Best Gifts for 15 Year Old Girls

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You are most likely reading this because you are looking for awesome gifts or presents for 15 year old girl to get that special young lady very excited. And it is also likely you got no closer to your idea of the perfect gift after mulling over several gift ideas.

We can assure you that your search is over. Whether the occasion is a birthday, Christmas, Halloween, New Year, holiday, etc., you would surely find one in here to impress her no matter her interest or the size of your budget.

So, if she is an adventurous young lady who loves the outdoors, a sports-loving girl, a fashion-conscious diva, budding artists and much more, we got you covered. And whatever gift you finally opt for, you are assured of quality and great value for money.


47 Best Gifts for 15 Year Old Girls

You want to grab a cup of coffee, sit back, relax as we take you through this bumper guide of awesome gift ideas for fifteen-year-old girls. If you don’t have the time to read all it, we have two great suggestions for you after the product reviews; simply scroll down to the ‘Best Buy’ and ‘Best Budget’ sections to see them.

1. Instant Camera

The first item on our list of gifts for 15 year old teenage girl is Fujifilm’s flamingo pink instant camera. Instant cameras are making a big comeback making them some of the trendiest gift items for teenagers today.

It would be perfect as a holiday gift especially in the summer when outdoor activities like concerts and parties are in full swing. With it, she doesn’t have to order for prints as she gets the pictures instantly. She can share the pictures with friends, paste then in her favorite scrapbook, or even post them online for her friends around the world to see how much fun she is having.This is an image of girl's Instant camera by Fujifilm in pink color


2. Crossbody Bag

Next up is this cute brown crossbody bag by Vere Gloria made predominately with vintage canvass material trimmed with cowhide leather. For a fashion-conscious girl, this is a great gift to add to her collection of fashion accessories and bags.

Perfect for everyday use, the bag is well-made, sturdy and comes with a comfortable adjustable shoulder strap. The main compartment is large enough for items such as a mini laptop, tablet, and books. It also has two multifunctional pockets and an interior pocket with zipper making the organization of the smaller but vital stuff easier.This is an image of girl's vintage crossbody bag in brown color


3. PlayStation 4 Slim

It is not for nothing that PlayStation 4 is the highest-selling video game console at the moment. The exclusive content and awesome variety of games makes it a big hit with teenage boys and girls.

This version of the console is slimmer and comes with several additional advantages such as being more energy-efficient and more portable while still keeping the same power and awesomeness of the Pro version: she won’t be missing out on anything.

And with 1TB hard drive, she has enough space for all the best games, HD TV shows and movies, music, and much more.This is an image of girl's playstation 4 slim console with 1TB and remote control in black color


4. Wooden Art Set

If your girl is already showing signs of becoming an artist, this deluxe art set would make a great gift holiday gift. With 142 pieces comprising colored pencils, crayons, oil pastels, watercolor cakes, brushes, and much more, it is a complete art set that offers great value.

All the pieces are arranged in the sturdy wooden case that comes with a pull out drawer. This makes for easy portability for those times she feels like a new location is what is needed to inspire her artistic juices.This is an image of girl's wood art set with 142 piece


5. Jewelry and Cosmetic Storage Case

What she and most people would like most about this pink storage case is how excellent it works as decor for her room. But its utility as a place to store her makeup, pieces of jewelry, cosmetics, etc., is top-notch.

Perfect as a gift for any occasion, the case comes with three bottom drawers ideal for the larger cosmetics, toiletries and grooming tools; 4 top drawers to keep the smaller items; and 16 slots at the top for even more smaller items such as brushes, eye pencils, etc.

Made of high-quality transparent acrylic material, the stylish case acts as a display box so she can see all her items without having the open the drawers. And the drawers can pull all the way making it easy to search for missing items.This is an image of girl's makeup and jewelry storage case in pink color


6. Maze Runner 4-Book Pack

With strong rumors making the rounds that Disney is coming out with a new and fourth Maze Runner movie soon, this book pack is a cool way to get up to speed and prepare her for when the fourth movie comes out. Won’t it be great if the movie is based on Kill Order, the fourth book in the series? Watching the movie version after reading the book makes it so much more enjoyable.

