Best Gifts for 1 Year Old Girls

This is an image of a red bodysuit for 1 year old babies.

If you thought buying gifts for babies is easy, then think again. Look into the vast pool of options available in the baby merchandise segment and you would realize, “why it is a difficult task to pick the right gift for kids?”.  

Children are picky when it comes to toys. Have you ever noticed how a baby might show more interest in the carton in which the toy comes with than the toy itself? That’s how babies are! They need something simple yet attractive, something which they can use creatively and play for hours.  

So, to simplify your decision, we have listed a few cool gift ideas for 1 year old baby girl.  


20 Best Gifts for 1 Yr Old Girl

Now we know a little more about picking great gifts for girls aged 1, let’s review some of the best out there. There is everything ranging from tricycles to musical toys, so there’s something to suit all tastes and requirements.

1. Fisher Price Smart Stages Chair

If you need an activity center that can grow with the baby and keep the baby entertained for hours, then this is one of the best options available. This is a highly interactive gear that is suitable for kids aged above one and makes one of the best first birthday gift ideas for girl babies. It is packed with more than 50 sing-along songs.  

Smart toys like this simplify it for the parents. Parents can choose the age, and the chair presents age-appropriate activities for the kid. The chair comes with the solid build quality, a stable design that holds it in place and prevents it from toppling. The only thing you would have to compromise on is the fact that there are no color choices to pick from. 

This is an image of a yellow activity smart chair for tioddlers.



2. VTech Learning Walker

What do you gift a oneyearold for her birthday? A walker that coordinates with her milestones would be an ideal choice. It will help her have fun moving the walker around the house. You can remove the activity tray and carry it along while traveling or allow the child to play with it seated or while standing. Activity options like Piano keys, rollers, telephone, etc, are great addons that will keep the baby really engaged with this toy. The height of the wheels also makes this walker suitable for carpeted floors. Also, as the wheels are smooth, they do not scratch the hardwood floors. 


This is an image of a lavender interactive baby walker.


3. Gund Princess Castle Stuffed Animals

Babies of all age groups love soft toys. This playset with plush toys also comes in other themes if the birthday girl has specific favorites. The soft and smooth texture can be felt on all five items of this playset. There is also a cute little carry case. The size is perfect for the one-year-old’s to hold and carry with them. The sound responses offered can help understand the action-reaction concept. One of the advantages of the design is that the toys are all washable. 


This is an image of a pink princess castle play set for little girls.


4. Halofun Sprinkler Pad

Babies love to play in the water, and therefore this is one of the greatest toys for baby girls. The pressure is fully customizable which helps you can adjust the height of the water spray. You can use this activity pad even for older babies. The 67” diameter wide area allows two or more kids to sit on the activity pad simultaneously. It is made of strong PVC which can bear the weight and last for years. You can simply plug a hose on to the inlet nozzle, adjust the pressure, make your little one sit on the pad, and you are good to go. 

This is an image of a yellow water play mat for toddlers.


5. Now You Are One Board Book

This book is one of the best gift ideas for 1 year old girl as it documents about all the little achievements that the little ones have made so far or would soon be making. The book doesn’t wear off too soon, and it can bear rough handling. Whether it is as a birthday present or simply to bring a smile on the little girl’s face, this book makes a great choice. It can also inculcate the habit of reading in the little ones. The chunky thickness of the pages makes them easy to turn for the little hands that are yet to master pincer grasp. 


This is an image of a Now You Are One children's board book.


6. Papillon Princess Tent

Tents make the best outdoor toys for children of all age groups. This comes in a pretty pink color with an easily foldable design. Pitching the tent takes a few easy steps. When folded, the tent can be stored conveniently in the carry bag that comes in the pack. The lightweight design makes it convenient to carry even during travel. The roomy inner chamber is suitable for children from one to eight years. There is a roll-up door, and the top can also be opened when the child needs more room to stand inside the tent. The mesh and nylon fabric contained area make a great play zone and ball pit.  


This is an image of a pink ball pit tent for little girls.


7. VTech Care for Me Carrier

Toys with lights and sounds are good fun and are one of the cutest gifts for 1 year old girls. It features an adorable pet theme and includes a plush puppy, its grooming tools, and a handy carrier for the puppy. The baby can have her first pet and learn how to gently handle and take care of it like feeding the puppy and grooming it. On the outside, there are light-up buttons and more than 100 songs and sound effects. This makes a good birthday gift, and it can keep the baby engaged for hours while also helping her learn new concepts. 


