Best Gifts for 16 Year Old Boys

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If you came here because you are having a tough time figuring out suitable gifts for 16 year old boy, you are in luck! Whether it’s his birthday, Christmas, or any occasion you feel it’s auspicious enough for a present, we have exactly what you need here.

The list of items in this guide is huge. This is deliberate to ensure you don’t leave here without making a choice. It has to be so to cover awesome gifts from different categories so his interests (no matter what they are) and your budget (no matter the size) are taken care of.

This wasn’t a rushed job though. It was based on days of careful research to ensure only the best presents worthy of your time and money make it through our filters. So if you have a son, nephew, friend’s kid, your boss’ boy that is sixteen, we guarantee you’ll find that special gift or gifts for him here.


47 Best Gifts for 16 Year Old Boys

The next section reviews the 47 amazing gifts we compiled in different categories. You want to grab a cup of coffee to be alert so you don’t miss that gift item that could turn out to be the best thing to ever happen to him.

1. Electronic Roll Up Drum Set

Kicking off this guide of cool gift ideas for teen boys is this amazing drum set that is perfect if he loves creating music or has aspirations of being a drummer of his own rock n roll boy band.

The set is easy to set up and is powered by a rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 10 hours. This ensures he can play for as long as he wants. With the included 3.5mm jack, he could plug in his headphones and practice all night without disturbing others with the constant racket.

The mini drum set is the complete package featuring a snare, crash, ride, hi-hat, 3 Toms, two foot pedals for bass drum, and in-built dual speakers. Included in the pack are a couple of drum sticks and USB cable to charge the battery.This is an image of boy's electronic drum set in black and green colors


2. PS4 Slim Console

This is one of the latest PlayStation consoles released by Sony. That it’s now one of the bestselling video game consoles among teens is a testament to its all round quality.

This’ a compact and slimmer version making it more portable. But in terms of features,  it’s not a pared-down version by any means. The content is just as good as it can get on any video game console. It comes with lots of great exclusive content and games from other developers including the very best ones we’re all used to.

It’s easy to use and comes with 1TB of storage space. This gives avid gamers more than enough space to store HDR-enabled PS4 games, videos, music and much more.This is an image of boy's playstation 4 slim console with 1tb and remote control in black color


3. Portable Indoor Game Center

If he loves sporting activities, this gaming center by EastPoint Sports would be a great 16th birthday present for him. It would also be excellent as a Christmas or holiday gift to play his favorite sports indoors bad weather.

The gaming center features 3 of America’s favorite sports. football, baseball, and basketball. It comes with 2 hoops for basketball games, a baseball pitching target, and a football receiver target. The arcade-style design adds excitement with automatic LED scoring and game sounds.

The set comes with all the accessories required for real game experiences including a total of 8 balls and an inflator pump for the basketballs.This is an image of boy's 3 in 1 basketball shoot game set


4. Bike

Schwinn’s Boys bike is one of the most affordable options to get for a boy who loves going on long trail rides. The 20-inch wheels come with tires suited for all types of terrains while the steel frame and angled design make for easy handling and maneuvers.

His safety is enhanced by the responsive brakes and anti-slip pedals and handlebars. And with the adjustable seats and frame, his height wouldn’t be a problem guaranteeing a comfortable riding experience at all times and for many years.This is an image of boy's bike 20 inch wheels in blue color


5. ‘Manual to Manhood…’ Paperback Book

This book is the perfect alternative parenting guide for teen boys. At 16, there are difficult questions he’d need answers to but might be too afraid to ask his parents or teachers. This book fills that vacuum and much more.

In almost 300 pages, all subjects in different categories that would interest a young man desirous of being a successful adult are tackled. No subject is considered taboo. But it is a fun read too with topics like how to grill steak, knot ties, how to make small talk with strangers, picking up girls, planning a first date, become a handyman around the home, applying for jobs, and much more.

If you want him to successfully take on most of the curveballs life would throw at him, this book by Sean Covey is his secret weapon.This is an image of boy's book manual to manhood


6. Pair of Nike Slide Sandals

How about a pair of slides that are so comfortable he could wear all day? These sandals would make a perfect holiday gift for indoor and outdoor use. Trust us, this would be his default sandals for outings to the beach, swimming pool, mall, or just to take a stroll around the block.

