Best Gifts for 13 Year Old Girls

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Confused about what gift or gifts for 13 year old girl you should get? Many adults have found themselves over-thinking what to get as a gift to impress their new teen girl.

That is understandable considering 13 is a special age that requires something special to mark it. Besides, with the notion of young adult niggling at them, the young ladies won’t mind venting their opinions with a few choice words if you get a gift they consider a disaster.

You don’t want to end up being the parent, uncle, niece, or family friend that doesn’t ‘get it’ and is out of tune with current trends. That is the sort of put-down you want to avoid from her.

So to avoid all that faux pas over 13 year old girl gifts, we have compiled some absolutely amazing gifts for you to pick from. Whether you are looking for teens birthday gifts or gifts for any occasion, this guide has got you covered.


48 Best Gifts for 13 Year Old Girls

It’s now time to look at the gifts we came up with after hours of careful research and evaluation. There are 48 of them from different categories; so no matter her interest or the occasion, you’d surely find one or a couple that would blow her mind

1. Vanity Table with Mirror

First on our list of gifts for 13 year old girl is this white vanity table by Vasagle. This’ a clear acknowledgment that you now recognize her as a young lady on the cusp of greater things. The simplicity of the table somehow enhances its charm easily making her room more beautiful.

The table comes with a round mirror attached to the top of the desk. It is designed with two large drawers that slide open easily. With them, she has plenty of room to keep her beauty kits and accessories. To complete the table set is a sturdy tool with removable cover. This makes it easy to wash or even replace if she wants to give it a new look.This is an image of girl's vanity table set witj a mirror in white color


2. Mermaid Tail Fin

Next on the list is the mermaid tail fin that would instantly transform her into a cute mermaid if she loves swimming. The monofin is made from high-quality neoprene and is designed to fit comfortably around her limbs for consistently memorable swimming experiences.

It comes with a polypropylene insert that ensures the fin retains its perfect shape while flexing and bending easily when swimming. And she won’t have to worry about keeping it on because it is designed to stay securely around her feet. She’ll also love it that it can be removed quickly whether she is in or out of the water.This is an image of girl's mermaid tails for swimming in bright blue color


3. Programmable Robot Ball by Sphero

Known as SPRK+, this robot shaped like a ball inspires curiosity and invention via some basic STEM concepts. With the app installed on a compatible device, she can make the ball do fun things using some basic, easy-to-learn programming languages. The in-built sensors, gyroscope, and accelerometers ensure the programmed robot can execute all her commands with ease.

And talking about coding, the kit allows her to program the robot in three ways opening up several possibilities for learning and fun.

The durable robot is scratch-resistant and also comes equipped with Bluetooth for easy connectivity and LED lights to enhance its attractiveness especially at night.This is an image of girl's robot STEM ball in blue color


4. Backpack

A backpack made by the Swedish company Fjallaraven should count for something. For over 60 years, they have carved a niche for themselves as makers of quality products including backpacks and other outdoor gears. This beige backpack carries all the hallmarks of excellence associated with their products.

This would make a perfect birthday present to celebrate her new age and a great going-back-to-school present. The styling is awesome enough for a fashion-conscious girl. She’ll also love that it is comfortable to carry and has enough room for all her school stuff. It would also be great back for light trips and camping.This is an image of girl's classic backpack in brown color


5. Wristwatch by XOXO

As a fashion accessory, this wristwatch speaks for itself. With the sparkling bezel with rhinestones inset, silver-tone color, and analog display, she gets an accessory that adds that classic timelessness desired by most people but only a few can pull off.

But it is the interchangeable straps that would really get her heart racing with excitement. The six straps of different colors allow her to use the same watch to complement different outfits. People who don’t know would think she has 7 classy watches!This is an image of girl's analog watch pack in colorful colors


6. Freestyle Bike

There is something about a bike gift that appeals to kids of all ages. Maybe it is the sense of freedom it gives or simply the fact that it promises lots of excitement in terms of speed and places they can go. Whatever it is, this pink Freestyle bike combines all the best features parents and kids expect from their bikes.

