Best Gifts for 18 Year Old Boys

this is an image of an 18th Birthday gift cupcake

Choosing gifts for a guy 18 years old shouldn’t be daunting. Though we understand that given that it is a milestone age, folks might want to go the extra mile to make it really special.

This, of course, can lead to getting twisted up in knots deciding what to get and wondering, at the same time, if the gift will meet his standards. That is why we compiled this guide containing awesome gift ideas for 18 year old boy. This, basically, is to mitigate the stress of deciding what is appropriate and special for him.

So whether the occasion is a birthday, Christmas, New Year, holiday, or Easter, we guarantee you’ll find a bunch of excellent items to choose from. The gifts in the guide also include budget items guaranteed to blow his mind.


50 Best Birthday Gifts for 18 Year Old Boy

The next section features reviews of the best gifts for 18 year old boys. There are 50 of them making this guide a long read; so you might want to brew a cup of your favorite coffee before digging in.

1. Acer Laptop

Kicking off our list of gifts for teenage guys 18, is this exceptional laptop by Acer that delivers incredible performance making it perfect for everyday use. Laptop gifts to boys his age are considered a necessity and not an extravagant gesture. It is an essential gadget for school, work, as a learning tool, and much more.

Thanks to the 8th generation i5 processor, he is going to experience the best of seamless entertainment, browsing the net, and running thousands of downloadable apps. It also comes with the latest operating system from Windows and a dedicated 2GB graphic processor by NVIDIA. Images, videos, and games will jump-off the screen in FHD on the 15.6″ IPS display.This is an image of an black Acer Aspire E 15 Laptop with core i5 feature.


2. Fire 10 Tablet

Next up is the Amazon Fire Tablet. It’s the latest in a series of tablets from the company and is one of the few tablets used as a standard for gauging the quality and performance of other tablets.

With a 10.1′ FHD display, 2 GB of RAM, a front/back camera, and an octa-core processor, he has a superior multifunctional gadget to use for as long as he wants. It is perfect for on-to-go entertainment, school work, content streaming and downloads, and much more.

It also features about 12 hours of battery life, fast charging with the 9W power adapter, fast USB port, audio jack, etc. He can also have fun chatting with Alexa about anything under the sun.This is an image of a new release Fire HD 10 tablet that comes with different color choices.


3. Nintendo Classic Console

The golden age of gaming is recreated with this retro-style Super Nintendo Classic console. If he loves playing video games, then this would be one of the most amazing gifts for 18 year old boys. The console comes with two controllers so he can immediately start playing 20 classic NES games such as Super Mario Kart, Street Fighter, Zelda: A Link to the Past, etc., with his best buddy.

For a classic console, many of the games are still so much fun. This could even qualify as a unique gift idea for him because not many folks would think of it.This is an image of a Nintendo Classic edition system for teens.


4. PlayStation 4 Console

This video game console has been around for several years but it’s still one of the best places to enjoy video games. This is mainly due to the combination of HD visuals that gives realism a new meaning, top-notch performance and a collection of some of the best PS4 video games.

Perfect as a holiday, Birthday, Christmas, and New Year gift, it is backed by 1TB of storage giving him unlimited space to download and store HD 4k movies, music, TV shows and much more.

The console comes with an ergonomic controller and with its slim and lightweight design, it is more portable than the original PS4.This is an image of a PlayStation 4 console with 1 TB hard drive.


5. PlayStation VR Bundle

Still sticking to the tech gadget gifts is this VR bundle by PlayStation. Virtual Reality is the latest tech-centric gadget taking the world by storm. As usual, teenagers are getting the most out of it in terms of fun and home entertainment.

This bundle comes with a VR headset, a camera by PlayStation, the VR controllers, a Demo Disc, a VR Golf voucher by Everybody to play amazing golf, and a Blood and Truth Disc to eliminate the bad guys as Ryan Marks in the pulsating London underground adventure.

If he has the PlayStation console already, this VR bundle would be a great accessory offering him more options to enjoy the console.This is an image of a Blood & Truth and Everybody’s Golf VR Bundle for Playstation.


6. Days Gone: PlayStation Game

Days Gone is the PlayStation game featuring realistic, real-life adventure in a world ravaged by the aftermath of a pandemic. If he has a PlayStation console, he won’t need much prompting to take on the persona of Deacon St. John, the bounty hunter with mad riding and survival skills.