The slides come with injected Phylon midsole that also doubles as the outsole. This, together with the flex grooves, ensure his feet would feel like being glued to a soft bed for the ultimate in impact protection and comfort while walking respectively.

He’ll love the bold Nike logo printed smack in the middle of the plush white strap. That should leave no one in doubt he is wearing one of the best slides for men.This is an image of boy's nike sandal in white and black colors


7. ‘Pick Your Poison’ Card Game

Two reasons why this game is taking family game nights by storm: the endless or possible card combinations and its ability to give players fresh insights into the personality of folks they thought they knew. For your boy, this allows him to have endless fun with friends while finding out how hilariously messed up they are.

This is a more hilarious and outrageous version ‘Card Against Humanity’ that promotes funny conversations and goes beyond just picking cards. Players have to know their opponents to figure out what they are going to pick. That is one of the best strategies to employ to score more points.

The game pack comes with over 300 cards and a rules book explaining what the game is all about and some basic tips. It is easy to understand and play ensuring he wouldn’t waste time learning how to play.This is an image of boy's card game pick your poison


8. Laser Tag Blasters

Settling for laser guns that work as described in the least he expects if you plan on getting him blasters for tag battles. This 4-gun pack instantly allows him to engage in exciting battles with three of his best buddies.

Each blaster comes with 4 modes settings – pistol, shotgun, submachine gun, and rocket – with very realistic weapons sounds to provide a riveting and immersive game experience. And with the built-in receiver that allows each gun to act as a target, vests are not required to have fun with the guns. The ‘Lives Bar’ on each gun counts down the lives after each hit to help players keep records without interfering with the flow of the battle.This is an image of boy's infrared laser tag set


9. Skateboard by Rimmable

It would be hard to separate a skateboarding-loving boy from this 22-inch retro-styled skateboard.  With smooth PU aluminum wheels combined with high-speed bearings and amazing patterns on the surface, he can easily perform all the trick he’d been thinking of.

The amazing and colorful design of the skateboard makes it a cool fashion accessory. It could be his main mode of stylish transportation to school, park, malls, etc., to replace waking.

The premium-quality plastic skateboard comes fully assembled with high-quality 3″ aluminum trucks. It is able to take a maximum load of close to 200 lbs enhancing its durability in the long term.This is an image of boy's 22 inches skateboard with cosmic graphics


10. Shaker Bottle

BlenderBottle’s shaker has made a name as one of the preeminent portable storage containers for serious athletes, hikers, and extreme sports enthusiasts. The multifunctional bottle is perfect for keeping pills, supplements, beverage and more.

The included patented BlenderBall is remarkable for easily blending and mixing various ingredients into a drink of smooth consistency. Essentially, he has a portable blender that requires only vigorous shaking to get the job done.

The 3-jar bottle features a space-saving pill organizer, twist and lock jars to keep contents secure at all times, flip cap, and a unique loop attached to the cover making it easy to carry while offering a convenient and safe place to keep keys when he is busy elsewhere.This is an image of boy's water bottle in gray color


11. High Back Gaming Chair

With too much focus on the best hardwares and accessories, game-lovers tend to forget that a place to rest their butt while playing video games is just as important. This chair isn’t just a convenient place to sit a play his favorite video games, it delivers extreme comfort during those long hours while playing. With a chair like this, the usual aches and pains in the neck, back, and waist after long hours of sitting won’t be around to distract him.

Also perfect as regular chair for reading and lounging, the ergonomically-designed chair features a height-adjustable cylinder, caster wheels making movement easy and smooth, sturdy base, 90 – 180 degrees angle adjuster with tilt-locking mechanism, soft headset pillow and lumbar cushions, and much more.This is an image of boy's gaming chair in black and blue color


12. Bluetooth Beanie

Teen boys would love the freedom and discrete fashion statement this Bluetooth beanie delivers while quietly listening to the beats of their favorite songs via the amazing speakers. With the charging port and control panel hidden under the hood, there is nothing to detract from the beautiful design of the stretchy cotton and acrylic fiber it is made with.

