Best Board Games for Teenagers

This is an image of a Harry Potter mystery game called Clue by USAOPOLY.

One reason you are on the lookout for the best board games for teens could perhaps be to give your kid an alternative, fun way to spend their free time. If that is true, you are one of the millions of parents around the world who are also looking for a cool way to get their children interested in the world outside of their smartphones and other smart devices.

Apart from getting teens to acquire other interests, board games also offer a way for teenagers to re-engage with you and other members of the family. Because, let’s face it, you don’t like it that your kid spends less time with you and when they do, their monosyllabic sentences grates on the nerves.

So you are looking for the perfect game to get them to hang out with you and the family more. The games are also great at making them engage more socially with friends and strangers at parties: those awkward silences that can drag uncomfortably long effectively eliminated by a good board game.

That said, you are in the right place if you are looking for awesome party games for teens, indoor or outdoor games for teenagers, or slumber party games for teenagers played using a board.


40 Best Board Games for Teenagers

Below are product reviews of 40 of the best board-based games suitable for teenagers. The selection is from a wide range so that no matter their preference and your budget, there would be something for any teen to love.

1. Unstable Unicorns

First on our list of board games for teens is Unstable Unicorns. This was already legendary as an awesome game even became it became widely available to the public no thanks to the massive backing it got from Kickstarter to become one of the most backed projects on the platform.

2 – 8 players can compete for who gets to be first to collect 7 Unicorns. But the game rules depend on the number of players involved at any time; this makes it imperative that kids study the instructions before starting.

Beyond the rules though, this is an exciting strategic game requiring players to gather a Unicorn army and attempt the destruction of an opponent’s Unicorn army. There are 135 colorful cards to choose from and a play area known as Stable.This is an image of a strategic game called Unstable Unicorns by TeeTurtle.


2. Duel

Duel is a great game to get for a teen so they could hang and play with their best friend because it’s designed for two players only. The game would challenge the ability of players to make complex decisions in high-pressure situations making it almost impossible for any two games to follow the same trajectory.

The multiple award-winning game is basically about creating a striving civilization from scratch with 3 possible ways of winning. One could win either by advancing to the opponent’s main city, achieve dominance in science and technology by accumulating six out of seven scientific symbols, or strive for the most points by the time play reaches the end of Age III.

The game pack comes with an instructions booklet to explain the basic rules with each game taking about 30 minutes from start to finish.This is an image of a board game for 2 called 7 Wonders Duel edition.


3. Quelf

To understand how incredibly funny and exciting a board game can get, watch teenagers play Quelf. You’d be wanting to be part of the fun soon enough if you don’t mind being the butt of jokes.

Designed for 3-8 players, the game is all about letting the cards take control and obeying whatever it says. With 400 cards, be prepared for a wild and unpredictable ride.

Players move ahead on the game board if they obey the card, and take a step backward anytime they fail to obey the card. The first to cross the finish line wins.

Apart from the cards, the pack comes with 8 movers, the game board, one die, a pad of paper and a 30-second timer.This is an image of a party board game called Quelf by Spin Master.


4. Apples to Apples

Teenagers love this game for so many reasons: with over 500 cards, the players have an infinite number of crazy combinations at their disposal. The fun factor is simply off the charts especially if the full complements of 8 players are having a go.

The game is easy to play. The fun comes from the designated judge playing the card they are holding. The other players try to guess what the judge is describing using the seven cards they are dealt with. The range of comparisons between places, events, people, and things can be surprising as well as outrageously funny.This is an image of a party game called Apples to Apples by Mattel Games.


5. Double Ditto

Double Ditto is a great party game for teens and family that allows you to find out who among the numerous people you call friends and family can be your real-life avatar, in a manner of speaking.

The award-winning, best-selling game is suitable for 4 or more players. It involves seeing how fast each player can write down answers to any of the random questions from the 400 cards. The catch is, each player must write what they think others will provide as answers.

As well as surprising, the answers can be very revealing. Basically, though, it is great fun discovering what friends think of you in different situations. Many teens have discovered their soul mates with this game!This is an image of a Double Ditto board game by Inspiration Play.


6. Codenames

The number of times teens keep replaying this multi-player game is a clear indication of how engaging the game is. It’s the sort of game they would want to share with members of the family if their friends are not around.

