Best Gifts for 10 Year Old Boys

This is an image of a The Boy's Book of Adventure guide book for kids.

While the necessary restrictions imposed by safety and health considerations limit the pool of very good toys and gifts for toddlers one can purchase, that luxury is no longer there for a boy of ten. The choice of awesome toys and gifts for 10 year old boys will come from a considerably wider pool with lots of variations to them.

This makes it harder picking gifts for them because, having reached the double-digit age milestone of 10, they think they are no longer kids even if the parents and other adults think otherwise. At this age, they are very picky and sensitive to the type of gifts given to them. They’d dislike gifts that remind them they are still kids.

So, that is basically the nature of the challenge facing you when it comes to choosing gifts or toys for 10 year old boys.

Fortunately, you are now reading this guide because we have done all the hard work. After hours of careful research, we came up with a list of the best gifts or toys for 10 year olds. It is unlikely you’d find a better guide elsewhere.


50 Best Gifts For 10 Year Old Boys

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Whether the occasion is to celebrate the milestone birthday of 10 or simply to get him a present, you’ll find suitable gifts below. All the gifts are worthy of your investment, and no matter how much you choose to spend, the quality of products and the expected derivable utility are guaranteed.

1. Infrared Laser Gun

Group play among boys of 10 doesn’t get any better than playing with laser guns that emit sounds of actual guns. This amazing 4-gun set delivers all the fun and excitement expected of the best toys for kids.

With these laser blasters, kids can select any gun settings from a pistol, machine gun, submachine gun, and rocket, and start blasting away at the enemy. At less than 1mW, the laser signals are completely safe for kids to play with whether indoors or outdoors.This is an image of a set of 4 infrared laser tags for kids.


2. RipStick Caster Board

At 10, it’s about time you took your son’s physical development to new levels with this caster board to improve his balance, reflexes, and coordination. Primarily though, the aim is to make him have fun and he’d have lots of it as he goes wheezing pass people in the neighborhood on the board.

The smooth skateboard-snowboard hybrid comes with several features to make it easy for him to execute simple stunts while keeping him safe. These include pivoting deck,  spiked traction pads, 76 mm polyurethane wheels and much more.

The board can support up to 220 lbs so this could be a part of his life for quite some time.This is an image of a blue caster board by Razor.

3. STEM Building Set

We know boys love putting together and taking things apart. This is an awesome construction kit that easily achieves both dreams while exposing them to  STEM-based education.

Your kid would derive immense joy after constructing the huge dump truck and the propeller plane. He has 361 pieces including accessories needed to complete the task. The kit comes with an instruction guide to show him the ropes. But with the right imagination, you bet he’d construct models based on his considerable creativity.This is an image of a yellow vehicle and airplane building blocks set for kids.


4. Glow Electric Scooter

With an all-steel frame and fork construction, pneumatic front tire, twist-grip acceleration, and hand-operated brake all combining to deliver a riding experience of a lifetime, your kid couldn’t wish for a better present than this electric scooter.

The electric scooter uses a quiet chain-driven motor and can get up to 10 mph. The two 12V rechargeable batteries can take him for a 40 minutes non-stop ride. He could ride to school and back and still have some battery juice left.

And you don’t have to worry about your kid’s weight, the lightweight scooter can take up to 120 lbs.This is an image of a blue glow electric scooter for kids.


5. Force1 Drone

This high-quality drone by Force1 is the perfect gift for the kid if you want to introduce him to drones and the technology underlying quadcopters. It is very easy to use with lots of amazing features that even experienced users would find exciting.

It has an inboard 1000 mAh battery able to log a flight time of up 15 minutes non-stop. While in the air, your kid can use the 2.4 GHz pad to shoot high-quality images with the 720p HD camera that is also compatible with VR headsets.

Other features include headless flight mode, altitude hold, and sending images through WiFi in real-time, and many more.This is an image of a blue and black video drone with camera.


6. Air Hunterz Bow

A bow and arrow gift like this unique Z-Curve arrow is always a great gift for kids giving them a chance to experience the pure joy of aiming and hitting targets. In this case, the targets could be 125 feet away and your son could hit it with practice.

It is a safe present though. The choice of arrows is limited to just the cup and suction arrows that are included in the package.

The kid would love that it is easy and fast to load the arrows and gets to use two different types: the suction cup arrows that stick to any surface or the Zonic whistle arrows that are notable for their speed and accuracy.This is an image of an orange hunter's bow for kids.


