Best Gifts for 14 Year Old Boys

This is an image of a Happy 14th birthday colorful party balloons and bunting

Are you looking for a gift to impress that young man that just turned 14? Or perhaps you just want help with gift ideas for 14 year old boy just so you can choose from a variety of wonderful options? If the answer is yes to both questions, then you are in the right place.

Because we understand that shopping for a gift for teenagers can be daunting even at the best of times, we have taken the time to collate some very exciting gifts for you.

This guide includes gifts in a variety of categories. Whether it is for a birthday, Christmas, New Year, holiday, Halloween, or even going-back-to-school, we got you covered. And you don’t have to worry about your budget, you’ll definitely find amazing items with surprisingly (at least for you) low price tags.


49 Best Gifts for 14 Year Old Boys

We now take you through the list of items we considered the top gifts to give a teen boy on a special occasion. It is a long read, so grab a cup of coffee and see what we have in store for you.

1. Computer Gaming Desk

It’s very fitting we are kicking off this 14 year old boy gifts guide with this futuristic computer desk that he’d likely spend a large chunk of his day on; especially if he is an avid gamer.

The large-surfaced desk is notable for the built-in LED lights. When fully assembled, the surface and legs of the desk can be made to glow with 6 exciting colors when the attached USB cable is plugged into a PC.

With an R-shaped design, the gaming desk is easy to assemble and comes with all the screws needed to set it up. It comes with fittings and features for cables, a cup holder, a headset hook, a controller holder, etc.This is an image of boy's Gaming desk


2. Nintendo Switch

If your kid loves playing video games, how about this Nintendo Switch that offers an unbeatable combination of portability and regular home play? In real terms, that means he can’t keep playing his game wherever and whenever he wants. These include in the multi-player mode with friends and family using the TV, alone in his bedroom, or to kill time during that boring journey to or from school every day.

Compatible with the classic Switch, it comes with over 1000 games including classics such as Mortal Kombat, Minecraft, Fortnite, Pokemon, etc.

The pack comes complete with all the hardware and accessories needed such as Switch dock, a pair of Joy-Con straps, two Joy-Con controllers, a Joy-Con grip, AC adapter, and HDMI cable.This is an image of boy's Nintendo switch in blue, red and black colors


3. Electric Shocking Game

Next in our list of the best gifts for 14 year old boy we have a fun party game. This electric shocking game will add a different kind of excitement next time he meets up with his friends to hang out. It is designed like a game controller with 4 detachable joysticks attached to a round base.

The game is simple to play. Each player gets hold of a ‘joystick’ and waits anxiously for the blinking red light to turn green to quickly press a trigger at the top of the joystick. The last to hit the button gets a jolt of electric current.

The game comes with 3 levels of shock control from low to high. It is going to be hilarious watching how people react when they get shocked. The game is also perfect for family game nights, parties, picnics, etc.This is an image of boy's shocking game


4. Go Kart

Trike’s Go Kart would be perfect for an adventurous and outdoorsy young man. The 3-wheeled ride with a low center of gravity provides a safe, unique, and exceedingly fun riding experience for kids his age.

Specifically designed for cruising on flat surfaces or gently sloping terrain, he is going to enjoy testing his strength and endurance against other kids with similar bikes. Even if he’s alone, the thrill of pushing this trike as fast as it can go is an experience worth repeating again and again.This is an image of boy's 3 wheels bike in blue color


5. ‘Manual to Manhood’  Paperback Book

At 14, he is seen enough and gone through a few experiences to know that navigating life and come out smelling of roses requires help. That help, a fair good bit of it at least, can be found in this book by Jonathan Catherman.

In almost 300 pages, he is going to find useful tips and learn a few skills that many adults wished they knew at his age. He’d learn stuff as simple the proper way to use cologne to complex things like talking to a girl and planning his first date. It includes other vital life hacks like writing a resume, cooking steak, DIY skills and much more.