The game requires teamwork and strategic thinking to master. The players would have tons of fun finding the codenames or identity of the secret agent on their team while trying to avoid making contact with a deadly assassin. A team smart enough to have a clever spymaster has a greater chance of winning

The game is fast, easy to understand and play. Because up to 8 people can play at once, it is a great game for parties, picnics, and other social events.This is an image of a word board game called Codenames by Czech Games. by


7. Taboo

Imagine working extremely hard not to say some words even when the clues point to that world? The Taboo game is all about avoiding the obvious clues while racing against time to guess the correct word.

Made for at least 4 players, it comes with 260 cards featuring over 1000 guess words, a squeaker, timer, and die.

A player unfortunate enough to say the forbidden word on the card gets the squeaker thus ensuring their team loses a turn and a point. And to mix things up, players can use the game-changer die to pick a new guesser for each team.

This game is perfect where large groups of teens are gathered such as parties or while camping.This is an image of a Taboo game by Hasbro Gaming.


8. Cards Against Humanity

This is another perfect party game for teens that can get players tied up in knots with the unusual twists and turns. Though it comes with a tagline of ‘A party game for horrible people’, the cards should take all the blame. They make people say hilariously horrible things!

It is easy to play. A player asks questions from the 100 black cards they are holding, while the other players take turns to answer the questions written on the 500 white cards. This is where it gets weird in a funny way. The answers are bizarre and unexpected. Only a really crazy teen would not blame the cards for making them sound horrible!

The pack also includes a booklet explaining the rules of the game and to keep the eccentric theme on track, there is an alternate set of silly rules too.This is an image of a party card game by Cards Against Humanity.


9. Exploding Kittens

With a name that sounds suspiciously like a game that encourages people to do mean things to cute kittens, it is very pleasing that what you get is a super fun game. Instead of kittens, you simply find a way to blow up your opponent. And while you are at it, avoid cards with exploding kittens as that could be the end of you! Unless you already have cards that can defuse the bomb.

Sounds easy? The game is very strategic though, and if you know what Russian roulette is, you get a pretty good idea of how tense and hairy it can get. Cat-lovers would adore this game.

Made for between 2 – 5 players, each pack comes with 56 beautifully-illustrated cards and the instructions booklet.

This is an image of an exploding kittens strategy game for teens.


10. Phone Phever

Phone Phever is an exciting fun game that teens would adore; after all, we are talking about using a smartphone to play the game. They won’t need any motivation to be all over it. The nature of the game also makes it a great game to acquire new knowledge and separate facts from fiction.

With Internet access, they can access the game without having to download any app. Once online, all they have to do is answer some fun questions and complete amazing challenges to get ahead on the offline board (Mall).

The objective is to see which player or team reaches the Phone Phever shop located at the end of the board first. There are 1200 questions and challenges in 6 categories such as TV, movies, politics, music, technology, and history.This is an image of a smartphone related board game by Phone Phever.


11. What do You Meme?

For the denizens of the Internet, a favorite way to make people giggle, chuckle, or collapse in hilarious laughter is the use of clever memes. Teenagers are the masters of employing this tool online. That is a major reason they would love this game that is very apt for parties. However, only older teenagers are advised to play because some parts of the game might be inappropriate for the very young.

To play is easy and players to be as naughty as they want to be. Players simply use their dealt cards to caption the main photo card in play. The winner of each round is the player with the funniest meme. However, that could also depend on the chosen judge’s sense of humor.

The pack comes with 360 caption cards, 75 photo cards, an easel, and a bonus rules booklet.This is an image of a meme lovers game called "What Do You Meme?"


12. Forbidden Island

Forbidden Island would get the pulse racing and only lets up when the game is over. But players are more likely to start a new game immediately than take a minute to catch their breath. That is how much this cooperative game is exciting and fun to play.

Up to 4 players can play the game. They are in a race against time to rescue 4 sacred treasures cleverly hidden on the Forbidden Island. They have to work together, sharing clues, ideas, and strategies to achieve this objective before the island sinks underwater.

The pack comes with the 4 treasure figurines, water meter, water level marker, 58 playing cards, 6 pawns, a comment card, and the instructions and rules book.This is an image of a Forbidden Island card game by Gamewright.



