Best Gifts for 17 Year Old Girls

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Are you at a crossroad choosing gifts for some 17-year-old young lady? Whether she is a friend, daughter, granddaughter, niece, or a family friend, it doesn’t get any easier picking gifts for 17 year old girls especially if shopping for gifts or presents for teens is something you rarely do.

And considering that 17 is a special age (this, after all, is her last year as a non-adult, officially) for a girl, the thought that you need to make your gift really awesome can leave you stranded and unable to make a choice even if you are surrounded by hundreds of presents.

So we took time out to painstakingly create this guide just for you. Now you can banish the thought that your gift is going to fall short of the standards expected of you.  The guide is packed with several great birthday gifts for girls her age. You’ll also find gifts suitable for other occasions such as Christmas, New Year, holiday, going-to-college, etc.


50 Best Gifts for 17 Year Old Girls

Table of Contents

Now sit back and relax with your favorite coffee because this is a long read and you need to be alert so you don’t miss a thing. But if you are in a rush, you can scroll down past the reviews and take a look at the gifts we picked under the ‘Best Buy’ and ‘Best Budget’ categories respectively.

1. Instant Camera

This Polaroid instant camera is a fitting beginning for this list of gifts for 17-year-old girls. If she is an outgoing and vivacious girl, a camera like this would make a perfect birthday gift for her.

She’ll have fun taking awesome shots of the things she got up to on her special day with friends. And nothing beats the feeling of immediately seeing the very vibrant, high-quality, hard photos printed in less than 2 minutes

Beautifully-designed with a purple color, the camera is small enough to slip into her pocket. The fun doesn’t end with snapping and instantly getting the prints, she could also add different types of photo effects before printing and also share the saved digital version on social media.This is an image of girl's instant digital camera in purple color


2. Water Bottle

This is the time for her to really live it up with adventures, trips, camping, etc., either alone or with friends. A cool water bottle like this should be a constant companion. With double-walled vacuum insulation, the stainless steel container would keep beverages at her preferred temperature for hours.

Capable of holding 32 oz, it features a wide mouth and a ‘flip and sip’ straw lid so she can drink comfortably and easily from it. It also features a carrying handle and a convenient finger loop to clip it to her pack for easy portability.This is an image of girl's water bottle in turquoise color


3. Mermaid Tail Blanket

This cotton and acrylic mermaid tail blanket would serve to remind her that there are still magic and magical places in the world if you look in the right places. The pastel pink blanked instantly transforms her into a cute mermaid, every girl’s favorite fantasy creature.

The handknitted blanket is open at the back and front making it easy to get into or out of. Though we wager she’ll spend more time inside especially on cold wintry days while watching TV in the living room.

Perfect as a Christmas or birthday gift, she can also use it to keep warm in the car while traveling, during camping, or as an extra blanket at sleepovers.This is an image of girl's mermaid tail blanket in pink color


4. Windows 10 10″ Tablet

For a tech-savvy girl, a tablet that comes with a Windows OS is one of the best ways of making her life a lot easier. Combine that with a huge 10″ display and she literally has a portable computer she can do practically anything with.

Think of it as the ultimate portable work and entrainment station making it one of the best birthday presents for girls her age. She can complete school assignments with it, organize trips, learn how to code, and with the WiFi, get access to the Internet to stream and download her favorite TV shows, movies and songs.

Some of the amazing features include 4GB RAM for smooth operations, full-size USB 3.0 port for easy transfer of files, Bluetooth 4.0 for seamless connectivity with compatible devices, and much more.This is an image of girl's windows tablet in black color


5. For Girls Only Hardcover Book

Up next is this hardcover book that can only be described as timely, that is, if for some reason she, hasn’t read one already.

By this age, she understands what it means to be a girl. This book, though, shows and teaches her how to be an all-rounder. You know, the type of girl that seems to have everything figured out. Being proficient at giving the best manicure and pedicures, organizing the coolest parties, making bracelets, and knowing all sorts of cool stuff in sports, history, and science are just a few of the things she’ll be exposed to in this 208-page book.

The book is packed with lots of fun stuff and is easy to read with many spot-on illustrations.This is an image of girl's book for giirls only


6. Backpack Set

You’d expect that a girl of 17 already has a system for defining her style. If she is crazy about using matching items, this set that includes a backpack, lunch bag, and purse would be perfect for her.

