What radio has the best sound for kids to listen to?

A young boy dressed in headband and retro workout attire is having a great time listening to music on his boombox. He has a serious expression on his face and is excited for health.

While it might be easy to stream your favorite radio stations online or from a virtual assistant, there’s something nice about having a radio in the home. In this guide, we’re going to show you some of our favorite radios that have the best sound quality so that you can catch your favorite shows in all their glory. 

How to Pick the Best Radio 

So how do you know which radio offers the best sound quality? The material the case is made from will play a significant role in how the radio sounds. Plastic radios are generally cheaper but tend not to sound as good as those built from materials such as MDF. MDF will give your radio a more natural, soft sound but also allows for powerful bass notes. 

The best tabletop radio will allow you to customize your EQ settings to your tastes. So, no matter what type of music you like to listen to and how you prefer it to sound, you will be able to create your own unique sound profile. 

Our Top Picks 

1. Sangean HDR-14

The first radio we recommend is from one of the biggest names in radio manufacture – Sangean. With this radio, you can listen to both FM and AM stations, and there are 40 memory presets to store your most-listened channels. 

Even though this is a small radio, the sound quality is excellent, particularly when using HD stations. Of course, the size means this isn’t the most powerful radio out there, but it is ideal for talk shows and listening in smaller rooms. 

2. Tivoli Tabletop Radio

Not only does this retro table top radio look stunning, but it sounds even better! The housing is made from furniture-grade wood, which gives excellent acoustics. And, the Tivoli radio is designed for accurate, natural sound reproduction to ensure your favorite shows and music always sound fantastic. 

The reception on the Tivoli tabletop radio is excellent – you are sure to get a strong signal from your favorite stations. The maximum volume is high on this radio – perfect for those who love their music loud! And, it sounds clear and bright – it offers excellent value for money. If you are interested in this style of radio, you can find more table top radios reviewed here. 

3. Soundance Bluetooth Speaker and Radio

Our next pick is something a little bit different – a Bluetooth speaker with an FM radio. This has a much more modern, sleek look compared to the radio above, but it still offers clean, crisp sound at an unbeatable price. Those who love deep, thumping sounds will be thrilled with this – the bass enhancing technology and 40mm speakers make sure bass notes never sounded so good! 

There are many other useful features on this speaker/radio. It can automatically search for available FM radio stations and also works as an alarm clock and a speaker for Bluetooth-enabled devices. It can also be used wirelessly when you’re out of the home, with an 8-hour battery life. 

4. Sangean WR-11

Our final radio is another great Sangean model. It might be a bit pricier than our first Sangean radio, but it is made from stylish MDF for incredible audio quality. The cabinet is also acoustically tuned and houses the large and powerful 3-inch, 6.5W speakers. 

This is more than just a radio, however. There’s an AUX input, so you can connect your phone or another device to play your favorite music or shows on-demand. It is easy to use and looks stunning – making it an all-round excellent buy.