Best Gifts for 17 Year Old Boys

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Choosing a gift or gifts for any teenager is usually beset with uncertainties because, let’s face it, except you are a teenager, you are most likely out of touch with their everyday reality. This could be the main reason you ended up here. More specifically, you need appropriate and awesome gifts for 17 year old boy for some deserving young man.

Perhaps, the issue for you could be down to the overwhelming number of gifts on offer. And deciding on one based on quality and utility was getting frustrating.

We have taken the time to resolve all your gift-related problems for the lucky young man of 17 with some amazing ideas. No matter the occasion – be it a birthday, Christmas, New Year, graduation, Easter, etc. – there are great options for you in this guide. And your budget shouldn’t be a limiting factor with many low-priced items included that’d fascinate and thrill him.


48 Best Gifts For 17 Year Old Boys

The next section features 48 reviews of gift items in various categories. Each one comes with undeniable quality and is worthy of your investment in time and cash; after all, only the best is good enough for him.

1. GoPro Action Camera

GoPro’s Hero5 action camera kicks off this guide of gifts for 17-year-old boy. If he loves adventures and outdoor sports like skiing, skateboarding, hiking, swimming, kayaking, and so on, the camera allows him to record videos or take photos of himself in real-time. And with the mounting gear, he wouldn’t need anybody’s help to do it too!

This is a pro-level camera capable of HD 4k videos and 12MP pictures whether in the burst, single or time-lapse modes. Thanks to the premium quality lens, the images would be sharp and crystal clear.

And with the built-in WiFi and Bluetooth features, he’d love how he can easily upload the photos and video to his devices so he can share them with family and friends on his social media accounts.This is an image of boy's Gopro hero in black color


2. Gaming Chair

Next up is this hot gaming chair by Homall. If he spends a lot of his free time on his gaming computer, he’d appreciate a gift that allows him to concentrate on his game without the attendant distractions caused by niggly pains and aches to his neck, shoulders, and back; the result of seating down for hours.

The chair is also great for lounging, studying, watching TV in his room, and as another option for friends to sit when they come visiting. At the least, it is a piece of great furniture to have instantly making the room look better.

Among other features, the stylish black and white chair comes with comfortable back and neck support, a recline function, easy-to-move caster wheels, a high-quality base, and a load capacity of up to 300 lbs.This is an image of boy's gaming chair in black and white colors


3. PlayStation 4 Console

If he is an avid gamer and doesn’t own this PlayStation 4 system already, he’ll forever love you for getting this console for him. Though the console has been around for a while now, it is still an awesome video game up there with the best game consoles.

This version is lightweight and slimmer. But make no mistake about it, all the best and popular video games are included here. With a huge 1TB of storage space, your boy can download and store even more content such as HD 4k videos, HD games, music, etc., without running out of space.

Something new and amazing is always within reach with this console. HDR-enabled PS4 gaming doesn’t get any better with the vibrant and realistic spectrum of colors.This is an image of boy's Playstation 4 slim with 1tb console in black color


4. Etiquette Book

A fun and informative book like this hardcover titled, ‘How Not to Be a Dick: An Everyday Etiquette Guide’ would easily make an impression on any 17 yr old guy. Instantly, the titled gives away what the book is all about.

But what it doesn’t say is how interesting and fun the book is. Basically, he’d be taught how not to be the sort of person that doesn’t care about people’s feelings.

The book is packed with honest and down-to-earth advice designed to make a better person out of him. And if he is already a model citizen, the rough edges would be smoothed out. Besides, knowing a thing or two about badly behaved people would teach him how to handle or avoid them if that is the smart thing to do.This is an image of boy's book how not to be a dick


5. 5 Piece Wall Canvass-Printed Photo

With the 5 canvass panels measuring between 10” x 16” and 8” x 24”,  he’d wished this were bigger so he could cover an entire wall of his room with them. That said, the photo prints of a mountain landscape with the night sky providing an amazing backdrop is just the thing he needs to transform one bare wall in his room to a masterpiece.

Printed on high-quality canvass to ensure durability, it has the feel of a real landscape thanks to the vivid colors. This would make a great going-back-to-school gift for a college or boarding school dorm.

