life until he transitions to playing junior league.

The kit comes with 3 softballs and is uniquely designed so you could hang it on the wall making storage easy and convenient.This is an image of boy's T ball set in multi colors


17. Spinning Color Flashlight

This flashlight is packed with so many fun and engaging features is would be his favorite toy instantly. More an activity toy than a flashlight, it flashes five different colors and plays exciting music and cool songs.

Spinning the dial will be his favorite feature. That not only changes the light to a new color, he also gets to hear animal sounds and learn about colors too. And pressing the ladybug button produces more fun phrases and sounds while playfully teaching him numbers.

There are over 50 sing-along songs, music, melodies, and sounds in the flashlight. With a kid-friendly handle, he’ll most likely take this anywhere with him.This is an image of boy's flashlight with spin in colorful colors


18. Interactive Kids Soccer Ball

This is a cool gift to spice up your kid’s playdates. Expect lots of running, screaming and shouting if he is playing with his friends! This is simply one of the best toys for 2 year old boys if they love kicking soccer balls all over the place.

What makes this ball so much fun are the sounds it makes. The sensors in the ball can recognize a shot, dribble or pass and respond in kind with sound such as ‘Monster Boot’, ‘Goaaalll’, and ‘Banana Boot’. There are over 40 of these phrases including music and songs.

The machine-washable ball is made with a soft plush exterior to prevent wear and tear. There is also a volume control to lower the sound if it is getting on your nerves.


19. Lego Town Airport Building Kit

This is another exciting LEGO building kit that would make an excellent gift for your boy. If he is interested in planes and airports, he would be thrilled he now has the chance to build his own. With the 29 pieces, he’d get an airport completed with a plane, and revolving control tower.

And what is an airport without a boarding gate, suitcases, luggage slide, and the people that make it a buzz of non-stop activity? He’d get all that with this building kit.This is an image of boy's town airport building blocks by LEGO Duplo


20. Star Night Light Globe Projector

Ultimately, all we want for our kids as they grow up is to experience the variety life has to offer. The same thought applies to this unique projector. You are giving your son something very different and very beautiful.

The concept is simple, the result breathtaking. When switched on, especially in a darkened room, it projects a beautiful vista of the night sky on the wall and ceiling of the room. He would be excited by the constant movement of the stars and moon.

The projector can be set to automatically switch between all the different color modes. And you could also use it to create the perfect ambiance for sleep.This is an image of boy's star night lights in black color


21. Smart Activity Chair

Gift your little boy his own chair he can play and learn any time he seats or stands on it. Trust us, he is going to be doing a lot of that due to the built-in interactive features.

The smart chair can recognize when he is sitting or standing. It releases different songs for each action. On each armrest is a remote control and flipbook respectively. The remote comes with light-up buttons that produce songs, phrases, and lights when pressed. A similar thing occurs when he flips the pages of the book. And under the seat is a storage section he could hide important stuff.

The chair comes with a unique Smart Stage technology that can customize the learning content to match your kid’s age. The yellow and blue chair is made from strong plastic material with sturdy legs that are unlikely to collapse under his weight.This is an image of boy's smart chair with multi toys in yellow color


22. Sit ‘n Spin Activity Toy

This timeless fun activity makes a comeback and it is even better: it spins more easily and smoothly.

Your kid would enjoy hours and hours of fun sitting on it and twirling around in circles. Vertigo or giddiness wouldn’t be an issue since the sped can be regulated to safe levels.

The Sit ‘n Spin toy is great for encouraging balance, coordination, and developing motor skills. Suitable for indoor play, it is made from strong and durable plastic material with non-toxic, water-based paints used as colors.This is an image of boy's spinning activity in green color


23. Green Dinosaur-themed Backpack

If he has never heard of dinosaurs before, this green backpack would be the perfect introduction to these famous prehistoric animals. And if he has, you just made his day because it is impossible not to fall in love with the cute 3D dinosaur design.

Aesthetics aside, the backpack is made from high-quality material and comes with adjustable shoulder straps that are padded for comfort. The design also includes a mesh linen material on the back allowing the back to breathe and help reduce the build-up of sweat that might occur after carrying it for long.

With zippers to keep stuff safe and enough pockets, the backpack is suitable for a variety of occasions including school, travel, picnic, etc.This is an image of boy's toddler backpack with dinosaur in green color


24. Car Carrier Transporter Truck

Your kid will love the long-distance traveling, taking cars to clients in different locations in his beautifully-designed car carrier transporter truck. The 20″ long and 7.2″ high truck comes with 6 racing sedans in ready to be transported to clients. The trailer has enough space for 28 car slots so he can take more orders from his happy clients.

