30 Best Games For 2 Year Olds (Toys & Board Games)


We reviewed the best games for 2 year olds in this article. Games for 2 year olds are important for stimulating them mentally while keeping them entertained. The products reviewed in this article are perfect for both two years old boys and girls, We included age appropriate board games for 2 year olds as well as toys and pretend play items.

At the age of two, toddlers are all about fun. Research has also shown that they get to learn alot at this age of their life. This is why it is important to find a confluence between fun and learning, further reinforcing the importance of board games for 2 year olds.

One of the best ways entertain and educate them is by employing the use of a board game which has a lot of learning benefits while they also have fun in the process.

Top 30 Games For 2 Year Olds (Board Games & Toys)

1. Seek-a-Boo Game by MindWare

This is an image of a seek a boo card game for kids.

The seek a boo game is an interesting way to enhance children’s learning, memory practice and the fine tuning of their vocabulary skills.

The game has a six category game play and it is presented with beautifully laminated and nicely colored cards, the cards can be easily wiped off dirt.

The beautiful thing is that the toddlers will certainly learn new words during the process of playing the game.

The game is aimed at connection of concepts, where toddlers are tasked with connecting provided items with the correct labels, pictures or colors. This is a simple game with great fun for the kids.


This is a completely educative game that will build your child’s vocabs.


The provided cards are easily bent and can damage easily

2. Orchard Games New Baby Lotto

This is an image of a lotto game for little kids.

This is a game you can gift your toddler that is expecting a new baby sister or brother, it is good for parent child bonding and this will educate your toddler on how things might be different when the new baby is born and also help them adjust to the new life.

The game can be played amongst 2-4 players and very good for kids aged 2 and above.

This game is good for children who are about to begin schooling and the game is well built and has enough quality to withstand mal handling from the children.

The game teaches the toddler on ways to help when the new sibling is born and what the new sibling might want.


Educational game that teaches language and emotional connection


3. Lucky Ducks Game

This is an image of a memory and matching game for 2 year old kids.

I want my child’s concentration level enhanced, yes this is the game to get the job done, memory skills and focus enhancement comes as a free gift with this fun filled game of toddlers. The game rules are simple and quick to understand for kids. The game’s objective is for a player to pin point matching ducks before opponent players are able to.

This is a very educational game for 2 year olds, that will teach them how to identify shapes and their names, colors and how to match objects.


This game is perfect as a birthday or christmas gift for your 2 year old boy or girl.

Easy game rules and the game is supplied with objects rather than cards.


The game appears too small

Requires stickers being put on one’s self

4. Orchard Toys Dotty Dinosaurs

This is an image of a shape and color matching game for kids.

A beautiful and nice game for preschool toddlers, this prepares the toddlers with the ability to recognize shapes and also match colors. The game is presented in a way that makes it possible to play two games on the set and that increases the fun of the game.

The two sides are presented with matching shapes of the same color and matching colors of different circles respectively.

For players to play the game, they are to shake and throw the dice in turns. The game builds important skills like sharp and precise observation and also helps in building dexterity.


Builds social skills

Enhances observations

 5. Crazy Toaster Game

This is an image of a toasted bread board game for kids.

Family bonding is on the positive side with this one; this game is for toddlers but can be enjoyed by the whole family. 2 year olds can easily become troublesome when they are bored, but this is a great way to engage them.

To play this game, the objectives are easy, load the crazy toaster with bread, then the player is tasked with catching as many bread as possible with their pan.

The toasted bread is then matched with their place mats. Should a player catch a smelly fish, they have to forfeit a correctly matched sandwich. This is a very active game for very active toddlers.


Causes toddlers to be active and energetic

Good for exercise for toddlers


Sometimes the toast would get stuck and this can alter the fun of the game

6. Falling Monkey Game

This is an image of a tumbling monkeys game for kids.

