Best Gifts for 10 Year Old Girls

This is an image of a colorful jewelry and craft kit for kids.

Coming up with bright gift ideas for 10 year old girl can be a tad problematic for adults. At 10, is the little lady still interested in the gifts she enjoyed in her childhood years? Would she prefer more matured gifts to underline her new age? And most importantly, is this the stage where she becomes aware of her femininity and as such would have nothing to do with gifts for boys?

At ten, with normal growth and development, your girl’s unique identity is becoming very obvious. Now, she’s probably aware there is a world of difference between her and boys and she is just about to enter her teenage years. Many of them even consider themselves teenagers taking a pit stop before racing off into adulthood.

So, this is a period of transition for them.

Considering all the above and if you are a sensitive parent, it is easy to over-think the perfect gifts or toys for 10 year old girls. Here is a good tip: how about keeping it simple? Stick with the formula that gifts for kids should help the development of the child while being fun and exciting at the same time.

But if you are still confused, simply pick any of the gifts in this guide. After all, you are here because you are looking for gifts for 10 year old girl you feel your kid deserves, right? Well, we have 50 of them here and each one is guaranteed to be a big hit with her!


50 Best Gifts for 10 Year Old Girls

Table of Contents

Now let’s take a look at what we believe are the perfect girl gifts for 10 year olds. All the gifts in this guide are well researched with a focus on fun and the ability to help girls explore their emerging personalities fully.

1. Owl String Art Kit

Be amazed by how creative your cute girl can be with just pins, foams and yards and yards of colored thread. This owl edition of the String Art Kit by Craft-tastic would stimulate her to create fun patterns of breathtaking variety.

Instead of hammer and nails, the string art uses push pins making it easier to stick the pins in or remove them to create new patterns. The pack comes with a detailed instruction guide to get them started along with everything she needs.This is an image of an owl edition string kit.


2. Pink Waterproof Camera

You know those amazing underwater documentaries? Everybody loves them and with this cute pink waterproof camera, your daughter has a chance to make her own too even if it is of the neighborhood swimming pool!

The camera is easy to operate and can run for up to one and a half hours of continuous recording. For a small camera, the picture quality is amazing no thanks to the CMOS image sensor, which can capture 5M HD resolution images on the 1280×720 pixels 1.77″ LCD. And if she doesn’t like any shot, it can easily be deleted from the 32GB SD card.This is an image of a pink waterproof action camera with sd card.


3. Razor Electric Scooter E100

With a speed of up to 10 mph and up to 40 minutes of continuous use on the 24V rechargeable battery, your girl would have the thrill of a lifetime on this Electric Scooter by Razor.

At about 35″ high, it is one of the best gifts for girls age 10 who love the buzz of riding. To guarantee a smooth, safe ride, the steel-framed scooter features an 8″ pneumatic front tire, urethane rear wheel, powerful chain-driven motor, and ergonomic handles with accelerator and handbrake integrated into it.This is an image of a pink electric scooter for kids.


4. 179 Piece Art Kit

If your little girl is art-inclined, a gift of this art kit would help her refine that talent. Or you could just purchase it to get them interested in art. You’d never know if she needed something like this to rouse that talent.

The double-sided art is the full package featuring everything to set up a mini art studio at home. And she’d love the easy-to-carry case making it convenient to store all the pieces and carry around. With this, she can create her masterpieces anywhere.This is an image of a 179 piece double sided art set with drawing and painting guide book...


5. Friends Forever DIY Bracelets

This is a bracelet kit to inspire the little lady into becoming a DIY expert! The thought of creating customized bracelets of different colors and designs is enough motivation for any girl.

The pack features 4 coded looms, beads, a beading needle, 22 colors of embroidery floss, and looms with 4 color coding. It also comes with a carrying case for easy storage and portability. You can easily see her rushing off to a friend’s house with it so they can spend all day making beautiful bracelets.This is an image of a colorful friendship bracelet kit for kids.