Accessories such as construction signs, construction cones, and construction roadblock signs are also included. He’d need them when he has to pack by the roadside to change tires. He doesn’t have to leave the apartment to do all that. His imagination and creativity are all he needs to create that make-believe world.This is an image of boy's truck transport car carrier in black color


25. ‘Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night?’ Book

This book written by Brianna Caplan has captivated kids over the years with its fascinating bedtime stories about little diggers and dump trucks at a construction site.

The 32-paged, hardcover book is beautifully illustrated with colorful pictures. If your boy is interested in trucks, he would find it easy to empathize with the adventures of fire engines, tractors, monster trucks and much more. The book also contains songs to sing to kids to lull than to sleep.

What is not to love about a gift item that makes the bond between kids and parents stronger?This is an image of boy's Book where do diggers sleep at night


26. LeapFrog Words Book

Your kid is about to have three new, adorable animal friends (a monkey, tiger, and turtle) to teach him new words in an exciting and engaging style. All he has to do to hear his friends speak is to touch the pictures or words on each page and they’ll say it out loud to him. Touching also produces fun facts and exciting sound effects.

There are 100 words in the book in different categories covering all aspects of daily life including vehicles, animals, fruits, clothes, and much more.

The words, chosen by child experts, are all appropriate for kids his age. And you could have him learn the words in Spanish by flipping the switch on the book. This could be your chance to learn Spanish words too.This is an image of boy's friends learning book with sounds in green and white color


27. Dinosaur 3D Bedside Night Lamp

This night lamp is simply a unique gift with many functions that is sure to fascinate your kid and make a perfect night lamp for sleeping. It is a transparent acrylic panel with laser engraving on a round base. Light is beamed from the base to produce an amazing 3D visual effect of a dinosaur.

With the easy-to-use remote control, you can use any color for the dinosaur depending on the mood you want. It comes with a dual power source (3 AA batteries or USB connection) to light up the high-quality LED light. The light itself is soft and doesn’t flicker making it harmless to the kid’s eyes.

Other features include a timer to turn it off automatically, and a dimmer to adjust the brightness.This is an image of boy's night light with dinosaur design in blue color

28. Keyboard Floor Mat by RenFox

Your boy would be making music and dancing on the keyboard mat all day long. This is a wonderful gift to improve his balance, leg muscles, and hand-feet coordination. His social skills too will be enhanced when his friends excitedly join the music-making and dancing sessions.

Powered by 3 AA batteries, the mat is equipped with 8 different instrumental tones to choose from, 10 melodies, 10 keys, and 4 selection modes including a recording and playback function so your kid can listen to the sounds he created earlier.

The mat can be folded easily. This makes storage easy and convenient; it won’t take up much space. Also, being foldable means you can take it anywhere with you so your boy can continue having fun.This is an image of boy's musical mat


29. Bowling Set

It’s time you put him out of his misery anytime he goes to a bowling alley with the family and can’t be a part of it. He too can also enjoy bowling with this set that comes with 10 bowling pins and two balls.

The balls and pins are made of foam material to prevent injury and make sure they are light enough to lift and throw comfortably. The pieces are also brightly colored with the numbers 1-10 painted on each pin exposing him to numbers and colors while playing.

Other developmental benefits include spatial awareness, balance, hand-eye coordination, and gross motor skills. Suitable for both indoors and outdoors, the gift also comes with a zippered carrying case for easy storage of the pieces when he’s done playing.

This is an image of boy's bowling toys set


30. Story Book

When is the perfect time to read fascinating stories to kids? Bedtime? With this collection of stories though, any time is perfect. Your kid would be begging you to read any of the 10 classic fairy tales to him while he snuggles against you.

The 96-page hardcover book also comes with nursery rhymes that were carefully chosen for kids his age. The colorful illustrations make it a very attractive book he’d love to leaf through when there is no adult present to read for him.This is an image of boy's book named Collection of stories


31. Robot Puppy

This Dalmatian, named Harry, is super cute with its blue eyes and sweet smile. It is impossible for your kid not to fall in love with it. Your son could even pick up dancing as his new hobby after seeing his toy dance like a maestro. He’d likely forget the puppy is a robot that responds to touch using the built-in sensor.

Apart from dancing, it can sing and walk. And of course, it can also bark and make other cute puppy sounds. All the features are powered by 3 AAA batteries.This is an image of boy's electronic pet dog in black and white color


32. Stuffed Animals Playset with Storage Basket

All kids love soft animals and dolls. The feeling of comfort they get from holding them, awake or asleep, can hardly be matched by another doll. This playset contains not one, but a whopping four adorable stuffed animals.