This book is simply one of the best birthday gifts for 14 year old boy. It would also be great as a holiday gift, or simply a gift to get him to pick an interest in reading instead of spending all his time with gadgets.This is an image of boy's manual to manhood book


6. Light Up Basketball

This light-up basketball would appeal greatly to him if he loves the game of basketball. The regular-sized basketball has one awesome design-feature going for it: it produces a cool glow when it is bounced on the floor thanks to a couple of built-in LEDs.

It is immediately obvious the value it brings to his game time: fun play with his buddies doesn’t have to end simply because it is getting dark.This is an image of boy's Basketball bright LED in red color


7. Magnetic Dart Board

At 16″ in diameter and less than 1 oz in weight, we imagine this is one dartboard your kid would love carrying along with him everywhere if he loves indoor games. The fact it is so easy to set up and play is one reason this game is enjoyed by millions of people around the world.

He’d also be impressed by the design and sleek finishing that includes colored numbers and faux cracks found in classic dartboards. For him and his friends though, he has to make do with kids-safe darts with plastic-covered magnetic tips. That notwithstanding, the darts offer a similar experience with real darts and will fly straight each time.This is an image of boy's manetic dart board in black color


8. Digital Watch

What do 14 yr old guys expect from their watch? Well, for starters, it has to come with bold colors, the sort associated masculinity. It also has to look rugged giving the impression of the strength associated dependable men that teenage boys love projecting.

All these and the fact that this’ an Ironman watch by Timex are just some of the reasons he would fall in love with this watch.

The watch comes with an adjustable resin strap and features a 24-hour countdown timer and a 100-hour chronograph with a 30-lap memory.  Other functions include a variety of alarm modes, 24-hour military time mode, and dual time zones with a full-featured digital calendar on the display.This is an image of boy's ironman classic watch in gray and black colors


9. LEGO Minecraft Polar Igloo Building Kit

If he loves playing Minecraft video games, this Lego set offers him the chance to recreate the Polar Igloo ‘minescape’. The completed structure has the authentic feel of the video game.

This hands-on gift comes with 273 pieces that include accessories such as buildable mini-figures of Alex, polar bears, and stray. By the time he is done putting the pieces together, it would have a fishing pond for Alex to do a spot of fishing, an arrow dispenser to use against strays, plants, and much more.This is an image of LEGO minecraft the polar igloo


10. Mini Basketball Hoop

This mini basketball hoop is going to look amazing in his room. With a backboard that is just 24″ x 16″ and a cutting edge mounting system, it isn’t going to take a lot up space and would have zero chance of falling off the wall.

The gift is exactly what a basketball-loving 14-year-old needs to improve his aims and sharpen his hand-eye coordination.

With the ability to hold a weight of up to 180 lbs, don’t be surprised if he spends most days slam dunking in his room using the included 5″ rubber basketball.This is an image of boy's mini basketball hoop in white color


11. Gift Card Money Maze

The sight of a wad of cash or gift card encased in a transparent plastic maze is guaranteed to set anybody’s pulse racing to try and get it out. And that is where the fun will begin for the lucky recipient of this puzzle gift.

The money or gift card is his to keep if he can navigate the ball through the maze and open the inner chamber with it. With a cool gift waiting for him, he is not going to stop manipulating this case until he solves the puzzle. And that will require all his concentration and planning skills.

The game can be played over and over again by resealing the box after each game. The puzzle would be a great game to enjoy with his friends.This is an image of boy's money puzzle game


12. High Top Sneaker

Every cool dude of 14 would definitely love to have one a pair of these sneakers in his wardrobe. Chuck Taylor branded sneakers are famous for their overall styling that gives the wearer that aura of timeless elegance many people crave.

Kids love them because they define the essence of comfort. Produced in different sizes, they are perfect for casual outings, sports, trips, school, etc.This is an image of boy's converse sneaker in white and black colors


13. Hooded Sweatshirt

This Amazon Essentials sweatshirt is pretty much what any trendy kid of 14 defines as a ‘must-have’ wardrobe essential. Made from soft fleece, this’ a great hoodie to wear to just lounge or keep warm during cold winter days. This makes it perfect as a Christmas gift.