6. Big Bag of Science Works

Does your little girl love science and experiments? Or perhaps, you want to expose her to the amazing world of simple science tricks? This is the gift to purchase for her to perform more than 70 science-based experiments and tasks. That is hours after hours of fun and excitement for her.

Covering physics, chemistry, and biology, she can learn about making Gravity Goo; how to launch a 30′ soda geyser; fake snow; balance 6 nails on one nail; and create instant worms.

There are enough pieces to do all that and much more with the instructions guide to help out. The pieces are reusable and very portable with the big zipper bag.This is an image of a Big Bag of Science kit for kids.


7. Relay Phone Alternative

This is such a super cool gift to purchase for a ten year old if you think she is not ready to use a smartphone. This alternative to a phone features the most important functions of a phone. She would be able to receive and answer calls and store messages to replay later.

As the parent, you’d be glad to know it comes with nationwide coverage, SOS alert, parental controls, a GPS so you can locate her any time. And the service is only prepaid ensuring don’t have to worry about astronomical bills.This is an image of a mint green alternative phone for kids.


8. Guardians of the Galaxy Ozobot Robot

Coding doesn’t have to be a dull, dreary affair. It can really be fun especially with this Guardian of the Galaxy-themed Bit Coding Robot. The toy does a good job of putting fun and excitement into coding.

The robot will replicate her drawings exactly even when confusing color codes are added to the drawing. To take the fun a notch up, she can customize the robot with stickers of either Groot or Rocket’s faces drawn by the robot according to her coding instructions!

The pack also features over 20 STEAM activities, Growth and Rocket skins, 4 color coding markers, color coding stickers,  USB charging cable and much more.This is an image of a black coding robot for kids.


9. Hair Chalk Salon

It is a good thing the colors of this hair chalk dyes are easily washable with a shampoo! Expect the little lady to shut herself in the bathroom and experiment with different colors on her hair to reflect her personality. You would be amazed at how creative little girls can get when they have to make their hair look different and interesting.

The gift is not just about chalk dyes though. it also comes with 24 hair elastics, a beading tool, comb, 24 beads. Sit back and watch her perform amazing makeovers with her hair.This is an image of a colorful hair chalk for kids.


10. American Girl Ultimate Craft Set

This fantastic item is what many girls of 10 dream of having as birthday presents. With it, your little girl can create a variety of stuff even as gifts for her friends. The possibilities are endless.

You never know, this might even inspire her into becoming the hottest fashion accessories entrepreneur of her generation. The detailed guide would show her the basics of how to use the included spools, twine, bottles, beads, earring hooks, embroidery floss, etc., to make beautiful fashion items. From that point on, her creative talents will surely take over.This is an image of a colorful jewelry and craft kit for kids.


11. Twirled Paper Art Kit by Klutz

Apparently, you don’t need too much imagination to twirl papers in different ways in the name of art. Klutz’s paper art kit, though, allows the lucky owner to make amazing art pieces using paper you’d think a professional with imagination to spare made them.

With the 56 page guide, your girl would easily make super amazing arts using the twirling wand, 110 paper strip of different colors, glue, pinboard, 3 toothpicks, and 22 googly eyes included in the package that also comes with a convenient storage box.This is an image of a colorful paper strips kit for kids.

12. Design Your Own Fashion Studio

Unleash the fashion designer in your daughter with this complete  Fashion Studio in a box. Using the detailed instruction guide, she’d be the talk of the neighborhood real soon as she learns to design all types of dresses, skirts and even creating a new fashion line by tapping into her imagination.

The 50+ piece set comes in a beautiful box and contains the required raw materials such as fabric and trim; mannequins to model her creations; sketchbook, sample fabrics; ribbons; and embellishments. All the tools she’d need are also included in the pack.This is an image of a fashion designed kit for kids.