She could use this 3-in-1 gift in a variety of ways either singly or together at once. You could imagine her going on a school trip with a matching backpack to fit in her laptop and a few school items, the purse to carry cash, bank cards, and makeup, while her lunch would be kept warm and fresh in the lunch box.

The black-colored bags with pink flower designs would make a great going-back-to-school gift or any auspicious occasion.This is an image of girl's school backpack set with flowers graphics in black and pink colors


7. 14K Gold Necklace

Being fashionable would be uppermost in her mind. As a grownup lady, style and elegance count for much even if she is just 17. That is why she is going to love this necklace whose simplicity is the very essence of the style and elegance classy ladies aspire to.

Made of nickel and plated with 14k gold, the necklace comes with a 16″ adjustable chain and a heart charm attached to it. A letter of the alphabet is engraved on the heart charm. Naturally, you’d select one with a letter that matches the first letter of her name.

The package also comes with a cool necklace box making it instantly giftable while also providing a place to keep her latest treasure.This is an image of girl's necklace 14 gold in custom alphabet


8. Bath Bombs

If she is into organic and healthy life choices, these bath bombs would please her in more ways than you can imagine. For starters, she’ll love that the gift matches her vegan lifestyle.

Beyond that though, using colorful bath bombs makes a mundane and routine task like bathing more interesting and fun. She’ll luxuriate in the sweet scents and bubbles floating around her transforming the bathroom to a fantasy land of magic and beauty.

With 8 bath bombs of different natural, water-based colors in the set, her skin would be the best it can be before she is done using all of them.This is an image of girl's bath bombs 8 pieces set


9. String Lights

When you have a 66 feet long flexible copper wire with 200 LED lights attached to it, there is no limit to what you do can when it comes to creating interesting and unique room decor. Now, add the fact you can twist the copper wire to create different shapes, whatever creative juices you have would be exhausted thinking of the different designs possible.

This starry string light would be perfect as a Christmas gift for her. Around the room, the lights would create a cool ambiance as well as providing a place to hang her favorite photos.

The lights are powered via a USB cord and come with a convenient on/off switch.This is an image of girl's fairy string lights


10. Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band

If she already has an Apple Watch, whether Series 3, 4, or 5, this band would instantly banish any thought she has of discarding the watch because she is tired of using it. Even if she just got the watch new, she’ll prefer using this band better than the stock strap that comes with the watch.

Why won’t she when the shiny stainless steel band is set with sparkling rhinestones that have the appearance diamonds. And you know what they say about diamonds being a girl’s best friend.

With 6 folding bands in the chain-like strap, it would be easy to resize ensuring it’ll fit no matter the size of her wrist.This is an image of girl's steel band compatible with smart watch in silver color


11. Bluetooth Earphones

Bluetooth earphones as birthday gifts for teenage girls have to be unique since they are rather common thses days. These Bluetooth headphones by Riwbox is the very definition of going that extra mile to get a special gift if she loves listening to music. The combination of colors and design makes it a great fashion accessory.

The pink and white cat-ear headpiece is the essence of beauty, style, and quality packed into one device. The foldable headphone comes with earmuffs that clamp softly over the ears at just the right pressure.

With the awesome audio output and flashing lights that change with the rhythm of the songs, listening to music with it is a whole new experience.This is an image of girl's bluetooth headphones with ear cat in colorful colors


12. Crossbody Cellphone Purse

This pink crossbody purse is one of those 17 year old bday ideas for a girl that has the words ‘perfect and timely’ written all over it. For a very active girl of 17 that is a hurry to go places, this purse would come in handy for packing a few essentials without sacrificing style.

Made with soft PU leather, the bag is designed with two compartments. Her makeup, IDs, bank cards can easily fit into one compartment while the second compartment, with its transparent side, acts as a pouch for her phone. This ensures she can use her phone to send a quick message, check her mails, chat, browse, etc, without taking it out of the purse. Talk about a purse and a phone pouch combine in one cute gift!This is an image of girl's cellphone purse in pink color


13. Table Lamp Bluetooth Speaker

When ‘teen birthday gift’ and ‘music’ are used the same sentence, it is quite easy to include Bluetooth speakers in your list of gift ideas. So how about this Bluetooth speaker for your music-loving princess that also doubles as a night lamp?

