Best Gifts for 11 Year Old Boys

This is an image of a minstorms robot kit with remote control.

Generally, it isn’t easy putting your finger on what makes 11 a special age. This difficulty extends to choosing nice, cool gifts for 11 year old boys. Should a generic gift for kids be best or should one limit their options to gifts for young teenagers and hope he would be okay with it?

So, in a nutshell, coming up with a list of the most appropriate gift ideas for 11 year old boy is never a straightforward affair.

If you decide to play it safe and settle for gifts that appeal to kids of all ages, you could be faced with too many options that making a final decision becomes almost impossible.

In this guide are numerous boys’ gifts and toys for 11 year olds to make that decision almost painless. The options presented in the guide cover a wide range of gifts across several categories. Each gift was selected based on careful research to ensure they deliver on their promises and are worth the investment no matter the cost.


50 Best Gifts for 11 Year Old Boys

Table of Contents

Below are the 50 of the best gift ideas for 11 year old boy to make the task of choosing a present for him a stress-free endeavor. With such a large collection of quality gifts, we are sure you’d find one or a couple the young man would adore.

1. Mindstorms EV3 31313 Lego Robot Set

With this building kit, the Mindstorms EV3 robot is just 601 pieces away from being completely under the control of your kid. Boys love just building things and Lego pieces like this one are the absolute best.

He’d get to build at least 17 different robots that can be made to talk, walk, grab, shoot, etc., with the intelligent EV3 bricks powered by ARM9 processor. That means lots of programming practice through the software which equally means he also gets vital STEM-related educations while having a blast.

The kit includes 3 servo motors, IR and touch sensors, and instructions for 17 designs.This is an image of a minstorms robot kit with remote control.


2. Gravity Maze Marble Run Game

Gravity Maze game is one for all occasions. It combines logic and carefully planning to resolve the increasingly complicated marble maze as you move from one level to the next. There is 60 beginner to expert levels or challenges to get through.

With the instruction guide, learning how to play is the easy part. He’d need concentration to develop his skills to master the challenges that involve 9 towers, 3 marbles, the game grid, and 1 target piece.This is an image of a Gravity Maze logic game.


3. Djubi Classic Catch Game

Do you remember how much you enjoyed playing Catch? This popular outdoor game comes with a new and exciting twist in Djubi Classic. He is sure to love launching the ball as high as possible and see if his friends of family can catch it with their nets.

Catching the incoming ball should be easy though if the net is positioned right. It is a simple game full of excitement and can be played at the beach or even inside the pool. After all, it is all about launching and catching the ball!This is an image of a slingball catch game.


4. Perplexus Rookie Game

With over 22 feet of mazy and colorful track containing over 70 challenging barriers, your kid will have his hands full navigating the ball through this 3D labyrinth. The least of his problems is if he can keep the ball on the track; he goes back to the starting point if he falls off!

The game is enclosed in a thick glass dome and he plays by twisting, flipping, and turning the globe. The multiple levels of difficulty will keep him engaged for hours at a time. He will keep coming back to play.This is an image of a colorful Perplexus Rookie game.


5. Extreme Rocket Toy by Stomp Rocket

Extreme Rocket is a toy that would appeal to active boys aged 11. Boys that age love running and jumping and comparing notes to see who jumped higher or ran faster. With this toy, they’d have fun finding out who blasted the rocket ball higher into the air.

So get him and his friends to exercise and have fun jumping on the stomp launcher to send the rocket balls flying into the air. The rockets can soar as high as 400 feet!

The kit comes with the stomp launcher, 6 stomp rockets, and flame stickers.This is an image of a rocket launcher toy for kids.

6. Black Modular Lunch Ramp

This launch ramp would be a perfect accessory if your kid has a bike, skateboard, or blades, and loves extreme sports. If he has designs on becoming a stunt rider, the durable launch ramp will be awesome to learn the tricks on how to safely launch himself into the air.