13. Alex Toys Paint Your Own Tea Set

Create a Ceramic Tea Set combines two aspects of the arts: drawing craftwork. A gift of this for your daughter is sure to unlock all her latent creativity.

It features a paintbrush and paint containers of different colors for her to customize the tea set in her unique way. For canvas, she’s got  4 teacups and saucers; a teapot with lid; one sugar bowl; and one creamer. And finally, she can learn how to make the paint permanent by baking the finished pieces in an oven.This is an image of a paint and play ceramic tea set for kids.


14. Breyer Gypsy Vanner Horse

So her room needs a different type of decoration to add character to it. Different and character doesn’t get any better than this 1:9 scaled-down model of the Gypsy Vanner horse.

But for the size, you’d think this hand-sculpted and painted horse is real. The attention to detail is amazing and most importantly, the pieces are very sturdy making it unlikely to break if it falls down. Your daughter, though, would love it so much it is unlikely to slip off her fingers! When she is done admiring it, expect it to adorn a prominent location in her room for a long time.This is an image of a hand painted Gypsy Vanner.


15. Sleepover Party Game

Girls love sleepovers but it can sometimes get very boring with nothing to do. This gift pack brings back the fun in sleepovers. there are so many games fin the pack sleeping is going to be the last thing on their minds.

There are card games, trivia, pop culture games, word games and much more. You’d want to join the games too as even adults can have fun playing

Suitable for 3 or more players, the pack contains 85 Act it Cards, 75 Work it Cards, 40 Party Cards, One spinner, a dice, and instructions.This is an image of a sleepover activity game for kids.


16. Clay Charms Craft Set by Klutz

This award-winning gift for 10 year old girl is a very awesome way to keep your daughter occupied while learning how to make cute objects with clay and having tons of fun doing it. She’d get to learn how to bake clay objects to make them sturdy. It is a sure bet she’ll make many of these charms for her friends.

The craft is not hard to master and the detailed guide makes it even easier. In no time, she’d be using the 9 different clay colors, charm bracelet, jump rings, charm loops, and a stand for drying and displaying items to create clay charms without looking at the guide.This is an image of a multicolor clay craft kit for kids.


17. Auney Bubble Machine

The Green bike bubble maker is one of the best gifts for 10 year old girls if the idea is just to have wild, soapy bubbles fun with friends and family. There’ll bubbles for everyone to chase courtesy of the integrated motor capable of making 2000 bubbles every minute!

The gear is easy to install on a bike and comes with a screwdriver and retractable handle to make the installation easy. It uses 3 AA batteries and features an easy-to-fill soap compartment and options to hang it even on a tree.This is an image of a green automatic bubble machine for kids.

18. Rebelle Secrets and Spies Bow

Girls can play at bows and arrows too. This beautiful-designed bow would get your girl worked up about learning how to be good at something traditionally meant for boys.

She’d love shooting at a fast speed as the rotating quiver automatically loads a new arrow after each shot. It is a simple matter of launching an arrow and pulling the trigger in quick succession to get the next shot off.

She can hit a target up to 90 feet away! Now, who is up for target practice?This is an image of a purple Nerf bow and blaster.


19. Good Vibes Coloring Book

Get your daughter to relax with this coloring book by Thaneeya McArdle. She doesn’t have to be an expert to start filling the pages with her coloring.  This book impresses on her young mind that there is nothing like a wrong color and paintings are subjective.

Featuring a guide to basic art techniques, the book comes with pages that are extra-thick and won’t bleed through no matter the pens, markers or watercolors used.

She also gets inspiring quotes on each page to motivate her to be the best version of herself. And after creating her masterpiece, she can easily tear out the page to hang for everybody to admire.This is an image of a coloring activity book for kids.


20. Hand Operated Mini Drone

The small, portable drone is called Scoot. It is inviting your girl to toss it up in the air and see the different ways it can add excitement and fun to her day; well, everybody’s day actually, since the whole family can join in too.