Perfect as a gift for any occasion with unlimited strategy options for players, it delivers non-stop excitement in hostile environments featuring abandoned houses, cars, trucks stops, and towns. It is made more absorbing with realistic weather patterns that impact how the game pans out whether it is night or day.This is an image of a Days Gone game for PS4.


7. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for PlayStation 4

When it comes to games for a PlayStation console, the rule of thumb is that more is always better.  That is why Call of Duty: Modern Warfare would make an excellent video game gift to go with his PlayStation 4 console.

The game’s visuals are stunning and realistic opening up the horrors of global Warfare and their effect on the political balance of power.

It includes several playing modes and skill levels. It also comes with a  multi-player mode for immersive and exciting game experiences with a maximum of 4 friends.This is an image of Modern Warfare edition from Call of Duty Game for PS4.


8. White Kick Scooter

A kick scooter is a great and fun way to get around for people of all ages. It is always exciting riding with the wind in your face while breezing past people on streets or sidewalks.

With height-adjustable handlebars, 125 mm urethane wheels, sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum frame, and ability to support up to 145 lbs, this scooter is made for both teens and adults. Safety features like the front wheel shock-absorbing suspension, anti-slip deck, and rear fender brake mean he doesn’t have to worry about nasty accidents no matter the speed.

And he’d love the lightweight and foldable design that ensures he can easily fold and tuck it under his arm in places where riding is impossible.This is an image of a clear kick scooter by Razor.


9. Caster Board

If he loves outdoor activities, a ride-on gear that incorporates the best features of a skateboard and a snowboard is one that would thrill him greatly. Caster boards stand apart from skateboard for their ability to support both legs while being incredibly easy to pull stunts with and maneuver in any direction.

Lightweight and compact, the Razor-made free-riding board is equipped with 66mm urethane wheels, high-performance ABEC-5 bearings, rubber-padded still torsion bar, an anti-slip removable concave deck made of high-quality polymer, and other features designed to ensure a consistently smooth, exciting and safe ride.This is an image of a blue RipStik caster board for teens.


10. Self Balancing Hoverboard

The exhilarating fun of hoverboard riding is making a big comeback among teens. Hoverboards like this UL-certified Sisigad model have completely overcome the issues that caused fires while riding several years ago. Being a self-balancing board, the learning curve is easy and it won’t be long before he is pushing it as far as it can go.

Perfect as a holiday or Christmas gift for 18 year old guy,  the ride is equipped with Bluetooth speaker that easily connects to portable devices. Few outdoor activities beat riding and listening to music.

Other interesting features that promote safe and comfortable rides include dual hub motors, comfortable foot pedals, and high-quality 6.5″ wheels. He can enjoy rides of up to 60 minutes on the Li-ion batteries that take about 3 hours to charge fully.This is an image of a self balancing hoverboard for teenage boys.


11. Drone

A few years ago, video games like the PS4 or Xbox were the top tech gifts for teens. Drones have now joined the rarified group of top tech gift ideas for teens in recent years.

The fun of flying a remote-controlled craft outdoors with the ability to record videos and take pictures from previously unimaginable heights is hard to beat. Drones like the F181W by Holy Stone would be a great gift for any occasion considering its ease of use and premium features.

Made with durable material, this gift is capable of transmitting live videos to his smartphone from a considerable height. He would certainly love the full range of movements/stunts and batteries that deliver up to 20 minutes of flight time.This is an image of a drone with controller by Holy Stone.


12. Action Camera Set

For an eighteen-year-old boy, an action camera takes care of several important needs if he loves the outdoors. With a gadget like the Akaso EK7000, recording the exciting moments of his adventures for posterity is just a matter of pressing a few buttons. The camera allows him to easily capture and share what he has been up to while away on a ski trip,  kayaking, camping, swimming, mountain climbing, etc., with his friends and family

The waterproof camera comes complete with the mounting gear, and other accessories such as the remote control, lens cloth for cleaning, carrying case, battery charger, two batteries, and a quick reference guide.This is an image of a black action camera with accessories kit.

13. Fujifilm Instant Mini Camera

Instant cameras made a comeback recently in a big way. Now, everybody no matter their age or sex wants to own one and snap away. The fascination lies in how easy it is to operate (point and shoot) and the instant printing of the pictures.