The safe, comfortable to ride comes with seats and handlebars that can be adjusted to match her height. With the TIG welded steel frame, this bike is guaranteed to be with her for a long time.This is an image of girl's bike with 18 inchs wheels in pink color


7. 2-in-1 Journal and Sketchbook

A journal and sketchbook combo is a thoughtful gift for 13 year old girl if done right. ‘Right’ could mean including it with other awesome gifts for her birthday. It could also mean taking advantage of a family holiday trip so she can jot down her thoughts. That should get her to pick interest in everything going on around her and develop her writing skills.

It all starts with the cover that is designed with two cute llamas and the words, ‘It ONLY TOOK 13 YEARS To Be THIS AWESOME.’ That inspiring message is the catalyst she needs to fill the 100 pages with awesome thoughts, ideas, notes, and sketches.This is an image of girl's book it only took 13 years


8. Instant Digital Camera

An instant camera as a birthday gift for a girl who loves taking photos is all shades of awesome. Even more impressive with this camera is that she doesn’t have to wait for long to view her shots. She can print them in about 60 seconds with the built-in printer and share them with family or friends.

The retro-style camera is easy to use, stylish and can capture awesome images, including selfies, thanks to the 10 MP  sensors. It comes with a memory slot of up to 32 GB giving her adequate space to store her photo temporarily. She can easily transfer them to her computer later to create space for more shots.This is an image of girl's intant digital camera in white color


9. 13th Birthday Necklace

It’s a good thing this necklace is made from quality silver material that won’t fade or rust anytime soon. It is so cool she might be wearing it to add a touch of class to her outfit right up to her late teens it or early twenties.

It is a 13th birthday necklace though: the thirteen charming beads attached to it proves that. For your girl, it is a magical gift to mark her new milestone ushering her into her teen years.This is an image of girl's 13th birthday neckless


10. 10″ Tablet with Stylus Pen

Depending on how it is used, a tab like this one counts as one of the best 13th birthday gift ideas for a daughter. It could be used strictly for fun and entrainment, or as a great learning tool. But with the right parental controls, she could have the best of both worlds.

Manufactured by Simbans and aptly named Picasso due to the presence of the stylus pen, she could have great fun with it exploring her artistic talents if she loves drawing. The screen would display her drawings in sharp, vivid colors inspiring her to draw more.

Being an Android device, she’d have access to thousands of free games, books, and other apps and with the WiFi connection, can stream or download as many movies and songs as she wants. She’ll love the included leather case to protect the tab and for easy portability.This is an image of girl's drawing tablet with stylus pen in black color


11. Night Sky Projector

A different type of night light to add variety to the regular lights in her room should make a cool birthday gift. But a night sky projector like this one from YSD is more about beautifying her room at night than providing different options to regular night lamps. And it does that brilliantly.

The gorgeous projection of the night sky complete with stars, moon, and other planetary objects would take her breath away. This could become her default night light delivering the perfect fantasy vista of the night sky on her ceiling and walls.

The round projector is lightweight, very portable and easy to operate with the remote or touch buttons on the device. It comes with a 5 – 99-minute auto-off timer, up to 14 hours of battery life, and a rotating function to slowly spin the night sky around the room.This is an image of girl's night lighting lamp with star rotation sky in light blue color


12. Hammock

Lounging, whether indoors or outdoors, is one of the best ways to relax with a book, listening to your favorite songs, to take a quick nap, and much more. That she’ll love this hammock is not in doubt. The large size and quality material mean she can even invite her friend to lounge with her on any given day.

With the ability to take up to 500 lbs, you can join her in it and catch up on a variety of stuff. This could easily become her favorite place.

Also perfect for camping trips in the woods, it is very durable and easy to setup. It comes with a pair of heavy-duty carabiners, straps, and attachment loops needed to put it up anywhere. And for easy portability and storage, a stuff sack is sewn on it.This is an image of girl's camping hammock for trees in pink color


13. String Art Kit

String art is easy and allows for limitless improvisations that kids always find new ways to play with them. For your girl, this kit offers a hands-on opportunity to make colorful art to decorate her room. You bet she’d be so pleased with her work she’ll display it where everybody can see.