Each canvass is already stretched perfectly on a frame that features an attached hook ensuring the pictures are immediately ready for hanging straight out of the box.This is an image of boy's 5 piece wall art painting


6. Laptop Backpack

A high school teenager would definitely need a backpack if he doesn’t have one already. Even if he has one. A bunch of unique features and functions makes this grey backpack not just a bag to keep his stuff, but also a cool place to keep laptop securely.

It comes with a concealed anti-theft feature, two cushioned compartments to keep his laptop and tablet respectively, and a rear pocket anti-theft zipper for securing other handy stuff.

Made of rip-resistant polyester, the solid grey color adds a touch of class and maturity to the waterproof bag making it suitable for a dude who is keen to show he is now a bona fide man. The bag comes with other standard features such as a breathable back panel, comfortable top handle, and adjustable padded shoulder straps.

Also suitable for traveling, it has a built-in charging USB port and phone holder to charge devices handsfree while on the move. All it needs is a portable power bank to turn the bag into a mobile charger.This is an image of boy's backpack anti theft with usb port charger in black color


7. Sport Watch

It would be hard to think up a scenario where your boy doesn’t like this digital chronograph by Armitron. This very affordable watch is backed by over 50 years of consistent quality and reliability by the makers.

The rugged look would appeal to his manly side especially if he loves sports. But it could also be used for everyday use and formal occasions. And with the solid black color with red accents, the watch is designed to stand out in any crowd.

The over 300 feet water-resistant watch features a black resin strap with buckle closure; silver-tone LCD with subdials showing the time, day, seconds, date; dual time zones, backlight; and much more.This is an image of boy's sport chronograph watch in black and red colors


8. Skateboard Starter Set

If he loves outdoor sports, this 3-piece skateboarding set comprising two ramps and a deck is an excellent way for him to have fun practicing his skateboarding stunts safely. He could also use it to practice stunts with his BMX bike.

The stackable ramps and deft are easy to assemble in the classic style with the deck between the two ramps. He could also stack them any way he wants depending on what he intends to do at any given time.

The pieces are designed to slide together and lock in place to ensure a safe, sturdy, and functional ramp. And you could be sure they would last a long time on account of the high-quality material used in making them.This is an image of boy's skateboard starter kit


9. Mortal Combat vs DC Universe Video Game

With iconic fighting arenas, this video game pits the characters of Mortal Kombat against DC Universe’s famous superheroes. For a video game-lover, epic virtual battles can’t get any better.

Compatible with the Xbox 360, the storylines are deep, engaging and exciting. The fighting arenas come from both Mortal Kombat and DC inverse ensuring variety and endless permutations.

Featuring both offline and online functionality, the multi-player game features new fighting mechanics; single-player mode with lots of storyline customization; classic attacks and finishing moves; and much more.This is an image of boy's Mortal kombat vs Dc universe game for xbox 360 console


10. Digital Camera

This Panasonic digital camera would be perfect as a 17th birthday gift to capture photos or record memorable moments of his final year as a high school student. And if he loves photography, it is an excellent gift to help him polish his talents and get a taste of pro camera capabilities.

With a gentle learning curve, the 18.1 MP  camera is capable of taking exclusive 4k photos and videos thanks to the amazing 20-1200 mm lens. The lens features a super bright aperture range optically stabilized with the latest cutting edge technology.

Perfect as a traveling camera with a long zoom feature to capture far off images, it also features an impressive low light performance and allows users to set their focus points even after a photo has already being taken.This is an image of boy's panasonic lumix digital camera in black color


11. Gaming Headset

With a retractable band, breathable ear pads, and lightweight construction, this black Runmus gaming headset is the ultimate in wearing comfort for an online, multi-player, video game-loving young man no matter how long he wears them.

The awesome surround sound audio quality is a great tool for communicating with friends and other gamers online while also providing him a competitive edge to take his game to the next level.

Compatible with Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC, etc., it features a 3.5mm audio jack, high-end noise-cancellation microphone, and colorful LED lights all made with premium materials to ensure durability.This is an image of boy's gaming headset with red led lights in black colors



12. Bluetooth Beanie

For cold winter days, a beanie is a perfect hat to keep the head warm and look simultaneously stylish. Better still is a beanie like this Xikezan product that comes with in-built Bluetooth speakers. Now, he can listen to his favorite songs while taking a stroll with the compatible player in his pocket or bag.