7. Nerf N-Strike Target Kit

If your son has a Nerf or dart gun, this’ the perfect gift to help him improve his aim and ultimately make him the best among his peers. The target kit comes with all he needs for target practice or to organize a mini competition with his friends.

He could set the target on its stand or hang it on a wall or door and proceed to hit it with the 10 suction darts using the included Firestrike blaster.

The beater comes with a light beam trigger that activates the precision light beam on the target improving accuracy. Your kid’s aim will never remain the same after this.This is an image of a Precision Target blaster set for kids.


8. The Hardy Boys Starter Set by Frank W. Dixon

The first 5 books of The Hardy Boys series are the perfect summer present for your kid if you want him spent less time with his computer and tablet and do something productive like reading a book. You can be sure that when school resumes, his reading skills won’t be rusty and besides, he’d learn so many things about how to be a better person from the exciting adventures of the Hardy Boys.

You should be ready for a request for the other books in the series (there are 25) once he is through with this. Don’t blame him, the stories are very captivating.This is an image of a Hardy Boys book starter set for kids.


9. Room Defender Security Kit

Your son is at that age where some privacy would be greatly appreciated by him. Tell him you acknowledge that fact with a gift of this security kit on his 10th birthday.

The programmable kit will protect your kid’s room and stuff against unwanted intruders. It is fun to use though.

Attached to the bedroom door, it can be made to produce sounds, alarms, and sirens when a breach occurs. He can use secret access codes, secret knocks and even key cards to protect his room. For family members and This is an image of a programmable room security system toy for kids.


10. Technic Whack! LEGO Building Kit

Like all Lego kits, the Technic Whack! set delivers on the full spectrum of excitement, creativity, and role-playing. First, the lucky kid would have to build a low profile race car using 135 pieces. Then he’d have the satisfaction of watching his creation slam and come apart against a wall at high speed knowing he can always put it back together again. This is a perfect gift for 10 year old boy who loves racing cars and building kits.

The tough pieces won’t get damaged by the impact and he might get extra pleasure watching the engine pop out on impact. The kit comes with all the accessories needed for the construction including the powerful back motor, low profile tires, sturdy front bumper, and much more.This is an image of a Technic Whack building set for kids.


11. Mini Flying Robot Drone

It is not every day a kid gets to see a mini-robot that can also fly. That is why we know your kid would be absolutely taken in by this robot integrated with the basic desires of a simple drone enabling it to fly with ease.

It is easy to control for up to 15 feet with the infrared induction technology that uses sensors at the bottom to respond to hand gestures. It has an auto-shutoff mechanism to power it off if it crashes to protect the propellers.This is an image of a flying RC helicopter robot toy for kids.


12. Sphero BB8 Droid

Maybe, you’ll get a quick and tight embrace before your kid would rush off to his room to hang out with BB-8 after gifting it to him as a present. For kids, nothing beats the experience of having their own Star Wars character that can be programmed to act and behave in multiple ways.

For instance, he could program the Droid to obey voice commands, move around autonomously, and even create and view holographic recordings. He’ll surely discover new and exciting things to do with his new companion every single day.This is an image of a bluetooth battle worn with force band.


13. Royalbaby Bicycle

You can never go wrong with a bicycle present to kids of all ages. If your kid never had a bike before, his 10th birthday is the best time to get the first bike for him. And this blue-framed freestyle bike ticks all the boxes of the perfect first bike.

With the training wheels and 20-inch kickstand, it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t know how to ride. He’d be safe on the special juvenile saddle as he learns how to ride and balance the bicycle.

This hydroformed aluminum-framed bike with 2.4-inch knobby tires also features an enclosed chain guard, non-slip resin pedal, one-piece crank,  and a braking system that includes a front caliper brake, kids size brake lever, and rear band brake.This is an image of a 20 inch blue bike for kids.


14. Quadcopter for Beginners

This user-friendly drone would be an awesome gift for kids to explore the outdoors from up to 260 feet above the ground. Some of the advanced features might be too much for him to master immediately, but you bet he’d love the challenge of learning how to use hand gestures control to activate the camera or how to control the stability of the drone by adjusting the vertical and horizontal position of his smartphone if he has one already.

With the 720p HD camera, he could view crystal clear images on his display while the control pad can make the drone hover above the ground, execute 360° flips and rolls, and move in headless mode. it comes with an extra battery for longer flight times and propeller guards to ensure durability and safe flight.This is an image of a drone with wifi connector and camera.