Perfect as a holiday gift, the art and craft kit comes with three pre-printed foam canvasses and enough yards of colorful strings and pushpins to create an owl, a stardust, and the word ‘yay’.  She’ll be occupied for hours changing and mixing the colors as she tries to find the perfect design for her artwork; good thing the kit allows her to easily untie the strings and start all over.This is an image of girl's string art kit in colorful colors


14. A Pair of Headphones

She can help but fall in love with this pair of headphones instantly. The design would do that to her; providing a good contrast to her outfit making it a cool fashion accessory.

The sound output and how comfortable they are on her ears are the twin features that’d get her hooked to them. If she loves listening to music, you just gave her the perfect listening device to privately listen to her favorite songs any time she wants.This is an image of girl's headphones in blue color


15. 3D Pen

A 3D Pen should be in any teenage birthday gifts ideas list especially if the said teenager is a budding artist. This 3D pen by MYNT3D is engineered to make drawing a delightful endeavor. Your girl can practically see her drawings coming to life in 3D. And if you can get her enough filaments (it is compatible with all types of filaments) of different colors, her creativity would get the needed boost taking her talents to the next level.

The pen is easy to use and comes with an instructions booklet. She can also go online to check out helpful projects and tutorials to get her imagination blazing.This is an image of girl's 3D pen set in black color


16. 13th Birthday Bangle

Even if your girl isn’t much of a jewelry person, she’ll definitely adore this bracelet. What with all the charms attached jingling with pleasant sounds while taking a walk with them around her wrist. And she’ll be wearing it a lot to leave no one in doubt that is proud of her current age.

Two of the four charms are all about her age with a number ’13’ charm followed by a cute ‘Happy Birthday’ charm. While the ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ words printed on the last charm is there to remind she has everything she needs to be very happy in life.

Everything is stainless steel – from the expandable bracelet to the charms. So fading or rusting is not an option for as long as she has it.This is an image of girl's 13th birthday steel bandle in silver color


17. Mini RC Strobe Lamp

Perfect for parties at home with family or friends, this cool disco light would make an awesome gift if she loves dancing. With the lights activated, even ultra laid back people would be inspired to tap their feet and nod their heads to the music.

With 7 light modes to chose from, she could also use it as a night light providing the perfect ambiance to improve sleep quality.

The device comes with a remote control to adjust the light color and brightness. She can also have fun experimenting with a combination of colored lights to create lively visual effects. She would definitely have tons of fun mixing the colors to match different types of music.This is an image of girl's activated party light with remote control in black color


18. Hair Scrunchies

Spiral hair ties are very popular with the ladies. With 40 different colors in the pack, your girl is going to be ecstatic. If she is fond of losing her hair ties before, this would be perfect as she isn’t likely to run out of them for a long time.

The Scrunchies are made from high-quality, soft, premium velvet material to ensure durability. The elasticity of each one is just the right tension to prevent pains and aches while keeping every strand of hair in place.This is an image of girl's hair bands ties pack in colorful colors


19. Women in Science Hardcover Book

This is a great book to dispel any lingering notion that women’s contribution to science and technology is not substantial enough. At this age, she is becoming acutely aware of the limitations of her gender; but this illustrated book, featuring the inspirational feats of 50 women, helps her understand she can be the very best in any field of endeavor.

This book is a great way to encourage her to become interested in science as a subject and perhaps join the legion of women doing great things in all fields of science later in life.This is an image of girl's women in science book


20. 5 Pairs of Socks

5 pairs of socks seem like the perfect going-back-to-school gift for her. But with the awesome cartoon designs and quality material, it is clear she’ll put them to many uses. The socks are soft and comfortable to wear and come with the right elasticity thanks to the combination of spandex and polyamide material used in making them.