The lightweight, camo-colored shirt comes with kangaroo pockets and top-to-bottom zipper. To keep put the cold, the body and hood are lined with plush polyester sherpa.This is an image of boy's hooded sweatshirt in black colors


14. 14th Birthday T-shirt

Nothing says it louder than a birthday tee to mark the occasion. This asphalt-colored t-shirt would make an ideal birthday gift for him to wear on that day if there is going to be a party to mark the occasion.

Made from an equal blend of polyester and cotton, the retro design would give him a classic look to make him feel super cool and suave. And if anybody is in doubt about what your kid is all about, the printed ‘Straight Outta 2005’ would set them straight.This is an image of boy's 14th birthday t shirt in gray color


15. RC Drone

The excitement, fun, and wonder of experiencing the world from dizzying heights are right at the tips of his fingertips. When it comes to awesome teen gift ideas, a drone is an all-time favorite of teens fascinated by tech and devices.

Made by Holy Stone, this drone can be controlled by an app installed on a compatible device or the included easy-to-use remote control. It comes with lots of amazing premium features, and wouldn’t create a big hole in your pocket. In other words, it’s simply perfect for him.

He would love the 120° wide-angle camera that is capable of beaming 720p HD videos on a compatible iOS or Android device in real-time up to a height of 200 feet. And with the remote or WiFi-connected device, the durable device can be made to move in all directions, hover over a particular spot, and execute some simple stunts.This is an image of boy's drone with camera 720P and remote control in black color


16. Digital Camera by Canon

For a dude interested in documenting his life with photos and videos, a camera made by Canon is the ultimate gear. The small size and compact design makes it perfect to easily carry around for shoots while the 2.7′ 230k LCD enhances the image viewing and live video or playback experience.

The small size hides a powerful sensor, image stabilization feature, top-notch image processor, and video capturing capability of 25 fps. In practical terms, that means amazing photographs and HD quality videos to share on social media or upload to his computer for friends and family to get an idea of his interest through the perspective of a lens.This is an image of boy's canon digital camera pack in silver color


17. Laser Chess Game

This game of strategy is a modern twist on the classic game of chess using real class 1 lasers. This combination of a traditional board game and technology makes it much more fun and exciting for teenagers and young people in general.

The game itself is easy to play. Mirrors pieces are moved around the board by the players. This is accompanied by firing and bouncing lasers off the mirrored part of the pieces. The penalty for missing the mirrored surface of a piece is the elimination of that piece from the board.

The ultimate aim is to illuminate the opponent’s king with the laser. In this laser chess game, that translates into a win, game over, and next game!This is an image of boy's laser chess strategy game in blue and red colors


18. ‘Being a Teenage Boy’  Book

It is never too early or too late for your boy to become acquainted with some wisdom of the ages. That, and lots of awesome, down-to-earth tips and knowledge is what this spiral-bound book is all about.

This is a cool gift for any occasion be it Christmas, New Year, holiday, going-back-to school, etc. Each page of the award-winning book covers a key insight into life without being too preachy. Topics like how to avoid fights, respect for other genders, hygiene, and how to develop self-confidence among others are covered in the book.This is an image of boy's being a teenage boy book


19. Bluetooth Headphones

You wouldn’t expect headphones this fashionable and with amazing features to come this cheap. If he loves listening to music, it won’t make a bit of difference to him they are not Beats headphones because the audio quality is just as awesome.

The black and green headset comes with soft-memory earmuffs magnifying comfortability each time they are worn. And because it a Bluetooth enabled, he can easily connect it to his compatible devices and listen to music without using cables. Better still, portability is enhanced with the lightweight and foldable design.This is an image of boy's bluetooth headphones in black and green colors


20. Paperback Cookbook 

Surprise your kid on his birthday with this cookbook. Even if he is a novice or doesn’t like cooking, he’d surely want to see what the fuss is all about that you got him a cookbook instead of some generic gift for boys his age.

