Best Gift Ideas For Teachers 2019

This is an image of an angel figurine with appreciation message.

Are you looking for special teacher appreciation gifts to give your child’s teacher to thank them for a year of hard work? For many of us, our favorite teachers were the smartest people around. The words out of their mouths were engraved on stone with golden letters. Teachers still have the same influence on our kids; they are, simply put, the biggest influence in kids’ formative years.

That is why it is a special and thoughtful gift for teachers is the right gesture on so many levels.

Several items are competing for the best gift ideas for teachers tag, but not all of them are appropriate or suitable as gifts for them no matter how nice they look.

That said, we have compiled a list of gifts teachers anywhere should absolutely adore. There are 20 of them, creating a rich variety of gift items for the most important group of individuals in our education system.


20 Best Gift Ideas for Teachers

Below are the 20 special gifts for teachers we selected from a list of several dozen. Though finding the best gifts from so many was a challenge, we stuck at it because teachers deserve the best.

1. Blue School Electric Pencil Sharpener by X-Acto

A gift like this pencil sharpener implies you want the best for the teacher. This is a pencil sharpener with a difference and despite the cute looks, it is sturdy and actually made to withstand the rigors of the classroom.

Able the sharpen 6 different pencil sizes, it comes with an electric motor that sharpens the pencil efficiently to a neat tip. The teacher wouldn’t have to worry about the whirring sound made by other sharpeners; it does the job quietly.

It features an auto-stop system that stops the cutter instantly when the pencil is sharp while the auto-reset prevents the build-up of too much heat that is likely to impair the efficiency of the system.This is an image of a heavy duty blue electric pencil sharpener.


2. Amazon Gift Card

With a gift card safely tucked in the bag or wallet, the lucky owner of can redeemed it with goods from Amazon online shops and affiliated shops. Essentially, it can be used in any part of the world.

Almost like carrying cash or credit/debit card, an Amazon gift card idea is such a wonderful way to appreciate a teacher’s efforts. It is a blank shopping check that allows the owner to pick any gift of their choice as long it is not more than the value of the card.

There are many cute designs for the card to choose from before delivering it either through email, text message or by a message sharing app.

This is an image of an Amazon eGift card for teachers.


3. Before School Coffee Mug and After School Wine Glass

This is a practical gift for a hardworking teacher especially if they love taking a glass of wine to wind down after a hard day’s work.

Your little one’s teacher would love the stylish, stemless design of the wine glass with  ‘after school’ written on it and a bunch of berries engraved below that. The white ‘before school’ coffee mug is quietly elegant with its simple design.

Both wine glass and coffee mug are dishwasher safe. And because the writings on the cup are printed with high-quality ceramic links and fired to a very high temperature, fading is simply out of the question.

This is an image of a wine glass and coffee mug for teachers.


4. Silver Name Necklace

The look on the face of the teacher when you present this classic silver necklace customized with her name on it would be priceless. It’s a sure bet the delight she’d feel would be like nothing she has ever felt before.

To add to the wow! factor, you can have the gift delivered in an elegant gift box; it’s the kind of cute box everybody keeps around as a decorative item.

The beauty of the necklace is underlined by the premium silver it is made with. Like diamonds, this could just last forever.

This is an image of a custom made necklace.


5. Black Refillable Ballpoint Pen

Ensconced in an elegant gift box, this is a ballpoint pen to make any teacher stand apart from the crowd. Its glossy black color with gold trim and clip gives it that touch of classic timelessness everybody loves to be associated with.

You could even personalize it yourself with the teacher’s name or a simple message that shows appreciation for being a good mentor to the kids.

The recipient would love the smoothness and even print of the ballpoint tip. This, surely, will quickly become your teacher’s favorite pen. They can easily change the ink color with refills found in stationery stores.

This is an image of a black personalized ballpen with case.


6. Todd Whitaker’s What Great Teachers Do Differently

While some practical books can be tedious to read with messages that seem outdated, this book is like a breath of fresh air to those who haven’t read. It is a very inspiring book written in witty language making it very hard to put down.

It is a book about how to be an effective teacher and motivator from a man who spent most of his adult years as a professional in the business of showing people how to be effective leaders and educators.

