Best Electronic Gifts for Kids

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Kids are surrounded by all types of electronic gadgets from the day they are born. Our world is presently an ecosystem that includes electronic devices designed to handle every aspect of daily routine via simple home appliances to sophisticated gadgets and computers.

Even toys and gifts for kids are not left out of the loop. Parents now have the luxury of choosing gadgets that make parenting less of a chore and more fun. The opportunities for bonding with kids are magnified by these devices because adults too enjoy playing with many of them. And in some cases, you need to be there to supervise or teach them how to the gadgets which is another pathway for bonding.

Like most of the best toys for kids, finding the best electronic gifts for kids can be a challenge due to the sheer number of items available. One could easily make the mistake of getting mediocre products based on flashy aesthetics, price tag, or a combination of both.

That said, we made this guide to take care of that issue for you. This guide, a review of the best electronic toys and gifts, is the product of several hours of evaluating hundreds of products across several categories and price ranges. We are sure that no matter your budget or the kid’s interest, you’ll find a gift that is guaranteed to deliver on its promises.


30 Best Electronic Gifts for Kids

We now look at 30 electronic gifts and toys for kids that made it through the evaluation process. All the items were vetted for quality and, pound for pound, offered the best value for money.

1. Smartwatch by VTech

Smart wearables like this Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 is just one of several cool gadgets for kids that are a part of kids’ normal lifestyle. This smartwatch won’t connect to the Internet like other smart devices, but it is packed with features that makes it absolutely worthwhile.

As well as being able to tell the time from the touchscreen, the device allows kids to take videos and pictures with the built-in dual camera. They can also customize the witch’s face with over 55 themes, play tons of games including AR games, promote a healthier lifestyle with the motion sensor for step tracking, and tons of other features and activities

The waterproof watch is very durable with an adjustable strap to accommodate different wrist sizes.This is an image of kid's smart watch with dual cameras in black color


2. Action Sports Camcorder

With so many fun and safe outdoor activities available to kids, action cameras are becoming ubiquitous by the day. These amazing stunts on a skateboard or while skiing can be relived again and again when captured with an action camera like this one by Ourlife. Now, skeptical parents and distant relatives get to see it wasn’t all talk when the kid bragged about some of the things they did.

The device can easily be mounted on any gear or equipment like helmets or handlebars to capture crystal clear photos and HD videos.

Among other amazing features, the waterproof camcorder also comes with a battery capacity of about 1.5 hours continuous runtime, microSD slot of up 32GB and 1. 77″ LCD for easy focusing and to view the action in real-time.This is an image of kid's Action camera in waterproof with memory card in blue color


3. Toy Robot by Anki

Known as Cozmo and designed to look like a truck, this toy robot is cute, smart and with the right prompts, can deliver incredible excitement to kids and even adults.

Made from over 300 parts, it comes with an integrated AI system that allows it to express a range of human emotions. It can even say the kid’s name and with the premium face-recognition technology, even recognize them. Given enough time and regular use, it evolves into a personality that can understand and anticipate the kid’s behavior.

The pack comes with 3 cubes to play fun games like ‘hot potato’ with the robot. Kids would love the included simple-to-use visual programming language that is tailor-made for beginners. With it, they’ll learn basic coding and with a little imagination, program Cozmo to do anything.This is an image of kid's Cosmo robot in white color


4. Fire HD 8 Tablet

When it comes to electronic games for kids, a tablet is one of the best. A fully-featured tablet is the ultimate fun, educational, gaming, and entertainment gadget for kids. The Fire HD8 tablet delivers all of that and much more.

It comes with everything you expect from a premium tablet. Below the vibrant 8″ HD display and durable lightweight body with a kid-proof case, it’s equipped with the latest Android OS with access to thousands of apps in different categories.

It can be used to browse the net, download and read books, watch movies, play music, download and play games, and everything else you can think of. And if they have Echo or Echo Dot, they’d certainly enjoy control both devices with Alexa. This is an image of kid's table in blue color


5. Electronic Piggy Bank

This electronic piggy bank would make a unique gift as a birthday, Christmas or even New Year present. The red safe comes with a numeric keypad for passwords. The password is easy to change and if they forget it, it can be rest to the default  0000 by simply removing and re-inserting the batteries.

With the addition of sounds, beeps, and voice prompts, young kids will spend hours playing with it and might even forget it’s basically a place to save money for a future project. It comes with a hole at the top to insert coins while a slot on one side serves as a receptacle for paper money.This is an image of kid's electronic piggy banks ATM in red color


6. Handheld Electronic Baseball

One of America’s most beloved sports comes to an electronic device for kids. Now, kids can play as much as they want and live out their fantasy hitting home runs after home runs.

