35 Best Board Games For 4 Year Olds


Playing games together generally strengthens the bond between parents and children, siblings and even between friends. Board games don’t only serve as a great medium to connect as a family, they have divers cognitive benefits for kids. 

For a kid aged 4, board games begin to make a whole lot of meaning as they learn social skills such as teamwork, communication, and good sportsmanship. During gameplay, they also develop cogent lifelong abilities like focus, patience, respect and following instructions. 

This article presents a list of 35 exciting board games that can be gotten for 4 years old kids considering at this age, they are able to play simple games with their siblings or friends rather than needing help from an adult (certain games still needs adult supervision though).

Choosing Fun Board Games For 4 Year Olds

There are so many board games that look great and beneficial for kids age 4 years, but getting one that best suits your kids is the essential factor and that can be a little challenging, but there here are a few tips and advice to assist you with that. 

As a parent or children caregiver, buying a game you must consider the educational benefit and how fun the game is for a 4 year old kid. A game that can teach the kid several skills and encourage good attitudinal response will go a long way in the growth and development process of your kid. 

Another important factor to note is the simplicity of the game. Buying a game too complex for a 4 year old kid will only piss him/ her off after several times of trial if he/ she isn’t getting it.

So, you’ve got to go for a game simple and easy to learn and play, yet challenging enough to engage kids problem-solving ability, imagination, and creativity and also keeping older ones or parents interested. 

Benefits of Board Games for 4 year olds 

Board games expose kids to real-life experiences, building up their self esteem and self confidence. Continuous playing of board games develops the logic and reasoning skill, improve critical thinking and boost spatial reasoning. 

In addition to the above, board games help kids to learn to win or lose graciously, teaching good sportsmanship, taking turns, math skill, mental agility and ability to think ahead, actions and its consequences, making tough choices, teamwork and cooperation. 

Board games is also very good for building the family bond. 

35 Fun and Educative Board Games For Four Year Olds.

#1. Soggy Doggy Board Games

Are you ready for super splashing fun as that’s exactly what Soggy Doggy brings to the family game table. “The showering, shaking, wet doggy game” as it’s widely called is an exciting, hilarious and anticipation filled game with no one knowing when the doggy will shake off to dry itself. 

The rule is “if you land on a space with a paw, you get to pump water from the shower to wash soggy doggy, if you land on a space with a faucet, you get to turn the tap to see what happens next, with each turn of the faucet building anticipation as anyone who causes soggy doggy to shake off go back to start the game from the beginning. 

Players roll the die and move their playing pieces around the game board, taking turns to wash soggy doggy. The first around the board and back to the doggy basket wins.

This is an image of an interactive Soggy Doggy toy for kids.


#2. Zingo Number Bingo

Referred to as Zingo 1-2-3, this is a simple and easy to understand reading and counting game built to develop critical thinking skills. It sure will improve kids numbering skills if played often through fun and fast-paced play. 

The set includes 72 Zingo sight words selected by leading educators as the most fundamental for reading development, 6 double side Zingo cards/ boards, and a fun Zinger.  

With two levels of play focus on counting and addition, playing the game requires kids to match numbered tiles to images on their cards with the first player with a full card saying “Zingo”, that is he/ she has won the game.

This is an image of a Zingo board game for kids.


#3. Robot Face Race

Creates by Ivan Moscovich, a veteran toy and game inventor with over a 100 different game, toy and puzzles, the robot face race really turns the gear.

The storyline to the game is “ a crazy machine inventor needs your help to complete a robot he’s building, he’ll show you the body features of the robot, while you help him find a suitable head”. 

To play, kids have to shake the robot randomizer and watch it magically reveal the colors of the robots face, eyes, mouth and nose, then the 2 to 4 players scan the game board which has 120 different robot faces looking for the head that matches the features shown on the randomizer.

The first to find the matching head gets a scoring token, while the first to get 5 scoring token wins the game. 

Robot Face Race


#4. Paw Patrol Pop up Game 

The paw patrol pop game is got a colorful fascinating plastic game board, 16 colored pawns (4 pawns in 4 different colors each) and a pop up die at the middle of the board.