The pack includes a 2-hour video featuring the author talking about the stuff that makes certain teachers better than others. By the end of the video and book, the teacher would be asking for more. One thing is certain, the gift would make them better at their job; as well as their interpersonal relationships.

This is an image of an inspirational book for teachers.


7. Bath and Body Spa Gift Set

It’s that time of the year when school is out for summer break? This is the perfect holiday gift for your teacher to give her whole body a treat.

This gift pack, featuring exotics lotions and a sponge, would be perfect to take to the spa. The combination of cleansing lotions and moisturizers are designed to contribute to the teacher’s health and beauty. She’ll love you for this special gift.

Even if going to the spa is not an option, she can equally get the full treatment at home with a bubble bath to keep her freshly perfumed all day.This is an image of a lavender fragrance spa gift set.


8. Stainless Steel Personalized Teacher Bangle

This unique stainless steel handmade bracelet is one of the best ways to show teachers appreciation for all they have done. The stainless steel material means the gift is going to be a part of the teacher’s life for many years.

The bracelet has three charms hanging from it with one engraved with a nice message for the teacher. The gift is delivered in a very nice box all wrapped in ribbons and tissue.

Don’t be surprised if she becomes all misty-eyed on you after receiving it.

This is an image of a stainless steel personalized bangle bracelet.


9. Kitchen Dish Towel Set

What does a gift of a colorful dish towel say about what you think of your kid’s teacher? Whatever it is, this set of 4 towels would definitely brighten the kitchen and almost certainly bring a smile to her lips.

Made from non-toxic, 100% cotton material, it features one print towel with a harvest rooster drawn on it and 3 yarn dye towels. The quality of the cotton material minimizes any chance of shrinkage after washing them.

Each towel comes with a loop sewn on it. This makes it convenient to hand on a rack or even a nail after using them.

This is an image of a harvest rooster print kitchen towel set.


10. Yellow Sticky Flip Chart by Post-it

One might say this a selfish gift for a teacher since your kids would also be direct beneficiaries. We all know how sticky pads makes teaching and learning easy for both teachers and students, but this item takes it to a better level.

It does the basics excellently. Additionally, the sheets come with high-quality adhesive at the back that is twice stronger than normal. The teacher can re-stick it more than once and it won’t fall off easily.

With this gift, you are giving your teacher 2 pads, each with 30 sheets. Both pads feature a strong backcard with slots to fit regular easel stands. And the unique paper ensures the teacher can write with any ink without fear it would bleed through and soak the sheers underneath.This is an image of a large yellow sticky easel pad for teachers.


11. Scented Candles Gift Set

This 4 pack set of scented candles with multiple relaxing and exotic fragrances would make an awesome gift for your favorite teacher. The fragrances include Mediterranean fig, lemon, rose, and lavender. This would make a fantastic end of the year teacher gifts.

The long-lasting candles are great for meditation, praying, spa sessions at home and yoga. The combination of the fragrances and essential oils helps to create the correct ambiance for these activities.

Made of 100% soy wax, the candles come in beautifully-designed tins that can be used as decorative items in the home after the candles are used up.This is an image of a colorful tin candle gift set.


12. Black and White Box Sign

Looking for good teacher gifts for Christmas? At just 3 x 6 x 1.8 inches, this box sign is so small and lightweight it could sit unnoticed on a desk ignored by almost everybody. But as a gift to your kid’s teacher, it makes a powerful statement.

The power of this box sign is all in the message. The message captures everything teachers did for us and are still doing for our kids. Whoever the teacher is, they’d adore it.

The gift is made of wood and edges that are smooth-sanded with a wide base making it easy to place them on a flat surface. The choice of fonts for the letters gives them a lovely vintage look.This is an image of a polka dot box sign with message for teachers.


13. Flip Chart Markers by Sharpie

A teacher can never have enough of flip chart markers. That is just one reason this is another great gift for teachers. This is a high-quality marker that won’t bleed through paper and has a very low inoffensive odor.

There is more to this water-based ink that makes it an ideal gift for the teacher and awesome for the classroom. It doesn’t make that squeaking sound that is very annoying all thanks to the smooth bullet tip.

The teacher would also appreciate the bold colors of the markers. No student is likely to have a hard time making out what is written.This is an image of a colorful Sharpie markers for teachers.