He’d adore the crystal clear and vibrant photos of the beautifully-designed and durable camera. And what makes this cool gift more awesome is the included accessories that allow him to start snapping immediately while providing a variety of customizations options to his photos. Essentially, the fun continues even after taking his photos.This is an image of a mint green instant camera bundled with accessories.


14. Smart Watch

Smart wearables now feature regularly on the must-have accessories of tech-savvy youths. Smartwatches are some of the most popular wearables with many considering them the perfect alternative to smartphones.

This smartwatch is a cool budget alternative to the more expensive brands by Apple and Samsung. The price tag, though, has little bearing on its functionalities and features.

As well as being able to tell the time and all other things you’d expect from a regular watch, it is a great fitness tracker and health monitor. He can also use it to answer and receive calls, read SMS messages, play games, listen to his favorite music and perform a host of other activities.This is an image of a smartwatch compatible for android and iOS phones.


15. Power Bank

When considering tech-based gift ideas for 18 year old male, a power bank has to be in the mix. Consider the numerous ways it could be used either indoors or outdoors. The bottom line is, he’d never worry about how to recharge his devices no matter where he is when he has a high-speed, portable power bank with him

Able to charge 2 devices simultaneously, this Iniu power bank comes with all the features you want to see in the best ones. It is lightweight, fast, has a high capacity, and is very slim so it doesn’t take up too much space in his bag. And with both Type-C and micro USB inputs, all types of devices are supported.This is an image of a red portable power bank charger.


16. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

With a state-of-the-art sleek necklace design, a range of about 30 feet, up to 8 hours of battery life, and awesome sound output, this pair of headphones represent one of the coolest 18th birthday ideas for boys who love music and all types of sporting and outdoor activities.

The headphones are compatible with all smartphones and other Bluetooth-enabled devices and can be connected to two devices simultaneously.

It is very easy to use with the responsive buttons to control the volume, stop/pause or play the selected track, and even skip a tract he doesn’t fancy. And of course, he can also answer/end/reject calls with it easily.This is an image of a sky blue wireless headphones.


17. Black Pedometer Watch

If he is a fitness enthusiast, consider getting him this pedometer that allows users to track and monitor a host of physical and health activities. A pedometer is almost like a pared-down smartwatch with optimized fitness-monitoring features.

The black, sleek, and durable watch can be used to receive calls, read SMS, see social media notifications on the screen, tract and or monitor and record daily activities like steps, the calories he burned, distance walked, minutes he was active, and sleep status.

Among other things, it is also able to monitor his heart rate in real-time and comes with 14 exercise modes to help him comprehend all the activity stats.This is an image of a black activity tracker for teenage boys.


18. Bluetooth Beanie

It doesn’t take much to keep the head warm while listening to your favorite songs. At least, that is what you get from a Bluetooth beanie. With this hat, all those awkward moments of trying to adjust your headsets or making sure your earbuds don’t come off while engaged in something else are now history. This gift would give him the freedom to listen to music wirelessly while without interfering with his chores or work. It is the ultimate hands-free music-listening experience.

The built-in speaker on the soft and comfortable beanie delivers HD stereo-quality sound that would amaze him. Pairing with Bluetooth devices is made easy with the integrated Bluetooth 4.0 technology. And from a range of up to 33 feet, he can enjoy his music as well as receive and end calls from his smartphone.This is an image of a wireless beanie headset for teens.


19. Pullover Sweatshirt

A young man’s wardrobe is incomplete without a sweatshirt. Even if he has a few already, he’d positively love another addition especially when it is this white, fleece drawstring-hooded piece with split kangaroo pockets.

Look stylish and fashionable is an easy accomplishment with it. He is never going to look out of place in a casual or formal setting with it.

Made from a 50/50 blend of cotton and polyester, it is soft, comfortable and easy to wear. It comes with a ribbed waistband and cuffs to ensure a perfect fit no matter his size.This is an image of a white hoodie for men by hanes.


20. Training Pants

Training pants are great all-purpose clothing perfect for different occasions. With the right shirt or sweatshirt, he can rock it to parties, shopping, to visit friends, etc with the easy assurance and self-confidence of a man who knows what he is doing. it’s also the perfect stay-at-home wear especially when the weather is a bit chilly.  It is so flexible he could also use it as his sleepwear.

This one comes with the Adidas stamp of quality and the awesome Climacool technology to keep him cool and dry in warm weather. It features ankle zip making it easy to remove or wear, side pockets to keep his stuff, and a styling concept to ensure a slim fit.

