Best Gifts for 11 Year Old Girls

This is an image of a rose gold bluetooth karaoke microphone for kids and adults.

Buying gifts for 11 year old girls usually poses some challenges related to the stage of their development. At 11, they are just a few years out of childhood and equally a few years before becoming teenagers.

Basically, they are in a transition period. This could present some problems for them deciding what they like or want on one hand, and how adults should relate to or treat them on the other.

Should they be treated as young adults or old kids? Should the gifts we get for them reflect their status as young ladies or should we stick to unisex gifts to be on the safe side? Clearly, it won’t be fun investing time and money on a gift only to have her treat it with barely disguised disdain.

If, like many folks, you ended up here to looking for a solution to getting a great toys for 11 year old girl, your search is over. In this guide are several gift ideas for the little lady whether she is a daughter, a niece, or a family friend. The gift items cut across different categories and budgets. So, we guarantee that no matter your budget, you’d find several amazing gifts she’d be delighted with.


50 Top Gift Ideas for 11 Year Old Girls

We now present our selection of presents all girls of 11 would love to have on their birthday. It needs to be said though that almost all the gifts would also make awesome Christmas presents for 11 year old girls.

1. Hair Chalk Salon

The first on our list of gifts for 11 year old girl is this fantastic set of hair chalks. At 11, girls are fully aware of fashion trends and will naturally love this gift that allows her to apply different colors to her hair. This is the chance to let her personality shine bright through her color preferences.

At her disposal are 12 hair chalk pens of different colors. If she doesn’t like a particular combination, she could easily wash them out with shampoo and re-apply colors. The pack also comes with a nice storage case, comb,  30 hair elastics, 30 beads, and a beading tool.This is an image of a 12 bright hair color chalk.


2. Ultimate Manicure Kit

A gift that allows a girl to have beautiful, carefully-manicured nails will always be a hit with girls even if they are just 11. Add art stickers, press-on nails, nail polish and she’ll be screaming endlessly with joy. Her creativity is already on overdrive imagining some amazing designs for her nails.

The gift pack comes with a storage bag to hold the manicure tools that also include 3 bottles of nail polish, one nail file, and a battery-operated nail dryer.This is an image of an ultimate nail studio playset.


3. Dork Diaries Box Set

This worldwide bestselling book is one of the best books parents could present to their preteen girls. Written in the form of a diary, the series of books is about the story of little Nikki and how she handles challenges, such as bullying and falling in love, in her new school.

Girls everywhere would be inspired by these stories that push them to be a better version of themselves. The writing style is engaging, witty and funny; it’d surely strike the right cords in your girl.

This could just be the start of her love affair with the books so it won’t be a bad idea to start saving up to get the remaining books for her.This is an image of a Dork Diaries bookset.


4. Instax Mini Camera

This lime green camera with a retro design would be awesome for a girl who shows more than a passing interest in taking pictures. The lightweight, handheld camera would instantly print her shots so she can share it with her friends or family immediately.

The camera is such a delight to use with some trendy features such as color filters, frames, selfie lens, photo album, and sticker border.

With the cute carrying case and adjustable straps, she can even be a mobile photographer. And she’d find accessories like macro attachment lens and 20 exposures Instax film very useful to her budding career.


5. Cozmo Robot

Meet Cozmo, the real-life robot that looks like a truck but with an intelligence that would wow any kid. In today’s hi-tech world, this is one gift a modern girl will enjoy playing with. Why won’t she when the robot can be programmed to recognize faces, say her name out loud, dance, and even sneeze!

She could choose to be entertained by playing a couple of games with Cozmo using the power cubes that come with the package. She could also decode to see the world from Cosmo’s perspective using the smartphone app and even learn simple coding skills. This is one of the best presents for 11 yr old girls who love technology and coding.

This is an image of Cozmo a real life robot.


6. Pink Waterproof Action Cam

This versatile camera and video recorder is sure to ignite any latent feelings for photography or filmmaker in her. It is a multi-featured device that is easy to use and one that is likely to be a part of her life right up to junior high or even longer.

The waterproof camcorder supports a 1280×720 pixels 1.77″ HD LCD to show the high-resolution images captured by lens featuring a CMOS sensor. Because it is waterproof, she can also operate it in a  swimming pool.

The tough and durable device is capable of 1.5 hours of continuous recording. And she could store the files in the included 8GB memory card. The slot can support up to 32 GB memory card if her enthusiasm for her new hobby means she needs a larger storage capacity for her files.


