Best Gifts for 14 Year Old Girls

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Are you at a loss on what to gift that sweet 14-year-old girl who is beginning to look like a self-assured young lady? ‘How time flies’ you’d say because it seemed like just yesterday most your gift options for her included toys. Now, toys (except in a few exceptional cases) are simply out of the question no matter the occasion.

Getting a gift for 14 year olds, whether girl or boy, can be a nerve-wracking experience. There are so many things you’d have to consider not including the fact that teenagers are very choosy. If you are reading this now, you must have already decided you needed help.

You are in the right place. We have taken the time to carefully evaluate dozens of items we are sure would be perfect for her. Whether you are searching for Christmas gifts for 14 year old girls, or gifts for other occasions such as birthdays, Halloween, Easter, holiday, etc., there is definitely something here that would make her happy that is also within your budget.


49 Best Gifts for 14 Year Old Girls

Below are all the gifts we have compiled in one awesome guide just for you. Due to our rigorous evaluation process, only gifts of proven quality made it here, ensuring you are guaranteed optimal value for money.

1. Hammock Swing Chair

Kicking off this review of the best gifts for 14 year old girl is this white hammock-styled swing chair. All the positive elements of a swing, chair, and hammock are embodied in this chair. The result is a gloriously beautiful item to create a fun outdoor look either in her room, the porch, backyard or wherever she decided to install it.

Designed with charming tassels, it is easy to set up from the ceiling, a tree, or any sturdy overhang that can support her weight. She’d enjoy spending lots of time there comfortably reading, taking a nap, or just relaxing without a care in the world.This is an image of kid's hammock chair in white color


2. Hair & Make-up Sketch Book

Next up is this sketchbook she could use to learn how to create new hairstyles and makeup procedures. With 40 formatted drawing pages, 4 plastic stencils, stickers, and over 100 shapes to practice with, the spiral-bound book delivers enough material for a budding artist to learn her trade.

If she is interested in a career in the modeling to make models look good before strutting out on the runway, or even in the movie industry making actresses beautiful, this is a great way to start.This is an image of girl's design sketch portfolio


3. Backpack

Made of 600 denier polyester to ensure durability, this brook green backpack has all the compartments and pockets to keep her things organized. Everything from books, stationery, clothes can fit inside comfortably. There is even a padded compartment to comfortably hold delicate gadgets like laptops and tablets.

And with the adjustable S-curve shoulder straps and padded back panel, comfort is never compromised no matter the weight she is carrying and for how long.This is an image of girl's big student backpack by Jansport in broken green color


4. Princess Style Jewelry Box

A jewelry box designed to look like a round handbag is one of the best birthday gifts for 14 year old girl who loves traveling. With enough compartments, drawers, and pockets, she can easily pack and arrange the needed jewelry and makeup kit and be ready to move in a few minutes.

The wooden box is made of wood with the surface covered by high-quality PU leather. The high-quality flannel interior with velvet lining provides a soft nesting place for her stuff to prevent scratches and scuff marks.

Travel jewelry box aside, it would be perfect as storage for her growing jewelry pieces. And because it is sturdy, this is one jewelry box she’d be happy to keep around for many years.This is an image of girls jewelry box in pink color


5. Mermaid Blanket

Is 14 too old to live her fantasy of becoming a beautiful mermaid? Absolutely not. Now, these long-cherished dreams and fantasies can come true with this adorable, hand-crocheted mermaid blanket.

With an open back and front, she could easily snuggle her way sleeping bag style and be transformed into a mermaid. This a perfect gift to keep warm during winter while watching TV on the couch. It would also be perfect for trips, camping, sleepovers, etc.

The gift also includes a beautiful mermaid pendant. Around her neck, no one is left in doubt about her feeling for mermaids.This is an image of girl's mermaid tail blanket with neckless gift in blue color


6. DIY Journaling Kit

If your girl loves scrapbooking, this kit is a wonderful way to promote her interest in keeping personal and family history. The kit would also promote her creativity pushing her to decorate any of the 70 pages using the included glitter tape, die-cut shapes, paper clips, suede tassel, glue and much more.