The hand-operated drone comes with sensors that can sense the movement of the hands. Simply bring your hand near it to make it move in the opposite direction.

The drone is easy to assemble and you get a user manual and screwdriver to help you set it up for you girl. Also included is a charging cable to quickly charge the batteries.This is an image of a little boy playing with a hand operated red drone.


21. Light Up Tracing Pad by Pinwheel Crafts

What makes the Light Up Tracing Pad such a fantastic gift item is the simple blend of pared-down technology combined with the art of tracing. It doesn’t end there though. With the included variety of designs, your girl can create a mix-match of drawings involving fairy tales characters including an underwater world of mermaids, color fish, and sea plants.

This is guaranteed to keep kids happily tracing for hours on end as they come up with ideas on how to blend the 10 designs and others they get elsewhere. All they have to do is place the design on the pad, light it up, and start tracing away on the blank sheet covering the design.This is an image of a 12 colored pencil and tracing pad.


22. Cuddly Blankets Pink Mermaid Tail

Your girl would dive in and bury herself in this pink Mermaid tail-shaped blanket the moment she sets eyes on it. The cold winter nights have suddenly become really interesting when it’s bedtime.

And don’t be surprised if she doesn’t want to come out. The blanket takes cozy and warm to new heights with the soft polar fleece fabric both inside and outside. If you are undecided about what to get her during winter, consider this one of the best gift ideas for keeping a girl of 10 warm.This is an image of a little girl wearing a hot pink mermaid tail blanket.


23. Doodle Dinosaur Pillowcase with Markers

You wouldn’t know there is an interesting story hidden in the fabric of this soft pillow made from pure Turkish cotton by just looking at it. Your daughter will excitedly reveal the amazing tale once she gets hold of the 10 double-ended pens of different colors and starts painting. It is a vibrant prehistoric landscape which allows her to learn about dinosaurs and much more.

Perfect gift for all occasions, you don’t have to worry about getting it cleaned. The ink washes out completely in a washing machine with warm water.This is an image of a set of 10 doodle pens and dinosaur pillow case.


24. Electronic Drum Pad Set

It’s not every day you see a girl belting out awesome sounds with drums. With this present, your little girl can dare to be different. She’d certainly love the buzz of being able to play 54 different sounds on this gadget that also features a foot pedal to give the feeling of a real drum.

Because the pads, made from strong silicone material, are touch-sensitive, sound production is instant immediately they are struck. The realistic sounds include bass drum,  hi-hat, crash, snare and much more.This is an image of a black and white electronic drum pad set for kids.


25. Pop Socket Phone Stand

If birthday girl already has a phone or tablet or just any handheld device with a display, this pop sockets stand is a must-have accessory for her. She’ll thank you for it.

It has a stylish, collapsible grip that easily adheres to the back of the gadget. She can conveniently text, make calls, and do all other things with her phone without the fear it would fall. It also functions as a phone stand if she wants to watch videos.

The stand makes using a handheld gadget so much easier aside making it look super trendy.This is an image of a black grip and stand for phone and tablet.


26. Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag

All those stuffed animals and toys littering the house can be a nightmare to arrange. You can put an end to all that chaos by getting this perfect storage bag for your girl. She could easily stash all the toys inside saving your time and energy picking up after her.

And how about this: it also functions as a soft chair your baby girl can relax and snuggle on. The cotton material is soft and tough ensuring it won’t get damaged easily.This is an image of a 38 inch large gray storage bean bag.


27. T-Shirt Design Set by American Girl

This is going to be perfect for your girl if she has several toys. It allows her to make customized mini T-shirts for the toys and matching ones for herself too.

The toy is all about harnessing her creativity to design and make unique shirts. The pack comes with stencils she can make her dream designs on. She can also use the fun-shaped stamps to create different types of artworks to decorate the shirts.