It is going to be hard to decide what feature she likes best about this gadget. The multifunctional device with touch controls also comes with a built-in alarm clock. For its size, the audio output is awesome and with the SD card support, she can listen to her favorite songs directly without having to connect with compatible devices.

And there is the table lamp with 6 soft colors. With the music playing, she could choose the light that captures her mood. The light would provide the perfect ambiance as a night lamp if she doesn’t feel like sleeping in the dark.This is an image of girl's alarm clock bluetooth speaker


14. Bangle

This easily-adjustable surgical-grade stainless steel bangle would look really awesome on her wrist. The solid simplicity of the design allows the imagination to spin ideas about the meaning of the two engraved arrows.

The comfortable weight of the bracket in her wrist would always remind her of the engraved words on the underside: ‘Beautiful girl, you can do amazing things.’ Those inspirational words are enough to unlock all her potentials.

Perfect as a  birthday, Christmas or holiday gift, it comes in an elegant and cute box making it instantly ready for gifting.This is an image of girl's bracelets gift with inspirational quote in silver color


15. Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone and Speaker

If she loves entertaining her friends and family singing her favorite songs, this Bluetooth microphone that also doubles as a speaker would turn her into the consummate diva. It is, literally, a complete entertainment center with two ways of connecting to devices: via Bluetooth or using the included audio cable.

The rose gold color would most likely fit into her idea of the perfect design for a gadget. She could listen to her favorite songs from her devices or via an SD card inserted into its slot. It comes with a built-in battery, rechargeable by USB, capable of delivering hours of musical performance.This is an image of girl's bluetooth karoake microphone in pink color


16. Bedside Tray

All those weekend mornings and holiday mornings when she wished she could just stay in her bed and do whatever she wants comfortably will become a reality with this bedside shelf. She can now keep all her stuff like books, gadgets, writing materials, etc., without making a mess of the bed and having them just within reach. Even her favorite cup of coffee now has a safe place to rest without fear of a spill.

With an incredibly strong clamp, the shelf is easy to install without needing extra tools. It would fit easily into the space between the mattress and box spring or bed frame. This is a cool space-saving device she could even use in her college dorm in less than a couple of years.This is an image of girl's beside shelf in white color


17. 85-Piece Art Set

If she loves drawing and painting, this professional art set would make a great birthday or holiday gift. Carefully organized in a wooden carrying case, the set contains everything she needs to take her artistic pursuits to the next level. These include sketch pads, watercolor cakes, sharpener, pencils, plastic palette, and much more.

The 13.8 x 3.9 x 10.2″ wooden box itself is a work of art she would adore. It features two drawers and a double-cover compartment at the top. The hinged lids are designed as place-holders for supplies like brushes. Carrying the box around would be a delightful experience due to its exquisite beauty and design.This is an image of girl's art set 85 piece drawing pad


18. Vanity Set

This complete white vanity set with a fluid design of feminine accents and allure is one of the best gifts for 17 yr old girl coming into her own as a young woman. We guarantee that with this in her room, she’ll not need another one for many years.

The set features a foldout mirror on top of the desk. With the extensions on both sides of the mirror, all sides of her face would be captured perfectly. Also included in the design are 5 drawers to store everything from makeup to pieces of jewelry and a matching stool covered with soft, plush fabric.This is an image of vanity set with mirrors in white color


19. Bath Spa Kit

For her birthday or Christmas, give her a treat of this amazing English Rose Spa basket to energize her body and cleanse her skin. Packaged in an elegant white wooden basket, the spa kit would make a great decoration for her bathroom.

The kit comes with everything including shower gel, body and hand lotions, bath salt, and flower foam to leave her skin feeling incredibly soft, smooth, and nourished. And with the perfume, she’d smell fresh and sweet all day long.this is an image of girl's bath spa kit


20. Makeup Kit

With more than 180 pieces comprising 168 different colors of eye shadows, lip glosses, powder blushes, and mini applicators for eyes and lips, it is easy to understand why some refer to this as the ultimate makeup kit. If like most young girls, she loves making up before going out, you just gave her the one makeup kit she’ll ever need in a long time.