13. Catan

Catan game allows teenagers to test their ability to use resources in the best ways possible. With this game, they’d appreciate how easily things can go wrong even when all the odds seem to favor them. They’d have to be careful, make wise decisions, be patient, and understand the consequences of the choices they made.

Players take turns to gather the resources needed to build the important infrastructure needed by a budding community. But, the rules allow rival players to stop that process by stealing the resources and sabotaging their efforts.

Each game can last up to an hour and requires between 3 and 4 players. The first player or team to attain 10 points wins the game.This is an image of a Catan board game designed for kids.


14. 5 Second Rule

This game is a breezy fast game requiring that you think fast on your feet and come up with three words related to a given topic. With just 5 seconds to think and name the words, other players staring intently at you, and the sound of the timer in the background, it would take nerves of steel not to be flustered and stumble.

Suitable for three or more players, it is designed to develop the memory, expose teens to more words, while also giving them a great time watching players look around in confusion trying to spew out the right words before time runs out.

Topics like ‘3 breeds of dogs’ should be easy until you are under the pressure of the game environment.This is an image of a 5 second rule game, new edition by Playmonster.


15. Labyrinth

If you want a simple-to-play game that is action-packed, fun, promotes brain development and doesn’t take too much time to conclude for your teen kid, you can’t go wrong with Labyrinth.

One thing this game has going for it is the fact that even kids as young as 8 years old can play. This makes it an awesome family game for family nights when parents too can be part of the fun.

The game itself is all about finding hidden treasures in the maze. But because the maze is constantly shifting, it adds several levels of difficulty. For players to win, they need to discover the shortest route through the maze.

You would love the high-quality game pieces that include a playing board, 24 treasure cards, 34 maze cards, and 4 playing pieces.This is an image of a board game called Labyrinth by Ravensburger.


16. Telestrations

Telestrations is an awesome game for teenagers and family game nights that would leave everyone in stitches. Though it is a game that requires drawing, you don’t have to be a skillful artist to play. As long as you can draw stick figures, you’d be laughing along with other players.

Each player starts with a blank sketchbook and a secret word to draw in 60 seconds. After the allotted time, the players pass the sketch to the player on their left to guess in words what they see. This continues until each player has had a turn on the sketchbook of every other player. Then they can show or expose what others thought they saw. It is always a hoot seeing how others misunderstood the words and drawings.

Recommended for 3 – 8 players, the game pack comes with 1700 words, 8 sketchbooks, 8 dry erase markers and 8 clean up cloths.This is an image of a telephone game called Telestrations by USAOPOLY.



17. Pandemic

The race to find different cures for diseases that threaten to wipe out the human race would give even veteran scientists sleepless nights. The fate of the world depends on the players who must work together with each player using their special skillet to help the group.

Between 2 and 4 people can play with each game about 45 minutes long. The intense game is a great way for teenagers to learn the value of teamwork and maximizing one’s potential for the benefit of a common good.This is an image of a cooperative game called Pandemic by Z-Man Games.


18. Spot it!

Spot it! is a phenomenon around the world making it one of the most popular indoor games for teenagers. The 5 distinct games within the game bring lots of variety effectively making it a game with a high replayable quotient.

The 45 minutes game (involving a maximum of 8 players and a minimum of 2) is specifically designed to test the observational skills of the players. Coupled with the need for sharp reflexes and the ability to make quick decisions, it is easy to get why teens with boundless energy to burn can’t seem to get enough of it.

There are 55 illustrated cards in the pack for players to find the one matching symbol. The cards are beautifully packaged in a durable tin with the illustrated instructions and rules booklet.This is an image of a Spot it! board game by Zygomatic.


19. Spontuneous

Spontuneous taps into one of teens’ favorite pastimes: listening to music. But what is really at stake is showcasing the range and variety of one’s playlist and how much attention they pay to the lyrics. But they don’t have to be good vocalists, simply know the lyrics to as many songs as possible.

Players compete to be the first to use the ‘trigger’ word in a song. But, the singer only scores if the word appears at least 5 times in the song.

Small or large groups of teenagers will thoroughly enjoy playing the game. With very large groups, teams (up to 10) can be formed. With so many people paying at once, nobody would wish for the fun to end.This is an image of a song party board game for the whole family.