Other pieces in the set include 2 doll t-shirts, fabric pens, stamps, ink pads and guide with instructions to get her started.This is an image of a t-shirt design kit for kids.


28. Binocular Microscope by LLP

Introduce your daughter to the world of research science with a present of this super awesome microscope. She can observe microscopic objects in two ways: the normal way directly through the lens or via the display of a computer or phone by attaching the eyepiece to these devices.

This is a multi-featured microscope even professionals would find useful. Essentially, that means great magnifying power using lenses of different strengths, sturdy durable construction, and a head that can rotate a full circle. Observe her interest in the sciences go up several notches with this gift.This is an image of a little girl using the stereo microscope.


29. RC Flying Bird by Mukikim

Your liitle cutie will spend quite a considerable amount of time admiring the intricate design of this bird before letting it fly. And once it is in the air, she will be amazed by the colorful flapping wings and easy movement of the bird as she directs it where to go with the remote control.

The award-winning bird would deliver a different type of fun and excitement to her day. The Li-Poly battery can keep it in the air for about 15 minutes. But it takes just five minutes to get it fully charged and ready to resume flying again.

The bird is made from durable EPP material while the 2.4 GHz remote control has an amazing range of up to 90 feet.This is an image of a pink RC eBid for kids.


30. Ballerina Jewelkeeper Box

There is so much to love about this adorable storage box it’d be a shame if you don’t get one as a present for your little girl. She’d fall in love with the soft pink fabric inside the box that makes a nice bed for her various jewelry and keepsakes.

It features an ABS plastic mirror under the lid making it safe for kids while the ballerina that pops up and spins to ‘Swan Lake’ tune makes this a super cool item for any girl to own. This is a highly functional jewelry box that is simply perfect for little girls.

This is an image of a pink ballerina storage box.


31. Candy Chemistry Experiments Kit

That girls love cooking is not in doubt. This gift set though makes the point there is really no difference between cooking and chemistry. And it does this beautifully with a 48-page color manual to guide and explain the chemistry underlying how to make rock candy, chocolates, gummy bears, wintergreen candles and much more.

At her disposal are tools such as a thermometer, metal and plastic molds, dipping fork, and spatula. She’d also get the chance to decorate the finished or package the finished products with foils, paper cups, sticks, and wrappers.

All the materials in the pack are not hazardous and you might have to supply extra ingredients found in your kitchen.This is an image of a chemistry experiment kit for kids.

32. Pink Walkie Talkies

To know how much they’d take to this walkie talkie as a present, you could simply get a bunch for your girl and her friends. We promise it’s going to be hard stopping them excitedly using it indoors and outdoors. Don’t be surprised if they beg you to take them hiking.

Though it looks like a toy, this is a multi-featured walkie talkie with 22 channels, a backlit LED and awesome audio with a volume knob to adjust the sound level.

This is an opportunity to let her learn the rudiments of two-way communication using handheld radio. You never know when this skill would come in handy. That said, she’ll have so much fun using this safe and durable walkie talkie.This is an image of a pink walkie talkies for kids.


33. Origami Brainteaser by Fat Brain Toys

Origami puzzles are famous for providing hours of brain-teasing fun while stimulating the creative centers of the brain. This Fold Origami Brainteaser does excellently in delivering excitement and stimulating the imagination. Your daughter would love it.

There are 10 folding puzzles to complete that might look impossible at first. But with patience and logical thinking, she’d accomplish each task. The joyful feeling afterward is a priceless reward for her a tenacity.

The folding pieces are made from strong, heavy-duty laminated material to withstand repeated folding and use. It would be a part of the family for a long time.This is an image of a colorful origami puzzle for kids.


34. Spirograph Deluxe Design Kit

Spirograph’s design kit is one of the best design sets you could gift to your daughter when she clocks 8 years. The set is backed by a history of allowing aspiring artists of all ages to create amazing designs. Your girl would have hours of fun with the unique gears and wheels that enable anyone, including novices, to produce elegant designs.