And because of the versatile design and array of color options, this could turn out to be the gift that launches her into a career as a makeup artist. At the least, she can experiment as much as she wants before settling on color combinations that match her personality and style. It is going to be a festival of fun and beauty for her.This is an image of girl's makeup kit


21. Bluetooth Beanie

A beanie for those bad hair days that also comes with a Bluetooth speaker with fantastic audio quality would be awesome. Gone are the frustrations of trying to keep the headphones or earbuds in place while running, exercising in the gym, or dancing while listening to music.

Perfect for listening to music and keeping the head warm, the beanie connects easily to Bluetooth devices up to a distance of 33 feet. With the easy controls, she could regulate the volume output and even answer her calls.This is an image of girl's bluetooth hat in gray color


22. Drawing Desk with Side Table

This is another great gift option for a girl who loves drawing or hands-on art projects. Excellent for the study or in her room, she now has a beautiful workstation to carry out most of her projects. And with the side drawers, she has a safe and handy place to keep her art supplies, papers, and other stuff.

As well as the desk that can be tilted to serve as an easel, table and three drawers, the easy-to-assemble and sturdy furniture features a 24″ slide-up ledge to keep pencils and markers from falling, a storage shelf under the desk, and a stool of steel construction to ensure durability.This is an image of girl's comet center with stool in pink and gray colors


23. The Daring Book for Girls

In this age and time, a book like this is handy in taking girls out of their comfort zones and teaching them skills delinked from the stereotypes. While knowing how to be the perfect hostess, knitting a sweater, or cooking great food are important skills, the world expects more if she is to be taken seriously.

In almost 300 pages, she’ll be exposed to true stories women who pushed the boundaries to become heroines. She’ll also learn interesting stuff like what boys are thinking, how to write and pass secret notes, science projects, and much more.

And before she gets completely lost in ‘unwomanly’ stuff, there are many ‘girly’ stuff and activities to remind her it’s fun and awesome being a young girl.This is an image of girl's the daring book for girls


24. Tonnier Wrist Watch

Though Tonnier is just 4 years old, they are carving a great reputation as makers of innovative and minimalistic watches targeted at people who desire unique, comfortable watches for business and leisure.

With the all-white design with a beautiful nebula face, she’d definitely stand out in any crowd when she wears it. This watch is not just for telling the time, it is also a bold fashion statement and accessory she’ll be using for a long time.

This is an image of girl's watch with soft band in white color


25. Pink Hair Brush

Some hair brushes inspire dread when it’s time to brush and detangle those untidy clumps. This is why this brush would be like a life-saver for her especially if she had long and thick tresses that require hours of brushing to straighten out.

Perfect for all hair types, the brush easily runs through any hair type eliminating tangles to leave the hair smooth and soft thanks to the ultra-soft ‘intelliflex’ bristles. The bristle design also ensures about 50% less damage to the hair compared to other brushes.This is an image of girl's brush 2 piece in pink color


26. Classic Vans Slip-on

For over 50 years, Vans sneakers have successfully carved a niche for quality and comfort. Chances are she already has a vans canvas as part of her collection because teens adore these shoes. She won’t mind adding this white classic pair to her collection. People, especially teen girls, want to have as many Vans designs of different colors they can get.

This is quite understandable considering the brand name. This slip-on is not just about the brand name though. With the padded footbed and collar as well as the classic waffle outsole, she is guaranteed comfort and superior shock absorption capability all the time.This is an image of girl's classic vans in white color


27. Hair Tong

What do teens expect from their flat irons? No matter the design, they expect it to do what it should do without fuss or too many hassles. In other words, straighten, flip and curl the hair in as short a time as possible with limited or zero damage to it.

This hair tong almost achieves perfection with the ceramic/tourmaline crystal ion plates that distribute heat evenly and fast to create the desired results. It also comes with adjustable temperature settings to accommodate all hair types.

This would make an awesome gift for any occasion and she’ll forever be grateful for making her hair care routine a whole lot easier.This is an image of girl's flat iron hair straghtener in black color


28. Facial Mask

If she is going through a lot of stress lately, a facial mask would be excellent to eliminate all signs of strains and fatigue from her face. Even better, this product is made with several magical ingredients such as moisturizers and anti-oxidants to provide a tightening effect on her face for a plumped up and supple skin tone.