He now has his own private zoo to hang out and have the time of his life holding, hugging and chatting with the animals. He also gets to hear four fun facts whenever he presses each animal respectively. This is a fun way to learn a few things about lions, elephants, monkeys, and pandas.

And when you want to go on a trip or simply keep the toys in storage, the included, beautifully-designed storage bag with a handle is big enough for all four animals.This is an image of boy's animals plush toy set with sounds in colorful colors


33. Wooden Animal Jigsaw Puzzles

If you are looking for a gift to help your kid learn about animals while also helping to improve his strategic thinking skills and concentration, this animal jigsaw puzzle should be at the top of your list.

The puzzle game involves putting together the 3 insects and one bear in their respective places on the four puzzle boards. The results are three colorful insects and a bear. Because the puzzle is easy, he won’t wait long to feel a sense of accomplishment and pride for successfully completing a task.This is an image of boy's wooden animal puzzles in multi colors


34. Deluxe Activity Desk by VTech

VTech are famous for making some of the best activity toys for kids of all ages. With this activity toy, your kid is guaranteed hours and hours of fun and excitement. Playing with the activity toys is a journey of discovery of the things the toy can do and the various ways he can play and have fun with it.

The toy comes with a toy telephone to make calls and receive calls from friends and family; a music player to listen to fun music; over 100 words to add to his vocabulary; and multi-colored display that shows how to write letters and numbers; and much more

He could raise the desktop to instantly convert it to an art easel and chalkboard with space underneath to keep all his writing materials and art supplies. And don’t forget the chair. It is strong and sturdy and provides a perfect place to seat while playing with his toy.This is an image of boy's activity desk in colorful colors


35. Pirate Ship by Little Tikes

This 2-in-1 pirate ship would have your kid spinning exciting adventure stories with him as the roguishly handsome captain of the ship discovering new Islands to hide his deserved treasures. The scope for imaginative role-playing is limitless.

The ship is equipped with a mast that also acts as the rudder to turn the wheels. He’ll love pressing the button on the mast that activates realistic ship sounds. The pack also includes three mini-figures one of which is a pirate with an eye patch, one canon, anchor, and pirate flag. He can raise the hatch to uncover a storage area for his prized possession.This is an image of boy's pirate ship in beatiful colors


36. Dump Trump by VTech

With a hinged bucket, 3 colorful buttons that produce melodies, words and phrases, and an ability to count, this cheerful, brightly-painted dump truck is designed to keep a kid engaged for hours playing a make-believe driver at a construction site.

The mainly plastic toy with a glossy finish can be pulled with the string or pushed. He’d love dropping the 3 balls (plastic boulders) through the hatch at the top. As the balls slide down to the bucket, the truck counts them in a fun voice.

While on the move, the bucket rumbles shaking the boulders. And all he has to do to empty the bucket is move the lever on the side of the truck. It would be fun seeing the bucket rising slowly like a real dump truck.This is an image of go dump truck in colorful colors


37. Kids Learning Tablet with Piano Keyboard

This tablet by VTech is a cool fun and learning toy your kid would enjoy fiddling with. It is packed with so many features taking a break would be the last thing on his mind

One of the features includes Cody the Smart Cub he could go on learning adventures with. He’d learn how to count, do basic maths, spell and recognize words with the 12 built-in interactive activities.

With the built-in mini piano with an A-Z keyboard, making music would be a matter of hitting the letters in any sequence. You would love that this toy includes some parent-friendly features like the volume control, automatic shutoff to preserve battery life, and durable design so you don’t keep wasting money replacing damaged toys.This is an image of boy's Vtech little app tablet


38. Dinosaur-themed Monster Trucks

These trucks deliver realistic-looking dinosaurs right into your apartment and your little boy’s life. With the two trucks, he can instantly experience the amazing world of dinosaurs mounted on trucks. With the batteries installed, your kid gets to hear real dinosaur sounds. He’ll also be further fascinated by the flashing LED lights and sounds made by the moving trucks.

The dinosaurs are made from high-quality, non-toxic plastic with a soft outer cover and round edges to prevent injuries. The pack includes the required 4 AA batteries and a screwdriver so he can start playing with them immediatelyThis is an image of boy's dinosaur cars with lights in orange and green colors


39. Magnetic Boats Bath Toys

Make your kid’s bathtime also fun time with these magnetic boats that are perfectly-sized for his small hands. With the built-in magnets on the boat, he’ll have fun creating a boat chain by attaching the boats end-to-end according to the numbers written on them. This is a super cool way to learn numbers while taking a bath.