Perfect for jogging and thick enough to keep the head and ears warm, it comes with the latest Bluetooth technology ensuring that it connects easily with compatible devices. With a long battery life of up to 12 hours, he can spend a whole day listening to music, receiving and making calls, and chatting on a fully-charged battery.This is an image of boy's bluetooth hat in black color


13. Electric Shocking Game

This game is easy to play and the young man would absolutely love it. It would be a hit with his friends during parties or when they are simply hanging out. It is all about who gets zapped by a jolt of electric current for being too slow!

The game can get quite intense as players concentrate on the blinking red light to turn green and music to stop playing to press the trigger/button at the top of the joystick. The last to hit the button loses;  they get shocked by the electric current. The look of amazement on the loser’s face is always epic and hilarious.

Designed for a maximum of 4 players simultaneously, the game features 3 harmless levels of shock to regulate the current between low and high electric current.This is an image of boy's shocking game


14. Rainbow Six Siege for PS4

A Tom Clancy game for PS4 is always intense and exciting bringing a new perspective to hunting down terrorists in various parts of the world. Rainbow Six Siege doesn’t let up the intensity with players allowed to choose 4 different counter-terrorist operations, pick amazing weapons and be the head of the team of well-trained virtual soldiers.

Inspired by real-life operations around the world, Rainbow Six Siege allows players to become experts in close-up combats, tactics, team play, etc.

The game comes with different battle modes with players allowed to alter the battle landscape for variety adding more excitement to actions that feature explosions, breaching of walls and ceilings while mastering the various aspects of destructions which is the key to prevailing in the game.This is an image of boy's rainbow six siege game for playstation 4 console


15. Leather Wallet

The power and prestige that comes with carrying a popular brand name are packed in this Tommy Hilfiger wallet. Made from 100% leather, the bifold wallet is not just about the name though. The beautifully-crafted wallet delivers quality, flexibility and the durability expected from the brand.

The size is just perfect to fit into his back pocket without causing an unseemly bulge. There enough pockets and slots to keep all the small but important stuff young boys need to carry around daily. These include pockets for credit cards, driver’s license, and bills. It also has a removable ID card holder that serves the dual function of keeping IDs or providing extra space to carry other items when needed.This is an image of boy's Wallet by Tommy helfiger in gray color


16. kick Scooter

This scooter is designed to deliver very impressive speeds no matter the terrain offering him a different way to get around. He is going to have serious fun and with the right attitude, pull it off with panache.

With rear and front 20mm wheels, a solid deck that can support up to 220 lbs, Hikole’s scooter is designed to comfortably and effortlessly transport teens no matter their size. He’d love cruising down slopes with it knowing that the foot rear fender brake with reinforced brake pedal will bring it to a stop instantly.

It can easily be folded in 3 easy steps; this, combined with the lightweight, makes it easy to carry where it can’t be ridden.This is an image of boy's kick scooter in black color


17. Bluetooth Dancebot Speaker

Toys are not usually associated with gift ideas for 16 year old boy except in a few exceptional cases. This robot Bluetooth speaker by Echeers qualifies as one of those outstanding instances where a toy is a cool gift for a teen boy who loves listening to music.

The 5W speaker adds a new meaning to listening to and enjoying music. With the integrated AI technology, the speaker is able to interpret audio input and dances to the rhythm on its flexible legs with joints that can rotate 360°. And while dancing, the expression on its face-like display syncs with the music simulating perfectly simulating humans.

This is a sweet, fun toy that easily connects to compatible Bluetooth devices up to 33 feet.This is an image of boy's educational dancing robot in white and red colors


18. LEGO Apollo Saturn V Building Kit

This Lego 1:110 scale model of the famous Saturn V spaceship would thrill him to bits if he is interested in NASA’s space program and space explorations in general. The rocket is a veteran of the space program with many notable feats under its belt including launching America’s first space station into space. That would be a piece of history he would love to display in his room.

First, though, he has to build the rocket from scratch using almost 2000 Lego pieces. That should occupy him for a long time. He is going to enjoy every moment of it. The pieces include the iconic 3 removable rocket stages, command and service module, and 2 mini astronauts figures. This is an image of boy's LEGO nasa apollo building kit


19. Digital Camera

A camera in the hands of a sixteen-year-old boy with so many ideas spinning in his head is the license and freedom to explore many of those ideas. This could even be the start of a great adventure as a vlogger sharing his amazing videos and photos to fans around the world.