15. Red Remote Control Boat

If your son is interested in fast boats, getting him this red racing boat by Oskide would immediately make you his number hero; that is, if you weren’t already. At a top speed of about 18 mph, the boat would breeze past the competition easily. The streamlined huh design and auto flip recovery feature ensures it maintains a steady course while easily cutting through the waves.

Made of high-quality ABS plastic to survive impacts, the boat can move non-stop for about 30 minutes. The multi-channel 2.4 GHz remote gives him control up to about 500 feet and is designed to control the boat’s movement in any direction.

This is an image of a red high speed boat toy with remote control.


16. The Boy’s Book of Adventure by Michele Lecreux

Does your buy know how to build a periscope, tie sailor’s knot, read a map, identify animals by their tracks, and how to recognize insects or even construct a camper’s backpack? These and many more facts about nature, outdoor activities and fun DIY craft projects await him in this awesome book by Michele Lecreux.

A gift of this book goes a long way in setting up your son to be smart and resourceful for the rest of his life. Many of the 5000 stuff he’d learn from the book are priceless. Surely, you want that for your son.This is an image of a The Boy's Book of Adventure guide book for kids.


17. STEM DIY Tin Can Robot by 4M

It’s never too early to teach a kid the value of recycling things. 4M’s Tin Can Robot is a good way to do it while making it fun and exciting. With this present, he can turn empty soda cans into functional robots.

The kit comes with everything he needs to for the project. It is actually very easy. Simply add the pieces to the soda can to create the robot. He can use his creativity to determine the outcome of the final product. The pack comes with detailed instructions to get him going.This is an image of a tin can robot for kids.


18. Robotic Arm by OWI

OWI robotic kits are famous for their quality and durability. You could let your kid have a taste of one of their products with this awesome programmable robotic arm. He’d be playing with a real robot made with cutting-edge technology if you get it for him.

The arm is constructed from almost 200 pieces and possess the full range of motion of a normal arm. Controlled by the remote, your kid can make it execute normal wrist motion, program it for a 300° elbow range of motion and much more. It also comes with a gripper to hold on to objects.

It is powered by 4 ‘D’ cells and includes a light at the end of the gripper to help him pick objects in the dark.This is an image of a yellow and black arm edge robot with control for kids.


19. Jedi Starfighter LEGO Star Wars

If you want to see your kid jumping with excitement, get him this Lego building kit featuring the Jedi Starfighter from Star Wars: Attack of the Clones movie. He now has a chance to build a replica model of the jet with the kit.

With the 825 pieces including mini-figures of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jango Fett, and young Boba Fett, he gets to build a spacecraft with a cockpit that can open and close, 2 spring-loaded shooters, huge engines and a quick-release grab handle to ensure he gets more fun from his creation.

With his imagination and creativity in hyperdrive, he is going relive several epic battles hunting down the bad guys.This is an image of a Star Wars Jedi Starfighter building kit.


20. 5000 Facts About Everything

What subjects outside of video games and computers are kids interested in? Not much perhaps; but this awesome book is the key to unlocking ‘secrets’ every kid age 10 should find interesting. This book has the potential of turning your kid into that boy everybody looks up to for answers about everything.

The book is beautifully-illustrated and should keep him engaged for days on end as he learns the facts and debunks the myths of the world around him.This is an image of a 5,000 Awesome Facts book for kids.


21. Shock-Proof Binoculars for Kids

This would be a great gift for a kid who loves the outdoors. If he is a Boy Scout or loves camping, hiking, going to watch games, etc, binoculars like this one is the perfect gift to help him explore his environment better and closer.

The eyepieces are adjustable like real binoculars so he can focus to get a better view depending on the distance of the object. Soft rubber eyepieces are included to protect his eyes and face.

It has a magnification of 8X and can enlarge objects from as far away as 500 feet.This is an image of a compact binoculars for kids.


22. Pair of Camouflage Walkie Talkies

A pair of 22-channeled, FRS/GMRS walkie talkies like these two would be the perfect complement to the binoculars above, don’t you think? As a standalone gift, the walkies are also perfect for outdoor communications. At the least, he’d learn the basics of two-way communications during emergencies. This might come in handy someday.