Suitable for up to 2 players with dual game modes, it comes with actual baseball sounds adding a touch of realism to the fun. It is easy to play with very intuitive buttons that respond easily to touch. And to conserve battery power, it is equipped with an auto-shutoff function that kicks in after 30 seconds of inactivity.This is an image of kid's basball retro game


7. Mini Drone

Drones are increasingly getting popular among kids. And thanks to technology, they are getting better and cheaper by the day. If you have a kid from 8 years old, this would make a perfect outdoor gift for them. Even a novice would get the hang of it quickly with the inclusion of 3-speed modes to accommodate all skill levels.

Easy to control with the remote, it features an advanced gyro system to ensure stability during flights. Other handy features include multidirectional movement, one key take-off and landing, real-time image and video capture to a compatible device, and much This is an image of kid's quadcopter drone in white and black colors


8. Electronic Mini Drum Set

A music-loving kid would absolutely adore this drum set. It is engineered to give users the very best of drumming experiences. Don’t be a surprise if your kid spends more time with this set playing and making unique sounds than on any other activity.

The roll-up drum comes with 7 separate pads to produce 7 real drum sounds including 3 Toms, and one each of crash, Snare, Hi-hat, and ride. And with the amazing dual speakers, even a music purist would appreciate the sound output.

You might be thinking the non-stop music might drive you nuts; but with the presence of a 3.5mm jack to connect a headset, you won’t hear a thing if you don’t want to.This is an image of kid's electronic drum set in black and green colors


9. DIY Solar Robot Toy

If you have a kid between 8 and 10 years, this gift is the perfect item to expose them to some STEM concepts. The toy is great at developing their creativity, building skills, and problem-solving skills.

The kid is going to have tons of fun designing and building different types of solar-powered robots with 190 pieces. The kit comes with the instructions manual and easy step-by-step guide on how to make 12 robots with different levels of complexity from beginners to advanced.

With time though, kids would be able to create their own unique robots from the pieces that include a solar panel, gears, a motor, etc.This is an image of kid's Educational solar STEM robot


10. Electronic Playmat Keyboard Piano

It is going to be non-stop fun for kids 3 years and up with this keyboard playmat. There will be lots of dancing and stomping for hours non-stop as they try to come up with a musical masterpiece. Even if your kid doesn’t like music, they are going to love prancing from one end to the other of this huge 71″ keyboard.

The 24 keys device comes with 4 modes including a record function so they can playback their masterpiece for others. It is also equipped with 8 musical instruments to give them a  wide variety of options and combinations.

Perfect as a holiday, birthday, Christmas, and New Year gift,  the durable mat is equipped with adjustable volume and uses just 4 AA batteries.This is an image of kid's keyboard piano mat music


11. Handheld Games Console by Haopapa

The retro design of this game console for kids should give you a hint of the types of games it comes with. Remember the fun you used to have with similar consoles? The games are now back and better in this device and there are 400 of them. This guarantees months of fun for any kid lucky to have it as a present.

The ergonomically-designed console comes with easy-to-use controls, 3″ color LCD, and about 6 hours of battery time. This makes it of the best cool kids toys for long, boring trips to pass the time. It is also a fantastic gadget for indoor fun during bad weather.

As well as the console, the pack also includes an AV cable perfect for 2-player mode, a charging cable, and one user manual.This is an image of kid's retro console games


12. 2-in-1 Smart Sports Center

Two of America’s favorite sports combine in this 24-inch high sports center. Kids from 1 – 3 years old would enjoy hours of fun either shooting hoops or kicking soccer balls: in both cases, they get all the exercise they need while developing hand-eye coordination, motors kills, and body coordination.

The product is beautifully designed and attractive. It comes with an LED scoreboard to count baskets, a side lever to reset the scoreboard, and numerous buttons to introduce shapes, numbers, and sounds.

The entertainment value is enhanced by the animation sounds and phrases while shooting hoops, and over 50 songs kids love listening to.This is an image of kid's Smart shots sports in colorful colors


13. Kids Music Player

Generally, toddlers love listening to music especially easy ones they can sing along to. This VTech music player is specifically designed for toddlers to have a great time listening to music and at the same time, learn quite a bit of stuff including letters, numbers, animals, and much more. The pink color makes it one of the best cool toys for girls who love music.

With the instrument remix mode, your kid can choose from 5 musical instruments and mix them up to create new melodies. The scope for musical discovery is limitless depending on how far they are willing to push and explore their creativity.

