Best Gifts for 1 Year Old Boys

This is an image of a baby playing with toy cars.

So you’re looking for gift ideas for 1 year old boy? You’ve come to the right place, as here we have chosen 20 excellent toys and gifts which are perfect for giving on a first birthday. Even if you are looking for Christmas gift ideas for 1 years old son, you are sure to find something to fit the occasion with our suggestions here.

So what type of toys for 1 year old boys are best? There are simply loads to choose from! Educational toys which introduce colors and basic counting are always a good choice. Ride on toys or push along toys can help with physical development and motor skills so these are excellent for young toddlers too. Don’t worry, we’ve included a range of different toy types here to ensure there is something for everyone.


Best Toys for 1 Year Old Boy Reviewed

Here you’ll find our reviews of the latest and best toys and gifts for boys aged 1. No matter what he is interested in or what he already has, you are sure to find something perfect here.

1. Munchkin Magic Cube

If you are looking for unique gift ideas, consider this musical cube an excellent pick! This is a great toy for introducing children to classical musical from an early age, and is sure to develop a keen interest in music. It plays 8 masterpieces by Mozart, using different instrument sounds such as the harp, french horn, violin and more. The sides flash in time to the music, which helps keep your baby’s attention, and will also help them learn about tempo and rhythm.

The musical toy requires 3 AA batteries, so make sure to stock up before giving it as a gift! Babies will love to learn about the different colors on this toy, as well as combining the different instrument sounds to make a musical masterpiece! The music played by this toy sounds much nicer and less annoying compared with many other baby toys, and there’s also a volume control if it does get too much!

This is an image of a colorful and musical toy cube.


2. VTech Push and Pop Bulldozer

VTech make some great toys for 1 year old boy, and this bulldozer is just one of them. Once your little one is confident on their feet, they will love to push this toy around. As the toy is pushed, the balls will pop out of the funnel and into the bucket, which is sure to delight young children over and over again! The toy can also be used sitting on the floor to play. Pressing the buttons will plasy phrases which will help kiddies learn about colors and numbers. There are over 70 phrases, so this toy won’t get boring in a hurray. There are 4 balls included too, which can be played with on their own or with the bulldozer truck.

This is an image of a push and pop toy vehicle.


3. Utex Tents with Tunnel

Play tents are always fun, but even better when they come with a tunnel to crawl through! There are two tents and a tunnel included, so you can use one piece alone or connect them all together if there is space available. The set is great for using outdoors as well as indoors, and it’s perfect for first birthday parties. The tents have a door which can be left closed or tied open for easier access, as well as mesh sides for better airflow. This also helps ensure parents can always keep an eye on their baby as they play to make sure they are safe. One of the tents has holes on the side to pass balls through, as well as one on the top. A storage bag is also included to keep everything safely together when not in use. The ball pit balls are not included, so be sure to buy 200-400 if you want to use one or both tents as a ball pit.


This is an image of a pop up UTEX tent with tunnel for kids.


4. YGJT Balance Bike

This mini balance bike is great for young children, as it features four wheels which are close together, which offers more stability than a two-wheeled balance bike. The wheels are designed to be quiet when in use, as well as safe. The PU seat is designed for comfort, and the body of the bike is made from carbon and steel. The handlebars turn to a maximum angle of 45 degrees to ensure your baby won’t fall over as they turn the bike. The bike comes in a choice of colors: blue, black, orange, pink or bright yellow. The bike can hold a maximum weight of 44 pounds, and it is the right size for kids up to the age of 2.

This is an image of a baby who is about to ride on a blue bike.


5. Animal Baby Socks

Socks make a great gift and it’s never too early to start giving them as a gift on special occasions! These adorable socks come as a pack of 6, each pair a different color and featuring a different animal. The socks all have non-slip soles which is excellent for toddlers who have just began walking. There’s also an elastic strap around the top of each sock which helps keep them from being pulled off by curious toddlers! The socks come packed in a gift box which makes them easy for giving as a gift.


This is an image of an image of a Tiny Captain kid's socks.


6. Mickey Mouse Hoodie

This adorable Disney hoodie is a great gift for a little boy – it’s practical and they will look so cute in it! It’s made from a blend of cotton and polyester for comfort as well as warmth. The ears are filled to help them stand up and look even cuter. Parents will love the fact that this hoodie can be machine washed – you know how messy little boys can get! The hoodie features signature details and even includes Mickey’s tail on the back. It also makes a great fancy dress costume, simply add some black pants and a little face pain!

This is an image of a Mickey Mouse costume hoodie for toddlers.