The die is popped by each player to determine the number of step a pawn of theirs would take as they aim to be the first person to move all pawns around the board game. 

The game teaching kids to take turns as the game can be played between 2 to 4 people, developing their spirit of competitiveness in a proper way and instilling the value of good sportsmanship.

Playing this game builds your 4 year old kids minds as it is duly engaged and exercised 

This is an image of a classic Paw Patrol pop up game for kids.


#5. Coder Bunnyz

Exceptional basic programming concept teaching game yet with so much fun play, the game is a product of a combined love for board games and passion for coding. It covers several essential concepts like sequencing, repeat loops, code writing, debugging and more. 

Having 13 different levels, kids could start from the easiest and grow with the game. Your 4 year old kid just have to program his/ her robot bunny game token smartly with his/ her code card to eat the carrot and get to the destination before the others do. 

This is an image of a bunny coding board game for kids.


#6. The Talking, Feeling And Doing Game

An awesome game to get your kids talking. The game is designed to build rapport between parent and children, most especially kids who love to keep to themselves or finds it difficult to express their feelings and opinions on things. 

The game begins with every player (kids and parents) putting their game pawn piece on start. They then take turns to roll the dice, moving their pawns along the squares according to the result of the thrown dice. 

Each player selects a talking, feeling or doing card depending on the color of the square where their pawn lands. Each player receives a token after answering their questions and the player with the most token at the end of the game wins. 

This is an image of a psychotherapy board game for kids.


#7. Fryin Flyin Donuts 

A two-player or two team game with each team aiming to be the first to fill the bakers box. Each player picks one of the six donuts at a time, starting with the largest and into the fryer, after which they the to fly the donut, catch it and then into the  Baker’s box, the first to fry and fly all 3 of their donuts wins the game. 

Fryin flyin donuts is an action packed strategic game that needs little help assembling for kids as the set includes; six donuts in two colors and in three ranging sizes, large, medium and small, electronic fryer assembly with fan, bowl and catching rod and yes, the baker is also included. 

This is an image of a Frying Flying Donut strategy game for kids.


#8. Race To The Treasure Board Game 

Come, race with me and get treasures. This game can be played by 2 to 4 kids with the possibility of every player winning or everyone loosing, that’s if they all get to the treasure before the ogre, if not the player(s) that does, win and any that didn’t, loses. 

Race from start to finish and as you venture the path, collect three keys to open the treasure while also picking up the ogre snacks to try and distract the ogre. Players have to strategize, cooperate and build the path together as that helps kiss to be two steps ahead and comfortably access options. 

The set includes one game board, one pair of dice, 37 game cards, 4 tokens, one ogre snack and an instruction manual. 

This is an image of a Race to the Treasure adventure board game for kids.


#9. Stop, Relax and Think 

An interesting game that encourages kids to express their thoughts and feelings and teaching them how to solve problems. Similar to “talking, feeling and doing game” above but with a different scope. Parents are enjoined to join in on this as they’ll get to learn a lot about their kids, things they might never have though of. The game can be played by up to six players. 

The game is played with all players having a piece or play chip placed at the start position. Going through the squares on the game board, each player pauses, brood and responds to the demand of the square in which their play chip lay, after which a token is given to the player. The player with the most chip at the end of the game, wins. 

This is an image of a Stop, Relax & Think board game for impulsive children.


#10. Pengoloo

Roll the dice and look for the matching colored eggs underneath the penguins. To win the game among the 2 to 4 players, a good memory and little luck will help as you’ll need to correctly map and collect six penguins on your iceberg. 

The pengoloo game set contains 12 penguins, 12 eggs, 2 dice and 4 game board that serves as icebergs. The game helps strengthen the kids color recognition and fine motor skills while developing their memory, social skills and visualization abilities as the advance variation introducing strategic thinking. Placing the penguin in numerical order also enhances number association. 

This is an image of a Pengoloo memory game for kids.