That said, this Maze Runner book pack would be awesome to fill up those long boring hours during a road trip,  at summer camp in between activities, or even at night when sleep is the last thing on her mind. If she is a fan of the movie, she’d be familiar with Thomas and other glades’ thrilling adventures: the book gives her more insights into plot twists while throwing more light on many grey areasThis is an image of girl's books the maze runner series pack


7. Timex Wristwatch

A watch by Timex comes with a stamp of authentication and class. Discerning ladies know each Timex piece is crafted with a great deal of focus on even tiny details to create a product that is fashionable and suited for any look or occasion.

The rose-colored tone 30mm case is supported by a genuine leather strap with bright pink accents. This choice of colors in the design makes it very attractive.

Other design features include long battery life, up to 30 meters water-resistant, scratch-resistant surface, and indigo backlight for great visibility in low-light conditions.This is an image of girl's classic watch by Timex in pink color


8. Backpack

Now that she is a high school freshman, she needs not just a cute backpack to appear fashionable and trendy, but also to carry school stuff that is likely to be a bit more than she is used to.

This Flymei backpack might look like a generic bag, but it comes with all the features you’d want in a stylish bag for teen girls. It is very sturdy and features 8 polyester-lined pockets making it easy to organize all her things. The pockets include a main compartment big enough to fit a 15″ laptop, files, tablets, books, etc. and two pockets on the outside to hold water bottles and other items.

And with the in-built USB, the bag offers her a convenient way to charge her phone or tablet while holding them. All the backpack needs to be a cool mobile charger is a portable power bank!This is an image of girl's bookbag with usb port in black and white colors


9. Aurora Projector Lamp

The breathtaking grandeur of aurora borealis is all hers to savor with this lamp. It can project realistic-looking colors of the natural phenomenon on her walls and ceiling. If she hates sleeping in the dark, she’d be over the moon with this lamp.

With the multiple color combinations, she can choose the aurora effect that matches her mood. While the tilting function allows her to Project the light either straight up to the ceiling or at a 45° angle in any direction. It also comes with a one-hour auto shutoff to conserve energy.This is an image of girl's nightlight projector in white and purple colors


10. Detangling Hair Brush

15 year olds would really love a device that makes straightening hair after a shower a less painful affair. Girls with thick tresses know how difficult and time-consuming it can get to make the hair barely presentable. The frustration can drive one up the wall of they are in a hurry to get somewhere.

That is why a cool detangling hairbrush like this one by Crave Naturals makes perfect sense. The ergonomically-designed, turquoise brush comes with cone-shaped bristles that move easily through the tangle to separate the strands. It doesn’t matter if her hair is wet or dry, or what texture her hair is, her hair would be straightened out in no time at all.

She’ll enjoy how the brush gently massages her scalp while gliding through the hair. From the moment she gets this, memories of those painful brushing sessions would disappear real fast.This is an image of girl's brush in turquoise color


11. Hair Scrunchies

Sometimes, what to get a 15 year old for her birthday is just a matter of keeping it simple. You would be surprised at how much a set of hair ties would delight her. With 60 pieces in this set, looking for scrunchies to quickly pack her hair won’t be a problem anymore.

Each one is made from high-quality velvet material to ensure durability; the shiny texture would be there for a long time. The best part is the absence of tension and discomfort when using them. And with so many colors, she can use her creativity to play around with a combination of ties to create a glamorous effect ensuring she stands out in a crowd.This is an image of girl's 60 piaces hair bands pack in different colors


12. Leather Journal

Even with so many electronic devices around, there is something about actually writing something down that makes it special. This spiral-bound notebook/journal with blank unlined pages allows her to indulge in some writing, drawing, sketching, etc., as much as she wants. It is a great gift that encourages her to take interest in events around her so she can have great things to jot down.