This is an image of a black soccer pants for teenage boys.


21. Sleeveless Workout Shirt

If he spends quite a bit of time in the gym building up his body, you want to get this tank top for him. Besides the rather fetching royal blue color, the printed words across the from adds a bit of humor to a very cool gym shirt.

Made from 100% ringspun cotton so it stays the same size no matter how many times it’s washed, it is soft and comfortable and comes in different sizes. You’d definitely find the perfect size for him. It is a sweet, humorous gift that would be perfect for any occasion.This is an image of a blue workout sleeveless for teenage boys.


22. Nike Running Shoe

What to get a guy for his birthday shouldn’t be a hard decision to make if he loves jogging. Cool running canvass like this pair of Nike kicks would hit all the right buttons in him. He is sure to fall in love with the synthetic suede on fox design instantly. Even if he isn’t the sporty type  and just wants to look cool, the shoes would also be perfect for him.

Nike shoes like these are a very popular brand among teens not just due to the quality, but also because they are very comfortable. In this instance, the credit goes to the mesh upper that allows breathability and the integrated outsole lugs to optimize stability.This is an image of a wolf grey running shoe for teenage boys.


23. Basketball Socks

Is your eighteen-year-old dude a basketball player? If the answer is affirmative, then he’d dig this pair of blue and white socks that offer a fresh take on a traditional basketball sock. That he is going to stand out on the court is not in question. All that attention should inspire him to greatness!

The calf-length socks are made from a combination of high-quality materials to ensure durability and minimize fatigue, control blisters, odors, and other awesome benefits.This is an image of a white and blue basketball socks for teenage boys.


24. Nike Slip On Sandal

If he doesn’t have a slip-on in his shoe collection, it is high time that oversight is corrected with these pair of Nike slip-ons. This is an excellent gift for any occasion he could wear at home while performing his chores or for a casual stroll around the block.

The comfortable sandals are also great for shopping, beach parties, hangouts at the park, and much more.

Made from high-quality, synthetic materials, comfort is optimized by the sandals’ lightweight combined with the soft midsole foam, plush strap, and grooved bottom to ensure easy movement with the feet.This is an image of a black and white sandals for men.


25. Knee Pads

If he is involved in activities that require supporting his weight on his knees, a pair of knee pads would make perfect sense as a gift for any occasion.

These knee pads by NoCry offer professional-level protection for the knees making them one of the best knee protectors in the market. They provide awesome cushioning with equally awesome comfort levels.

All the features have been optimized to ensure he gets a perfect fit without sacrificing any of the primary function of protecting the knees. Some of these features include the adjustable straps with integrated slip buckles, soft gel core, durable EVA foam padding, resilient shield to guard against scrapes and cuts, and much more.This is an image of a black knee pads for teens.


26. Sports Helmet

The JBM Helmet is a multipurpose helmet that is an excellent gift for any occasion if he loves outdoor sports like inline skating, rollerblading, skateboarding, scooting, roller skating, etc. The helmet offers complete protection to his head against injuries as a result of the inevitable accidents that occur from time to time.

The CPSC ASTM-certified helmet features easily adjustable straps if it feels too tight or too loose. For impact resistance and anti-shock capabilities, the aerodynamically-designed helmet is constructed with the best materials possible such as EPS foam and an outer shell made of durable PVC and PC.

The design also includes multiple vents for a healthy and optimal flow of air.This is an image of a black skateboard helmet for teenage boys.


27. Racing Bike

An outdoorsy 18-year-old boy would be thrilled by a superior bike that allows him to hit the road in style and comfort. This is what is in store for him with this gift of a racing bicycle by Merax Finiss.

Easy to assemble, the bike is lightweight for easy control while riding. But with the 6061 aluminum frame, he also gets a very sturdy bike that can stand up to whatever is thrown at it.

The bike features an adjustable saddle to handle any likely growth spurt, caliper breaks that brings it a standstill easily, smooth gear changes to through the 21 speeds for easy riding on all types of terrains, comfortable grips, and much more.This is an image of a red and black racing bicycle for teenagers.


28. Drawstring Backpack

For an active, sports-loving, teenage boy, a drawstring backpack is an essential gear. He needs one to easily organize stuff like, extra clothes, towels, water bottles, and much more. This backpack by SKL is even better with a zippered bottom compartment big enough to hold his shoes, basketball, soccer ball, etc.