A girl that loves writing would spend hours simply writing stuff down. But it all starts with the beautiful cover that is designed with different kinds of inspirational messages. The aim is to get your girl focused on the bigger picture and setting daily attainable targets for herself.This is an image of girl's DIY journaling set


7. Paperback Guide for Teens Book

Eight years after publishing ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens’ best-selling author, Sean Covey, came out with another priceless guide for teens known as ‘The 6 Most Important Decisions You’ll Ever Make’ further cementing his position as a person who knows what it takes to succeed as a teen.

This’ one of the best must-have holiday gifts for teenage girls 14 even if she doesn’t like reading. As well as pointers on how to make informed decisions, the over 300 pages are filled with cartoons, inspiring quotes, fun quizzes and much more making it a really fun book to read.

Because the book references stories of teens around the world, it would also expose her to different cultures invariably expanding her world view.This is an image of girl's book The 6 most important decisions you'll ever make


8. Smartwatch

Zoppri’s Smartwatch proves you don’t need to spend tons of money on Apple-branded items to enjoy the best of digital products. If your girl dares to be being different, this smartwatch reminds folks she is not afraid to stand apart from the crowd. The colorful design and comfortable strap make it a cool fashion accessory to use any day.

It is a high-quality hybrid watch that comes with the highest waterproof rating of IP67. That means she can swim with it for as long as she wants. it also comes with a 1.44″ HD screen, pedometer, alarm, clock, phone book, and ability to make SOS emergency calls.

As a parent, the GPS function allows you to know exactly where your girl is at any time. Also, your girl would enjoy playing games and other activities with a long battery ensuring the fun lasts for as long as possible.This is an image of girl's smatwatch with camera in black and blue colors


9. Tablet

Your girl is just at the age when she can start using premium gadgets. This Samsung Galaxy tab delivers all the premium features we have come to expect from brands like Samsung. And you don’t even have to put a huge hole on your wallet to get it.

The tablet comes with a 7″, bright, capacitive touchscreen with amazing graphics. This would be a constant companion to surf the net, stream/download movies, listen to her favorite music, and play games. The Android OS gives her access to download millions of free educational apps, games and much more.This is an image of girl's samsung galaxy in white and green colors


10. Duvet Cover Set

Beds should be the coziest place in any body’s room. On cold nights, this plush, shaggy blanket would not only keep her warm but would also be her own corner of the world where she can be comfortable for as long as she wants.

The set is actually a cover for her duvet that transforms it into the shaggy blanket. It also includes beautiful pillow covers of different sizes. These are designed with stylish pompom trims and hidden zippers.This is an image of girl's luxury plush cover set in gray color


11. Plush Toy Kitten

Everybody would understand if you decide to get one kitten for yourself too. A cat-loving girl would adore this soft, cuddly, tabby kitten that can purr and meow when cuddled thanks to the built-in sensors that respond to touch.

It looks like a real cat, feels like one and even sounds like one. Essentially, she is getting all the delightful experience of owning a cat without the responsibility of feeding it or cleaning up the mess. Except she has to change the 3 AA batteries once in a while to continue enjoying the sounds and movements from the kitten.This is an image of girl's realistic kitten plush in colorful colors


12. Beanie

Beanies come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. The underlying theme is to keep the head and ears warm during cold weather. Some Beanies, though, add uniqueness and style making them suitable fashion pieces no matter the time or season of the year.

That is what she gets with this knitted beanie designed with cat ears at the top: uniqueness and style mixed in one comfortable headgear made form soft acrylic material.

Perfect as a. gift for a cat-lover, it fits snugly no matter the head size. With it on, she won’t have to worry about her hair being all over the place while engaging in some outdoor activity.This is an image of girl's hat with kitty ears in black color


13. Paperback Cookbook

We all know teenagers can be picky when it comes to what they want to eat. This can sometimes make mealtimes a bit nervy for the parents. This cookbook aims to take away that stress by teaching her to cook exactly what she wants; you might enjoy her culinary delights too.

