20 Best Board Games for 6 Year Olds 2019

This is an image of a Guess Who?

Your 6 year old is at that point in their development when many of the necessary skills needed for life are now very apparent. Their social skills are improving, and they have a handle on their emotions and self-control.

With increasing maturity comes the need to get games suited to their new-found abilities. Few games can deliver the requisite levels of fun, excitement and mental stimulation they need to aid their development.

However, not all board games for 6 year olds come with all these qualities. It is normal to get a game you think is worthy of your kids time only to discover they don’t fancy it. Sure, they would go through the motions of playing the game but you can tell their heart someplace else. They discard the game after a while.

Many parents make the mistake of assuming just about any game is as good as the next. But kids board games without a certain level of fun, excitement, mental stimulation, and variety is of no use to anybody including adults.

If the above aptly describes your attempts to get awesome games for kids age 6, you have come to the right place. We have done all the heavy lifting and reviewed 20 of the trendiest and classic games that are guaranteed to make a great impression on kids.


20 Best Board Games for 6 Year Olds 2019

Below are 20 great games we are sure any kid aged 6 would love. The selection is from a wide variety of game types ensuring there is something for every kid and even some adults too.

1. Sequence by Jax

Sequence is an exciting game of strategy that is great for developing STEM skills in young kids. The whole family, divided into teams, can also join the fun to see who comes tops.

The game is easy enough to grasp the fundamentals. The first person or team to place 5 chips in a row on the board wins. Where the chips are placed depends on the card played.

The chips are made from strong non-toxic plastic while the board and cards are made from thick, high-quality cardboard ensuring they won’t get torn easily.This is an image of a Sequence board game by Jax designed for kids.

2. Multicolored Robot Turtles STEM and Coding Game by Think Fun

Inspired by an actual computer learning language, Robot Turtles is a fun way to teach your child the basics of computer coding/programming and making fun turtle sounds while at it.

You would love that the game is very easy to learn. The instruction manual explains the basics clearly and your kid would start playing almost immediately.

Suitable for 2 to 5 players, the game gets more interesting as kids get used to it. There are increasing levels of difficulty with new code cards and more obstacles.This is an image of a Robot Turtles coding board game for kids.

3. Labyrinth Family Game by Ravensburger

Labyrinth is one of the best board games for kids featuring a complex maze and mythical figures such as a genie, ghost, dragon, and flying creatures like owls and bats.

You would be pleasantly surprised at how clever your kid is as they attempt to find the shortest route through the constantly changing maze while trying to discover all their characters and objects. The first to make it back to the starting point is the winner.

Designed for up to 4 players and challenging enough to be enjoyed by adults, it is easy to learn and comes with 24 strong treasure cards, 34 maze cards, and 4 playing pieces.This is an image of a Labyrinth board game for kids.

4. Multicolor Guess Who? by Winning Moves Games

Find out if your kid is going to be the next Sherlock Holmes with this exciting 2-player mystery game beloved by kids for over 3 decades. This version by Winning Moves

Games brings all the excitement of the classic with some added features added to take the fun level several notches higher.

Featuring illustrated instructions, players have to guess who the mystery person is by answering questions. the correct answers to the questions are all that is required to get it right! The first player to guess the hidden character wins that round.

The game pack comes with 2 plastic game boards with built-in frames to hold the face cards, 48 small face cards, and illustrated instructions.This is an image of a Guess Who? kid's board game.

5. Settle, Trade and Build on Catan Board Game by Catan Studios 

Can a kid can conquer, tame and settle the wilds of Catan? That is the question this game seeks to answer. Catan is a game of strategy suitable for between 3 and 4 players. The players have to use their skills and imagination to create thriving communities from nothing.

The game takes about 60 minutes to complete. So much thought goes into making headway 1 hour would seem like a quarter of an hour.

Players have to build and cleverly develop their community while watching out for sneaky, opposing developers who might try to stop their progress with so many devious schemes.

Each new game is different from the last and how each game ends can never be predicted.This is an image of a Catan board game designed for kids.