The pack contains 6 pairs of (or 12) facial masks with six different fragrances. They are all soft, thick, soothing, easy to apply and remove without washing, and non-sticky.  They are perfect even for sensitive skins.

This is an image of girl's mask paper skin car pack


29. 6 Pairs of Socks

When it comes to Christmas gifts for 17 yr old girls, socks are always popular if you don’t know what else to choose. What about 6 pairs of colorful, vibrant low cut socks with sneaker designs to go with her vibrant and colorful personality. Even if she is a very laid back person, the design and colors wouldn’t fail to bring a smile on her face any time she wears one. The many compliments people would only add to that feeling of being happy to be alive.

The socks are perfectly cut: not too low so her heels won’t be rubbed raw by the soles or too high to show above the edge of her shoes. They are made with the right blend of polyester, spandex, olefin, and rubber to ensure a perfect fit that won’t lose shape after some time or fade after washing.This is an image of girl's 6 pack low socks with shoe design in colorful colors


30. Lighted Mirror

Having to apply makeup in a poorly lit room is one of the most frustrating experiences if you are in a hurry but still need a perfectly well-made face. With this mirror, it doesn’t matter if the room is dark, she is going to see every inch of her face clearly thanks to the 16 LED lights embedded on both sides of the mirror.

The lights are easy to operate with a touch sensor on the screen. With this, she can adjust the light’s brightness.

Other cool features include 180° swivel capability, dual-powered via USB or batteries, and on/off switch to completely turn off the lights when she is done using the mirror.This is an image of girl's lighted makeup mirror with 16 led


31. SKYJO Card Game

Next on our list of gift ideas for 17 year old girl we have a card game. SKYJO is a multilingual game that would be perfect for parties, family game night, or with her friends at the beach, while camping, and lots of other occasions.

Designed for 2 – 8 players, the game is very entertaining and easy to learn with each game lasting about 30 minutes. But it’s so much fun she’d be occupied for hours playing several games with family or friends.

The objective is simple but requires tons of concentration to win. Players strive to get the fewest points by either trading, flipping, or collecting as many cards as possible. The rules allow smarter players to eliminate cards too. While the player with the lowest points tally wins, another way of winning is to reach 100 points first.This is an image of girl's skyjo card game


32. Combat Leather Boots

For some reason, combats boots have always been fashionable with female teens actively rocking them with the sort of easy grace and style only women can achieve.

Each oil and fat-resistant, mid-calf booth features synthetic air-cushioned soles, 1.25″ heels, grooved sides, and yellow stitching.

She would squeal with delight on getting these boots. After all, apart from the fact that they are made of genuine leather, they are also a Dr. Martens boots made famous for all the best reasons. The break-in period is relatively short; and once across that break-in bridge, she can comfortably use them with any outfit including pants, denim shorts, and dresses.This is an image of girl's leather boot in black color


33. Coffee Mug

Customized mugs are some of the best unique gift ideas for 17 year old female. There are tons of customizing options that instantly turns a regular mug into something really special. First, though, you’ll need to know where to look and the best ways to customize it to hit the right buttons in her.

This mug simply eliminated the stress of figuring how to make the gift unique with the printed words on the side. She’ll love the idea that only a bold seventeen-year-old like her can get away with using a mug with the words ‘Classy Sassy & A Bit Smart Assy’ on two sides.

This microwave and dishwasher-compatible white ceramic mug might just become her favorite cup of all time.This is an image of girl's mug with 17 oz in white color


34. Classic Mystery Date Game

Mystery Date’s been around since 1965 entertaining generations of kids. teens and adults. Many of the features and graphics of the classic game were retained in this version.

The concept is easy: players (2 – 4) have to find out who their mystery date is behind the door located in the middle of the board. Different males dates appear depending on how you rotate the doorknob. The winner is the player to match the date on their card and the mystery guy that shows up when the door is opened.

The pack includes 48 outfit cards, one standard die, four girls playing pieces as well as the game board featuring classic artwork.This is an image of girl's classic board game mystery date


35. Workbook to ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens’

If she has read the main book by Sean Covey, this workbook is an excellent followup to firmly establish winning habits into her personality.

