Best Gifts for 12 Year Old Girls

This is an image of a light up fingerlings unicorn toy.

You’ll never know how hard shopping for gifts for 12 yr old girl is until you try. Girls this age are just coming into their own as young ladies and would want to be treated as such.

The problem is, you might be acutely aware they are just in the first year of high school and not even teens yet. So how to negotiate this sensitive territory of getting the perfect gift for a girl of 12 who thinks she is already a matured lady can be very frustrating.

But you really have to get the perfect gift to remind her that she is very special right? But ‘perfect’ can be subjective considering that, ultimately, what girls of 12 like depends largely on factors you have no control over. Peer pressure, level of maturity, and even the environment are some of the factors why she’d fancy some gifts over others.

So let’s quit the talk and get right down to why you are here. In this guide are 50 of the coolest gifts for 12 year old girls. You would find gifts ranging from books to very hi-tech items and everything in between.

In other words, no matter her personal preferences, there is a gift that would be a perfect fit for her. And with the wide price range, you are sure to get one within your budget she’ll love.


50 Top Gift Ideas and Toys for 12 Year Old Girls

The 12 year old girl gifts in this guide are the result of hours of research involving hundreds of products. A fine comb was used to ensure only the very best made the list. Hopefully, you’ll have fun going through the guide and also get what you want.

1. Mini Instant Camera

This throwback camera might not look like a great gift when she likely has her phone to take pictures whenever she wants. You’d be surprised how much kids love unique gifts like this and besides, phones can’t give instant hard copies of the prints like this one.

And the picture qualities are amazing too. So if she loves taking pictures and selfies, the automatic exposure measurement, auto aperture setting, and 0.017 seconds shutter speed all combine to ensure she captures awesome images always.This is an image of a ice blue Instax mini 9 camera.


2. Gold iPad

At 12, she’d likely have tons of music to listen to, videos to stream, documents to read, lots of important and fun stuff to browse, and many more. An iPad is an excellent gift to help to do all that, act as a vital education and learning tool, and many more of the things modern ladies have to do with a great tablet.

The gold color would surely match her fashion taste and with a display of almost 10″, viewing images and videos will be a delightful experience.

The tablet also features multi-touch screen support, WiFi and browsing speeds of up 300 Mbs, access to over a million apps, 8MP camera with 1080P HD video, great front camera for video calls and selfies, over 10 hours of battery time and much more.This is an image of a gold iPad with 32 GB storage..


3. Aquaponic/Aquarium Kit

Maternal instincts in girls make them fit for taking care of and nurturing things. Girls gravitate naturally towards anything that appeals to that instinct and that is why she’d be thrilled with this water-based garden/aquarium combo by AquaSprouts.

It is the ideal gift to teach her that all living things depend on one another for survival. With the kit, she gets to kick-start a process that involves waste products from the fish fertilizing her plants, while the plants, in turn, clean the water for the fish.

Depending on her dedication, she can grow all types of greens, veggies, herbs, etc., throughout the year.This is an image of a black aquarium and a mini garden on top of it.


4. Magnetic Unicorn Stress-busting kit

What is in the 7 x10″ drawstring bag would get her smiling and laughing in no time no matter how sad, angry or stressed-out she is. How can she not love a gift like this?

The bag contains a cute pink unicorn and a unicorn ‘putty’. And since it is a magical fantasy creature, you should expect magic or at least surprises from the kit, right? Absolutely. She can press, smash or squeeze the uniform as a much as she wants. It would, amazingly, slowly rise back to its original shape.

The putty does its own bit too. It would nonchalantly swallow the small magnet if she brings it near. Basically, you are giving her two awesome fun toys she can play with at any time.This is an image of a magnetic unicorn kit.


5. Beats Wireless Headphone

Chances are, she already has a playlist of her favorite songs in a music player somewhere. This Beats headphone is the perfect accessory for the music player. With the incredible sound output and audio quality, the songs will sound better than ever.

The headphone features a Bluetooth so she can connect it wirelessly to her devices, a USB 2.0 charging cable, a built-in mic for hands-free calls when it is connected to her phone and 12 hour battery time.This is an image of a red wireless headphone.

6. Black Suede Boots

A pair of boots is not just footwear. It is a fashion statement to let the world see how confident she is even at the tender age of 12. And the suede material gives it that timeless touch of class ladies had always desired.