The 100% polyester bag comes with a large main compartment with waterproof lining suitable for wet clothes, two sides pockets to keep his water bottle and other small items and a strong, adjustable strap that can support over 40 lbs.This is an image of a black drawstring bag with multiple compartments for teenage boys.


29. Puma Backpack

The popularity of the Puma brand on any gift instantly transforms the gift from the mundane to something heavenly. This backpack, though, is much more than the brand with its pitch-black color scheme.

Perfect for senior high-school and college students, it has a main compartment that is large enough to snugly hold a 15′ laptop. And with the soft inner paddings, the laptop or other devices would be safe from bumps and jerky movements. There are also adequate internal/external pockets to hold stuff like keys, wallets, books, folders, water bottle, etc.

The 100% polyester, 12″ wide and 18.5″ high bag also comes with standard backpack feasted such as the zipper closure for the main and outside compartments, adjustable shoulder straps and padded back panel.This is an image of a deep blue men's backpack.


30. Duffel Bag

This duffel bag by Under Armour is another awesome option as a gift for a sport-loving kid. The 20″ wide and 9″ high bag comes with adequate space in the main compartment to carry all of the stuff he needs for the gym or any sports he is involved in. There are also zippered side, rear/back pockets to organize other items like water bottle, keys, wallet, and much more.

Besides providing him with the Under Armour bragging rights, he’d surely love the sleek design that is a blend of black and grey: two solid colors closely associated with men. The design also includes padded, adjustable shoulder straps, and dual tote handles giving him a different carrying option.This is an image of a graphite Under Armour gym bag for teenage boys.


31. Unisex Crossbody Bag

If you think only women can rock Crossbody bags, you got another think coming with this dark blue bag by Peicees. This is the sort of bag he wants to have for those days he doesn’t need something as big as a backpack but just the right size to pack some essential items. Across his shoulders or chest, this is as much a utility bag as it is a fashion statement.

Made from water-resistant durable materials, the bag comes with a main compartment big enough for a decent-sized tablet, a middle compartment with 3 interior slot pockets, a mesh pocket for his war bottle if he is going hiking, and an anti-theft zip back pocket to keep important stuff.

With the padded adjustable shoulder pads and breathable materials, the bag is clearly built for comfort.This is an image of a dark blue crossbody backpack for teenage boys.


32. Bifold Leather Wallet

For a young man with taste, having the right accessories are as important as knowing the right clothes to wear for certain occasions. A leather wallet is one of such must-have accessories young boys put a great value on especially when it is so thin it doesn’t bulge or distort his pants.

This wallet comes with a key chain making it an ideal gift if he is the outdoors and sporting type involved in activities such as skateboarding, skiing, hiking, biking, etc. The key chain would keep the wallet safe in his pocket.

And talking about keeping things, the wallet features four credit card slots, two slip pockets, and  an ID window with a thumb hole to access his card easily.This is an image of a black wallet with chain designed for teenage boys.


33. Inspirational Bracelet

Though bracelets are usually associated with the ladies, they are also great gifts for young boys under certain circumstances. One of these is if the bracelet is a monochrome affair with a sensible men-friendly color like this highly polished, adjustable, silver-colored one by Joycuff.

The engraved words under the bangle clinch it as an awesome gift for him. The words, ‘BE A WARRIOR NOT A WORRIER’ is perfectly motivational in an adult world full of confounding situations. That should inspire him never to give up no matter the situation he finds himself.This is an image of an inspiration cuff bracelet for teenage boy.


34. Baseball Necklace

Still with the fashion accessory gift idea for teenage boys is this necklace specially designed for baseball players and fans of baseball. If he falls in one or both categories, this would be a perfect gift to adorn his neck when he is going to the ballpark to indulge his passion.

The necklace is made of high-quality stainless steel making it resistant to rust and durable. Attached to it are two charms: an exquisitely-designed bat cross made from three highly polished baseball bats and a rectangular plaque inscribed with an inspirational message to remind him how brave, strong and smart he is.This is an image of a stainless steel cross baseball bat and inspirational dog tag pendant designed for teenage boys.


35. Polarized Sunglasses

No matter the situation, place, and time, polarized sunglasses have a knack for making whoever is rocking them look like they have all the answers to life’s most complex problems. That is another way of saying the young man would be the essence of ‘cool’ personified with this blue and white sunglasses by Rivbos.

