Best Board Games for 11 Year Olds

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Did your search for a suitable board game to give a deserving eleven-year-old lead you here? If you have tried getting one without a proper guide like this, you must have been overwhelmed by the sheer number and different types of board games available. Not to worry, we have here a list of the very best board games for 11 year olds invariably eliminating the stress that comes with choosing from so many.

We evaluated hundreds of these games to arrive at the 15 in this guide. So be rest assured that any game you pick would deliver on its promises. And we can guarantee that no matter the size of your budget, you’ll find a game worthy of your investment and the kid’s time.


15 Best Board Games for 11 Year Olds

Below are the 15 board games that came through the evaluation process. Each game in this guide made it on merit so you are guaranteed the best of everything you wanted in a board game no matter your choice.

1. Ticket To Ride

Ticket to Ride seems like an apt name to kick off our awesome board games for eleven year olds review. So grab your ticket and enjoy the exciting ride this popular board game of strategy offers; or to be more precise, the endless exciting ride for kids would get from playing.

Between 2 – 5 players can play the game that is basically about building roads to connect towns or cities. Players score more points for building longer and more scenic routes. But they must watch out as opponents employ different tactics to sabotage their efforts while also trying to build competing routes.This is an image of kid's days wonder ticket to ride board game


2. Jumanji

Now an exciting movie, Jumanji is a pulsating game of adventure in the jungle with wild animals and other perils stalking players each step of the way.

Designed for 2 – 4 players,  it is basically a race against time to see who would be the last man standing among the heroes attempting to save Jumanji from destruction. Players track their journey on the game board with a pawn while their progress is determined by an 8-sided die.

Along the way, they also have to solve puzzles on cards to stay alive! In Jumanji, finishing the game is the only way out!This is an image of kid's jumanji action boad game



3. Gravity Maze

With over 60 challenges of increasing difficulty, Gravity Maze is a game that combines certain aspects of marble run and requires planning and spatial skills to get the desired outcome. The multiple award winner is currently one of the top games for kids. Adults too would get tons of joy playing.

The underlying idea behind the game involves building diverse and colorful towers to create a path for the marble all the way to the target. This is a brilliant game that helps to develops problem-solving, planning, and STEM skills in children.This is an image of kid's marble logic board game


4. Exploding Kittens

Cat-loving kids would love this beautifully-designed game that includes cards with hilarious illustrations. The drawings on the cards, apart from being attractive, give the game that extra charm kids love.

Also perfect for teens and adults with a maximum of up to 5 people playing simultaneously, it is easy to play and lasts about 15 minutes. Basically, players take turns to pull cards from the main pack while hoping they don’t get an ‘exploding kitten’ card.

The unfortunate player to pick that card ‘explodes’ invariably losing. But with the right strategies, such as using special cards to distract the killer Kittens, skip turns, peek at the deck, or sneakily relocating the exploding kitten, a smart player can avoid losing.This is an image of kid's kittens card game


5. Prime Club

Prime Club is one of the newest games on the block and a testament of how amazing it is for kids can be found in the number of rave reviews it is getting around the world.

Perfect for inspiring math learning among pre-teens using the power of prime numbers, the game is dynamic and easy to play with a high replayability value. Players would have to rely on a bit of luck, but a superior game strategy is required to win.

Designed for 2-4 players, the gameplay involves the use of two 10-sided dice and using the numbers that show after throwing to advance the two pawns either through subtraction, addition, multiplication, or division. The aim is to be the first to get to the target circle while avoiding opponents pawns.This is an image of kid's math for love board game


6. Here Kitty, Kitty!

Next on our list of games for girls of age 11 we have Here Kitty, Kitty! It is another excellent game a cat-loving kid would adore. It is easy to learn, fast, and exciting with players putting in all they have, even it means stealing, to gather as many cats as possible and consequently earn more points.