The workbook would carefully guide her on how to build on all the principles she learned in the main book via thought-provoking and fun exercises. Even if she hasn’t read the book and isn’t familiar with the principles, she’d gain a lot from using this on her path to improving her self-worth and ability to make better decisions in life.

Here is a pretty smart idea, how about getting her the book f she hasn’t read it? In any case, she’s sure to demand for it after going through this workbook.This is an image of girl's book the 7 habits of highly effective teens workbook


36. Makeup & Jewelry Train Case

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a cute box where important jewelry and makeup can be organized conveniently for a trip? This portable travel box with a cantilever design is just the perfect item for that.

The 9 x 6 x 6″ box weighs about 3 lbs making portability convenient. Though compact, she’ll be impressed by a unique design with a lot of space for her jewelry, makeup, and other stuff like travel-size bottles, palette, essential oils, and much more.

It features a flowery design, 2-tier trays with a mirror attached to the top tray, a carrying handle, and a lock for privacy and security.This is an image of girl's cosmetic makeup box in colorful colors


37. Handheld Nintendo Switch

Games consoles are great 17th birthday ideas for girl. A video game-loving girl would love this portable Nintendo Switch if you are looking for a Switch that comes with a relatively low price tag. Smaller than the classic Switch, this one is lighter and supports games in the handheld mode only making it excellent for playing her favorite video games on the go.

Featuring a sleek design with integrated  controls including a control pad, it is compatible with all Nintendo Switch games.This is an image of girl's nintendo switch lite in turquoise color


38. Lego Mindstorms Robotic Kit

Lego Mindstorms kit is specifically targeted at geeky kids, but hey, who doesn’t love building stuff with Lego pieces? No matter her interests, She’ll have fun creating up to 17 different robots using 601 pieces with the aid of the instructions guide in the kit. And what’s more, with the remote control, she’d have more thrills making the robots execute a variety of movements.

This science and engineering kit also allows her to use the drag and drop online programming editor to create more robotic designs and program her robots the way she wants.

Lego Mindstorms building kit is incomparable as a fun and exciting science and educational gift for people of all ages.This is an image of girl's LEGO mindstorms EV3 robot kit


39. What Do You Meme? Game

What Do You Meme? is a game she’ll enjoy playing with her friends. It gives a new meaning to how teens can entertain themselves using memes outside of a chat app.

Specifically designed for adults with a sense of humor and tons of creativity, it is almost like playing Cards Against Humanity with memes to spice up the fun levels. Basically, players compete to create the funniest captions using their photo (meme) cards and caption cards. The aim is to come up with the most outlandish photo/caption combo.

The pack contains 360 caption and 75 photo glossy cards made with premium material to withstand the expected repeated use.This is an image of girl's what do you meme party game


40. Mini Backpack Purse

Except for her BFFs and family, there is nothing closer to a girl than her bag. This backpack purse has all the best qualities of a bag and a backpack rolled into one. It is large enough with compartments and pockets to stash the items she uses the most including a tablet and compact.

Made from high-quality PU leather with polyester lining, it features a drawstring closure and snap button closure making it easy to access or close the main compartment. It also has adjustable shoulder straps and a top handle for easy carrying.

With the cool multicolor fabric design, the bag would be excellent for school trips, shopping, travel, beach outings, hiking, and other everyday uses.this is an image of girl's purse backpack in brown color


41. Hair Scrunchies

Simple and extremely practical gifts for 17 year old girl don’t come any better than a bunch of colorful hair scrunchies. They are very handy for a variety of occasions and events we think it is a crime if a girl doesn’t have them. These ones would keep her hair in place without exerting undue pressure on her scalp leading to pains or headaches.

Made from very durable material that won’t lose their shine after some time, the huge number in the pack means getting new scrunchies wouldn’t feature in her shopping list for a while.This is an image of girl's 60 pieces hair accessories


42. Tie-Dye Hooded Sweatshirt

If you are restricted to 17th birthday outfits only, this sweatshirt must be one of your top options. Unlike dresses or gowns, it can be worn any day of the week and for different occasions including school, parties, trips, and to keep warm when it is cold. It would make a great outfit in early spring and fall.