The book contains over 75 recipes covering all mealtimes between breakfast and a quick bite before calling it a day at night. The instructions are easy and contain several tips to turn her into a consummate cook that can whip up fantastic meals from ordinary ingredients in a jiffy.This is an image of girl's cookbook


14. 5 Pairs of Socks

There is nothing as sweet as having a clean pair of socks to wear to school every day of the week without bothering about laundering. Charlier’s socks set of 5 pairs of socks makes it an even pleasant experience with socks that are designed to catch the eye. If she is a puppy-lover, she’ll definitely love the printed images of a puppy just above the heel of each pair.

Made mainly from cotton material to keep the feet warm and a bit of spandex to keep them comfortably snug no matter the size of her feet, the socks would also be perfect for other casual and formal events.This is an image of girl's 5 pairs socks in colorful colors


15. Stunt Scooter

The next gift for 14 year old girl is this scooter that would be perfect if this is her first experience with scooters. Alternatively, if she wants to take her scooting skills to the next level, look no further than this checked black scooter by Vokul.

The design is all about making her stand out from a pack of scooter riders. That aside, it is lightweight making it easy control while riding and to carry around when she is taking a break. And since it was designed with beginners in mind, many of the features are optimized for safety. These include the triple clamp safety feature, sturdy frame, etc., so that injury risks are minimized while riding or executing tricks such as tail taps, barspin, and tailwhips.This is an image of girl's stunt scooter in black, white and orange scooter


16. Crossbody Bag

A cute crossbody bag like this beige-colored cutie by seOSTO is one of the easiest ways to nail the question of what to get a 14 year old girl for her birthday. For fashion-conscious girls, crossbody bags are some of the trendiest accessories easily combining functionally with style.

All her essentials like phones, compact, lipstick, and other personal stuff can easily be organized in the 3 pockets and spacious main compartment.

The bag is made from quality PU leather and comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and double tassels attached to the snap-on cover conferring a modern bohemian look to it.This is an image of girl's vintage crossbag purse


17. Shocktato: Hot Potato Party Game

Shocktato is a new spin on the classic Hot Potato game. The game has everything to make a slumber party a really fun experience. Your girl and her buddies would be squealing all night long.

The game is simple. Switch on the music on the potato and start passing the rather large potato around. The person holding the potato when the music stops playing loses. The penalty for that is a jolt of electric shock.

There are three playing modes: the extreme mode that doesn’t include music; the second mode is played without electric shocks, just music; and of course, the standard playing mode that includes music and electric shock.

The game would also be perfect for family game night and all types of parties. It is fast, fun and they can start playing immediately.This is an image of girl's shocking potato in brown color


18. Necklace by Anotherkiss

Sometimes, the choice of jewelry can make or break a girl’s attempt to look good for the day. With this necklace, she has a solid building block to creating the perfect look. The simplicity of the stainless steel necklace is offset by a unicorn charm, a round pendant, and a simulated pearl.

She’ll love the ‘She Believed she could so she did’ inspirational message on the pendant. That would inspire her to be the best she can at all times. Others would be inspired by this simple necklace gift too.This is an image of girl's inspirational necklace gift in silver color


19. Velvet Scrunchies

Every young girl has a story to tell about how hair ties seem to disappear when you need them in a hurry; only appearing in the strangest places when you don’t them. All the tales are full of frustrations.

All that can be avoided with these hair scrunchies. With 20 in the pack, it is very unlikely they all can go missing at the same time. Bye-bye to the mystery of the missing scrunchies.

Seriously though, the hair ties are awesome. They are all of different colors and made from shiny, velvet material that won’t lose their gloss anytime soon. And the elasticity? It is just the right tension to hold her hair together without exerting painful pressure on her scalp.This is an image of girl's 20 pack hair ties in different colors


20. Vanity Table Set by Vasagle

Vasagle don’t play around when making furniture and accessories for homes. This vanity table was built to impress and make the room look better. for your girl, this is one gift item primed to be a part of life for many years. It would always remind her why it is awesome to be considered an adult.