The set comes in three in three parts including the middle tabletop connector. Weighing just 125 lbs, it is easy to assemble the sections to create a single launch ramp. In just a few minutes, your budding stunt artist would be practicing his jumps.This is an image of a 2 durable black launch ramps.


7. White Duo-Scope Microscope

If your son is interested in research science or you simply want him to pick an interest in that field, this award-winning microscope would be a great gift to get him going.

He’d have fun viewing objects in 3D and on the prepared slides with the double scopes. Apart from the microscope, the kit comes with about 50 pieces of science accessories to get him engaged for hours at a time.

The device can magnify objects up to 400x their original size! The lightweight means he can take it outdoors easily to continue exploring the wonders of his new passion.This is an image of a white duo scope microscope for kids.


8. Black Level 11 Unlocked T-shirt

You want to get him a nice T-shirt to complete his gaming accessories right? That is assuming he is an avid gamer. Even a kid who is not so passionate about gaming isn’t likely to sniff at the quality and design of this shirt: a drawing of the classic game controller between the words ‘Level 11 Unlocked’  to leave nobody in doubt what the shirt is all about.

Made from high-quality cotton material, the lightweight T-shirt is comfortable to wear with a durability that is enhanced by the double-needle sleeve and bottom hem. The classic round necked Tee is washing machine-compatible preferably with cold water.This is an image of a black birthdays gift t-shirt for 11 year old boy.


9. Red Space key Kids Drone

If he has never flown a drone before, this is the quadcopter to get him hooked to the pure joy and fun of playing with one. The drone is designed so that even beginners won’t have a hard time with it. Make no mistake though, advanced users would find it equally amazing.

It comes with an easy-to-use remote with a control range of over 300 feet and a WiFi real-time transmission range of over 160 feet. In essence, he can view the world from over 300 feet on the smartphone display. With a 720P HD camera, he’d be excited by the amazing quality of the images.

Other features include easy takeoff and landing using one button, non-directional headless flight mode, stationary altitude hold mode, and much more.This is an image of a fordable red drone with a real time video feed designed for kids.


10. 4 Pack Laser Tag Blaster Set

This blaster set is just what your kid needs to enjoy quality time with friends and family. These four blasters are unique in the sense that they are the targets and not the vests players are wearing: the built-in infra-red sensors on the guns helping to detect a hit easily.

Each blaster comes with its unique characteristic and is equipped with built-in speakers to inform players that they have successfully reloaded, interchangeable team and blast settings, 4 team settings, and much more.

And players don’t have to wear safety goggles since the infrared light emitted by each toy is non-visible and as harmless as those on TV remotes.This is an image of a 4 pack laser toy gun.


11. Pair of Selieve Walkie Talkies

A  pair of walkie talkie is a pretty good gift idea for a boy of 11 years to get him to go out more and practice his 2 way radio skills. He’d most likely enjoy copying how cops and emergency services communicate when they are chasing criminals or rushing to save lives respectively. That said, it is a pair of full-featured walkies he could use to learn the basic aspects of emergency communications. It is a useful skill that might come in handy someday

The radio is light with an ergonomic design making it easy to handle. It is also easy to use with a non-complicated Push-to-talk button, a decent range, a backlit LCD that is easy to read, and an auto-squelch function for clear audio communication.

Powered by 4 AAA batteries, this would be the perfect communication device for him and the family on camping, hiking, skiing, etc. trips.This is an image of a pair of blue walkie talkies for kids.


12. Black T-shirt

This black T-shirt offers you a different and equally good option for the T-shirt reviewed earlier if you really want to get him a T-shirt. The design across the front shows there are a million ways of saying the same thing. In this case, he is in full nerdy mode (in a very cool, laid back way) telling the world he is the square root of 121 years old.

The machine-washable shirt is made from high-quality cotton material. With the double-needle sewing in both the sleeves and hem, the lightweight shirt is going to be around for a long time without losing its shine.This is an image of a black math t-shirt for 11 year old boys.