And with 84% percent cotton material, she is assured of durability and warm feet in chilly weather. Most importantly though, she isn’t likely to run out of a clean pair of socks any day of the week.This is an image of girl's socks pack in colorful colors


21. Bluetooth Beanie

Next up in this guide of awesome 13th birthday gift ideas for girl is this fantastic smoky grey beanie that doubles as a wireless speaker/mic. Made from acrylic fiber material, it is stylish and thick easily keeping her head warm in winter and on chilly days.

If she likes music though, the weather won’t be a factor to put it on. Thanks to the universal Bluetooth feature, she can receive calls and listen to music from connected devices allowing for hands-free operations of devices.

The control panel is to locate. With it, she can easily adjust the volume, and answer/end calls up to a range of 33 feet. This is goodbye to earbuds that easily fall off and Bluetooth devices that get lost easily.This is an image of girl's bluetooth beaunies in gray color


22. Pink Wristwatch by Dovoda

A pink analog watch around a lady’s wrist is a powerful fashion statement that can’t be ignored. The combination of simplicity in design and the utility of a basic timepiece is a classic that would always be trendy. And in the age of digital devices, your girl would stand out for being unique.

The watch is waterproof easily withstanding splashes of water and rainfall. it comes with tough, scratch-resistant mineral glass to protect the pink-colored dial that has matching pink flowers. This would make an awesome Christmas gift for her.This is an image of girl's analog classic watch in pink color


23. Night Lamp by GoLine

This cat-themed night lamp is so compact and cute it is easy to imagine her taking it along for family trips so she can continue enjoying the delightful light it provides at night. And with the 15-hour battery life, waking up in darkness is never going to happen if she hates sleeping in the dark.

Easy to control by tapping the surface, she has the option of picking any one of 7 colors. She could also set it in the breathing light mode that alternates softly between all the colors or in the standby mode to come on at specific times.This is an image of girl's lamp with cat face and remote control in white color


24. Instant Camera with Accessories

You could make her 13th summer holiday the best ever with this instant camera and accessories bundle. The fun part of this camera is she gets the hard copies of her shots almost immediately; while the accessories add layers of variety and excitement to the fun of using the camera.

This gift isn’t just about taking shots, it will inspire her to get really creative with her photographs to make them even more attractive with colorful frames and stickers turning them into a work of art.

The accessories that make this a worthwhile investment include 40 sheets of instant film, book album with 64 pockets, a selfie lens to take awesome selfies, 5 photo frames, 40 stickers, 5 picture magnets, carrying case for storage, and much more. It’s no wonder this camera is the top of the Christmas list ideas for teenage girl.This is an image of girl's fujifilm mini camera pack in blue color


25. Drawing Stencils Kit

This is another great gift option for a girl who loves drawing a lot. The 54-piece art set comes with everything she needs to develop her artistic talent. These include large stencils, pencils of different colors, and a sharpener. The supplies are arranged in a colorful carrying case equipped with a handle. This makes it easy to store the pieces after the day’s work, or take it along with her to a new location to continue practicing her art.

The pick of the bunch is the reusable plastic templates pre-printed with designs of various animals, flowers, and other objects. Combined with the tracing sheets, learning how to draw doesn’t come any easier.This is an image of girl's drawing stencils set in colorful colors


26. Charm Brackets Making Kit

A DIY fashion kit is always a great hit among girls even if they don’t care for hands-on gifts. Your girl’s personality would be allowed to shine through with her creativity propelling her to design the two bracelets with the beads, charms and other accessories in the kit. Expect several hours of engagement with the set thinking up and creating unique bracelets to dazzle her friends.

As well as the two bracelets, the kit contains everything she’d need to pull it off successfully. These include different charms, beads of different colors and sizes, a molding tool, glitter glue, jump rings, dowel and much more. And with the easy-to-understand instructions, it won’t be long before she becomes really good at this.This is an image of girl's DIY charm bracelets craft


27. 13th Birthday T-shirt

Many things immediately stand out with this t-shirt: first, the design is modern and trendy. Secondly, the black color ensures that even awkward girls would feel really cool in it. And with the words ‘Level 13 Unlocked: Official Teenager’ printed across the front with a picture of a retro video game’s console, the world knows she is a cool gamer that is immensely proud of her new age and life.

