Best Baby Bottles

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Picking the perfect baby bottle that meets the needs of both the parents and baby can be a daunting task. After all, there are endless types of bottle on offer, with each one featuring something unique and special. When faced with so much choice, how do you pick the perfect bottle for baby?

Every baby who needs a bottle will have a specific reason for needing it, and the bottle a parent chooses must be sufficient to meet this requirement. Breastfed babies may require a particular nipple design so they can smoothly transition across to the bottle without any stress. Formula-fed babies may need a bottle with anti-colic technology to reduce their air intake. Parents may prefer an angled bottle that enables them to feed baby in a semi-upright position. There are numerous reasons why a baby may require a particular bottle, but we can help you make this choice so that you can find the perfect bottle for your baby.

This article will help you decide which bottle is the right one for your baby. It will take you through the best bottles for baby that are available so that you can choose the bottle that meets your requirements and will also save you from having to buy endless types of bottle to try.


Considerations When Choosing a Baby Bottle

There are a few important things that must be kept in mind when it comes to choosing the best bottles for your infant. Here are some of them.

How many bottles do I need?

The number of bottles that each parent will need will depend on why they are using a bottle. Breastfed babies will usually require a lower amount of bottles than a formula-fed baby. It will also depend on how quickly you can wash and sterilize the bottles so that you can be sure that you will not run out of clean bottles at crucial times when you need them.


How long do baby bottles last?

Most bottles are durable, and all are reusable, so most reliable bottles can be used for the duration that you are bottle feeding your baby. The wear and tear that occurs to the bottle will also depend on how frequently it is used. Most bottles are produced from plastic, glass, or even stainless steel, so certain materials may have a longer life than others.


How often should I sterilize my baby bottles?

Bottles should be sterilized before they are needed, so you can be sure that you have a constant supply of clean bottles that are ready to use. You will need to check your sterilizer’s guidelines to see how long bottles will last once sterilized, so you can be sure they are safe to use to feed your baby. Some bottles can even be self-sterilized, eliminating the need for a sterilizer, and minimizing the equipment you need for baby. Self-sterilizing bottles are a handy solution for parents not wanting the expense of buying a sterilizer or those who do not have space for one.


The Top 20 Baby Bottles

Here are our picks of 20 of the best feeding bottles. We have chosen the best from different brands, so there’s sure to be something your baby will enjoy using.

1. Philips Avent Gift Set

The Philips Avent Gift Set features one of the best bottles for newborns, along with everything a new parent will need to establish bottle feeding. Philips have designed a top of the range bottle with Airflex Vent technology that will ensure that air’s diverted away from the baby’s tummy, so there will be no resulting issues from colic. There are three 4 ounce bottles included in the set, which are ideal for newborns, and two 9 ounce bottles that are ideal for older babies, along with a bottle brush and two pacifiers. The Philips Avent Gift Set is the only bottle set that parents will need. The highlight of these Avent natural bottles is the nipple shape and texture that has been carefully designed to mimic breastfeeding, which will prevent nipple confusion and allow combination feeding from an early age. Parents highly recommend this high-quality set.


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2. Comotomo Green Bottles

There are many modern features included in the design of these great Comotomo Green Bottles, making them a popular choice with parents. These wonderful bottles are easy to clean with their wide neck and can be used with either formula or breastmilk for convenient use. Babies will also find them appealing with their soft, silicone feel that makes them pleasant to use. Each Comotomo milk bottle also features dual anti-colic vents to prevent babies suffering from colic as a result of excess air intake. The slow flow nipples included with this two bottle set are perfect for newborn babies up to the age of three months old. This lovely set is ideal for new parents, with hassle-free cleaning and no toxic materials included, this is an economical choice of bottle for baby.


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3. Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Feeding Bottles

If you are looking for the best newborn bottles, then you should consider this Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Feeding Bottle Set. Tommee Tippee is a popular bottle producer that is highly regarded in the baby industry, so their bottles are sure to be easy to use and safe for baby. For great value, there are six brightly colored bottles included in this set, and each one has been produced to a high standard. The slow flow Tommee Tippee nipples each have an anti-colic valve to prevent colic, and the design of the nipple mimics breastfeeding with their natural feel. There are also precise measurements on the side of the bottle, making it easy to measure milk accurately. Parents will love using these fantastic feeding bottles.


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4. Playtex Ventaire Anti Colic Bottle

These Playtex Ventaire Anti Colic Bottles are a unique shaped bottle that provides many benefits for baby. Each Playtex bottle has a unique angled shape that allows for semi-upright feeding, resulting in a more comfortable baby. The bottles also feature air-free bottom vents and no vent in the nipple. These features are recommended by doctors to help aid digestion, prevent reflux, and eliminate colic. Parents will love that the set includes five 9 ounce bottles, the perfect quantity for every household. These Playtex bottles are perfect for every baby’s needs, and the naturally shaped nipple allows their use alongside breastfeeding. As one of the best bottles for baby, these make a fabulous baby shower gift for a parent to be.