The boots come with synthetic, non-marking flexible soles, and shaft that measures about 12″ from the arch. With a platform of about half an inch, she is assured of all the comfort she can get with it. And the unique ‘Never Wet’ technology makes this a great footwear for wet conditions.This is an image of a black fashion boots for women.


7. Light Up Unicorn

This baby unicorn is so small and adorable it is impossible for her not to love it just the way it is. But she has more reasons to be completely hooked by the time it starts clinging to her fingers, making cute magical noises, blinking adorably, making kissing noises, and moves in ways that would make her smile and ultimately laugh non-stop with delight.

The unicorn is designed with over 40 special effects and respond to sounds and motions around them. She won’t want to be away from it as she tries to figure out the many ways it can respond to her promptings.This is an image of a light up fingerlings unicorn toy.


8. Amazon Fire 7 Tablet

Amazon’s best-selling tablet now comes with twice the storage space of its popular predecessor. For your girl, that means she would be able to download and store more movies and TV shows, books, and music files to watch, read, and listen to respectively any time she feels like it.

It comes with a 1.3 GHz quadcore processor ensuring smooth operations whether she is performing several tasks at once. She can also access the Internet with the dual-band WiFi while the 2MP front and back camera with 720p HD video recording delivers pictures and videos she can view on the 7″ IPO display.

And best of all, she has Alexa to talk to if she wants answers to many of the questions bugging her young mind.This is an image of a 7 in Fire 7 Tablet for kids.


9. Hair Chalk

There are 74 pieces in this hair coloring kit but you bet she’d be more attracted to the 7 hair chalk pens and 5 metallic hair chalk pens, at least initially. With these pens, she’ll dedicate several hours in front of the mirror making her hair look different. By the time is masters it, her friends would be begging her to do it for them too.

The kit also contains 30 beads and 30 hair elastics to create hairstyles that show her unique personality. And isn’t it great that she can wash everything out with shampoo? She won’t get enough of this kit.This is an image of a 74 piece hair chalk set.


10. Science Expedition Subscriptions 

If you want your little girl to develop an interest in science and science-related activities, taking out a subscription to this Science Expeditions package is a great place to start. She’ll thank you for it because apart from the variety of fun, it is also action-packed: just the sort of thing needed to get her interested in a subject while getting the desired education.

If you subscribe now, the first package would arrive at your footstep in a few weeks. This includes a welcome tote bag, a science lab notebook, a kit for forensic experiments, a fingerprint analysis card, an ink pad, and a small book containing several activities and fun games.

She and the family will be eager to get the next package by the time she is done with this one.This is an image of a science expedition experiment box.


11. Bath Bombs by HanZa

Bath time doesn’t have to be a routine and mundane affair especially when you have lots of time to simply lie back and luxuriate in the sweetly-perfumed water with colors and bubbles floating around to remind you of some idyllic underwater paradise. She’d always look forward to bath time and take her sweet time to enjoy it.

The perfume, colors and other ingredients are all sourced from natural ingredients ensuring she won’t feel any irritations on her tender skin. Her skin would feel refreshed and healthier after using these bath bombs.This is an image of a natural and organic bath bombs set.


12. Scratch off Map

The scratch-off map is a great gift to add another layer of fun to travel. If she loves taking trips around the country, the map is a colorful reminder of the places she had visited, just like a photo diary on a wall. This is a great way to keep alive the memories of all the places she had been to or just places she finds very interesting.

Before you know it, your little girl is a geography expert with knowledge of cities and towns across the US on her fingertips. The gift also comes with colorful stickers, a scratching tool, wiping cloth, and adhesive to help her create her the itinerary masterpiece. This is one of the best gift ideas for 12 yr old girl who loves to travel! This is an image of a USA wall map poster.


13. Unicorn String Art Kit

When it comes to gifts for a 12 year old girl, unicorns and crafty sets are always a good pick. This wonderful item offers the best of both! If she is interested in arts, this string art kit would introduce her to another form of creating art using strings with foam as her canvass. This should be a good addition to her already existing knowledge of different art forms.

The kit comes with everything she’d need to make a colorful unicorn including 36 yards of cotton thread, two pre-printed foam canvasses, three yards of polyester thread, 100 push, pins, and detailed guide to get her started.

Other accessories are included so she can use her creativity to decorate the art pieces the way she wants.This is an image of a unicorn string craft kit.