6. Hoot Owl Hoot! Cooperative Game by Peaceable Kingdom

The sun is the enemy and it’s coming to get all the lovely owls! It is mission impossible as kids attempt to usher the owls home before the sun rises and destroys them, or is it impossible?

You would find that out in this cooperative game for kids. The kids would have to work together to accomplish the objective. It is fun and teach social skills and strategy while having fun.

The game is recommended for 2-4 players and includes a game board, 6 owls of different colors, a sun token, 35 color cards, 14 sun cards, and an illustrated instructions booklet.This is an image of a Hoot Owl Hoot matching board game for kids.

7. Harry Potter’s Clue by USAOPOLY

It is time to take a trip around the creepy hallways and hidden doorways of Hogwarts with this game designed for Harry Potter fans. Even non-fans would love tackling all the surprising mysteries involved.

This is an awesome board game for 6 yr olds and above. The whole family would also love to be part of the many mysteries of Hogwarts as the featured wheels turn to reveal secret passages.

Kids can choose to be any of their favorite Harry Potter characters. The character options include Harry Potter, Hermione, Weasley, Newville Longbottom, and Luna Lovegood.

This is an image of a CLUE Harry Potter edition mystery board game for kids.


8. The Classic Connect 4 by Hasbro Gaming

If you remember playing this game as a kid, you’d want to relive all the fun times you had through the eyes of the current generation of kids. This version, though, comes with a new twist with the addition of blue Blocker Discs that open doors to reveal new strategies.

Designed to be played by 2 kids at a time (even adults can play),  it is all about who gets 4 checkers in a row first. But, each player must figure out a way to outwit the blocker discs obstructing their path.

The game can start anywhere on the board and players can choose to arrange the four discs anyway they want: horizontally, stacked upwards, or diagonally. This is a clever strategy game that would test how kids anticipate and solve problems.This is an image of a Connect 4 board game by Hasbro Gaming for kids.

9. Mattel Games Blokus Core Strategy Game

In the realm of simple, easy-to-learn and play games,  Blokus is simply one of the best family board games that fits that description. The game takes about 60 seconds to learn and an average of 30 minutes to complete a game.

The fast-paced strategy game for 2-4 players is all about staking your claim and cleverly protecting your territory using the 21 game pieces for each player. The plan is to get as much territory as possible while blocking other players from doing the same.

The player with the lowest number of ‘unplaced’ game pieces when there is no more territory to acquire on the board wins. The fun is never-ending and kids can spend several hours playing multiple games.This is an image of a Blokus strategy board game for kids.

10. Explore the World Knowledge Game by Outset Media

To understand why this game is considered by many folks as one of the best educational game for 6 year olds, you’d have to expose your kid to it by giving it to them as a gift.

This is a game of exploration and discovery. Is there a better way to learn about new places, fun facts, geography, etc, while having fun? We guess not. Up to six players can join in the fun. That means the whole family can take part.

Players are exposed to facts relating to travel destinations, historical milestones, world records, country flag cards and much more. This is the time to join your kid and expand your horizon. This is an image of an Explore the World board game for kids.

11. Red Zingo! The Bingo with a Zing Game by Think Fun

This multiple award-winning has been thrilling families and kids for several years. It is a fun game that is designed to build the critical thinking skills of your kid.

Who gets to have a full card first and yell, ‘Zingo!’ in victory? The game is all about anticipation, reflexes and a bit of luck as kids wait for the Zinger to dispense the cards.

The complete package includes the Zingo, Zingo Word Builder, and Zingo Sight Words. This would make a great gift for your kid who is 6. Even older kids would love playing the game.

This is an image of a Zingo board game for kids.

12. The Classic 2013 Edition Sorry! Game by Hasbro Gaming

Sorry! is one of the most exciting mystery-solving and guessing games for 6 years old and older. The game is played by 2 – 4 players involving several aspects and levels that kids have to overcome to get a winner.

To play or get ahead, players have to slide, bump, and shove other players’ pawns. There are several hoops and exciting turns to navigate as players try to get pawns of the same color to start a color home. Players must avoid getting bumped along the way or they’d have to go back to the starting point.

Sounds complicated? The illustrated instructions make everything so clear and simple. Kids would be having the fun of their lives in no time at all.