20. Relative Insanity

When it comes to fun party games for teenagers, you can’t go wrong with Relative Insanity. What makes this game a favorite of teens is not just because it is super easy to play and can accommodate up to a dozen players at once, it is simply down to being able to make fun of everybody with carefully-chosen punchlines. Everybody would be competing to show how witty they are: the result is a blast of endless laughter.

It is no wonder the game has featured in the Tonight Show, Rachel Ray Show and many other popular TV shows. It is a race to see who has the sharpest and impossible-to-top punchline. A good strategy to get points is to guess what the judge (card reader) would find funny.This is an image of a party game called Relative Insanity by Playmonster.


21. Invasion from Outer Space

Teenagers who enjoy watching sci-fi movies would love playing this game that is based on a 1940 sci-fi film. With several multi-weapon Martians threatening to take over the world, who would stop them? Thank goodness for the 8 humans who are part of the circus in the small town of Woodinvale.

The game has everything you’d expect from an alien invasion-themed game. There are flying saucers, ray guns, and other alien technologies the humans must fight off.

The game, based on a similar game engine like Last Night on Earth game (reviewed below), is designed with 5 different game modes with players (2-6) choosing either to be humans or Martians. It takes between 60 and 90 minutes to complete a game.This is an image of a martian game called Invasion from Outer Space by Flying Frog.


22. Ticket to Ride

Who can see and connect the most cities and build the longest continuous railway track connecting American cities in just 7 days? That is the premise of this exciting adventure and strategy game that has been a favorite of teenagers and families for years.

Players have to collect train cards for the best train routes. The objective, at least if they want to score more points, is to collect cards that’d allow them to build the longest continuous train route and connect two distant cities.

The game pack comes with durable pieces such as a board map of North American train routes, 240 train cars of different colors, 110 train car cards, 30 train tickets, and a rules book.This is an image of a board game called Ticket to Ride by Days of Wonder.


23. Pick Your Poison

With 300 poison cards, it is not hard to guess there are endless ways teens can be messed up. Because finding how messed up teens are is what this game is all about: in a fun and entertained way though.

The game is easy to play and it all starts with the simple question, ‘What would you rather do?”. From that point on, it gets weirder and weirder with the range of possibilities ensuring the fun never lets up.

It is a great game to spark fun conversations in parties effectively helping teens to navigate those awkward moments of silence. The kids would be playing it again and again for hours.This is an image of a card game called Pick Your Poison designed for all ages.


24. Blokus

Teens with short attention span tend to find strategy board games too difficult to master and too long to complete. This is where Blokus trumps others: it is one of the easiest strategy board game to learn and master. It takes about a minute before a complete novice learns what it is about, less than a day to start playing like a true champion, and just 30 minutes to complete one game.

With 21 pieces of four different colors, each player has to place as many pieces on the board as possible, with two conditions: each piece must touch at least one other piece of the same color and only at the corners.

The player with the least number of pieces remaining when it’s impossible to place any more on the board wins. Simple, right? The possible combinations are endless and no two games follow the same pattern.This is an image of a strategy game called Blokus by Mattel Games.


25. Trivial Pursuit

This edition of the classic trivia game comes with a new twist: players can win a wedge on any space. But the original 6 wedges are still required to be crowned trivia master of the round.

Teens, and to be fair, people of all ages, love the game because it is fast and allows players to test their wits against others either individually or as a group. With 1200 questions in 6 different categories, each game is going to be one exciting and long ‘wits battle’.

Players can still aim for their preferred categories but can out rightly choose a category if they land on a Wedges Wild space. They could also ask a friend to help out with answers so both can earn a wedge if it is correct.This is an image of a board game called Trivial Pursuit by Hasbro Gaming.



26. Catch Phrase

For want of a better description, Catch Phrase is an electronic board game. It demands that players think fast and guess even faster or they lose points. The players, divided into teams preferably, have to guess correctly the word from the clue provided by a teammate. The clues are linked to the word displayed on the device.

Teams get a point if one of them can guess the word correctly before the buzzer sounds. Failure means they lose a point to the other team. The unit is passed round until a winner emerges. The first to reach 7 points wins.

The game is fast, exciting and with words from 5 categories, teens can spend hours at a time testing their descriptive prowess and vocabulary.This is an image of a guessing game called Catch Phrase by Hasbro Gaming.


27. Suspend

This award-winning game is a great party game for teenagers and family game nights. Players take turns to try out their balancing skills by hanging rubber-tipped wires to a central wire attached to the included wooden base. Adding a new piece transforms the ever-growing structure in a variety of ways.