With the soft leather cover, this is a journal that is made to inspire great thoughts and write-ups. And she can easily remove unimportant pages and swap them for blank sheets so she is never out of blank sheets.This is an image of girl's journal notebook in blue color


13. Bluetooth Speaker

If she loves listening to music a lot, this Bluetooth speaker by VicTsing offers her a new way of listening to her favorite songs if she is tired of using earbuds or headsets. It brings a whole new meaning to listening to songs even in the shower.

The water-resistant speaker comes with a suction cup to attach to walls or any flat surface. For a small speaker, the audio output is so amazing this could become her default speaker for impromptu parties or dance sessions in her room or anywhere she feels like.

The Bluetooth feature is compatible and easily connects to all iOS, Android devices, computers, etc.This is an image of girl's bluetooth speaker in black and blue colors


14. Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth headphones are very common these days, but this set by Mindkoo would set her apart from the crowd especially if she loves cats. It comes with dual cat ear design jutting out from the top frame. It also features flashing LED lights on the cat ears and cups which she can adjust to flash 7 different colors using the settings.

The design aside, everything expected from awesome Bluetooth headphones can be found here: awesome audio output, easy connectivity to Bluetooth devices, soft and comfortable earpads, noise reduction, adjustable frame, and long battery life. And with the 3.5mm audio cable, she can continue using it when it runs out of battery.

She is going to look and feel like the coolest cat on the block with this pair of headphones making them the perfect gift for all occasions.This is an image of girl's wireless headphones works in bluetooth with LED light up and cat ears in black and pink colors


15. Adidas Cloudform Canvass

If outdoor sports, running, athletics, and games is her thing, you wouldn’t get a better canvass for her than this pair by Adidas. Known as Cloudform, they come with cushioned memory sock liners and textile lining that make each step or strode she takes feel like walking on the softest of pillows.

The rubber-soled sneakers come with a foot-hugging knit upper and the distinctive triple Adidas stripes ensuring everyone knows she is using one of the best brands. The stylish design is enough to make heads turn though.This is an image of girl's adidas running shoe in gray and white colors


16. Rose Flower Desk Lamp

It is amazing how different a room can look with the addition of just one item. By the time she sets this rose flower lamp up in her room, ‘pretty’ and ‘romantic’ are just two of the adjectives that would be used to describe the effect it has on her room.

Designed like a stem with 24 pink rose flowers at the end of branches, it comes with a round base to rest it comfortably on any flat surface. The roses supply the warm LED lights making it 24 twinkling lights. She’ll love how she can easily change the shape of the lamp by twisting each branch to a position or directions she prefers.This is an image of girl's lamp with flower rose design in pink and white colors


17. DIY Journaling Set

This journaling set would make an excellent gift if your girl loves writing and is thinking of penning a memoir of her days as a young girl with aspirations of taking on the world and making it a better place. The journal makes it easy for her to organize her daily schedule, gather her thoughts, and articulate her feelings about the goings-on around her.

The journal set is also a great hands-on gift that inspires creativity. It contains everything she needs to customize and make it uniquely hers. These include cool patterned papers, sparkling glitter tape, colorful chipboard frames, tassel keychain, a pen, instructions guide, and much more.This is an image of girl's journaling DIY set


18. 4 Pack Cotton Socks

Perhaps, there will come a time in the future when she’ll stop wearing socks. At the moment though, socks are still a part of her life. So you should let her enjoy it as much as possible.

This 4 pack knee-high socks made from high-quality cotton are just the right blend of colors and designs to match new age: not too colorful to seem like socks for kids but with nice lace trim design making it classically feminine.

Someday, she’ll look back at and wished she could bring back the innocence of prancing to school, the mall, or other events in these cute socks that kept her feet and legs warm on wintry days and dry hot summer days respectively.This is an image of girl's 4 pack knot boot socks


19. Gold Necklace

It is easier to find a girl who adores necklaces than to drink a cup of water on a hot day. And when it is a 14k gold necklace like this one by Fettero, almost everybody agrees it is hard to find a girl immune to its charm.

Your fifteen year old princess would totally rock this necklace at any given opportunity. Given its minimalist design and the fact that it is resistant to rust, any given opportunity is literary all the time. This makes it suitable for casual and formal outings, school, trips, and even swimming.