13. Scholastic’s The Boys’ Book of Survival

This is the ultimate survival book for a boy especially if he is a proud member of the Boy Scout or loves the outdoors. With a book like this in his backpack, no challenge will be impossible for him to deal with or resolve.

The tips and tricks are also about dealing with everyday boy issues like removing pimples, going shopping with mom, and pop quizzes, to extremes situations like how to survive an attack by a tiger, get out of quicksand, and survive a zombie apocalypse.

The book is fun and engaging to read. Before he knows it, he’d be reading the 132 pages again from the beginning.

This is an image of a The Boys' Book Of Surviva practical pointers book for boys.


14. The Dangerous Book for Boys

There is a reason this book has sold over 1.5 million copies and has been adapted to a TV series: it is funny, witty, and teaches real-life skills every boy would be glad to have at the tip of his fingers. Truth is, the skills are relevant to adults too. You are essentially handing him the key to becoming a clever male for the rest of his life!

The 277-page book covers subjects such as how to build a treehouse, fishing, deciphering the stars, girls, sports, cooking and much more.

The aim of the book is simple and noble: how to make your kid ready for anything life might throw at him while growing up.This is an image of a book by Conn Iggulden entitled "The Dangerous Book for Boy".


15. Adventure Book For Boy’s

With a beginner skill level, the little man would find everything in this book easy to understand and put into practice immediately. He is going to learn lots of craft projects, how to read a map easily, build a periscope, tie a sailor’s knot, identify different types of rocks, and much more.

Like the two boy’s books already reviewed here, this too is packed with essential life skills presented in an engaging style. With so many interesting subjects and color illustrations, he would never be bored reading the 128-page, spiral-bound book.This is an image of a The Boy's Book of Adventure guide book for kids.


16. DIY Tin Can Robot

It’s never too late to teach your kid the value of respecting the planet by doing little things. That is what this Tin Can Robot is all about. With the gift, he’d become aware that what we call thrash, like an empty tin can, can be put to good use.

Good use here means a fun robot or motorized monster he gets to make by himself using the kit. He doesn’t need any special skills, the desired instructions will guide him on how to use the contents of the kit to make something fun and useful out of a tin can. With such knowledge, he becomes another environmentally- conscious kid unlikely to take the world we live in for granted. The world needs many of them today.This is an image of a tin can robot for kids.


17. Park Street Townhouse Lego Kit

If your kid has a keen interest in architecture or you simply want him to be a building engineer, this Lego building set is the best gift to steer him in that direction. But, like all Legos, a career path is usually secondary to the immense pleasure he is going to have while putting the pieces together.

The pieces represent the model of a three-level Manhattan townhouse with basement windows, large bay windows, and all the other features that make up a townhouse. He could also decide to build a model of a City Cafe or a suburban home too. Two mini-figures and pieces to build a dog and a bird are included in the kit to add variety and make the picture of a livable home complete.   This is an image of a 3 level townhouse building kit.


18. Blue Action Camcorder for kids

Allow your boy to capture all the exciting moments of his young life with this action camera and video recorder by Ourlife. The lightweight, durable device and comes with great features aimed at making sure the videos and photographs exceed his expectations.

Equipped with a 1.77″ LCD and 1.5 hours of battery life, the camcorder features a camera capable of up to 5M resolution photos and a 720P HD lens that captures images at 30 frames per second to ensure high-quality images.

Other features include an IP68 waterproof rating so he can use keep shooting even in the swimming pool, micro SD slot with a 32 GB capacity to store all his files, and much more.This is an image of a blue action camera with video and sd card.


19. Kids Sports Wristwatch by eYotto

This rugged, sturdy, and waterproof dual analog/digital wristwatch is the perfect fashion accessory to complement what is most likely to be his active lifestyle. The watch is fashionable enough to use for formal occasions and durable enough for all types of sporting activities including swimming. Basically though, it is simply a timepiece to tell the time, at least he’ll never have an excuse to miss appointments or be late for school again.