With a range of up to 3 miles in ideal conditions, flashlight, and crystal clear sound with adjustable volume, it has everything he needs to keep in contact with friends or family during outdoor trips. And since you are getting a pair, you could keep one and use it to keep tabs on him when you guys are away on trips.This is an image of a 2 camouflage walkie talkies for kids.


23. Sound-Activated Disco Ball Light

With a gift like this disco ball, a party can never be boring again, at least for your kid because he gets to control the mood of the party with multicolored lights.

All he has to do is plug it into a light source to create a beautiful and colorful lighting effect in all types of parties even with adults present. They would love him for it. He would be mighty proud of himself too.This is an image of a RBG disco ball light with remote control.


24. Off Road RC Truck

With two powerful motors, a top speed of up to 15 mph, and a 2.4 GHz remote with a control range of over 160 feet, everything is simply primed for hours and hours of excitement and fun with this off-road toy truck.

The rugged toy is designed with precision to withstand rough treatment. The four huge anti-slip tires connected by shockproof springs and super strong frame and body are just two of the features that make this truck awesome for rough terrain. And he can play with for between 20 – 30 minutes on each of the two rechargeable batteries. That is almost an hour of non-stop fun!


25. Kick Scooter by Razor

If you want your son to go out and exercise a bit, get him this simple classic scooter. He would get all the exercise he needs and then some more.

There are no bells and whistles on this retro scooter. With the aircraft-grade aluminum frame and handle, full-deck grip tape design, and unique rear fender brake, the safety of the kid is guaranteed along with the durability of the scooter.

He would enjoy scooting along in the 98mm urethane wheels complemented by high-speed ABEC-5 bearings.This is an image of a black kick scooter for kids.


26. DIY Crystal Growing Lab

Amaze your kid with this crystal growing kit by National Geographic on his 10th birthday. This might sound and feel all nerdy but it’s really fun by the time he starts growing actual crystals that, amazingly, glow in the dark too!

The kit comes with an easy-to-understand instruction guide that also explains the science behind the experiment. There is also a real fluorite crystal in the pack to see how his genius compares to mother nature.This is an image of a glow in the dark growing crystals for kids.


27. 4G Kids Phone Alternative

By now, your kid must have bugged you endlessly for his own smartphone. If you don’t think he is ready for one yet, this awesome device by Relay is the perfect alternative to a smartphone made for kids his age.

It comes with several features for both kids and parents. For the parent, you could set up parental controls and track the device with your smartphone using the in-built GPS. Your kid, on the other hand, can use it to receive calls anywhere he is in the country.

There are several other fun features that kids would love including a Voice assistant to navigate music and chat channels among others.This is an image of a mint green alternative phone for kids.


28. Gravity Maze Game by ThinkFun

This game would test the visual perception and logical skills of any kid fully. You want to get the kid this and see how quickly he unravels how to arrange towers using the colorful building blocks to create a path for his marble to reach its target.

There are 60 levels to this game. Each level is more difficult than the previous one; this makes the game extra interesting as he tries to surmount each challenge. You can be sure he would be engaged for hours trying to solve the maze.

The kit comes with a guide to explain the rules and get him started.This is an image of a Gravity Maze logic game.


29. Faux Bow and Arrow Archery Kit

Kids love gifts items that appeal to their hunting instincts. To be fair, we all do. This archery set does exactly that without being harmful to the kid or anybody.

The mainly plastic kit is easy to set up and comes with six foam-tipped arrows to ensure nobody gets hurts. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to use. Your kid would start launching arrows with dizzying speeds at targets 150 feet away before you know it.This is an image of a boy using a foam archery set for kids.


30. Hover Soccer Set

If he is interested in soccer or you simply want him to get some indoor exercise while having fun too, this soccer kit by WisToyz is just the thing to get him running and having fun. The whole family can join in too. After all, soccer is more fun playing with others.

The inflatable soccer ball and two goal posts aside, there is extra excitement with the included hover ball with flashing LED lights he can kick repeatedly. The ball actually hovers above the ground and bounces off walls and other surfaces easily to create several hours of fun.This is an image of a hover soccer ball with inflatable ball and bumper.


31. Digital Watch by Timex

A simple wristwatch would look good on any kid. With this gift, you could be making a statement that you want him never to be late for important appointments, and school: subtly letting him know his new age brings added responsibilities and expectations

This could also be a fashion statement for a kid who wants to be different since watches are not so common anymore. The watch is water-resistant up to about 330 feet so he could take it swimming.