The white double-tiered dresser comes with a tri-folding mirror at the top, 7 drawers, and 6 organizers: that is enough space to keep all her current and future jewelry pieces and makeup kits. There is also a simple but intricately designed cushioned stool for her.

This dresser would be around for as long as she wants it even as an independent lady after college. Who wouldn’t want a piece of furniture that improves the room’s decor?This is an image of girl's vanity set with mirrors in white color


21. Headphones

If listening to music is her thing, you don’t have to go overboard with a Beats headset to get similar quality in terms of audio output and overall quality. She is going to love the mint and white color combination that would go well with most of her outfits.

The headphones are lightweight, easily foldable and come with soft, comfortable ear pads. She can wear them all day without a hint of discomfort. And she’ll love the 3.5mm port that allows an extra earpiece to plug into it. That gives her the option of sharing her music with her best buddies without disturbing others.This is an image of girl's headphones in mint color


22. 14th Birthday Charm Bracelet

This bracelet is like a subtle reminder to your girl that the simple things of life are all she needs to be awesome. The ‘Live Laugh Love’ words printed on the round tag attached to the bracelet says it all.

Made of stainless steel to ensure durability and to prevent rusting, this is decidedly a 14th birthday bracelet with the number 14 charm hanging from. There is also a third charm of an intricately designed cake with the words ‘Happy Birthday’. All these combined make the adjustable bracelet a cool birthday gift for her.This is an image of girl's charms bangle braclets for 14 year old girls in silver color


23. Mini Camcorder

If she has aspirations of becoming a famous vlogger, you could set her on the right track with this digital camcorder. The easy-to-use camcorder ensures getting to grips with the basics of making awesome videos involves a gentle learning curve. She’d be ready to use more expensive gear before too long.

That said, Christmas gift for 14 yr old girl doesn’t come any better than this. With fun places to go, events to attend, families and friends to visit, she’d have fun capturing the awesome memories in videos and photos.

The camcorder comes with a soft rabbit pink silicone cover making it rather charming. Also included is a 16 GB memory card, a lanyard, USB cable for charging the device and transferring files, and user manual.This is an image of girl's digital camera with rabbit design in white and pink colors


24. Quartz Wrist Watch by Dreaming Q&P

At first glance, this wristwatch might seem plain and dated. Wait until she gets a closer look to appreciate the cat ears design, towers and flowers carved strap, squatting kitten watch dial and other lovely designs to appreciate the uniqueness of the watch. The watch would really resonate with her would if she is a cat lover.

Beyond that, this is a premium-quality quart watch that comes with a precise time display. The strap also gets the premium treatment with quality leather material. It is soft and comfortable ensuring she can wear it for as long as she wants without a bit of discomfort.This is an image of girl's Quartz watch with kitties in gray color


25. BMX Bike

Mongoose, the makers of this bike, pulled out all the stops to make a truly special freestyle bike for beginners as well as experts. If she is interested in BMX riding, this is the right bike for her. With 20″ tires and about 19″ top tube length, the lightweight bike is easy to control with a lot of room for growth.

It would take you about 30 minutes to assemble it. For her, that is 30 minutes too long: she’ll be very impatient to take off with it to the nearby park to start practicing her moves and of course, to show off her brand new bike.This is an image of girl's bmx bike in white and purple colors


26. ‘Perfectly Unique..’ Paperback Book

With all the pressures from peers, TV, movies, it is so easy for young ladies to feel bad about their bodies. Anything that reverses that mindset can only be good. That is the target of this faith-based book.

Using the Bible and Christianity as a foundation, the book would help your girl appreciate her body and herself just the way she is. It is a great book for promoting self-esteem in young girls of all ages. Her road to appreciating how unique and important every part of her body is, starts on her 14th birthday with this gift.This is an image of girl's book perfectly unique prasing god from head to foot


27. DIY Electrical Circuit Board

With this electric circuit board, you are doing away with stereotypes and exposing your girl to something more common with boys: taking apart appliances. She’ll learn the basic components of electric circuits and how they work together in devices and appliances.