He would love the audio output that provides awesome sound quality ensuring that even in noisy environments, he would be able to hear his music or answer calls without straining.

With easy-to-use controls, the material is elastic making it a snug fit for any head size. Washing it does not affect the functionality or the size of the beanie.This is an image of boy's bluetooth hat with free gloves in gray color


13. Shocktato Potato Game

Shocktato is one of the best 17 year old games to get a party going or make one even livelier. Like all the best party games, it delivers lots of laughs and can be played by as many people as possible at once.

The game is simple to play. Players pass the ‘potato’ among themselves to see who is holding the potato when the music stops. The reward is a jolt of electric shock. The reaction of the shocked player is always epic and hilarious.

The game comes with varying modes and electricity levels to fit all types of situations while providing leeway for tons of improvisation for variety.This is an image of boy's potato shocking toy in brown color


14. Oculus VR Headset

Oculus Quest is one of the better known virtual reality headsets that can be played right out of the box without needing a PC or cables. All it needs is the easy-to-setup app and he is ready to explore virtual reality wherever he is.

With the in-built sensors, his movements can be tracked with a precision that is uncannily close to reality ensuring that his experience is completely immersive. The hand-based touch controllers make it easy to control any situation while in the virtual world. Even the smallest gestures and movements would be replicated.

The set comes with all the accessories need to start enjoying it immediately. These include the power adapter, two touch controllers, AA batteries, and the frame spacer.This is an image of boy's all in one vr gaming headset


15. 148 Piece Tool Set

A toolset is exactly the gift you want to get him if you are unsure he’d find a use for your gift. No matter his interests, he is going to love a box that contains tools that allow him to take care of or fix things at home. And you know how boys love fixing stuff!

The set would make an excellent holiday gift when he has lots of time to use them. But if fixing things is his thing, this would be a cool gift for all seasons.

With 168 high-quality and durable pieces that include sockets, pliers, screwdrivers wrenches, hammer, and much more, your in-house technician or handyman is on standby for anything.This is an image of boy's 148 piece tool set


16. Black Funny T-shirt

How about a t-shirt that combines a bit of the geeky/nerdy with a sense of humor? If appearing cool and make folks feel at ease is the impression he wants to project, this tee is perfect.

Nobody would read the printed words on the 100% preshrunk cotton tee that basically reduces one of the greatest science laws to something practical and humorous like ‘Don’t disturb me’ and keep a straight face.

Humor aside, the black tee comes in various sizes so you are likely to find one that would be perfect for him. It would be useful for staying at home, for school, parties, shopping, or other activities with family or friends.This is an image of boy's T shirt newtons 1st law in black color


17. Cross-platform Charging Station

Having all your smart, handheld devices dying on you seems like a far-fetched scenario until it happens. With just one charger, it can be frustrating waiting for one device to charge before charging another one.

That is why this charging station with 6 charging ports is such an awesome gift for a boy who has multiple devices. The Cross-platform charging station comes with 2 ports for Apple devices, 2 Type C ports, and 2 micro-USB ports.

Having a gadget like this in his room would be great when his buddies are around. It would also be perfect for traveling making it unnecessary to carry a charger for each device.This is an image of boy's fast charging station


18. 4 Pack Tag Battle Set

Adding laser tag guns in a list of gift ideas for 17 year old boy is natural if he loves tag battles. With 4 ready-to-use blasters of different colors and accessories in the pack, he could start blasting away immediately with three of his best buddies in a mini-battle tournament.

As well as the blasters, the set includes corresponding battle vests, tactical masks, and protective glasses respectively. Keeping scores is made easy with the LED lights indicating the number of lives left.

each blaster can be switched between pistol, shotgun, machine gun, and rocket launcher modes. The accompanying realistic sounds make for exciting and pulsating battles.This is an image of boy's Infrared laser tag guns set for 4 players in colorful colors


19. Water Bottle

If he engages in sporting activities, leads a very active life full of physical activities, or travels a lot, a water bottle must always be within reach so he can stay hydrated as often as possible.

This stainless steel water bottle can keep water cool for as long as 18 hours. This makes it perfect for day-long hiking trips or other activities that might take the whole day.