The lightweight watch features a hook and loop fabric strap, a countdown timer, a stopwatch, and an alarm.This is an image of a black classic digital watch for kids.


32. Action Sports HD Camcorder

This action sports camera is just 2.4″ x 2.3″ x 1″ but packs so many features making it ideal for kids to take shots and record videos of live-action events. Your boy would love this for a birthday gift especially if he loves outdoor sports. Now he can make videos of himself in action without assistance from anybody and flaunt it proudly.

The lightweight waterproof camcorder comes with a 1.7″ LCD to view the images from the 1080P camera with CMOS image sensor; battery life of 1.5 hours; a micro SD card slot with a capacity of 32 GB to store his files; and much more. All this simply means he’s got a premium action camcorder to have fun with.

This is an image of a blue action camera for kids.


33. Classic Metal Detector

Hunting for treasure is always a fascinating activity for kids especially if there is a beach close by. This metal detector could be the answer to your kid’s desire to go hunting for treasure.

The lightweight device, modeled after classic metal detectors, is equipped with buzzers and LED light alert when a metal buried up to 8″ below the ground is detected. The stem can be adjusted to a comfortable height and the waterproof design means he doesn’t have to worry about hunting for treasure in all kinds of weather.

This is an image of a red metal detector set for kids.


34. Red Ripster Caster Board by Razor

If you don’t like the blue caster board above on account of the color, this red one gives you another option to get him an awesome skateboard that comes with some of the best features you can find.

For a kid of 10, this is a safe board to practice his moves before he becomes an expert and stars pulling those amazing stunts. He’d totally nail those moves easily with help from the 66mm wheels, slip-resistant concave deck, steel torsion bar padded with rubber, and 360° inclined casters.This is an image of a red caster board by Razor.


35. Laser Tag Blaster Set

These laser blasters are simply the perfect gifts for your kid if he loves shooting lasers with cute blasters and you want him to socialize more with friends and family. The safe guns come with a difference though, the blasters are the target so there is no need to wear vests and he can choose from four different teams.

Each blaster is easy to use with easily interchangeable ‘team settings’ and ‘blast settings’ even while chasing or hunting down opponents. To reload, all he has to do is tap the butt and the in-built speaker will notify him.

The features packed into this Blaster translates to tons of fun and exciting experience making this one of the best tag blasters to get for a kid.This is an image of a blue and white laser tag set for kids.


36. Capture the Flag Game

Capture the Flag game is the sort of present you get for a kid to remind him that life is all about teamwork, and working together with the people closest to you to achieve a common goal. Here, the closest people to him are his family and friends.

It is a fun an exciting game that pits two teams against one another. The objective: steal the enemy’s flag and don’t get caught.

Glowing Orbs of light are substituted for flags though. And because the orbs glow in the dark, the game is perfect at night on any occasion including family get-togethers. Up to 16 players can play.  The kit comes with bracelets, flags, and balls all of which are battery-powered.This is an image of a glow in the dark LED Capture the Flag set for kids.


37. Darth Vader Light Up Alarm Clock

An iconic mini Darth Vader would thrill any young kid especially if he is a fan of Star Wars. The almost 10″ tall arch-villain is not just a plastic figure, it is also a light-up digital clock with an LCD on the body that shows the time.

This would make a great decorative piece on his bedside desk to help him set and plan his schedule daily. The alarm should help him keep appointments when he learns how to set it.

This is an image of a Darth Vader minifigure alarm clock for kids.


38. App Based Interactive Globe

This educational toy for ten year olds is perfect for those with an interest in geography. Orbot’s interactive game is a fun educational game with one objective in mind: to make your kid the smartest and the sharpest kid among his peers.

With the globe and the app (compatible with most iPads and Android devices with at least 3GB RAM), the game will expose your kid to different languages, cuisines, cultures, animals, monuments, etc, from around the world. There are over 1000 facts and 400 highlights to explore. This STEAM-themed game is what your kid needs to prepare him fully for the years ahead.This is an image of a kid using an educational interactive globe toy.


39. Emoji School Backpack

A school backpack with different emojis printed all over it? How cool can a kid’s backpack get? You can immediately see how getting this backpack as a 10th birthday present will improve his social standing among his friends and school mates.

The trendy backpack comes with adjustable padded straps and air-flow padded back for complete comfort when he is carrying it. The main compartment is 14″ big, this’ enough to hold most of his books and even a laptop. He also gets a top zip pocket, 2 Velcro side pockets, and 1 front zip pocket to arrange all his stuff without hassle.This is an image of an emoji backpack for kids.