14. Teacher Keychain Set

Sometimes, it is the little things we do that make the greatest impact. This small heart-shaped Keychain comes with two charms with a simple ‘Thank You’ message on one and a few words of appreciation on the other.

A small keychain and a few words might be all that a stressed teacher needs as a reminder that she is truly appreciated for guiding kids in the right direction.

Packaged in a cute pouch, the Keychains are made of stainless steel material making them resistant to rust. These little signposts of  love and gratitude are meant to last a long timeThis is an image of a pack of 3 keychains appreciation gift for teachers.


15. Nylon Tote Bag by Sunny Snowy

Who says a very practical bag can’t be stylish? This gray nylon bag is certainly functional and stylish at the same time making it a great gift for a teacher to pack all the essential stuff she needs for a normal school day.

The bag is big enough to fit in her laptop leaving enough space for other vital items like her purse, makeup kit, phones, writing materials, and many more.

The bag is made of top-quality nylon material and features multiple pockets; padded laptop compartment; inner lining made from polyester and PU leather; quality zip for closing the bag; and a strong shoulder strap.

This’ a multi-functional bag that can also be used for traveling, shopping, and casual outings.This is an image of a 15.6 inch gray laptop tote bag.


16. Self-inking School Grading Stamp

This could be fun! Instead of using a pen to grade the kid’s work, how about some stylish stamps of different colors to do it? For the lucky teacher given this gift, it turns a mundane grading job into a fun experience for everybody.

Each colored stamp features grading phrases such as, ‘Very Good’, ‘Great Effort’, ‘Please Correct and Return’, ‘100%’, and so on. There is even a separate stamp for the parent’s signature.

With each self-Inking stamp capable 30,000 impressions, the teacher might just forget how to use a pen for grading! The stamps come in carrying a tray while the ink is water-based and free of acid and lignin. This is a practical teacher appreciation week gifts for hard-working teachers and will make their life a whole lot easier!This is an image of a 8 piece colorful stamp set and tray for teachers.


17. Kindle Edition 40 Simple Pocket Prayers for Teachers

Teachers have inspired us to wonderful heights and continue to do the same to our kids by giving them the necessary tools to thrive in any field. Who inspires the teacher’s to keep on doing a good job?

If your kid’s teacher is a Christian, look no further than this kindle edition pocket prayers containing over 40 simple prayers specifically chosen to press the right buttons to inspire teachers.

The author should know about inspiring teachers with prayers as he is one of America’s bestselling inspirational author with decades of experience as a teaching minister.

The file is less than 800 KB and features 99 pages of inspirational words and prayers.

This is an image of a 40 simple prayers book for teachers.


18. Sculpted Angel Figurine by Willow Tree

At just 5.5″, this small angel with wire wings holding an apple is a wonderful way to say, ‘Thank you’ to a great teacher without using too many words. The figure is capable of generating the right emotions including love and gratitude for doing a wonderful job.

With this gift, you don’t have to say anything; let the teacher interpret the gesture their way. And you can bet what they see is what you intended for them and maybe even better.

The figurine is made from resin and comes ready to be displayed immediately on the desk or somewhere auspicious so it is easily seen. It also makes a great back to school teacher gifts, as it can be proudly displayed on your teacher’s desk all year round! This is an image of an angel figurine with appreciation message.


19. Silver Butterfly Suncatcher

The intricacy of the design with every small detail captured perfectly is just one aspect that makes this butterfly suncatcher gift one of the best gifts for teachers.

The silver and zircon material gives it a shiny look without being too loud. Hanging from the butterfly is a brilliantly engraved heart charm with the words, ‘God Bless Teacher’. Is there a better way to express your deep appreciation to the teacher?

There is a 90-day, 100%, full-refund guarantee policy attached to any purchase. The only guarantee is, you’d never return it or ask for a refund because the teacher would adore it completely. So would you.

This is an image of a butterfly wind chime for teachers.


20. Personalized Acrylic Desk Bar

Many teacher appreciation gifts need just to be simple with a subtlety that only a discerning mind can understand and appreciate. This 8″ desk bar is exactly what you are looking for as the perfect personalized teacher gifts that comes with all those qualities.

The reverse engraving gives it an awesome 3D appearance especially when it is sitting on the teacher’s desk. The teacher will love the line of engraved texts, and an apple and a simple math equation flanking the left and right sides of the text respectively.