The player is also equipped with an LCD to make interaction with the player more fun. The included kid-safe headphones ensure they can listen safely without disturbing others.This is an image of kid's Rock and bop music player in pink color


14. Hoover Soccer Ball

Hoover balls like this one from WisToys provide a fun and entertaining way for kids to play indoors safely especially during bad weather. With its beautiful multicolored LED light to attract kids and smooth movement on all surfaces, kids would be laughing all day and all night as they kick and run after the ball for about 40 minutes on a fully-charged battery.

And with the soft, durable foam padding, you don’t have to worry about walls or furniture getting bumps or scratches. The foam also enhances the rebound function of the ball.This is an image of kid's hovr soccer ball with LED lights in black color


15. Smart Cycle by Fisher-Price

By the time you see how useful this smart cycle is, you’d wish it was designed to accommodate kids heavier than 75 lbs. This is a great device to get kids to exercise happily because faster peddling means more fun.

With its Bluetooth capability, it can easily connect to compatible devices including a TV so kids can interact via a screen with the product’s app for a more engaging experience.

Kids can play in the driving, gaming, or racing mode with the screen as the app’s interface. And with the handlebars acting as control and joystick, expect your kid to be peddling furiously in excitement.This is an image of kid's smart cycle with colorful colors


16. Electronic Writing & Drawing Pad

Kids of all ages would find a use for this electronic pad. To be clear, even adults too can use it at home to drop messages especially for people with hearing difficulty.

That said, this would make an awesome gift for your kid to hone their artistic talents and writing skills. The colorful LCD provides a cool surface for kids to write and draw as much as they want. And if they need a fresh surface, simply press the required button to wipe the screen. A different button acts as a lock function to prevent accidental erasure of important stuff.

The writing pad comes with a stylus. But kids could also use their fingers or any hard object to wrote on the pressure-sensitive surface.This is an image of kid's electronic drawing pad in blue and black colors


17. Programmable Robot Ball by Sphero

This robot is simply one of the coolest tech toys for kids. It is actually more than a robot with a design concept that promotes creativity, coding, and inventions.

The scratch-resistant robot is equipped with Bluetooth, programmable sensors, LED lights, accelerometer, and gyroscope to allow for limitless programming and coding lessons from beginner to expert levels.

The gift pack also makes it possible for your kid to share their experiences with other coders in the Sphero community. This is a valuable exposure that would help the development of their social skills.This is an image of kid's robotic ball Spark plus in white and blue color


18. Portable Electronic Piano 

At about 30″ long, this piano is one of the best electronic gadgets for kids especially if they love music. You could even use it as a catalyst to get them interested in music. You would be amazed at how readily they take to it.

In no time at all, composing awesome music would be child’s play to them. One thing there won’t be any doubt about is the hours of fun they’d get every day.

With 61 black and white keys and microphone to belt out their favorites songs, this is a fully-featured piano with premium features. You could see them using it even beyond their teens.

This is an image of kid's keyboard piano portable with accessories in black color


19. Portable Mini Game Console by Weikin

With a crystal clear display, easy buttons and 168 classic games, it’s a cinch predicting accurately you’ll be using this handheld game console as much as your kid. Not to worry though, it comes with an extra gamepad and AV cable so you and your kid can enjoy playing games like Super Mario, Contra, Tetris, and others on the TV.

And you guys are likely going to be at it for a while. The up to 8 hours of battery time ensuring the fun goes on and on.This is an image of kid's handgeld game console with remote control in black color


20. 2-in-1 Android Computer

The latest electronic gadgets for kids doesn’t come any better than this Android computer by Tanoshi. Though it is specifically designed for kids, it is a fully-featured and functional computer with a detachable touchscreen that instantly converts it into an even more portable 10″ tablet.

The device is preloaded with lots of educational and coding apps. Being an Android-based gadget, access to millions of apps and games is guaranteed via Play Store. And you’d love that it comes with parental controls function to manage screen time and control the type of apps they use directly from your Android phone.This is an image of kid's android computer in white and pink colors


21. Wireless Dance Mat

Dance mats might not be the latest electronic gadjets, but they are still loads of fun! Any gift that offers kids the opportunity to jump and dance to fun music and games would certainly feature among the best kids gadgets on any list. This dance mat delivers that in a simple yet effective way. Kids would have a blast with the amazing arcade-style dance games.

The mat comes with several built-in songs, soft dance surface for the soles, and dance pads across the surface to show the next dance move.