Like most teenagers, there are certain things he prefers eating; that is one reason he’d be engrossed with the over 75 recipes of teenage delights and tips on how to make different types of treats using unusual ingredients. He’d be looking forward to surprising his buddies next they all get together to shoot the breeze!

As well as being about cooking, it’s also a comprehensive education about culinary vocabulary, the chemistry and mechanics of the kitchen, and how to avoid disasters in the kitchen.This is an image of boy's teens cook


21. Scrapbook Journal

A scrapbook/journal combo is much more about creativity and the things you value most in life. This journal, titled, ‘Dear Future Me, Sincerely Present Me’ takes the concept of keeping memories to new heights.

The title is already an inspiration for him to pen down his best thoughts, feelings, and pocket philosophies in the pages. He knows a ‘future him’ is already very curious about the good, bad, and weird stuff ‘present him’ was up to and found important.

And like all the best scrapbooks, there are lots of spaces for photos. The gift also comes with stickers to help him decorate the spiral-bound book.This is an image of boy's letter's to my future self journal with quotes


22. Beanie

You don’t have to do much to rock a beanie no matter your age. It is usually a good fit for most outfits. Your boy would love this beanie not just because it is going to make him look really cool and keep his head warm, but also because of the music from the built-in speaker. This is going to be his favorite hat.

As well as the Bluetooth speaker to listen to his favorite songs from paired devices, he can also use it to receive calls. The controls are easy to locate with features to answer/end calls and adjust the volume.This is an image of boy's swireless bluetooth beanie in gray color


23. Coding & Fun Robot

Designed to look like a truck, this coding robot would be perfect if he loves computer programming and coding. Known as Cozmo, it features an in-built AI chip that allows it to learn and say your kid’s name, recognize his face, and express a variety of human emotions.

With time, your boy would consider it his trusted assistant and best buddy when it starts understanding and predicting his behavior.

Built from over 300 parts, it can play some fun games with the 3 cubes included in the pack. The included visual programming language is perfect for basic coding. He could take advantage of it to program Cozmo to behave the way he wants.This is an image of boy's Cozmo robot toy in blue and white colors


24. Deluxe Art Drawing Kit

Next up in this 14 years old boy gifts guide is this art kit that would make an excellent gift for a budding artist. The size, scale, and packaging of the set makes it one of the best kits even for professional artists.

It is a 163-piece affair with brushes, watercolor cakes, all kinds of drawing and coloring pencils, oil pastels, crayons, mixing trays, etc., all neatly arranged in the various compartments of the wooden box. This makes it easy to access any piece and organize them after he’s finished for the day.

The kit also comes with a sketchbook, watercolor pad, sketch pad and a wooden easel with drawer.This is an image of boy's box drawing set with various of pencils and sketchs


25. DIY Water Rocket Kit

With this gift, he is going to have lots of fun using a water bottle to build his own rocket. This would be an excellent gift if he is interested in science, all things rockets, and how they work. All the pieces he would need and detailed instructions are in the pack.

The rocket is about how water and air pressure can work together to send objects flying into the air. He’d be on tenterhooks eagerly waiting to see if he can blast his finished rocket up to the  90 feet promised by the manual!This is an image of boy's water rocket kit


26. Euler’s Disk

What magical powers does a 3″ chrome-plated spinning disk have? That is the mystery the lucky recipient of this gift would try to unravel with this Euler’s disk by Toysmith.

The original Euler’s disk was invented about three decades ago and since then has been the subject of many scientific studies. And with good reason too considering that what the simple, spinning disk goes against common logic.

After giving the disc a spin, people are always amazed by how faster it spins and louder it sounds the longer it spins. Logic says it should be the other way round. Your kid is going to spend hours spinning it, watching the mesmerizing lights and listening to the sounds while trying to figure out the science and mystery behind it.This is an image of boy's spining disk


27. NFL Board Game

All the excitement and action of regular NFL football games are packed into this board game. The game, like the real thing, employs savvy game management and strategy to get ahead. Teenage boys interested in football and those wishing to learn the rules and strategies behind the game would love this gift.