This is an image of a pet carrier toy set for 1 year old girls.


8. Top Bright Activity Cube

There are various types of toys and gifts, and activity cubes and toys are some of the most popular among them. This is one of the unique presents you can gift to a baby girl. This wooden cube helps with the enhancement of fine motor skills. There are shape sorters, gears, bead maze, sliding inserts, and a clock. Wooden toys are durable, and this one comes with smooth edges that are safe for the little one to handle. This 5-in-1 activity cube makes a good birthday gift for 1 year old girls who are curious and filled with enthusiasm for learning new ideas. It provides a fun way of learning shapes, colors, and improves their focus. 


This is an image of a colorful wooden cube toy for little girls.


9. Girls Socks Set

Walking is one of the most important milestones for babies. The anti-skid design of the socks in this pack makes it a great first birthday gift. These socks offer traction for the little ones who have begun toddling. It can give a boost of confidence and make it safe for the little ones who are yet to take their first step. The grip is good on all types of floors. The rainbow of colors in the pack makes it possible to match the sock with the outfit. There is an elastic strap that keeps the sock in place and prevents the little one from pulling off the socks. 


This is an image of a 6-piece socks with strap for 1 year old kids.


10. Ladybird First Birthday Outfit

When you want to give a gift to a little girl and have no ideas in your mind when choosing clothes is one of the most popular decisions. Baby girls love tutu dresses, and this one comes with a matching headband as well. There is a whole assortment of colors to choose from, and it features a timeless polka dot design. The relaxed fit and the smooth fabric make this dress comfortable for the girls to wear for a long duration. This makes a stylish and cozy outfit for a party or even a casual outing. The shoulder flap design makes it easy to put on and take off the dress. It’s a great birthday gift for one year old baby girl to wear on her big day!


This is an image of a pink dress for 1 year old baby girls.


11. VTech Musical Rhymes Book

This is one of the best gifts to develop fine motor skills in little girls as young as six months and is suitable for up to three years. This talking book with more than 40 songs and sound effects comes with easy to turn flaps and is highly interactive. Toys like this book can be used at home as well as during a long car journey to keep the child entertained and beneficially distracted. The lights and sounds in the book keep the child interested in this toy even as she grows. 


This is an image of a pink interactive musical book for kids.


12. Fisher Price Smart Stages Purse

Every little girl loves to imitate her mum and therefore, this sweet little purse is one of the best things to considering buying. With a clacker key set, a credit card, mirror, bracelet, and a rattle phone, this one has almost everything that the baby’s mother is likely to carry in her purse. The smart stages feature on this, like the Fisher-Price chair on our list, helps choose age-specific activities and sound for the little ones to learn. Overall, this is one of the most fun 1 years old birthday gift ideas which she will love to play with time and time again.


This is an image of a pink toy purse with 5 accessories along with it.


13. Awesome 1 Yr Old T-Shirt

You are sure to impress not just the baby but also her parents with such fun gifts for the little girl’s birthday party. This cute little bodysuit comes with short sleeves, a diaper friendly snap button closure at the bottom, and a relaxed fit. The sophisticated look also comes from the choice of fine fabric that doesn’t bleed or fade easily. The print quality and finish are also neat, making this a great gifting choice. There are plenty of size and color choices to consider. 


This is an image of a red bodysuit for 1 year old babies.


14. VTech Sort and Discover Cube

This activity cube offers plenty of activities for the little ones to discover and learn. There is a flipbook on one side, piano buttons with lights and sounds, clock face, shape sorter blocks, and so much more in this cube. The vibrant color scheme makes this one of the best gifts to buy for little girls or even boys. It is suitable for kids from nine months to three years. It is light enough for the child to carry and move around easily. The activities are also simple enough for the child to grasp and explore on her own. 

This is an image of a baby playing with a pink activity cube.


15. Gund Animated Elephant Plush

Flappy animal toys are great fun toys for children to carry around or even use as a comforter while they sleep. This flappy elephant can sing and play with the child either when she is alone or even for interactive play with her parents. The large ears flap and play peek-a-boo with the child. The washable design makes this a good toy which is easy to care for even when the little one gets it dirty. If you are looking to pick a present that is versatile and no-fail then soft toys with sound effects, like this one, makes a great choice. 


This is an image of a flapping ear elephant toy for little girls.