Needless to say, if your girl loves playing video games, this 100% cotton tee is going to be perfect for her.This is an image of girl's 13th birthday T-shirt level in black color


28. Watercolor Marker Pens Set

If your girl loves drawing, doodling, painting, etc, a gift of this kit would add a different dimension to her work as an artist. With 20 markers of different colors and 2 water brushes, she has more than enough to design her drawings any way she wants. And since the colors are water-based, they would be easy to clean off any surface leaving you with little or no residual mess to deal with.

The pens and two brushes are all arranged in a handy and beautiful box making it instantly gift-ready.This is an image of girl's brush pens set


29. DIY Lip Balm Kit

Don’t you just love it when a DIY set comes with instructions that are easy to read and understand? Some lucky girl would have hours of fun reading the instructions as she learns how to make different types of lip balms.

With the instructions, she gets to learn how to mix the various ingredients and in what proportions to make solar lip screens, fruity lip protectors, shimmering balms and much more. The tools are reusable allowing her to experiment as much as she wants until she becomes an expert.

The kit also includes an illustrated, colorful lab guide with fun information. The basic STEM concepts she’d be exposed to would be invaluable in her education.This is an image of girl's Balm science arts and craft kit


30. Spirograph Art Kit

Generations of kids have been inspired by the Spirograph design set that seamlessly combines maths and arts. The current iteration comes with everything kids loved about it with some tweaks to bring it up to date. A budding artist young girl of 13 would enjoy countless hours of fun creating amazing designs for as long as she wants.

This version comes with everything needed to make her designing dreams come true including 2 design pens, 7 Spirograph precision wheels, a precision ring, one precision rack, enough reusable putty, a 24-page guide book to explain the fundamentals, and much more.

Everything is packed in a handy case that is convenient for travel. The case also doubles as a work center to keep everything neat and tidy while she is working on her designs.This is an image of girl's spirograph design tin set


31. Spiral Fashion Sketch Book

Allow your girl to envision and design her own fashion line with this kit that comes with a spiral sketchbook, over a hundred fashion and accessory shapes, and 4 pages of simple instructions.

There are 40 sketch pages, each one containing a pre-printed outline of a model to guide her creativity in the right direction. If she is very inspired, using the stencils and stickers to add extra design details and colors would come naturally.

Any fashion-inclined and artistic teenager would love this gift that is perfect for any occasion be it a birthday, Christmas, or holiday.This is an image of girl's Fashion design skettch portfolio


32. LEGO Ship in a Bottle Building Kit

Most kids, and adults too, must at one time or the other wondered how fully-featured miniature structures end up inside a bottle. It smacks of magic!

It is this magic your girl would reenact with Lego’s Ship in a Bottle Building Kit. She’ll love every moment building a detailed ship inside a bottle.

For this magical feat, all she needs are the 962 pieces of quality Lego pieces that include the bottle and a display stand included in the pack. And with the instructions, she’d be the proud builder of a detailed ship complete with captain’s quarters, canons, crow’s nest, flag, and sails.This is an image of girl's LEGO ideas ship in a bottle building kit


33. Cat Pendant Necklace

High-quality jewelry pieces for everyday wear don’t come any better than S.leaf’s minimalistic designs. If your daughter is a cat lover, she’ll love the sterling silver cat pendant hanging from the necklace instantly. It won’t matter to her if a less reputable jewelry maker designed it because it is so adorable.

The exquisite craftsmanship is reflected in the overall design. The necklace is carefully hand-polished and processed with anti-oxidation to maintain its luster for as long as she has it. It doesn’t need a stretch of the imagination to know this is one piece that would be part of jewelry collection for many years.This is an image of silver cat necklace


34. Pleated Floral Print Dress

Ladies who have worn a Grace Karin dress like this one have only good things to say about it. Your daughter would happily join the bandwagon of thousands of ladies gushing over this 50s style vintage dress.