Fashion accessory aside, the glass is useful for sporting activities such as swimming to protect the eyes from the sun’s glare. It can also protect the eye from all harmful rays from the sun up to 400nm.

The durable pair of sunglasses comes in a pack that includes vital accessories like portable storage case with buckle, protective pouch, strap, cleaning cloth, and polarized test card.This is an image of a white and blue sports sunglasses for teenage boys.


36. Casio Sports Watch

Casio’s ‘G-Shock’ Sport is a tough and rugged watch designed specifically for men. Though designated a ‘sports watch’, the combination of features like the shock-resistant build and the waterproof design up to 660 feet of water makes it an all-purpose watch suitable for all outdoor situations.

At the same time, it is cool enough for ordinary everyday use if all he wants to do is check the time, set the alarm, check the date and so on. It also comes with a bright backlight for night use.This is an image of a black Casio G shock sport watch for boys.


37. Manual to Manhood Paperback

Manual to Manhood is the first of 3 books that had to be a part of this guide of cool gift ideas for boys eightteen years old. These books all aim to make him a better person by teaching stuff he might not have learned at schools.

Manual to Manhood is fun to read and packed with over 97 life hacks a boy of 18 would find useful immediately and later in life. He would learn stuff as simple as how to sew a button to tasks as difficult as how to manage money, a skill many adults are yet to master. And since one of his main preoccupations are girls, there are useful tips on how to impress a girl, plan a date and even make wonderful steak to impress her and others during a get-together.

This would make a great gift at any time. And being such a fun read, he could take it along to occupy his time during a long boring trip.This is an image of boy's book manual to manhood


38. ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens’

The title of this book is not misleading in any way. If you want the young man to survive and thrive in his last couple of years as a teen, you can’t do better than gifting him this book. Millions of people around the world who have bought, read and given it to deserving teens have only good things to say about it.

The book is a page-turner thanks to the engaging writing style that would even appeal to teens who don’t like reading. The content includes clever ideas, motivational quotes and inspiring stories of teens around the world.This is an image of boy's book the 7 habits of highly effective teens


39. Cook Book

The last book is rather unusual as a gift to a guy aged 18. But considering what is ahead of him in life, we think this is one of the coolest Christmas gifts for 18 year old boy. With the culinary skills he’d acquire, he doesn’t have to wait on somebody to cook what he and his friends want to eat when they come visiting at Christmas or any occasion.

Written by two teen sisters, the book understands what teens love to eat and presents the art of making various types of snacks, breakfast, dinners, dessert, etc, in a delightfully simple way. Don’t be surprised if he develops a passion for cooking after reading this cook. That is just his inner chef demanding recognition after being unleashed by the book.This is an image of boy's teens cook


40. Sparkling Water Maker

How about a gift that allows him to easily make clean, sparkling water from ordinary water at home when thinking about 18th bday party ideas for guys. With this gift, he is going to save quite a bit of the money he spent on buying bottled water, especially during house parties.

Powered by a CO2 cylinder, the process is quite easy,  taking about 30 seconds requiring just the pushing of a single button. To ensure optimal use of the CO2, there is a built-in LED indicator that shows the level of carbonization.

Everything needed to make the water (except the CO2 cylinder) is part of the pack including a 1-liter BPA-free carbonating bottle and instructions booklet.This is an image of a black sparkling water maker.


41. Hooded Bathrobe

When it comes to 18th birthday prezzies, one way of getting it right is to make ‘fun’ the underlying theme. As well as being awesome, fun gifts are usually quite easy to buy. Take this Harry Potter-themed bathrobe, for instance, it would make a fantastic fun gift if, like most boys his age, he is fascinated by all things Harry Potter.

Made of 100% polyester, the robe is very soft and practical too. It would be fantastic as a stay-at-home cloth to keep warm after taking his bath, watch TV, play his favorite video games, or just generally lounge at home.

The robe features a tie closure and a fleece hood that is also super comfortable.This is an image of a man wearing a Gryffindor hooded bathrobe.


42. Burrito Blanket

It makes sense associating something we enjoy eating with a blanket that keeps people warm: both of them would make him happy if he is familiar with the joys of eating burritos. Food and burritos aside, he’d adore an uber soft blanket that is big enough to just wrap himself in it to keep warm.

Made of high-quality flannel fabric, the 71″ diameter blanket would be perfect for trips on cold days, for lounging while home watching TV, or even as a regular blanket at night. This would make an excellent going-to-college gift, Christmas or birthday gift.This is an image of a Tortilla blanket for teens.