7. Prextex My First Sports Bag

These soft sports balls are great for helping little kids keep active, and will provide hours of fun! The set contains a basketball, a soccer ball, a baseball and a football, as well as a sports bag to hold them all in. The bag has handles to make it easier to carry – something little toddlers will love to do! The balls are also washable, so it doesn’t matter if they get a bit dirty. This is a great toy to share at a birthday party – there are enough pieces to prevent kiddies from fighting over them. Each ball has a cute, smiling face which makes them even more appealing to young kids! The bag has a zipper closure to stop the balls from falling out too.

This is an image of a sports bag with 4 plush balls.


8. LeapFrog Remote Toy

If your toddler loves stealing the remote control, this toy remote is a great toy to give them! It teaches toddlers loads of new things through the use of over 65 different songs and responses. The toy lights up to keep kiddies interested too. There are a few games included to help kids learn about different shapes as well as weather conditions. Pressing the buttons allows toddlers to count with Scout the dog, and there’s also a counting song to further help reinforce these skills. The toy is a great size for keeping in the car or in the diaper bag, to keep your little one entertained and amused when out and about.

This is an image of a green remote toy for little kids.


9. iPlay iLearn Activity Cube

Activity toys are excellent for young toddlers, and this one has loads of interactive features to help them learn some new skills. It plays loads of great music with a variety of instrument sounds, with 3 different volume levels. There are five sides to the toy, each packed with different activities. On top is a drum button – toddlers will love to sit in front of the toy and hit it over and over again! On the sides you can find the microphone and various instruments for little ones to create their own music!

This is an image of a toddler's musical toy.


10. Lukat Push and Go Cars

Little boys love cars, and these push and go ones are sure to be a hit! Each car comes with a driver – an item of food with a cute face and of course arms to hold the wheel with. The cars are durable enough for little kids to enjoy – no need to worry if they still like to throw and chew on their toys! The cars are also lightweight so they are easy for youngsters to use. They can be pushed and rolled around, and if they are pushed hard enough, they will roll far on their own thanks to the friction power system inside. Parts of each figure move as the cars roll too – the milk carton’s rolling eyes are very entertaining for little ones!

This is an image of a baby playing with toy cars.


11. Noah’s Ark Soft Toys

Plush animals are good gifts for 1 year old boys, and this set has 4 of them as well as an ark to carry them in! Each of the animals makes a different sound, which makes these toys fun to play with as well as to snuggle. Some of the animals make sounds just like the real animal they are based on, whereas others have a rattle or squeaker inside. The animals all fit inside the ark, which can be closed with the Velcro fastening to keep them safe! There’s a handle to make the toy easy to carry around, so little boys can take it everywhere! The ark is 8 inches long and each animal is around 3-4 inches, so they’re perfectly sized for little hands.


This is an image of a Noah's Ark baby toys.


12. How to Babysit a Grandma by Jean Reagan

Books are excellent gift ideas for any child – it’s never too early to start reading to your child! This fun story makes a great gift for a grandson – grandparents will certainly have fun reading this to their little grandson! The book focuses on role reversal, and tells the story of a little girl having a sleepover with her grandma – it’s sure to make grandma laugh out loud! There’s also a grandpa version, as well as similar books about moms and dads. So, why not start a collection, perfect for giving as gifts at a later date too. Young children will love the brightly colored images, and spotting what Grandma’s dog is getting up to on each page!

This is an image of an ebook entitled "How to Babysit a Grandma."


13. Fisher Price Ride On Fire Truck

Ride on vehicles are some of the best toys for 1 year old boys – not only are they loads of fun, they are also great for developing their gross motor skills. This one can also function as a walker, as it has a handle on the back for them to push as they walk along. Boys will love the details on this ride on toy, like the firefighters pictured in the ‘windows’ and the removable walkie talkie. There are buttons to make sounds and lights, and the fire hose turns and clicks so they can put out fires!

A storage compartment can be found under the seat, which is great for storing small toys to take along on the ride. The fire truck can be ridden inside or outside, so it can be enjoyed in all weathers!

This is an image of a red ride on fire truck for toddlers.


14. Quacking Interactive Duck

If your little one has just learned to walk, this interactive duck is a great toy for them! It walks around the room, so toddlers can chase after it, keeping them busy for ages! The duck also flaps his wings as he walks, and has flashing lights to keep kids interested. The various buttons on the toy can be pressed to play fun songs, and the duck button makes a quacking sound! The duck moves his beak when he walks, which is sure to make toddlers laugh over and over again!

This is an image of a yellow duck baby toy.


15. Fisher Price Smart Stages Tablet

It’s probably a bit too soon to buy your baby an iPad, but if they are always trying to steal your tablet, this toy tablet by Fisher Price could be a great pick. It plays over 100 sounds and phrases and is designed to teach colors, first words and the alphabet. There are three different levels of content available to work through as your child gets older, so the toy grows with them meaning it can be used for longer.