Designed for easy one-handed drinking, the 20 oz bottle features an ‘Autospout’ pop-up straw so he could drink up easily while keeping his eyes on the task at hand. Most importantly, the spout comes with a protective cover to keep out germs and dirt.This is an image of boy's Steel water bottle


20. Handheld Nintendo Switch Console

This Nintendo Switch is the ultimate home and on-the-go video gaming experience. It is not surprising many gamers consider it the hottest gaming console given its flexibility and features. It is compatible with all Nintendo Switch games and can be used in the TV, tabletop, and Handheld play modes.

The console comes with everything needed for a multi-player experience at home with friends or family. And in the single-player mode, its lightweight and portability ensure he can play it anywhere at any time.

This would be awesome if he has a long trip ahead of him. It would also make a cool Christmas gift to have fun indoors when the weather is too cold for outdoor activities.This is an image of boy's nintendo switch in blue, red and black colors


21. Arcade Home Dual Basketball Hoop

The combination of arcade-style game and dual basketball hoops right at home means endless hours of fun for him either alone with his friends. With 2 rims, 6 balls, 16 different types of games, and an infra-red scoring system, awesome head-to-head exciting competitive games awaits him daily.

Not so big that it takes up too much space, the interactive game is constructed from quality materials to reduce rusting and enhance durability. It comes with a thick backboard, durable nylon ramp, and strong rims that can withstand many years of frequent use.This is an image of boy's basketball arcade game in blue color


22. Wireless Earbuds

Next up in this guide of gifts for 17 year old boy is a cool earbud to thrill any teenager especially if they love listening to music. Freedom from wires is trending big time and wireless earbuds epitomize that. With the latest Bluetooth feature and easy cross-platform connectivity, these earbuds offer the ultimate in handsfree engagement with his devices.

These earbuds are awesome budget alternatives to the AirPods. The sound quality compares favorably with the best. Features such as built-in mic, fast transmission speed, voice functions, answer/reject calls function, etc., are also top-notch.

The water and dust-resistant buds are designed to fit comfortably in the ears. And with over 30 hours of battery life, he can use them non-stop, all day long without a running out of juice. The pack also includes a pocket-sized fast charging/storage case that features an indicator to show how much power is left.This is an image of boy's wireless earbuds bluetooth in white color


23. Bucketball Game 

If he hasn’t played Bucketball before, then it’s high time he got exposed to the ultimate in fun outdoor game that can be played anywhere. The game is very easy to set up and ready for the fun games in less than one minute. What could take a bit of time is deciding the players on each team if there is a crowd waiting to play: at a beach party, wedding, family event, etc., for instance.

The game is all about who the best shooter is as teams or individuals take turns sinking balls into the arranged buckets. This gift set comes with 12 blue and orange buckets, 3 different types of game balls (six balls in total), and a tote bag to store all the pieces and for portability.This is an image of boy's bucket ball gale in colorful colors


24. Jenga Game

The classic variant of the Jenga game is still an extremely fun game for people of all ages. The stacking and building game is awesome for developing mental skills and concentration. It can be played at parties, picnics, at home with his best friend or a family member.

The pack comes with 54 Jenga blocks made of hardwood, a stacking sleeve, and the instructions booklet.This is an image of boy's jenga classic game


25. $50 PlayStation Gift Card

When it comes to creative birthday gifts for 17 year old boy who has a PlayStation console already, a PlayStation gift card present should count as one of the best. What makes this creative? How about letting him work his brain deciding what game he wants to get from a list that includes hundreds of awesome games with a $50 spending limit. You bet he’d take his time deciding how to get the best out of that card.

But the gift card is not just about accessing games. He could also use it to download his favorite movies and TV shows, or even stream content directly to his PlayStation device. There is so much he can do with it, and as mentioned earlier, it is all about his creativity.This is an image of boy's playstation store gift card


26. Mini Basketball Hoop

With this portable hoop attached to the door of his room, he can take a break from studying or playing in the virtual world to have fun with a game of basketball and see how good he is sinking shots. It is a cool and exciting way to relax, think, and allow the stress of the moment or day simply fizzle out of him.