14. Light Up Unicorn Slippers

Normal girls aged 12 have a mild obsession with fantasy creatures, especially unicorn. For your girl, that obsession might go up a notch when she beholds this super cute unicorn-themed slippers. It might take a while before she wears them as she’ll likely take her time adoring the beautifully-designed slippers.

They are so super comfortable and warm with that cheeks light up with each step she takes she’d hate the idea of ever removing them.This is an image of a unicorn slippers with light up features.


15. Plush Rabbit Sleeping Blindfold

This soft, plush sleeping blindfold uniquely designed to look like a sleeping rabbit is one of the best gifts for 12 year old girl if she is having trouble sleeping or relaxing.

The blindfold is gentle on the face and helps to completely block out light whether in the afternoon or at night. This would help her to relax and ultimately have a wonderful sleep.This is an image of a plush rabbit eye cover.


16. Gravity Maze Game

Thinkfun’s Gravity Maze is an outstanding board game any girl aged 12 would love playing. It is a game of wits and strategy that challenges her concentration and develops her ability to anticipate problems and head them off.

Like most board games for kids, it is fun to play and the 60 challenges she has to deal with makes it a very compelling game. She’d be engaged for hours trying to find new ways to navigate the target piece through the maze on the game grid.

The pack includes the game grid, one target piece, 3 marbles, 9 towers, and a rule book to explain the rules of the game. The game is easy to play, mastering the difficult levels is where the real action is.This is an image of a Gravity Maze logic game.


17. Galaxy Backpack

Wondering what to get a 12 year old for her birthday? A backpack with a galaxy design is one of the best ways to get your girl to become curious about the universe. Don’t be surprised if she started pointing out the various constellations on the backpack. She has been doing some studying, obviously encouraged by the backpack.

That aside, she’ll love the overall design and color combination. It is comfortable to carry with several pockets (including a separate compartment big enough for a laptop) both inside and outside making it easy to organize all her stuff. There is also a similarly designed small pencil bag to keep her writing materials.

Suitable for school, traveling, camping, etc., it is made of high-quality polyester and comes with adjustable, padded shoulder straps and padded back section so she wouldn’t any discomfort no matter how long she carries it.This is an image of a galaxy style backpack with pouch.


18. The Song Game By Spontuneous

Okay, it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t know how to sing to play this game. The game is all about showing off the kind of music you love and their variety.

The game requires belting out any song containing the random word on a flashcard quickly. See, no singing skill is necessary, simply know as many songs as possible and you’ll be okay.

This is an awesome gift for 12 year old girl to use for parties, family events and during outdoor events like camping, etc. You bet your girl would love to show that all the time spent with her headphones has other uses beyond enjoying her favorite songs.This is an image of a song party board game for the whole family.


19. Self-tying Water Balloons

Water balloon fights are always fun especially on hot summer days. But the idea of filling each balloon with water and tying them is so tedious many folks don’t bother playing.

But this kit takes away that stress. 100 water balloons can be filled in far less time than you can imagine with the wonderful self-tying function. It would take less than 5 minutes to get all 263 balloons ready for the battle to commence!

This summer would be filled with the laughter of friends and family pelting each other with balloons.This is an image of a colorful 8 pack water balloons.


20. Button Down Hooded Cape

A cape is just the thing she needs when the weather is not so cold that she’d need to wear a winter jacket. She’ll love the hood with cat ears that add something unique to the cute cape.

Made from high-quality tweed, it is about 23 inches in length, sleeveless and comes with buttons down the front so she could protect her body on a windy day; this feature also makes it easy to put it on or remove it when she comes back home.This is an image of a navy blue cat ear hoodie.


21. Azul Board Game

Azul is a fun board game designed to stretch her creativity and ability to manage resources to the limit. It is an easy game to play about using tiles to decorate the walls of a Dvora, the King’s royal palace.

Made for 2 – 4 players, extra points would be given for collecting similarly colored tiles and creating particular patterns. On the other hand, points would be lost for collecting tiles that can’t be used to decorate the walls.

The anticipation of seeing what tiles opponents collect keeps the interest levels sky-high.This is an image of a multicolored Azul board game.


22. Harry Potter Mystery Game

Harry Potter-themed games and gifts are always a hit with kids and adults especially if they are fans of Harry Potter books and movies. This’ a gift she and her friends or family would surely have a great time playing.

Can she or her friends solve the mystery of the missing students of Hogwarts? The game features secret rooms exposed by moving wheels, secret passages, and other locations recognizable from the book and movies.