Any of the 40 cats are fair game adding excitement to the game as opponents attempt to outwit one another in the cat-collecting business. Points are allocated depending on where kittens are placed with house cats attracting the highest points of 5. Porch and yard cats are allocated 3 and 0 points respectively.This is an image of kid's kitty board game


7. Bugs in the Kitchen

There are so many ways of dealing with bugs in the kitchen. This game by Ravensburger provides an exciting and creative option for kids to learn how to manage bugs: by using common kitchen utensils and other objects arranged in a maze. You bet bugs would be so confused they would rather not be found in that kitchen!

Designed for 2 – 4 players, the game comes with a die that determines the utensils players have to move on the board. The aim is to cleverly create a path or maze to guide the bug into your trap before other players. Trapping a bug earns a player a token and the first to reach 5 tokens wins.This is an image of kid's bugs in the kitchen board game


8. Herd Your Horses

What do 11 year olds like apart from watching their favorite TV shows and being generally naughty? One answer would be horses or playing with horses at a ranch. The exciting game delivers a bit of that from the horse’s or rancher’s perspective.

Kids get to be horses or ranchers in this beautiful game that is loaded with facts and 3 amazing adventures.

Suitable for 2 – 4 players, the pack comes with 42 adventure cards, the game board, one die, 55 glossy horse cards, and 4 horse playing pieces. A booklet containing the rules of the game as well as a reading list and fun information about horses is also included in the pack.This is an image of kid's horses board game


9. Splendor

In about 30 minutes, the maximum length of time a game should last, kids have to prove their mettle as wealthy renaissance-era merchants dominating the trading environment with the best deals. The aim is to be crowned the richest and most famous of merchants by acquiring the most jewels, taking over mines, buying shops, and purchasing the best means of transportation.

The game’s pieces include development cards and precious stones as the most important currencies. There are 90 of these development cards with different values and 40 precious stones of different colors. The rules of the game are easy to understand and kids can become adept in no time at all – this is perfect if you’re looking for fun games for 11 year olds boys and girls. This is an image of kid's splendor board game


10. Escape the Room: Stargazer’s Manor

This is an exciting game of mystery and logic that also helps to develop critical thinking skills in kids. Players – up to 8 can play at once – have to work together to solve the challenging puzzles that are accompanied by intriguing storylines. This makes it an excellent collaborative game that is perfect for family game nights.

The puzzles are not so difficult that kids can’t solve alone and most importantly, they would have a blast playing.

The game pack comes with a scene card, sealed envelopes containing secret items, a solution wheel, and a high-quality booklet containing the game’s instructions.This is an image of kid's escape the room stargazers manor board game


11. Aggravation

The only reaction expected from kids after being ‘aggravated’ by a smarter opponent is to play again to be the winning ‘aggravator’.

Great for developing strategic thinking and social skills, the game is mostly about strategy with players attempting to capture other players’ pieces by landing on their space. Strategies in the game can include taking a variety of shortcuts to get across the board swiftly.

Designed for up to 6 players, each game takes about 30 minutes. As well as the colorful board, the pack includes 30 marbles made of non-toxic plastic, one die, and the instructions guide.This is an image of kid's aggravation board game


12. Tsuro

Tsuro is one of the coolest and best 11 year old games of strategy that is very easy to play with each game taking no longer than 20 minutes on average. This makes it fast and exciting; players (2 – 8) more likely to play more games than calling it a day.

To win, players have to ensure their game token is the last on the board. This makes it a  straightforward game of wits and skills as players find ways to eliminate opponents’ tokens from the board. This can be via pushing the tokens to the edge of the board or strategically building routes that prevent them from advancing any further.

The whole family would enjoy playing the game. As well as the game board, the pack comes with 35 path tiles, a dragon tile, and 8 dragon pawns.This is an image of kid's the game of the path board game


13. Survive: Escape From Atlantis

For about 45 minutes, some lucky kids are in for a treat in this game of suspense and wild adventures. The question is, who can escape the sinking island of Atlantis with the most valuable possessions before time runs out?