Your 2 year old will grow to be fond of this game because of the actual fun that comes with the game. Players are to insert stick into the tree and placing the monkeys on top of the stick, a die is rolled and players have to remove a stick that matches the color on the die rolled. Players with less falling monkeys win the game.

The good thing about this game is it never gets boring and toddlers gets to make life easy for them with this game because it teaches motor skills and focus.


Basic math learning during counting of monkeys

Enhancement of motor skills


Game pack can easily worn out and crack after prolonged use

7. Count Your Chickens Cooperative Board Game

This is an image of a counting board game for kids.

The good things about this game is the well pronounced team work and the fun that comes with it, this game is built in a way that nobody amongst the players lose or win, everybody enjoys the game and social intelligence is enhanced.

The game play allows toddlers to spin and move around the game board to pick up baby chicks in order to put them back in the chicken coop. This is an ideal game for children aged 2 and above.


This will teach your toddler about team work

Social skills and emotional intelligence is an advantage of this game.

Good for simple addition and subtraction


Main game piece can easily break

8. Zobmondo The Ladybug Game

This is an image of a ladybug board game for kids.

The ladybug game is targeted at helping your child learn how to count and also understand basic math. The game is designed in a very enchanting box which will readily appeal to children. The game is very quick to understand and it makes it a suitable game for your 2 year old child.

The more children grow into this game, the more they get to enjoy it and even make their own rules with friends and family while playing together. As the kids grow they do not to be monitored by parents in order to play the game.


An educational game good for basic math


Game is not challenging

9. Eye Found It Busytown

This is an image of a Busytown kid's board game.

Some children are born with natural abilities, which make it ideal for parents to spot the abilities and help them enhance it; this game will help a child with knack for solving problems to enhance that ability as they grow. This is a cooperative game and it will also build team work knowledge in your toddler.

The game is supplied with a 6 foot long playing board with a large number of mysteries to crack; this makes the game an endless fun game for kids. Children will have to play the game together in order to achieve their set goals.


No meltdown for children after losing because there are no losers

The game is good for concentration and matching skills enhancement.


Players can easily memorize the board which then makes it easy to play and fun is lost

10. Pop Up Pirate

This is an image of a pop up toy for kids.

This game is recommended for all growing toddlers, because the fun with this is limitless. The game objectives involves a player placing a pirate into the barrels, players then take turns to inset sword into the slots provided. The player involved with the pop out of the pirate loses. However, players are never aware of when the pirate will pop. This game keeps everyone in the mood of excitement.

The major thing needed to play this game is the eye, hand and concentration as players do not need to know how to read to play the game.


Motor and coordination is enhanced in the children

Counting skill also becomes a bonus with this game


Sometimes pirates refuses to pop out and when it does it only pops out at the top and not the bottom

11. Chameleon Beanbag Toss

This is an image of a double sided beanbag game for kids.

This beautifully colored game is built in a way that difficulty can be increased which makes it more engaging for your toddler as they grow. The game is presented with a numbered bag that is color coded. This is a game that can help a parent to subtly acquaint their toddler to having a competitive mindset and also help them keep scores and numbers.

The game involves throwing and that also helps the coordination and motor development while they also have superb fun in the process. This is a game that says not to boredom


An interesting game to gift out

Educative and very useful for child’s development


The game is so small that it makes it difficult to throw the bean accurately

12. Melissa and Doug Catch and Count Fishing Game

This is an image of a catching fish game for kids.

This highly riveting game is made of wood and will spurn your toddler’s imagination to life. The game is played by two players and the pieces are fishing rods, a number of fishes and a spinner. The game is also housed in a bag that will be used as the fishing pond.

This game will teach your child how to strategize and also hunt for fishes if the child is the type with affinity for adventure. Children will set out to play the game with imagination and this will help their social skills.


Good for cognitive enhancement

Suitable for a present


Spinner is too short

13. Little Tikes Count ‘n Play Cash Register Playset

This is an image of a colorful cash register play set for kids.