3-5 players can play with each player having the option to take the identity of any of their favorite characters while using the clues and their magic wand to find out what happened to the missing students.This is an image of a Harry Potter classic mystery board game.


23. LEGO Pirate Roller Coaster

Girls love building things from the ground up as much as boys. LEGO kits are some of the most popular and best building kits at the moment. This would be a great gift for any occasion including her birthday. She’ll have a deep feeling of accomplishments after she is done putting the pieces together

With the 923 pieces, she’ll spend several exciting hours putting together 3 different pirate-themed roller coasters. The pieces include items such as cars, rails for the roller coaster and 4 mini-figures to complete the picture of a busy fairground.This is an image of a 3 in 1 Pirate Roller Coaster building set.


24. Wooden Weaving Loom

Weaving looms are exciting and fun ways to make all kinds of woolen items for herself or for some lucky family member or friend. Like all the best craft gifts for girls, this loom by Melissa & Dough is the perfect gift to develop her DIY skills and creativity while also giving her a sense of purpose as she thrives to make outstanding items.

The kit is easy to use and comes with an easy-to-grasp handle making it an easy task to change the frame if she wants to switch to a different weaving project. The kit also comes with tools like a large wooden needle, a variety of craft materials, 91 yards of multicolored yarn, and an easy-to-understand illustrated design booklet.This is an image of a wooden weaving loom kit.


25. Twister Board Game

Give her a taste of this classic game that has been around since around the middle of the last century. She’ll have so much fun with her friends and family she’d wonder why it took so long to get her a gift like this.

The game features a vinyl mat that acts as the game board, a spinner, and an instructions booklet.

There is no limit to the number of people that can play. The is also no limit to the number of ways the game can make players twist their bodies to comply with the game rules. The creator of this game must have wanted us all to become accomplished contortionists! Your girl would laughingly agree too.This is an image of a classic multicolor twister game.


26. Forbidden Island

Forbidden Island is a very exciting game of strategic thinking, problem solving and teamwork made for 2 to 4 players. It is a thrilling adventure game to discover four sacred treasures hidden in the ruins of an ancient kingdom.

Which player or team gets to breach the border first and subsequently discover the treasures before the island sinks would keep the players’ pulse racing for the duration of each game that lasts about 30 minutes on the average.

The game pieces include the water level marker and water meter, the 4 treasures, two dozen Island tiles, 6 pawns, and 58 playing cards. It also comes with a pamphlet that explains the rules.This is an image of a Forbidden Island adventure game.


27. Elf Earphones

A cosplay gift that allows your girl to look like an elf can only be a good thing since elves are famous for having desirable qualities. She’d love these unique earbuds not only because elves are among her favorite fantasy beings, but also for the qualities that make them awesome devices for listening to music and even making calls.

The buds are very soft and will fit perfectly into her ears as if it was made especially for her. She won’t have sore ears no matter how long she uses it. And the sound quality is awesome with its amazing bass, crispy clear highs and everything in between.

The earpiece is compatible with any device with a 3.5mm headphone port.This is an image of a hands free pink elf ear headphones.


28. Apples to Apples Card Game

This hilarious game would help your girl improve her vocabulary, thinking skills while having tons for fun at the same time. It is a great game that requires a maximum of four players that would get her cranking up her imagination and creativity to come up with crazy comparisons from a wide variety of things, places, and people.

There are 576 unique cards ensuring an unlimited scope for inventiveness and hours and hours of fun. Specifically designed for younger players, the game is easy to learn and comes with a rule book to get them started.This is an image of a Apples to Apples Jr. comparison game.


29. Mini Nintendo Console

If you are feeling nostalgic and you want her to experience the great times you had with Nintendo, this mini Nintendo console would make a wonderful present for her upcoming birthday.

It comes with all the games you played so long ago like Super Mario, Pac-Man, and Tecmo Bowl. All the other classic games are featured too with little changes to make them better.This is an image of a Nintendo classic mini console.


30. Smart Water Bottle

You know how we constantly forget to drink water even though we know how important staying hydrated is to our health? With this gift, the little lady would never have to forget when she needs to drink and stay hydrated. The smart bottle will remind her every hour by glowing.

The all-purpose water bottle is much more about reminders. It comes with several features that effectively makes it an entertainment center she’d love to carry with her everywhere. She can make it dance, produce sounds on wooden tables, flash different colored lights, etc. It is also equipped with a Bluetooth speaker so she can link her devices to it and listen to her favorite songs.This is an image of a 3 in 1 22 ounce smart water bottle.