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5. Boon Silicone Pouch Bottle

Many parents will have tried various brands and styles when bottle feeding baby, in a search to try and find a reliable bottle that is easy to use. However, the Boon Silicone Pouch bottle is the only bottle that will meet all criteria. These fantastic, uniquely designed bottles are valve and vent free, as the silicone pouch collapses down as baby feeds to prevent unwanted air intake. There are no complicated parts, so each bottle is easy to assemble and clean, making them a popular choice with all parents. Each fantastic set comes with three 9 ounce bottles and a medium flow nipple, so are perfect stage 2 bottles for older babies. There are one of the top cheap baby bottles that loved by all parents.


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6. Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles

Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles are one of the most trusted baby bottle brands available, as they are clinically proven to help reduce colic. Each bottle comes with Dr. Brown’s great anti-colic vent system, which helps reduce the amount of air that baby may ingest while feeding. Also, the vent is removable if needed, giving more options for how the bottle can be used. These bottles also come with natural nipple with consistent flow, allowing baby to latch easily and have a predictable feed. Dr. Brown’s bottles reviews all highly recommend this lovely set, which comes with six bottles, stage 2 and 3 nipples, storage caps, bottle brush, teether, and a transition cup. All parents will love this fantastic bottle set.


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7. PopYum Baby Bottles

These PopYum Baby Bottles take the hard work out of making up formula feeds when out and about. The unique design of these bottles allows formula powder to be stored in the bottle, which can be mixed with water as needed, ready for baby’s feed. These bottles can also be used to feed breastmilk, and these bottles have the best nipples for breastfed babies, as the natural feel allows baby to combine breastfeeding with bottle feeds. The bottles also feature an anti-colic vent to prevent baby from taking in too much air when feeding. There are only five parts to the bottle, making it one of the most straightforward formula making bottles available that all parents will find easy and convenient to use.


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8. Comotomo Natural Feel Bottle

The Comotomo Natural Feel Bottle is easy to use and keep clean, while also be widely accepted by babies as the perfect bottle. This excellent 5 ounce bottle has a wide neck for easy cleaning and is made from safe medical-grade silicone so it can withstand high temperatures, allowing it to be sterilized and put in the dishwasher. The Comotomo bottle also has one of the top designs for baby bottle nipples that ensures that baby will find latching easy, especially when switching from breastfeeding. There will be no nipple confusion with this lovely bottle. Parents will love that there are 3 of these fantastic bottles in the set.


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9. NUK Disney Minnie Mouse Bottle

These NUK Disney Minnie Mouse Bottles have a practical design, and each shows a cute Minnie Mouse graphic, making them the perfect addition to every nursery. They are ideal for feeding either formula or breastmilk, as many babies widely accept the shape of the NUK nipples. NUK baby bottles also feature the popular anti-colic air system to prevent the ingestion of unwanted air, so they are an excellent bottle for babies who suffer from gas or colic. Each bottle is easy to clean, as the air system provides no extra parts, and the bottle has a wide neck. The NUK simply natural bottles are popular with parents, and they will highly recommend these bottles to new parents.


This is an image of baby's bottle pack of 3 with minnie mouse graphics


10. Dr. Browns Options Bottle

When choosing a bottle for an older baby, the Dr. Browns Options Bottle is a perfect choice. This fantastic bottle is suitable for babies over the age of 6 months old, as it comes with both a level 3 nipple and a sippy spout. Dr. Brown’s is the best baby bottle for helping your child to transition away from traditional bottle nipples. For ease of use, the bottle is simple to clean and dishwasher safe. The bottle also comes with a removable vent, so when baby is ready to progress to the sippy spout, the vent can be removed. This 9 ounce Dr. Browns bottle is a popular choice for all older babies.


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11. Evenflo Feeding Classic

The Evenflo Feeding Classic bottles are perfect for every parent. This incredible 12 bottle set ensures that baby has a sufficient supply of bottles. Each 8 oz bottle is simple to use with its three parts that are easy to clean and quick to assemble so that no time will be wasted preparing baby’s feed. Evenflo baby bottles use micro air vents to decrease baby’s air intake and prevent nipple collapse, ensuring that baby has a comfortable feed. Parents will also be reassured that the bottle contains no toxic materials, making them safe for baby to use. These bottles are perfect for formula or breastmilk and are highly recommended as economical bottles for baby.


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12. Evenflo Feeding Advanced Bottles

Angled bottles allow baby to be fed in a semi-upright position, ensuring the comfort of baby and preventing gas and colic. Parents who are looking for the top angled bottles should consider the Evenflo Feeding Advanced, as the shape of each bottle is perfect for ensuring an optimal feeding position. These Evenflo bottles also feature patented Proflo Venting Technology to stop the ingestion of unnecessary air. Even though these bottles feature the latest feeding advances, they still only contain three parts and are easy to clean and assemble, saving parents valuable time and resulting in a bottle baby will love.


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13. Dr. Browns Transition Bottle

Dr. Browns is a top-rated baby bottle manufacturer, whose parents love and trust to produce high-quality bottles that feature the latest technology. This Transition Bottle is another great Dr. Brown product that is perfect for babies over the age of 6 months who are ready to progress onto a sippy spout. The smart sippy spout will fit onto any narrow Dr. Brown bottle with the vent removed, so parents can continue to use their current feeding bottles. In addition, the bottle included in the set is compatible with other Dr. Brown nipples for maximum use. Kids will also love that the design of this brilliant bottle features the famous The Very Hungry Caterpillar story for added appeal.