Make believe is largely part of the lifestyle of 2 year olds, this game if gotten for your child will create the imaginative feeling for them while they believe they have their own shops.

The game set is presented with a register for cash and this is operated by coins made of plastic and they all appear in 3 colours. There’s also a fine make believe credit card that is supplied with magnetic reading.

This is a game that helps your child understand counting and management of money. The make believe coin enhances learning while fun is also enjoyed in the process.


Most preschools use it because of its educational advantage

No need to get batteries for operation


Plastic coins may sometime get stuck

14. Melissa & Doug Monster Plush 6-Pin Bowling Game With Carrying Case

This is an image of a plush monster bowling set for kids.

Fantasy game is undoubtedly appreciated by toddlers; monster plush bowling game will raise your child’s love for bowling. The game is really colorful and lovable and it appears as such like a very enchanting and charming beast. The manufacturer did well to make sure the game is built in a way that is safe for toddlers.

The game has a zippered bag which enhances storage and even makes it mobile. The balls are soft and toddlers are able to handle, same goes for the pins.


The monsters and the colours will keep the children engaged for long

Easily played and can be enjoyed with friends


The balls sometimes fail to roll because of its plushy nature

15. VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

This is an image of sports center playset for kids.

This game is about to make your child the next Olympic Gold medalist or one of the best footballers in a couple of years’ time.  This is a game that will help your boy become familiar with footballing game and or basketball.

The game is built in a 2 in 1 model with a colorful basketball ring and a lovely goal post. The game is also presented with series of songs that will make the game interesting with a beautiful light effect.

The beauty of this game lies in the fact that it enhances motor skills for toddlers and it also good for physical exercise.


A very light game to carry for toddlers

Game play rules are very easy to understand


Pieces appear too large and cannot be easily fixed into a suit case.

16. Power Wheels Thomas & Friends, Thomas Train with Track

This is an image of a thomas toy train with track.

Kids are always all laughs when they are subjected to playing the game of Thomas and friends. Your child may have limited opportunity to explore islands, but this game will give an imaginative pleasure of the island as the kids drives round the circular track.

The game is flexible to play which makes it enjoyable on the built game track or on the floor, however your child loves it fun is a big bonus with this game set.

The train is built in ways that it will help your child’s arm to be strong because it can be played on the floor and on the track.


Can be easily put together for kids

The game’s battery life has amazing life span


The battery connection is a very hectic task

 17. ALEX Discover My First Scribble

This is an image of a My First Scribble activity book for kids.

Children no matter how small or young they are, they love to express themselves through writing and scribbling, this very big game is good in helping the children to make good use of their hands while they are able to put down how their heart feel in the process.

When scribbling becomes a thing of boredom, the game is supplied with 70 stickers that will help them continue to have fun and also learn in the process.

The game is largely recommended for children aged 2 and above as the children grow with the game as they learn to draw in the process of playing the game.


Game pages are thick and cannot easily be torn


The game is not supplied with color utensils

18. Mega Bloks Big Building Bag.

This is an image of a bag of building blocks for kids.

Your child is going to learn the art of building with this very colorful game, this is a game that is made to be big and oversized for construction of the LEGO. Supplies come in big and colorful blocks. However, your toddler can easily connect the blocks together even with their tiny hands in play.

The game has a very big containing bag that allows the game to stay arranged when the toddlers are not using it.  Imagination and fun is the slogan for this game.


Containing bag is good and strong for reuse

The game is safe to play for kids


The containing bag comes with a bad smell

19. VTech Touch and Teach Word Book

This is an image of an orange toy book for kids.

A beautiful and interacting game for kids, this is a game that has all it pages communicating with the kids. This makes the game highly engaging and super fun for toddlers. The game is built that the moment the toddler touches the game it begin to teach the toddler. For the two year olds they have no other choice than to fall in love with this beautifully made game.

The game has interactive pages up to 16 and it is suitable for kids age 2 and above, the child get to learn new songs from the game as well.