This is an image of girl's moon necklace


20. T-shirt

Wearing a loose-fitting tee is the definition of laid and cool for a trip to the mall with her girlfriends. As well as being basic making it super easy to style, the short-sleeve, round neck tee comes with a fun emoji design and the words ‘you decide’ across the front. That’ll have people searching everywhere wondering what she is on about.

The t-shirt is made from cotton and spandex in a 95:5 percent ratio making the material soft, breathable, and ensuring it retains its shape for many years.This is an image of girl's funny graphic T-shirt with you decide inside in white color


21. 2019 Just Dance

If she likes dancing, she can perfect her moves and even learn lots of new ones with this current version of Just Dance, the PlayStation 4 Edition. The motion-based game, designed for multiple players, contains a variety of extremely danceable pop songs with each song featuring unique dance moves.

Using motion controllers or the phone app to direct the on-screen actions, it is also a great way to have tons of exercise with family and friends while having fun. The game comes with 40 hit songs, but with a subscription to Just Dance Unlimited, up to 400 songs are available for her to access.This is an image of girl's just dance playstation 4 game


22. Portable Turntable Record Player

It’d be a cool idea to show her what real music sounded like with this portable turntable. That curiosity over the stack of vinyl records in the basement eating her up would now turn into fascination as listens to the songs that rocked you back in the day.

she’d now appreciate why you kept those vinyl records all these years. Don’t be surprised if she gets inspired to start collecting antiques including vinyl records.

The turntable is built into a portable briefcase with modern frames such as RCA output, dual speakers, PC recording to easily convert the records to a digital format, AUX input and much more.This is an image of girl's vintage vinyl turntable suitcase with speakers in turquoise blue color


23. Nail Polish Case

There are so many things to like about a gift that pushes you to explore the limits of something you love doing. With this double-sided nail polish storage case, she’d be inspired to try out different types and colors of nail polish to make her nails unique every other day. After all, she now has a cute place to neatly store as many bottles as she wants.

The pink case is designed with slots for 48 bottles arranged in two layers of 24. Being double-sided, she can easily get access to each layer using the respective covers. And best of all, the slots come with adjustable dividers so she can increase or decrease the size of each compartment to store items depending on their size. The box would also be perfect for storing other cosmetics, pieces of jewelry, etc.This is an image of girl's nail polish holder in pink color


24. Vanity Table

A vanity table gift for 15 year old girl is awesome in a variety of ways. First off, if it is elegant as this one, it is a furniture item that would make her room look better. It also provides a different place to sit and contemplate the universe; and if is that time of the day, use the mirror to make sure her face is ready to face the world.

Made from solid wood for durability, the table features 5 drawers and 3 compartments of different sizes, a 360° swivel mirror, a cushioned seat, and 2 DIY dividers.This is an image of girl's vanity set with chair and mirror in white color


25. DIY Bracelet Kit

How about a gift that lets her make up to 22 colorful bracelets? Known as ‘Friends Forever Bracelets’, she could make different types in a variety of color combinations to share with her best buddies. This is an excellent hands-on holiday, Christmas or birthday gift if she likes creating things with her hands.

The gift pack is basically, a beautiful carrying case containing everything she needs to make the bracelets. These include beads, beading needle, and an instructions guide. Also included to help her weave patterns like hearts, stripes, flowers, and diamonds are 4 easy-to-use color-coded looms.This is an image of girl's DIY bracelet kit by ALEX in colorful colors


26. $25 Amazon Gift Card

A list of gift ideas for 15 year old daughter that doesn’t include a gift card is missing a neat trick. Gift cards are some of the most flexible gifts for teenagers. And if the teenager is really creative, they can make it seem like a million bucks.

It gets even better with an Amazon Gift card that gives her access to millions of items on any Amazon online shop no matter where she is in the world. $25 might seem small, but with a little patience and tenacity, she can come up with a list of amazing options.