43. Pair of Plush Slippers

How about this pair of slippers by RockDove to make him feel like he is walking on soft pillows anytime he wears them. Perfect for indoors and outdoors use, they perfectly describe what it means to give tired feet a great, soft massage every single day.

Each one features a memory foam insole that easily molds to the contours of the feet so that each day provides the same exquisite comfort.  It also comes with a sturdy rubber sole so he can use it for casual outdoor activities such as taking out the garbage and walking around the block.

The machine-washable slippers also come with anti-slip waterproof bottom to prevent accidents on smooth, wet floors.This is an image of a dark gray with blue foam slipper for teenage boys.


44. Pajama Set

A pajama set would make a great gift on any occasion. It doesn’t matter if he has one already because, like shoes, having one more of something vital makes life a lot easier. He is going to look so fly in this pajama set you’d think he is going on a date.

This set includes a plaid pant and a dark blue, long sleeves, round-neck top styled like a sweatshirt. The top is so cool he could use them for outings to the beach or to visit friends. The pant features an elastic waist with a drawstring so it can easily all waist sizes, button fly, and hand pockets.This is an image of a men's navy blue long sleeves and red pajama.


45. The Awkward Storyteller Game

If you think his socialization and communication skills need improving, how about this game that is designed to inspire creative story-telling ability and hold a crowd spellbound.

For the socially active dude though, this is the party game to help enliven a party. The game is all about harnessing your creativity to weave stories prompted by the game cards and questions asked by other players. it never gets boring. The storylines and plots can throw up unexpected twists and outcomes. Nobody is a loser with this game and everybody gets to have tons of fun.

The game pack contains 121 questions cards, 50 story cards, 11 challenge cards, an hourglass timer, and the instructions sheet.This is an image of a party game called The Awkward Storyteller.


46. LEGO Statue Of Liberty Kit

Building kits never get boring. They are like puzzles people derive immense pleasure completing over and over again. And when the puzzle allows a boy to build New York’s iconic Statue of Liberty, you bet any kid with a predilection for puzzles and building kits would snatch at the opportunity with both hands. The finished puzzle also works as a cool decorative piece when displayed in any room.

The pack contains 1685 quality pieces that are noted for the smooth design and quality of each piece. The statue is also notable for the amazing details that include the flowing robe, broken shackles, 7-ray crown, shield-lined pedestal, columned balconies, etc., all in color schemes perfectly capturing the real statue.This is an image of a statue of liberty construction kit by LEGO.



47. The Electric Shocking Game

This game of electric shock is very suspenseful and hilarious. It also tests the reflexes and sense of anticipation. Most importantly for him, it is a unique game to enliven any party or markedly improve the mood in any social gathering.

Made for 2 – 4 players, each person holds on to one handle and wait for the music to stop playing and the blinking red light turns green. That is the cue to press the button on the handle. The slowest to react will be zapped by a small blast electricity. On the other hand, if a player reacts too soon, they get shocked too. The reaction on the face of the loser after the unexpected jolt of electric current is always hilarious

The game comes with several playing modes and different electric shock levels.This is an image of a Reloaded shocking game for 13 years old kids.


48. 18th Birthday Funny T-shirt

Funny tees are the rage among teens these days. One gets the feeling there is a quiet but intense competition to come up with the most creative, funniest or outrageous phrases in the t-shirts. And teens are rocking the shirts with pride. After all, everybody wants to be associated with a great sense of humor.

This grey, round-neck, cotton t-shirt is one of the best in terms of creativity. It effortlessly blends unexpected humor with a great birthday message. He’d surely love this as a birthday present to proudly announce his new age while letting the world know he is the real deal.This is an image of a grey t-shirt for 18 years old boys.


49. Distressed Jeans

Like funny tees, distressed jeans are also very popular with teens of all ages. The designs are sometimes so outrageous only the bold and the young can rock them with any confidence.

This one is not so tacky though. In the world of distressed jeans, you could even call it conservative; this makes it suitable for all social occasions making it a cool birthday, vacation, and going-back-to-school gift.

With the stretchy, breathable material, it’s comfortable to wear while the slim design conforms with modern, teenage fashion trends. He would love this if he is a party animal.This is an image of a blue ripped skinny jeans for teenage boys.



