Best Board Games for 9 Year Olds

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Instilling the innocent minds of your children through playing board games could be very helpful and highly effective. It improves their mental ability, enhances strategy and intensifies logical thinking. Children spend a lot of time sitting in front of the television and other gadgets these days, so giving board games for 9 year olds could be the ideal solution for getting them socializing with others.

Games are one of the toys that most children are attracted to. Aside from learning, playing them helps to make the entire family closer, have a happy life, and gives a better mental performance. Thinking of your child’s happiness while letting them learn a set of new skills is our main concern. Selecting the best games could be effortless since each game has its own features and attractive, colorful parts that your child will enjoy playing with. So, here we’ve rounded up 13 of the best games for children aged 9, as well as outlined some key considerations and tips for picking between the different options.


13 Best Board Games For 9 Year Olds

Listed below are the best-rated games, so there’s sure to be something that will appeal to your child. These games will definitely give them fun, whilst also helping them learn a new skill or two. But, if you are running out of time to read all the features of each game, you can find our best pick at the bottom. Here is your guide.

1. NFL Game Day

First in our list of the top games for 9 year olds we have this NFL football game. This game is perfect for the family. It is so easy to learn and is fun and interesting. This football game is full of action, and if anyone doesn’t know the rules of football, this will help them to learn. Throughout the game, the players use colorful cards and super cute dice to move down the football field toward the team-branded end zones. NFL Game Day is advised for two to four players ages 9 and above. This game is a formally and publicly licensed NFL product.


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2. Gravity Maze

If your child likes smart games, brain-storming, critical thinking, and logical reasoning, this game is exactly the right choice. It challenges them to use their quick thinking and reasoning skills. It’s an interesting and challenging game that will surely be loved. This is one of the most-liked games for boys and girls alike. This game comprises a durable game grid, nine beautiful building towers, three awesome marbles, and sixty challenge cards from beginner to expert with explanations. The challenge is to build a maze that will bring the marble from the start position to the target tower.

This is an image of kid's gravity laze marble run logic game


3. Mouse Trap

Mouse Trap is a classic family fun game that is sure to entertain everyone who plays, and is perfect for any child aged 9. If you believe the saying that “laughter is the best medicine”, this is the game you need! Laughing together is usually the outcome of this fun strategy game. The main goal in this game is to trap the other players’ mouse pawns in the trap, whilst at the same time trying to be the last person left.

The box contains the game board, different colored mouse figures, pieces to arrange the mousetrap, and two shiny marbles to set the trap off. Detailed instructions are also included. What a colorful game with loads of awesome play pieces! This is certainly one of the most fun games for 9 year old boys and girls and their families.

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4. Shadows in the Forest

This Shadows in the Forest game offers something a little different from most other nine year old games we’ve looked at so far, it has an exciting spooky theme. It has sold over 50 million copies and is great for developing critical thinking skills in children. The game is a bit like playing flashlight tag, with one player acting as the seeker and the others on the shadowing team. The game has loads of fun pieces – a glow in the dark die, hiding places, shadowling masks, and more.

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5. Carcassonne Board Game 

Reaching the age of 9 brings your child to the stage wherein they like to search and discover every little thing when it comes to games. Shopping in a toy store could take many hours just to examine which one is the best. The Carcassonne game is somewhat different and so simple to play, so it is sure to go down a treat. Just place tiles and tokens on the board to start scoring points. This simple yet fun game is best suited for 2-5 players. The game is so popular it has sold over 10 million copies internationally. Without any doubt, your kid will love this game!


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6. Dragonwood

So far, we’ve seen some cool games for 9 year olds, but this is another excellent pick. As the world embraces the newest technology, the continuous production of awesome, attractive, colorful games races up as well. Exposing your child to a challenging, interesting, and highly strategic game could be the most excellent way to mold and shape their minds. To give you the highlights of this game, it is packed full of mythical creatures and is played using six dice and a deck of cards. It is suitable for groups of 2 to 4 players. Each player should gather a set of adventurer cards to obtain a dice. You need to roll the dice in opposition to your enemies. It is necessary to determine your plans very attentively because the landscape of Dragonwood is constantly changing. This game takes around 20 minutes to play.


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7. Scrambled States of America

The colorful and attractive pieces are sure to attract your kids to this game. Being observant and thinking quickly in this game is a must. The game requires players to grasp the names, capitals, nicknames, shapes, and positions of the states over a myriad of visual teasers, language riddles, and geography challenges. This game comprises 60 scramble cards, 50 cards of different states, 4 US maps, 1 piece full-color paperback book and also includes the rules of how to play the game. It’s a great game for teaching your child all about the geography of the United States, and it’s one of the best games for girls 9 and up.

This is an image of kid's Scrabled states of america board game


8. Jumanji The Game

If your child is a fan of the action-packed Jumanji movies, they might want to watch them again and again. And just like the movies, this game is full of fun and action! If your child really likes seeking treasure, this is exactly the game they’re seeking. Once the player, or adventurer, starts the game, they must carry on until the end, just like in the movie. The box contains the game board, pawns, a rhino figure, a timer, a die, some rescue dice, 30 game cards, a decoder, and of course detailed instructions.


