18 Benefits Of Reading For Kids


No doubt, reading is a priceless activity, especially for kids. Any of us can still remember tits and bits from the books that we read as kids, and some of the lessons that we took from those books.

Unfortunately, the habit of reading has declined greatly due to the growth of technology. Rather than read books, children want to play with the computer, digital games, go on YouTube, or play with mom and dad’s smartphones.

It’s very important to instill reading habits in your child from a very young age as not doing so is going to deprive them of the many benefits or reading outlined below:

#1. Reading Expands Your Child’s Vocabulary: There are only so many words that your child can pick up from parents , teachers, or the rest of the public- reading helps your child learn more words and most importantly, learn diverse ways and different contexts in which they can use those words.

#2. It Improves Your Child’s Comprehension Skills: Reading helps to build your child’s comprehension skills. The more your child reads, the better they get at understanding spoken and written words, and make connections between what they already know, and what they read.

#3. It Helps to Develop Your Child’s Imaginative Skills: Your child is able to create mental pictures of the words that they read, which helps to develop their imaginative abilities.

#4. It Helps Your Child Understand The World Better: Reading can take your child beyond his immediate environment, and get them to experience other cultures, cities, and countries.

You child can gain some insight into how things work in another country, say China, without leaving your home in New York and when they eventually get the opportunity to travel to China, the knowledge can go a long way in helping them settle down, interact, and enjoy the culture better.

#5. It Sets Your Child Up For Success: Reading also increases your child’s thirst for knowledge. Knowledge is crucial to success in life and the more your child reads, the more knowledge they absorb.

Recent studies have shown that reading to kids, especially babies and toddlers, can prepare them for success later in life because it helps them get used to, and enjoy the concept of knowledge gathering.

Basically, kids who enjoy reading are most likely going to enjoy reading as adults and this important skill will help them academically, and promote knowledge-gathering for success in all other areas of their life including business and their careers.

#6. It Helps to Develop Your Child’s Brain: Reading impacts your child’s brain positively. Several studies carried out on the subject have shown that some specific areas of the brain are stimulated when children start reading from an early age and these areas are critical for language and literacy development.

#7. It Improves Your Child’s Concentration Skills: When your child is reading, they are able to sit for several hours reading; a feat that may be hard to achieve otherwise.

#8. It Allows Them Learn about Different Topics: Your children can learn about diverse topics that they may not be taught in school. For instance, your child can become bilingual or even multilingual just by reading and learning about different languages from books.

They can also learn different life skills like how to be kind to others, the importance of sharing, and so many others.

#9. It Helps Your Child Develop Empathy: Your child is able to identify with the characteristics in the story, understand their emotions, and relate to them.

#10. It Helps to Create a Bond Between You and Your Child: Bedtime stories can be a very great bonding activity for parents and kids. You can relax with your child and enjoy each other’s company while reading bedtime stories together.

#11. It Helps to Hone Your Child’s Writing Skills: Writing skills are very important and crucial to your child’s education. The better your child is able to express themselves and write down what they have in their heads, the more successful they’ll likely be educational because reading helps to build your child’s composition skills and makes them better writers.

They’ll understand more about sentence construction, grammar, storytelling, from the books they read.

#12. Reading is a Great Way to Reduce Stress: When your child is reading they sit or maybe lie still, and their bodies don’t have to carry out any special movement. This slows their breathing and helps them calm down.

Reading can be a great way to calm your child down on weekends, and eliminate the stress that they may have gone through at school during the week.

#13. Reading Gives Your Child New Perspectives and Ideas: Reading stimulates thinking, and gives your child inspiration. Children can get new ideas, learn how to create new things or form new concepts just by broadening their knowledge through reading.

#14. It Teaches Your Child History: On their own, just by reading, your child can learn a lot about the history of their country, family, city, and so on.

Your child can learn a lot more than you can tell them about their history and background from reading.

#15. Reading Can Prevent Mental Illnesses: Several studies have shown that reading helps to stimulate the brain, thereby preventing mental illnesses especially dementia.

Reading keeps your child’s brain active and because the brain is a muscle, reading helps to keep it healthy and strong just like working out helps your body become stronger and makes you more energetic.

#16. Reading Motivates Your Child: Your child can be inspired by the characters in the books, especially when they are successful, inspiring characters.  Your child can form role models from the characters in the books, and be inspired to become just like them, or better.

This is why you must always ensure that the books that your child reads are those with positive characters that they can emulate.

#17. Reading Improves Your Child’s Morals: Books can help your child to build good morals by helping them discern good from bad ideas. It helps them learn about different approaches to life, potential problems, and the right and wrong way to tackle them.

The morals that they learn from the books can help them tackle any similar problems that they may face in the future.

#18. It Helps Your Child Avoid the Side Effects of the Digital World: Children nowadays or reading fewer books and are exposed to the digital world from very young ages.

Even games and nursery rhymes now have to be accessed from digital devices, exposing children to the negative side effects of computers and digital devices especially damages to eye health from very young ages.

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