The watch comes in a cute gift box enhancing its value as a ready-made gift item. It is very comfortable to wear and features a stopwatch, alarm, and dark backlight to easily check the time in the dark.This is an image of a blue analog digital sports watch.


20. Kids Flying Discs

Flying rings are always a big hit with kids allowing them to have plenty of fun, excitement, and laughs outdoors with friends and family. The lucky boy would instantly fall in love with this gift.

That love will increase geometrically when he finds out the discs are designed to go a distance of about 30 feet and as high as 80 feet into the air on a calm, clear day. Trust him to engage in hours of ‘throw and catch’ with his friends. Talking about catching, the hole in the center makes it easy to catch the flying rings no matter the height or speed.This is an image of a black and white flying rings for kids.


21. Electronics Circuits Exploration Kit

This is an exciting DIY introduction to the world of electronics and how the various electrical components are interconnected in electronic devices. It is a completely safe kit to fiddle with and he doesn’t need a soldering iron or tools. The circuits board and simple instructions guide containing over 100 projects are all he needs to start making cool gadgets.

With over 30 electrical parts included in the kit, he should be able to build a flying saucer, police siren with flashing light, a lamp he can control housing his voice, switch activated by sound, and many more.

All the projects are fun to create and should get him excitedly experimenting independently with stuff like switches, ICs, fuses and so on.This is an image of an exploration kit by Snap Circuits designed for kids.


22. Star Wars Millennium Falcon Lego kit

LEGO is one of the best 11 year old boy gifts, and this is another in the series of building toys by Lego that is sure to thrill any kid of 11. This time around, he has the interesting and fun job of building a scaled-down model of the famous Millennium Falcon spaceship featured in the Star Wars franchise.

He has a whopping 1329 pieces in the kit to build this amazing space ship. The detailed model features a detachable cockpit, the complete interior of the ship, and the dual spring-loaded shooters.

Also included in the kit are mini-figures of characters such as the BB-8 Droid, Chewbacca, Hans Solo, Fin, and others.This is an image of a Millennium Falcon construction set.


23. Glow-in-the-Dark Mini Basketball Hoop

Any kid who loves basketball would be absolutely thrilled with a gift of this basketball set. Now he can practice shooting hoops, slam dunk as many times as he wants even inside his room at any time including in the dark.

The kit comes with the door mounts and all the tools needed to set it up. You shouldn’t face any difficulty setting it up for him. The 18″ x 12″ blackboard is made from shatter-resistant polycarbonate. So with the 5″ ball that glows in poor light, he can execute powerful dunks without causing damage.This is an image of a mini green basketball hoop with glow in the darkball.


24. App-enabled BB-8 Droid

The enigmatic BB-8 Droid is a great toy that ranks universally as one of the best gifts for 11 year old boy. It could even end up being his closest companion for many years. The gift allows kids to use the app to learn how to program the droid in three different ways. They can also use the app to complete various STEM-related activities.

What is most likely to bowl him over the most is how he can program the droid to do amazing stuff like watch movies with him, allowing it to patrol independently, set tasks for it to complete, and many more.

Even if he is not a fan of Star Wars, it is easy to see how this could be his best 11th birthday gift.This is an image of a Sphero BB 8 with trainer designed for kids.


25. Beginner Compound Microscope Kit

This microscope kit might be the only thing needed to nudge him into picking an interest in science. That aside, a gift like this opens up a whole new world of exciting objects and organisms that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Apart from the microscope, the pack comes with 49 accessories such as slides, eye droppers, Petri dish, tweezers, etc., so that he can immediately start conducting fun experiments and other activities on his own.

And when he wants to take a break from his scientific endeavors, he can pack the microscope neatly in the specially-designed ABS plastic case.

This is an image of a kid's microscope kit with carrying box.