With the 20MP lens, 8X optical zoom lens, and other awesome premium features, taking pictures of friends, family, places, and at events would be pure fun considering the quality of the pictures and how easy it is to operate it.

The compact camera features a 2.7″ LCD for crystal clear images, HD 720p video recording, optical image stabilizer and much more. The pack includes really useful accessories such as camera case, cleaning kit, tabletop tripod, screen protectors, USB card reader, 16GB memory card, and memory card wallet. This is an image of boy's digital camera set in gray color


20. Things to do Before Graduation

This paperback title ’97 Things to do Before You Finish High School’ is an inspirational book that would crystallize his thoughts to focus on important teenage activities including fun ones. Years later, when he looks back on his teenage years, he can boldly say, ‘Being there, done all of that, and had a helluva time.’ In other words, some of the best days of his life were used to good effect.

Just over 200 pages long, the book is packed with stuff parents or teachers don’t teach teenagers. It is a very educational book that aims to inculcate good values in him while teaching him lots of useful life hacks.This is an image of boy's 97 things to do before you finish high school


21. Magnetic Dartboard

This is a sweet dartboard that comes with the classic design loved by veteran players. Dart game is easy to play and is equally easy roping in friends or families to join in exciting games. He can also have fun playing solo games testing his aiming skills at different distances from the board.

Easy to hang on the wall and made from very durable material, the 16″ board comes with 6 safe magnetic darts that can fly true and straight for better accuracy. The magnets on the tip of the darts are of high quality and would never need replacing. This guarantees years of enjoying the game in his room or any suitable space in the apartment.This is an image of boy's doinkit darts set in black color


22. Apple Series 4 Smartwatch

Apple’s Series 4 was the first smart wearable from the company to come with a comparatively large LED of 1.78″ making it easy to figure out what is on the display. Beyond that though, it is a watch of premium quality with some awesome features and functions.

The pitch-black watch can be used to monitor his heart rate, sleeping pattern, location, and many other vital body functions to help keep him healthy. This is in addition to being able to make and receive calls, act as a walkie talkie, check the time, listen to music and so much more.

This is a great gadget to have around for those days he doesn’t feel like using his smartphone.This is an image of boy's Apple watch Series 4 with Sport loop in gray color


23. Hover Soccer Ball Set

Playing soccer indoors doesn’t get any better with this 2-in-1 gift that would be perfect for as a holiday gift. With a soccer ball and 2 goal posts, It would be perfect for eliminating boredom in the winter months when heavy snow or extreme cold forces folks to stay indoors. He could easily organize mini soccer tournaments with family members or even friends when the cone around.

The pick of the set, though, is the hover ball with flashing LED lights. Made of durable but soft plastic and foam, the hover ball invites people to kick it as much as they want. It would bounce off walls asking for more. Chasing and kicking the floating ball around the apartment is going to be a popular game in your home.This is an image of boy's LED hover soccer ball set in red color


24. Funny T-shirt

What is the best way to show the world your teenage kid has an awesome sense of humor? How about this gift of a black tee with a hilarious inscription and stick drawing printed across the front?

This 100% cotton tee comes with a simple timeless design to underline the laid-back style being projected. The graphics are of exceptional quality with a smooth feel to them. This ‘HOW TO PICK UP CHICKS’ tee will always bring a smile to people’s faces.This is an image of boy's T shirts how to pick up chikcs in black color


25. Gaming Headset

This gaming headset by Runmus somehow manages to combine ruggedness and pleasing aesthetics making it an awesome headset for boys who love online multi-player games.

Compatible with Xbox One, PCs, PS4 and other consoles, it comes with a 7.1 surround sound stereo for amazing audio quality.  It features an LED noise-canceling mic with a power-off switch if he doesn’t feel like communicating with other players.

Other features of the lightweight, ergonomic headset include comfortable earmuffs, retractable headband, and premium 50mm neodymium to enhance the sound quality.This is an image of boy's gaming headset with LED light in black and red colors


26. A Desk

This minimalist desk would make an excellent gift and a cool addition to his room or study; the sleek look improving the room’s decor without taking up too much space.

Assembling it is super-easy even one person can do it with all the needed tools included in the pack. You only need to install the four legs and two legs support bars with the hex keys and other accessories like the adjustable leg pads to make it stable even on uneven surfaces.