Designed for 2 – 4 players, the objective is the escape to nearby islands. The journey to safety is made even more difficult by the number of game pieces in the escape party: players control 10 people, valued from 1 – 6, and have the option of swimming or using boats to escape while ensuring they avoid water snakes, sharks, killer whales, and much more. This is one of the most exciting boy or girl games 11 and up. This is an image of kid's survive escape from atlantis board game


14. The Scrambled States of America

Does your kid love geography? Or perhaps you want them the pick more interest in the subject? This game is what you want to get them reeling out the names of even obscure places in America in no time at all – it’s one of the best gifts for eleven year old boys and girls.

All the basic but vital requirements of awesome children’s games can be found here: the board is colorful, the game is fast, and it is easy to understand.

Using 60 scramble cards and 50 state cards, players answer simple questions about the location of US states before attempting to resolve the Scrambled Challenges. The player with the most cards gets the Head of State bragging rights.This is an image of kid's the scrambled states of america board game


15. King of Tokyo

Concluding our list of the best games for 11 year olds we have King of Tokyo. This is a fast-paced game that delivers tons of excitement for the 2 – 6 players all vying to become the undisputed King of Tokyo. Before getting the crown though, there is the simple matter of trying to destroy baleful aliens, monsters, huge robots, and other evil creatures causing havoc in the city.

The game uses 6 dice, each one bearing symbols, to give players options on what their next move or combination of moves would be. There are many facets and sub-plots to the game so players have to concentrate deeply. It is easy to play though, with the included rules book explaining the finer points as well as the basic moves.This is an image of kid's king of tokyo board game


Factors to Consider When Buying Board Games for Kids Aged 11

When it comes to choosing board based games for kids, shoppers are spoilt for choice. But that could also pose some problems that can be reduced to this: with different types of board games on offer, want is the guarantee that that a particular choice would be great for the kid?

Though life offers few guarantees, with this guide and the tips below, picking the best ones your kids would adore will be like a walk in the park.


Most of these games require critical thinking to play. But some are more complex than others and might be too challenging for some kids.

If a game is too challenging, kids would lose interest fast. So also is a game that is too easy. After playing it for a while, it becomes just another boring, unexciting game.

Paying attention to the age rating – usually printed on the pack – of the game is the best way to determine if it is too complex or too easy for your kid.


Even at 11, kids still need their playthings to be very colorful. Attractive designs have a way of focusing their attention on the board, which is why this is an important consideration when choosing games for girls 11 and up.

Also, ensure the games are made from quality materials that can withstand constant handling. You don’t want a game that goes to pieces after a few weeks.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to determine quality by simply looking at the pack. Looking up the online reviews from people who have bought it is the easiest way to resolve this issue. These reviews usually paint a fairly accurate picture of the quality of your choice.

That said, all the games in this review were carefully vetted for quality.

The number of players

It wouldn’t be smart to get a game designed for one or two people if you know there are many kids around. It is always better to get a game that allows at least 4 people to play simultaneously.

Generally, it’s more fun when many people are playing. This is good for the development of social skills and bonding with family and friends.

Safety Concerns

If there is a chance that kids far younger than 11 would have access to and play the game without adult supervision, it would be better to avoid them if the game contains small pieces or parts.

Though kids of 11 are old enough to avoid choking on small parts, younger siblings or other kids are very susceptible.


Best Buy

Obviously, not every kid aged 11 is expected to adore horses, Herd Your Horses though, is more about enjoying a mentally stimulating game than the fact of ranches or horses.

We were impressed by the quality and design of the board and game pieces. They were made to last a long time.

Also impressive are the multiple challenge levels making it a highly replayable game with easy-to-understand rules, and an educational aspect that includes a useful reading list and interesting facts about horses. All these and more makes it a truly top game for kids.This is an image of kid's horses board game



Top Budget Buy

Jumanji simply had to be our pick for a budget board game for kids age 11. The game has everything you’d wish for kiddy’s board-based games: not difficult to play but very exciting and fun.

The colorful and glossy design of the board is quite impressive. The cards and other game pieces are made of high-quality materials and would hold up well to repeated handling without losing their luster.This is an image of kid's jumanji action boad game