26. Electric-Powered Tricycle

This gift will bring a new dimension to taking a ride around the block in style. If he doesn’t mind being the center of attraction, he’d be positively glowing while taking a smooth and safe ride at speeds that can reach up to 9mph. This is an awesome gift to go visiting friends in the neighborhood or run short errands.

With the 12V rechargeable battery, he is assured of up to 40 minutes of continuous use. While on the wheels, he can make it spin full circle easily. That would be fun.

The Tricycle is equipped with a chain-driven motor; while hand-operated brake for the front wheels, a steel frame for durability, pneumatic front wheels, comfortable rubber grips, and footpegs all sync perfectly to make this a high-performance tricycle.This is an image of a yellow electric tricycle for kids.


27. Miniature Pool/Billiard Table

Young boys would absolutely adore this mini pool table because it allows them to have all the fun of playing games at home without the awkwardness that comes with a full-sized table. You’d love it because it is so inexpensive and you don’t have to create too much space for it in your home to set it up. A win-win for everybody.

This set comes complete with everything you’d expect in conventional pub-sized pool tables including the side ball return allowing for easy retrieval of balls. A set of billiard balls, 2 pool cues, wooden triangle, chalk, and table brush are also included to give players the full pool experience.

This is an image of a miniature billiard game set for kids.


28. Foldable Basketball Arcade

When it comes to presents for 11 yr old boys, sporting-themed ones are always popular. How about a game of basketball ball using an arcade-style court that can be installed indoors? You bet he is going to adore together with come with the sounds effects, electronic scoring, and buzzer that gives it the feel of the real thing.

The four balls, strong backboard, two hoops and infrared optical sensors to provide fast and accurate scoring are all real too. You would also like that the arcade is foldable ensuring that it’s easy to keep in storage without taking up much space.

The whole ensemble is supported on a powder-coated steel frame ensuring that the durability of the product would not be an issue.

This is an image of a double electronic basketball hoop for kids.


29. Wrathbolt Crossbow by Nerf

Like most boys, he is going to be very excited loading up an arrow, taking aim, and shooting at a target with this beautifully-designed crossbow by Nerf. This toy allows them to experience actual crossbow action when they load it up and press the trigger to release the arrows.

It is designed with space for storing the arrows on the crossbow so he can load it up fast. Two soft-tipped arrows are included in the kit as well as the bow arms and an instruction booklet.This is an image of a green nerf crossbow toy gun for kids.


30. MiP Toy Robot

Glancing at this gift casually, it is simply a white robot with wheels for legs. But beneath all that are numerous reasons any boy aged 11 would be thrilled by this robot.

For instance, the robot can be controlled with either hand gestures or via the app. With gestures and app, your boy can make it move forward in any direction, and respond to actions like swiping and noises in the environment.

And it is very strong too. With the right programming, it can carry its own weight in load and even protect him by fighting hostile MiP robots!This is an image of a white robot called MiP.


31. Robot Builderbots Building Kit

This is the kind of toy you should get for a boy of 11 if you want him to develop building, coding and programming skills. With about 357 parts, he would be able to build intelligent robots he can program to move and avoid obstructions, pick objects up, and much more.

The kit comes with all he needs to start learning designing and programming. These include an infrared sensor, 4 robotic servo motors, a power adapter, and the instructions booklet to get him started.This is an image of a robot builderbot building block kit


32. 36″ T-Rex Skeleton

Chance are he knows a lot about prehistoric animals like dinosaurs from watching several blockbuster movies in the Jurassic movie franchise. You could add a different

perspective to what he already knows by getting him this scaled-down replica of T-Rex’s skeleton that he has to build himself from the 51 pieces in the kit.

By the time he is done, he is going to appreciate the sheer size of dinosaurs better. Next time he watches the movie, it would be with a new understanding of what was truly a glorious period in the history of the planet.This is an image of a 36 inch t-rex skeleton replica model.


33. Skip BO Card Game

This is a card game of strategy that is very competitive. But the competition wouldn’t stop players from having a good time together. It is a cool way for him to bond with family members or socialize more with friends.