She’ll be exposed to multiple science experiments and projects involving lights, sounds, magnetism, radios, and much more. And with the instructions guide, the over 25 experiments would provide multiple fun and challenging experiences for her.

She would love every minute of learning stuff regular folks think girls should not bother with. How about that for ensuring your girl explores the limit of her intelligence and creativity?This is an image of girl's Electrical circuit board engineering kit


28. DIY Flower Crowns Kit

Any girl that loves looking beautiful in unique ways would love flower crowns. With this flower crown kit, your girl has everything she needs to create at least 4 amazing floral headdresses.

This art and craft gift would be ideal for sleepovers as she and her buddies mix and match the flowers and accessories to create unique crowns. The crowns are great for photoshoots, bridal trains, costume parties, and many other social events.This is an image of girl's creativity flower crowns craft


29. Pogo Stick

There is something about hopping up and down that kids, teens, and even adults can’t seem to get enough of. Your girl would be thrilled by this beautifully-designed Flybar pogo stick that comes with foam-covered grips and frame.

If she was reluctant to have a bit of exercise because it was a drag, she’d happily spend fun hours with this getting the needed exercise.

To keep her safe, the stick is equipped with a wider tip for stability and consistency. And the frame can hold up to 160 pounds so even you can be a part of the fun if you are within that weight limit.This is an image of girl's Foam pogo stick game in blue and silver colors


30. Drone

With glowing red, blue and white LED lights around the round, durable propeller guards, Force 1s mini drone is not only designed to thrill but also to be attractive especially during nighttime flight.

Your girl would love everything about this drone that is easy to control with the remote. She’d have lots of fun making taking it through its paces whether indoors or outdoors. It can be made to fly in any direction, hover at a particular spot in altitude mode, and even execute 360° spins and mini flips.

It comes with two rechargeable batteries each capable of delivering about 9 minutes of flight time. That means, on fully-charged batteries, she has 18 minutes of non-stop fun flying her white drone.This is an image of girl's Drones with quadcopter and remote control in white and blue colors


31. Girls Gymnastics Leotard

If your teenage girl is starting out in dance, gymnastics, or ballet classes, she’ll need leotards that would inspire confidence and push her to give her best. That is what this leotard set would do for her with the amazing styling and color combination of hot pink and shimmering black. This would also be perfect as a gift of she is outgrowing her old leotards.

Featuring classic scoop front and back, it’s made from a polyester and spandex blend material that is soft and resilient.  With the long sleeve design, she is assured of staying warm on days the studio is cold.

The leotard is so pretty so could also use it as casual wear at home.This is an image of girl's gymnastic bodysuit in black and pink colors


32. LEGO London Skyline Building Kit

Legos have been around for years thrilling generations of kids and adults. What makes them appealing to people of all ages is simply the fact that there is an abundance of kits to cater for all ages and interests. Basically, though, they are fun kits that feed our need to build all kinds of structures from the ground up invariably stimulating the brain.

This kit is designed for older kids and carries all the hallmarks of the best Lego sets. It comes with 463 pieces to build famous structures found in the city of London. She’ll be occupied for hours putting together pieces to create intricate and detailed, scaled-down models of London’s National Gallery, Tower Bridge, Nelson’s Column, and Big Ben.

The kit is not just about building though. It also comes with a cool booklet containing vital information about the history, architecture, and design of the structures.This is an image of girl's LEGO architecture london building kit


33. Monkey Purple

All girls love cute little things. This purple monkey fingerling is not just cute, it is her answer to all those days she needed an interesting distraction to help her through the day’s tedium.

We are guessing it would be love at first sight if she loves monkeys. That love though can turn to healthy obsession by the time the tiny monkey wraps itself around her finger and starts doing so many a variety of cute, fun things. How about being able to blow her kisses, blinking, head turns, and funny monkey sounds for a start?

Known as Mia, she can even play with the tuft of white hair on its head and get it to sleep!This is an image of girl's fingerlings with baby monkey toy in purple color


34. DIY Dollhouse Kit

By 14, your girl might be a little jaded playing with dolls. You can take all the fun of playing with dolls to a new level and promote her creativity with this dollhouse building kit.