7. Silicone Bracelet

Sometimes, the best fashion statement is made by the simplicity of the accessory. Simplicity and class are just two of the things this bracelet will add bring to any girl’s wrist.

The bracelet though is much more than class and simplicity; it is designed to deliver a clear message to the lucky girl. Once she knows the white beads have water from the highest point on earth while the black bead contains mud from the lowest point on earth, she’ll cherish the bracelet with all her heart. She’d understand she is wearing something that carries more significance than a fashion accessory.


8. Cupcake Maker

Now you could take a break from cupcake-making duties with this portable cupcake maker by Babycakes. The little lady would now be able to quickly and simultaneously bake 8 delicious cakes for the family or friends in 3 simple steps in about 8 minutes

It comes with a non-stick coating making it easy to clean; 4 stainless steel icing tips; a decorating set; crust cutting and forming tools; a manual containing several recipes and important tips; and many more.

It also features a handle with a strong latch, a non-slip base, an indicator light to show when it is in use, and 1400 watts of power ensuring she doesn’t waste time baking her preferred treats.This is an image of a pink cupcake maker machine.


9. Pink Mermaid Tail Blanket

There is no disputing that little girls love their mermaids, that is why a gift of a pink mermaid blanket would see her squealing with joy. The warm, hand-crotchet blanket will instantly transform her into an adorable, pink-tailed Mermaid.

This will a great Christmas gift idea to keep her warm during the cold winter nights. But come on, this’ exactly the sort of gift she’d love no matter the occasion.

The blanket is made from high-quality 70% orlon and 30% cotton material making it very durable. It is compatible with a washing machine at a low temperature.This is an image of a mermaid tail blanket with necklace.


10. Echo Dot for Kids

With the Echo Dot, you are giving your kid her own personal assistant to help out with some mundane but necessary tasks every day. It could become her new digital best friend too as she could ask it questions and get the right answers, make it play her favorite music, and even read stories to her.

It comes with parental controls so you set the restrictions you feel are necessary for a girl of her age. Restrictions or not, this will be an amazing birthday present or for any other occasion.This is an image of a colorful echo dot in kids edition.


11. Wireless Cat Headphones

With an awesome noise reduction feature and amazing sound quality, your girl would rock this headphone non-stop. Her favorite songs would positively sound different and better.

This adorable headphones, designed like cat ears, comes with an external speaker so she can share her music with others with a flick of a button. And she’d love the LED lights that change to reflect her mood.

It’s a super cool gift for a girl who loves music. It also comes with a protective case to store the headphones when she wants to take a break from listening to music.


12. Lip Balm Making Kit

If your cute girl loves beauty-related creativity, a lip balm making kit will put a lot of sunshine and fun into her life. The kit comes with everything she needs to make all kinds of lip balms as well as a moisturizing lotion.

Her creativity will be tasked with the job of customizing the products with unique flavors and colors. Perhaps, the entrepreneur in her might think of a clever to get her friends to buy some.

The kit comes with 6 containers, enough beeswax, custom molds, stickers, and tags suitable for gift packs or wraps.This is an image of a lip balm boutique for little girls.


13. Hack Kids Coding Laptop

The Hack Laptop is one of the best computers to get your kid if you want her to pick serious interest in programming. If she already loves programming, she’d be eternally grateful you got this laptop for her.

The 4GB memory laptop runs on the Linux Endless Operating System that gives kids easy access to the raw codes that form the basis of all software.

It is not just about coding and dull programming though. She would have access to several exciting computer games. she’d also love that she can work on the laptop for as long as she wants due to the awesome battery that lasts all day long. This makes it a great laptop to take to the park to continue her lesson outdoors.This is an image of a laptop with coding software for kids.


14. Canterwood Crest Books

For girls that love adventure stories set in the countryside and featuring stables and horses, these set of 4 paper books would really entertain and inspire them as they follow the adventures of brave little Shasha, the heroine of the series.

The author of the books, Jessica Burkhart, is a former equestrian making her eminently qualified to write stories about horses. Your girl would feel great empathy for Shasha and Charm, the horse.This is an image of a Canterwood Crest Stable of Book for kids.


15. Fox School Backpack

If she is a regular girl, she’d surely want to use a classy and colorful backpack like this one. To her and her peers, a backpack is not just a bag for carrying stuff, it is a fashion accessory that must show they are trendy.

