Best Beyblade Burst Launcher


Beyblade Burst gamers know that a combination of the Beyblade launchers and grip can give you an edge during battle.  An expensive and sophisticated launcher can be spoilt by the grip alone. This is why I have reviewed the best Beyblade burst launcher in this article.

The power, control and precision of your launch can be increased significantly to give you an edge if you got your launcher and Beyblade launcher grip just right.

If you are a total newbie to Beyblade and their launchers, perhaps a few words about the game are appropriate.

Top 10 Best Beyblade Burst Launchers: String & Grip

1. Beyblade Burst Supergrip Launcher

This is an image of a white beyblade launcher for kids.

This white Beyblade launcher has the distinction of having a 9-inch long ripcord making it excellent for generating greater spinning power in the Beyblades.

The grip is also big enough for more control of the spinning tops during launch. It would sit comfortably in the hands of a user since it is neither too heavy nor too light.

Made of strong plastic, it is compatible with all Beyblade tops and other accessories manufactured by Beyblade.

Unfortunately, the launcher has limited use as it is not compatible with Beyblades spinning tops and busters made by other manufacturers. Apart from that, it is an awesome launcher to have when you need a replacement.


2. Beyblade Burst B-88 Bey Launcher LR

This is an image of a red Beyblade burst launcher by Takara Tomy.

The B-88 bey launcher by Takara Tomy is a red and black string launcher designed like a star wars spaceship.

So many users have only good things to say about this product. It is ranked as one of the best Beyblade burst launchers in the world.

The launcher can spin a top either left or right. A clever device under the cord is used to change the mode easily to either a left or right spinning launcher. This makes it compatible with left and right spinning Beyblades.

The plastic is sturdy and generally lasts a long time. However, kids with small hands would find it uncomfortable to use as it might be too large for them. And it is relatively pricier than most launchers.


3. Beyblade Burst Evolution Dual Threat Launcher

This is an image of a red dual bayblade launcher.

The Burst Evolution Dual Threat launcher is the closest the manufacturers, Beyblade, have to the B-88 above launcher by Takara Tomy.

It is also a red and black, plastic string launcher that is compatible with either a left or right spin Beyblade burst top. However, this comes with a far lower price tag and kids would find it easy to hold.

It creates a very strong spin enhancing the special qualities of any Beyblade. But it is only compatible with Beyblade bursts tops and accessories.

Unlike the B-88 though, it is not very durable and the string might not work after some time. But when it works, it is one of the best Beyblade burst launchers.


4. Beyblade Burst B-39 Bey Launcher White

This is an image of a white bayblade burst launcher by Tomy.

The B-39 white launcher seems to be the cheaper version of the B-88. But it comes with a few limitations though. It is not as strong as the B-88 but for a simple launcher, it is good, simple and steady.

Basically, it would competently do what it is supposed to do without spoiling the fun.

While it is a very good launcher for people who love practicing alone, it is only compatible with right spinning beys. Also, it only works with burst-only Beyblades.

On the bright side though, it is compatible with Hasbro products so a player has a wider range of accessories to work with. Gamers are advised to oil the string it might wear off pretty fast after some time.


5. Poveyan Bey Battling Right Spin String Launcher

This is an image of a blue bayblade launcher and grip by Poveyan.

Sometimes, a simple basic concept is all you need to have an awesome device. That is where this launcher excels. It is a simple string launcher with a detachable grip that produces a surprisingly powerful spin for something so basic.

The plastic launcher is compatible with almost all spinning tops made by Takara Tomy. You won’t get the same compatibility with Hasbro products though.

The learning curve is easy and kids who know how to manipulate a launcher quickly adopt it as their favorite.

This is a modestly priced launcher. Not the cheapest though. The manufacturers could have used better quality products for durability.


6. Beyblade Burst B-93 Digital Blue Sword Launcher

This is an image of a blue digital sword launcher by Takara Tomy.

The B-93 is one in the series of sword-shaped launchers by Takara Tomy. However, gamers would be excited by the integrated LCD screen that would inform the user how powerful or strong the launch was.

The launcher is rather huge compared to other launchers. The grip is big and good for kids and gamers with large hands.

The plastic ripcord launcher is compatible with left and right spin tops. But a design flaw makes it possible for some Beyblades like the Mad Miniboros to get stuck when launching them.

This is reputed to be the best left launcher around.  And of course, since the launcher is a bit hi-tech, you’d expect it to be relatively more expensive.


7. Beyblade Burst B-78 Launcher, Black

This is an image of a black bey launcher by Takara Tomy.

The B-78 launcher is almost the same type of launcher with the B-39 except for two things: this is black and for some reason, it is pricier than the B-39.