And the cherry on the gift? She’ll get it in a beautiful birthday cupcake tin.This is an image of girl's Amazon gift card in birthday cupcake


27. Apple Series 3 Watch

We are very sure you won’t have anything to worry about if you chose to get this watch as a gift for her birthday. It is an Apple watch after all! That means, in more ways than you can imagine, it ticks the most important boxes about the things she looks for in a device. It is stylish, fashionable, trendy; and when it comes to functionality, it does everything expected from a smart device including keeping track of time.

Here, ‘everything’ refers to the ability to make and receive calls, read text messages, go online to check social media, listen to music, Siri that can talk back, fitness tracking, alarm, interchangeable bands, and much more.

This is an excellent alternative to her smartphone for those times she doesn’t want to carry her phone along with her.

This is an image of girl's apple watch series 3 in white color


28. Face Spa Kit

Any gift that helps her face maintain its unblemished look would be more than appreciated. As a matter of fact, with the likely onset of teenage acne, she’d consider this her best gift for daily facial scrubbing and exfoliating.

The kit is engineered with advance facial cleansing properties that easily removes oils and dirt from the skin’s pores clearing blackheads and preventing acne. It is also great for completely removing makeup at night before going to sleep.

Powered by 2 AA batteries, it is suitable for all skin types. The kit comes with 4 brush heads and features a powerful rotary spin with 2-speed settings.  Everything is arranged in a compact storage case for easy portability.This is an image of girl's cleansing spin brush set in white and pink colors


29. Cushioned Hammock Chair

15-year-old girls who are very active need a quiet place to relax, unwind, and recharge their batteries for the next burst of activities. This hammock, that comes with soft cushions, is the perfect choice for that. Where she hangs it depends on where she feels is the most ideal place to relax.

With this hammock, relaxing could also involve quietly reading a book, listening to her favorite songs, watching movies on her tablet, or taking a quick nap.

Made from a blend of high-quality polyester and cotton to ensure durability, it comes with everything needed to set it up including two pillows, a hanging rope, and one hook.This is an image of girl's hammock chair rope swing in white color


30. Hair Dryer & Flat Iron Kit

For many 15 year old girls, hair styling is not just a routine chore, it is something that must be mastered like an art form. This hair dryer- flat iron combo is an excellent gift to help her perfect that art while ensuring her hair is protected from damage.

The purple dryer comes with 2 heat and 3-speed settings to easily adjust the temperature and speed to optimal levels respectively. And because it is a negative ion dryer, it breaks up water molecules faster and seals cuticles to prevent frizz and flyaways.

The fast-heating flat iron, on the other hand, would easily smoothen her hair and get it ready for styling in no time at all.This is an image of girl's beauty styling set in black and purple colors


31. Water Bottle

Who says staying hydrated can’t be done with style? Surely, not this sleek water bottle that is made of stainless steel and comes with double-walled insulation. The black water bottle features a narrow top opening to ensure maximum insulation while making it convenient to drink from.

If the young lady loves running around or is involved in a variety of sporting activities, this water bottle would make a great birthday gift for her. The specs are all geared towards keeping the temperature of her liquids at the desired level for as long as possible. Cold beverages would remain cold for hours and hot ones hot for hours too.This is an image of girl's water bottle in pink color


32. Vanity Mirror with LED Lights

If your idea of Christmas gifts for 15 year old girl is all about looking good before going out, you must be thinking of a mirror that shows her image clearly with no distortions. This vanity mirror by RoLeDo delivers that and much more.

The set comes in a beautiful box that makes it instantly giftable without any need for wrapping. Inside the box are the trifold vanity mirror, a stainless steel slant, and a smaller mirror with a 10x magnification perfect for tweezing her eyebrows.

She’ll love the 24 LED lights around the center panel of the vanity mirror. The lights are controlled by a touch-sensitive button on the surface of the vanity mirror; it’s almost like operating a smartphone. With these lights, seeing her face clearly in poor lighting conditions won’t be a problem anymore.This is an image of girl's makeup vanity mirror


33. Floating Desk

Turning her room or some room in the apartment into a study doesn’t have to involve using a standing desk that is outdated. Floating desks like this white one by Prepac Kurv offers all the benefits of a regular study table with options for stylish designs.