The kit comes with everything she needs to build and amazingly detailed dollhouse from scratch featuring several bay windows and a door that opens and close, flower pot, sleeping area with a bed, TV set, chimney, and much more.

The pieces are made from quality material ensuring that the finished structure is stable. As well as a cool birthday gift to play at home with, she can also use it for handcraft class in school.This is an image of girl's DIY dollhouse kits


35. Pair of Girls Flats

If she loves puppies, the pair of sneakers by Sketchers would send her twirling around the house with delight thanks to a design that includes different types of puppies printed on the textile material.

The flats are all about making her comfortable when she is wearing them. It comes with a flexible rubber sole, memory foam bed, and cushioned insole that has an arch pillow. She’ll be able to walk, dance, or run in them all day without feeling any discomfort.

Here is an extra motivation to get this for her on her birthday or any other occasion: Sketchers would donate to a foundation that helps save cats and dogs for each pair bought.This is an image of girl's plush wag flat with cartoon dogs in colorful colors


36. Scrapbook

A scrapbook can be anything you want it to be. Most importantly, it is a signpost to all the fun one had in the past. And depending on what is inside, it could either bring a smile or make an older version of you teary.

If your young lady understands that, she is going her to make her present love as awesome as possible so she can have the most amazing memories for her scrapbook.

With lots of positive tips, pointers, inspirational quotes and a cover title of ‘Dear Future Me’ it’s not like the book is going to let up on reminding her to have as much fun as possible today. After all, the pages need to be filed and then designed with the included stickers.This is an image of girl's memory book journal


37. Puzzle Box

If you are puzzling over a unique gift idea for 14 year old girl, this box made from pine wood and finished in rich walnut stain must surely be at the tip of your wish list. It is a combination of a puzzle game to stimulate her brain cells and a piggy bank to keep her money safe.

You could get her very excited telling her about the awesome gift waiting for her if she can open it. Watch as her concentration kicks in as she tries to figure out how to get to the gift within a gift.

We recommend you hide a really precious gift inside to match her effort and hyper-anticipation. Popular options to hide in the box include a wad of cash, jewelry, and gift card,This is an image of girl's Wooden magic trick with hidden piggy bank


38. Art Supplies Kit

This 37-piece art kit by Shuttle Art would make an artistic young teen girl with a predilection for drawing and sketching delirious with joy. It is a professional-level set that comes with sticks and pencils of different hardness and blackness plus a variety of accessories to enhance her drawing and shadowing skills.

The supplies, including a pop-up stand, are neatly arranged in a sturdy portable black zippered case making it perfect for traveling or for outdoor sketching.This is an image of girl's Sketching and drawing pencils set


39. Origami Paper Art Kit

This is another art and craft gift to delight a girl who is interested in hands-on activities. With beginning to advanced level instructions, this is perfect for beginners learning the rudiments of Origami art to experts who want to learn new tricks.

The kit contains a total of 150 pieces comprising 100 pieces of folding paper, 20 bendable stems, decorative buttons and jewels, and the step-by-step instructions.

She’ll have loads of fun crafting over 30 flower projects. In no time, she’d be making her own unique paper flowers as gifts for friends and family or to decorate her room.This is an image of girl's origami flowers paper folding kit


40. Sean Covey’s Habits of Highly Effective Teens

If the earlier Sean Covey book is in your cart, the smart move is to include this book to complement it. Trust us, she’ll even be asking for more  Covey books by the time she is done reading them.

As a standalone gift, this is also a great book packed with ideas and tips on how to be the best version of herself. What she gets from this book would be relevant to her all through her teenage years and beyond.

The book is easy to read. And she’d love how several of the pages are filled with inspirational quotes, clever ideas, cartoons, and amazing true-life stories of other teens like her around the world.

This is an image of girl's book 7 habits of highly effective teens


41. DIY 3D Mechanical Wooden Puzzle Kit

Ultimately, you want your girl to understand how stuff works which can go a long way to making life a lot easier. This DIY wooden puzzle helps in that direction; most importantly though, it is a fun kit she’ll likely spend hours with erecting the mechanical structure.