The sleeveless, boatneck dress would be perfect for all types of occasions such as prom, weddings, formal events, etc. She could even use it as casual daily wear; but we imagine that would happen sometime in the future after she’d used it for several special occasions.

Made of mostly high-quality cotton with a bit of spandex, the dress is designed with a concealed zipper and a belt to create a perfect fit if it’s a little too big for her.This is an image of girl's vintage dress with belt and flowers design


35. Scooter

Scooters are a great and fun way to get around. This pink scooter with sparkling pink handlebar streamers seems like a perfect birthday gift if you want her to get some exercise while having run.

Requiring no assembly, she can start kicking it around to run errands or to school immediately. The 98 mm urethane wheels with springless shock system, patented rear fender brake, and tough aluminum deck all combine to ensure comfortable and safe ride always.

And when she is done riding, she could simply fold it up and carry it. This makes for easy storage and portability.This is an image of girl's kick scooter in pink color


36. Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad Mini 4

She’ll absolutely love this gift if she has the mini version of iPad 4 already. It is both a case to keep her tablet safe and a Bluetooth Keyboard that offers a new, easy to engage with the tablet.

The keyboard connects easily to the tablet via Bluetooth up to a range of about 33 feet. With the iPad is inserted in the case, it transforms the keyboard/tablet combo into a slim notebook laptop with a 360° rotating display!

Colored a brilliant pink, the keyboard/case combo allows full access to all ports when the iPad is inside.This is an image of girl's bluetooth case with keyboard for ipad mini in pink and white colors


37. Ballerina Jewelry Box

This 6″ high by 6″ long and 4″ wide jewelry box is an excellent place to keep all her earrings, bracelets, necklaces and other items. By now, she’d have quite a bunch of them that she needs a place to organize all the pieces. As well as a place to keep her jewelry, the exquisite design makes this box a cool decorative piece on her vanity desk. It would improve the decor of the room and desk immeasurably.

She’ll love the soft pink color and ballerina pictures printed around it. If she keeps looking for an excuse to open the box, it’s just possible she wants to see the spinning ballerina that pops up and the hear the ‘Swan Lake’ song again.

The jewelry box is designed with a main compartment, two side drawers, and a larger bottom drawer.This is an image of girl's ballerina musical jewelry box in pink color


38. Amazon Gift Card

If you are running out of time and at the same time confused about what to get a girl for her birthday, a gift card is a nifty solution. A Gift card, like this $50 Amazon gift card, is a great way to avoid the perils of getting the wrong gift for her.

Now it is all on her to get whatever she wants. With $50  and a little patience, she is sure to come up with amazing gifts. She’ll enjoy the fun of shopping for the things she really wants. And with no expiry date, she can take her sweet time and do her shopping when she is ready.This is an image of girl's Amazon gift card in pink color


39. Maze Puzzle Box

With this puzzle box, you are exploiting that natural human trait that pushes us to find out what is hidden. Her sense of anticipation and excitement would be very high knowing there is a gift waiting for her end of the maze puzzle.

All she has to do claim her second gift (the maze box is the first gift obviously) is get the ball through the maze successfully. Money is a popular choice for most people as a reward for solving the maze. A gift card is also another popular option.

This unique gift is great for developing concentration, patience, and spatial awareness. You bet she’d be playing this game with other kids all the time. Who wouldn’t play when there is always the possibility of unlocking a reward at the end?This is an image of girl's Maze puzzle box in blue color


40. Decoupage Craft Board Kit

The art of designing stuff using glue, colored paper cutouts, and other decorative pieces just got better with this kit by Craftivity. With the ready-to-assemble wooden planks, clothespins, hanging cord, etc., she can explore her creativity adding decorations, personal photos, and whatever she wants to change this plain board into a unique work of art.

When she is done, she can simply hang it on a wall in her room after attaching the hanging cord to the board. Her room would really look good.