And talking about stylish, this space-saving desk, made of sturdy, composite wood, is the definition of stylish. With its soft contours and modern lines, it would complement any room’s decor.

The desk is easy to assemble with an innovative cleat system and comes with spacious side compartments to conveniently organize her books and other items essential to her study.This is an image of girl's floating desk in white color


34. Natural Makeup Kit

With the ‘green’ revolution sweeping across the world, Luna Star Naturals’ makeup kit would be an excellent way to introduce her to a natural, non-synthetic way of making up her face. The kit has everything she needs to make her friends green with envy with the variety of looks she can try out.

The 7-piece makeup pack includes mineral blush, eyeshadow, body shimmer, lip shimmer, and eye shadow all made from water and plant-based ingredients.This is an image of girl's natural klee with 7 pieces


35. ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens’ Book

This paperback book is an adaptation of the best-selling book ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’. The author, Sean Covey, brings all his experience to produce a book that has become a must-read for teenagers of all ages if they want to be successful in all endeavors.

The book is all about building her self-esteem, confidence, and faith in her abilities. It’s specifically tailored to teach teens the best way to navigate the challenges of this digital age. Nothing is taken for granted by Covey in articulating all the skillsets teens need to make a success of this difficult stage of their lives.

It is also a fun book to read packed to the hilt with several cartoons, clever ideas, inspiring stories about teens around the world, and great quotes.This is an image of girl's book The 7 habits of highly effective teens


36. Crossbody Mini Barrel Bag

Only a Luv Betsey bag would feature a flirty, whimsical unicorn design and still look classy, stylish and fun to carry around. With this beautiful mini bag, she can pack everything she needs in style. And with the detachable strap, she can instantly convert it from a shoulder bag to a handbag.

Made from lightweight materials, it carries the signature Luv Betsey heart plaque so everybody knows she isn’t walking around with an ordinary bag. The design features a top zip closure, dual-rolled top handles, fully-lined interior, and enough space to fit her smartphone, keys, wallet, compact, and other stuff she might need while outside.This is an image of girl's pink crossbody barrel bag with unicorn design


37. Desk Lamp

The first thing she’d notice about this LED desk lamp is the design that offers a lot more than light to read at night. Featuring three levels of dimmable light, it comes with a color-changing base, a holder to keep her writing materials, and a display that shows the time and date with settings for alarm.

This is a cool multifunctional gift she could use to beautify her reading area with the color-changing lamp with the option of 256 colors to choose from. And with the USB port, she has a convenient place nearby to change her devices while studying.This is an image of girl's LED desk lamp with USB charger and timer in white color


38. Digital Pen Display by Gaomon

If she is the creative type, you can splurge on this digital pen display that delivers smooth and responsive drawing results with the included stylus on a high-quality screen.

At 15.6 inches, the display offers a pretty sizeable working space. As well as the stylus and cables for power and pc connectivity, it comes with a sturdy adjustable stand, a stylus holder, an extra nib, screen protector and a tablet case for easy portability.

In the world of pen displays, this device is cheap compared to high-end models. But the features, including several hotkeys, makes it an outstanding creative tool and one of the best birthday gifts for 15 years old girl that is a budding artist.This is an image of girl's drawing tablet with pen display and 15.5 inches in screen in black color


39. LED Clip String Lights

String lights are some of the best ways to improve the ambiance of any room. For a teenage girl of 15, ambiance can mean more than just a cool place to take a nap. It also provides a great backdrop to take awesome social media-worthy photos to amaze her friends.

The string lights also include lighted clips she can hang all her photos from. With a length of about 17 feet, anywhere she chooses to display the lights would be instantly converted into a fantasy world of soft lights and amazing photos. At least, we are assuming the lights would inspire her to hang only her best photos.This is an image of girl's 40 LED photo clip lights


40. Bomber Jacket by Adidas

If she loves spending time outdoors, she’ll be thrilled with this bomber jacket that comes with no less a badge of quality than Adidas. Even the chill of cold winters days won’t get in the way of doing what she loves best outdoors with this jacket.