#11. Kids Dart Board Game

This board game provides your kids the exciting privilege of playing the dart game with an assurance of safety as there’s no need to worry about sharp darts causing injury or making holes in the wall. The game set includes one fabric dart board and six colored hook and loop ball for two players. 

Game is played using the hook covered balls as each player take turns to throw 3 colored balls at the target with the aim of hitting the highest number, the total score of each player is determined by the sum of all the numbers he/ she was able to hit. 

This is an image of a hook and look dart board game for kids.


#12. Match It

A terrific learning tool for your 4 year old kid. Match It! is a colorful set of three letters and four letters puzzle game which provides children with an introduction to spelling. The puzzles are self correcting, with only cards set in the correct sequence will fit. 

Kids can learn to spell by playing the game, associating the object with the word and correctly assembling the puzzle pieces. With 20 self correcting puzzle sets (10 each for three letters and four letters), spelling becomes fun, entertaining and easy!  

Continuous play of this puzzle game builds new skills and concepts, allowing kids develop their memory, comprehension, language, math and science skills and teaching the children important social skills like communication, sharing, waiting and taking turns. 

This is an image of a matching and spelling game for kids.


#13. Hi Ho Cherry-O Game.

Hello pumpkins, let’s go pick up your favorite fruits till the basket is full. You can provide your kids with such opportunities to learn the names of their favorite fruits and doing basic math operations like counting, adding and subtracting without even knowing it. 

This exciting game can be played by 2 to 3 kids, though an adult presence for assembling is required to start, with the game board, a spinner with arrow and base, 9 piece puzzle, 4 fruit baskets, 40 fruit pieces (10 each of cherries, blueberries, apples and oranges). 

The game is decided to have been won by the player that’s first to pick up 10 fruits with the spin of the arrow determining how many fruits to be picked or returned to the tree by each player. 

This is an image of a Hi Ho! Cherry board game for kids.


#14. Find It! Dino

These are actually two beautiful, fun and learning games in one, each of which the concept remains to seek out. Find It! The first requires the correct arrangement of a 50 piece puzzle game that will become the board that will be used to play the second. Also included with each puzzle are two sided game pieces that match the object located on the puzzles border. 

The game can be played in two ways; the first is object recognition which requires that the kid(s) place a game piece over the object on the border once it is located inside the illustration. The second way to play is to flip over the game piece and the name of the object appears as the object is identified in the illustration. Then place the word game piece over the same object located at the pictures border. 

This is an image of a Find It! Dinosaurs puzzle board game.


#15. Stacking Board Game

An adorable game for the home and all other child friendly areas designed to develop hand-eye coordination, space intelligence, good body movement and more. With 51 colorful animal blocks, 24 cartoon cards and a dice, the game set is well packaged, sturdy and safe. 

Playing the game, the 51 wooden colored blocks are used to build a tower. Players then take turns to roll the animal dice or pick cards (every four cards corresponds to one animal), kids then pull out a block of same color or with the resultant animal and place it again at the top of the tower. Whoever scatters the tower in the process loses the game. 

This is an image of a Top Bright classic stacking game for kids.


#16. The Fairy Game

The fairy game is a cooperative game where together everyone is a winner or loser. It’s a game that encourages the pursuit of a common goal, in this case which is to banish Mr. Winter from the garden in order to save the fairies’ garden. 

To ensure the above, kids have to gather the hidden magic gem before four snow flakes land on one flower. Special cards allow players to slow down Mr. Winter’s chill and fill the fairies magic wand. Not only will the goal of banishing Mr. Winter be achieved, it will also help kids to discover and value planning and strategy, shared decision making, and cooperation.

The Fairy Game matching game set for kids.


#17. Chutes and Ladders

Climb up and slide down in the exciting game of ups and downs. Great game for helping children learn about numbers and counting, with a foldable game board with spaces numbered one to hundred and diagrams of chutes and ladders, the game is so much fun and can be played by 2 to 4 kids at a go, with each player picking one of the four colored game pieces/ tokens. 