The tough, non-toxic material used for making the boats makes them very versatile. He could take it with him to a water table, the swimming pool or even play with them on land. The fun never stops with the toys.This is an image of boy's magnet boat set in mult colors


40. National Geographic Big Book of Why

There are so many unanswered questions in the world and one could spend a lifetime not knowing answers to even mundane stuff. Your kid could get a good head start with this National Geographic Big Book of Why. The interactive, question and answer book, delivers content based on your kid’s world.

There are also games to play, simple recipes to master, crafts to learn, and much more. The questions are the sort kids ponder about daily. It also encourages your kid to think outside the box and to be proactive by asking the questions bugging him.

The 127-page book is a thoughtful gift that should help prepare him for school. By the time he starts school, his peers would be wondering if they are in the presence of a genius.This is an image of boy's educational national geographic book


41. Water Drawing Mat

A unique drawing surface like this water drawing mater is like a dream come true for parents. Now, you don’t have to worry about ink stains all over the apartment and your kid’s clothes when they indulge in a bit of drawing.

With this drawing mat, he has a large surface area to draw whatever he likes. And the best part is, the magical drawing pens need just water. Simply fill the pen with water and let him loose on the mat to start doodling. The drawings will fade away in about 10 minutes max; so he can keep drawing as much as he wants.

The pack contains all the items he needs to create his masterpieces. And for storage, simply fold it and keep it somewhere safe until it is needed again.This is an image of boy's Educational doodle mat set


42. 6 Pairs of Socks

A pair of socks that increase friction between feet and floor directly eliminating the possibility of slipping especially on smooth, slippery surfaces is a must-have item. And you are getting your kid six of them so he is never without a clean pair.

The socks are so cute they would make perfect accessories for his summer and fall clothes. This implies he could also use them with his shoes for any occasion.

This is an image of boy's toddler socks set in colorful colors


43. 6 Dinosaur Trucks

The fact you saw something similar to this earlier means one thing: the combination of dinosaurs and monsters trucks is simply irresistible to kids. This time though, you are getting six of them at a bargain.

With so many durable, moving dinosaurs, he could have endless fun creating a variety of scenarios involving the different dinosaur species. This would be perfect to turn lackluster play dates with his buddies into an exciting affair filled with squeals, laughter, and fun noises.This is an image of boy's cars with dinosaur design pack


44. Paw Patrol Board Books

If your little boy, like most kids, loves the animated TV series, this is an awesome gift for him if you want to encourage and develop his reading skills. The thought of reliving the adventures of Ryder and the world’s best-known puppies in his own book would be irresistible.

And he is getting four of the books! The book set comes in a cool, sturdy box: the perfect place to store them when he is not reading. This Paw Patrol Little Red Rescue Box would make a great gift for any occasion.This is an image of boy's paw patrol board books


45. Connected Play Tents and Tunnels

This play tent and tunnel gift would quickly become your son’s favorite playhouse because it allows him to have his private space and do whatever he likes. Whatever he likes include crawling through the brightly colored tunnels connected to equally brightly painted tents/play pits.

You should also get him the plastic balls sold separately to take the fun to a new level. He’ll dedicate hours practicing shooting hoops in one of the play pits that comes with fabric net. The wall of one of the 3 tents has a target wall game painted on it. That is a different game to play with the included 4 dart balls.

The tunnels and tents are easy to set up and are made of durable, non-toxic material. After the play, you could easily fold it for convenient storage.This is an image of boy's toddler ball pit


46. Light Up Vacuum

Let him show you the best way to vacuum the apartment without undue fuss and having the time of your life while at it with this toy vacuum. Made entirely of non-toxic plastic, it is the perfect height for him to easily push or pull around.

It comes with features like fun songs, phrases, and even realistic vacuum sounds. And just like a real vacuum, it can also tilt up and down.This is an image of Toddler boy's learning vacuum in blue color


47. 3-Book Boxset by Oliver Jeffers

For over a decade, kids around the world have been having a swell time with the stories of a kid who, mysteriously, has no name in all three books. Your son would be hooked by this bookset comprising all three books. The thrilling adventures are illustrated with amusing pictures ensuring he enjoys all 95 pages.

The three books, all bestsellers, come in a beautifully-designed die-cut case making it instantly perfect as a gift for any occasion. It doesn’t have to be gift wrapped.This is an image of Toddler boy's books pack


48. Steering Wheel and Dashboard Toy

This VTech toy is an awesome activity gift designed like a steering wheel on top of a dashboard. He is going to spend hours in pretend play, driving to his favorite places.