There are 162 cards and the players have to build up their cards in sequential and ascending order in their stack of cards to win. Extra twists and turns are provided by ‘wild’ cards to keep the game interesting right to the very end.

The game is designed for 2-6 players and comes with the instructions guide.This is an image of a Skip Bo sequencing card game.

34. Watch Ya Mouth Game

Okay, if you don’t like looking silly, simply beat it and make yourself scarce after getting this for the boy. But,  It’s better you stick around though, and have a bit of fun with everybody else. Brace yourself for some rib-cracking fun.

The mouthpieces provide priceless moments of hilarity as players try to speak phrases through them. Maybe you would be able to stop laughing long enough to guess what they are saying to score enough points and win.

Up to 10 players can play at once; that explains the 10 mouthpieces in the pack and over 140 high-quality laminated cards with family-safe phrases written on them.This is an image of a Watch Ya' Mouth mouthpiece game for the whole family.


35. Rubik’s Cube with Display Stand

Do you remember how you could never get enough of this puzzle cube and how long it took before you mastered it? The young man deserves the same experience including the pure joy and sense of accomplishment that comes with aligning all the colors. You can be sure he would go through the same range of emotions and love it too.

This Rubik’s cube keeps faith with the all classic features we love. No need reinventing the wheel here. It comes with a display stand to rest it on when he is tired of playing; though it is a doubt the cube would spend much time on it.This is an image of a rubik's cube puzzle game.


36. PowerClose Baseball Gloves

Wouldn’t this baseball gloves look good on your boy if he is a fan of baseball? Designed to look weather-beaten like it had experienced many tough World Series, it is comfortable to wear and comes with ortholite palm pads to soften the impact of the ball and protect the palm. Catching the baseball would never be easier and pain-free.

The comfort and ability to make catching easier is all down to the durable DU palm lining and unique PowerClose technology used in making the gloves.This is an image of a right hand throw baseball gloves for kids.


37. 82-Piece Art Set

At 11 years, his creative talents would need an outlet. If he is leaning towards drawing and painting stuff, you could aid the development of his latent skills with this 82-piece art set that comes in a durable wooden case to conveniently store the pieces when they are not in use.

He would love how easy it is to organize the 24 colored pencils, two dozen oil pastels and watercolor cakes, drawing pencil, and all the other pieces needed to help him create his masterpieces in the case.This is an image of a 82 piece deluxe art set for kids.


38. Complete Percy Jackson Books

As far as heart-stirring adventures with memorable twists and turns go, Percy Jackson’s stories rank among the best. Kids all over the world love the stories. Your kid will love them too.

The set comes with all five of the best Percy Jackson stories. If you want him to spend some of his holiday or free time reading, this is the perfect gift to make him do that. The fascinating stories involving fantasy animals and magic makes it hard to stop reading.This is an image of a complete set of Percy Jackson and the Olympians book.


39. Skateboard Gift Set

The primary gift in this set is the skateboard that is specifically designed for beginners with aspirations of becoming better. The speed can be adjusted so that kids can skate safely. It’s also light enough for him to carry it around easily.

The high-traction gel wheels and classic design make for a safe and vintage riding experience respectively. Apart from the skateboard, he also gets a unique skateboard backpack, a tote bag, and a skate tool.This is an image of a child and man using the blue Skitch skateboard set.

40. Frisbee with LED Light

Frisbees are always great fun whether in the backyard, school playground or during a day out at the beach or park. It is one of the best outdoor activities that everybody including the dog can be a part of. As with the best frisbees, it flies straight and true, it even floats.

What makes this special is the LED lights that make the whole frisbee glow ensuring he doesn’t have to stop playing with it when it gets dark.This is an image of a glow in the dark flying disc for kids and adults.


41. Black Fidget Spinner

Many folks don’t know about this toy and what exactly it does. For those who know, it is one of the best stress-relieving toys you can get at this price. The smooth, spinning effect would exert a calming influence on your kid if he is the restless type or suffers from some form of anxiety disorder.