The super comfortable, long sleeve, cotton sweatshirt features a tie-dye blue ombre design for a unique look, pull on hoodie closure for a secure and snug fit the way she wants it, and a brown leather tag on the front that adds a bit more character to the overall design.This is an image of girl's long sleeve hoodie in blue and white colors


43. Bedside Table Lamp

Elecstars’ bedside lamp is a super cool 2-in-1 bedside lamp and Bluetooth speaker she’ll adore instantly. The dimmable light, using touch-sensitive controls, is an awesome sleeping aid as she can choose her preferred color from a variety of cool colors depending on her mood.

And if the cool light isn’t enough to send her to sleep, she could listen to cool music via the Bluetooth speakers to aid in pushing her off to dreamland. Also useful for answering calls, it comes with an in-built TFT card slot and a 3.5mm Aux-in port as additional options for listening to music.This is an image of girl's touch lamp in colorful colors


44. Spiral Bound Leather Journal

If she hasn’t thought about it yet, this blue journaling book is the one gift to help her start keeping records of her day and events to lay the foundation for the high school memoir she’d write someday. The classic, timeless design is enough inspiration to take it along with her anywhere she goes. Besides, scribbling things down on paper is so much fun when everybody else is using one tech gadget or the other to write.

The refillable journal is made to last forever. She could swap out unwanted pages with blank sheets so she is never out of pages to write, draw, create charts, make a collage of her photos, and much more.This is an image of girl's writing journal notebook in blue color


45. ‘Say Anything’ Game

‘Say Anything’ is a cool card game for 3 – 8 players that would be awesome for parties. This is a great opportunity to find out what her friends think of her and what they think she is capable of in a fun way. Say Anything will make her parties will become interesting real fast as people try to make outrageous statements just for the fun of it and perhaps to shock everybody present!

Basically, it is a question and answer game where players provide answers to random questions. Everyone is then expected to guess each player’s favorite answer from a bunch of answers.

Easy to play with no right or wrong answers, it comes with 80 question cards, 8 dry erase pens and boards, 16 player tokens, and the rules book.This is an image of girl's party game say anything


46. Floor Lounger Pillow Covers

Floor loungers can be anything from a room décor to the ultimate portable bed to providing a different option for sleeping. With space to stuff five pillows, she literally has another kingsize bed with this gift. Now, every part of the apartment is fair game as a place to lie down and relax.

Made from soft, luxurious fabric, the blue polka lounger would also be perfect as a recliner to rest, an extra place to sleep when her friends come over, or even as a reading pillow. Just be sure she has enough extra soft pillows for it. Or you could simply purchase the extra pillows so she could start enjoying the lounger immediately.This is an image of girl's pillow cover soft in white and blue colors


47. Duffel Bag

The image that springs to mind when a duffel bag is mentioned is of a ruggedly tough, drab, utility bag for sportsmen and women. This bag is tough alright. But what makes it a great gift for her is the design that incorporates rounded curves and tiffany blue color. This gives it a stylish feminine look perfect for dance classes, gym, travel, camping, and other activities.

The waterproof bag comes with a built-in shoe compartment, side pocket for water bottles, and a main compartment that is big enough for clothes and gadgets. It also features fluorescent light zippers, a cushioned shoulder strap that is adjustable, and dual carrying handles.This is an image of girl's sports gym in gray and turquoise colors


48. Glow-in-the-Dark Plush Blanket

As far as blankets go, this dark grey, night sky-designed blanket comes with the minimum specs expected in quality blankets: it is soft and gentle on sensitive skin. What makes this a great birthday gift? A combination of features really. one of which is the unique glow-in-the-dark feature that makes it perfect for camping. Exposure to light for an hour allows it to shine brightly in the dark for at least 30 minutes.

The glowing aspect aside, the blanket is incredibly soft. This combined with the thickness delivers maximum comfort and longer hours of warmth.This is an image of girl's kids blanket in gray color


49. Rose Flower Table Lamp

When you are thinking of 17 year old bday party ideas, surely some form of lightening must feature. Lights, when used cleverly, generate the right atmosphere and mood. This lamp, designed like a plant with 24 LED rose flowers, is the perfect candidate for a party lamp.