This is another art and craft gift that would be perfect for girls who enjoy making things with their hands. The pack includes an instructions guide and the wood assembly hardware.This is an image of girl's board craft kit in blue and pink color


41. DIY Chocolate Making Kit

It’s going to be a close call betting if she’s going to eat all the chocolate or share some with friends by the time she gets this gift and find out how easy it is to make beautiful chocolate bars.

One thing is for sure though, she’d have fun lots making personalized chocolate bars. The kit comes with different types of chocolate molds, deco pen, and stumps to make chocolates uniquely hers. The included wrappers should inspire her to make and send some as gifts to friends and family.This is an image of girl's chocolate bar maker kit


42. Harry Potter Night Gown

A fan of Harry Potter would consider this her best nightgown. Sure, she is expected to love it because of the ‘HOGWARTS’ written on it. But the color combinations and soft polyester material make it a really comfortable all year round gown.

It is also suitable for casual wear around the house. And with a pair of leggings, she could use it as casual wear to the park or walks around the neighborhood and show off her Harry Potter spirit.

Make sure to order a size larger than her to get the full gown effect and so she could grow into it.This is an image of girl's harry potter long sleep shirt in red and gray color


43. DIY Jewelry Kit

This is a great art and craft kit that allows your girl to make and design necklaces with pendants and bracelets. If she loves making stuff, the quality of the pieces would amaze you. They are so good she can even sell them if she wants to.

Selling the pieces would be the last thing on her mind while putting in the hours learning how to make different designs. She’ll be super motivated because the results are unique fashion items beloved by ladies with taste.

The gift pack comes with everything she needs including silver-plated pendant trays, glass cabochon tiles, beads, 4 black cord necklaces, a couple of bracelets, and much more. It also includes an easy-to-read illustrated instructions guide and collage image sheets.This is an image of girl's jewelry making kit


44. Mini Drone

A mini drone makes perfect sense as a 13th birthday gift for the little lady especially if she’d never had one before. The exhilaration of flying her own aircraft fits the occasion of becoming the latest teen girl on the block.

With the easy controls, speed settings, one-button takeoff/landing, it is a great drone for a beginner. Besides, the protected propellers ensure that crashing would not damage it.

With the remote, she can make it move in any direction, hover over a particular spot, and make emergency stops. It comes with two detachable batteries which can deliver up to 12 minutes of flying time, an instruction manual, charging cable, and 4 extra propellers.This is an image of girl's mini drone with quad copter and remote control in black color


45. Bowling Playset

Surprise your girl with this mini bowling set that can be put to many other uses. You’d be pleasantly surprised by how much fun she’ll have playing with this set at home. And because they are so small and require minimal setup, she can take it anywhere to play with her friends.

The set comes with 12 bowling pins just 1.5 inches tall and a marble bowling ball that needs only the flick of a finger to get it rolling towards the target.

It would be great for parties, sleepovers or even at school. They would also be awesome as a display piece in her room.This is an image of girl's Laser chess strategy game in colorful colors


46. Laser Chess

ThinkFun’s Laser Chess set is a brilliant game of strategy for two players. The combination of strategic thinking and laser beams delivers the kind of excitement found in only the best fun games for teens.

The game is simple to play. Players are expected to take turns moving the mirrored pieces around the board; then fire real laser beams (using the class 1 lasers) to bounce off the mirrored surfaces on the piece. A piece eliminated if the beam strikes a non-mirrored part of the piece.

To win, players have to find a way to illuminate the opponent’s king with the laser.This is an image of girl's bowling game set

47. Hardcover Diary

Maybe a diary or journal to start chronicling her teens wouldn’t be such a bad idea now she is 13. At this age, she sure would have a lot to say about things happening to her, friends, family, and the world in general. And the best part is, she can write anything she wants without fear. The built-in lock would ensure nobody can get access to the content if she doesn’t want them.