The game play is as exciting as it’s many features with each player taking turns to spin the spinner to determine how many steps to take from whatever spot they are, if they land on a ladder, they climb up to wherever it leads to while they go back certain steps if they land on the chutes. The winner of the game is whoever guides his/ her token to the last number (number 100). 

This is an image of a Hasbro Chutes and Ladders board game for kids.


#18. Cash flow Board Game

Developed by renowned entrepreneur and author of the best selling personal finance book of all time (Rich Dad, Poor Dad), Robert Kiyosaki. This game is the ultimate realization of his vision to teach investing and wealth building, and the very beauty is it’s a game simple enough to be played by your 4 year old kid. 

Every player starts out in what is tagged “the rat race” with the goal been to get out of that circle and move into the fast track which has it’s own track on the same game board. The two tracks can be played independently or together. 

The set comes with a beautiful game board, a stack each of accounting sheets and profession cards, three dices, a pack of coins, two packs of cash flow money notes, four packs of deal cards, six pencils, six rats and cheese pieces. 

This is an image of a Cashflow investing game for kids.


#19. Stack Up Board Game

The idea behind this game is cooperation. Stack Up board game provides fun challenges for everyone, and can be played together by 2 to 6 kids, building the kids understanding of balance, color matching, hand-eye coordination, ability to work cooperatively and creative problem solving skill. 

The goal of the game is to stack 12 blocks before the stack smasher gets to the tower and topples it. To play, kids spin the spinner, stack a block at a time till the goal is achieved. There are three levels of play and 12 challenge moves for added fun during gameplay. 

This is an image of a Stack Up block game for kids.


#20. Busytown, Eye Found it 

With over 6 feet long game board which is divided into three different sections, there are a lot (in hundreds) of mysteries to be solved on the path of the ultimate go to place, the Picnic Island. The board game set comes with 4 movers which makes the game suitable for 2 to 4 persons to play at a go, 4  mover bases, a spinner, 1 ferry tile, 10 magnifying glass token, 6 food tiles, 30 Gold bug cards, a sand times and a manual explaining the game rules. 

The pigs been on a mission to finish all the food on picnic island, the objective of players is to get to picnic island before the pigs are done, players discover hidden objects like traffic light, bucket, flags or ladders with everyone having the opportunity to say; “I found it” on the journey to the island. 

To win, all players must be on the ferry, arriving at the picnic island before the pigs finished eating all the food. The game teaching kiss to pay attention to details, encourages team work and reinforces object identification. 

This is an image of a Busytown kid's board game.


#21. Sequence For Kids

Classic game of sequence just for kids. This interesting and exciting strategy game helps develop logical thinking skills. The game set includes one foldable game board, 42 playing cards, 84 playing chips and a complete instruction manual. 

The game is played by 2 to 4 players, each player plays a card from their hand and places a chip on the corresponding character on the board. The first player with four chips in a row has formed a sequence and wins the game. Among the cards are some special wild cards though, with the unicorn card affording the player the possibility of placing the chip anywhere while the dragon card removes opponent’s chip. 

This is an image of a Sequence board game for kids.


#22. My First Carcassonne

This wonderful board game has been designed such that it’s playable for kids and adults alike with the possibility of 2 to 4 players at a go. Children can be refreshed on the interesting story of Carcassonne; “The streets of Carcassonne are filled with kids who are trying to catch the animal set loose for the festival” 

The aim is to discover the city of Carcassonne, each player plays one tile at a time to build Carcassonne, when you close a street with one or more tiles of your own color, you get to put your pawn on the board. The first player to put all their pawns on the board wins the game. 

This is an image of a My First Carcassonne kid's board game.


#23. Candy Land, The World of Sweet Games

This game is sure to interest your little kids as it features 44 colorful cards, fun illustrations and 4 gingerbread man movers that kids love. It can be played by 2 to 4 kids at a go with the drawn card determining the next step of each player; draw a blue card, move to the next blue stepping stone, draw a snowflake and earn a visit to Queen frostine’s iceberg. 