31. Watch Ya Mouth Game

Watch Ya Mouth is a hilarious card game that is bound to generate lots of giggles and laughter. It is a game that is perfect for the whole family or with her friends during sleepovers, parties, etc..

It is simple to play with up to 10 players allowed to play each game. All you have to do is guess the phrase read from one of the printed cards. Speaking through the mouthpiece, the words come out distorted and combined with the distended face and mouth caused by the mouthpiece, you’ll laugh until your sides ache.

The kit comes with 10 safe-to-use, non-toxic mouthpieces and over 100 family-safe phrases printed on the cards.This is an image of a Watch Ya' Mouth mouthpiece game for the whole family.


32. Flower Origami Kit

Origami is an incredible art form that requires patience and dedication to master. The end results are usually very charming and delightful. With 30 flower projects and an instruction booklet, she’d have a great time making various types of colorful flower bouquets to decorate her space with.

The kit comes with everything needed to make and decorate the beautiful flowers including 100 pieces of paper, 30 buttons and jewels, and 20 flower stems.This is an image of a 150 piece origami kit.


33. Nintendo Switch

Like all Nintendo consoles, this Nintendo Switch is packed with so many games that it is virtually impossible to ever get bored. The games include popular ones like Mario, Splatoon 2, Zelda and so many others.

What makes this such a wonderful gift is the addition of the handheld version of the game. This makes it a hybrid game she could play at home on her TV or simply play on-the-go in the handheld mode.

Apart from the Nintendo Switch console, the pack also includes a black Nintendo Switch dock, a couple of Joy Con strap accessories, a Joy Con grip, one HDMI cable, and a Nintendo Switch AC adapter.This is an image of a neon red and neon blue Nintendo switch.


34. Slammo Game Set

This is another exciting outdoor game she could play anywhere with her friends or family. It puts a different twist on volleyball with the net resting on the ground.

Each team has three attempts to slam the ball on the net with their hands while making sure the ball doesn’t touch the ground. It is not hard to play and requires some tactical nous to defeat the opposing team. Teamwork is very essential to make any headway.

The kit comes with the Slammo target, 3 balls, a carrying case, and the rules book explaining how the game is played with great playing tips included.This is an image of a green Slammo game set for kids.


35. Gold Plated Orchid Flower Necklace

At 12, she is becoming more discerning about fashion her choices and would love the idea of trying out different types of fashion accessories especially if they are unique, cute, and several cuts above the norm. This orchid flower necklace provides all of that and being gold-plated makes it even more valuable.

The prominent pink orchids and simple design give an overall effect of understated class. She will love it completely. It features a chain that can be adjusted to her preferred length.This is an image of a rose gold orchid flower plated necklace.


36. Chromebook Laptop

The Chromebook laptop with the Google Chrome operating system is increasingly becoming popular as the go-to educational aid for kids.

The computer is very fast and has access to thousands of web-based apps she’ll find useful in her educational pursuits and everyday life. It is very light making it an easy device to carry around. And it doesn’t require any elaborate setup to get started. Simply switch it on and she can begin using it instantly.

All the desired apps optimized to enhance the user experience such as watching movies, listening to music and accessing the Internet. with the in-built protection against all kinds of threats, she doesn’t have to worry about viruses and hackers.This is an image of a 11.6 inch black chromebook.


37. Graphics Drawing Tablet

This graphics drawing tablet is an amazing gift to get for a girl of 12 if she loves drawing or you simply want her to explore that part of her personality. And explore she will because the tablet adds plenty of excitement to graphics designing.

With the included pen and software, she could connect the tablet to a compatible computer and watch her ideas come to life on the monitor.

She could do anything with it including edit her old photos to make them look better. It is premium gadget advanced users find handy. So it wouldn’t be out of place working with it up to her late teens.This is an image of a black drawing tablet with 3 bonus software.


38. Classic Jenga Game

Jenga is a game that combines all the best qualities of an indoor tabletop game. It is fun, suspenseful, and requires concentration and strategy to win.

It is a cool game to play with friends that involves removing blocks, one piece at a time, from a stack of blocks arranged to form a tower and hoping you don’t be the one to send the whole tower crashing down. The game is simple to play and you can make your own rules to add more excitement and variety to it.