As well as being great for parties, the lamp is also an excellent decoration for her room. She’ll love how the branches can be twisted easily so the lighted flowers can face any direction she wants.

Powered via USB cable or 3 AAA batteries, the lamp is easy to operate with just the included on/off button.This is an image of girl's rose flower lamp in pink color


50. ‘Never Have I Ever’ Card Game

‘Never Have I Ever’ card game is an apt present to round off this guide of gift ideas for seventeen-year-old girls. It is an extremely enjoyable game she and her friends would spend hours playing. The game stands out as one of the few that rewards previous bad behavior or faux pas.

With this game, she can look back at the last 17 years and dredge up some of the weirdest things to have happened to her or the most embarrassing moments of her life with pride. And she’d get rewarded for it if other players can’t bring up something better.

The game, like Truth or Dare, is all about honesty. It should give her more insights into her friends’ personalities and the horrible life choices they made. It comes with the rules book and hundreds of cards uniquely designed for many memorable games.This is an image of girl's never have i ever card game


Buying Considerations

At 17, she’s in her final year of high school and probably thinking about college. Other thoughts likely preying on her mind include boys, dating, high fashion, and cars if she doesn’t have one already. And of course, she can’t help but think about turning 18 and all the pressures of becoming an adult officially.

That said, everything she does would be inspired by her personality and interests. And when choosing gifts for her, her interests can’t be ignored. In that respect, gifts that match the things she likes doing will make her extremely happy.

Other important considerations include the following:

Social Considerations

Her social circle is now clearly defined. She knows who her best friends are and the type of people she wants to be with. Gifts that strengthen the bonds with her buddies are crucial at this point in life. As a soon-to-be-independent adult, she’d need all the connections and links that only BFFs can provide going forward.  Card or board games gifts that require several players would be great.


Education refers to gifts that teach or guide her on how to be a confident adult who is not afraid of taking tough decisions. These are skills she won’t learn from her teachers. Several of the books featured here are exactly what is needed to further her education.

Fashion and beauty Considerations

Fashion and being fashionable are important to most 17-year-olds. The items have to be trendy though. On the other hand, she won’t mind items that show her as a matured lady. Fashion accessories, Jewelry, jewelry cases, makeup kits, shoes, etc., would do the trick.

However, ensure any item under this category are either from popular brands or are very unique and are of undoubted quality. That goes a long way with them.


Best Buy Overall

The vanity table set is truly a special gift for a special girl. This might look like splurging but in the immediate and long run, it is worth every single dollar.

With a set like this, it is unlikely she’ll need another one any time soon. The curvy design would appeal to any girl’s sense of beauty. Her room is going to look better no matter where it is placed.This is an image of vanity set with mirrors in white color


Best Budget Gift

You might find it hard to come to terms with the low price tag attached to this box. From the color schemes to the internal features, it is obvious a lot of thought and detailed craftsmanship went into designing and making it.

The result is a compact, two-level cantilever design with lots of space making it easy to organize jewelry and beauty products for a quick trip. The sturdy case is quite light and comes with a carrying handle to enhance portability.This is an image of girl's cosmetic makeup box in colorful colors


What Can I Buy As a Birthday Gift For a 17 Year Old?

If you know what the recipient loves doing, you are more than halfway to getting an appropriate birthday gift. Most of the gifts in this guide would make awesome gifts for a birthday. Simply pick one from the category that matches their interest and you’ll be alright.

To be doubly sure, you could turn detective and find out the gift they have already so you don’t end up buying something they don’t need.


What Is The Best Gift To Give to a 17 Year Old Granddaughter?

Doting grandparents usually want to go the extra mile when choosing gifts for granddaughters. In most cases, simply getting a gift is more important to her. It is the thought behind the gift that counts. She’ll be mighty proud that her grandparent(s) took time out to get something for her.

That said, any gift that is in sync with her hobbies, quality fashion items or even a video game console like the Nintendo, if she loves playing, would do just fine.


Gift For 17 Year Old Who Loves Music

If you know she loves music, then you are in luck as you don’t have to go scratching your head wondering what category of gifts would rock her boat in a good way.

Items like headphones, Bluetooth beanie, Bluetooth microphone, and tablets are just a few of the excellent gifts for a music lover. Incidentally, you’ll find all of them in this guide.