Its such a delicious travel time as players try to be the first to go all the way to the King Kandy’s castle to win, with enough adventurous stopovers such as peppermint forest, lollipop palace, licorice lagoon and some occasional pitfalls too like the molasses swamp. 

With instructions available, kids are able to learn to play easily learning about turns in game and been gracious as a winner or loser. 

This is an image of a Hasbro Candy Land board game for kids.


#24. Max

Your kids can be the hero that saves the day from the wild cat called Max by getting the little creatures home before Max, the villain tomcat catches and eats them. Kids don’t play against each other in this particular game, they rather help each other through the game challenges with that fostering the spirit of cooperation in them. 

Amazingly, the game can be played by up to 8 persons using logic, consultations, cooperate decisions making and strategy to derive their goal. The game’s special dice have single spots; black and green, the black spot moves Max, the green moves one of the little creatures with the kids deciding which to move in order to beat Max. 


#25. Orchard game

Another cooperation enhancing game. Simplified variation of the classic Orchard game adapted to suit the very young ones with materials specifically designed for small children’s hand. The game set contains 10 apples, 10 pears, 10 pairs of cherries, 4 basket, 1 raven jigsaw (9 pieces), 1 color die with symbols and the game board. 

Played by 4 people, each player is given a basket and turns are taken to roll the die, the player picks a fruit of the corresponding color and puts it in his/ her basket. If there are no more fruits of that color, nothing is done and the die is passed immediately to the next person as they must together gather all the fruits before the raven jigsaw in the middle is finished. 

This is an image of a Orchard game by Haba designed for kids.


#26. Hoot Owl Hoot

Colorful, beautiful board game playable for 2 to 4 kids with several skills to be learnt from continuous play of the game, such as strategic thinking, social skills, ability to plan ahead and working as a team. Apart from the game board, the game pack includes 1 sun token, 6 owl token, 14 sun cards and 36 color cards. 

The game is played with each player drawing a card and moving their token to the space of the color drawn on the board, if a sun card is drawn, then player is one step closer to daylight (end of the game). All the owl (tokens) must reach finish line before the sun rises to win. 

This is an image of a Hoot Owl Hoot matching game for kids.


#27. Hungry Hungry Hippos

A delicious good time and immense fun await kids as they play the Hungry hippo game. Children can play as hungry hippo or as any of his pals, Veggie potamus, Sweetie potamus or Bottomless potamus. Join in the feeding frenzy when you release all the marbles unto the game base. 

The game base includes the four hippo heads and bodies, 4 marble launcher plus 20 marbles for them to chomp. Kids will have to move fast as all other hippos will be chomping too. The hippo with the highest chomped marble or that which chomps the only golden marble wins the game. 

This is an image of a Hungry Hippos feeding board game.


#28. The Picnic Spinner

Such a simple yet wonderful game. The experience is amazing as the game transforms completely the environ to a realistic picnic settings. It’s high quality and little ones just adore it, the set includes a real picnic cloth that just really brings that picnic feeling anywhere the game is played. 

The objective of the game is to be the first to have one of each of this item; a plate, main dish, fruit, vegetable utensil, napkin, drink and desert. So the game is set out with the spread of the table cloth, with the 2 to 4 players taking their spot and taking turn to spin the spinner. 

You must get a plate first before you can get other things. There are also openings on the spinner for removal of an item you already got like land on a ant, and a piece of your food will be taken away, land on an item you already have, your turn ends. What a sweet game to learn to take turns and follow rules. 

This is an image of an Eeboo spinner game for kids.


#29. Pete The Cat 

Based on the best selling book series, Pete the Cat game introduces kids to simple learning concepts wrapped up in fun game. Kids learn color recognition, counting and decision making skills. Pete the cat is the coolest cat ever and kids love to move and groove with him. 

Containing 40 buttons, 4 button jar boards, 4 stands, 4 game pieces, a game board with spinner and instruction. Kids move around the board, collecting and loosing buttons. When all the buttons are gone, the player who has the most in the button jar wins. 

This is an image of a Pete the Cat button game for kids


#30. Diggin Doggies Board Games.