This is an image of a 2013 edition Sorry board game for kids.

13. Googly Eyes with Vision Altering Glasses by Goliath Games

If you think your drawing skills are not up to scratch, you haven’t tried the Googly Eyes lenses to show you how abysmal looks like. With 3 lenses indicating levels of difficulty, the depths you’d plunge to might be the most hilarious thing the family had ever seen.

Made for 4 – 17 players, a team must try to guess what the player is about to draw while wearing the glasses. The crazy patterns being drawn would send the whole family into fits of laughter. A timer is to speed things up.

With 162 challenges and time limits, the fun is endless for the whole family as the race to finish hots up.This is an image of a Googly Eyes drawing game for kids.

14. Elementos by Tyto Games

Elementos is a beautifully-designed, all wood game of strategy and tactics. Though it requires calmness and planning to outwit the opponent, it’s very dynamic and fun.

There are traps along the way to set for an opponent and even surprises when a piece is flipped over to reveal a stronger element. The elements in question are fire, water, and tree. Players have to find a way to trap their opponent by a combination of stealth and unexpected moves.

Suitable for both adults and kids, it is a 2-player game with a single game lasting up to 15 minutes. It comes with an instruction guide along with the play pieces and board.

This is an image of an Elementos board game for kids.

15. Junior Rush Hour Traffic Jam Game by Think Fun

With 40 challenges of increasing difficulty, several traffic pieces like ice cream truck, traffic grid and 15 blocking challenges, there is enough intrigue to make this game one of the coolest games for this age group.

Just like the classic game, it is all about making it to the exit with the ice cream truck employing logic and strategy to shift and block vehicles to clear a path. The game gets even better and intriguing with each level of difficulty.

It’s easy to learn and kids can start playing immediately. It comes with an instructions manual to show them the basics and a game-go bag to store the pieces. This is one of the best 6 yr old games for boys and girls who love a challenge.

This is an image of a Rush Hour board game for kids.

16. Yellow and Purple Spot It! Game by Zygomatic

This award-warning game is one of the best games for kids designed to sharpen the observational skills and reflexes of your kiddo. Here, choices and decisions have to be made which encourages children to trust their instincts while building self-confidence.

Made for 2 – 8 players, each game takes about 15 minutes from start to finish. It is always a frenzy of fun and excitement as players try to spot the matching symbols on circular cards from 55 other cards in the pile.

There are five different ways to play; each with its level of difficulty. The game is actually easy to learn and the illustrated instructions explain everything kids need to know to start playing.

This is an image of a Spot It! card game for kids.

17. Hasbro Gaming’s Scrabble Game for Juniors

Scrabble has always being a favorite of families for decades for learning new words, improving strategy and helping logical thinking.

This Scrabble game by Hasbro Gaming is specifically designed for young ones. It involves matching the letters on the board to form as many words as possible.

it doesn’t end there though. On the flip side of the board, kids can play a more advanced game where they form words using the letters. This would make a wonderful first Scrabble game for kids before they move on to the more difficult game.This is an image of a Roll over image to zoom in Scrabble Junior letter matching game for kids.

18. Hand Carved Wood Chess Game by John N. Hansen

Introducing the game of chess at a young age is the best way to ensure your kid becomes a chess prodigy. John Hansen’s chess game with hand-carved pieces is one the best starter chess sets to get for your kid.

The size of the wooden board and 32 pieces are simply perfect for kids to play with. The board also serves as a convenient storage box with soft pelt slots for each piece. This makes easy for your kid to take it with them to the playground or for an outing.

Though the pieces are small, they are big enough that even adults could play too. So, you can join in and tutor your child or learn the game together.

This is an image of a chess board for kids.

19. Stare! Junior by Game Development Group

Have fun watching kids challenge and hone their visual memory skills with Stare! Junior. You can bet they would be having a blast too while they are having a go at each other individually or as a team.

The game is easy to learn and takes about 30 seconds to complete. What makes it so much fun is the combination of fun images on the card and the challenge for kids to recollect what they just saw after being asked a series of fun questions to serve as clues.

