Best Board Games for 8 Year Olds

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Board games make popular toys that all kids enjoy playing with, and with a great mix of traditional classics and new games to choose from, there are plenty of options for all kids. Unlike many other toys, board games are perfect for kids to share with friends, so it is the ideal way for kids to enjoy having fun together in a safe environment.

Many families also struggle to find sufficient time to spend together, as we all have busy lives. Add in the added pressures that screen time and social media bring, and we can easily occupy any free time that we may have. Our busy lives can also often prohibit us from communicating with each other. However, by incorporating time into your schedule to sit together as a family to play these fantastic games, you will be surprised at the benefits.

These games are perfect for encouraging families to have fun together, allowing you to unwind and enjoy quality time with loved ones. They are also ideal for enabling families to talk with each other, allowing kids vital time to share their worries and concerns. Parents will also love that while playing these fantastic games, kids will also be introduced to important educational lessons. There are endless positive benefits that can be gained from playing these exciting board games.

There is a wide variety of board games that are suitable for 8 year old kids to play, which can make it challenging to choose the perfect game. To help you with your choice, we will review the top games for kids who are aged 8, so this guide will enable you to pick a quality game that you can be sure your kids will enjoy.


Considerations When Choosing a Board Game for Kids 8 Years Old

Here are a few things which should be considered when picking between the different games which are on offer.

Are These Games Suitable for Both Boys and Girls?

All of these board games are suitable for both boys and girls to play. However, the game that you decide to buy may be influenced by your kid’s interests, so you can be confident they will enjoy playing them. There are many different themed games to choose from including, cool detective games, strategy and thinking games, fun singing games, independent games, and many more, so there is the perfect game available for every kid.


How Many Players Do These Games Include?

Every game will vary in the number of players that it is suitable for, so each game will state the number of players that can join in, so you can pick a game with the number of player options that you require. The majority of games are designed for multiple players or even teams, but there are single-player options also available.


How Easy Is It for Kids to Learn the Rules of a New Game?

Most of these games have quick and simple rules, making it easy for new players to learn how to play and for convenience, they are also easy to set up, so they can be played as soon as the box is opened. Any of the games that have more complicated rules will include detailed instructions, so everyone will quickly be able to join in and play all of these wonderful games together.


The Top 15 Board Games for Kids 8 Years Old

1. Azul

Board games for kids who are 8 years old need to be exciting and fun to play so they will capture every kid’s attention and provide hours of entertainment. When looking for this perfect game, you should choose Azul as it meets these criteria and is popular with both kids and adults. This excellent game requires players to collect beautifully decorated tiles so they can complete their tile pattern and successfully decorate the Royal Palace of Dvora. Players will gain points for collecting specific tiles and creating selected patterns, while there will also be penalties for taking tiles that they cannot use.

Azul is an exciting game of skill that kids will love playing, as they work out how they can complete the challenge while trying to stop their friends from collecting the tiles they need. Kids will love sharing this 2 to 4 player game with friends, as it is the perfect multiplayer game. This is one of the best board games for kids 8 and up, so you can be sure that this game will be played over and over again.


This is an image of kid's Azul board game


2. Labyrinth

There are many fun games for 8 year olds that are available to buy, but few are as thrilling as this captivating Labyrinth game. This fantastic treasure hunt game is continually changing, so kids will love the excitement that every game will bring. Each game lasts around 30 minutes, which will captivate every kid’s attention, so this will quickly become every kid’s favorite game.

The winner is the first player to find each of their treasure pieces and return to the starting point. However, this game has plenty of surprises as players can only find one piece of treasure at a time, and the maze is constantly changing, so you might quickly find that your chosen path is blocked. Labyrinth is the perfect 2 to 4 player game that promises that every new game will be even more exciting than the last, making this one of the best games for kids who are 8 years old.


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3. Sequence Game

If you are looking for straightforward but fun games for eight year old girls and boys, then you should take a look at this Sequence Game that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults. There is no limit to the number of players that can enjoy this fabulous game, as players can play individually or as a team, providing endless fun. The player who wins this game is the first one to create the set number of 5 counter sequences; this is achieved by players using their cards to select spaces.

However, the other players will be out to stop you from building each sequence, so strategic thinking is required to win. Remember to watch out for the Jacks as they are unpredictable and can throw any number of surprises into the game. Every kid will enjoy playing this appealing game.