The almost 24″ and 55″ long provides enough space for his computer, books, and writing materials.  It comes with a  thick laminate, scratch-resistant surface that is easy to clean ensuring it maintains its pristine look for a long time.This is an image of boy's Computer desk in gray and black colors


27. Portable Foosball Set

You won’t know how exciting and fun this game is until you have it atop a convenient table at home. Your boy is likely to know or would have an idea and that is one reason he is going to be super excited with it.

Easy to learn and play, the set would be perfect for entertaining his friends when they come over or even to enjoy daily competitive and entertaining games at home with other family members. The small size ensures he can take it with him anywhere to continue having fun.This is an image of boy's soccer table game in colorful colors


28. LED Flashing Gloves

You’ve heard about being the life of the party; with these gloves, the literary becomes the light of any party he finds himself. And because the attractive lights would surely attract a crowd, he is inevitable, the life of the party too.

These amazing gloves come with 6 modes and 3-color LED lights. They are simple to operate using the controls on the wrist. Soon enough, with a bit of creativity,  he’d produce varieties of light combinations to completely dazzle everybody.This is an image of boy's LED flashing gloves


29. Casio’s G-Shock Watch

With the rugged, bold design and other features, this is a no-nonsense watch made for men. A gift of this to him is a clear message that he is now recognized as a bonafide member of the adult male club. That apart, if he knows his watches, he’d acknowledge the Casio brand as a world leader in setting new standards for timekeeping.

The shock and water-resistant watch comes with a very bright LED light to illuminate it in the dark; metallic-looking analog hands, dial, and hour markers made of shiny resin; super-long battery life; full auto-calendar; stopwatch, etc.

We expect this gift to be his favorite timepiece for many years to come.This is an image of boy's casio quartz watch in blue color


30. Rocket Launcher

Sometimes, what to get a 16 year old boy for his birthday is all about the fun he can have. Something simple like this toy rocket launcher by Stomp Launcher packs so much fun and excitement it’s like having a party any time he plays with it.

The pack comes with a launcher that is easy to assemble and 6 rockets that can soar up to a height of 400 feet! This would be perfect as a holiday gift especially if there is an open space or public park nearby to play with friends. For more added variety and visual delight, they could apply the included flame stickers to the sides of the rockers before launching them.This is an image of boy's Rocket extreme game pack in colorful colors


31. Connect 4 Board Game

A board game gift for 16 year old boy like this Connect 4 ticks several boxes when thinking of what to get for him. Most of them promote social skills because the games are best enjoyed with at least one other person. Bonding with Family and friends is also promoted by the games, and because they tend to be easy, fast, and exciting,  the replay value is usually on the high side.

This portable Connect 4 game offers a new twist on the classic version of the game. It features 4 new blocker discs that add more possibilities in terms of the strategies needed to get ahead. Players can choose to start stacking the discs anywhere on the game grid and in any direction.This is an image of boy's Connect 4 strategy board game


32. Backpack by Matein

Matein backpacks are just four years old but are already famous as some of the best multipurpose backpack for people of all ages. The bags are well made with special attention to quality and craftsmanship.

This grey backpack would make an excellent going-back-to-school gift for the teenage dude: the grey color providing the perfect background for the black accents and trimmings giving it that timeless look associated with people who have important business. For him, important means adequate compartments and pockets to safely keep his school stuff including a laptop. The bag comes with a built-in USB port so he can charge his devices on-the-go.

Made of high-quality, water-resistant polyester, it features tough metal zippers, luggage strap, an anti-theft pocket to keep valuable items, and adjustable padded shoulder straps.This is an image of boy's Backpack in gray color


33. Sneakers

How about getting him a pair of lightweight Bronax sneakers that are perfect for walking long distances if you are planning a special trip to Disney as part of his birthday celebration? As well as being very comfortable no matter how long it is worn, he is going to be thrilled by the startling spider web design on a bright red background. This pair of sneakers is for the bold and young!

Each pair has a slip-on design with laces. They also come with durable rubber soles and comfortable padding at the tip and collar respectively for added comfort.