Because this is an interactive activity toy, the fun level is very high with colorful buttons to press, traffic lights, signal lever, gear shifter, etc. He gets to hear sounds and music as well as being taught about different vehicles and animals when he presses any of the 5 buttons.

And he has a cute dog that moves back and forth to keep him company.This is an image of boy's Vtech turn and learn driver in multi colors


49. Baby Tricycle by Bodaon

If you want a different sort of trike from the Harley Davidson version above, this tricycle is also an excellent option for kids. The trike is engineered for balance and safety with your baby’s legs doing most of the work. That is guaranteed to give him all the exercise he needs for stronger legs and balance.

It comes with soft tires ensuring he can ride on a variety of surfaces whether indoors or outdoors. The well-built ride is sturdy and easy to assemble requiring no tools. Being so close to the floor, the kid would hardly get injured if he falls.

This is an image of toddler boys balance bike in white color


50. Construction Workbench Toy

A workbench with all the available tools and accessories present is all he’ll need to show the world he is good at whatever he does once he sets his mind to it. Here, setting his mind means hours of fun playing with tools like an electric drill, chainsaw, bench clamp, hammer, screwdriver, and a wrench.

The plastic workbench is very colorful and attractive; it conveys a feeling of a sturdy, well-built toy.

The toys uses 2 AA batteries to power features like real tool sounds and other engineering sound effects.

This is an image of toddler boy's learning workbench toy in colorful colors


Buying Considerations When Choosing Gifts for Boys Aged 2

Though kids in this age range would accept any gift given to them, some variables must be taken into consideration before purchasing toys for them.

Some of the important ones include:

Safety concerns

The pertinent question here is, would the toy or gift harm your kid in any way?

Because safeguarding the health of your kid cannot be compromised for whatever reason, it is vital not to be casual about safety issues when choosing toys for kids. There are many sub-sets to this issue.

For instance, you must make sure the materials used don’t contain any toxic chemicals like BPA and phthalate found in plastics. Also vital is the paint material; water-based paints are the best in terms of being free from harmful chemicals.

So before moving to checkout, read the product description to note all these. If the description doesn’t state explicitly that these harmful chemicals are not present in their products, give it a pass. You could call the manufacturer for clarification if you have the time and really need that particular item.

Another important safety-related issue is the presence or absence of small parts. These could pose choking hazards when kids put them in their mouths.

If these are present, you must consider if there would always be an adult around to supervise the kid before making a choice.

Finally, look at the overall design of the gift. Products with sharps edges are not suitable for kids of 2 as these could cause injury to the skin.

For wooden toys, make sure the surface is smooth and flawless. Rough wooden surfaces or wooden surfaces with even small pits could easily turn to splinters thereby exposing his skin to injury.

The psyche of the kid

In a perfect world, all kids would have no mental or psychological issues to deal with. In reality, many kids are born with issues that are can only be managed. And part of managing the problem is avoiding toys that trigger a reaction in them.

For instance, if the kid is allergic to something, avoid gifts that could expose them to the specific allergens.

Also, some kids with autism hate flashing lights and/or loud noise. So toys with these features must be given a wide berth.

The durability of the toy

Unfortunately, you are unlikely to find out how durable a toy is until after you’ve paid money for it. Even a warranty cannot mitigate the frustration that comes with a toy getting damaged a few days after purchasing it.

Fortunately for you, all the toys and gifts in this guide are very durable. They’ll be a regular fixture in your kid’s life for as long as he needs them.


Best Overall Gift

We’ve looked at loads of great gifts for 2 year old boys, so now it’s time to choose the best! The Harley Davidson trike impressed us for several reasons not just because it is a world-famous brand. Bike toys are usually a hit with kids of any age. This age-appropriate bike nails all the right buttons.

The design concept is impressive and that ATV-like ruggedness would make a good impression any day. With the huge tires, kids would be breezing across all types of surfaces easily; only stopping to get a rest after peddling furiously. You cannot overstate the importance of the physical exercise he gets from a gift like this.


This is an image of boy's tough bike harley davidson in black color


Best Budget Gift

Now we’ve see the best overall, we still need to pick the best of the budget gift ideas for two year old boy. If you are looking for a budget gift, VTech’s Toolbox is the perfect toy for you. One of the biggest surprises for the evaluators is how the makers were able to keep the cost low.

Though it is a toolbox with a variety of great tools to play with, an activity toy would be an apt description considering the number of features packed into it. It is an interactive toy that would educate him about the various tools and their uses; and with the activity card, learn about numbers and colors.

The light-up buttons delivering fun songs will keep him fascinated for hours at a time.

This is an image of boy's toolbox toy in colorful colors