The spinner is lightweight and easy to carry around. While the durable metal alloy material it is made from ensures it won’t get damaged when it inevitably falls on the floor.This is an image of a black fidget spinner for kids.


42. Light  Electronics Circuit Kit

This STEM learning kit is simply one of the best electronics learning kits to get for your boy. The kit is packed with several projects to give your kid hands-on experience about how circuits work. He doesn’t need any soldering iron or tools, the pieces easily snap into their allotted color-coded slots ensuring he doesn’t have to jump through difficult hoops to complete a project.

There are over 55 pieces in the kit and 175 projects in the instructions booklet. The projects have varying levels of difficulty so he gets better with each completed project. He can test some of his creation by connecting a digital music player and be amazed at how the colored lights change in response to the beat of the music.This is an image of an electronic exploration set with 175 projects.


43. Intelligent 3D Printing Pen

If you want a truly unique gift without having to break the bank, this 3D pen fits the bill perfectly. Your kid would be amazed at how easily his drawings are made to come alive. You bet he’ll never stop coming up with different things to draw.

Though it is decidedly hi-tech, the pen is easy to use and comes with several safety features to ensure his fingers don’t get burnt by the hot tip while drawing.

With the dual filament mode, he could choose to use PLA or ABS printing material while the OLED conveniently informs him of the type of material he is using, the temperature of the tip, and other important details.This is an image of a black 3D printer pen for kids and adults.

44. Kids Smartwatch by VTech 

Digital Watches are getting cuter, smarter and amazingly, they are still very affordable. This kids’ smartwatch is the quintessential modern wearable for kids. It has everything a modern, trendy kid expects from a digital device.

A rundown features show that this device great value for the money. It features two cameras to take videos, pictures, and selfies; a micro USB port to recharge the device and upload videos and photos and even download stuff such as games, music, documents, video clips, etc.; play games; a pedometer to count steps; and much more.This is an image of a black Kidizoom kid's smartwatch.



45. Kids Microscope and Science Kits

You could encourage the kid to become curious about research science and the world of microorganisms with this metal microscope for kids that comes with several science kits to carry out simple experiments.

The dual-lens microscope is battery-powered and can magnify objects up to 400x their original size. No microorganisms would escape observation once your kid gets into full researcher mode. The device is easy to use and comes with LED lighting to make observation and identification of objects under the lens easier.This is an image of a microscope experiment kit for kids.


46. Gtracing’s Gaming Chair

Every kid that loves gaming will do anything to have that perfect chair they can sit comfortably on while they concentrate on out-witting opponents without bothering about distracting niggles on their back and muscles. With a gift like this, you just made his dream come true if he loves gaming.

All the essential features are present here: strong frame made of durable metal; smooth PU leather cover; thickly padded seat and back; height-adjustable (armrest and seat); 360° swivel; reclining and rocking; smoothly rolling casters; removable headrest pillow and lumbar cushion; and much more.

There is nothing else your kid would want from a gaming chair he’d also definitely use as his study chair. This is likely to be his favorite chair for many years to come.This is an image of a red ergonomic gaming chair.


47. Swimming Pool Ball

Swimming can get boring real quick if all you have to do each time is jump in and swim. This 9″ pool ball will bring back the fun to swimming. And the best part is, friends would be eager to join in for some exciting games. He and his friends can improvise and play all kinds of games while changing the rules to add more excitement.

Before the fun begins, the ball must be filled with water using the hose adapter. This gives the ball almost neutral buoyancy so that kicking, passing and even bouncing the ball underwater is possible!This is an image of a man holding a watermelon ball while swimming.


48. Kick Scooter

Only a few gifts can generate the same level of excitement in kids as a scooter. Gifts like scooters are in high demand among kids because they can start riding them immediately and of course, the thrill of riding around is incomparable

This scooter by Razor A is one of the best ones with several design features integrated to ensure a safe, smooth and comfortable ride. And with the frame made from aircraft-grade aluminum, you needn’t worry about the sturdiness or durability of the product.