Aside from that, kids would have almost the same level of fun with it. The launcher is specific for right spin tops only and shoots a Beyblade more strongly than light bays.

The plastic string comes with a 17-inch string making it perfect for gamers with longer arms.

Though there are launchers that can generate more spin, this is perfect for precision and controlled launch.


8. Beyblade Burst B-70 Sword Launcher

This is an image of a blue beyblade sword launcher by Takara Tomy.

The B-70 Sword Launcher would make a fine replacement or addition to any gamer’s collection. It is a ripcord launcher that follows the fine tradition of sword launchers in providing power, and precision for either left or right-spinning Beyblades.

The blue plastic launcher is easy to hold even for kids with small hands. You would be able to get a good spin without much effort.

However, like all ripcord launchers, the thread on the cord wears off rather quickly leading to loss of power during launch. And the price is a bit on the high side for a ripcord launcher.


9. Beyblade Burst B-124 L Launcher

This is an image of a long yellow bey launcher by Takara Tomy.

The yellow and black Beyblade Burst B-124 launcher is a great launcher that would make an awesome present for someone who needs a different sort of launcher or a specialized left spinning launcher.

Apart from the launcher, the set comes with a carabiner grip, weight damper, proof frame, an instructions manual, and a bay code card.

This string launcher is not by any means a cheap Beyblade launcher. But its compatibility with Geist Fafnir makes it worthwhile to many lovers of the game.

The shots are powerful and the Fafnir-reinforced frame ensures a good grip and consistency during launch.


10. Beyblade Burst B-45 Light Launcher

This is an image of a light and long orange bey launcher by Takara Tomy.

The B-45 launcher is one cool light launcher from Takara Tomy. It does everything you’d expect a light launcher to do and more.

With this launcher, adjusting the grip of your winder hand is easy. This allows you to retain control and balance to generate enough power during launch without compromising on precision.

The ripcord itself is compatible with other light launchers. But in some models, getting left rotation could be tricky or even impossible.

The plastic product is durable and would serve you for a long time; and you don’t have to put a big hole in your credit card to get one; the price tag is on the average side.


What is Beyblade?

Beyblade is a popular game among kids based on a Japanese anime TV show. The Beyblade itself is a spinning top toy.

To play the game, you need a launcher and arena also known as Beyblade Stadium or beystadium, and the spinning tops or beys.

The beys too come in different shapes, sizes and complexity. You can read more on the spinning top beys and the top 10 Beyblades here.

How to play Beyblade game

  1. The game is played by two or more players
  2. The game starts after the signal is given. The universally accepted signal is the countdown by the players saying, ‘3,2,1, Let It Rip!’
  1. The players then launcher their Beyblades (or beys) into the beystadium that should be placed on a flat surface. The floor or a table would do.
  2. Only one bey can be launched at a time.
  3. The game ends when a player’s Beyblade stopped spinning, knocked down or bounces out of the arena.
  4. A player cedes 3 points if they touch the arena. That particular game is over at that point
  5. Players lose a point to their opponents if they fail to launch their bey into the arena
  6. Touching an opponent’s Beyblade attracts a 1 point penalty.
  7. The first player to get to 7 points wins the game.

Types of Beyblade launchers

There are several types of launchers. All of them fall into any of the following categories.

  • Precision strike launcher
  • Dual threat launcher
  • String launcher
  • Supergrip launcher Ripcord launcher
  • Bey launcher
  • Metal Fusion launcher
  • Rev up Launcher

String vs. Ripcord launchers

Most launchers are either A Beyblade string launcher or ripcord launcher. These are the most common type of launchers.

Many schools of thought believe that Beyblade string launchers are better than Beyblade ripcord launchers.

Ripcord launchers tend to wear off faster string launchers thereby losing their ability to produce powerful spins.

Again, String launchers are easier to use. You don’t have to re-attach the string as you’d do with a ripcord launcher after every launch. This is very convenient.

More importantly, a string launcher rips better than a ripcord launcher because it is easier to apply more force with a Beyblade string launcher.

Beyblade launcher grip

Some Beyblade launchers come with a grip while others have features where a grip can be attached. Grips can be bought independently of the launcher.

There are several types of grips. The one you choose would depend on how comfortable and balanced the grip is when you hold it. Obviously, this would determine the stability and precision of your launch.


So these are the best beyblade burst launchers to look out for any time you wish to get the game as a present for your kids or for the family.

Many of these launchers come with an instruction manual on how to attach the Beyblade to the launcher. It is easy though. It is simply of matter of snapping in the spinning tops in its slot and you are ready to RIP!

On a final note, if you are getting the launcher for your kid and you have no idea about the game, the smart move is to ask what they need. That way, you won’t waste time and money getting something they already have or is useless to them.


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