This multi-colored backpack delivers all of that and much more with features such as multiple pockets with zippers so she can organize her things better. This makes it easier to find specific items quickly.

The bag is water-resistant and made from soft polyester with nylon lining, breathable mesh back panel, and smooth zippers making it a comfortable and durable backpack.This is an image of a cute pattern school bag.


16. Merlot Red Nike Sneakers

Comfortable shoes come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. But there is something extra special about sneakers made by Nike that makes them some of the best sneakers for people. These merlot red sneakers will be a wonderful addition to her shoe collection for many reasons aside from the fact it is a Nike brand.

With such a sweet, stylish color, she could wear it for any occasion, (including school, jogging, sports, and formal occasions) without being out of place. And the uniquely made soles, with a low-profile midsole and rounded heel, means she’d never feel any discomfort running or simply taking a stroll no matter how long she wears them.This is an image of a maroon Nike shoes for kids.


17. Unicorn Hoodie

If you picked the correct size for her, you could easily picture her in this sweatshirt strolling casually with her hands deep in the side pockets looking cool and in complete control. That is the idea she’d have too and the realistic 3D unicorn blazoned in vibrant colors across the front ticks all the boxes for stylish and fashionable.

Made from polyester and spandex (88 and 12% respectively), it features a drawstring around the hood for those days she’d want to be protected against chilly winds and to keep the hood in place.This is an image of a 3D unicorn print hooded sweatshirt.


18. The Tween Book

As she gets ready for the difficult teenage years, a book to prepare her for the first couple of years would be a great idea. She’d become hooked on this book even if she is not so keen on reading books. She’ll thank you for getting her such a thoughtful gift to prepare her for the years ahead.

The book is packed full of tips and advice on subjects that would resonate readily with girls her age. You bet she’d pay attention to how to handle the confusing emotions of a first crush, angry friends, school work, social media, etc. Essentially, She gets to know how to handle herself as a growing, independent person in a complex world.

All that sounds so serious and dull, but the witty and engaging presentation style it’s written makes it fun to read.This is an image of The Tween Book medical book for kids.


19. Fashion Angels Sketch Book

Like most girls her age, fashion is never far from her mind. A gift that allows her to create and design her own fashion is one she would be proud to have. This is a great way to develop creativity doing something close to her heart.

The pack comes with 40 sketch sheets each with the outline of a model to design whatever she wants on. There are stencil sheets to use for adding the details and color of the design; she can finish it off with any of the 100 stickers included in the pack.This is an image of a fashion design sketch pad for kids.


20. Rainbow Unicorn Bathrobe

If she loves bright colors and unicorns (which girl doesn’t), this would be a lovely birthday gift to get for her. Apart from the vibrant color and the unicorn hood, the soft and cuddly material makes it very adorable. She won’t want to take them off ever!

The bathrobe is made from high-quality quality polyester and is safe to use even if she has sensitive skin. Not to worry though, it is backed by a 30-day full refund guarantee if there are any issues.This is an image of a colorful unicorn bathrobe sleepwear for girls.


21. 82 Piece Wooden Art Set

At 11, a girl’s life preferences should already be apparent. This art set would be a magnificent gift if you noticed she is got a predilection for creative arts.

The arts set comes in a sturdy wooden case and contains everything (brushes, sketch pads, pencils, oil pastels, etc.) she’d need as a budding artist and painter to start honing her talents. There is also a nice wood desk/easel that can be adjusted to her height. The sturdy desk also features a drawer to store some of her stuff.This is an image of a 82 piece deluxe art set for kids.


22. NYC LEGO Building Kit

Any building kit by Lego is always an engaging gift for kids and adults. The opportunity to create something marvelous from the ground up, like completing a jigsaw puzzle, brings out the best in most people especially when it is fun and engaging.

She’ll get all the fun and hours of excitement fitting the pieces of this building kit creating some famous buildings in New York City. With the 598 pieces, she’d be able to make models of The Statue of Liberty, Flatiron Building, One World Trade Center, Empire State Building, and the Chrysler Building. Now, how can one not be delighted after accomplishing so much? This is one of the coolest toys for 11 yr old girl and she will love to display it in her room with pride. This is an image of a New York City building kit for kids.


23. LED Bike Wheel Lights

If she already has a bike, these pink LED wheel lights are the perfect accessory to keep her safe when she is riding at night while also adding more than a touch of swag to her bike.