The jacket is made from high-quality polyester and features a zippered closure, rib collar, bottom bands, and sleeve cuffs. There is no mistaking the screen-printed ‘adidas’ on the sleeves and iconic brand logo on the left chest!This is an image of girl's adiddas bomber jacket in black and white colors


41. Acer Chromebook

Chromebooks might not be as popular as Windows or Macs, but they are super inexpensive and very functional. Better yet,  they are gaining in popularity really fast especially among teens; thanks to their easy compatibility with other Android devices and the ability to run millions of Android apps.

This is a multifunctional laptop that can be used in different modes depending on the orientation of the display. Thus, as well as a basic laptop, she could use it as an 11″ tablet when the keyboard is folded all the way back; in the tent mode in tight places; and as a basic display when she needs to bring the screen closer to view entertainment content.

Needless to say, it is a great gift for watching movies, streaming content and getting all types of educational stuff done.This is an image of girl's acer chromebook in white color


42. Winter Boots

Winter boots are basically worn to keep the feet warm during winter or when it is chilly. For a fashion-conscious fifteen year-old-girl, the ultimate winter boot is one that is a perfect blend of utility and style.

This mid-calf black winter boots by Dream Pairs provides all of that in addition to being very comfortable. With the soft plush fur lining, padded faux insole and synthetic sole, she is guaranteed all-day comfort.

The boots come with soft PU leather upper and feature dual ankle buckle straps and side zipper closure to ensure a snug fit no matter her size.This is an image of girl's winter snow boots in black color


43. Adjustable Ring

Girls can never get enough of jewelry. They need as many as possible with a variety of designs for different occasions and outfits. This stainless steel adjustable spiral ring with its unique design would add variety to her collection of jewelry pieces.

The words engraved on the smooth surface and underside of the ring would always remind her to keep doing the things that make her happy.This is an image of girl's inspirational ring in steel


44. Double Ditto Board Game

This award-winning game would make a perfect holiday gift for her. It is a challenging game of strategy, quick thinking and logic she would have so much fun playing with family and friends.

Designed for at least 4 players, the game is easy to learn and takes about 25 minutes to end a game. It involves writing the answers you think other players would write as quickly as possible. The questions come from the included 400 playing cards. The gift pack also includes a 15-second timer, instructions guide, and score sheets.This is an image of girl's double ditto board game


45. Nike Sandals

One of the easiest things to make are slides, but only top brands like Nike can make a simple, basic pair of women’s slides look very stylish. Maybe it is the lined upped band or the pink  ‘Nike’ with the iconic swoosh against the charcoal black background that clinches it.

Suitable for casual outings to the beach, mall, park or even to stay at home, it features a foam-infused sole for comfort and impact protection.This is an image of girl's nike sandal in black and pink colors


46. ‘Live Fearless: … ‘ Hardcover Book

‘Live Fearless: A Call to Power, Passion, and Purpose’ is a bestselling book by Sadie Robertson, a multi-talented young lady who means different things to different people. The hurdles she had to overcome and the challenges she faced to become a success is the foundation for this inspiring book.

The faith-based book should inspire your girl to break glass ceilings and be whatever she wants to be. This would make a great gift if she loves reading. Even if she doesn’t, show her clips of Sadies’s thrilling and energetic performances in Dancing with Stars, she’ll devour the book and make the 200 pages seem like a booklet. Win-win for both of you!This is an image of girl's book live fearless


47. Pick Your Poison

Tell her this card game would reveal her friends’ worst and see how fast she’d snatch at it to go play with them. It’s a fact of life that people would grab at the chance to know how weird their closest friends and family members are.

The game is easy to play and doesn’t take long to complete each round. Players take turns to be the judge that chooses a couple of strange scenarios for each player to pick one. Points are allocated for answers from other players that are similar to the judge’s.

With over 300 poison cards to chose from, there are millions of possible card combinations delivering endless fun to the players.This is an image of girl's your poison card game


Buying Considerations When Choosing Gifts For 15 Year Old Girls 

Getting a gift for 15 year olds, whether boy or girl, is fraught with lots of uncertainties especially if one is not plugged into the dynamics of the constantly-evolving digital lifestyle of today’s teens. For a girl of 15,  life is mostly about boys, the latest fashion, latest gadgets, makeup, hair, shoes, etc. In other words, she is no different from other teenage girls.