Help your doggie find all his missing bones and bring them back to the dog house. Learning to play this game will be way easier than teaching your dog to fetch. The game package contains 12 bones in four colors, one die and four plastic doggy playing pieces. 

The aim is to be the first to help your doggie collect all his bones and you win. Get them nose down to the bone and watch as they magically pick it up with their magnetic noses. Place all the bones color side face down in each dugout space around the board, place the doggies in their respective kernels and roll the die. Choose a direction and hop as many spaces as the die indicates. 

This is an image of a doggie board game for kids.


#31. Dinosaur Escape

The dinosaurs are out and volcanoes are about erupting, the only safe place is the dinosaur island. Kids are entrusted with the responsibility of getting the dinosaur back home before the eruption of the volcanoes. The game is a  combination of memory, matching and speed with the kids working together for a common goal. 

Kids play the die in turns to move the three lost dinosaur tokens (triceratops, stegosaurus and brachiosaurus) around the board and back to safety, uncovering the matching dinosaur under the fern tokens before the completion of the 3D volcano puzzle and everyone wins. 

This is an image of a Dinosaur Escape kid's board game.


#32. Don’t Step In It

Have fun watching your kids play and explore with different game options. Kids can play with their friends or play solo. The game set includes a game mat, a blindfold, 4 cans of compound, plastic mold, spinner board with arrow and base and instruction leaflet. 

The game mat is spread out and little piles of compound molded in poop form are placed strategically on the mat. Kids then try to walk through on the mat blindfolded without stepping on the poop. A player spins the spinner to determine the number of steps that must be taken on the mat. The player with the lowest poop step wins the game. 

This is an image of a Don't step in it by Hasbro.


#33. Wooden Horse Race Strategy Board

The wooden horse race strategy board is an exclusive game guaranteed to bring an entirely new level of fun and interest with its simple to learn and play guidelines, kids will definitely stay glued to this on and learn about racing, chance and circumstance. 

The game comes complete with instructions on how to play though it’s rules are flexible enough that you can decide a set of rules for the number of people to play, with 11 wooden movable horses which stays nicely on the board, you can have up to 11 different kids play at the same time. 

Other accessories and play items of the game are a full deck of playing cards, two dice and ten plastic chips that can be used as basic betting currency. 

This is an image of a horse racing board game for kids.


#34. The Yoga Garden Game

Created by a children specialized Yoga teacher, the game teaches kids to have fun with one another rather than against each other. Since many yoga positions are names after animals and objects found in nature, kids can use their imaginations while learning different poses. 

The set includes a beautifully illustrated yoga garden game board, 1 bee shaped marker, 8 pie shaped night pieces, 8 circular flower pieces, 24 yoga kids pose cards, 1 die and a rule book. Players move the marker around the board, learning classic yoga postures and having the privilege to invent their own 

This is an image of a Yoga game designed for kids.


#35. The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game

An interesting color learning, strategic thinking social skills building game. A sneaky snacky game fun and also provides kids with a squirrel token they could play with ordinarily as toy, the game pack also includes 20 colored acorns, 4 logs, one spinner and a game board. 

Game can be played by 2 to 4 players. Each player take turns to spin the spinner, squeeze the matching colored acorn with the sneaky snacky squirrel, and place it into their log. The game becomes more fun and challenging with players needing to be strategic as the spinner could bring the option of “steal an acorn” or “lose an acorn”, the first player to fill his/ her log with delicious acorns win. 

This is an image of a Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel board game for kids.


Overall Best Board Game for 4 year olds 

This could be peculiar for each child.

The feeling, talking and doing game is a great game that really builds rapport and a bond between parents and kids, which could go a long way in their lifelong relationship experience.

The sequence for kids board game is another with huge mental and educational benefit for kids, it’s a classic game with so much fun but for us, the HOOT OWL HOOT board game takes the prize for the overall best board game for a 4 year old kid, as kids can be play this alone without the need for supervision when parents are busy and could also be played together with parents considering its challenging enough to engage the mind of an adult. The game also comes with several educational and social benefits. 


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