The lights, which can be seen from any angle, come in different wheel sizes up 29″ and are very easy to install without requiring tools. There is even a guide to show how to install them easily so she can start rocking them immediately.

Each box contains enough lights for one wheel. But you get a discount for buying two boxes to light up both wheels.This is an image of a pink LED bike wheel lights.


24. Redux Capture the Flag

This redesigned classic Capture the Flag game is sure to bring out the competitive and team playing instincts in your girl just like the original game had done for several years.

The new version for kids is designed to be played outdoors at night. The aim is to capture the enemy’s glowing orbs (instead of flags). Up to 20 players divided into teams can play which makes it a good game for parties.

There are 25 pieces in the kit including 12 cards, boundary markers, glow bracelets, and balls. The pack also includes the instructions guide and batteries for lighting up the game pieces.This is an image of a Glow in the dark capture the flag outdoor game.


25. Unicorn Bubble Bath Bombs

Make bath time a very luxurious experience for some lucky girl with this pack of bubble bombs by Two Sisters Spa. The Unicorn-themed gift is not the only thing to love about these bath bombs; fact is, there are several.

She’d be very thrilled with the different fragrances and the soft colors added to her bathing water. Yes, actual bubbles (and lots of them too!) are produced by each bomb, and she gets a surprise gift waiting for her inside each bomb!

The bubble bath bombs are made from 100% natural ingredients making them unlikely to harm her skin no matter how sensitive. This is a perfect gift for any occasion that would see her looking forward to her bath time more than ever before.This is an image of a Unicorn bubble bombs for kids.


26. Dreaming Q&P Watch

Even in an age where wristwatches, especially non-digital types, are not in vogue, a timepiece is still a great gift to give to a girl. On her wrist, a khaki-colored wrist watch like this has the potential of conferring maturity on her. You’d be surprised how such an unexpected gift will become one of her favorite possessions.

The water-resistant wristwatch is designed with a rabbit sitting on the watch dial and on the strong leather strap. The item comes in a beautiful box enhancing its value as a nice present for any occasion.This is an image of a Khaki wrist watch with cat ear case.


27. Animal Knee High Socks

Why not take a punt on these cute fashionable socks that would also keep her warm in cold weather and be surprised by her delight? There are 6 pairs of different designs in the pack. Each pair features a different animal. She’d have a choice of panda, bear, cat, fox, and squirrel to choose from on any given day.

Made from high-quality cotton (85 percent) and spandex (15 percent) materials, the stockings are very comfortable, soft, and elastic ensuring they won’t be stretched out of shape easily. They come in different sizes so you are likely to get a set that fits her perfectly.This is an image of a 6 pair animal socks for kids.


28. Friendship Bracelet Maker

You wouldn’t know how easy it is to make cute, colorful bracelets for friends until you get this bracelet making kit for her. By the time she’s done learning how to use the kit, she’d be churning out bracelets for all her friends and family members too.

The bracelet kit is easy to use and comes with everything she’d need, like 20 prism threads in 10 different colors, to start making cute bracelets. The kit also features a sliding drawer with slots making it easy to store and organize the threads.

A gift that encourages creative thinking that leads to making fashionable items would always make a big impression on girls.This is an image of a jewelry and craft kit for kids.


29. Animal Sewing Kit by Klutz

This sewing kit is another art and craft gift item girls adore. With the assortment of tools, sheets of felt, embroidery floss of different colors, pre-cut eyes and cheeks, and a bag of polyfill stuffing, she’s got everything needed to make soft, cuddly, stuffed animals.

With the 48-page color guide, she doesn’t even need any prior sewing experience to get going. In no time at all. She’ll quickly make all the 14 animals in the kit and start looking for extra material to make more.

With enough creativity and imagination, she could decorate each animal the way she sees fit.This is an image of an animal sewing kit for kids.


30. Sleepover Party Game

With over 200 stunts, activities, and performances, sleepovers would never be the same again. With this gift pack, it would be a night spiced with so much laughter and excitement going to sleep will be the last thing on her and her friends’ minds.

Also suitable for adults to join in, the game comes with 40 party cards, 1 spinner, 85 Act it Cards, and 75 Work it Cards. Included in the pack is a rule book that explains how to play. It won’t take long to get the general idea though.This is an image of a sleepover activity game for kids.