Recommended for 2 – 4 players, each game takes between 40-60 minutes. It involves players using cards and dice to advance towards the end zones that can be branded with the banners of any of the 32 NFL teams. The included instructions make it very easy to set up, learn and play.This is an image of boy's NFL board game


28. Timberland Wallet

The kid’s face is going to light up when he sees this wallet. That smile might have little to do with the fact that he now has a wallet with enough pockets to keep all his cards (credit cards, ID, etc) and cash. Or that the strong nylon material makes it very durable and easy to keep clean.

That smile could be about it being a Timberland wallet. Boys who know all about men’s fashion know Timberland is the stuff to have to announce oneself as a dude who gets it.This is an image of boy's Timberland wallet in black color


29. DIY Robot Puzzle Music Box

With 222 wooden pieces, the young man should be able to build a contraption that is part robot, and part music box. How that happens is all down to the dedication he puts into it. With the detailed instructions though, that shouldn’t be a problem.

He is going to be immensely proud of himself by the time he cranks the robot to produce music. The biggest fascination would be reserved for the amazing way the various wheels, gears, dowels, etc., mesh perfectly to produce a mechanical robot that can produce music without electrical parts!This is an image of boy's Orpheus music box puzzle robot


30. Labyrinth Board Game

Ravensburger’s Labyrinth game is one of the best Christmas gifts for 14 year old boy who loves playing board games. Perfect for when his buddies come visiting, the game features mythical creatures and characters like a princess, a genie, bats, owls, dragon, and much more.

He would love all the action and mystery involved while trying to find his pieces in a maze that is constantly changing with danger lurking in every corner.This is an image of boy's Labyrinth family board game


31. Minecraft Digital Edition by Nintendo

Minecraft is undoubtedly one of the best video games enjoyed by people of all ages. This Nintendo Switch Edition of the game combines the amazing controls of a console with the easy portability found in the pocket edition of Minecraft. In effect, he can play it on the go in the handheld mode or at home in the tabletop mode.

Either alone or with up to 4 friends in the split-screen multiplayer mode, his creativity would have to be at its best to build and explore a variety of worlds and structures using blocks.

With monsters to hide from or combat with self-crafted weapons, tools, and armor, the excitement is non-stop. In the online mode, he can easily access several mini-games and even explore the in-game shop for more amazing options.This is an image of boy's minecraft game for nintendo switch


32. Magnetic Science Playset

The science kit would be perfect for a science-inclined boy. It is an interesting journey into the world of magnets and the science behind their actions.

The set comes with a full-color, 48-page guide containing more than 30 interesting magnet-based experiments involving magnets of different sizes and shapes. He’d learn how magnets work, magnetic poles, magnetic fields, which materials/objects have magnetic properties or not, how to use the earth’s magnetic field to move in the right direction when lost, and much more.

The kit is not all about learning though. He is also going to have fun using what he learned to play some interesting magnet-based games.This is an image of boy's magnetic science game


33. Math Dice Game

Math Dice is a game of stealth and critical thinking designed to either improve your kid’s maths skills or get them interested in maths. Either way, it is going to help develop his competitive spirit and sharpen his social skills.

To be played by at least two players, the game is easy to learn and comes with an instructions manual explaining the rules of the game.

The gameplay involves the simple addition and subtraction of numbers to get to a target number as determined by a 12-sided dice. Players can use any combination of addition and subtraction in whatever sequence they want to get to the finish line on the scoring track.This is an image of boy's math dice game


34. Apple AirPods

Since these Apple earbuds were made, they have become some of the most sought after gadgets among teenagers. Apart from the fact they are Apple products carrying all the swag of the brand, they offer several other benefits in terms of audio quality and convenience.

The earbuds deliver faster wireless connection to compatible devices including quick access to Siri. All he has to do is say ‘Hey Siri’ to get connected to one of the most advanced AI bots.