The individual pieces are made from non-toxic wood making them safe for her to handle. With the step-by-step instructions, she’ll be amazed by the intricate puzzle tower she built. 4 different towers can be built using the guide.

As well as being great decorative pieces people can admire, the towers, resembling roller coasters, are great for playing marble run.This is an image of girl's 3D wooden puzzle with mechanical gears


42. Crossbody Bag by Isabelle

She won’t be able to thank you enough for gifting her this pink crossbody bag by Isabelle. Made of faux leather and gold-tone hardware, it has enough zipped pockets to keep all her stuff tidy and organized. The small size won’t matter a bit.

With the adjustable shoulder strap with 20″ drop, the bag would fit nicely across the body no matter her size. You should start saving up to get another one as she’ll surely ask for a different color. That is how amazing the bag is.This is an image of girl's multi pocket crossbody bag in pink color


43. Pair Tall Winter Boots

Bearpaw is well known for making high-quality footwear for ladies of all ages and sizes. These Emma boots are no exception and their modern and stylish design would turn heads in envy.

A Bearpaw boot for the winter is perfect to keep her legs warm while being very fashionable. She’ll look chic and classy with the suede upper while the sheepskin and wool lining, apart from keeping her legs warm, deliver the sort of comfort that only the best shoes can no matter how long they are worn.This is an image of girl's Emma tall Winter boot in black color


44. Body Tattoo Pens

For a teenage girl who loves arts, designing her body is just one of the few ways of expressing herself. This body tattoo lot is a no-frills, easy, and fun way to safely create colorful designs on her body whenever she wants. And you shouldn’t worry, the tattoo ink can be washed off easily with soap and water.

The kit includes stencils for tracing designs on her skin using a stick. And with the 6 pens of different colors in the kit, she can color the designs the way she sees fit.

This would make a perfect holiday gift, for arts and craft class, costume festivals, school plays, or simply to practice how to tattoo arts with her friends on any given day.This is an image of girl's tattoo pens pack by ALex Spa


45. DIY Spa Kit

Knowing about what makes the skin healthy is something your girl would be deeply interested in. This kit would inspire her to learn about the science behind that and much more in exciting and fun ways. It is one of the best educational gifts allowing teens to experiment in their own lab at home.

It comes with everything she needs to make different types of bath salts and scrub, as well as create underwater volcanoes in exciting science experiments. The instructions guide makes it so easy as it should; other positive benefits of this kit include the likely improvement in her grades and a higher level of interest in experimental sciences after getting this gift.This is an image of girl's Rainbow bath scrub kit by Playz


46. Music Jewelry Box

At just 3.25″ high, 5.5″ wide and 5.3″ tall, this jewelry box is on the small side. But the heart-shaped design, pink color, and large compartment makes it perfect for storing her most precious treasures – those small ones that can easily get disappear in a bigger jewelry box when mixed with other stuff. Another plus with the size is she can take it wherever she wants.

The box comes with soft, pink lining, beautiful artwork on the lid, and a ballerina that pops up when the lid is opened to slowly spin to the melody of Swan Lake.This is an image of girl's musical jewelry box in pink color


47. ‘How Things Work’ Hardcover Book

Like most teens, she’ll be very curious about how things work from the mundane to the very complicated. This is what this book reveals in over 200 pages. This is the sort of gift you want to get your girl if the plan is to make her a smart teen with a hunger for learning.

The book contains the science behind the vehicles we drive, common and not-so-common household appliances, gadgets, fun puzzles and challenges, and much more.

The colorfully-illustrated book also contains profiles of the people responsible for some of the technologies in the book.This is an image of girl's book how things work by National Geographic Kids


48. Wearable Nail Polish Holder

‘Cute’ is one reason she’ll go absolutely nuts over this unique gift that allows her to use her nail polish wherever she is. She won’t need a flat surface to keep the bottles anymore. Best of all,  with an opening made from flexible silicone rubber rings. she can insert any bottle in it no matter the size or shape.

