Best Easter Gifts for Your Kids

This is an Image of a Basket With 6 Colorful Eggs

Looking to buy some gifts this coming Easter? Wondering which different types of gifts are available and what are must-buys this Easter! In this snappy review, we have compared some cute toys and presents to ensure some happy faces.

The anticipation of pleasant weather that comes with spring should be building up in many folks at the moment. With that comes the anxiety of looking for great gifts and Easter presents for children.

The best Easter gift ideas for kids can be anything from, Easter egg cups, candies and chocolates (which kids adore by the way) to stuff like fluffy animals, all sorts of toys, and Easter-themed children’s books.

Since special events like Easter have a way of creeping up on us, we have decided to help you out by lining up awesome, cool, healthy gifts (sorry, no candies or chocolates!) you could get for the kids without fuss.


7 Best Easter Gifts for Kids

Let’s now take a look at the gifts we selected from the several dozen we evaluated. No matter which one you pick, it would be worth your time and money. kids would have a blast with them and for more personalized Easter ideas check out egg cups at

1. Easter Story Book with 7 Nesting Eggs

Unique Easter gifts don’t have to be elaborate. Sometimes, a simple interactive book reminding kids about important Easter traditions and values is all it takes for kids to have a wonderful time.

This gift, comprising a storybook and 7 brightly-colored wooden nesting eggs, puts a different fun twist to Easter. Instead of a weekend, it is a whole week of inspiring Easter stories from Palm Sunday to Resurrection Sunday.

For 7 days, you get to share a new Easter story with your kids. First, though, your kid would lead the way by cracking one egg open; the story of the day has to correspond with what is nesting inside the egg.This is an image of Easter Egg Story Book and 7 Colorful Wooden Nesting Eggs

2. Water Growing Sea Animals

This Easter, you can make bathtime a whole lot more exciting with this pack of expandable sea creatures. With 25 animals, each one wrapped in a colorful pack, you don’t have to worry about unique gifts to fill that Easter basket.

Kids would be amazed by the magical sight of each 2″ sea creature expanding by up to 300 times the original size when put in the water. The bathtub just became a fantasy world of colorful, floating sea creatures to play with.

This is one of the best Easter gifts for boys and girls who wish to have their own toy aquarium in a glass or bowl.This is an Image of Water Growing Sea Creatures and Glasss Cup


3. Easter Bunny

Easter bunny gift ideas don’t come any cuter or fluffier than this stuffed bunny rabbit by Checkered Fun. Once your kid hugs it, they would never want to let go. It’d be a perfect Easter gift for toddlers.

Kids would love the detailed design that includes a sewn-on smiley mouth, pink nose, and just enough weighting so the bunny can sit upright.

With a size of about 20 inches from head to toe, it is just perfect for tagging along with it during family trips on Easter weekend or other family trips. The size is also perfect for bedtime snuggles.This is an Image of a Plush Stuffed Easter Bunny


4. Multicolored Magnetic Building Tiles

With this building kit, your kid wouldn’t mind if you don’t have enough time for them this Easter. They’ll be fully occupied having fun building amazing and breathtaking structures with this magnetic building kit.

There are 53 pieces in the pack comprising magnetic tiles of different shapes and colors.

Perfect for developing hand-eye coordination, color and shape recognition,  motors skills, and creativity, they can be stacked at almost impossible angles allowing for limitless options in the types of structures that can be built.This is an Image of Magnetic Building Blocks Tiles With a Girl


5. Zippered Bracelets

When it comes to picking the right Easter presents for children, more is better. This’ just one reason these cute, colorful bracelets make perfect Easter gifts for girls. There 24 of them, each with a different color combination.

At 7.5 inches long, each one can fit even adult wrists; but with the zippers, children won’t have a problem keeping them on. It is easy to imagine your little girl wearing as many as once, and in the spirit of Easter, have her best buddies wear them too.This is an Image of Zipper Bracelets


6. Easter Basket with 6 Eggs

Hatchimals are famous for making adorable Easter eggs invariably making them awesome gifts. This gift also includes an equally attractive basket with three cute hatchimal creatures waiting for your kids to play with them. The beautifully-designed handle makes it easy to carry the basket to a different location.

With the included 4 full eggs, you could ramp up the Easter fun by hiding the eggs and having the kids look for them. Their reward for finding an egg is the pleasure of rubbing the heart shape on the egg, watching it turn pink from purple, and peeling back the egg to reveal a hatchimal inside!This is an Image of a Basket With 6 Colorful Eggs

7. Wireless Bluetooth Microphone

If you are looking for Easter gifts for 5 year olds and above who love singing and music to add to your gift basket, this champagne gold colored Bluetooth wireless microphone is an awesome choice.  Your budding music star would eagerly put on a show belting out pop songs when the whole family is together,

This is a complete entertainment center that connects to Bluetooth-enabled devices so they can listen to their favorite songs through the amazing speakers. It is lightweight and easy to use with built-in features such as USB port, playback function, surround sound, and much more.This is an Image of Wireless Microphone


Buying Considerations

For most folks, an excellent guide like this has only succeeded in doing the heavy lifting of separating the wheat from the chaff gift-wise. Now comes the last step: how to pick the most suitable gift from all this awesome list.

If you are up against the same problem, below are a few pointers to making that final choice.

Kid’s age – Looking for and picking age-appropriate gifts is one of the most vital considerations when selecting gifts for kids.

It is pretty straightforward. Some gifts are too advance for kids of a certain age range while others are too basic and simple that older kids find them boring.

Fortunately, most manufacturers indicate the age range on the packaging. That should be the first thing to look at when trying to determine if a gift is appropriate for the intended kid.

Ease of use – How much fun children get from their gifts or toys is directly proportional to the usability. Kids want to start playing with their toys immediately they get them. They don’t have the time or patience for long setups and all that.

Avoid gifts that require complicated setting up anytime they want to interact with them. Even adults find it tedious if they have to be called to do it every time.

Also, make sure there are few hoops to jump or complicated rules to study before and during use.

Quality of gift – You would want to bother about the gift’s quality if you don’t want to flush good money down the drain. Unfortunately, quality is something that can’t be determined until after getting the gift and taking it through their it paces with the kids at home.

By then, it might be too late.

If you are sticking to the gifts in this guide, you don’t have to worry as the evaluation process allowed only quality products to make the list.

However, if your desired gift not in this guide, use the online reviews from buyers to get a good idea about the quality. Then, all you have to do is simply avoid products with too many bad reviews.


Best Buy

Taking one gift and holding it up as ‘best buy’ from a list of fantastic gifts is very challenging. But the wireless microphone did it for us. The combination of price tag, multiple features, and durability delivered the perfect cocktail as an awesome gift for kids this Easter.

You would be impressed by how easy it is to use. With it, you’ll discover a part of your kid’s personality you never knew existed by the time they go wild with the excitement of entertaining friends and family.This is an Image of Wireless Microphone


Best Budget Pick

Coincidentally, the zippered bracelet gift is the lowest-priced in this guide. Considering the quality of the bracelets and joy kids would get from them, it is a steal.

The color combinations and overall design were clever and would appeal to kids. The lucky girl would only be too glad to gift some of the bracelets to her friends. Even some aunties could use one or a couple since they can expand to fit adult wrists.This is an Image of Zipper Bracelets