The combination of lightweight, awesome design, and rubber soles for comfort makes them very versatile. He can use them in the gym, for jogging, casual and formal outings, and extreme outdoor sporting activities.This is an image of boy's shoe with graffiti in red, Black and white colors by BRONAX


34. iPad Mini 4

No other brand beats an Apple gadget when it comes devices teens dream of having.  This iPad Mini 4 is all of their dreams come true making it one of the best presents for 16 year old boy.

With the powerful A12 processor, sharp 7.9″ display, 10 hours of battery life, and 3.5mm headphone jack, this mini iPad is the perfect digital companion for him. The strong performances mean watching movies, listening to music, playing games, or even running heavy softwares would always be a delight without freezing or lagging.

The tablet comes with WiFi connectivity giving him access to thousands of apps and multimedia content on iTunes. And if he is interested in photography and recording live videos, the lens capable of 8MP photos and 1080p HD videos is at his disposal.This is an image of boy's Apple ipad mini 4 in gray color


35. ‘The 6 Most Important Decisions….For Teens’ Paperback

The value of books like this one by Sean Covey goes beyond the number of pages or the 6 decisions eloquently presented in the book. The wider impact in your boy’s life is what this’ mostly about.

As he journeys into adulthood, he needs all the help he can get to make it a success. Love is tough with so many perplexing situations that can leave the unprepared traumatized for long. This book provides him with the most important tools to stay prepare and consequently, inspiration to fully grasp what is at stake.

Perfect as a birthday or holiday gift, encourage him to read it slowly during long trips or when he had tons of time to spare.This is an image of boy's book the most 6 decisions you'll ever make


36. Guess Who? Board Game

Guess Who? is one of the unique gift ideas for boys age 16 if you are looking for a new board game that is fun, exciting, and the whole family can also enjoy.

The game is all about guessing who the opponent’s mystery character is. The first to guess correctly wins that round. Conversely, a wrong guess translates to losing that game. He’ll be pleasantly surprised that a four-decades-old game can still excite teens today.

It is easy to play and comes with an instructions guide, 2 plastic game units, and 72 game cards.This is an image of boy's board game Guess who?


37. Bedside Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker

Cool gifts for 16 yr old boys can be anything depending on the occasion and how useful they are. It gets better if the design is sleek like this bedside lamp that also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker. In effect, you are gifting him two gifts in one beautifully-designed device.

With 4 different levels of brightness and multiple colors, it would be very useful as a reading lamp as well as providing a great ambiance for sleep or to relax while listening to music via the speakers. The control buttons are easy to master and very responsive to touch making regulation of the light modes and colors easy.This is an image of boy's Lamp with bluetooth speaker in blue color


38. Tabletop Robot

For a boy who is interested in engineering and robotics, this crab-like robot offers him different ways to explore that passion. With the included parts and instructions, he’d learn how to build a robot and ultimately understand how the different parts sync to create a functional machine.

It would be exciting for him to watch the finished robot scuttle across the floor, changing directions, and performing acrobatic tricks after inserting a battery.This is an image of boy's 4M robot in gray color


39. Spike Ball

A kid sixteen years old who loves outdoor sporting activities is going to be enamored by Spike ball, a game that is played like volleyball with the net placed horizontally and a few inches off the ground.

Very portable and easy to set up, the game is easy to play, fast and very exciting. Your boy would love taking it to the beach to play with friends or even strangers. Crowds can easily get caught up in the fun and intensity of the game as teams try to outwit opponents.

A typical game involves two teams of two players each smacking the ball on the net. The aim is to ensure the ball doesn’t touch the ground. The included rule book contains instructions on scoring and tips on how to win games.This is an image of boy's spikeball game set


40. Acoustic Guitar

Here is this thing about guitars: everybody loves playing one even if they don’t know how. This makes them some of the best gift ideas for kids and teens of all ages.

Made of high-quality materials, this 36″ handcrafted, acoustic guitar by Pyle comes with everything he needs to start playing immediately. This includes a digital pitch pipe tuner and 2 picks made of Pearloid. Other important accessories include the guitar case, spare strings, cleaning cloth, and a gift card.This is an image of boy's Classical acoustic guitar pack


41. Monopoly: Game Of Thrones

He might have been too young to watch when Game of Thrones started airing on TV almost a decade ago. But, he surely was caught up in the excitement of the hit TV series penultimate and last seasons. That is enough reason for him to look forward to this Monopoly game that is based on that show.