There are so many pieces in the pack it might get confusing at first. But the 14-page guide book will show her how to use the 19 wheels, 2 rings, 1 rack, Spiro-putty, and 3 pens to make designs in her own distinctive style.This is an image of a deluxe design kit for kids.

35. LED Flashing Light Gloves

Think of warm hand gloves made with breathable fabric and then add flashing LED lights of different colors to each finger; awesome right? You’d only know the shades of awesome when your daughter is controlling the flashing lights and creating a kaleidoscope of exciting colors with it.

The glove is easy to use. All she has to do is wear it and simply press the switch located near the base to switch colors or create combinations of colors. And she can do this for as long as she wants because the easily replaceable batteries last a long time.

To get the full effect, let her do her thing in a dark room.This is an image of a colorful LED gloves toy for kids.


36. Bloxels Build Your Own Video Game

This mix of virtual and physical tools is one of the best and fun ways of getting your kid interested in building digital gaming apps. With a gift like this, your girl can use the physical game board to design game rooms using colors to represent different earth elements. For instance, blue can represent water and so on.

This sweet gift set is designed to enhance creativity and imagination. She can test her finished game by simply downloading the free app, snap the game using the app’s camera, upload it, and start playing the video game after the app builder is done converting it to a digital format.This is an image of a build your own video game for kids.


37. RoyaBaby Pink Bike

Everybody loves riding bikes. This pink freestyle bike with a hydroformed aluminum frame is what you need to get your girl to remind her how special she is; we know she knows that, but there is no harm doing it once more with a bike.

It doesn’t matter if she’d never ridden before, the training wheels would ensure she is safe to use it until she gets better at it. It’s a no-brainer guessing it won’t take her long to become an expert rider.

The bike features an enclosed chain guard, non-slip pedal, one-piece crank, front caliper brake, rear band break, and much more to make it a very versatile and kid-safe bike.This is an image of a 12 inch pink training wheels for kids.


38. Computer Coding Kit with 100+ Challenges

Your daughter doesn’t have to be a nerd to start coding with Kano’s Computer Coding Kit. But by the time she is finished with it, she just might be become a nerd of the fun-loving variety though.

The easy-to-follow guide shows how to build a computer and how to code with several dozen challenges and tasks. She’d be able to make art, games, and music using computer programs and even hack Minecraft to make it behave differently!

The pack comes with Raspberry Pi 3, wireless keyboard with a trackpad, programmable LED lights, power and HDMI cables, over 100 apps, and much more.

This is an image of an orange build your own computer set for kids.


39. Paint and Sparkle Mermaid Nail Art Kit

Get your little girl to stand out by allowing her to design amazing artwork on her nails with the Paint and Sparkle Mermaid kit. Featuring nail pens, nail decorations, nail stickers and more, the kit has everything she needs to make her own distinctive nail art.

She’d definitely have a blast as her visual and creative skills are honed. The components are non-toxic making them safe to use. And because the paints are water-based she can easily wash them off her skin and clothes.

This is an image of a mermaid arts and crafts nail art for little girls.


40. Make It Real Makeup Kit

This starter makeup kit for girls is carefully packed to help unleash the creativity of any girl lucky enough to get it as a present. For her birthday or any auspicious occasion, you could make your sweetheart the fortunate recipient of a set that promises and delivers fun, creativity, and perhaps a budding career as a makeup artist.

This pack features all the essential tools needed for styling and makeup. These include mirror, eye shadows of different colors, blush colors, soft brushes, lip glosses, nail polish, nail file as well as a detailed guide to show her the ropes at the initial stage.This is an image of a starter make up set for little girls.


41. Alex Toys Sewing Kit

This is an awesome present to introduce 10 year olds to the world of sewing and craft; a skill that would always be useful to her all her life. She can use it to make anything even at this tender age from notebook covers and stuffed animals to furniture covers and little clothes for toys.