The 128-page hardcover book comes with a beautifully-designed cover. The mainly pink-colored diary would be a great present for any occasion. It would promote her interest in writing, observation, and how to express herself better.This is an image of girl's diary illustator book in pink color


48. Coffee Mug

Rounding up this review of special gifts for the little princess is this customized ceramic coffee mug that also makes a great teacup. It comes with an easy to grip ‘C’ handle making it easy to lift and hold.

Perfect as a gift for any occasion, what catches the eye are the words, ‘NOW THAT I’M 13 I OFFICIALLY KNOW EVERYTHING’ printed on both sides of the mug. Does she though? At the least, that should inspire her to pay more attention to her education both in and out of school. Those are bolds words she’d want to live up to.This is an image of girl's Mug tea for 13th birthday gift in white and blue colors


Things to Consider When Buying for 13 Year Old Girls

There are so many subsets to the whole business of choosing presents for 13-year-old girl that makes it very challenging. First, she is now officially a teenager, joining an exclusive group of kids that think the world should revolve around them. Also, girls this age have to start dealing with some physical transformations that effectively defines their gender.

Now that you have a list of awesome gift ideas for 13 year old girl at your disposal, you can use the tips below to make a final choice.

Social Consideration – At this age, girls are very concerned about how they look. Assurances that they are beautiful are some of the things that bother them the most.

Gifts that enhance their natural beauty would be appreciated. However, you must always make time to provide proper guidance on how societal validation is a burden they must avoid for mundane issues like physical beauty.

Also, given that they are able to make clear choices on who they choose to associate with, gifts that encourage group play or sharing must feature prominently when making a choice.

Physical development – Teenage girls are at a stage of remarkable physical development. This brings a surge of energy and restlessness that would require an outlet.

So gifts that promote physical activity would be a great hit with them. Bikes, drones, scooters, are some of the gifts that fit the bill perfectly.

A further advantage of these gifts is that they promote social engagement with friends and family.

Educational development – A gift that seeks to promote an aspect of her education might sound dull. But if done right, it could end up being a very inspired choice.

As an 8th grader, she now has a pretty good idea about her strong suits in terms of subjects at school. You could get her gifts that reinforce her strengths in those subjects. The gifts should be exciting without coming across like a school assignment or project.

If you want to improve her general performance in school, presents that promote spatial thinking, logical and strategic skills, concentration, etc. are the best.


Best Buy

The $50 Amazon gift card made it over the line ahead of other gifts mostly for its flexibility. A gift card immediately resolves the problem of wondering if she’d like the gift you got her. Everything is now on her.

Considering the price tags on some of the gifts on this list, it is safe to say the card can go a long way with a little imagination and patience.

Most importantly though, whatever she decides to get in exchange for the card in any Amazon Store is exactly what she wanted.This is an image of girl's Amazon gift card in pink color


Best Budget 

This combination of DIY art/craft and fashion kit was hard to ignore. For a girl in her teens whose preoccupations outside school is more about how she looks, the chance to create fashion accessories would be embraced with everything she’s got.

We are were impressed by the quality and type of pieces in the kit. These are professional-level supplies for designing and creating unique bracelets, pendants, and necklaces.

She would most definitely be occupied for hours exploring the limits of her creativity, mixing up the pieces in different variations to get the ultimate never-before-seen bracelets and necklaces.This is an image of girl's jewelry making kit


Gifts for 13 Year Old Girl Who Has Everything

One pitfall in picking a gift for a 13-year-old girl is your choice might be something she has already. Considering her age, she must have had dozens of gifts from previous birthdays that she won’t care to repeat.

A good way to get around this is to stick to gifts that complement what she already has. Accessories are the best as they make old gifts more interesting. For instance, girls can never get enough of scrunchies for their hair. The rule of thumb here is to get as many differently-colored scrunchies as possible.

You also can never go wrong with DIY gifts that allow her to make fashion pieces like jewelry. Pick a kit with many pieces to give her inexhaustible design variations.


Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls

The most important factor in getting a Christmas gift for a teenage girl is to ACTUALLY get her a present at Christmas. In that respect, most gifts in this guide would be perfect for Christmas.

Simply make sure the gifts are appropriate to the her age.