40. Beginner Microscope Kit

At 10, it’s unlikely your kid has decided on a definite career path but you could expand his options by giving him a peek into the exciting world of scientists and researchers with this microscope kit for kids. This could be his first step to becoming a Nobel winner for some breakthrough discoveries. And he has over 52 accessories along with the stain-resistant microscope to help him along

The microscope is a pro-quality affair with awesome features such as a built-in color filter wheel, LED and mirror for illumination, monocular viewing head, and rotating turret with various magnification levels up to 1200x.This is an image of a kid's microscope kit with carrying box.


41. Electronics Playground Experiments Kit

In terms of gift ideas for 10 year olds, this is a novel way to introduce your kid to the field of electronics. He is going to learn about how voltage, currents, resistors, capacitors are interconnected to make the devices we cherish so much. This should definitely pique his curiosity to learn more.

The circuits are easy to make and do not require the use of soldering irons or tools likely to harm him. There are about 50 practice exercises and the user manual is easy to follow. He’ll enjoy this period as a budding electronic/electrical engineer.This is an image of an electronic playground and learning center for kids.


42. DIY Ultimate Slime Set

There is no limit to the fun kids get from making all types of slimes. This DIY slime kit delivers all the excitement that is to be expected from mixing different chemicals to create gooey substances.

The kit comes with all the materials he needs and a delightful video to guide him on how to make 8 different slimes including slime that glows in the dark and another that changes color. All the ingredients are safe to use and he can store them in the included air-tight containers.This is an image of a slime kit for kids.


43. DIY Solar Powered Wooden Car Kit

When it comes to 10 year old boy gifts, building toys are always a popular choice. This is a solar-powered car building kit to expose kids to the practical ways the sun’s energy can be harnessed to produce electrical energy. Like most building toys, this kit ticks all the right boxes as boys love to build things and if given the chance, take them apart immediately.

His excitement would be limitless as he tries to put the pieces together to create the wooden solar-powered car. He’d get lots of help from the instruction guide to fit the pieces that look like a wooden jigsaw puzzle. The pieces include an electric motor, solar panel and the tools he’d need. The kit also contains 6 color paint to paint the finished car any way he wants.This is an image of a wooden solar car inventor kit for kids.


44. Classic Yahtzee Dice Game

This classic family game would be a great gift for your kid to encourage him to socialize more with his family and friends. Or you could just get him for him because he deserves the thrill that comes from playing Yahtzee.

See how the kid takes to hustling winning combination with his three rolls of the dice. This is a game of strategy and some luck to see who gets the highest total on the scorecard after 13 rounds of rolling the dice.

The pack comes with 5 casino-style dice, a cute shaker that also doubles as a storage case, and 100 scorecards.This is an image of a Yahtzee dice rolling game for kids.


45. Tokaido Board Game

Board games are great toys for 10 year old kids. This game is all about adventure and strategy. It is a remarkable game that he’d find captivating in so many ways. This game is an expanded version of the original game creating more challenges and drama for the players.

Once he learns how to play, he’d enjoy the thrill of traveling on the magnificent East Sea Road meeting people, collecting priceless items, tasting exotic cuisines, seeing great temples, and of course, avoiding and out-witting dangerous situations.This is an image of a Tokaido Deluxe game for kids.


46. LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon

With 1414 pieces in this Lego building kit, there would be hours of engaging gun fun for any boy of 10 putting the pieces together to create this impressive starship model from the Star Wars movie franchise.

Opportunities for creating his own  original and dramatic plots involving epic battles are further provided with the inclusion of several popular characters from the movie in the pack. These include Quay Tolsite, Lando Calrissian, Han Solo, Qi’ra, Chewbacca, one Kessel Operations Droid, and a DD-BB droid. LEGO is always one of the more popular gifts for boys age 10, and you can’t go wrong with the Star Wars theme! This is an image of a Star Wars Starship building set for kids.


47. Minecraft Bed Set

The Minecraft-themed twin bed set will create an exciting new look to his bedroom even if he is not a huge fan of the game. Most likely though, the soft and comfortable sheets will add a new level of appreciation for the popular video game.

The set, designed with Minecraft Creeper characters, includes a warm and comfortable comforter, 2 bedsheets (1 fitted and 1 flat), and 1 standard pillowcase. All the pieces in the set can be cold-washed in a machine making it an easy bed set to keep clean. If you’re looking for something other than toys for boys age 10, the bedding set is a great idea. This is an image of a Minecraft twin bed set for kids.