31. It’s in the Bag! Party Game

A game of charades doesn’t come any better than It’s in the Bag! This new spin on the classic game takes the fun and excitement to a whole new level. This is a game to get for a girl if keeping to herself is her default mode. This would get her laughing and doing silly things with the rest of the family or her friends like she was born to it.

It is a fabulous game that involves teamwork and can be played by up to 20 players divided into teams. She’d be laughing with joy and pure happiness with the folks around her as they comically describe, guess or provide answers to the questions.This is an image of a It's in The Bag game for the whole family.


32. Sticker by Number Book

The Sticker by Number is a relaxing game that combines a bit of puzzle, and beautiful art created by fitting several stickers in their allotted spot thus turning a blank space into a beautifully-colored image.

While not tasking the brain too much, many adults and kids find the game very enjoyable. It’d likely be her preferred game when she wants to relax and forget the stress she went through at school.

The spiral binding makes it easy to leaf through the pages containing 28 different images and their corresponding stickers. What makes it very engaging is the increasing levels of difficulty she’d encounter as she moves from one image to the next.This is an image of a color and paint number activity book.


33. Scented Nail Art Kit by Hot Focus

Nail art is a big industry in the world of fashion and is growing bigger by the day even little girls are falling over themselves to make their nails unique. That is why a gift of this kit would have her squealing for joy as she rushes off to start creating her own unique art on her nails.

In the set are press on nails, stickers and patches for the nails, a nail file, a couple of nail polishes (strawberry and cupcake fragrances), and a ring; in essence, everything she needs to create unique nail arts.

The child-safe polish is easy to peel off and non-toxic. Given enough time, she could be excitedly doing her friends’ nails at parties or during sleepovers and perhaps, getting paid for it!This is an image of a unicorn themed nail art kit.


34. Try Not To Laugh Joke Book

Who doesn’t want to hear great jokes all the time and indulge in the pure ecstasy that laughing adds to our lives? With this book, your girl would be the one telling the jokes and making others happy. First, though, she has to square off against an opponent to learn the tricks of the trade using the 62-page book packed with absolutely hilarious jokes.

This book of jokes is tailored specifically for two girls to throw jokes at each other and see who doesn’t laugh. The girl telling the joke gets a point if the listener smiles or laughs. The first to reach five points wins.This is an image of a Try Not to Laugh Challenge children's joke book.


35. Owl String Art Set

With three different 8.5″ foam canvases with an owl, starburst, and ‘YAY’ letters printed on each one respectively, creating string art has never been so easy and exciting at the same time.

She’ll derive great pleasure in the hours spent tagging pins around the foam canvass and joining them with strings of different colors. Though pre-printed with the designs, the kit allows her to use her creativity to get different color combinations. There are lots of opportunities for creative thinking here.

What is so cool about this kit is she doesn’t have to use hammer or nails. This minimizes the risk of hurting her fingers.This is an image of an owl edition string kit.


36. 5 in 1 Night Light

Great gifts tend to come in packages or bundled in a package. That is what this high tech night light is: a gift that keeps on giving. Physically, the about 4″ tall cube is quite fetching especially if the colored LED light is activated at night. Saying this is one of the best gifts for an 11 year old girl is putting it mildly.

The night lamp is not just a box with 48 optional colors, it is also an entertainment center, speaker, a digital clock and a calendar.

She can listen to the music on her phone via its Bluetooth speaker or through media files stored on her SD card. Other amazing features include the 3.5mm aux-in port, 4000 mAh battery, USB charging and much more.This is an image of a 5 in 1 night light for kids.


37. Yarn Tree Kit by Craft-tastic

How far can an 18″ wire tree and 73 yards of colorful yarn get you in the creativity stake? Very far, it turns out; that is, if the tree and yarn form part of the Yarn Tree kit by Craft-tastic. This is a simple but wonderful gift to encourage creativity in any girl. And because it is so easy, she could do it as many times as she wants until she gets the perfect design or simply to create a different design when she gets tired of one.

All she has to do is simply wrap the yarns whichever way she likes around the wire tree and its branches. By the time she is done, a beautiful tree perfect as an ornament for her room and a great place to hang pieces of jewelry awaits her.This is an image of a colorful yarn tree kit for kids.


38. Tecboss 3D Printing Pen

With a 3D pen like this as a present on her birthday, she would find new and interesting ways to show you how much she appreciates you. It is a very stylish pen with a couple of power and filament modes.

Comfortable to hold, it features a power bank or USB adapter for its power needs, PCL materials for the dual filaments and 1.7mm PLA.