The illustrated instruction would give detailed directions on how to use basic sewing tools to create everyday items. The tools include scissors, needles, measuring tape, buttons, straight pins, different types of fabric, and much more.This is an image of a colorful sewing kit for kids.


42. Happy Birthday Charm Bracelet by Liberty Charms

Is there a better way to announce to the whole world that your cute girl is 10 and you are proud of her than by getting this beautiful charm bracelet with a ‘10’ charm suspended from it? It’s hard to think of one.

The cute silver plated bracelet also features a pink sparkle butterfly, pink candy heart, and pink diamante clip. She can also add as many charms as she needs to the bracelet or even swap the charms for new ones. It is guaranteed she’d wear it most of her 10th year.

This is an image of a pink 10th birthday charm bracelet.

43. Lip Balm Studio by GirlZone

Parents know how much little girls love making their own stuff especially when it’s linked to making them look prettier and all grownup. It is all harmless fun though and this makeup kit delivers that and more: she’d get lots of harmless fun while allowing her creativity to take over.

The kit comes with a guide to show them the basic procedure of making lip balms easily. They can even customize it with their preferred color and scents that include cherry, orange, grape, and pineapple. Also included in the lit are purple, pink and yellow glitters to add extra sparkle to the finished product.This is an image of a 22 piece make your own lip balm makeup kit for little girls.


44. Hooded Unicorn Bathrobe

There is so much your daughter would love in this bathrobe. For instance, the polyester material is so soft she’d want to wear it all the time. Then there is the unicorn-themed design of the hood that turns her to one of all girls’ favorite fantasy figures.

And don’t forget the adorable color combination. You could simply order for a size slightly bigger than her so she can grow into it. She’ll never get tired of wearing it.This is an image of a girl wearing a colorful unicorn bathrobe sleepwear.


45. All-Natural Lip Balm Kit

There is more to a lip balm than meets the eye. It’s the secret behind some of the best lip balms that this kit would reveal to your daughter. You bet she’ll be very interested in knowing how balms make lips so luscious.

She’d readily dedicate hours of her time learning the chemistry behind this and even how to make simple but very effective lip balms.

In the kit are lots of beeswaxes, custom molds, moisturizing lotion bars, and instructions booklet to guide her on how to create different types of lip balms including how to customize them with flavors, honey, Vitamin E, etc.This is an image of a lip balm boutique for little girls.


46. Pink 10th Birthday T-Shirt

Imagine how your little girl would feel when you present a cool pink t-shirt with a ‘This Is What An Awesome 10 Year Old Looks Like’ plastered in white letters all over the front with two thumbs up flanking the ’10’. She’d be speechless with joy even if this is the only 10th birthday present you got for her.

The shirts are sold in different sizes, so make sure you know her correct size before placing an order. The shirt is made from high-quality fabric material and is soft and comfortable to wear. Expect it to be her favorite T-Shirt for at least a year.This is an image of a pink t-shirt for 10 year old kids.


47. Gravity Maze Marble Run Game

This exciting brain and logic game would make a perfect birthday present as your girl turns 10. The Maze game comes with 60 challenge levels of increasing difficulty. The game is sure to develop her planning and building skills as she attempts to build a path through the towers and take the marble to its final destination.

It might look difficult but with the clear instructions, she’d be navigating the 9 towers and game’s grid in no time and moving up the levels to give the more difficult challenges a shot.This is an image of a Gravity Maze logic game.


48. DIY Ultimate Slime Kit

The slime world is so vast and full of variety it never gets boring no matter how many kits you have. There is always something new to make with new and interesting recipes. With over 10 recipes and experiments in this kit, your girl is guaranteed hours of fun when she gets this present.

Like all slime kits, the chemistry she is exposed to along the way is priceless in teaching her some real-life and science skills. The kit comes with all she’d need to create slime that glows in the dark, colorless goo slime, slime that changes colors, glittering slime, and more.This is an image of a glow in the dark slime set.