The game kit includes 54 blocks made of hardwood, the stacking sleeve, and instructions.This is an image of a Jenga classic block game.


39. Rope Hammock

How about getting her a hammock so she could sit back, comfortably and gently swinging back and forth while reading, watching movies, listening to music or simply enjoying the cool breeze? The design of the hammock makes it easy to install anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors.

The hammock comes with comfortable support for her back and two seat cushions so she can relax fully. Made from strong cotton and polyester fabric, it is machine washable and can hold up to 265 lbs.This is an image of a green and purple hammock chair.


40. Capture the Flag Game

If you played the classic Capture the Flag game, you’ll remember how exciting it was. This modern version is a new take on it and delivers even more fun and excitement. Like the classic game, it involves teamwork and strategy and would help to develop her social skills.

Instead of flags, glowing orbs are what they have to capture. With 25 game pieces that light up, the game is best enjoyed at night and up to 20 players can be involved in a single game. With a dozen different ways to play, this could easily become her favorite outdoor game.This is an image of a Glow in the dark capture the flag outdoor game.


41. Crystal Growing Kit

A gift like this is a fun and educational way to learn the science behind the processes that lead to the creation of crystals in nature. She’d be able to create about 7 eye-catching crystals of different colors with the items in the kit.

And once she’s done growing her own crystals, she can put them on display inside the included display domes for people to admire. A gift like this is a cool way to spark her interest in the sciences, especially geology.This is an image of a crystal growing kit.


42. Not Parent Approved Card Game

This award-winning game is perfect for sleepovers, family reunions, road trips, summer camping, picnics, etc. Once she discovers the countless hours of excitement that is possible while playing it, it’d be a permanent fixture in her handbag, luggage or backpack so she won’t miss the chance to play when she feels like it.

If she is naughty, it is going to make her naughtier in a good way. It has the same effect on other players too. The players have to use their creativity and imagination to come up with the funniest and weirdest question and answer combinations.

Once players understand the rules and start using the 455 printed cards, it is non-stop laughter all the way.This is an image of a Not Parent Approved party game for the whole family.


43. DIY Charm Bracelet Kit

Young girls love their bracelets and love to flaunt them especially if they are colorful with many charms hanging from them. She would be all over this gift designing, redesigning and creating charm bracelets in no time: the instructions in the guide are that easy to understand.

Apart from the guide, the kit comes with all she needs to make 10 bracelets including Couture charms, threads, chains, beads, bangles and much more.This is an image of a 10 DIY bracelet making kit.


44. Science Experiments and Craft Set

With over 26 tools, ingredients, and parts, your girl would gladly take on the challenge of dabbling into science experiments and crafts with this kit. After all, she’d be having lots of fun along the way while getting new insights on some STEM subjects she must have encountered back in school.

The items and tools would allow her to set up her won colorful lab at home. To get her started on a sound footing, there is a guide with several colored illustrations making it easy to understand the various ways she can use all the tools and ingredients.

She will have a blast learning how to make solar lip screen, shimmering balms, and fruity lip protectors. She’d also learn about natural iridescence with UV detector beads and many more science-based crafts.This is an image of a lip balm science, art and crafts kit.


45. Stainless Steel Coffee Bangle Bracelet

This is a great gift idea for birthdays to remind her how awesome she is and to get her spirits up in the future anytime she takes a look at the inspiring inscription on the bracelet.

It is made of stainless steel to ensure it won’t lose its shine for as long as she has it. You can be sure she plans to keep it for a long time. And you don’t have to worry about the size, it can be adjusted to fit her wrist.This is an image of a rose gold inspirational bracelet.


46. Pink Ironman Wristwatch

It requires several extraordinary things to occur at the same time for your girl to dislike this timepiece. The pink floral design and 5 grey buttons make this a gift for a girl who understands that a simple timepiece can also be the perfect fashion accessory for special occasions.

The cute piece comes with a clean sport design and is equipped with a stopwatch with a ten lap memory so she could use it to time herself during exercises or sporting events at school. Other features include a countdown timer and alarm. She can even take it swimming since it is water-proof to over 300 feet in the water.This is an image of a pink floral Timex watch.


47. Girls Shoulder Purse

This brown shoulder bag with a minimalistic design is cute and comes with the flap designed to look like a cat. She’ll find the bag adorable if cats are some of her favorite animals.