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4. Clue

Clue is one of the classic family games that every kid will enjoy playing. This murder mystery game is perfect for sharing with friends or for enjoying quality time together as a family, making this one of the best board games for 8 year olds that will be enjoyed by everyone. Set in Tudor Mansion, the winner is the player who discovers who murdered Mr. Boddy with what instrument and where.

This fantastic version of the game also comes with a refreshing surprise as a new suspect, Dr. Orchid, is introduced to the game. Be the first player to eliminate all of the options and discover the truth in this exciting and fast-paced game that is thrilling for every player. This game is suitable for 2 to 6 players so all of your kid’s friends can join in.


This is an image of kid's clue board game


5. Think Fun Cat Crimes

This Think Fun Cat Crimes game is a fantastic logic game that all kids will enjoy playing. The game is compact, so it is perfect for playing anywhere, and as an exciting single-player game, it is sure to provide hours of fun. There are six cat pieces and six crime tokens, and the aim for each game is to work out which cat is responsible for the crime.

For endless fun, there are 40 different challenge cards included with the game, with the level of difficulty increases as the challenges progress. If you are looking for board games for boys and girls that include an educational theme, then this is the perfect game for you, as it requires logic and thinking skills, while also covering math skills that will help kids solve the crime.


This is an image of kid's Cat crimes logic board game


6. Blokus Game

All of the best games for 8 year olds will be quick to play and have simple rules for kids to learn, and one game that meets these criteria is the Blokus Game. This kid-friendly game includes 84 playing pieces in various shapes and four different colors, and the only rule is that each piece must touch the corner of another piece that is the same color. Kids will love the simplicity of this game, making it an excellent activity for occupying kids but also fun for playing during family time.

This fantastic game of strategy will also encourage kids to think and plan as they strive to be the player with the least number of pieces left when the game ends. Along with being easy to play, this game is also quick to set up, so it is sure to be a popular game with the whole family that can be played anywhere.


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7. Apples To Apples Junior

It can be challenging to choose a suitable board game for boys and girls who like fast-paced adventure, but Apple To Apples Junior is different from other games with its appealing word combinations and fun discussion, making it the perfect choice for providing kids with exciting entertainment. This game is suitable for 4 to 8 players, so it is ideal for sharing with friends, and it is sure to produce laughs all round.

The aim of the game is for each player to combine the chosen subject word with one of their player card words, and the winner is the player who can convince the judge that the word on their card is the best match. This game is sure to be funny and light-hearted for all who join in. Parents will love that this game will encourage the development of language skills, all while providing kids with plenty of fun.


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8. Bugs In The Kitchen

This Bugs In The Kitchen Game is one of the top cool games for kids who are 8 years old, as each game is fast-paced and full of excitement. The rules are easy to follow, and there is minimal set-up involved so that the game can be played straight away. Simply roll the die to see which kitchen utensil can be moved, as each player tries to guide the HEXBUG nano bug into their trap.

Each time the bug lands in each player’s trap, they will collect one token, with the winner being the first player to receive five tokens. Each game lasts around 15 minutes, making this the perfect length game for young kids to enjoy. The highlight of the game is that there is no complicated set-up involved, as the box is the game board, so parents can watch as their kids begin playing.


This is an image of kid's bugs in the kitchen board game


9. 5 Second Rule Junior

The junior version of the 5 Second Rule game is sure to come top of the list of fun games for girls 8 years old and above. This game comes with 400 fun questions that kids have to answer in 5 seconds. There is even a cool twisted timer included making sure answers are given within the 5 seconds. Who will provide the funniest answer? When there is time pressure involved, any response is possible.

Players who can successfully answer their questions can move along the board as they battle to be the first to reach the finish. This game is suitable for 3 to 6 players, so it is perfect for sharing with friends at parties, and family will enjoy joining in too. Kids will love playing this funny game, so parents who play will need to be quick with their answers also.


This is an image of kid's 5 second rule junior board game


10. Sorry Game

The Sorry Game is a close resemblance of Frustration, a much loved classic family game, so kids and adults will certainly enjoy this new version. Players pick a card to find out the fate of their pieces as they try to get their four playing pieces home before any of the other players. However, if a piece lands on another players square then it will send the other players piece back to the start, so no one is safe during this game. Who will be the first to get all of their pieces home?

Sorry is one of the most popular games for kids 8 and above, and as a 2 to 4 player game, it is ideal for playing with either friends or siblings. Sorry is the ultimate game of patience that all kids will love playing, and as the game is down to chance, no one will know who is going to win.


