Best Board Games For 7 Years Olds


There are various board games for 7 year olds that will bring about family bonding, educational learning while they also have fun. In this post, we reviewed the best board games for 7 year olds,  perfect for intriguing your kid even in your absence.

20 Best Board Games For 7 Year Olds

1. Battleship With Planes Strategy Board Game

This is an image of a classic battleship game by Hasbro Gaming.

Strategy is becoming a way of life for humans as evolution continues to rain down on human development. To make your child a strategic thinker amongst peers, this board game will then be a very suitable way to start.

The game is built with plane and ship supplies that will be needed to carry out strategic battles during the course of the game.

It is also supplied with two mini battle cases that support mobility, so your child can play this game on the move. This game can also be played with adults for maximum pleasure and learning.


This is a beautiful game that teaches strategy and tactics

Game can be easily moved so children can play anywhere


Products appear to be too small to fit in pieces properly


2. Jax Jumbo Sequence Tube Game

This is an image of a jumbo sequence board game by Jax.

This is a very colourful game that will help your child learn colours and at the same time have fun with their friends when playing this game. The game is built in a mat like look which can be played on a table or on the floor of the house.

Jax jumbo sequence can be played amongst a maximum of 12 players. While trying to score the required number needed to win the game, your child gets to learn numbers.

Also, other simple calculations becomes a normal thing as the game proceeds and in the same process total fun is gotten from the game.


Good for simple math learning

Suitable for presentation as a gift

Easy to learn and play


Game manual is not properly detailed


3. 4-Way Shut the Box Dice Game by GrowUpSmart

This is an image of a wooden box dice game by GrowUpSmart.

Does your child like to be challenged? Does your child like the fun that comes with mathematical calculation? Then this is a game that brings the whole package with many more to your child.

This well-crafted game of intelligence is highly interesting even to the point of addiction. This wooden game is beautifully made and it has the green like surface of a football pitch.

This is a highly challenging game that helps to educate your child on basic math while also having fun at the same time.


This is a very good game that will teach your child how to think fast and in a forward direction

Basic math will be learned from this game


The game can sometimes be fragile and prone to breaking up


4. Googly Eyes Family Drawing Game

This is an image of a Googly Eyes family drawing game by Goliath Games.

This is an interesting imaginative game play that will enhance your child’s forward thinking and creativity. Players of this game are supplied with a type of goggle that will make sure users can see clearly while they draw.

The game is built to play on a simple rule with a highly fast game play. Your child’s team is tasked with guessing what he or she is drawing while they must be within specified time.

Creativity and precision is also in bag for getting this game for your child as he or she becomes accustomed with the game.


Educative game with creative experience for the child

Precision is also a plus when your child plays this game


Lenses of the image altering goggle can be tweaked until the right spot for viewing is confirmed.


5. NimNik Classic Tumbling Towers

This is an image of a wooden tumbling tower game by NimNik.

This is a game centralized on educating your kids; this is a game that will give adequate basic mathematical knowledge to your child in a seamless way while the fun is also well pronounced.

It is highly engaging and fun; the game can become a family game as everyone in the family can join in playing the game.

The game was built with a premium wood that has numbers printed on it and it comes in tiles and 4 dice. Your 7 year old will learn a great deal from this as it comes highly recommended for children at that age.


This is a highly educative game that teaches numbers and basic mathematical calculations

Good for party games


 6. Paul Lamond Games 5675 – Jacqueline Wilson Board Game

This is an image of a Jacqueline Wilson Dreams, Dilemmas and Divas board game by Paul Lamond Games.

This is a very fun and engaging game that will make players get tested on their knowledge of their friends; this is best played with your best friends because your task is to find out which of your friends knows you better. This is a game that is associated with the multi award winning author Jacqueline Wilson.

Playing this game will test your knowledge as a true fan of Jacqueline Wilson, the game comes with dice, cards and the board used to play.


Good game for creating bond between best friends and or family members.

Game is good for parties

Can be given as a gift


Cards can get missing if not properly taken care of.


7. Goliath Games ‘Who Tooted?’ Fart Board Game

This is an image of a Who Tooted? board game by Goliath Games.

This is a game of fun that helps the child develop social skills and cognitive enhancements, the game brews moments of togetherness that will last forever in the memories of your child.

This gam teaches focus, precision and mental strength. Players are tasked with making turns to make a toot sound; the game is built to have 10 different sounds to keep the fun alive.

The game can be enjoyed by up to 4 players and it is very nice to see your kids and friends having a great time laughing at themselves because of the engaging fun and also as they learn.