She’ll love that the bag is easy to open and close with the magnetic snap button. And the softness of the material is something that might make her declare this her favorite shoulder bag. Stuff like lip gloss, earrings, small mirror, bracelets, and some toys would be spending a lot of time in the bag.This is an image of a large brown tassel sling bag.


48. Just Dance 2019

When it comes to toys for girls age 12, it can be a bit tricky to find something age-appropriate. That is why video games are often a safe choice. If she loves listening and dancing to pop music, she’ll appreciate this PlayStation 4 game that allows her to access over 400 trending pop songs. The cool thing is, the more she dances to her favorite songs, the more the game learns her dance and music preferences and will begin to suggest content to her automatically.

She doesn’t need a console to control the game. She can do that from a smartphone making it easier and more intuitive. Up to six people can join in and be part of the fun.

With the 8 exclusive dance moves created by experts included, the game console will be fantastic for party situations as she and her friends practice the latest dance steps.This is an image of a Just Dance 2019 game for kid's PS4.


49. Fitness Tracking Wristband

At 12, it is not too early to encourage her to start taking her fitness seriously. A fitness tracking device like this wristband is just the thing to encourage and nudge her into getting involved in all kinds of sporting activates. This is bound to make her healthier and improve her general outlook on life.

The wristband is a smart tracking device that can recognize the kind of exercise you are doing and automatically sends the data to the app to be stored for future reference.

The wristband is waterproof and comes with a stainless steel clasp making it resistant to rust and water so it can be conveniently used for water sports such as swimming.  It is also a great daily scheduler/organizer able to help you optimize sleep time, set alarm for reminders as well as flash notifications for calls and messages received on your smartphone.This is an image of a magenta Flex 2 wristband.


50. DIY Slime Making Kit

Making slime is a very popular fun activity among kids of all ages. Your girl would be drawn to this gift because it is almost like cooking special meals using exotic recipes.

With the over 10 recipes, easy-to-understand guide, and various ingredients and tools in the set, she’ll learn how to make slime that glows in the dark, colorless slime, slime that changes color, glitter slime, and much more. Aside from the fun and all, her education is enhanced as she also gets to learn the science behind all the experiments.This is an image of a glow in the dark slime set.


Considerations when Choosing Presents for 12 Yr Old Girls

As stated earlier, the sticking issue when looking for gifts for girls age 12 is deciding whether to treat them as young adults or kids. Notwithstanding her feelings, you can’t go getting her adult gifts just to appease her.

That said, she might consider certain gifts not worthy of her attention because she is not a kid anymore.

How about taking a punt on games? Generally, games are awesome gift ideas for 12 year old girl. It serves many purposes and appeals to several interests. You could use it to make her socialize more with family and friends if you think she keeps to herself too much.


One of the most important considerations is her interests. You might think you know what girls in that age range want or are interested in. Truth is, that depends on the girl’s personality and that could also depend on several factors.

Ask her what she would like

The best way to get around this is to ask what would she would love to have as a present. Though this would spoil the surprise factor, at least you are getting what she wants; it is a win-win for everybody.

If you insist on making it a surprise birthday or Christmas gift, you could splurge on something you know all kids love. A gift like the iPad always does trick. It is a multi-purpose gift she could use for entertainment and her education. You could even add the Beats headphones as an accessory while you are at it.

Finally, always consider she likely has tons of gifts already. It would be a shame after thinking hard to come up with the perfect gift to discover she’s got it already. So if she is not your kid, find out from her parents, siblings or friends before investing your money on a gift.

You could take the easy way out and simply ask her.


Best Buy 

Among the very best gifts for 12 year olds, boy or girl, the graphics drawing tablet ticked enough boxes to come tops as our best buy. It combines many of the elements you want in a gift for a girl of this age: it is trendy, exciting, and fun to use.

The tech gadget can be used to learn how to draw which is something she’d love if she is keen on that. And because it is a pro-quality device, she could use it right up to her adult years. The device is well-built and durable so there is little chance it won’t last the distance.

This is an image of a black drawing tablet with 3 bonus software.


Best Budget 

The subscription-based Science Expeditions is simply awesome. The gift would be perfect for the long summer months when school is out and you want her to get involved in education-related activities.

The gift comes with many exciting and fun activities she’ll be eagerly looking forward to the next pack. We also love that each new package is different, with plenty of new experiments and activities added. This increases the the sense of anticipation in the recipient: almost like having a shiny new toy.

This is an image of a science expedition experiment box.