She is now at an age where her personality is obvious. This is reflected in the types of friends she hangs with, what she likes doing in her free time, and how she interacts with others. So you have to ensure all these play a vital role in the choice of gift you get.

But since not all 15-year-old girls are the same, to get a gift that would suit her unique personality, you must also consider the following:

Her interests 

At 15, she has pretty much defined her preferred lifestyle. Though there is no guarantee it won’t change in the future, she’ll love it if people around her appreciate her just the way she is. This also applies to the gifts you get for her.

If she loves reading or is considered nerdy, books and related gift items are the sorts of gifts to tickle her fancy. On the other hand, a very fashion-conscious girl would have little time for gifts like that. We are sure you get the drift.

However, you could go against the grain if you want to rewire her interests towards more rewarding pastimes. For instance, a girl who stays indoors a lot chatting online with friends can be coaxed into embracing the outdoors with a cool camera. Now that she has a standalone camera to take awesome pictures and videos to share with friends online, going out to get great shots will be the in-thing.

Social consideration

For very social girls with lots of friends, set your sight on gifts she can share with friends. Interesting card or board games are perfect.

Simple DIY gifts like the bracelet kit in this guide would also do the trick. Expect her to spend several fun hours with her friends designing different types of bracelets.

Pedigree of gifts

Most teenage girls have a knack for spotting quality items from a long way off. One of their favorite preoccupations is knowing the brand of jewelry, shoes, dress, etc., people are using. Popular brands are always a hit with them because of the status these brands confer on the user.

For instance, an Apple smartwatch rates higher than a similar watch from an unknown brand even if it is superior in performance. So you need to be aware of that especially when choosing generic gift items.

But, if she is the sort that loves creating her own path, you don’t have to bother about popular brands. But make sure the item is just as good or even better in terms of quality.


Best Gift Overall

It’s hard to look beyond the floating desk when choosing a gift for 15 year girl. This space-saving gift item delivers several benefits including making her room look a lot nicer when it is installed properly at a strategic position. By the way, the innovative cleat system makes installation very easy.

Imagine buying and installing it without her knowledge while she is at school. The shock and surprise mingled with delight on her face is all the confirmation you need that it was a smart move to get this for her.

We were impressed by the stylish design and sturdiness of the desk. This is a gift to cherish for many years.This is an image of girl's floating desk in white color


Best Budget Gift

The DIY bracelet-making kit simply shows awesome gift items don’t have to come with a hefty price tag. Even if she isn’t a typical hands-on girl, she won’t miss the chance to make customized bracelets that are as beautiful as they are fashionable. The pack comes with enough pieces to make up to 22 different bracelets ensuring she could make some for her friends as gifts.

It also includes an instructions guide that is easy to understand. And like all great arts and crafts gifts, it gets to develop her creativity while getting her interested in worthwhile activities unrelated to electronic devices.This is an image of girl's DIY bracelet kit by ALEX in colorful colors



Gifts for 15 Year Old Girl Who Likes Gaming

More than half the job of getting a gift that would excite her is done if you know she loves gaming. There is no difference between gaming gifts for boys or girls. So if you’ve ever bought these gifts for a teen dude, you won’t have a problem identifying the best ones for her.

In case you haven’t though, gifts like the PlayStation Slim reviewed here would be excellent. Other gifts include quality tablets and laptops like the Acer and Just Dance 2019 PS4 edition also reviewed in this guide.

If she has them already, you could get accessories like a gaming chair or desk, gaming tees, goggles, etc.


What Are Good Christmas Gifts for a 15 Year Old Girl?

There are no additional tricks for determining good Christmas gifts if you read this guide. Most of the gifts here would make awesome Christmas gifts. Remember to make sure you match the gift with her interests; or if you are choosing generic gifts, sticking to popular brands is the way to go in most cases.