This is an image of kid's jumanji the game action board game


9. Bubble Talk

The ninth game on the list is Bubble Talk. It includes 150 extremely amusing picture cards and 300 whacky cards with captions. Not only can kids play this game with their friends, but the whole family will enjoy it too. How to play? The expert should draw a picture card, then the players select the highest quality caption card from their hands and place it face down. The player with the most hilarious card wins the round. This is fun for 3 to 8 players and is approved for ages 8 and up.


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10. What About Baseball

Bonding with the family is such a remarkable time that can’t be beaten. Spending time together, sharing laughter, exchanging ideas, and making the relationship closer are some of the outcomes of this game. This is a perfect option to share your love of baseball and sharing memories together that would remain unforgettable.

The game is great for encouraging kids to put their gadgets away and instead interact face-to-face with friends and family. It is the perfect pick for baseball fans, although it can also be enjoyed by those who don’t have a huge knowledge of the game, as there are two different ways to play to cater to different abilities. Its one of the best games for boys that are 9 years old and are huge sports fans!


This is an image of kid's Baseball board game


11. Stratego Original

Next, the 11th game on the list is Stratego Original. From the name, you might have deduced this game requires the use of strategy, which means the two players must make a plan of action to win. This battlefield strategy game will definitely suit a 9 years old boy. Mostly, a boy this age likes to play battle games, so this will be a perfect match. All you have to do to win this game is to be the first player to confiscate the other Army’s flag.


This is an image of kid's Stratego board game


12. Code Master

The next game on the list is Code Master, the programming logic games for girls that are 9 years old and interested in coding. This has been the winner of numerous awards, making it many children’s favorite game to play. To give you a background, in this game your avatar travels to a bizarre world to look for power crystals. In order to navigate the map, you will have to use programming logic. To win the game, you have to gather all the power crystals and immediately land at the portal.

This is quite a difficult game to master, but there are challenges to suit all ability levels. This game is ideal for combining elements of the digital world and bringing them into the physical world. Boys and girls aged 9 up who try this will learn the principles in programming, problem-solving skills, and logical reasoning.

this is an image of code master game



13. HedBanz

The last game on our list is known as HedBanz, and it’s one of the most popular games for 9 year olds. This is a kid-friendly game, and from the picture below, you can see how humorous this game is. In HedBanz, your child will flourish their reasoning and critical thinking skills. It’s a funny game to play with the whole family, and they’ll love to keep guessing until they get it right. It is a quick question game of “What am I?”, so simply ask “yes” or “no” questions to find out if the cartoon on your head is an animal, food or a man-made object. You must be the first player to guess what you are and win! In the game box, you can find 6 headbands, 13 scoring badges, 69 cards with pictures, 3 sample question cards, 1 timer, and instructions for the game.

This is an image of kid's question guessing board game



Considerations When Buying Games For 9 Yr Olds

Before coming up into a final decision as to which game is the best, there are a few things you must consider. The age of 9 is a crucial stage, since your child has their own ideas, preferences and the likes. By means of asking them, it greatly helps us to decide and purchase what they really want. But, here are a few considerations when buying games. Take a look:


First, consider the interests of the child and what kind of game they want and prefer to play. You will need to ask them before going shopping online or to the nearest toy store to avoid misunderstanding. If you buy one which matches their preferences, you’ll get an endless appreciation from them.

Educational Value

Second, the educational value. Buying games that help them learn more in the field of education would be great while playing the game. This is one thing you must consider, not just only playing but exploring and learning a lot more important things which is related to education.


The third thing is the design. It must be suitable for their age regarding the design. Nine is a serious developmental stage so any game you choose must aid to mentor them through this stage. As the parent, be responsible to take a look at the print on the game to avoid difficulty. Largest manufacturers suggested the advised age range so that parents and adults can be guided accurately.


The durability of the game is one of the considerations when buying it. Playing it once or even twice is not enough, so be sure to found out how durable it is. During the weekend, spending family time together playing funny, challenging, and interesting games is a family routine to remember. Parents must check the parts of the game and the materials they are made of to ensure they can stand up to the test of time.


Socializing is an important part of playing and selecting games. If your child feels alone or not confident in themselves, playing selected games contributes positively in their social development, whether they are working with other players as part of a team, or competing against them. So, playing these games can help a child to have more friends and close family relationships.


The final consideration is the Fun Factor. Your child won’t want to play their new game if they don’t find it fun! Many games can bring fun and laughter to the whole family.



Best Buy Overall

And finally, after looking at and reading all the reviews, the decision was made as to which is the overall best game. If you have the budget, you can go for Mouse Trap as your choice. It is the perfect game for the entire family, and bonding together makes the whole family closer.

As well as being funny and entertaining, Mouse Trap also helps with developing strategy skills and intellectual reasoning.


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Best Budget Pick

If you are looking to buy the best game at the cheapest price, Code Master is the one we recommend in this case. This game will help your child develop their quick thinking ability, and it also expands critical skills. Playing through the challenges of this game builds strong reasoning and planning skills and provides a great learning experience for your child, and all at a very reasonable price point.

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