This version of the game comes with large cards, new images and questions, a sand timer, playing pieces, a die and the instructions.This is an image of a 2nd edition Stare! Jr. board game for kids.

20. Mouse Trap by Hasbro Gaming

Who gets the mice? See how clever you kid is at escaping mouse traps while constructing devious traps to capture an opponent’s mouse and making sure theirs is the last mouse to evade capture to win the game.

This is one of the 1exciting 6 years old kids games that has thrilled parents for years. Now it is back for your kids to get unlimited doses of the fun times you had. The excitement level generated by the game is still sky-high. It’s alright if you give in to the temptation and join in the fun too.

Requiring adult assembly, 2 – 4 players can play the game and comes with beautifully-designed and colorful pieces such as 3 mouse figures, 3 game boards, cardboard spinner, etc.This is an image of a Mouse Trap game by Hasbro Gaming for kids.

Buying Considerations in Choosing Board Games for Kids Age 6

You now have a pretty good idea of the types of games that are suitable for kids of at least 6 years. However, if you are still unsure and need more clarity on how to go about making the right choice, you could consider the following factors to help you chose the best game:

Safety – Is the game you are about to get safe for kids to play with? The importance of this variable can never be overstated. You have to make sure the materials used in making the games don’t contain toxic substances.

For games made with wood, make sure the finishing is smooth and very unlikely to develop splinters that would ultimately hurt your kid.

Exciting – The number of times children replay a game or the hours spend playing it is the best way to gauge how exciting a game is. Children would discard a game after a few games if they don’t find it exciting.

Some games, like strategy games, involve so much intensity kids become lost in it while playing. Though they might not be squealing with laughter, the intense concentration required is enough excitement.

Age-appropriate – It is easy to determine the age-appropriateness of a game by simply looking at the pack. The age range should be stated there.

No matter the temptation, stick to this rule or you might get a game that is not challenging enough for your kid. On the other hand, getting a game meant for far older kids could be too challenging or complicated for your kid to understand.

Either way, you have wasted money since the game doesn’t hold much interest to the kid.

Easy to learn – Most games come with instructions. These must be easy to read and understand and if possible must have illustrations. Notwithstanding that though, the game should not have a steep learning curve or kids would simply lose interest.

Kids don’t want to waste too much time learning how to play when all they want to do is get on with it and have fun.

Setting it up – Again, nobody wants to waste time setting up a game before playing. Even if the game required adult assembly, it should be easy enough so the children could do it when a grown-up is unavailable.


Best Buy Overall

Deciding which game was the best buy was almost as daunting as making up the list of the 20 best kids board games. The reason is simple: all the games are awesome.

‘Clue’ got our vote as one of the best game for 6 year olds after much deliberation. The game comes with an mix of very famous movie characters that children love. Add that to the exciting puzzles and mysteries players have to deal with during the game and you have a game of endless possibilities.

The game is well-designed making a big effort to be faithful to the Harry Potter theme with secret passages, doorways, and creepy vaults.

This is an image of a CLUE Harry Potter edition mystery board game for kids.

Best Budget Buy

It was easy to fall in love with Sorry! For a low-cost product, it had almost everything you’d wished in terms of fun games for 6 year olds.

The excitement generated hardly wanes as players attempt to get ahead by shove and bumping opponent’s pawns. There are so many other obstacles to navigate before a winner can emerge there is hardly a dull moment.

This is an image of a 2013 edition Sorry board game for kids.

What are some Favorite Games for 6 Yr Olds?

Games like Red Zingy!, Rush Hour Traffic Jam, Spot it! and Mouse Trap are just four classic games kids aged 6 all over the world love playing all the time.

There are a bunch of others too. Can you spot them?


Which Games For 6 Year Old Involve Reading?

Games for six year olds that involve reading are excellent for the development of the child’s reading skills.

If you want games that involve reading for your kid, the following are awesome options:

Guess Who? – Players have to read out questions printed on cards

Explore the World – This is a knowledge game where players learn about places around the world.

Scrabble – This junior version of the classic game for juniors comes with a bit of reading as players create words.

Stare – The players have to read questions on cards for other players to use as clues.