The set includes a 9.5″ diameter spring-action steel rim attached to a 23″ x 16″ shatter-proof backboard made of high-quality polycarbonate. It also comes with heavy-duty 3-ply nylon net, NBA-styled replica graphics, and foam-padded slide-on door mounts for easy installation.This is an image of boy's mini basketball hoop with ball


27. ‘The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Teens’ Paperback

Parents expect their kids would become responsible people. Before that happens though, they need to put in the hard work and commitment in terms of training and education. This paperback book is one of the best when it comes to helping your boy become a focus and result-oriented kid.

Habits the book aims to make a part of a teen’s personality include how to avoid cyberbullying, how to set goals and meet targets, building friendships, resisting negative peer pressure, and much more.

Because the book is packed with cartoons, clever ideas, amazing quotes and inspiring stories of his peers around the world, he’s going to find it hard to put down.This is an image of boy's book the 7 habits of highly effective teens


28. Slammo Game

Slammo is a fun outdoor game played by two teams. Similar to volleyball but with the net placed horizontally a few inches from the ground, it would make an excellent gift if he loves outdoor games. Like Bucketball above, it can be played anywhere including the tailgate of a truck.

It is easy to set up and play.  Games sometimes require great athleticism when they get really intense. For the most part, though, it is a fun game to take to the beach, camping, or simply to let out steam in the backyard or front lawn with friends and family.

The set comes with one high-performance Slammo target, a couple of competition sized balls, one training ball, the traveling/storage case, and an instructions booklet.This is an image of boy's slammo sport game set in black and green colors


29. Classic Monopoly Game

The game of Monopoly, including the many variants, is still waxing strong entertaining millions of people around the world. People simply love the fun of outwitting others and ultimately bankrupting them via property and financial deals.

Anybody can be a financial genius with just the throw of the dice and their brains while playing. It is all about being the best schemer in the room.

This classic version of the game comes with the beautifully-designed game board and all the other pieces and accessories that have made Monopoly one of the best board games of all time.This is an image of boy's monopoly classic game


30. 7-Piece Spa Set

At 17, he is going to be preoccupied with girls, dating, how to look good, and make a good first impression all the time. This spa set would be of immense help in that direction keeping his skin looking fresh. And with the fragrances, you bet people, the ladies especially, would not be turning up their noses when he is close by. Matter of fact, they’d secretly wished they could give him a lingering hug.

Perfect for improving self-esteem and confidence, it comes with everything he needs to pamper his body. These include a bubble bath, body lotion, body scrub, bath crystals, sisal sponge, and a shower gel. All these are packed nearly in a paper suitcase.This is an image of boy's natural bath and luxury spa set


31. Under Armour Slides

Stylish is just one of the words you could tag on this pair of slides from Under Armour. Considering the brand, that isn’t surprising given that for almost a quarter of a century, the company has been in the business of making really awesome shoes for men. He’d certainly be aware the brand is a byword for quality.

He could wear them in places he doesn’t want to walk around barefoot like at home, going to the mall, or taking a casual stroll around the block with friends.

With the adjustable strap featuring HeatGear lining, two layers of Performance 4D foam footbed, EVA outsole, traction pods on the heel, and much more, the design is all about making him comfortable for as long as he wears them.This is an image of boy's under armour sandal in black color


32. Black Computer Desk

If he has a PC system at home, this computer desk would be the perfect home for the various pieces. The cinnamon cherry-finished desk is exquisitely designed and features a monitor shelf that also doubles as a printing shelf, a slide-out shelf perfect for his keyboard and mouse, and a dedicated space to keep a CPU tower. Below the CPU tower shelf is an extra space with a door to keep stuff like books, writing materials, and other important supplies.

This desk would be great as a space-saver helping him to easily organize his devices and gadgets. Don’t be surprised if he decides to take it along when he goes off to college.This is an image of boy's computer desk in black color


33. 5-Piece Comforter Set

With the right beddings, any room can be transformed. For s boy of seventeen, a transformation that makes his room look very grownup would be a priority. This 5-piece bedding/comforter would help him achieve that goal.

As well as making his room more matured, sleeping is going to be a whole lot better for him; thanks to the 100% microfiber polyester that is soft and cozy. He would love the lightweight comforter that is also filled with polyester: perfectly striking that delicate balance between warmth and comfort at all times.