Planning and a good eye are needed to make sure the structure does not collapse. How high and how complicated can each player’s structure gets before it comes crashing down? That is the exciting challenge that makes this an intense and engrossing game.

Suited for up to 14 players, the pack features 24 game rods, one wooden base, 4 frame rods, a colored die, and a wood connector.This is an image of a balance game called Suspend by Melissa and Doug.


28. Rollick!

Teens with excess energy, which is usually the case, would find Rollick! The perfect game to match their energy levels. The game is fast, hysterical in a fun way and an absolute fit for a party scene.

It is a collaborative game where team members act out clues for other team members to guess. Each team has one minute to guess as many clues or phrases as possible. The objective is to have the most point at the end of each game. This means teams have to be at the top of their acting skills to help other members guess correctly real fast.

The game comes with over 750 clues to act out. The wild, crazy fun is often relentless.This is an image of a charades game called Rollick by The Game Chef.


29. Bears vs Babies

The Game Chef, who also designed Exploding Kittens, seems to know how to make awesome teen games without breaking a sweat. This game is just as hilarious and adorable since it is all about Bears and babies. Unfortunately, the babies are the baddies!

The general principle behind the play is to create as many monsters as possible to protect players from babies whose default rule of engagement is violence with intent to cause harm.

Along with the game rules and instructions in a fury box, the pack features 107 cards, one play mat, and a FAQ sheet.This is an image of a card game called Bears vs Babies by Exploding Kittens LLC.


30. Gloom

With Gloom game, sadness, doom, and gloom are the new normal. Players compete to see who can make their character the most wretched. After so much suffering, humiliation, pain, etc., it is natural that death should be welcome. Basically, the game is all about who gets to die first after so much suffering.

Players scheme to make their opponent’s character enjoy the best the world has to offer: essentially, make them happy so they live longer.

With a playing time of about 60 minutes, the game is perfect for teens that are a bit stressed out. Seeing suffering first hand while attempting to make enemies happy should cheer them up.This is an image of a Gloom board game in 2nd edition by Atlas.


31. Last Night on Earth

Teens who love zombie apocalypse scenarios would feel right at home with this game. That aside, the game is exciting and action-packed featuring brain-eating zombies and 8 heroes who have to work together to survive the night.

Players can choose to be either zombies or the heroes. Either way, with several different game scenarios to choose from, everybody is going to have a thrilling time for between 60 and 90 minutes: the average time it takes to complete a game.This is an image of a zombie board game called Last Night on Earth by Flying Frog.


32. Been There Done That

This is the sort of game teens want to have around in a party with too many strangers thinking of ways to break the ice. One thing it has going for it is its simplicity: there would be no fumbling around trying to learn how to play.

With 896 questions in 224 cards and other game components, players would be throwing fun questions at each group or team while trying to with side-splitting laughs at some of the surprising answers. The questions range to fun things people have done and weird or interesting places they have been to.

There are over 800 possible scenarios for the questions to come from. The game also comes with cool tips for large groups and other variations to create more fun.This is an image of an icebreaker game called Been There Done That by The Game Chef.


33. The Game of Things

The Game of Things is a pared-down version of the classic Loaded Questions with so several twists added to make it more entertaining. There isn’t even a game board you have to navigate and the topics on the cards are absolutely hilarious.

The game is simple and straightforward. Players are instructed, by the cards, of the things they can or can’t do in different situations. Because the game is really fast, players have to write the first thing that comes into their minds. That is where all the fun is as people tend to come up with some of the most amazing and hilarious answers with so little time to think.

Suitable for 4 or more players, the game is a great conversation starter making even shy teens to open up and talk freely.This is an image of a board game called The Game of Things.. by PlayMonster.


34. Loaded Questions

Whether teens are with their friends, strangers at a party, or family members, this game is designed to test how much they know about the people around them. The questions and answers spark laughter, discussion and create enduring memories.

A player, known as the roller, is required to read out loud a question from the category in play. All other players must write down the answer; the answers are collected by the previous roller and read out loud. The roller must guess who gave what answer and gets to advance a space on the gameboard if they guessed right.

With more than 1000 questions to read, players just can’t wait to hear the answers see how well they thought they knew somebody.This is an image of a board game called Loaded Questions by All Things Equal, Inc.