It is essentially the classic game of Monopoly with the added excitement of wheeling and dealing in Westeros. The game pieces include iconic and beautifully crafted medieval and fantasy objects such as holdfasts, castles, coins, dragons, etc., found in the TV show.

Players would also be treated to the classic Game of Thrones hit song via the included musical stand that also supports the famous Iron Throne. The throne is the game’s cardholder.This is an image of boy's Monopoly game of thrones board ame


42. Hooded Sweatshirt

If he doesn’t have a sweatshirt in his wardrobe, this could be a good thing because it falls on you to get him that last piece of clothing to make his wardrobe complete. It’s almost like finding the final piece of a missing puzzle.

This hoodie features everything people have come to expect from Amazon Essentials clothing: quality and affordable. The emphasis though is on the quality that is based on very high standards.

So it’s normal that the plush sherpa-lined shirt is made from high-quality polyester. It features kangaroo pockets, flat drawstrings, and zippered front for a comfortable casual fit and also perfect in keeping the body and head warm.This is an image of boy's Sweatshirt in black color


43. Drone

For many teens, flying a drone is the ultimate in outdoor fun. The excitement of controlling a flying object is a throwback to the fun they had not too long ago with kites. This is even better as they don’t have to depend on favorable winds and can maneuver their craft however they want with a touch of a few buttons.

This Holy Stone F181C quadcopter is perfectly suited for a beginner with many of the features designed to make it easy to control its flight pattern.

And with the HD camera, he can take shots or record videos in real-time from as high as 300 feet. The drone can be made to flip 360°, hover over a spot, and move in all directions using the ergonomic remote.This is an image of boy's quadcopter drone with RC in black color


44. Basketball Bedding Comforter

It’s a no-brainer guessing correctly that a basketball-loving boy would be over the moon with this comforter that also includes two matching pillowcases. We daresay the combination of colors, 3D printed design of a basketball court and basketball, and ultra-soft material makes this something everybody teenage boy would love even if they dislike the game.

The set is not just about the startling beauty and ability to make a room look beautiful though, it is also very durable. The breathable microfiber material is even more durable than cotton.This is an image of boy's Night basketball bedding court


45. Foldable Tablet Stand

Holding a gadget all the time can get tedious, forcing people to constantly adjust positions and switch hands to relieve pressure. That is what makes a stand to hold devices a must-have accessory especially if he loves watching movies on his tablet and smartphone.

With this lightweight but sturdy aluminum alloy stand, he could just lean back and enjoy his screen time without wasting energy holding the device up. Best of all, the stand can be tilted to his preferred angle to match his sitting or lying position.This is an image of boy's Tablet stand adjustable in gray color


46. Coding Robot

This multiple award-winning robot by Ozobot is clear proof that even at 16, awesome gifts can be just tiny toy robots he could fit into his pocket. The trick is to ensure the toy is so interesting he won’t want to be away from it for a second.

This coding robot offers that and much more. Using the included markers of different colors, he can make the robot move in ways determined by what he draws. The fun is enhanced by the simplicity and endless possibilities available to him.

And if he wants to take his coding skills to the next level, he could go online and use the OzoBlockly drag-and-drop programming editor to reprogram his toy to behave exactly the way he wants it to. At his age, creative ways to code and program the robot would come easily to him.This is an image of boy's Bit coding robot


47. 5 Second Rule Game

It is fitting that a seriously fun game like 5 Second Rules should prop up our guide of 16 year old boy gifts. After all, most gifts are mostly about the fun and the pleasure of making somebody happy. Fun and pleasure are two things he’d surely get in large doses playing this game.

The theme is simple enough: is he smart and clever enough to name three things in a category in under five seconds? With the time running down and timer making distracting fun sounds as the marbles rush down, he’d be surprised how easily tongue-tied people become; or the funny answers they come up with trying to unravel the jumble of ideas in their heads!This is an image of boy's 5 second rule game


Buying Considerations

At 16, boys are at that stage of their development where their physical maturity is not in question. They now look like full-grown men and don’t expect to be prevented from doing many of the things they weren’t allowed to do before. For instance, in some states, he is ready to legally drive a car and even become financially independent getting a part-time job.