Other cool features include double tap to play or skip forward, high-quality audio and voice, smooth switching between devices, noise cancellation, and easy charging using the patented Lighting connector.This is an image of boy's Apple airpods in white color


35. Equipment Backpack

Eaton’s Walk-Off IV backpack is one of the best gifts for boys age 14 that are actively involved in baseball not just as fans but as players too. Now, he can easily carry all his equipment to practice or match days in one comfortable bag with enough pockets and compartments that make the organization of sports gear so much easier.

This version of the backpack features dual side bat sleeves with zippers, a conveniently-designed helmet holder, a cleat compartment, and top pockets lined with felt to keep personal items.

And as expected with all the best backpacks, the adjustable shoulder pads are padded for comfort. The padding also extends to the back panel making it comfortable to carry for long periods.This is an image of boy's backpack baseball softball in blue color


36. Harmonica

Harmonicas never fail to disappoint as a musical instrument even if you don’t know how to create or play music with it. Including it as one of the gifts for a 14 year old boy who loves making music would be incredible.

This key of C harmonica with 10 holes and 20 notes by Small Fish bears all the hallmarks of a musical instrument made with the dedication and care of someone who knows that instruments can inspire artists to make great music. It can be used to practice and play all types of music including blues, pop, and folk music.This is an image of boy's harmonica instrument


37. 5 Second Rule Game

Do you think it’s high time your boy knew how to think fast and talk even faster, while not making a fool of himself? Getting this game for him would help him achieve most of those objectives except for probably one: he is definitely going to make a fool of himself while playing. To be fair though, everybody playing can’t avoid doing silly things. This is what makes this game one of the best card games today.

The game is easy to play: with 576 questions on 288 cards, players are required to come up with quick answers to questions in just 5 seconds.

The questions sound easy enough, but can he spit out intelligent answers when under pressure without fumbling big time? Not likely especially when other players are staring intently at him and the timer is making a disconcerting sound as the marbles race down it.This is an image of boy's 5 second rule board game


38. Night Sky Projector Lamp

With the ability to bath the ceiling and walls of a room in twirling stars and moon, this lamp would make one of the coolest Christmas gifts 14 year old boy.

Also perfect as a gift for other occasions, the circular lamb resting on a base is perfect for night sleep providing a great ambiance to the room. It is rechargeable with a full battery capable of providing light for up to 15 hours.

It also comes with a remote control he can use to activate the timer function to automatically switch it off after 5, 15, or 30 minutes to save energy. He can also use the remote to change the colors to match his mood or to create a special effect in the room.This is an image of boy's night light with remote control in black colors


39. Spikeball Game

Since its debut on Shark Tank, Spikeball has become popular around the country as an exciting outdoor game perfect for beaches, the backyard, park, or any place with enough space as small as the tailgate of a truck.

Easy to set up with rules that are easy to understand, the game is played in teams of two with rules similar to volleyball. The main idea is to smack the ball and get it to bounce off the net held a few inches above the ground by a hoop-sized ring standing on five legs. The game can be very intense and gets really competitive before you know it.

That said, it is mostly fun all the way for families and friends.This is an image of boy's Spikeball game pack in yellow and black colors


40. Slide Sandals by Under Armour

When it comes to footwear, an item with the Under Armor label is, to put it mildly, an undisputed badge of quality. That is just one reason your son is going to love these slide sandals that would be perfect as casual wear both indoors and outdoors. He could also use it to go shopping or for trips to the beach with friends and family.

The sandals come with adjustable straps featuring the unique HeatGear lining to keep his feet cool and dry especially on hot summer days. Other outstanding design features include a footbed built with two layers of 4D foam, synthetic sole, and EVA outsole with in-built traction pods for comfort and lightweight cushioning.This is an image of boy's Armour sandal in black color


41. Pick Your Poison Card Game

If he’d played Cards Against Humanity and Would You Rather games and loved them, how about a game that combines the best elements of the two in one wildly exciting and hilarious game?