50. Winter Beanie and Scarf

Rock it better than Beckham! That is the first impression one gets with the final gift item in this guide –  a product made popular as a fashion statement by David Beckham.

This beanie and neck scarf pair knitted with acrylic with fleece lining would make a great gift to keep the head and neck warm during cold winter days. The best part is, like Beckham, he is going to look very stylish and fashionable.

No matter his head size, the hat is more than likely going to be a snug fit thanks to the elastic and stretchy nature of the materials used.This is an image of a grey beanie hat and scarf for winter season designed for men.


Buying Considerations

When thinking of gifts for a teenager of 18, you’ll quickly realize that having an awesome guide packed with great gift ideas is just one part of the puzzle. Since you can’t select all the gifts, how do you pick one or a couple from so many? And most specifically, how can you be sure the young man would be thrilled with your choice.

While all eighteen-year-old boys are most likely preoccupied with stuff like whether to get a job or go off to college after graduation, girls and dating, video games, sports, music, tech gadgets, etc., not all of them are the same.

Therefore, to select an appropriate gift or gifts, here are some simple guidelines to follow:


You want to find out what he loves doing either alone or with his friends; then get a gift that matches that interest. For instance, if he is an outdoors type of guy, a bike would be a nice idea if you are willing to splurge. For a gamer, simply think of the latest games that are compatible with his console and get them for him.

Apply this tip to all situations and you’d most likely nail it.


Teenage boys this age can easily recognize an item of real quality from a mile off. Most of them are obsessed with the quality of any item and the manufacturer linked to it.

Getting a gift item made by a popular brand is sure to get them excited. This works especially well for items like clothes, shoes, watches, gadgets, etc. So if you want to go all out, stick to the popular brands. They are also noted for making quality and durable products.

Educational consideration

He is either about to graduate or has graduated from high school by now. In other words, he’s done with schooling at the secondary level. So there isn’t much you can do in terms of getting books that would make him better in some subjects.

That said, you could get book gifts that provide the sort of education schools don’t provide. Some are about life hacks that teach valuable skills. Others work on his personality to make him a better person while giving him important tools to face life as an adult.

Social Considerations

As an adult, the friends and social connections he makes would play a huge role in his life going forward. Any gift that helps him make new friends or strengthen the bond with old friends would be awesome.

Examples of gifts in this category include multi-player video games, cameras, and party games.


Best Gift Overall

The Men’s G-Shock watch gets our tag of ‘best buy’ for several reasons. It is a general-purpose gift that would be greatly appreciated by any boy no matter his interest. Again, its durability means it’s going to be around for as long as he fancies it. And considering the features and exquisite design, that is going to be a long time.

We were also impressed by the rugged design that gave no room for doubt that this a man’s watch.  And it is a sweet gift for any occasion too, making it one of the best gifts for 18 year old boy. This is an image of a black Casio G shock sport watch for boys.


Best Budget Gift

If you are looking for a great budget item, you can hardly do better than Razor’s Kick Scooter. It might look like it’d cost tons of money to get it; fact is, it comes with a modest price tag. And this is surprising considering the premium features integrated into the design.

It’s easy to fall in love with how safe and smooth the scooter is when riding. And the fact that he can easily fold and carry it into a bus, train, or school would impress him. The lightweight helps a lot in that direction.

And like most of the best gifts here, this is a very durable ride that would be a part of his life for many years.This is an image of a clear kick scooter by Razor.


Gift for 18 Year Old Boy Who Has Everything?

This is where getting a gift can be tricky: how do you know he doesn’t already have your preferred choice of gift? One way to resolve this is to simply ask him. With a bit of thought, you can easily find other ways to tackle the issue.

Choosing the latest tech gadgets, video games, clothes, and shoes is another way of overcoming this problem. It is very unlikely he’d have the latest items in those categories.

Again, you could aim for the accessories of the things he has already. Accessories are awesome mostly because they provide new options for enjoying old gifts.


What To Get For an 18 Year Old Graduation Gift?

Here is the thing about graduation gifts, they don’t have to be different from gifts linked to other occasions like birthday And Christmas.

It all depends on how much you are prepared to spend and his interest. Some folks gift cars, or an all-expense-paid trip to a resort, while others simply go for simple things such as gift cards.

That said, customizing gift items with printed words to make it clear it is a graduation gift is a cool way to make any gift idea to be graduation-specific. The item doesn’t have to be expensive; even a coffee mug can cut it perfectly well with the right words engraved on it.