It is a complete set that includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, pillowcase, pillow sham, and comforter.This is an image of boy's 5 piece bed bedding set in colorful colors


34. LEGO Ship In A Bottle Building Kit

If your 17 bday ideas include getting a Lego building set, one of the best options is the Ship In A Bottle kit. It is an adult-specific building kit that would appeal to him for many reasons. The finished ship, nestled in the bottle, is so beautiful he’d gladly display it where everybody can see. The set even comes with a specially made display rack for that purpose.

Using the 962 pieces and the instructions, he can decide to build the ship inside or outside the bottle. Whatever his choice, he is going to have fun putting together this amazing and detailed ship that includes a captain’s quarters, cannons, crow’s nest, sails, and flags.This is an image of boy's LEGO ideas ship in a bottle building kit


35. What Do You Meme? Game

As a seventeen-year-old, games that have hitherto been closed to him because he wasn’t old enough would appeal greatly to his sense of adulthood and adventure. What Do You Meme? is one such game designed for adults with a fun level that is directly proportional to the creativity and sense of humor of the players.

It is all about who would become the Meme King by coming up with the wittiest, outrageous, or most hilarious catchphrases to accompany pictures on the playing cards. It is a perfect game for all kinds of parties, beach trips, camping, or even at home with the family.

The pack contains 435 cards divided into 360 caption cards and 75 photo cards. Made from premium quality material, the cards are thick with glossy finishing capable of withstanding repeated use.This is an image of boy's What do you meme card game


36. Funny Gaming T-shirt

Funny tees are becoming increasingly popular among teens. If he is a gamer, he would love this tee that is clearly designed for a gamer with a weird sense of humor.

Made from high-quality material, the design is modern and can be used for casual outings, school, trips, as well as to stay at home. It is an all-purpose t-shirt that won’t fail to amuse anybody that reads the ‘I Paused My Game To Be Here’ words printed across the front in glossy black letters.This is an image of boy's I paused my game to be here T-shirt in gray color


37. Drawing Tablet

If he loves graphic design, digital drawing and art, how about this stunning Gaomon drawing tablet to help unleash and take his skills to the next level. With this drawing tablet, his artistic endeavors would never be restricted by a limited number of sheets of paper and pens or pencils that can let him down.

The 15.6″ display offers an ample workspace. He’d be impressed by the quality of the images rendered on the screen as well as the stylus that doesn’t require too much pressure to get the job done.

Though this is comparatively cheaper compared to high-end models, the features, including many vital hotkeys, make it an outstanding tool for anybody that is at the beginning of a great career as a graphic artist.This is an image of boy's drawing tablet with pen


38. Drone

A drone gift is simply one of the easiest ways to wow a teenager no matter how old they are. If he has never flown one before, Snaptain’s S5C would be perfect for him to cut his drone piloting teeth. The drone is easy to control either with the remote control that has a range of over 250 feet or via the installed app on a compatible smartphone.

Suitable for the outdoors, it comes with propeller guards to prevent damage and ensure the durability of the drone. Also included are two rechargeable batteries to provided extended flight time. And with the WiFi and on-board camera connected to his smartphone, he can record amazing videos and take pictures in real-time. He could then share the footage to his social media accounts for his friends and family to see the amazing time he is having.

He would enjoy taking it through its paces using the Smart Voice control, while getting excited with the unidirectional movements, hovering over a spot, and executing impressive 360° flips and rolls.This is an image of boy's drone with remote control in black and blue colors


39. Leather Wallet with RFID Blocker

In more ways than you can possibly imagine, this slim and minimalist Buffway wallet is the perfect accessory for a modern and trendy kid. In the digital age, slim and smaller is in, while big and bulky, as represented by wallets of another age, is out.

But the size has little to do with its ability to carry all the essentials. There are enough pockets and compartments to slot in IDs, debit or credit cards, cash and much more. More importantly, with the in-built RFID blocking technology, his cards are fully protected from digital thieves.

The cross black, sleek wallet is made from genuine leather. In effect, he can use this wallet as long as he wants.This is an image of boy's slim minimalist wallet in black color


40. Men Care Pack

With a subtle but great smell, this Dove Men Care pack would make a great gift for a young man who knows that taking care of himself is more than just about clothes and good food. How you smell and how the skin looks can be used as a metric for snap judgment on your personality. Hence, a good care pack to project the right impression.