When he is tired of riding, he could simply fold it for easy portability. This feature also makes it convenient for storage.This is an image of a blue kick scooter for kids.


49. 26″ Bicycle

At 11, a cool ride like this bicycle is exactly what he wants to satisfy his desire for activity and constant movement. Trust us when we say kids of this age love gifts that feed into their need to ride around and exercise as much as they want.

This bicycle could be a part of his life for many years because it is big and sturdy enough for men up to 6’2″ tall. It features a steel frame ensuring it doesn’t buckle under any weight and a front suspension fork for a smooth ride.

He’d love the easy-to-manipulate 18-speed shifters and the back and front brakes that give him great control on all types of terrain. As for the seats, they are comfortable and easy to adjust.This is an image of a 26 inch black bike for men.


50. Magnetic Balls Sculpture Kit

If you have a hyperactive or restless kid, we recommend this awesome gift to get him to relax and have fun at the same time. This gift will task his imagination to the limit and keep him engaged for hours as he thinks of shapes to create.

The pack comes with 216 5mm balls of 8 colors. With so many magnetic balls to attach, the possibilities are endless. Whatever shape he can create will depend on his creativity. He just might surprise himself and everybody with the things he comes up with.This is an image of a multicolor magnetic cube for kids.


Buying Considerations when Choosing Gifts for Boys Aged 11

Knowing some amazing gift for 11 year old boy is a different ball game from actually picking or buying one that’d make him happy. There are so many reasons for this.


First, age can make things a bit dicey. Though not yet teenagers, boys of 11 can be as intelligent; so their problem-solving skill and ability to focus is at a higher level than in younger children.

So, the gifts you choose must require a level of concentration and intelligence not found in children younger than him. A safe bet is to get young teenage gifts. This is just the first step to scale though.


You should also consider the things that interest him the most. Boys at this age are very active and tend to love gifts that require lots of physical activities; after all, they have so much energy to burn. Sporting gifts would do for this group. The trick is to find out his favorite sports and games.

At the other end, are boys who would have nothing to do with sports. Given the choice, they’d stay indoors reading, watching movies, playing video games, and so many other things kids can get up to indoors.

Books, board games, puzzles, etc., would do just fine here. Again, if you want to get them very excited, find out what they are really interested in before making a choice. Fortunately, you’d find many gifts and toys for 11 year old boys who love staying indoors.

What does he have already?

You also can’t discard the fact the gifts he’s got already. This is one pitfall you must avoid by all means. Getting him something that he is likely tired of playing with will get you zero points in his appreciation scale. He might hide that fact though, but you’ll never get the level of excitement you expected.

So, go ahead and inquire from friends and family members. You could even ask him to be absolutely sure. It is better to ruin the surprise than to get him something he doesn’t need.


Best Buy

It has to be pointed out that many of the gifts in this guide stood out and could easily be our best buy. But this robot kit was the pick of the pack for several reasons.

We liked that the gift addressed two issues that are vital in today’s world; technology and programming. In an increasingly interconnected and digital world, programming skills are very important. He is not too young to start acquiring these skills or developing interest in them.

But the toy is not just about coding. Boys love activities that require them to build things. They get it here and will derive immense joy making a robot that can behave in ways determined by them.

A STEM educational toy is always a great gift for kids.

This is an image of a robot builderbot building block kit


Best Budget

The Magnetic cube building kit is simply one of the best budget toys for 11 year old boys found anywhere. The price tag aside, this is a gift that punches above its weight in terms of delivering excitement, fun and hours of engagement for kids.

Even adults would love a gift that allows them to create different colorful shapes using 5mm magnetic balls. It would be interesting watching your boy come up with shapes in color combinations you never thought possible. This gift is an absolute delight to play with especially for restless kids.

This is an image of a multicolor magnetic cube for kids.