35. Monopoly Deal

Monopoly Deal puts a different spin to the classic game that is loved by people around the world. This one uses just the card to play and because it is fast-paced, it is just as exciting.

Like the classic game, this is still basically a real estate dealing game. Players have to acquire properties, charge players rent, steal their cards, demand money for spurious things such as your birthday if you pick up an Action Card, and gather piles of money so they can keep wheeling and dealing.

The first player to collect 3 full property sets of different colors is the winner.This is an image of a card game called Monopoly Deal by Hasbro Gaming.


36. Scattergories

Teens with tons of creativity to spare would love this game. It is all about being unique and different from the pack. And if you add the ability to think fast, you have a truly interesting game that would test them in ways they didn’t imagine.

The game starts with a roll of the 20-sided die and a flip of the timer. Players then race against time to come up with the most unique answer in each category. They score points by writhing answers that nobody thought of. More points are given for very creative answers.

With over 3,500 category combinations, it is safe to say, players would be feverishly thinking and writing down answers for hours. Suitable for up to 6 players or teams, the game comes with 6 folders to keep all the category and answer sheets, and 48 category cards.This is an image of a board game called Click image to open expanded view Scattergories by Hasbro Gaming.


37. Escape Room

Escape Room is a riveting and pulsating game with 4 thrilling scenarios each with a different level of difficulty. The idea that one needs to win a level to get the next can keep players engaged for hours trying to find a way to escape before time runs out.

The players have 60 minutes to complete a level; the chronometer in the background ticking down the seconds is enough to raise the tension. The intense sound it makes as one is running out of time adds to the intensity of the game.

To escape any of the four rooms, each team of 3-5 players will have to figure out the correct code from puzzles and clues hidden around the room. Once the correct code is deciphered, entering it onto the Chrono Decoder would let the winner out. Then they can have a shot at the next room.This is an image of a thrilling game called Escape Room by Spin Master Games.


38. What are the Odds?

This is a classic dare game with a difference. The objective of this fun game is to win victory cards by getting an opponent to do a dare.  The player who gave the dare wins. So one shade of the game involves trying to avoid the dare and find ways to be the darer.

Getting to be the darer or be the one unfortunate to do the dare is all about beating odds. However, if you have to do a dare, simply take it on the chin and hope your teammates cheer you on as you do silly things while, hopefully, laughing along with everybody else.

Up to 20 players can play this game making it a great game for parties, camping, and just about any occasion where several teens are present and need something to loosen them up.This is an image of a card game called What are The Odds? by Gatwick Games.


39. Better Me

Like the name says, this teen board game is a personal development journey using an interesting game to get to the destination. The game challenges teens to improve themselves by understanding that there are consequences to every choice they make in life.

Players have the chance to learn more about themselves and other players. With the learning, comes better social interaction which would be beneficial for socially awkward teens. The questions are carefully tailored to touch on the most important aspects of one’s life.

This game stands apart from the others in this guide for being more thought-provoking and introspective. You bet teens would love a chance to learn how to be more confident about themselves without the pressures of a therapist’s chair!This is an image of a self growth game called Better Me.


40. Clue: Harry Potter Mystery Game

Teenage fans of Harry Potter would surely have a blast with this game. Even non-fans are going to enjoy the excitement of looking for clues in dark hallways, hidden rooms, etc., in a bid to solve the mystery of the missing Hogwarts students.

Players can choose to play as any of their favorite characters. The game is beautifully crafted with realistic-looking rooms from the books and movies. The rotating wheels on the board that spin to reveal secret passages, moving staircases, and the lurking presence of the Dark Mark would keep players on their toes and on edge for the 30+ minutes of each game’s duration.This is an image of a Harry Potter mystery game called Clue by USAOPOLY.


Factors to Consider When Choosing Teen Games

Whether you are looking for games for teens boys or girls, there are certain factors to consider that are common to both genders. The basic premise for getting any game is to make sure kids have fun.

That said, these are some of the important factors to consider:

Age appropriateness

Teens feel they are largely misunderstood and never let a chance to forcefully give you a piece of their mind slip by. You’d certainly get a blast of how they feel if you get a game best suited for kids far younger than them.

The best way to get around this is to read the package. Most games come with the appropriate age range written on the pack. Simply make sure your kid’s age is within the stated range.