This will kill boredom in the house for sure

Good for social skills and cognitive development

A game that teaches precision


The game is poorly constructed

8. Jax Jumbo Sequence Strategy Game

This is an image of a jumbo sequence board game by Jax.

This is a classic game of numbers, in which players are tasked with scoring the needed number of a five card sequence before their opponent can, once this is done the game has a winner.

This game would practically help your child with numbers and make him or her improve in the soft calculations required in basic math.

The game is built in a fine and durable cushioned mat and can accommodate up to a dozen players which makes it an impressive fun game with lots of learning to be made.


Your child gets to learn basic math calculation and sequence of numbers while playing this game.

Game is very easy to understand and also set up


Some of the mat in some products can become a problem because they don’t lay flat properly


9. Maple Hand-painted 16″ Double-sided Aggravation Game Board

This is an image of a 16 inch wide aggravation game board.

This is one very beautiful and colorful wooden game, its hexagonal shape makes it even more clinical for the eye sight. The game can be played with up to ten players and the fun is always increasing as you progress in the course of the game.

This game is themed a game of aggravation because of its mode of play where a dice is thrown and you can send your opponents marble back to a previous position which gets them aggravated.


Game can be presented as a gift for children

It increases your child’s affinity for numbers

The game is very easy to understand


Product appears too small


10. HABA Animal Upon Animal – Classic Wooden Stacking Game

This is an image of an animal upon animal stacking game by Haba.

Players play against each other in this fast paced game to find out who will be able to place all the animals in the animal pile before others do.

This is an action packed game that helps the children kill boredom and have a classic fun time out with friends while playing the game.

The game is started with the dice roll and this also determines what type of animal will launch the game. It is packed in a yellow and green colored box with all variations of animals boxed in.


Good for fight against boredom


Animal pieces sometimes gets missing


11. Didax Social Skills Board Games

This is an image of a 6 pack social skills board games by Didax.

Your child just became a social elite amongst his or her peers with the acquisition of this very game.

As the name implies Didax social skills board games, it teaches social skills with the help of various games present in the box. The box supplies beautiful unique games. The producers of this game called it ‘the solution to social challenges’.

This tells you as a parent how getting this box of game can be of great help to your child’s social development. The game encourages the players to pay attention, listen and learn to communicate as well.


A game that nullifies worries of a child’s lack of social awareness and intelligence

The game teaches proper communication and attention to detail.


Too predictable to use

Bad choices of words in the game pack


12. Lords of Waterdeep: Scoundrels of Skullport Expansion Board Game

This is an image of a Lords of Waterdeep expansion board game by Wizards of the Coast.

This is a game that runs for around 60 minutes for the players involved. Since the game is depicted after the lords of water deep, players are tasked with finding their way to winning the battle of the under water.

This game is however an upgrade to the Lords of the deep water game because it boasts of new game challenges, new Lords and Buildings.

The game can accommodate up to six players and it is an adventure game that requires paying attention in order to win.


Creates awareness for players of the game

Good to be presented as a gift


13. Learning Resources Money Bags Coin Value Game

This is an image of a Money Bags game board by Learning Resources.

The game is supplied with 100 plastic coins, bills used during the game, markers and dice. The game is played by up to 4 players and this is a game that is best enjoyed for kids.

This is one game that will teach your child about money and how to manage it, for children who are aspiring to be an economist or banker this is one very useful game for a child like that.

Kids who compete in this game are tasked with money collection, counting and exchanging money until the player gets to the end line.


This is good for a child’s development in understanding the scope of money

Good for gift to children


Game can be complex for players at times


14. Pass the Pigs Dice Game

This is an image of a Pass the Pigs dice game by Winning Moves Games.

The game of pigs where the first player to get the pigs to a 100 points wins the game. The game is played by maximum of four players which makes it more interesting to play for the kids.

A beautiful game that is supplied with pig sty plastic, the dice are safely packed inside the dice cup, a pencil amongst others are needed for the game play.

This can also enhance strategic thinking and fast thinking for kids who play this game.


Educative and a direct game play with a lot to learn

Good package for gift


Bad packaging is a dent to the game


15. Battleship Game Retro Series 1967 Edition

This is an image of a classic battleship game by Hasbro Gaming.

The battleship retro game for the 1967 still remains a classic game of battle that will have both players grinning at all times during the game. The game is action packed and it requires a lot of strategic planning to help the player defeat the enemies.

The game’s running time is about 20 minutes long and both players are going to be fighting head to head to conquer the enemies.