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11. The Game Of Life

The Game Of Life is a thrilling game of adventure that allows kids to make life-changing decisions and learn the value of money in a fun, carefree way. It is one of the most popular games for eight year olds, as this unique game for 2 to 4 players is captivating and exciting for everyone who plays it. During this game, players can choose from 31 career cards and decide to take a once in a lifetime vacation as they travel across the board and head to retirement.

Once a player reaches the retirement square, then all debts must be paid, and their final finances calculated. The winner of the game is the player that most money at the end. There are 115 exciting cards included with the game that provide many interesting choices, so no two games are the same. The Game Of Life is the perfect game for all kids to play that promises to offer adventure and excitement.


This is an image of kid's life board game by hasbo


12. Spontuneous The Song Game

Spontuneous The Song Game is the perfect game for all kids who love singing; even adults will enjoy playing this game, so it is sure to be a popular game choice with all of the family. The winner of the game is the player to reach the end of the board first, but to get there, players need to sing at least five words from the tunesmiths trigger word to win a turn at rolling the die.

For added excitement, if a player lands on a spontuneous clef, then they can pick one of the 50 spontuneous cards and complete the challenge for a bonus move. This game can be played by 4 to 10 players, so it is ideal for every party or kid’s play date. Spontuneous is one of the most exciting 8 year old games for girls that will allow kids to show off their song lyric knowledge to their friends.


This is an image of kid's the song game spontuneous


13. Monopoly Junior

Parents often like to buy educational games for 8 year olds so they can learn essential skills while they play. Monopoly Junior is the perfect game with an educational theme that parents will approve of, and kids will find fun and exciting. This Monopoly Junior game is based on the original adult version with many appealing kid-friendly twists. Kids will love the Monopoly tokens, which include the Monopoly hat, Scottie dog, toy car, and Little Hazel.

They will then enjoy traveling around the board, buying kids friendly venues, such as the zoo, toy shop, and candy shop. This game teaches kids essential math skills and the value of money. Once the first player goes bankrupt, the game ends, and each player counts their money. The winner of this game is the player with the most money. Kids will enjoy playing this exciting 2 to 4 player game as they race to buy their favorite venues.


This is an image of kid's monopoly junior board game


14. Trekking The National Parks

Trekking The National Parks is a unique game for kids that aims to educate them about the natural wonders of the U.S. National Parks and inspire their interest in the natural world. During this exciting game, kids will need to collect park cards and trail stones as they explore the fantastic game board. For added appeal, each park card features a stunning photo and incredible fact about each location.

Trekking The National Parks is the perfect game for kids who love nature and exploring the great outdoors, and the varied gameplay ensures that every game is different and full of excitement. Trekking The National Parks is the best of the natural science board game ideas that is perfect for 2 to 5 players, so it is suitable for the whole family to enjoy.


This is an image of kid's the national parks board game


15. Guess Who

Every kid should have the opportunity to play this fantastic classic game of Guess Who, as every kid will love this exciting mystery game. This two-player game is the perfect tabletop game that is suitable for all kids to play. Each player picks their mystery character, and the other player has to guess who they are by asking yes or no questions.

The winner is the first player to guess the other players character correctly. For added excitement, a Guess Who tournament can be set up with the winner being the first player to reach five correct guesses. Guess Who is a quick and simple game to play that can be taken anywhere for added excitement, and it is one of the top fun games for boys and girls that everyone will enjoy playing.


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Best Overall Buy

Clue is our best overall buy as it is a fabulous murder mystery game that the whole family will love playing. Based on a classic game, this new version features a new character Dr. Orchid, which allows up to 6 people to join in playing detective. During this game, the players will need to search Tudor Mansion to discover who murdered Mr. Boddy, in which room and with what weapon. The winner is the first player to solve the puzzle correctly. Kids will love playing this thrilling detective game, so it is sure to become their favorite game.


This is an image of kid's clue board game

Best Budget Buy

Our best budget buy is the 5 Second Rule Junior game, as it is a fun and simple game for all kids to play. It is perfect for friends to play together, as it is suitable for 3 to 6 players, so all can join in. There are 400 question cards included with the game, and each player needs to answer their question in 5 seconds to be able to move along the board. This game is full of fun and laughter and will be enjoyed by everyone who plays it. 5 Second Rule Junior is also one of the most popular games for girls aged 8 and older.


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