Fun factor

If you want kids to drop their smartphones, the alternative has to be very interesting. Give them something they consider dull, they might just humor you by playing a few games. Then they’d ignore it completely.

Look for games that, apart from being fun and exciting, challenge them to prove a point. Games that expose how clever or witty they are also a big hit with them.


The prevailing knowledge is that teens lack patience. Whether true or false, they certainly won’t have patience with a game that comes with a steep learning curve. They have better things to do than waste time learning a game that might them out to be boring.

So games that are easy to learn, play, and master are usually the best options.

Purpose of the game

Are you buying the game for a special occasion? For instance, if the game is for a slumber party you are organizing, it is best to get a game that allows many people or teams to play at once. You don’t want anyone to feel left out.

If other players have to wait for their turn, make sure it’s a game that doesn’t take too long to complete a single game.


Durability is one of the most important variables when deciding on suitable board games for kids in their teens. The game pieces and the board would be subjected to a lot of handling and exposed to fluids including from sweaty hands. These can damage the boards and the pieces if they were made from low-quality materials.

All the games in this guide were thoroughly vetted for durability. So if you are wondering how to test for it without having to order and pay first, you can pick anyone here and rest easy.


Best Buy Overall

Now we’ve looked at loads of great teens board games, it’s time to decide which takes the top spot as the overall best pick. If after going through the guide you are still in a pickle on the game to choose and you don’t have a restriction on budget, Escape Room could be your way out of the quagmire.

Before it was made into a movie, the game was already one of the most loved games among teenagers. Up to 5 kids (or 5 groups) can play the game at once making it a great game for a large gathering.

However, it is the excitement of trying to find clues and solve puzzles while the time is ticking down that makes it really awesome. There are four levels or rooms of increasing difficulty.

Teens would want to play this several times not just to beat the levels, but also to see how fast they can escape one room to the next in subsequent games.

This is an image of a thrilling game called Escape Room by Spin Master Games.


Best Budget Pick

On the other hand, if your budget doesn’t allow you to go for the more pricey items, you could settle on Codenames. This is a very entertaining game that is usually at the top of the list of many folks’ best party games.

Teens can play the multi-player game with family members or friends at parties. It is a strategic game of stealth and strategy that allows players to channel their inner James Bond or their favorite spies.

This is an image of a word board game called Codenames by Czech Games. by


What are Good Games for Teens to Play at Sleepovers?

Sleepovers are usually wild, boisterous affairs especially when teens are involved. Organizing a sleepover for your teen can be very tasking with so many things to juggle to get it right. The bottom line is for the kids to have all the fun and make it a memorable night.

When it comes to games, older teenagers might not like the idea of being asked to play a particular game. At this age, they know what they want and would be okay if left alone.

For younger teenagers though, there are tons of fun games for teenagers you could suggest they play. And since sleep is the last thing they’d be thinking of, the game or games must be so very interesting and incorporate the whole group at once so nobody feels left out.

Truth or Dare game is a very popular game for slumber parties. Everybody can be involved at once. Depending on the questions, it can be wildly funny with interest levels remaining very high.

Other awesome games include Apples to Apples, Double Ditto, Codenames, Loaded Questions, and many more that can be found in this guide.

The rule of thumb for getting it right is to ensure the game is easy to play, comes with variety and, most importantly, is very engaging.


What Are Some Popular Games for Teens?

At the moment, video games are the rage among teenagers. But they are not the only type of games teens would find exciting. There are several board and card games that deliver awesome fun and help teens to bond with friends and family.

The good thing about these non-video or smartphone-based board and card games is that more people can play at once and money is not wasted on the data charges for online games.

Though it can be tough to drag teens away from their smartphones, some board or card games, or a combination of both are interesting and engaging enough to make them take a break from their electronic gadgets.

You would find many of them in this guide including awesome ones like: Cards Against Humanity, Monopoly Deal, Taboo, Pandemic, Clue, What are the Odds, Escape Room, etc.

Games that allow teens to build amazing structures from the ground up using hundreds of pieces are also very popular. Putting the pieces together is a welcome and challenging puzzle that can keep them engaged for hours at a time. Good examples are Lego building kits for teenagers.

Mini drones too are great for teens especially if you want them to go out more. Technology has made it possible to design incredible premium drones at affordable prices.