49. Crystal Growing Set

With a gift like this, your 10 year old would feel like a real scientist with the ability to create stuff easily: in this specific case, three different crystals that she can make glow.

This a fun science project designed for kids in her age range. It is exciting, very engaging and fosters a love for the sciences and the art of growing crystals.

Included in the set is a USB-powered light-up display with three docks to place the crystals; 3 crystal powder bags; mixing stick; 3 cups to grow the crystals in; and a guide to show how easy it is.This is an image of a red, blue and clear glowing crystals for kids.


50. Vintage Print Swing Party Dress

This is a dress for girls of superior taste and class. This is the message you want to pass to your daughter with a present of this print dress made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex material.

Available in several sizes, the sleeveless gown with its flare effects and floral patterns would surely make her stand out in any gathering. Talking about occasions, she can use it for birthday parties, for school, casual outings and formal occasions. It is simply a dress for all occasions.This is an image of a pink and white floral dress for little girls.

Buying Considerations When Choosing Gifts for Girls Aged 10

As was stated earlier, it is normal to be dragged in different directions when you have to pick cool gifts for 10 year old girl. Do you go with adolescent gifts for girls? Would teenage toys be too advanced for her? What is the best toy to encourage the development of her personality? And so on.

To nail it just right, simply follow the tips below.

What her personality is – If you are the parent, you must now a thing or two about the sort of stuff she gets up to and things she doesn’t like.

For instance, if she is the outgoing and sociable sort, she’d be thrilled with gifts that encourage that lifestyle. You want to think about gifts she can share with friends and family. The Friends Forever Bracelet Kit is one such gift. She’d love making personalized bracelets for her friends.

If you are not the parent, finding out her personality and type of things she loves shouldn’t be hard. Simply ask her parents, friends or teachers.

Budget – The budget-gift conundrum can be tricky to navigate especially when getting a gift for a girl of 10 with adult pretensions.

Do you splurge on something really expensive to celebrate this important milestone? Do you stick to something sensible to remind her of the tough years ahead?

For budget, it’s best to go with your gut taking into consideration her personality. No matter how much you decide to spend, you would most definitely find great gifts that match your budget in this guide.

Jewelry pieces – Jewelry gifts are always a hit with girls of all ages. You can’t go wrong with them. You can make your choice extra special by getting a piece that is customized with her name and perhaps her new age or a short cute message to telling her how special she is.

Fun factor – Remember, even though your little girl thinks she is no longer a kid, she must still love having fun even if she tries to act all mature.

Any gift that packs a lot of fun and excitement would do it for her. Game sets involving several people to play, cameras with video function, scooter, and bikes are just a few of the gifts with ‘fun’ written all over them.


Best Overall Gift

Picking the ‘best buy’ from a collection of awesome gifts for girls entering the second decade of their lives is not easy.

That said, after much thought and taking into consideration the utility, developmental benefits, and price tag, we finally settled on the Original Bloxels Build Your Video Game by Mattel.

It is such an awesome gift that has a bit of everything – it is fun, modern, easy to learn, and very educational.

It should get your kid interested in making video games and apps which is awesome as a life skill. This could be the one gift to aid her to choose a career path.

It is still a game she has to play though; and there is a great satisfaction for her knowing she designed it. The games would only get better with time as she learns more about it.

This is an image of a build your own video game for kids.

Best Budget Gift

For our best budget, we decided on a gift that straddles the divide between expensive and very affordable without sacrificing all the important variables of a great gift for girls just hitting 10 years.

The Rebelle Secrets and Spies Revolution Bow fitted the bill perfectly.

The bow itself is well constructed with modern features integrated into it. And the design? One look at it and any girl will instantly fall in love. The colors are spot on.

Maybe this is the point she starts her journey to becoming an Olympian in archery.

This is an image of a purple Nerf bow and blaster.