16. Fisher Price Magical Mirror

If you need to pick a toy that helps with pretend play, then this is a wonderful choice. Designed for 1 yr old toddlers, this playset features a tiny dressing table and comes in soft pastel shades. The lights and sounds keep the little one absorbed and curious to explore and find all that this playset offers. The height is convenient for young toddlers to sit and play. There are two engaging modes — music mode and learning mode. It helps the little girls to practice their grasping skills and also sharpens their communication with the greetings and sound effects built-in. 


This is an image of a pink interactive mirror toy for girls.


17. Bright Starts Glowing Unicorn

Most little girls love unicorns, and therefore buying a gift in unicorn theme will be a huge hit. With the ample activities that encourage little girls to sit and play as well as get on their feet and move around, this is one of the best toys to buy for little girls. The child can learn colors, numbers, and shapes by touching the different buttons on the unicorn. There is also a chase mode that gets the child on her toes, and simply touching it makes the toy move in different directions. It gives the truest sense of interactive play. 


This is an image of a toddler's musical unicorn toy.


18. Radio Flyer Pink Trike

If you have a larger budget, this stroller is one of the best gifts to buy for little girls. With a sturdy build that can carry up to 49lbs, this is suitable for children from 9months to 5 years of age. This 4-in-1 gear can be used as an infant stroller with a large handle for the parents to hold and usher the child around. It can also be used as a steering trike, trike for learners and trike for the babies who can confidently maneuver around in it. 


This is an image of a kid's pink stroll and trike.


19. VTech Microphone Toy

Every parent loves to see their child grow and become inquisitive little chatterboxes, always full of questions. If you are wondering what to give a boy, this one also comes in blue. The microphone comes with preloaded melodies and also allows the child to record her voice. There are plenty of built-in songs for the child to sing along, and she can even hear and learn animal sounds. The size and weight make it an ergonomic toy for the toddlers to grasp. 


This is an image of a pink musical baby rattle toy.


20. LeapFrog Musical Tea Set

Tea sets make fun toys that no little girl would say no to. This interactive set comes with 10 pieces, and there are songs that the child can listen to and sing along. It teaches greetings and introduces the child to the concept of counting. This can also be used as a color matching activity. The whole set makes a great toy for developing their sense of exploration and teaches them to play in groups. It can introduce them to the concept of sharing and interacting with other children in play. 


This is an image of a 6-piece musical tea party set.


Best Overall Gift

The Fisher-Price Smart stages chair can be ranked as best among the toys as it comes with fun activities and can also be used as a chair eventually. The fact it can be used for many years makes it one of the best 1st birthday gift ideas for girls – it offers great value for money! They will love all the activities it comes with, and are sure to enjoy having their own seat which is just the right size for them! 

This is an image of a yellow activity smart chair for toddlers.


Best Budget Gift

If you are looking for gift ideas for a 1st birthday girl which are also budget-friendly, then clothes like the bodysuit on our list, make great choices with which you can never fail. As well as being fun to wear on the big day, they make excellent keepsakes to be added into a memory box or even turned into a blanket at a later date.

This is an image of a red bodysuit for 1 year old babies.


Considerations When Choosing Toys for 1 Year Old Girls

With that shortlist of the top-rated toys for little girls, would you also like to hear what factors you should keep in mind while picking a gift? 

Size on the whole and the parts 

Age-appropriate toys are recommended not just for the type of activities they feature but also for the product sizing. Toys for toddler girls are designed such that there are no small parts that can pose as choking hazards. 


There are different brands that are popular in making award-winning toys, and some of them are globally accepted as reliable choices. Fisher-Price, for example, is known for making toys that are durable while VTech deserves a special mention when it comes to toys packed with learning activities. Therefore, choose dependable brands so that you buy something safe for the little one to play with and offers challenging activities that help them learn something new every time. 


Look for toys that offer multiple activities that can engage the children well. Toddlers have very little attention span and toys with lights and sounds are often some of the best toys for 1 year old girls. Children would be eager to try to get the sounds to play, and this will keep them searching for ways to play with the toy. 


Gifts for 1 Yr Old Girl Who Has Everything?

Even at the young age of 1, it seems many kids have everything they could ever need these days! She might have all the toys she needs at this age, so what about something to challenge her a little more? Or, an outdoor ride on toy like a trike to help strengthen her muscles. There are loads of unique gift ideas out there!


What Gift to Buy for 1st Birthday Girl?

Are you wondering what do you give a one year old for her birthday? Any of the toys and gifts above are excellent for giving to the 1st birthday girl. Particularly suitable are the 1st birthday outfits, which will make sure she is the center of attention on the big day!