And it is so affordable you are likely to purchase more than one to give to other deserving people.

This is an image of a personalize acrylic bar for teachers.


Considerations When Choosing Teacher Gifts Ideas

It is normal if during teachers’ appreciation week you’d want to break the bank to impress your kid’s teacher with a gift. Many parents feel that way about teaches when shopping for gifts.

However, there are a few things that must be considered when choosing the best teacher gifts. Three of the most vital issues are discussed below.

Appropriateness of gifts – Obviously, you won’t be purchasing gifts fit for kids to hand over to teachers. To put it mildly, it would make you look a tad daft.

Also, you have to take into consideration the cultural attitude and religious leanings of the teacher. For instance, a religiously-themed gift item would be inappropriate to get for a non-religious teacher. If you are not sure, get something that is neutral in terms of religion and cultural leanings. Several gifts meet these criteria on our list.

Another factor to consider in getting these gifts is the occasion. If you are getting a gift for the winter break, an end of year teacher gifts could be your best option. Or you might even consider teacher Christmas gifts since it is the Christmas season.

Cost of gift – Ethics demand that teachers should not accept certain gifts. Very expensive gift items fall into this category.  Expensive gifts send the wrong signals that you are attempting to compromise their integrity. Basically, the gifts must be modest as far as pricing goes.

Gender – You must consider the gender of the teacher. Many gifts are gender-specific. Items in this category include stuff like trinkets and bags for women.

However, many gifts on our list are very gender-neutral.


Best Buy Overall

The gray nylon tote bag by Sunny Snowy ticked several boxes making it a super cool gift for teachers. We love that it is very well designed with a sensible color combination to stay it in line with the seriousness of the job teachers do.

Also important is the fact the bag can be used in a variety of ways. Shopping, traveling, and family outings are just three other ways to use this stylish bag. And there are enough pockets to neatly arranged items including a padded compartment big enough to hold a laptop.

The only downside is that the bag is suitable for female teachers only.

This is an image of a 15.6 inch gray laptop tote bag.


Best Budget Pick

If you’re looking for cheap teacher appreciation gifts, we love the self-inking school grading stamp. It is such a fun gift idea for teachers that addresses a need while adding variety and excitement to the task of grading papers.

The 8 stamps of different colors are self-inking and are capable of 30,000 impressions each. The stamps would be part of the teachers daily school routine for a long time!

This is an image of a 8 piece colorful stamp set and tray for teachers.


How Much to Spend on Teacher Gifts?

There is no need to break the bank to purchase a gift for your kid’s teacher. Aside from the ethical issues of buying expensive gifts, the thought behind the gift is more important.

Budget to spend just a few bucks, but not so cheap that it becomes ridiculous. Put in a little thought into striking the right balance.


Where to Get Teachers Gifts?

It shouldn’t be hard to get nice and suitable gifts for the wonderful individuals guiding your kid in school. You could order nice items from many reputable online shops.

If online shopping is not an option, head to the nearest mall and do your shopping. Make sure you visit stores with a reputation for selling only quality gift items.


What are Some Good Ideas for Teacher Retirement Gifts?

The template to use for getting a gift for a retiring teacher should be the same for an active teacher with one or two differences.

For example, you could shelf the inappropriateness on getting high-priced items. Getting a very expensive item is okay. Since they are leaving, it is highly unlikely the gift would influence how they judge your kid.

Generally, gifts that can be used only in a school setting are not appropriate for retiring teachers. At this point, they need gifts that can use at their leisure.

Some of the gifts in this guide would make awesome retirement gift ideas.

One gift idea is an Amazon gift card which they could use to buy the items of their choice from Amazon and affiliate stores. You could splurge on the value of the gift if you can afford it.

Another good gift is the silver Name Necklace jewelry by My Name Necklace. Made from premium silver, it’s a beautiful jewelry piece that can be worn for various occasions.

The gray nylon tote bag by Sunny Snowy stands out as a multifunctional bag for all occasions. It is very stylish and looks durable enough to play a major role in the retirement years of the teacher.

So what you should be aiming at are nice items that don’t scream ‘school’ or ‘teacher’. And if you are really appreciative, you should never allow the cost to be a deciding factor.