And of course, his preoccupation with the ladies, dating, parties, and other social events would be all too evident. Gifts ideas for 16 year old boy have to take all of that into consideration as well as the following factors:

His interests

It’s okay having a great guide with dozens of gift items. But since it is unlikely you’d pick all the items, how do you go about picking just one from so many?

The easiest route is to consider his interests, hobbies or the sort of things he likes doing in his spare time. A typical example is the laser tag blasters; that is the sort of gift to get him bouncing with excitement if he likes playing tag battles with his buddies. This is even more awesome since the pack comes with 4 blasters to share among friends and get on with the battles immediately.

The tiny problem here is having no idea what his interests are especially if you don’t know him that well. Asking people close to him is one way of jumping that hoop. Better yet, you could simply ask him if making it a surprise gift is not mandatory.


One thing you can be sure of it this: he’s got numerous gifts from previous birthdays. You definitely don’t want to get him something he’s got already.

Accessories are the best gift items to avoid this faux pas. Accessories are also awesome because they make old gifts more interesting providing new options on how to use them.

One accessory every teen would love is the smartphone/tablet stand or holder reviewed above. You can stake your last dime he has a device that would fit in nicely there. Now, he doesn’t have to hold his tablet or smartphone when he is streaming a long movie.

You could even add the Bluetooth beanie to keep his head warm on cold days while he gets the audio from the device via the in-built speakers. Is there a better way to chill and enjoy his old tablet or smartphone once again?


At this age, boys are fixated on the quality of the clothes, shoes, smart devices, etc., they use. Beyond the fact that the items must be sturdy and should be able to stand up to rough handling, you need to make sure the brand name stands out.

For instance, an Apple smartwatch, no matter how boring it is,  is the preferred choice for them. The brand name in such a case is all that counts. So have that in mind when you are getting these sorts of gifts for him.

Educational consideration

Educational gifts are very important at this point. But they must rise above targeting particular subjects or getting him interested in new subjects. All things being equal, he already knows his strong suits in school and perhaps has an idea what he wants to become.

Educational here refers to items that teach him what he’ll never learn from his teachers. Sean Covey’s ‘The Six Most Important Decisions You’ll Ever Make’ and ’97 Things to do Before You Finish High School’ are two such gift items.  They give a proper grounding in life to prepare him for the rough years ahead.


Best Gift Overall

While evaluating products to pick the best gifts for 16 year old boy, one factor that wasn’t up for negotiation was that each product provided the best value for money. But apart from providing great value for money, this gaming chair came with so many fantastic attributes it had to be considered in the best buy category.

You could see this chair being a part of the boy’s life for many years. With so many premium features, don’t be surprised if he insists on taking it with him to his college dorm in a couple of years.

This is a seriously badass chair that is designed to keep him comfortable always and minimize the body aches, pains, and niggles that come with sitting for too long. Though it is called a gaming chair, it is actually multifunctional. It can be used for studies, to watch movies, or as a lounger for relaxing.This is an image of boy's gaming chair in black and blue color

Best Budget Gift

Accessories for smartphones and devices are usually great birthday ideas for 16 year old boy. That is why this stand for smartphones and tablets would be a great hit with him.

As well as being very useful to hang tablets and phones, it would make the room look really good, thanks to the shiny aluminum material used in making it. The overall impression is of a sleek device only found in hi-tech environments.

And oh, it can easily and comfortably hold tablets with screen sizes of up to 10″.This is an image of boy's Tablet stand adjustable in gray color

What Are Good Birthday Gifts For a Boy Aged 16?

It’s not unusual for parents to worry themselves sick with thoughts like, ‘I need ideas for my son’s 16th birthday or I’ll go crazy.’  This is quite understandable since boys that age, even if they are a bit undecided about what they want, can be quite hard to please.

However, if you read through this guide, you must have seen how easy the process of getting a great gift for him is. That said, most of the gifts here would make awesome birthday gifts. First though, simply isolate what he loves doing; then select a gift to match that.

The latest devices and gadgets are usually top of the list when it comes to their preferred choices in gifts. So the latest video games or consoles would resonate deeply with them. Or you could simply look for accessories to the stuff he’s got already.

Most importantly for you though, don’t over-think it. You’d be okay with a guide like this and your gut instincts.