In Pick Your Poison, players take turns to be the judge combining two weird scenarios and imploring other players to chose which ones they fancy. Other players have to agree with a choice before it can float. The choices and combination are so terrible and messed up it’s a great way to discover new, jaw-dropping insights into people he thought he knew.This is an image of boy's your poison card game


42. Gaming T-shirt

An avid gamer would love this  ‘I Paused My Game to Be Here’ tee. It is a humorous way to inform people to quit wasting his time without saying a single word while looking cool and collected in the grey shirt.

The words are carefully hand printed and inspected on a ringspun material ensuring it is always soft and comfortable no matter how long he wears it. The tees come in several sizes. So if he prefers slim-fitting or loose-fitting shirts, you’d get one that would be perfect for him.This is an image of boy's Paused my game to be here T shirt in gray color


43. Wooden Puzzle Box

All puzzle boxes have one thing in common: the anticipation of seeing what is stashed inside generates sky-high curiosity that people don’t stop until they solve it to reveal the contents. This wooden puzzle also follows the classic template and comes with a slot on both sides to slide in prizes such as money, gift cards, rare coins. etc.

The fun doesn’t have to end after opening the box made of pinewood and finished in a rich walnut stain. Your boy could slide in his own gifts and tease his friends to play.This is an image of boy's Cash wooden puzzle box


44. Luminous Backpack

A lover of anime would be thrilled with this unique backpack that comes with a glow-in-the-dark anime design. As well as the unique anime design, it comes with dual zipper access and combination lock to keep his things safe.

Aesthetically, the bag is a cool blend of attractiveness and utility. It has eight pockets and compartments to easily organize his most important school stuff. It is also perfect to keep his things for trips to the beach or when going shopping.

And he would love the convenience of easy charging with the in-built USB charging interface. The addition of a portable power bank would effectively make this bag a mobile charger for his devices.This is an image of boy's Luminous Backpack with usb charger in black color


45. Coding Robot by Ozobot

This is a fun coding robot that delivers several levels of programming skills. For beginners, it is a great way to introduce what robotics is all about and the basics of programming in an entertaining and fun way. With a variety of colored patterns, paths, and colors, the robot can be made to behave in predetermined ways.

For a boy of 14, the real fun, after learning the basics, is programming the robot using OzoBlockly. It is an online drag and drop programming editor that is quite easy and fun to use.This is an image of boy's bit coding robot


46. Exploding Kittens Card Game

Exploding kittens is pitched as a card game for people who love kittens, explosions, laser beams, and sometimes goats! It is an awesome game of strategy for folks of all ages making it great for family game nights, parties, or with friends.

2 – 5 players can play simultaneously. The aim is to avoid drawing an exploding kitten card from the deck of 56 cards.  Each game takes a maximum of 15 minutes to complete making it fast and exciting.

This is an image of boy's kittens card game


47. Paperback Career Book

when is the right time to start thinking of a career? We think 14 is not too early for him to start thinking of what he wants to be in the future. ‘Careers: The Graphic Guide to Planning Your Future’ is a book tailor-made for teens to start thinking in that direction.

The book is beautifully illustrated with charts and tables to make him quickly understand the options available to him as far as living a productive adult life is concerned. With a book like this, he doesn’t need a career advisor; this is even better because it would always have time for him.This is an image of boy's Careers the ultimate guide to planning your future book


48. $25 Amazon Gift Card

Beyond the fact that a gift card can represent anything, it is one of the best ways to develop his shopping skills, patience and ability to stretch a budget as far as it can go.

Nestled in a gold reveal, the card can be used to redeem millions of items on Amazon. He should have fun scouring through the options available to him in search of exactly what he wants. And the best part is, he could take his sweet time and do it whenever he wants because the cards have no expiration date.This is an image of boy's Amazon Gift card with gold reveal


49. Capture the Flag Redux

This classic outdoor game that has thrilled generations of people now comes in a modern version. In this tweaked version, instead of capturing flags without getting caught, players have to steal opponents’ glowing orbs. The basic concept still remains the same but the glowing orbs and other glowing pieces makes it a great nighttime game during campfires or night parties anywhere.

The kit comes with 25 light-up games pieces that can be used multiple times to play the classic version of the game. There are also 12 other ways to play the game with up to 20 players simultaneously.