A STEM game because of its educational engagement with the kids

The game book appears very large which will keep it safe in the house


Book can break when dropped from high ground

20. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

This is an image of an interactive baby walker toy for kids.

Children learn how to work at the early stages of development, between the ages of 8 to 12 months old. This does not however makes them a perfect walker, which makes this brightly colored game to be an essential tool for proper learning on walking style.

Children will adapt well with this game as they grow older, parents can increase or lower the walking speed to suit your child’s development. It has a safety lock at the back pedal so your child does not get injured.


A game that is good as a gift presentation

The game comes with sounds that make it interesting for toddlers


Made from a breakable plastic

21.  Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play Table

This is an image of a spiral waterpark water table for kids.

The kind of love that children retains for playing with water is unimaginable, because when they see water they are always very happy to play with it. Seas waterpark play table will gift your child with the much wanted water field to play with. The game has ferries and towers that make the game even more fun.

The ideal age for this game is 2 years and up to 6 years old. Parents can decide to make the game more fun by providing more balls for the children. This can be done by visiting the manufacturing company’s website


A very durable game that will be easily coupled

The game is very safe to play as there are no sharp edges

22. LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set

This is an image of an alphabet yellow school bus toy.

Writing board just became stale with this game, as your child can learn letters, words and understand the alphabets. The game pack is made to be very interactive by singing and by talking with your ward. This is a very wonderful game for toddlers because it comes highly recommended.

The game has so many letters that can stick to your refrigerator so your child can always catch a glimpse. Singing the letters out for kids makes it interesting and educational.


This is a STEM game because of its heightened educational advantage and it is also fun


The pieces can’t be bought when misplaced

23. LEGO DUPLO My First Cars and Trucks 10816

This is an image of a car and truck building set.

The game of building and creative development, there is never a dull moment with LEGO sets because they always keep your child occupied while they build and also have fun with the supplied pieces.

The LEGO supplies comes in a big way and makes it safe for children to play, piecing this LEGO together is even way fun because it is way very easy for the infants.

The game builds critical thinking, creative development and coordination is also a benefit for this game


Enhances series of skills for your child

Perfectly safe for infants

24. B. toys – One Two Squeeze Baby Blocks

This is an image of a soft blocks for toddlers.

Should you be having the feeling to change your child’s mode of building stuff, you should consider this B. one two squeeze blocks. It is called a building block but they differ in a way as this is presented to come as learning block rather than building block.

The game blocks come in ways that makes it durable and soft which makes it suitable for any age range from 2 years and above.


Storage is perfect when in the recycled bag

Totally water proof and allows for use in the bath tub


25. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pounding Bench Wooden Toy With Mallet

This is an image of a colorful pounding toy for kids.

Do you feel your child is stressed and needs a time out to have fun and relax the nerves? Then this pounding bench wooden toy with mallet is an appropriate way to achieve that.

This is a classic game and it is presented with 10 pegs with great colors, a character with a smile that comes up and down peeking from their slots. These smiling characters can be hammered down by kids with the provided wooden mallet.

Soft pegs are presented which makes it an easy task for your child to easily hammer down.


The game is safe and large enough to fight of choking for kids

It is made from wood

26. Teach My Toddler Learning Kit

This is an image of 68 piece learning kit for kids.

The game is made from 4 different books with beautiful structures, an educational book that teaches the toddler about shapes, colors, numbers, and alphabets. My toddler learning kit is a game you want to have in your home because the educational bonus is highly recommended and more so fun is never found wanting.

This is an ideal game for toddlers that are aged two and above, the book is segmented in ways that will have numbers, colors, shapes and alphabets. Talk about classic vocabulary development this is ideal for your child.


Boredom is a thing of the past as the game is totally very engaging for kids use because the run of game doesn’t end quickly


Pieces can be easily misplaced

27. HABA My First Ball Track

This is an image of a ball track building set for kids.