Because it is such an exciting dance mat, the racket might sometimes get out of hand. The volume knob comes in handy to regulate the sound output.This is an image of kid's light up dance mat in black color


22. 5″ Touchscreen Smart Device by VTech

If you think your kid is not yet old enough to have a smartphone, this device is one of the best electronic toys you could get as a good substitute. The WiFi-enabled device can be used to play music, send and receive text messages and comes with over 40 learning games designed to promote math, spelling, science and problem-solving skills.

As well as a 5″ shatterproof screen, the device is equipped with a camera that can rotate 180° to capture amazing videos and photos including selfies.This is an image of kid's Vtech cellphone in black and blue colors


23. Portable Mini Arcade

Imagine having the thrill of arcade-style video games in the palm of your hands preloaded with 200 games? Unlimited fun anywhere, anytime right? With the realistic 4-way joystick, exciting sounds from the in-built speaker, and two buttons to execute all types of moves on the 2.5″ color display, kids are also guaranteed tons of fun the old school way.

The durable device weighs just 9.2 oz making it easily portable. It uses 3 AA batteries and comes with an on/off button on the rear panel.This is an image of kids retro arcade machine


24. Electronic Tabletop Basketball Game

This basketball game delivers all the excitement of arcade basketball right into your home. All the features you’d expect to find like a clock, buzzer and scoreboard are included to ensure kids have a blast while playing.

Easy to assemble with a gentle learning curve, kids can play against an opponent in a mini-tournament or alone against the clock.

The game is equipped with two basketball hoops, sensors on the basket to track scores, automatic shutoff after a minute of inactivity, electronic scoreboard and much more.

The pack also comes with 4 balls, 3 dividers and an instructions manual that is easy to understand and beautifully illustrated.This is an image of kid's Electronic super slam basketball


25. Handheld Game Console by AdesireFun

That this AdesireFun’s handheld game console is the third such device for kids is a clear indication that when it comes to electronics for kids to play with, game consoles are some of the most sought after. This is mostly because they are easy to play, can be played anywhere, and come packed with so many amazing games.

This console comes with a 16 GB, 64-bit operating system and supports all game formats. In the handheld mode, the 4.3″ full-color screen delivers crystal clear pictures. And with the cable, kids could organize mini-tournaments on bigger screens (TV for example) and have a blast with the 4000 preloaded games. More games can also be downloaded and installed online ensuring unlimited game experiences. This is an image of kid's retro portable video game console


26. Interactive Alphabet Wall Chart

This interactive wall chart is one of the best learning electronic toys for boys and girls in kindergarten. They get to learn alphabets, numbers, word associations, and even take quizzes in exciting and fun interactive sessions.

The chart is equipped with 9 buttons representing different play modes and a power button. In the learning mode, the integrated voice teaches children alphabets and associated words when they touch any box. There are also 9 popular kids song kids love to sing in the singing mode.

You would love the auto-shutoff feature that is included to preserve battery life.This is an image of kid's electronic interactive alphabet wall chart with sounds


27. Electronic Circuit Blocks Kit

Designing and building working electrical circuits just got interesting with this playset by Pantheon. With 34 pieces, kids can safely learn the basic concept of how circuits work and how the various components combine to create household appliances and personal electronics.

This STEM-learning kit would be a great present for kids who love taking their gadgets apart to see what is inside. The kit comes with 115 model circuits for exciting projects like flying saucers, speakers, switches and much more.

Recommended for kids 8 years and above, the fun and knowledge to be had from the lighted bricks and other components should keep them coming back for more.This is an image of kid's circuit kit with lighted bricks and sounds in colorful colors


28. Interactive Mini Piano

One look at this small piano and you’d know you just found an excellent holiday gift for kids who love music. This little piano is designed to nurture musical talent even if they haven’t got a clue about playing the instrument.

It comes with a 20-key  polyphonic keyboard and 6 changeable musical instruments. It is also preloaded with 10 popular kids songs kids can listen to and learn how to play with the illustrated music sheet.

Perfect for preschoolers, it is also equipped with a record and playback function so you and the little maestros can track how well they are doing and later flaunt their improving piano skills to family and friends.This is an image of kid's Educational piano book in green color


29. Hot Potato Passing Game

Almost like musical chairs, the hot potato game is designed for lots of fun and laughter for families and group of friends. This is an excellent holiday gift kids can also enjoy at sleepovers, during camping, beach parties, etc.

Recommended for 2 – 6 players, the game is simple to play. It is all about making sure you are not holding the potato when the music stops playing. So players have to pass the musical hot potato around as fast as possible.

The pack comes with an electronic foam-stuffed plush potato, 13 potato chip cards, and an instructions booklet.This is an image of kid's Potato electronic musical passing toy in brune color


30. Learning Tablet by LeapFrog

If you have a kid between 1 and 3 years old, a tablet like this lightweight gadget by LeapFrog in their lives would be an awesome idea. It is fun to hang out with and they get to learn stuff that would help their social skills and prepare them for school.