48. The Big Book of Madness

This awesome board game played by between 2 – 6 players is an exciting strategy game of fantasy involving all kinds of spells, curses, wizards, monsters, etc.

Players must find a way to stop the demons threatening to unleash havoc on the world with the spells and elements in the decks of cards. While engaged in this heroic work, they have to be wary of terrible curses from the monsters.

The pack comes with a rule book to guide players and each game lasts between 60 – 90 minutes.This is an image of a The Big Book of Madness deck-building game for kids.


49. Electronics Exploration Kit

With 40 parts, over 75 possible projects, and an easy-to-understand colored guide, this present would be a wonderful introduction to how electronics gadgets and magnets work and the circuits that make it possible.

The components included in the pack are safe to use by kids. He would have access and learn how to use a meter, an electromagnet, motor, switches, compass, fans, and electrodes.This is an image of an electronic exploration kit for kids.


50. ThinkFun Word A Round Game

If you want to develop a boy’s vocabulary, critical skills, reading skills, and the ability to think fast under pressure, this simple but exciting game by ThinkFun is a wonderful place to start.

The logic game involves quickly unraveling a word before your opponent and saying it out loud. Sounds simple right? Wait until he tries to figure out where a word starts with the letters are arranged in a continuous ring. The pack comes with a guide and 100 round cards with 3 words arranged in a concentric circle on each card. In essence, he gets a total of 300 new words to add to his vocabulary.This is an image of a Word A Round brain and logic game for kids.


Considerations When Choosing Boys Gifts for Age 10

After going through the list, the temptation to pick one or several gifts that fit your budget is normal. But, before doing that, there are a few things to take into consideration. This is vital as you could end up with items the kid doesn’t want or is not interested in.

In the first place, by the age of 10, most boys already have several gifts at home and chances are, they don’t even play with many of them anymore. This is a mitigating factor that makes it easy to come up with gift ideas for 10 year old boy who has everything.

So to make him get more pleasure from the gifts he already has, you could consider purchasing the accessories or get presents that complement the ones he has already.


However, if the kid is not your son it doesn’t require much guessing to figure out you have no idea the gifts he has or had played with in the past. The smart move is to ask around to make sure you don’t buy something he already has. You could even ask him if you are not so keen on making it a surprise gift.


Again, since they are on the cusp of becoming teenagers, gifts and toys for 10 year old boys must be able to breach the gap between their younger years and teen years. You want to get gifts that are both interesting and challenging without being too complex.

Entertainment Value

While making sure the gifts are challenging enough, you must never lose sight of the entertainment value of each gift. Because the bottom line should always remain how much fun they can get out of it.


Though safety concerns may not be a big issue at this age, you must make sure this issue is adequately addressed before purchasing an item. This is one variable we took seriously while researching the gifts in this guide.

Educational Gifts

And finally, you shouldn’t forget that high school is just a matter of months away. So, it would be a great idea to consider very educational gifts. Science kits and books are some of the best gifts in this category. You will find quite a few of them here.


Best Overall Gift

It was hard to look beyond Shifu’s app-based Interactive Globe as one of the best gifts for 10 year old boy. The educational value of this gift is top-notch. What makes it even more engaging is the fact that it combines a trendy gadget (iPad or compatible Android device) with the good old globe most schools have as a teaching aid during geography or history lessons.

The interactivity between the gadget and the globe makes it all the more engaging and fun. By the time he is through learning over 1000 facts and 400+ highlights from around the world, it would be hard to find a smarter kid of 10.

This is an image of a kid using an educational interactive globe toy.


Best Budget Gift

Our best gift for 10 year old boy for those on a budget was a toss-up between Boy’s Book of Adventure by Michele Lecreux and National Geographic’s 5000 Facts About Everything. In the end, it came down to pricing. It is very uncommon that we make a choice between two items based on price.

But both items tick almost identical boxes; the price tag was the only noticeable difference with Michele Lecreux’s book sold at a lower price tag.

Apart from the low-cost, we love this item because what it offers is capable of being part of your kid for the rest of his life. A formal setting like the school would never teach all the things in the book. And the good thing, they are hardly boring as most of them are projects he could put into practice immediately after reading about them.

This is an image of a The Boy's Book of Adventure guide book for kids.