Known as Tweexy, she’ll wonder why she never had such a clever gift before. This makes it perfect if you are looking for a unique gift she never had before. Of course, you have to make sure painting her nails is just one of the many things she loves doing.

She doesn’t have to worry about having small fingers. It will fit finger sizes between 3 and 17 snugly without being too tight. If by the off chance her fingers are smaller than 3, an extra finger in one of the rings would stabilize the holder.This is an image of girl's wearable nail polish bottle holder in purple color


49. DIY Soap Making Kit

With the included coconut papaya fragrance, soap stickers, soap glitter, molds, and brightly-colored tablets, this kit allows her to develop a new passion for making soaps of different sizes, colors, and shapes. She has enough ingredients to make up to ten unique soaps.

This is a cool gift for a girl who loves hands-on activities. And since we are talking soaps to keep her clean and smelling fresh, you bet she’ll put all her heart into it.

The kit comes with an instructions guide that is illustrated with colorful pictures and images. She’ll also get educated on the chemistry behind most of the experiments and other easy science experiments lessons.This is an image of girl's soap craft and science kit



Consideration When Buying Gifts for 14 Year Old Girls

Generally, gift ideas for 14 years old girl have to focus on aesthetics more than anything else. You might know what generic gift they like but to generate off-the-scale levels of excitement, items from famous brands come tops.

For instance, they would rather you get a backpack from a popular, trending brand than just any knock off. But you could get away with unknown brands if she doesn’t care about brand names and if you can demonstrate that the gift is as good or even better than the popular brands.

However, you can avoid all that with hands-on gifts that allow them to make unique items for themselves: items they could share with friends and family. In this category, assuming you are searching for good Christmas presents for 14 year olds girl, are gifts such as the soap-making kit, scrapbook, cookbook, construction and building kits, etc.

In addition to all that, the following factors must also be considered before you make your choice:

Her interests and hobbies

Ideally, the answer to what do 14 year olds like should be the same as her interests. Unfortunately, it is not that simple when it comes to teenagers and people in general.

Teenagers, like most people, want different things. And what each one wants could be as varied as there are people. If you find out what she likes doing, you could simply tailor your gift to match it.


Girls within this age range who want to feel more independent. Gifts that promote the feeling of self-sufficiency would be awesome. For instance, presents like gift cards are great because she gets to buy anything with it.



Best Gift Overall

While researching gift ideas for 14 year old girl for this guide, we knew it would be hard to pick an item for this category. But, after several hours of back and forth, we settled for this mini camcorder.

Cameras usually appeal to people as it allows them to capture memorable and the not-so-memorable events of their lives; and have lots of fun while at it.

We were impressed by the overall design that makes it very appealing to girls. The overall quality too was awesome and at that price point, it was more than a bargain.This is an image of girl's digital camera with rabbit design in white and pink colors


Best Budget Gift

If you looking for budget gifts for 14 yr olds guaranteed to thrill her immensely, you won’t go wrong with this DIY spa kit. The kit is both fun and educational. There is no prize for guessing the fun she’ll have with it would overshadow the educational aspect.

A customized beauty product making kit is something that would interest her a lot considering that teenage girls really care about how they look. The various science experiments in the kit provide several extra layers of excitement and variety. The experiments are safe and can be carried out at home.This is an image of girl's Rainbow bath scrub kit by Playz


What to Get a 14 Year Old for Her Birthday?

If you read through this guide, then you must have a pretty good idea of the sort of gifts to get for her birthday. Many of the items here are what kids her age want for their birthdays. To nail it down perfectly, simply find out her the stuff she is interested in and pick a gift in that category.

Generally, though, gifts that make them look good and fashionable can be found at the top of their wish list.


Gifts for 14 Year Old Girl Who has Everything?

Naturally, by the time she gets to 14, she must have had several gifts in the past. This makes it hard to get her something new and unique. The easy way to get round this is to simply ask her what she wants if you are not too big on making it a surprise.

Or if you have a way of knowing the gifts she has already, you could simply get accessories for them. Accessories are awesome in so many ways. When done right, they make an old gift look new and more interesting.