The screen lights up according to the phrases being said, to help keep kids’ attention. The tablet comes in a choice of colors: blue, pink, grey or gold, so you can choose which your child would like best. If you’re looking for a good travel toy, this one is the perfect size for taking in a bag or using in the stroller.

This is an image of a blue smart table for babies.


16. Dimpl by Fat Brain Toys

This is a wonderfully simple toy which is sure to keep your baby, and yourself entertained for ages! It consists of a shaped piece of plastic containing 5 differently colored silicone bubbles. The bubbles can be popped, poked at and pushed from one side to the other. The bright and bold colors are sure to grab your child’s attention. The Dimpl is great for sensory development and can help with fine motor skills too. It’s a great size for popping in your bag to distract your toddler when they are getting fussy when out and about.

This is an image of a colorful push and pop baby toy.


17. VTech Driving Toy

VTech have some great 1st birthday gift ideas for boys, and the Turn and Learn driving toy is sure to delight. There are loads of interactive elements which provide fun learning opportunities for young drivers!

By turning the wheel, the dog will move back and forth. There’s also a traffic light which lights up, as well as a mirror for little boys to check how they look! They can use the gear shifter and the key for more interactive fun. There are three different modes of play, to teach about animals and music, or enjoy the driving mode instead. Over 60 songs and sounds are included so the toy won’t get boring.

This is an image of a baby's steering wheel toy.


18. Radio Flyer Trike

This trike has four different modes so it will grow with your child until they are up to 5 years old, or weighing 49 pounds. Pictured below is the first level, which is suitable for up to 18 months old. The tray can be removed after this age allowing toddlers to reach the handlebars. At age 2, they should be able to pedal, but the parent handle can remain attached just in case they can’t quite manage alone all the time. Between the ages of 3-5, boys can ride the trike independantly.

For boys aged 1, they can keep shaded with the canopy, and the seat is adjustable to fit as they grow. The seat is padded for comfort, and it comes fitted with a 3 point safety harness.

This is an image of a red stroll and trike for kids.


19. Wooden Giraffe Toy

Wooden toys for 1 yr old boy are great because they are long lasting and can stand up to being chewed on and thrown around! This one is great for those who have recently learned to walk, as it comes with a rope to pull it around. There’s also a handle so the toy can be pushed and pulled when sitting on the floor too.

This is an image of a wooden giraffe toy for babies.


20. Aqua Magic Mat

Your little boy might not have done too much drawing yet, so why not consider this aqua doodle mat to introduce the idea? It’s great because it only uses water inside the pens, so it doesn’t matter if your little one decides to draw on the floor, walls or furniture, because it will simply dry in. There are also stencils and stamp pads for kiddies to experiment with. The drawings will dry in within a few minutes, so it can constantly be reused – it’s better for the environment too.

This is an image of a kid's doodle mat.


Best Overall Gift 

We love Fisher Price’s ride on fire truck toy! It’s one of the best toys for 1 years old boy, as it’s great for their development and also loads of fun. They will love the fun sound effects and lights, as well as the removeable walkie talkie to respond to emergency calls! Perhaps the best part about this toy is the fact it can ridden or pushed, offering two fun ways to play!

This is an image of a red ride on fire truck for toddlers.


Best Budget Gift Idea

If you’re looking for the top toy for 1 year old boys but are on a tighter budget, VTech’s Bulldozer toy is a great pick. It will encourage your little boy to walk around, and he will be endlessly amused by watching the balls pop from one section to another. They’ll love to press the buttons to hear the fun music too!

This is an image of a push and pop toy vehicle.


Considerations When Selecting the Best Gifts for 1 Yr Old Boy

There are a few important considerations to keep in mind when searching for the perfect gift idea. Of course, be sure to check the toy is age-appropriate by looking at manufacturer recommendations. Of course, also take into account the boy’s level of development – the age on the box is just a guide!

Safety is very important too, toys at this age must contain no small parts as it’s likely your child will still be wanting to chew on everything! It’s always a good idea to choose a toy which will teach your child something new. We have provided some great examples of educational toys for toddlers above, so hopefully there is something your little boy will love.


What Should I Get My Son for His First Birthday?

A child’s first birthday is a big event for parents, so of course you want to find the perfect gift to celebrate. Any of the toys above would be great for a 1st birthday! You might also wish to consider a personalized gift with your child’s name or the date of their first birthday for example. A t-shirt with a number 1 on it is great for your baby boy to wear on the special day and makes an excellent keepsake for a memory box as he grows up.


What are Some Good Toys for Active Play?

There are a few toys above which are great for active play time, something which little boys need plenty of! Ride on toys are great, like the balance bike or fire truck above. Ball games are also ideal at this age, or even a play tunnel to crawl through. Toys which encourage walking are great, for example our interactive duck which is perfect for toddlers to chase around! There are loads of great toys to keep young boys busy!