It is very easy to use too. All she has to do is switch it on and start drawing anything she wants. The intelligent tip that also regulates speed and temperature ensures whatever structure she draws comes out perfectly. First, though, she needs to choose a filament and wait for the indicator to turn green letting her know when start drawing.This is an image of a 3D printer pen for kids..


39. Wearable Blanket with Hood

If you are looking for a multipurpose blanket to keep her warm at home, during family trips on the road, camping, etc, this wearable blanket with a cute animal-themed hood is the perfect gift for that purpose.

The machine-washable blanket, made from 100 percent polyester is soft, super cozy and fluffy. It is very gentle to sensitive skin and comes in sizes that are perfect for kids her age.This is an image of a girl wearing a unicorn hooded blanket.


40. 800 Riddles and Jokes

Riddleland’s book is a collection of 300 brain teasers and riddles as well as up to 500 very funny jokes the whole family can enjoy. With a book like this in her possession, the family will find it hard to keep pace with the barrage of riddles she would be throwing.

You won’t get tired though, because they are all interesting puzzles and riddles that can be reused again, and again for different groups. Some of the questions are very challenging and would aid her mental development and education.

And she’d love the jokes in the second part of the book. These are child-sensitive jokes without any inappropriate content.This is an image of a Riddles and Jokes children's book.


41. Happy Birthday Bracelet by Miss Pink

A stainless steel bracelet with the right charms should bring out the right emotions in any lady. Birthday girl will love this show of kindness she’d use to adorn her wrist. It could end up being her most cherished piece of jewelry for the next year. And since it is made of stainless steel, it is going to retain its shine for as long as she needs it.

The bracelet is adjustable to fit any wrist and comes in a cute velvet bag making it convenient for gift giving and for storage.This is an image of a handmade 11th birthday bracelet for little girls.


42. Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

For a girl that loves singing, this Karaoke microphone is excellent. It is more than a microphone though, it is a media device with some truly amazing features.

She can use the Bluetooth to connect to a smartphone and listen to music through the speaker on the microphone. She can also listen to her favorite music from her TF card.

The easy-to-use microphone cokes with buttons to control the volume, create sound effects, switch to the next or previous song, and much more.This is an image of a rose gold bluetooth karaoke microphone for kids and adults.


43. Kid Chef Cookbook

If you think it’s high time the little lady perfected her culinary skills, simply get this book for her and watch her confidence in the kitchen grow in leaps and bounds.

The book contains over 75 healthy recipes comprising snacks, small bites, main dishes, and desserts. The recipes are easy to understand and with other kitchen tips and facts, she’ll soon become a master chef with the knowledge on how to create her own recipes or variations of popular recipes.

This is an amazing book every girl interested in cooking must have.This is an image of a kid's recipe cook book.


44. A5 Razor Scooter

A scooter is always a popular gift item for kids and adults alike so they can move around quickly and easily if they don’t want to walk or are tired of using a car. For kids, it’s usually exciting simply scooting around the block with friends; almost like taking a stroll and enjoying the cool breeze.

This scooter features adjustable handlebars, aircraft-grade aluminum deck, rear fender brake, foam grip, and large urethane wheels to make riding safe, fun, and smooth. She could easily fold it for convenient storage or to simply carry it along in places where scooting is not possible.This is an image of a red kick scooter for kids.


45. Perplexus Interactive Maze Game

How about challenging her creativity and concentration with an interactive maze game? That is what Perplexus Epic delivers on a grand scale with 125 obstacles to overcome in a 3D maze encased in a glass dome.

The game is easy to play even younger kids can play. The catch is in mastering it. That is where she’ll have to be at the top of her game in terms of concentration and creativity. You’d also be interested in how many flips and turns she’d need to get the silver ball to its destination.This is an image of Perplexus interactive maze game


46. Songmics Jewelry Box

This classic and stylish jewelry box ticks several boxes as a great birthday present. It is beautifully-designed, sturdy and comes with 12 compartments, 8 rings rolls, and a drawer to help her organize her jewelry collection. This gift is going to be around for many years, a constant reminder of that awesome birthday.

It features a unique flowered glass lid to protect the content of the box from dust while the plush pink lining protects the precious jewelry against scratches.This is an image of a white and pink wooden jewelry box.


