Do Babies Fart In The Womb?: Facts and Fiction About Fetal Flatulence

A Fetus Is Shown In Mother Womb in Neon - Mother pregnant with a baby

Maybe the thought of a farting baby strikes you as funny, or perhaps it just seems ridiculous, but either way, can babies fart in the womb? This question has been popping up across the internet lately, and many people are wondering just how often babies fart while they’re still in the womb – so we decided to do some research and get to the bottom of this burning question!

What are Farts

Farts result from the gas passing through your intestinal tract and out of your rectum. They are composed of nitrogen and carbon dioxide – two completely odorless gases. Farts have a variety of smells because bacteria can break them down in the gut. This is why eating certain foods can lead to more smelly farts than others.

Amniotic Fluid

In the womb, babies float in a liquid called amniotic fluid. Amniotic fluid is made of water and salts from the mother’s blood. This fluid gives your baby everything he needs to grow and develop before birth. It also cushions him from any bumps or blows that might happen during pregnancy. The baby’s intestines contain enzymes that break down what he eats and drinks in the amniotic fluid into nutrients for his body to use for growth.

Bubbling Sensation in the Womb

It’s not uncommon to notice a bubbling sensation inside your womb. This can feel like bubbles popping or moving around within the amniotic fluid. The baby’s movements and kicks cause these sensations as they grow.

Farting Inside the Womb

In utero, babies don’t fart because they need to ingest air to pass through gas.

Dr. Kim Langdon, a retired obstetrician and gynecologist, says, “if babies can poop in the womb, they should also be able to fart. The amniotic fluid does not contain any air, so that would suggest that they swallowed some air when swallowing it.”

If there is no air, then there is no gas.

Flatulence is also caused by endogenous gases released when you digest food. These gases are released as bacteria in the colon break down food. In utero, babies cannot digest food, so they cannot (and do not) produce gas.

Final Verdict

Many parents-to-be are curious if babies can fart in the womb, and the answer is no. A baby’s bowels do not fully develop until after birth, which means there is no air and, therefore, no gas to push through. Furthermore, a fetus’ stomach is an extension of its umbilical cord and directly connects to mommy’s placenta. This means that there’s no space for gas to build up.