The icons on the screen are bright and attractive. Your kid’s first instinct would be to touch the icons. And that is where all the fun begins for them. They won’t get enough of touching the multifeatured device invariable getting exposed to numbers, animals sound, new words, colors, and much more.

And with Violet giggling, barking, talking or singing in response to their touch, you bet they now have a digital best buddy for exciting pretend play.This is an image of kid's educational learning tablet in white and purple colors


Buying Considerations When Choosing Electrical Gifts

By now, you must have made a decision on one or more gifts you think would be suitable for your kid. But there are a few more vital things you should consider before bringing out your credit card.

These include:

Easy setup

The most interesting kids’ toys are usually those with multiple features and built-in activities. Just looking at them, it is easy to imagine your kid spending several fun hours moving from one activity to the next.

But if you are not a technical person, you’ll have a frustrating time getting the toy ready for play. Some toys come with a manual that are so vague they are practically useless.

The best ones take just a few minutes to set up. Better yet, all you need to do is insert the battery and it is ready to go. And if a battery is all that is needed, ensure the battery compartment is easy to access. Also, the batteries should be easy to install/replace.

Ease of use

Closely following setup is how easy it is to use the toys or gifts. The pleasure that can be derived from a toy has an inverse relationship with the learning curve.

For instance, kids easily lose interest in gifts if they have to jump several hoops anytime they want to play with it. With electronic devices, these hoops can be in the form of too many buttons and features that can get confusing.

If you are in a shop and can see the item, take it on a test run first. Depending on your kid’s age, you can guess accurately if the toy is going to be hard to use.

Parental controls

Many kids’ electronic devices like tablets, computers, and phones can access the Internet. Without Parental control features, kids can be exposed to harmful content.

Ensure the device comes with a feature that allows you to install an app on your smartphone so you can set time limits and prevent access to inappropriate content.

To be clear, there are tons of electronic games and other materials out there some people consider inappropriate for children. The bottom line is, whatever you decide must be in the best interest of your kid.

Social consideration

While kids can enjoy solo entertainment with many electronic toys, it is advisable to get toys that promote engagement with friends and families. Multiple player games are the best in this respect.

On the other hand, you might decide to go the opposite route and look for products that reduce the amount of time they spend with other people. A gift like the Fire Tablet, for instance, delivers enough entertainment for only one kid. Besides the fun aspect, toys like that are great learning tools that give access to tons of educational materials online.


 Best Gift Overall

If budget isn’t an issue, splurging on Sphero’s Robot Ball would hit all the right notes for your kid. Sure they are going to get hours of fun playing with it, but what stands out outside the entertainment value is the STEM-themed educational benefits from using it.

Though it has a recommended age range of 5 – 14 years, the durable ball is likely going to be around right up their late teens or longer. And in the world of interconnected devices, the toy will fit in perfectly; now and in the future.

With it, kids can learn the basics of programming and coding and can see the effect of their efforts through the robot’s behavior. The coding app is easy to learn with beginner to expert levels to accommodate a kid’s level of development.This is an image of kid's robotic ball Spark plus in white and blue color


 Best Budget Pick

The handheld arcade machine just about made it across the line as the best budget item on this list. You would love the detailed design of the device and the fact that it is packed with 200 classic games. If you played them before, all the fun you had would come rushing back. You’ll want your kid to have a taste of that excitement too.

Apart from the low price, we were impressed by the colored screen that displays crystal clear pictures for exceptional gaming experiences. Kids would also love the built-in, realistic sounds making engagement with the device very immersive.

Like the best buy above, this is one gift that should be a part of the kid’s life for a long time. And since it is portable, it is a cool gift for road trips, hiking, camping, sleepovers, etc.This is an image of kids retro arcade machine


Gifts for Kids That Love Taking Electronics Apart

There is no question that kids love taking things apart. Given the chance, they’ll tinker with even their best toys just to see the insides and, hopefully, find out what makes them tick.

If you want to encourage kids to safely take apart electronics, certain gifts are essential. One of the most important is a toolset. Sometimes, the toolset is the only gift required.

The toolset must contain items like different sizes of screwdrivers, a pair of pliers, a small hammer, and wrench. You can also get these items individually if you can’t find an appropriate toolset for kids.

While it is important to let kids explore their curiosity by taking apart electronics, you must ensure the devices you give them are old, not functional, and unlikely to harm them in any way. If you are unsure about the gadget’s status, you should hang around and supervise them.