This pack comes with three products: an antiperspirant that is tough on sweat; anti-dandruff shampoo to leave the hair soft and devoid of flakes; and body and face wash for stronger and healthier skin.This is an image of boy's dove men care gift pack


41. Pair of Men’s Slipper Shoe

It is not every day he’d feel like wearing kicks, shoes, or sandals. A shoe that is a cross between a slip-on and sneakers gives him another option to project a sophisticated and casual look without feeling sloppy by any means.

These grey clog slippers are comfortable to wear and come with memory foam footbed to ensure that the breaking in period is extremely short. The clogs would feel like they were customized for him almost immediately.

Perfect for outdoor and indoor use, the shoes come with a durable, textured sole. This helps to prevent sliding or slipping no matter where or how long he is wearing them.This is an image of boy's foam indoor slipper shoe in gray color


42. ‘For Boys Only:..’  Hardcover Book

At seventeen, boys tend to feel they have seen and done it all. It takes a book like this to let them know there is a whole world of interesting and exciting things out there they have no idea about.

The book’s tagline of being ‘The Biggest, Baddest Book Ever’ is not in any way misleading from the point of view of the content. It is, arguably, one of the biggest collection of unusual facts, puzzles, interesting stats, how to’s, stories and other stuff for boys on the planet.This is an image of book for boys only


43. Bracelet

Bracelets as gifts ideas for 17 year old boy can be made really awesome with the right customization. This inspirational bracelet engraved with a bible verse would be awesome for your boy if you are worried that life would pitch some serious curveballs he can’t handle.

The simple design of the bracelet is perhaps a pointer that life isn’t complicated if he trusts in the Lord. The inspirational message is engraved on a stainless steel band ensuring it won’t lose its shine after a while. You would love that the soft silicone strap can be adjusted easily to fit his wrist.This is an image of boy's cross bracelet with quote in black color


44. Pair of Gaming Socks

Socks do sound rather mundane as a 17 year old bday ideas. What about gamers’ socks? That should pretty much be something that helps him be a badass gamer, right?

Badass gamer or not, we are sure everybody won’t mind a good laugh and that exactly what these socks provide. The calf-length socks are super comfortable made with just the right grip not to distract him from his game. At the least, the blend of polyester, cotton, and elastane materials would keep his feet warm.

Both pairs feature an embroidered band at the top with the words’ EAT, SLEEP, PLAY’. And on the soles of are rubberized meme phrasing that together read, DO NOT DISTURB I AM GAMING.This is an image of boy's gamer socks in black color


45. Bluetooth Gaming Keyboard

Just like socks and bracelets, a keyboard as a 17th birthday idea can feel rather ordinary. But it can be inspiring when it comes with several premium features like Bluetooth 4.0, RGB backlight, ergonomic design, long battery life, and much more.

With the colorful design, responsive keys, and awesome wireless connectivity, it would make an excellent accessory of he loves gaming. It is very flexible though; so he can use it anywhere. And the durable nature means this is likely to be with him for as long as it’s necessary.This is an image of boy's mechanical gaming keyboard with LED lights in black color


46. Keyboard Set

With a fully-featured electronic piano, keyboard stand, padded stool, headphones, and other accessories, a music-lover would be over the moon with this gift. This would be perfect as graduation or birthday gift.

Whatever the occasion for the gift, it is a clear message that you are solidly behind him if he wants to pursue a career in music. This is a complete package that includes a month-long free membership for piano lessons and access to face-to-face lessons for two months.

This is an image of boy's electronic keyboard piano


47. LED Mini Racing Car

If you are contemplating toy gifts in your 17th birthday ideas for boys list, you won’t go wrong with this mini racing car by USA Toyz. This gift would wake that child in him that used to have so much fun without a care in the world. He would love the sweet nostalgia of playing with a light-up car that is also capable of captivating people around him.

The toy is basically a mini racing stunt car inside a transparent glass stunt ball. When activated, the car spins around at breathtaking speed turning the  stunt ball into a light bulb of many flashing colors. He could hold the car up by the attached keyring and simply allow it to amaze onlookers spinning in a circle in midair. The effect is best when the room is dark making it awesome for parties.This is an image of boy's Micro racer mini car with Led lights


48. Hooded Sweatshirt

The last, and certainly not the least, gift for boys 17 on our list is this awesome sweatshirt. This isn’t a sweatshirt for the faint-hearted. He is going to stand out no matter the crowd.