At night, with all the glowing orbs, light-up wristbands, lighted borders delineating territories, Redux would like a perfect futuristic adventure game for the players.This is an image of boy's Capture the flag game



Buying Considerations

While it is great to have a guide containing dozens of amazing gift ideas, there are still a few things to consider in getting the perfect gift. At least,  we are assuming ‘perfect’ is what you are aiming for.

At 14, your boy is already a young man. He’d be a freshman in senior high school in a year. In a few years, he ‘d be off to college all things being equal,

Essentially, this means you are shopping for a young male adult. And as a male adult, the gifts must align with that fact or at least bolster his image as a boy who is no longer a kid.

You would have to keep that in mind so you don’t go making the mistake of getting gifts meant for younger kids or girls.

That said, the pointers below are some of the vital points to consider when choosing gifts for a fourteen year old boy.

His interest

Knowing the things he is interested in is one of the surest ways of getting the right gift for him. Look for gifts that enhance his sporting life if he is into sports. In the same vein, a video game console would thrill him more than anything else if he loves video games.

You could also take a different approach to this in case he’s got all the things you planned on getting for him. Go for the accessories to those things. For example, a gamer would be head over heels for a gaming desk or an ergonomic gaming chair packed with lots of awesome features.

Just a bit of creativity on your part is all that is required here.


He is now at that stage when brand names make a big impression on him. He needs this to impress his friends and boost his self-esteem. So getting him a gadget made by Apple, for instance, would be best than a similar one from a lesser-known brand.

Then again, if he doesn’t care about brand names, he could rock any gadget or item and make it seem like the coolest thing to do. So if he is that type, you are in luck as your options are not limited to popular brands that tend to be rather pricey.


The quality of an item is sometimes associated with the brand: popular brands became popular because they usually don’t take quality for granted.

That said, whether a popular brand or not, he is going to recognize quality when he sees it. He’d likely scoff at products made with inferior materials. Besides, you don’t want the gift damaged soon after buying it because of the mediocre materials used in making it.

Educational Consideration

At 14, he is at that age when he has to start thinking about his future and how to get there. Getting it right in education is, of course, one of the most operant steps.

Consider books that help him get better at school or gifts that help to nurture a career path. Gifts like toy robots are great in that respect. These expose him to various aspects of programming and coding. A great career can develop from there.

The Career Book in this guide is also a great choice. With the book, he gets a pretty good idea of what his options are and what areas of his education he has to focus on.


Best Gift Overall

The Spikeball game got our nod after several hours of pitting the gifts against one another. It is an exciting game with flexible playing options for beginners and pros.

We love that it’s very portable, durable, easy to set up, and can’t be played almost anywhere. This is a fun way to exercise the body and develop a winning mentality.

We were also impressed by the lifetime warranty. The makers would replace any broken part at any time. This is a bold promise to make underlining the confidence the makers have in the quality of the product.This is an image of boy's Spikeball game pack in yellow and black colors


Best Budget Gift

If your budget is a little tight, we recommend getting the $20 Amazon gift card. Gift Cards are all about the freedom to do whatever he wants. Even if he feels a slight twinge of disappointment, that would quickly disappear by the time he sees the thousands of awesome gifts he can get with one.

He should have tons of fun taking his time to look at the gifts on offer on Amazon shops. You could show him this guide that contains lots of cool gifts a $20 gift card can afford comfortably.This is an image of boy's Amazon Gift card with gold reveal


What to Get a 14 Year Old for His Birthday

Cool birthday gift for 14 year old boy shouldn’t be hard to figure out if you know his interests. From that point, it is simply a matter of getting a gift in that category. Several gifts in any category that perfectly fit the bill can be found in this guide.


Most Popular Gifts for 14 Year Old Boys

What fourteen years old boys want at any given time is directly linked to popular gifts for boys of that age. When it comes to popular gifts, sticking to trending items or fashionable gifts would do the trick.

In most cases, game consoles, drones, smart wearables, shoes and clothes by popular brands would see them hopping in excitement.