Finding Daycares Open on Weekends: Working Parents Rejoice

Kids Playing in the Daycare

While juggling a million things as a busy parent, childcare is likely your highest priority. If your hours differ from those of a nine-to-five worker and you have dependents at home, you might wonder if any daycare centers are open on Saturdays and evenings.

If you’re in this predicament, we have all the information you’ll need about daycare provisions for weekend mornings and after-school hours. The simple answer to this question is that most daycare facilities aren’t available on weekends. However, it may have premium charges if you find a weekend facility.

This article will guide you through the weekend options and what best suits you and your child.

Options for Childcare Services on the Weekends

Parents often use daycares that offer traditional daycare during the week. If you require baby care on weekends, then that isn’t going to be a help!

These tips will help you find and select options for taking care of your babies outside typical daycare hours.

Daycares With Weekend childcare Hours

The hourly schedule for baby care facilities is generally from 7 AM to 6 PM during the week. Extended hours are available at some daycare centers, but they are rare.

If you are fortunate enough to find a daycare facility with weekend hours, they may charge a much premium for every non-standard hour their services are used. This could be very expensive if these services extend for more than a few hours. Thus you may not be able to afford this, especially if you need it regularly, so here are some other options.

Nannies or Professional caregivers

A nanny may spend more time educating your child, providing structured play, and engaging your child in other enrichment activities than a babysitter or daycare.

A professional caregiver likes to have a consistent schedule. There are full-time and part-time nannies available. They need to know what they are required to do and when to be watching children; they are not a good option if you are looking for an on-call babysitter.

In general, nannies are more expensive than babysitters, but they generally provide better care and can have flexible hours.


You can supplement daycare with a babysitter if you don’t have to work every weekend. Keeping your child enrolled in a daycare center of your choice while hiring a babysitter for those rare occasions is a good strategy.

Child Care Sharing and Co-Ops

Childcare sharing is a growing trend where parents or family members take turns watching their children. You could, for instance, spend a morning looking after your neighbor’s children so that their mom or dad could do so for you in the afternoon while you run errands. In this way, you can share childcare with a friend or neighbor; you can take care of their kids during the day while they’re at work, while they take care of yours while you’re out.

In the same way, baby care co-ops rely on alternate caregiving schedules from parents. There are usually evening and weekend hours for these co-ops.

Family and Friends

More than half of all babysitters are family members, most of whom are unpaid. It may be best to ask for help from a family member before looking for high-cost weekend daycare.

If possible, rotate watching a child among family and friends so no one gets burnt out. Hopefully, they don’t mind if they keep your kids for a few hours every other Saturday to help you out.

Use Facilities That Offer Baby Care

Sometimes parents might want a quick weekend break or have a well-deserved parents’ night but still want someone to watch their kids. If that’s the case, some places offer short-term childcare. For example, you could choose a gym that offers daycare and gets in a workout or take a break with a hot tub soak.

It used to be fun to play in the ball pit at IKEA while my mom shopped – though most are now closed.

You may need a little break, so think outside the box!

It’s Going to Be Hard Finding a Weekend Daycare

If you need weekend baby care, a babysitter may be a better option than a daycare unless you’re willing and able to spend a large amount of money.

If you work on the weekends and can’t find care for your kids, you might need to hire a nanny to provide childcare for your kids.

FAQS on Daycare Schedules

Are daycares open on weekends and evenings?

No, Most traditional daycare facilities are not open on weekends and evenings. But some facilities may offer extended services during nontraditional hours. However, they charge premium rates for every extended hour, which can be too expensive.

When do the majority of daycare centers open?

Most daycare centers in the United States and Canada will be closed on Saturday and Sunday. However, some centers may be open these days if they have an agreement with a nearby company or a specialized service. Other centers may be able to accommodate your needs if you contact them in advance, but it is best to plan.

What time do most daycares open?

Most daycare centers in the US have standard hours from 7 am to 6 pm, from Monday through Friday.