Touching and having a feel of everything is a typical thing for toddlers aged two to want, it is made to have a perfect grip by your child’s tiny hand. Connecting blocks are a thing of appreciation because of the charming colors.

This game gives you gaming liberty to create a world of fun and creativity. The various experiences help develop your child’s idea of complexity and sophistication with benefits that would wow the average user. This play set is easily constructed and is durable enough to withstand falls and bumps that may arise from childish mistakes.


The entire play set can be played with indoors or outdoors


Track works better on a hard flat surface and as such may not be used on uneven surfaces.

28. Melissa & Doug Nesting and Sorting Garages and Cars

This is an image of a colorful cars match and stack game for kids.

This fun and educational play set is sure to keep your child busy and learning for hours. It utilizes a match-and-stack set of seven wooden cars and an equal pair of seven garages.

It utilizes pairing by numbers, sizes and color to teach your child basic concepts of identifying and matching and encourages all round imaginative development.

The garages can be stacked to create a tower or arranged to make a town-like scenery with colors and numbers to tickle the inquisitiveness of your growing child. It develops an artistic mindset in your child and inculcates values such as patience and persistence.


The entire kit is portable enough to be kept away as a result of it being foldable


29. VTech Drill & Learn Toolbox

This is an image of a drill toy toolbox for kids.

This make shift tool box not only gives your curious and inquisitive child the liberty to finally get their hands on some safe working tools, it also gives a realistic feel to how these various tools work and the various operations or say functions they perform.

The toy also takes an educational stand point by teaching your child about colors and numbers with simple double-sided cards. Your child learns about colors and numbers while also learning the operations of the various tools carry out.


It is durable and is built to endure several hours of playtime.


The batteries included are not meant to last but are simply demo versions.


30. VTech Turn and Learn Driver

This is an image of a yellow steering wheel toy for kids.

This fun play set gives your eager child the feel of a steering wheel and gives them access to various sounds such as vehicle and animal sounds. The five colorful buttons let out sounds that help educate your child and help them to identify various sounds in real life situations.

The colorful steering wheel encourages your child to use their imaginations and pushes them to learn through sounds and characters. It has a signal lever that plays music and sounds while your child pretend drives. It has three different play modes so that your child can learn in either driving, animal or music mode.


It can be used just about anywhere, especially on car trips.


It cannot be attached to a stroller.



Criteria For Choosing A Board Game For 2 Year Olds

The best board game for 2 year olds would increase cognitive strength for your child and would also be a board game that will make them learn preschool life and also make them have fun at full scale.

Having fun is very important for your child, don’t be too rigid by wanting to make it all about learning because learning can sometimes be boring especially for toddlers, they are easily distracted, quick to lose focus and they want different things at the same time.

So as a parent choose fun, educational and highly engaging board games for your child as you also will learn a lot about your child during this process.

Affordability is also an important thing to consider when choosing your game, make sure you are not breaking the bank which may later have a ripple effect on your child and the family as a whole.

Safety was also put into consideration while selecting these products, because kids are notorious for putting things in their mouth, we gave preference to products that are certified as BPA free.

Benefits Of Games For 2 Year Olds

Talk about classic development for your kids. Board games are a way to go because they come in different varieties that will bring fun to them in ways you least imagined and at the same time, they learn new things that may be educational, strategic, creative, music, sports and many other things to grab from.

Toddlers will definitely gift you the parents time to do your thing during times of playing their board games as they will hardly be bored which can then give them reasons to disturb you or the peace of the house.

Ideas will be generated for the toddler while playing board games and this is a wonderful thing for your child’s development.

The board game will give your kid the chance to learn social skills, cognitive skills amongst others.


You have gone through the process of knowing the criteria for choosing a board game and also knowing the benefits. It is important that your child develops along the line of play so make it a priority for you to make that happen.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if your toddler does not like a particular game you got them, you can always get another one by using the knowledge of your toddlers likes and want to choose a befitting board game. Your child will be happy and you will be happy as your child is learning and growing into life.


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