Made of 88% polyester and 12% spandex materials, it features a realistic 3D design of the galaxy in bright and vivid colors. It is the night sky on a summer day with the Stars blazing in all their glory. It also comes with a drawstring hood and side pockets.This is an image of boy's galaxy graphic hoodie in colorful colors


Buying Considerations

Since not all boys of seventeen are the same, the gifts you choose would depend largely on his personality and a few other factors. Generally, what we know about boys of this age is their preoccupation with cars, girls, dating, the latest tech devices, and video games.

However, since what works for one guy of 17 is not guaranteed to have the same effect on a different dude, you can use the guide below to narrow down appropriate gift(s) for him from your list of gift ideas.


If there is a way you can find out what he loves doing or his hobbies, you are almost done nailing the best gift for him. For instance, if he loves outdoor activities, gifts like a skateboard and an action camera would make his day.

And for a video game-loving dude, all you have to do is simply look for the latest video games or consoles. Make sure it is the latest or you’ll likely get something he has already.


For a boy, it is either he wants to be different, or he wants to be seen as a dude who gets it. ‘Getting it’ means the things he uses – gadgets, clothes, shoes, etc. – are trendy and fashionable.

Essentially, he’d love gifts from popular brands. Apart from the undoubted quality of these gifts, the admiring glances from friends are like a validation of his awesomeness. The boost to his self-esteem would be good for him in his social interactions.


All things being equal, he is about to graduate from high school. Depending on a lot of factors, this could be a confusing period as he is faced with choices that might color the rest of his life.

Is college his best option after high school? Should he get a job first? Travel for a bit? And even if he decides on college, what direction should he take in terms of majors?

Book gifts that educate him on how to make wise decisions would be great. He’d learn many skills, hacks, and life lessons teachers and parents are not equipped or have the time to teach him.

Age affirmation

Though he is just 17, he’d love to be treated like a fully grownup adult. His behavior will likely conform to the image he has of a matured man. This isn’t a bad thing most of the time.

Giving him gifts that reaffirm his status as a matured person would thrill him to bits. You don’t have to splurge on something like a car to achieve that. Simple gifts like the computer desk and comforter for his room would do the trick too.


Best Gift Overall

Tech gifts, like drones, tug at the right emotional strings in boys of all ages. This Snaptain’s S5C quadcopter is well-made with awesome safety and premium tech features. It is simple to use but is sophisticated enough so he knows this’ a gift for responsible adults looking for a bit of fun outdoors.

The safety features ensure the drone is going to be around for a long time. With the tech features, he can do most of the things that appeal to teenagers. These include recording videos and taking photos from as high as 300 feet in real-time. He could share them instantly with his friends online.This is an image of boy's drone with remote control in black and blue colors


Best Budget Gift

Armitron’s sport watch is an awesome budget birthday gift for any teenager. With its rugged design, awesome features, and simple functionality, even adults would fancy it for everyday use.

The chronograph has a manly feel about it. The blend of colors is decidedly not flashy. The red accents are just enough to make it appropriately attractive though. The watch would most likely be his favorite chronograph especially if he loves sporting and outdoor activities.This is an image of boy's sport chronograph watch in black and red colors


Gift For 17 Year Old Boy Who Has Everything?

The expert advice to avoid getting something he already has is to ask him what he needs. He’d surely not request for something he doesn’t want.

That said, if you have a way of finding out the things he has already (again, you could ask him), you can get accessories for them. Accessories for the things he has are always spot on because they offer more options on usage. To put it another way, accessories make old gifts more interesting.

Another idea is to get the very latest items he has already. Like the latest games for his console, shoes, and clothes. Most times, all you need is just a bit of creativity to get around this problem.


What Is A Good Gift For A 17 Year Old On His Birthday?

Actually, any quality gift can be a birthday gift. But before getting it, do ensure it is something he might like and is appropriate for his age.

If you are in doubt, simply make the gift birthday-specific via customization with nice birthday message engravings or ‘happy birthday’ wrappings with his name tucked in somewhere obvious.