The good thing about this game is the action packed game module and the tactical approach the game requires.


Enhances strategic thinking in children


A poorly designed pack


16. Peradix Magnetic Chess, Checkers, and Backgammon 3-in-1 Game Set

This is an image of a 3 in 1 magnetic folding chess set with storage bags by Peradix.

This is a game that helps the decision making of your child or ward, it enhances forward thinking, strategic thinking and helps the child understand what sacrifice is all about.

This 3-1 game of chess is one of the lifelong strategy games that will continue to help the development of both young and adults. The game is fun to play and requires time.

The game is built in a small wooden case that can also house the pieces which makes it mobile and ready for play on a go.


Suitable for gift presentation

The game increases cognitive growth, strategy and forward thinking.


17. Funsparks Magnetic Dart Board Game

This is an image of a magnetic dart board game set by Funsparks.

The dart board game is the home of learning accuracy for children between the age of 7 and above, the pack comes with magnetic darts that makes it safe for children.

The game can be placed on the wall for easy use. It comes with darts, both in green and red colors, and the whole pack is housed in a cardboard box.

This is one of the most interesting game that will fine tune the coordination of your child and the motor skills of your child is also being enhanced.


The game enhances eye and hand coordination

Enhances motor skills

Portable and well presentable as a gift


The promised magnetic hold for the darts is sometimes not firm.


18. The Incredible Math Games Book

This is an image of the Incredible Math Games children's book by DK.

You want your child to be one of the best in mathematical calculations amongst his or her peers? Then this is to game to acquire for them.

This basic and approved mathematical concept building board game will enhance and give your child all the basic knowledge needed to thrive in mathematics while they still have fun doing so.

It is supplied with dice and flaps that will be used during the game play. To start the game players will roll the dice and raise the flaps and the fun begins.


Fun and mathematical concept will all be gotten from this beautiful game


Needs adult monitoring and guide to play

19. Labyrinth Board Game Plus Goblins Expansion

This is an image of a Labyrinth board game with goblins expansion.

A lovely game of adventure that depicts the movie Labyrinth, where Sir Diddymus, Sarah and Hoggle go on an adventure in the goblin city to make sure the goblin king does not capture Toby.

This is a very interesting game of adventure that will have all players on the edge all the way while trying to save Toby.

The supply comes with the main movie characters, the game board, a Calvary, series of game cards and infantries.  The game rule has also changed to favor updates.


Teaches team work

Portable and suitable for a gift


Pieces easily gets missing

The game seem overly expensive


20. CASHFLOW for KIDS Board Game

This is an image of a Cashflow board game for kids.

To learn new things can sometimes be boring and as well can be fun, the present age has made learning so fun and easy. We now have various ways to learn, either by class or by playing board games that teaches new things.

This game will teach your child the basics of accounting and money management. Be assured that basic math concept will be learned with this game.


Teaches math and accounting for kids

Increases social skills through interaction


The game can become boring as time goes on.


Selecting Board Games For 7 Year Olds

While there are lots of Board games in the market, it is almost difficult to find the right one for your child, and you have to surf from ranges of board games out there so as to the right selection for your child.

However, you are able to cut the stress by defining what you want and cutting slim your options by having a criterion for selecting the best board game for your child.

Below are some criteria that will help you choose what’s best for your ward:

  • Safety is an important rule of life so it is necessary for you to choose a safe board game for your child
  • Your child could learn from having fun, so make sure you get an educative board game for your child
  • Affordability of the game can also play a role in your selection of a board game
  • Durability of the game
  • Complexity and how the game is able to draw focus is also an important fact to consider when choosing.

Benefits Of Board Games For Seven Year Olds.

Board games can mean a great thing for your child’s development, at 7 your child is becoming more alert and aware of the environment which makes it a suitable age to get on with life’s lessons and or equip the child with necessary skills to make them successful in their academics.

Wanting your child to have fun and being able to talk about his games amongst his peers is also one of the reasons board games are gotten for children.

Most of these board games come with a full package of benefits depending on what you want to expose your child to during the growing age.

A few of the benefits of board games are listed below:

  • Some board games are good for your child’s cognitive development
  • Some board games at this age help to design the mind of your child to solving problems
  • Mathematical adaptation and understanding can also be a part of the benefits that comes with some board games.


Board games are perfect for engaging kids; physically and mentally, we’ve reviewed the best board games for 7 year olds, making sure he or she learns through playing with board games that will enhance their knowledge and cognitive skills. Get your child to be competitive and socially intelligent with the use of board games.


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