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14. Cribmates Zigzag Bottle

There are many different choices when it comes to choosing a baby milk bottle, so it can be overwhelming to make a decision on which bottle will be best for baby. The Cribmates Zigzag Bottle set is a simple bottle design that is excellent value and perfect for parents who are looking for an easy to use bottle. This lovely set comes with two 11 ounce bottles, each with an appealing zigzag or elephant pattern. The wide neck design of the bottle also makes it easy to clean. There are two medium flow nipples included, so the bottles are ready to use straight away. Parents will love that there are no nasty ingredients included in these bottles, making them safe for every baby.


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15. MAM Newborn Essentials Set

MAM is one of the leading competitors in the baby bottle industry, making this MAM Newborn Essentials Set one of the top-rated baby products available. Every bottle has been thoughtfully designed and finished with cute graphics, resulting in a high-quality product that every parent will love. MAM bottles are anti-colic with their vented base design that is perfect for preventing baby from ingesting air during their feed. Breastfed babies will also love MAM’s bottle nipples, as they will find it easy and comfortable to transition onto these bottles. This Newborn Essentials Set comes with two 5 ounce bottles with slow flow nipples, two 9 ounce bottles with medium flow nipples, and two pacifiers, making the perfect bottle starter set for every new parent.


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16. Ultimate Stainless Steel Baby Bottle

For an environmentally friendly bottle option, this Ultimate Stainless Steel Baby Bottle is a perfect choice. This fully recyclable bottle is free from toxins, has a wide neck for easy cleaning, and is durable for long-lasting use. There is a lot to like about this useful bottle, especially its advanced thermal technology that will keep its contents hot or cold for over 10 hours. It is one of the best bottles available, as it will grow with baby with the use of different nipple and beaker accessories that can be purchased separately. The Ultimate Stainless Steel bottle comes with a slow flow nipple, making it the perfect baby shower gift for every expectant parent.


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17. Rabbit Baba Bottle

Everyone will enjoy this fun Rabbit Baba Bottle set that is also great for meeting babies feeding needs. The highlight of this two bottle set is the natural design to the bottle nipple that ensures it is also suitable for breastfed babies, as the nipple shape and ultra-soft feel will mimic natural feeding. This great bottle also features a vent system to reduce gas and colic signs, making this bottle a great choice for any babies who may suffer from reflux conditions. These cute Rabbit Baba Bottles are practical and easy to clean, along with being safe for baby to use.


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18. Lollaland Glass Bottle

This Lollaland Glass Bottle is the perfect bottle for feeding every baby. Each 4 oz bottle is produced from high-quality borosilicate glass, and it is free from any toxins, so parents can be sure that it is safe for baby. It is also safe to heat the glass bottle, which makes these bottles convenient for every parent to use. The nipple also includes a ventilation channel system that will reduce colic symptoms. There are many bottles baby will be able to feed from but few that are produced to an equivalent standard as this Lollaland Glass Bottle, making this ideal choice for every parent.


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19. MAM Easy Start Bottle

Another great bottle by MAM is this East Start Bottle that also comes with a medium flow nipple. This 9 oz bottle is perfect for babies older than two months of age, who are ready to progress on from stage one nipples. The highlight of the MAM baby bottles is the self-sterilizing option, which allows these bottles to be sterilized quickly in the microwave. These bottles require minimal equipment to be able to use them, as they are also easy to clean with their wide neck design. The vented base design also makes these bottles popular with babies that suffer from colic and reflux signs. These MAM bottles are one of the best baby bottles for newborns and older babies.


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20. MAM Anti Colic Bottle

This MAM Anti Colic Bottle set makes the perfect follow on bottles for babies over two months of age. As with all MAM products, these bottles are easy to clean, as they feature a wide neck, and can be quickly sterilized in a microwave. These 9 ounce bottles also feature a vented base system to reduce the amount of air that baby will intake when feeding, reducing gas and colic signs. Every MAM nipple has been designed to be skin soft and a natural shape to enable 94% of babies to use these bottles. This makes the MAM bottle perfect for using alongside breastfeeding.


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Best Overall Buy

Our best overall buy is the MAM Newborn Essentials Kit, as it provides all new parents with the perfect starter set that will see them through the first few months of bottle feeding. MAM bottles are always high quality and designed to be the best bottle for baby to use. They feature a base ventilation system to reduce colic signs, and the natural shaped nipples are perfect for breastfed babies. This four bottle set with slow flow nipples and medium flow nipples makes the ideal gift for every parent.


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Best Budget Buy

The Boon Silicone Pouch Bottle set is our best budget buy as it is a great value bottle set that is easy for parents to use. There are three bottles included in the set, and each one is valve and vent free for easy assembly and cleaning. However, the pouch collapses as baby feeds to prevent any intake of excess air, to help prevent colic and gas signs. The set also includes medium flow nipples, making this the perfect stage 2 bottle set.


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