47. Kent Pomona Bike

A bike to visit friends, ride to school, go cross-country riding and much more isn’t too much to get for the young lady on her birthday or any occasion. Girls love bikes because it is fun and the exercise does them a lot of good.

The comfortable dual-suspension aluminum-frame bike is specially designed for ladies and is equipped with several features to ensure a smooth and safe ride.This is an image of a mint green women's bike.


48. EzyRoller Ride On Toy

The EzyRoller is a sit-down scooter that she’ll derive great pleasure and fun riding on in the backyard, at playgrounds, and on sidewalks. The sheer joy of just lying back and letting the scooter safely take you wherever you want cannot be imagined. You have to try it to understand how awesome it is.

Instead of pedals, it features an extendable foot bar that gets the scooter moving easily by making alternating leg movers. And the seats are quite comfortable so she can ride for hours without feeling any strain or pressure on her back.This is an image of a pink ride on for kids.


49. iPhone 6S

This iPhone would be a great smartphone for her if you think she is responsible enough to use one. An iPhone gift is your way of letting her know she is trusted enough not to misuse the privilege.

Among other premium features the smartphone has a storage capacity of 64GB, enough to store all her music and video/photos she would most certainly use the 12MP rear camera to capture. It also features an amazing 4k resolution video recording and is compatible with all networks.This is an image of a space gray iphone 6s.


50. GoSports Slammo Game

Slammo is an exciting outdoor game she’d fall in love with when she knows how to play. It is not difficult to play and the rule book in the kit explains everything including tips and tricks.

Friends and family will be queuing up to form teams of two each to join in. Great for the beach, playground, or even the backyard, the game is all about making sure the ball doesn’t touch the ground. It is easy, fun and employs strategy to outwit the opposing team.

The kit includes the Slammo target with strong durable legs, 3 balls, the game rules, and a carrying case.This is an image of a green Slammo game set for kids.


What to Consider When Buying Gifts for 11 Year Olds Girl

Even with a comprehensive guide like this one packed with 50 of the most amazing 11 year old girl gifts at your disposal, it’s still possible to get it wrong. It’s not that the item is a bad gift, it is simply about the girl, her personality and her preferences.

What does she have already?

By the age of 11, she likely has a sizeable collection of gifts at home. She definitely won’t be that thrilled with something she has already.

If you must, you could simply get accessories to a gift she already has. That will add extra options using it. For instance, if she has a bicycle already, a great accessory is the wheel LED lights to attach to the wheel to help keep her safe when she is riding at night.  That is besides making the bike more attractive.

But that would only work if you know her very well and are aware of the stuff she has already. Barring that, you could simply ask her. Asking her is the sure way to make sure you don’t get it wrong. But, if you want the gift to be a surprise, this won’t be a great idea.

Preferences and tastes

In the majority of the cases, purchasing gifts or toys for 11 year olds girl is simply down to their personal preferences. If she loves playing outdoors, items like bikes, scooters, action camcorder are things worth considering.

The point is, simply ensure the gifts match her interests. If you are not so sure what are her interests are and you still want to make it a surprise, you could ask her friends, teachers or parents and if possible, swear them to oaths of secrecy! You don’t want anybody spoiling your big surprise.


Now this is very important, when considering gift ideas for 11 year old girl, discard all ideas that are likely to remind of her childhood.

At 11, she thinks she is all grown up and must be treated as such. Stick to fashion items and accessories like markup kits and jewelry if you are unsure about the age-appropriateness of gift items. It’s hard to go wrong with them.



Best Buy

There is a lot to be said in favor of the 82-piece Art Kit by US Art Supply. In terms of gifts for 11 year old girl, the combination of educational development and fun activity was hard to ignore.

This is a pro-quality art kit that comes with everything she needs to indulge in her passion for arts without the pressure of a formal school environment. The desk and easel combination is a nice touch to an already awesome gift. And since the easel can be adjusted according to her height, we see this being a part of her life for the foreseeable future.

This is an image of a 82 piece deluxe art set for kids.


Best Budget

Gifts related to fashion are some of girls’ most favorite gifts no matter the age. The white jewelry box by Songmics stood out among the fashion-themed gifts.

It immediately fulfills her desire to be treated like a grownup without going overboard. The box is beautifully designed with a cute pink and white color combination. The glass lid engraved with flowery designs and soft velvet lining both combine to protect pieces of jewelry from dust and scratches respectively.

Like the art kit above, we can see her using it for several years.

This is an image of a white and pink wooden jewelry box.